Flower Kids – Molly’s Reading Space

Welcome to Molly’s reading nook! Well, hers and Riley’s! But since Riley isn’t reading yet, Molly claims the space! As you guys know, Molly absolutely loves to read. And by read, I mean recite books she’s memorized or flip through picture books and talk about what she sees. I know that her love for books is so important to her and I want to do everything I can to foster that love of reading as she grows older. So I thought it would be nice for her if I created a little space for her in their play area just for her to read all her favorite books.



Flower Kids

I happen to follow Drew Barrymore on Instagram. I thought of this idea when I was scrolling through Instagram and saw her post some of the most adorable photos from her new furniture line at Walmart called Flower Kids. Below is one of the photos she posted and I just thought it was the cutest space ever and I immediately went online to look at her stuff.

drew barrymore flower kids bed frame


How cute are the bed frame and the strawberry bedding?! Molly would absolutely love these. The bed frame also comes in a wood color! I can’t decide which one I like more! When we switch her over to a bed soon I think this might need to be what we get her! What do  you guys think? Tell me in the comments below!

Mr. Whale!!!!!!

That’s when I saw the whale shelf!!!!For those of you who have been reading my blog or following me for a while, you know that Molly is absolutely obsessed with Mr. Whale. Who is that you ask? Ha. Well, Mr. Whale is her beloved stuff animal. He used to go everywhere with us. But somehow we convinced her that he loves to sleep in her crib all day long so now she leaves him in there for the most part. Once in a while she’ll insist on bringing him downstairs or out somewhere with us, but for the most part he’s her snuggle buddy at night!

kids reading room whale

childrens room whale flower kids

The Big Reveal

When she came home from school the other day and saw her little reading space that I made for her, she just about lost her mind when she saw her “Mr. Whale shelf”! After getting it, it honestly made me think about how it would be so cute in an underwater themed nursery. I’ve honestly thought about redoing Riley’s room just because I feel like it needs a bit more color and I might just have to get another one and do the underwater theme in his room. Whenever I have some time free up, I think that will be my next project!kids reading room whale


Anyway, when I went to Walmart’s website to look for Drew Barrymore’s line and buy the whale shelf, I saw this adorable rainbow painting. I just think for a painting to go in a child’s room it’s so whimsical and beautiful. In fact I think it’s so pretty that I don’t think it’s necessarily just for kids’ rooms. I feel like it would be great for a college dorm room or even a girl in her 20’s getting her first apartment. I tried to convince Kevin to let me put it in our bedroom but he wasn’t on board. Ha! And wouldn’t it be the most beautiful gift for a person or couple with a rainbow baby. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it!

Added Touches

I added a big pink beanbag chair that I got for $28 so she would have a super comfy place to kick back while she gets into her favorite books.

whale kids reading room flower kids


And I just have to quickly mention her outfit. Isn’t it so stinking adorable?! I just love the tassels on the shirt. It’s a set and both the top and shorts were only $13. So less than $7 apiece. And they’re really good quality. I got her a size 3 tee. And that’s pretty much her normal size but I feel like she’ll be able to wear these even next summer when she’s 4 just because of how they’re made.

Some of these photos she’s reading Pout Pout Fish and others she’s reading Oh The Places You’ll Go. But I hope this little space that I made encourages her to keep fostering that love of books!

Encouraging Her to Read

People often ask me how we’ve encouraged Molly to become such a bookworm. And the truth is we just surround her with books! For her first birthday I didn’t want her getting a bunch of toys that I knew she would never really appreciate. Instead, we encouraged family to give her books. And of course the grandmas and grandpas took that upon themselves to give her dozens of books each!

kids reading nook flower kids


Ha! But I think getting a stack of books on her first birthday had an impact on her. I could be wrong. But I just think encouraging it as much as you can from the very beginning makes a difference. And I think it depends on the kid! I think Molly just naturally gravitates to books. But if I have one piece of advice for parents, it would be to surround your children with books. It’s so easy to give them a toy for a birthday or as a reward for something, but instead try a book. To them it’s just as good, if not better!

Oh! And just wanted to mention my dress above really quick because it is so affordable! It is only $16 and I LOVE the lace trim down the front. Also the ruffle skirt at the bottom is so stinkin’ cute!

Read to Them A LOT

It’s also so important to read to them from a very early age. And a lot! I remember when Molly was little, I almost felt silly reading books to her when she had no idea what I was doing. I’m talking, when she was an infant. But I did it because I was told it was important and I believed it! So as silly as I felt I would sit with her before bed every night and read. I also did it because our sleep trainer told us to create a routine for her to signal that sleep was coming and part of that 30 to 40 minute routine was reading a few stories. So really you can use reading as a way to encourage your little one to love books but also to help you get some sleep! Ha!

Women Supporting Women

I’m a firm believer in women supporting women, so I feel absolutely honored that Flower Kids and Walmart wanted to work with me on this post! And what I wrote above is absolutely true. I’m not even kidding you I saw the stuff on Drews’ Instagram and immediately looked into it. The very next week I got an email saying they wanted to work with me! How cool is that?! Plus I’m just totally fangirling that I’m working with her brand, even though it’s totally not Drew directly. Ha!

Anyways guys, thanks for reading. Check out her Flower Kids line at Walmart. They seriously have the cutest stuff ever! I’m going to put a few of the items below that I also absolutely love! I ordered the cloud lamp for Molly as well. It hasn’t come yet so that’s why I don’t have any photos of it. But it’s so fun and whimsical that I had to get it. The other things I’m linking below I just think are so cute but we don’t have a space for them at the moment.

I mean how cute is this artwork?

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! What ways do you foster your child’s level of learning or reading? Share them with me in the comments below because I want to do everything I can to encourage Molly to keep reading books!

And this is the $5 swim suit I was talking about in m]y- insta stories


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34 thoughts on “Flower Kids – Molly’s Reading Space

  1. What a cute cozy space! My 2 year old reminds me of Molly so much and she loves to read and recite sooo many books! I love just watching her pull book after book off the shelf and read them! We’ve made it a habit to always, no matter what, read a few books to her every night starting at birth! I truly think that has had a huge impact on her vocabulary, and how she is so advanced language wise, and I think you can attest to that as well. Have you read the article “the million word gap”. It is so interesting!

  2. This is sooo cute! Can I share some advice to other readers? Read to your kids, with your kids, and listen to your kids read to you a LOT! They will develop a lifelong love of reading if you share this together.

    1. Yes of course!!!! I love when we all share and help each other! And great advice. We read to Molly a TON! And she is always “reading” to us 🙂

  3. My kids all loved to read, and now I have grandkids who also love to read, from very young, like Molly. Their parents read to them every night, take them to the library, and as for me…..a present of 3 or 4 books is ALWAYS one of their Birthday and Christmas gifts. I love to buy books! I wondered, Ali, if you have heard of or tried Usborne books? They are fantastic and while a lot are stories, there are also ones have all sorts of activities, pop-up, lift-the-flap, and books for all ages. I buy from Usborne every time I’m invited to an online party and I now have a ‘stash’ of about 40 books ready for Christmas giving this year, all ages, boy and girl, different subjects, etc. Just something you might be interested in trying! Oh, and they have lots of board books for Riley, texture ones, and other really fun ones!

    1. Thank you so much for recommending these to me. I just looked them up and they seem great! And we stock pile gifts for birthday and Christmas too 🙂

  4. I love to read. My mom and sister and husband and MIL all do as well. My son is 17 months old and has so many books. We’re always taking him to bookstores and libraries, the problem is he’s only interested in the first page and then he’s on to the next book and the next etc…so while he loves his books he doesn’t quite have the concept of them down. This is such a cute idea, though!!

  5. This was such a great post! I’ve got an almost 2 year old that loves to read and a 10 month old that we are encouraging to read! He’s at that stage where he has zero interest, so sometimes it’s discouraging, but we try to let him lead also. Really love the rainbow painting and plan on getting one for our little playroom! Thanks for sharing!

  6. My mom was a preschool teacher and library assistant and was always surrounding me with books so it’s no surprise I love them and always want to share that love with my littles! My girls are a little over 3.5 and 7 months…we’ve been reading to my older before bed and nap in our routine since she was a baby too! My youngest would light up when she was a baby while reading before bed and I swear she recognized it from when she was in the womb! What’s funny is that I remember my 3 yr old being really small, and I was never afraid to give her the “nice books” because she was always so gentle with them. I’m also an author, and have many author friends so I can’t help but get their books..and we have a toooon! Let me know I can always send Molly a signed copy of one of my books for her library!

  7. What an absolutely adorable space for a young reader! I have a 2 and half year old daughter (she’ll be 3 in December) and she would love a space like that. She is a huge bookworm and Frozen fan, too. I’m sure she would become fast friends with Molly. 🙂 When I watched Molly’s pantry performance the other day, I could totally relate. Ha!

    I’m a 6th grade teacher and an independent Usborne Books and More consultant on the side. I encourage my daughter and my students to love reading by surrounding them with books and encouraging them to explore different genres. Every child has their own interests and preferred reading style. I think it’s important for them to find what they enjoy reading.

    I saw another adoring fan mentioned Usborne books to you in her comment. If you ever want some recommendations, I’d be delighted to share which titles my daughter loves and any that may be a good fit for your sweethearts.

    1. Usborne is such a great company! My consultant is also my friend and helps me SO much for suggestions for different aged grandkids along with their interests for what they’d like. There are SO many good books and such a variety of kinds for all ages. My grands all love the Wipe Clean series. And the little ones love the ‘lift flaps’ ones! Anyway, just wanted to say, I think it would be great if Ali could partner with you and/or give Usborne an extra boost through the blog.

      1. Aww, thanks for that Jackie! I am so passionate about helping kids learn to love reading, and Usborne Books and More titles are winners again and again! I’m so glad your grandkids love the books, too! I’m sure your consultant friend would agree that the best part of the job of a consultant is helping people find the best books for their littles. ❤️ Thanks for your reply. 😊

  8. This is SO neat! My daughter – who is 4 – is all about books too! I think it is awesome you set up this space for her. I’m a big reader myself and think it is so important to pass on the love of reading and the places it can take them and what they can learn from it.

    By the way – was watching your Instagram post about responding to BIP comments and your makeup is amazing! It is always on point but today – just looks really great!

  9. My little rainbow baby is now 3! Her and her older sister live rainbows! This would
    Be perfect for their rooms or play area, or bathroom which I am decorating in a rainbow theme!

  10. hi Ali
    such a cute reading space! good job!
    I’ve read & re-read ‘Charlotte’s Web’ to my daughter, a few chapters every night. We both enjoyed that book. she still loves to read (I do, too. I remember you had posted a list of adult books you recommended)
    I think the ‘Drew’ pink bed frame is adorable & the whale shelf is eye-catching.
    I think you should frame Molly’s ‘feather’ artwork! The birds approve! 😉

    1. She makes so much art that I never know what to keep!!!!!! She’s been playing with the feather thing a lot. It’s a fan!

  11. Thank you for sharing. Love this line by Drew. What are a few of Molly’s favorite books? When do you plan to transition her to a toddler bed?

    1. She loves sooooo many books. Right now her favorite is a book of fairy-tales. Honestly I don’t love it because the messages are dated.

      And I don’t know when we will switch but I know the day is coming soon.

    1. It’s in their play area. She’s always reading in there anyway so I wanted to make it extra comfy for her 🙂

  12. Hi Ali

    I have been a follower of yours for years and absolutely love your posts as I have three little ones similar ages to your kiddos. I’ve bought many items you posted but I’m finding it harder and harder to follow your blog because I do not shop at Walmart. I find more and more frequently I’m scrolling through your posts and they are Walmart only items , especially the cute kids stuff 😭 hopefully you will mix it up a bit more or could I suggest if it is something that is sold other places putting a link to the other store as well (maybe you can’t if it’s a sponsored post?).

    Anyways thanks still for giving me something fun to read. Enjoying you and Rachel’s podcast!

  13. Hi! I’m 35 weeks pregnant and for my Harry Potter themed baby shower we asked all the guests to bring a book instead of a card. It worked out wonderfully and now my son will have books with hand written notes from his great grandmas, grandmas, aunts, and friends!!

  14. I absolutely love this!! And it’s so true! Reading at a young age is so important. I’ve continued to be a reader into my 30s now, but I remember asking my mom about why i liked to read to much, and it’s because she said as a young girl she surrounded me with books! My mom has dyslexia and reading was very hard for her growing up. She made it a point to share books with me so I wouldn’t have to struggle the way she did. Thank you Mom! And Thank you Ali! Molly’s a lucky gal!

  15. Molly’s reading nook is adorable and has special elements just for her. It should stay hers. When Riley is old enough he can get a reading nook catered to his interests. Not everything has to be shared or should be.

    Also… just this Mom’s thought and way of doing things, let Molly pick out her bed. Show her a few choices, let her see them and try them out, and go with the one she wants. It’s her bed after all 👧🏻

  16. Ali,I so love all your ideas on the Hallmark Home Channel.
    I need a big favor…need to contact Larissa Wohl. This is regarding a very important and sensitive issue regarding my pets health.
    Could you please help me.

  17. Okay everyone might think I’m crazy, but my name is Molly and I LOVE WHALES!!! Even at 35 years old hahaha! I’m not a mom yet so I’m totally ordering that shelf for myself! LOL! She has great taste! 🙂 Love all of it! That bed would be so cute as her first big girl bed!!

  18. Such a cute space! Where are the Molly blocks from? I’m a week away from my due date and would love to add these to my daughter’s nursery 🙂

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