Playdate with Bio-Oil and Us Weekly!

Hi guys! Thanks for hopping over to my blog today. I wanted to share some photos and tell you about the event I got to host last Friday with Us Weekly and Bio-Oil. I swear, I still sometimes have to pinch myself that I get to do things like this. First, I am legit a diehard user of Bio-Oil! So when I found out they wanted to work with me, I pretty much squealed like a little school girl! I’ll get more into my love for this product in a minute. But the second reason, I’m just so blown away by what happened this past Friday! I, like many of you I’m sure, have been a loyal reader of Us Weekly ever since I was old enough to buy my own magazines.

Every time, and it doesn’t happen as often these days, I see myself in one of their magazines I can’t believe it. I never in 1 million years would’ve thought I’d be one of the people in those magazines. I keep thinking someone put me in there by mistake. Ha! So the fact that not only am I going to be in this upcoming issue of the magazine, but I also got to host an event with them and Bio-Oil, just blew my mind!!! And so I guess I really just wanna start this blog by saying thank you to all of you. If it wasn’t for people like you believing in me and supporting me, I wouldn’t get to do these incredible things anymore! So thank you! Each and everyone of you! For supporting me and following me all of these years! I truly love you guys and I hope you can feel that for me. Okay, let’s talk about this event!

bio-oil us weekly bio-oil us weekly

Like I mentioned, I’ve been a huge fan of Bio-Oil for years now! Not only did I slather this stuff all over my belly when I was pregnant with both of my kiddos, but I’ve been using it multiple times a day over the last few months on the scar on my belly. As many of you know, I had to have a decent chunk size of skin removed from my belly because it tested moderate for cancer cells. So it wasn’t pre-cancerous and it wasn’t melanoma. My dermatologist basically told me it was somewhere in between and more on the moderate side so they had to be extra careful and take out a large amount of skin. So needless to say, I have a pretty big scar on my belly.

I’ve been using Bio-Oil on that scar ever since it healed a few months ago and the difference is already absolutely insane! And please don’t think I’m just saying this because I got to work with them on this event. If you’re reading this and if you have any scars you want to be bit lighter, you have to consider getting Bio-Oil!!!

And the reason I say consider, is that I know not everybody wants their scars to fade. And that’s totally OK and amazing! Some people look at their scars as badges of honor and want to see them every day. And I respect that so much. And others want them to fade. Whether it’s for aesthetic reasons or maybe it’s the scar brings back bad memories. Whatever the reason for you I highly recommend getting Bio-Oil.

And like I just mentioned, it’s not just for scars. It’s great for helping to  prevent stretch marks and even treating stretch marks, which we all know are common in pregnancy. That’s why I used it on my belly with both my kiddos. And yes, it’s pregnancy safe!

You can also use it on your face and pretty much anywhere else on your body because it’s in general just good for discoloration! I swear the stuff is a miracle worker and I wouldn’t rave about it this hard if I didn’t truly believe in it.

Anyway, as you can see from all these photos, we just had the absolute best time there. There was a ball pit that the kids could not get enough of and a make your own slime station that both Molly and Riley got in on. Although, I have to admit that Riley’s slime has now become Molly’s slime since she claims both of them at home. Which is fine by me at the moment because he still a little bit too young to dig into the slide himself. Well, let me rephrase that. He loves to dig into the slime but he doesn’t quite understand yet that it doesn’t go on the couch, in his hair, and everywhere else he can get his little hand on. Ha! They also had a balloon artist making the most fun balloons for kids. It really was the perfect way to spend quality time with my kids while they had the time of their lives!

bio-oil event us weekly

bio oil event us weekly ali manno

I think it’s really cool that Us Weekly and Bio-Oil put on this event, so not only could I have a fun day with my kiddos, but a bunch of other moms could as well! I don’t know how many of you remembered, but I posted the invitation to my Instagram stories a couple weeks back telling you guys that we were doing this and inviting other moms and kiddos to join as well! So I want to personally thank all of you that came out to enjoy this day with your kiddos. And I’m so glad I got to meet you guys!

bio oil event us weekly ali manno

I know not all of you could make it because many of you are not local to LA, but this was so much the fun that it got me thinking that maybe I could do something like this again and do a giveaway where the winner would be flown out to hang with me! Would you guys be into that? Let me know! And I’ll try to work something out!

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18 thoughts on “Playdate with Bio-Oil and Us Weekly!

  1. So fun!! I have been using BioOil since My first pregnancy with my daughter! So just over 4 years now I love it!

    And OMG I would scream like a fan girl if I won a giveaway to be flown to LA to meet you and get to hang out with you hahah

    1. Thank you for sharing! I have used it forever too! I love hearing OTHER peoples experience with it because it also shows everyone reading this that I’m not the only one who LOVES it! And I really believe this product can help so many out there!

  2. Thank you for hosting this event along with US Weekly and Bio-Oil! It was a real fun event for not only the kiddos, but us mommas and aunties that got to hang with our little ones and other mommas. It was an honor meeting you Ali. Like I said as I was hugging you in that pic, thank you for all you do- you make us mommas feel normal and sane lol We all have our ups and downs and doing our best in this hood called motherhood. Lol Thank you again! And yes we will go to your next event and we are local- I think it would be cool for other mommas out there to get a chance to meet you in person. Xoxo

    1. Perla!!!!! Thank you so much for coming! I love that picture of us because I can feel the emotion behind it! Your kind words mean sooooo much to me! I write this blog in hopes I connect with others in a profound way and everything you said brought tears to my eyes!!!! xoxo

      1. I got teary eyed too but tried not to show it lol hahaha total fam-girl! It was a big deal for me to meet you and be able to share that with you in person! Xoxo you’re doing an amazing job- keep it up!

  3. I’m 13 weeks pregnant now and will look into BioOil! Thank you! And yes, I would love to win a trip out to LA to see you! That would be a memory that would last forever!

  4. It was so nice to finally meet you. I’ve beem following you for years. I love how real and raw you are. Not sure if you remember, but I had the little girl named Rylee. 💞❤️

    1. Of course I remember!!!!!! And how could I forget when I have my own little Riley!!!! Thank you so so so much for coming! It really means a lot to me and I MEAN that!

  5. Ali- I’m not adept at social media but I love your photos and the kids as they grow up. Brings a smile for long gone days. Thank you, you all take care

  6. It was so amazing meeting you and your sweet family! You guys are so warm and down to earth i loved talking to you! It was such a fun and well organized event and me and my babe had a blast! Dallas says, Hi Riley! Xo!

  7. Hi Ali,
    I am not local and I have never tried Bio Oil but I absolutely would love to as my skin is super sensitive and everything leaves a scar on my skin! But the main reason I am writing is that I am a HUGE fan of US Weekly and have been for many years and I have been a huge fan of yours for as many years as you have been blessing the pages of US. I would love to come to LA and meet you! You are amazing and I am so happy that you are married to a great man and you are happy and blessed with two beautiful children, you definitely deserve all that has come your way! Much love to you and yours!

  8. That would be Amazing to come hang out with you Ali! Ali & Amy, I can just picture it now!! I would scream like a school girl! I live in a little town in NH and have never been to California. I have followed you since the Bachelor days & have loved you from the start. I love how you may be in the spotlight, on tv & in magazines but are still so real & honest. That’s why I love your videos, blog posts & IG posts because you make us Momma’s not feel so alone with our day to day dilemmas & concerns.
    I have 2 year old son named Bruce & I show him videos that you & Kevin post of Molly & now Riley. He has the biggest smile when he sees her, it’s so cute!
    I would also love to try Bio Oil, you mentioned you may be doing a giveaway.
    Thanks for all you do for all of us! Much love to you & your Family XOXO

  9. Curious does Bio Oil only help with scars if now how else does it help skin? Such as would it be good for eczema, dry skin or only lightening scars? Thanks appreciate any insight.

  10. I LOVE BioOil! At night, when I don’t put Pond’s moisturizer on, I use BioOil as my moisturizer and I love it! I think it has also helped my acne scarring go away. It just makes my skin feel good! Typically I put a little water on my fingers and then add the BioOil so it goes on a little bit thinner. Tbh I’ve been wondering how more bloggers haven’t picked up some BioOil since the vitamin E craze has hit the beauty world!

  11. So much of your instagram is ads and asking people to like your photos🤦‍♀️. What happened! I guess that’s how social influencers make money but I don’t think that’s how or why you have almost 800k followers.

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