Houndstooth Jacket with Booties!

Oh my gosh you guys this trip to Indiana with my family is food for my soul that I don’t even think I knew I needed. I know I talked about this with you guys for so long, but this is really lighting a fire under me in terms of moving out of Los Angeles. Honestly, I kind of like the cold weather. I know it can get really bad at times with the windchill and snow storms, but there’s something about bundling up in a comfy sweater and winter coat that is nostalgic for me. I grew up in Massachusetts – I’m no stranger to the winter. And I’m just loving every second of it while here in Indiana. There’s a chance it might snow while we’re here and I really hope it does so the kiddos can enjoy it!

houndstooth jacket


Anyway, when I got dressed this morning I just couldn’t love my outfit more, so I wanted to blog about it for you guys so you could get details on it. The base of the outfit is my favorite sweater ever and my favorite joggers ever! I believe these joggers are still on sale for only $35, which is such an insane price. It’s funny if you look at them on the website they look really casual but I dress them up all the time and I feel like they make so many outfits look more expensive and styled. They are high-waisted and I love that about them! They look really cute with a pair of heels and really with any shirt tucked in. They come in plus sizes too!!!

And if you haven’t gotten the sweater yet, I really hope you do! It is truly the best sweater ever! My sister keeps commenting on it because I’ve worn it a couple times already since we’ve been here and I’m going to surprise her and order one for her and send it to her house. It’s just so cute and stylish and the absolute softest sweater ever! I’ve written about it almost a dozen times now on this blog, so if you’ve already ordered it and love it as much as I do, please comment below and tell me about it! Or if you don’t love it, tell me that too. But I would honestly be absolutely shocked if anybody said it wasn’t the absolute best!

ali and kevin manno


To complete the look, I am wearing a pair of white booties. I got them from Just Fab (The Yasi Bootie) and just an FYI if you sign up as a new member you get your first pair for $10. Such a good deal! White boots have been a huge trend recently and I’m so glad I jumped on the white boot trend train! I also feel like these boots make any look feel just a little bit more expensive, even though they’re super affordable.


And last but not least, this jacket ties everything together. I love the houndstooth print. And I feel like when I wear this I look super stylish! I really love that it’s lightweight enough that I’ll be able to wear it on chilly mornings in Los Angeles. But when you pair it with a sweater underneath it’s totally warm enough for chillier weather. It’s been in the 20s and 30s in Indiana and I’ve been wearing this houndstooth jacket over a sweater and feel totally comfortable while outside. As long as there isn’t a windchill! Then I need a hat!

Anyway guys, I just want to share this look with you because I absolutely love it! I hope you guys are having a great weekend and are able to enjoy your family this weekend as well!

12 Thoughts

12 thoughts on “Houndstooth Jacket with Booties!

  1. hi Ali
    your sister is going to love the surprise you are mailing to her. how thoughtful of you.
    I’m happy you & your family are having a good time. All the children are adorable!
    The collection of heart shaped stones Kevin’s parents are precious.
    (I’ve been collecting them for years)
    thanks for sharing & I hope it snows while you are in Indiana!
    Kevin’s sweater looks comfy, too.
    Owen will be happy to see yous. 🐶

  2. Enjoy precious family time, bc when you don’t have family anymore it’s all you think about and miss. Enjoy. ♥️

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  4. just don’t take Kevin from the radio show, please!! I love him with Val and Jill and it wouldn’t be the same if he was broadcasting from a different room!

  5. Hey Ali!

    Quick question – I bought the cowl neck sweater after you posted about it a few weeks ago because I just loved it and I’ve only worn it once so far, but I was wondering if you have any tips on washing it? I’ve had similar sweaters in the past that lose their texture or start to pill or shrink after just one wash, so I want to make sure I don’t do anything to this one that will risk ruining it.

    Thanks so much for the recommendation, love reading your posts and watching your IG stories!

  6. Hi Ali- I was wondering, did you decide to keep this coat instead of the Kendal & Kylie plaid one you posted about recently? They are very similar but noticed you brought the houndstooth one with you to Indiana. Thanks and love your posts and IG stories, keep up the great work.

  7. I love the look! My mom and I both have Houndstooth jackets. I grew up 3 hours from where your family lives in Ohio and we’ve both worn it through all the freezing months but if you do decide to move you’ll definitely need a heavy overcoat to keep the chill off. I hope if you do move, that we will still see you on Home & Family, I’d miss you otherwise…even if I don’t get to watch it very often! I hope you had a wonderful visit home and it made your decision easier.

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