The Bachelorette – Hannah’s Men Tell All

Today’s Bachelorette blog is heavy. Meaning that there is a lot to discuss. I am so glad that they decided not to leave us hanging and at least showed us the Luke portion of the rose ceremony today! I think that will give the final 3 men more of the attention when they show that portion of the rose ceremony! That being said, let’s get right into the Luke portion and Men Tell All!

Rose Ceremony

Luke coming into the rose ceremony didn’t bother me. If you really care for someone and love them you should fight for them. What bothered me is that when she asked him to leave very sternly multiple times he didn’t listen to her at all. I just don’t think he really respects women. It’s like he thinks or thought that Hannah can’t think for herself and make her own decisions and he had to help her see and feel what he thought she should see and feel.

One thing I found kind of concerning though – when Chris Harrison told Hannah that he had a ring in his pocket and was ready to propose I feel like the look on her face said it all. She seemed like she wanted that. And look, I can’t know for sure what she was thinking and feeling. None of us can. But she didn’t roll her eyes or seem frustrated with it, she just got really bright eyed with the big wide eyes like she couldn’t believe it. But it didn’t seem like it was in a bad way. I most felt like she wanted him to come back in that moment. Again complete speculation but it’s just the feeling I had.

Luke and Chris Harrison

When Luke sat down with Chris Harrison, I couldn’t put my finger on why he was taking such a long pauses in between answering Chris’s questions. I feel like it could’ve been one of two things. Either he was thinking in his head how he can manipulate the answer and everyone around him, or he truly just does feel so misunderstood from the season so he was being super careful about what words are coming out of his mouth. I feel like it was a little bit of both honestly. And don’t think Luke is this terrible human being! Of course not! I bet he is deep down a good person and tries to do the right thing. I just think that he’s so misguided and makes bad choices. I don’t know if it’s how he was raised or something he went through his life. But I do think he’s misunderstood in that way. I don’t think he’s trying to be a complete jerk, it’s like he’s lying and he doesn’t even know he’s lying. In fact that’s exactly it! He’s a pathological liar. The way pathological liars brains work is they lie so much and so often that they can’t even distinguish the difference between the lie and the truth. I’ve grown up with people like this in my life. And they’re not bad people! Some of them are the nicest, greatest people I know! But the lies make life better and you do it so much and so often that you don’t even realize you’re doing it anymore. I think that’s Luke.

The Men Versus Luke

Biggest problem with Luke in all of this is that he doesn’t own up to any of it. I wish that he watched the season, saw what a jerk he was and just came out and said wow I was a jerk. People mess up and I’m sorry. He still would’ve gotten a little shit from all the guys but I think they would’ve come around to respect him taking ownership for it. I just feel sorry for him. I never wish any ill will towards anyone to be honest. Even if they do really shitty things. Well aside from murderers and things like that. But you know what I mean. I never want someone to hurt even if they’ve done something that has shown poor character. But Luke just makes it so hard to forgive anything he’s done because he shows no remorse for any of it. Yes, at one point he did apologize but that was after making excuse after excuse after excuse. It’s like he just says what’s convenient to say in that moment. Okay, let’s talk a little bit about the guys and what they said to him.

Conor –

I think Conor saying “fuck you” to him at the beginning of the episode was completely uncalled for. And calling him a psychopath isn’t helpful either. I mean, really, what good can come from calling an actual psychopath, a psychopath. It’s just hurtful and unnecessary.

Matteo –

I don’t remember him at all but he said he made it to Rhode Island and I thought it was super mature and nice of him to say that he thought that Luke had been punished enough until this point because of not only feeling ostracized from the group, but from what he’s experienced from being on the show and publicly dragged through the dirt. Not that he didn’t deserve it. But I kind of agree that he’s been punished enough. Heck, I was the Bachelorette and probably had the love and support of 90% of the viewers, if not more. Most of the time the Bachelorette does. That 10% that didn’t care for me and said horrible things about me on the Internet broke my heart. I remember sobbing and feeling so defeated by it. So I can’t imagine being Luke, regardless of the shitty things he’s done, and how he must feel right now.

Chris’ question about them both not being virgins –

I found this question to be completely unfair. Not being a virgin and questioning the person you think you’re about to propose to within two weeks on whether or not they’re having sex with other people are two completely different things. I don’t believe that Luke ever said that it wasn’t OK that Hannah wasn’t a virgin. I’m pretty sure he knew that she wasn’t and he never said that. Instead he was upset that she just had sex with someone else when in his mind he loved her and they were going to be together forever. I said in my last blog and I’ll say it again, but I do not blame him for asking the question. It’s how he did it that made it inappropriate. He made it about faith and not about feelings. And when he made it about faith he was essentially judging her and calling her un-Christian. That was shitty!

So I just wish Chris Harrison didn’t ask that question because my answer to that question is yes, not being a virgin and not sleeping with someone two weeks before you’re about to get engaged to someone else are two completely different things. I get that this is the Bachelorette and that’s how it works. But people are people that have human feelings. How would you feel if the person you were completely madly in love with flat out told you they slept with somebody else the night before and you were planning on proposing week later. Can you imagine how heartbreaking and devastating that would feel? I just want us all to remember that. I know it sounds like I’m defending him in this. I’m really not. I’m just trying to see the little bits of good within him and cut him a tiny bit of slack because he’s been through enough. I read an article, or headline rather, saying that he left the Men Tell All In Tears. And it makes me sad. I don’t want anybody to feel like that. So I’m not defending him at all in this. Except for this one question. It wasn’t fair.

Is Mike The Next Bachelor?

Honestly, based on some things I’ve heard through the grapevine I thought Mike was a shoe-in to be the next Bachelor. Which honestly I wasn’t super pumped about. Look, I think there for sure should be a black bachelor. IT IS TIME!!! And I think Mike would honestly be a great Bachelor! The problem is we never really got to know Mike. We didn’t see enough of him on the show and he didn’t last long enough to really get to know him. Traditionally the Bachelor or the Bachelorette comes from the top four. And that’s because you really get to know those people and fall in love with them. I like Mike but I haven’t fallen in love with him because I just don’t know him yet.

But I will say after watching the show last night, I do not Mike will not be the next Bachelor. He didn’t get enough time on screen which is the number one reason I know it won’t be him. And we also didn’t hear him give a big speech about how he is ready to find love. Every single season the next Bachelor or Bachelorette gives a mini speech about how they’re ready to open their heart and find love again. I did it, Hannah did it, and every other Bachelor and Bachelorette has done it at the Men Tell All or Women Tell all. At this point I think it’s pretty safe to say it will be Tyler or Peter. Who do you think it will be? Or are you still convinced it’s Mike?


Man, I was so happy to see this side of Hannah. I know I’ve questioned her maturity and decisions many times throughout the season. I hope you can all agree that I did it with the upmost respect for her. She is part of my Bachelorette sisterhood and I would never want to speak badly of her. Anything and everything I said comes from a place of love. However, I will say last night I was just so proud of her! She spoke with class and authority and love for herself. Most importantly. Respect for others as well.

All that said, I do however wish they did address the fact that sex in the fantasy suite can be hurtful to someone. They made it all about a woman being able to do what she wanted with her body and have sex and it’s not anybody else’s business. And while I kind of understand that I also don’t. I’ve already kind of explained myself on this, but I just wish somebody brought up the fact that having sex with somebody and having sex with somebody else a day or two days or three days later it’s hurtful. Because at the end of the day that’s what it’s about in my mind.

Having sex with more than one person in a week isn’t wrong. Some of you may disagree with me but I don’t think it’s wrong. As long as you feel good about it. But what does feel wrong to me is being in a relationship with three different people that are all telling you they’re in love with you and then having sex with more than one of them. Does that make sense? And I get that it’s the Bachelorette. But I guess I’m just saying it’s kinda messed up! But in the same breath, I will say that sometimes in order to make up your mind you need to have sex. I feel weird even saying this because I’m married with kids but I can wholeheartedly say that if one of my guys didn’t leave in the top three on my season, I would’ve had sex with more than one person. But because one of the guys I really cared about left, I only slept with the guy ended up with in the end. It feels weird to talk about this publicly but I’m just gonna put it out there. But thinking back on it, it really doesn’t seem like that’s okay – to sleep with two people in a week when your are one a WEEK from getting engaged to one of them. I’m so curious what you guys think about this. It’s just such a difficult situation to talk about because it’s not normal life. So I don’t blame Hannah whatsoever for sleeping with more than one guy. Because I’m pretty confident that she slept with Jed as well. I just find it hard for everyone involved.

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The Finale is SO Soon!

Ah! Can’t believe this season is already almost over! I think we will be finding out who the Bachelor is super soon and I am really excited! I know you guys sometimes say that I know spoilers ahead of time, but I can honestly say that as I am writing this I do not know who the Bachelor is going to be! Also I CANNOT wait to tell you my Bachelor/ette news, it’s coming so soon! Let’s chat all about this weeks MTA episode, and who you think or want to be the Bachelor!


I just wanted to write a quick update to this post. I truly feel bad that anyone thinks that I am in anyway insinuating that the way Luke treated Hannah was OK. I’ve read read this blog and try to find a place where it seems like I’m saying that and I don’t see it. But I think where I did mess up is that I didn’t clearly state in this post how sooo not ok his behavior towards her has been all season! I believe he’s naïve to an extent but I also believe he did some serious manipulating throughout the season. I talked about this in multiple past blog posts, so I guess I just kind of thought you guys knew I felt that way about him all along. But it is completely my bad for not reiterating that in this post. And even though as a mom (and human) I feel bad for the way he was bullied last night. And I truly feel that bullying is not OK – no matter what the circumstance. And I’m very firm on that! I’m also a mom to a daughter and I would never want my daughter to end up with someone like Luke. So I’m not saying he’s a great guy, I’m just saying he’s a human being with feelings and what he took on last night was A LOT.  Just because he hurt others doesn’t give anybody the excuse to hurt him back. That’s all I was trying to say. Just because Luke can’t always do the right thing. That doesn’t give us the permission not to do the right thing either.

And same with Hannah! I know Hannah didn’t make some of the best decisions this season. And I have been vocal about disagreeing with the way she’s handled some things. But just because you or I disagree with some of her choices, it doesn’t give us the right to be nasty to her. And once again, I obviously make mistakes, but I try really hard to have empathy for her and understanding when I disagree with her. I know people who know Hannah personally and they say she has a huge heart and is an incredibly sweet person. And I know that’s true! She’s a young girl who is trying to find love and doing in a very public way. I commend her for putting her life out there. And I support her through and through EVEN when a disagree with her! It’s really hard to learn about yourself and grow personally on national television for everyone to judge. I know because I’ve been there. So sending Hannah a big hug today too!

Anyway, I appreciate all the comments. It’s very obvious that all of us are very passionate about what happened last night. And I really just appreciate you guys coming here and sharing your feelings. I won’t always say the right thing. I try to, but I’m not perfect. So I appreciate the feedback as always.

As always, I will end my post with a few recap photos from the past week! First, make sure you check out my blog post from this morning! It contains the 3rd and final portion of my Walmart Baby Registry series! I feel like I saved the best for last… because it’s all about sleep! It is SO important to get good sleep when you are a parent, and I give you all the tips and tricks that I have gathered over the past few years of my kiddos lives!


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379 Thoughts

379 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – Hannah’s Men Tell All

  1. I have only one opinion now. Hannah and he “apology” about Luke being on her screen rubbed me the wrong way. It was classless and rude. Not a fan of people just being mean for attention and I feel like that was what she wanted. She kept Luke there. No one made her. She’s mad so she trashes him? No. That’s not ok. I wasn’t even a Luke fan. But I feel bad for him now.

    1. Oh my gosh so much yes! I was so upset that she did that at the end! I’m not a Luke fan, but Matteo said it best when he mentioned that he’s been punished enough. He doesn’t seem like a horrible person, this show just brought out the worst in him. And what Hannah said was sooo unnecessary and tacky!

      1. Same! I kept wishing they’d excuse him or something so he didnt have to sit through people being mean. Cameron who rapped, Hannah, any of them. I felt bad and awkward that he had to just sit there and take it.

      2. YES! Ok I totally thought that Hannah looked excited about the idea of Luke having a ring! I could be totally off base as well, but the exact same thought crossed my mind!

        Being a virgin and sleeping with multiple people within a short time frame is completely different. If the man I loved slept with someone else the day before spending the night with me….I really can’t fathom it!

        Thanks for always keeping it so real! 😊💕

      3. I totally agree that there is some good in Luke. I think he’s misunderstood and not ready for a lifetime commitment. I honestly don’t think Hannah is ready for marriage either. I didn’t personally care for the show. Way too much drama from both Luke and Hannah. Some people enjoy drama and some people hate it. I hate drama! Ha!

        Luke admitted that he wasn’t a virgin but that he repented and wanted to wait until he married. As a Christian I applaud him for that! By the way for some of you who blame Luke’s faith on the way he behaved on the show, Hannah, Tyler, and Jed are all Christian’s too. So please don’t be so quick to judge. The Bible teaches that we are ALL inherently sinful. Peace out! ❤

    2. I completely agree! I still see immaturity from her, and continued to see it in this episode. I know she’s a great girl and I wish her the best , but I’m just not much of a fan this season or Hannah as the Bachelorette.

    3. I totally agree! I was all for Hannah until that part of the men tell all. It’s one thing to confront Luke for his actions, but that felt more like bullying and worst of all it’s on public television for everyone to see! Not a fan of Luke, but I do think he deserves better than that.

      1. Yee, Sidney!
        A n y o n e deserves better than that.
        It’s almost like she is pissed he’s garnered more attention than she has. The whole Luke P show stuff – rubbing Hannah’s ego the wrong way?

        I have never seen a MTA with so much time go to a 3 or 3th place guy. I apolahd his dignified manner and wish the other castmates could have presented their grievances with dignity. Especially Hannab, it fekt like a tremendous failing, having seen her start off as an honest and motivated woman finding her way, to go to pandering and disregard…was pretty awful.

    4. I fully agree with this Tasha. That was completely uneccesary. I did not like Luke from the start, and did not agree with pretty much every aspect of how he approached or said things on the show. However, despite my opinion of him, his views and his actions, I still believe that there is a point where people are just kicking a person while they are already down. There is no reason for it, and it can cause negative outcomes because we all deal with feelings in different ways. We know he is loathed by the men, Hannah, bachelor nation, social media and so on.. as I am sure he is aware of too. So leave it be, and keep living. He is still human, and to be honest a vast majority of this men tell all show just felt like they were goading him. What was the point, other than some warped satisfaction that the bachelor nation was somehow “giving him what he deserves”. Sure, did I hope he would come out just owning up to his faults, say he made mistakes, he was sorry and we could move on? Of course. Do I also think Luke still is not there. Most definitely. Maybe one day, but I have my doubts. With that said, I don’t think anything he stated would have satisfied anyone, and he seemed very unsure of what to say because that is how he is and frankly either way it is wrong. So then why keep going.. and going.. and going at him. It does not get anyone anywhere. Be the bigger person and carry on. He puts on a good facade, but I could tell before he left that he was having a hard time. Who wouldn’t when you feel that every person in a room hates you? No matter how awful you think they are, that does not take away that they can hurt. As someone who always disliked him, I still would not want anyone to feel targeted like that. That’s rough. Then that aggressive PSA spiel felt like the final kick in the teeth. Okay, so you are an independent woman Hannah, and you can be bold and speak for yourself, but is it constructive in any way to make someone feel even smaller? I am sure it felt good, but the question it’s.. why go there? The best thing you can do to someone like that is say your piece (which she did in a better, more articulate way earlier), and then choose to not acknowledge it anymore because it is not worth your time. I am all for people being confronted with their bad behaviour, but they way they went about this left a bad taste in my mouth.

      1. I think Luke was a completely different person today. He acted remorseful, and Cheyenne, you’re right. He wasn’t winning either way. If he apologized or if he didn’t. He chose his words so carefully because he knew either way, it was going to be used against him. I had the utmost respect for John Paul Jones because he was one of the only ones not laughing at the “jokes” at Luke’s expense. When Hannah walked out, Luke P even had a sad smile on his face. He may have shown himself this season, and maybe the show used the power of editing to show more of him, or less to fit their need for drama, but I feel as if he’s been punished enough. It’s not Hannah’s place to punish him, or humiliate him. He may have been a jerk to the guys, and his words to Hannah may have been wrong, but he was never “mean” to her. That apology she gave upset me and the fact that the bachelor/bachelorette allowed their stage to be a platform for bullying doesn’t sit well with me. If you’re willing to lose respect for ratings, that doesn’t say much to me about the franchise. She proved to me she had no class. It was like a teenage girl writing about a breakup on Facebook because she wants the other kids to take her side. As I said, I wasn’t a fan of Luke. But I do have compassion. Something I think Hannah is missing. And I was kind of tired of her trying to represent women as if she was the epitome of women empowerment.

        1. Tasha, I so agree with you regarding Hannah’s behavior. It really bothers me that some women are seeing her disrespectful, classless, and immature actions as empowerment and ‘Hannah standing up for herself.’ I would be ashamed to call her my daughter after watching this season. She’s been rude and childish. And bragging about how many times and when you had sex, using the crudest terms ever, certainly showed me that she is FAR from ready for marriage.

          1. So

            I truly feel she should have a few years in the *windmills* of Hollywood with the many narcissists who already have fame, and see how That feels.

            One thing to get mad and tell somebody off- another thing to brag on and keep slamming
            – whether he is there or not – well after the showdown.

            It feels like he s t i l l matters to her – but why, if she got true clarity wouldn’t you let it go more by now? She reminds me of a former boss who would go off Even More when someone apologized for offending her…as if their admission made it worse. It’s not a good sign of wherecer Hannah is at.

        2. I agree with your comments 100%. I’m so disappointed with the bullying aspect. Luke did not deserve the hate spewing.

      2. I agree with everything you said Cheyenne! I truly felt bad for Luke! I am not a fan of his, never was and will never be, but he got a “beating” last night and all season and that has got to do something to his mentality. Matteo said it best and he got what he deserved but enough is enough. As much as I don’t like Luke (he was a big trigger for me as he was exactly like an ex I’ve had) I don’t want something bad to happen to him. I hope he takes this as a learning experience (though I doubt it) and uses it to better himself.

      1. Same here! I felt like the men and especially Hannah were bullying Luke P. It was hard to watch and I liked Hannah up until tonight! Talk about kicking a dog when it’s down!

      2. The Bible and The Bachelorette

        In recent weeks, millions of people have been discussing this question: does Jesus still love Christians who have sex outside of marriage? You’re probably not aware of this conversation unless you’re following the current season of The Bachelorette. Now, you’re also probably wondering why an old preacher like me is taking part in a discussion about the Bible and The Bachelorette. Well, my daughter’s brother-in-law, Luke, is on the show this season. My wife and I have known Luke for nearly five years; and came to know him very well when he lived in our house for a period of time. We love Luke and are glad to have him in our family. So, we definitely took an interest when he decided to be on the show.

        While The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are no strangers to discussions on love and sex, introducing Jesus into the conversation is new. You see, this season’s bachelorette, Hannah, is a professing Christian, as is Luke. As a matter of fact, hearing about her outspoken Christianity is the sole reason he went. Luke had never even seen the show. So, two Christians enter a sensual environment where one woman attempts to date over 20 men in hopes of finding a husband. Of course, the series thrives on physical attraction, emotional chemistry, and drama – lots of drama! What could possibly go wrong? Needless to say, it’s a recipe for total chaos.

        In my opinion, Luke and Hannah chose to participate in something for which neither was spiritually or emotionally prepared. Both are under a social media microscope and each has been called “a bad Christian” by other believers as well as those outside of Christianity. Social media is ruthless. People professing Christ often come across as the meanest of the mean. While I never condone hateful posts of any kind, I also understand what caused viewers to raise an eyebrow. At various times, Luke and Hannah displayed attitudes, behaviors, or speech that should not belong to a follower of Jesus Christ.

        I’ve been among those who’ve challenged Luke about his behavior on the show. These conversations have been hard but not heartless. After all, Galatians 6:1 tells us, “Brethren, even if anyone is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness; each one looking to yourself, so that you too will not be tempted.” Let me put it this way; we’ve treated Luke with the understanding that we all live one breath and step away from stupidity. Luke hasn’t made excuses or attempted to justify any of his actions. He’s listened, admitted he compromised his faith, and sought correction.

        Despite all the drama, Luke found himself in the final four men. He and Hannah seemed to have a genuine connection with each other. No doubt, sharing a common faith was a huge part of that – as it should be for Christians. To their credit, both have been fairly transparent throughout this process. Even as professing Christians, neither claimed to be a virgin before appearing on the show. However, when they broached the topic of sex they discovered that a common faith doesn’t mean seeing eye-to-eye on every issue. The result was an explosive conversation which was heavily promoted in previews, and set off a firestorm on social media.

        One statement in that conversation started the larger online discussion. When Luke asked Hannah if she’d had sex with any men on the show, she said, “Yes, I’ve had sex and Jesus still loves me.” Now, I find this statement intriguing; especially after 35 years of studying and preaching the Bible. First, let’s address the elephant in the room. Does Jesus still love Christians who’ve had sex outside of marriage? Absolutely! His love is unconditional. But the real question we should be discussing is not if sex outside of marriage diminishes Jesus’ love for a Christian, but what it says about a believer’s love for Him. Jesus said, “If you love Me, you will keep my commandments” (John 14:15). And God’s instructions regarding sex are extremely clear.

        First, He created sex exclusively for marriage (Genesis 2:24). Because sex unites two people physically, emotionally, and spiritually, it’s designed for a husband and wife to show affection and commitment to one another. Also, Hebrews 13 tells us to honor the covenant of marriage by keeping the marriage bed pure. Keep in mind, the purity of marriage begins long before vows are taken. Having sex before marriage cheapens what God intended. Single believers live out their faith by choosing to abstain from sexual activity.

        As professing Christians, our views about sex and marriage should reflect God’s views; not because He wants to limit our pleasure but because He wants to protect us. All sin comes with consequences, but 1 Corinthians 6:18 informs us, “the immoral man sins against his own body.” Luke has been heavily criticized for being so verbal about his faith while also having a sexual past. But it was the self-inflicted pain of past sexual sin that’s driving Luke’s decision to remain celibate until he gets married. No, he cannot undo what’s been done. But now he deeply desires to honor God’s design for sex within the covenant of marriage.

        Christians can, and do, commit sexual sin, but not without the conviction of the Holy Spirit. And while those sinful choices can’t separate believers from the love of Jesus, they do stand in the way of enjoying fellowship with Him. The Lord may even stop convicting a believer who continually ignores the Spirit, resulting in a hardened heart and a lack of biblical conviction. But God also restores fellowship when any believer turns from that sin and asks for His forgiveness (1 John 1:10). God’s mercy and grace always accompany His love.

        So, professing to be a follower of Christ but continuing to engage in what God calls sin is taking advantage of His grace. Romans 6 presents this question, “What then? Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace? May it never be!” It makes no sense to claim that God’s grace allows us to do the very things for which His Son died. You see, sin should be the exception in the life of a Christian; not the rule.

        Another backlash of this entire discussion is the accusation that Luke was judging Hannah when he said he would leave if she had sex while on the show. Well, 1 Corinthians 5:9-13 offers some insight, and “The Message” paraphrase is especially interesting, “I am saying that you shouldn’t act as if everything is just fine when a friend who claims to be a Christian is promiscuous… You can’t just go along with this, treating it as acceptable behavior. I’m not responsible for what the outsiders do, but don’t we have some responsibility for those within our community of believers? God decides on the outsiders, but we need to decide when our brothers and sisters are out of line…” So yes, God expects Christians to raise questions when another Christian’s actions are out of line with His Word. It’s actually a sign of godly love.

        No doubt, this entire experience has been difficult on Luke and Hannah, as well as on their families. On social media, it’s been open season on their lives, their character, and their faith. My prayers are with them both. Above all, I pray they each desire to know God more and to obey Him fully.

    5. I totally agree it was tasteless and in my opinion it showed her true colors. She complained about the slut shaming but what she did at the end was just as bad. Not a fan!!!

    6. I hear you. I think she was tryig to be funny and make a joke about it. But it came off a little mean. But I truly don’t think that was her intention! From what I know about her she is a sweet girl.

      1. I do not doubt Hannah is a good person, but I feel the way she ended the evening was not productive in any way. I do not defend Luke in any form, and have not liked him from episode one due to his character, manipulation and actions. I believe people should be confronted when they deserve to be, and he certainly did. However, what I do not agree with or understand is repeatedly going at someone when they either will not give you what you want (because let’s face it, he truly does seem to be oblivious to the depth of his wrong doings, hypocrisy and flaws at this time), or you could easily go above it. It is really quite ridiculous that everyone, Hannah included, continually declare they are done with the Luke P. show, and yet at least 85% of the entire two hour show revolved around him or cutting him down out of satisfaction. I would have much preferred they did the opposite by only taking a short time to deal with him, then move on to the great group of gentleman there for the remainder of the show that already spent an entire season ignored because of the drama. Instead when production had control to sway the show in a more positive light or about other individuals, they just turned it into another Luke P. show, which we have literally dealt with all season. After the first hour of pure cringe worthy moments and negativity, it just felt so petty. Yes, he was the worst part of this season, but come on.. he is still a person having to endure sitting through that and an audience laughing at his expense over and over. I am satisfied when people are put in their place if it is a long time coming, but even as much as I dislike him in particular, I was getting no enjoyment out of that display. Especially that statement at the end she may have thought would be funny. Simply uneccesary and brazen in my opinion. As someone who states she isn’t perfect, and she certainly had her share of questionable and flawed moments as well, she should remember that it’s fine to blast others for not having humility, but maybe realize every decision or way she handled or talked to others was not always projected in the best way over the season and Colton’s, so you have to remember to t is a shame the other men even showed up, because they honestly came off like an afterthought on a show which is supposed to be about all of them speaking about their experience.

        1. Gah! Some of what I wrote was messed up near the end.. The part where I said “As someone who states she isn’t perfect, and she certainly had her share of questionable or flawed moments as well, she should remember that it’s fine to blast others for not having humility, but maybe realize every decision or way she handled or talked to others was not always projected in the best way over the season and Colton’s either. There were times it felt that she didn’t respect others how she herself wanted to be respected as a person or in a conversation. She didn’t give others what she fully expected of them. I get the season was about her, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your part in the big picture and try and push the idea that everything bad was about one persons influence. I can’t imagine how tough that experience is. Ali has explained in her way, and even with that no one can know how they would handle it personally. I understand the emotion and pressure must be undeniably hard and chaotic. I just think sometimes when you DO have an opportunity to think on things a bit, such as for the episode last night, show us the gracious, strong, and intelligent person you are. Don’t stoop down to low blows and jabs, as satisfying as it may seem. It is a shame the other men even showed up, because they honestly came off like an afterthought on a show which is supposed to be about all of them speaking about their experience. Aside from JPJ and Mike, no one else had a chance to speak aside from quickly speaking on Luke P. business or to him. It was so disappointing.

      2. I don’t think she’s sweet. I think she came to the show, wanting to show how “tough” she was. All the while she was was rude to the guys on more than one occasion because she was mad at Luke, (who she could have sent home!!!!) However, she kept him. She didn’t believe the other guys about his behavior, that’s on her. Then, Men tell all, everyone is bashing Luke, who handled that a LOT better than many would have, (could you imagine Hannah being bashed that way?) and she humiliated him at the end. Jokes at others expense aren’t funny. It’s mean. I don’t think you should have to clear up being a kind hearted person because people are mad that you can see it wasn’t right to just keep going after he was already down. I wasn’t his fan, but I feel like he had had enough. He didn’t kill anybody, he just didn’t handle being on this show the right way. I feel like it says more about Hannah than it does Luke. He sat there and allowed this. Then he left. Then the hits still kept coming. Her saying, “hate that guy” was really the icing on the cake. She didn’t hate that guy until he said something she didn’t like.

        1. TASHA-
          could not agree with you more – the lowness of all the verbal attacks. Luke’s decency outclassing most, and Hannah’s hair trigger temper and Hate That Guy casual statement.
          I really appreciate your idea abt her goal of beihg Tough – this makes SO much sense. The *bold* fixation, the bug eating tomboy, even Hannah saying how she was the shy one in her family – all that points to a high value on Gusto and shit kicking.
          At some point she’s gotta see her self-sabotaging ways – but it will take a while. her defense mechanism is in overdrive – a classic sign of things hitting too close to home.

      3. I honestly think that ABC would get the biggest Bachelor ratings in years if they cast Luke as the next Bachelor. I’m not saying I would be happy about it (my vote is for Tyler!) But how interesting would that group of girls be?! To want to marry Luke! Would they be able to find 30? They’ve never cast a villian before…it would be something new for them. Ali, I am now wondering if you will be joining Ben Higgins on the Bachelor on your show!

    7. Her words at the way end just was complete trash. Go her for being a strong, independent woman, but what she said was classless. I think Luke has been through enough crap and she had to go do that? Yea screw that. I don’t understand why she had to be so rude. I get that a person is mad, but be the bigger person and MOVE ON! End the Men Tell All on a positive note. I’ve watched this show for a very long time and never In my life have I seen a bachelorette do what she did. My least favorite bachelorette. I am over this season. Hell, I’m more excited for BIP!

    8. I agree times one million. I only saw that apology on Instagram and I am so happy I didn’t watch this season at all. She is so immature and to throw God and Jesus around and behave like that – Catherine would NeVER behave like her.

    9. Luke’s family was so great during
      Hometowns so knowing they are
      Watching him get trashed by Hannah
      was sad. Especially when she said
      she would never have to see or think
      Of him again!

        1. somehow I think HB will not only see but Absolutely Think of Luke again – a bit doth protest too much going on.

    10. I felt the same way. I think that when she came out and talked about Luke she was expecting to have a long conversation/ argument with him but he didn’t really say much to her so I think that kind of made her mad and she just wanting to keep talking about him.

  2. I honestly felt kind of sorry for Luke. I mainly looked at it from a mother’s point of view and just thought how heartbroken I would be if I was Luke’s mom watching that. Not that it excuses some of the incredibly misogynistic things he said…
    I also thought Hannah was great during men tell all, except I thought it was super uncalled for at the end when she looked at the camera and apologized to the viewers for keeping Luke around for as long as she did. Super not classy. Was not a fan of that that all.

    1. You should feel badly for his mom having to watch him behave the way he did, but definitely don’t feel sorry for him. He made his choices, he has free will, and he isn’t going to be feeling sorry for himself when he’s pushing protein powder on us all our opens a gym. He had everrrry opportunity to apologize for his actions, sincerely, but he said he would change noting, then gave the rest of the men a fake apology. Luke needs to grow up, be the man he thinks he is, and learn from all this.

      1. Ok, Brianna, here is the thing:
        I don’t know how many apologies in life you have been offered, but for me it has been pretty rare, and therefore meaningful.
        I gotta say, even if it was a fake apology it is MORE than the people who called him insulting names DESERVE given how remorseless they were for THEIR shitty behavior.

        As for the I Wouldnt Change A Thing quote: when they came back from break LP said Obviously if I could go back I would change a whole lot…but I’m thankful for the opportunity to grow as a man – that’s what I mean.

        If you don’t believe him and that’s how you feel, then so be it. But don’t half quote someone who repeatedly went on to list his own faults. Credit for the good AND the bad.

    2. That straight-to-camera Plea for Popularity will only look worse as time.goes by.

      W h o does she believe she is talking to? Her admirers are already Team Hannah and her doubters would only see that as more questionable behavior.

      It’s actually worrisome – unless she thinks she is pleasing her employers ( agents, ABC ) – then it’s just kinda dumb and cheesy.

      Time will tell.

    3. Hi Ali, I’ve been a longtime fan of yours, and have loved following you and your family thorugh the years. Lately I started feeling a bit disconnected from what you say and share and honestly, I think with this post today you completely lost me.
      First of all, you weren’t bothered that Luke came back at the rose ceremony? Fighting for someone is one thing, ignoring when they say no is another and definitely a big issue. At this point Hannah’s has asked him to leave twice. First when they had their 1-on-1 (I forget where they were back then) she told him he had to leave, he strolled around a forest and then returned. So, that’s strike 1 of ignoring her request and disrespecting her. Then last week, she had to ask him so.many.times to get up the table and then into the car. Again so disrespectful. Not to mention she felt she had to blurt out she did have sex with someone to force him to get into the car when he said “something was preventing him to get into that vehicle”. Is that being respectful to you? If it were one of your kids on the receiving end of that situation, would you not feel differently? So no, him coming back to the rose ceremony it’s Luke yet again disrespecting Hannah’s wishes (for the 3rd time).
      Then you talk about her reaction when Chris tells her about the ring. Mmm hello editing? Has it crossed your mind maybe that is her reaction to sending home one of the other guys once Luke finally leaves? Same goes for editing during th emen tell all. You’re always talking about how things aren’t always as they seem yet you’re taking everything you were shown during MTA as 100% the truth (like connor’s f*** you), for example, could’ve been taken out of context.

      Secondly, I find your paragraph about pathological liars concerning, to be brutally honest. I am sorry you were exposed to them growing up, but as an adult and a mother, you most definitely shouldn’t be making excuses for them, calling them “nicest greatest people I know”. It gives the impression you are OK with lying and is that what you want to teach your children? Oh, lying is ok if it makes life better? Absolutely not. If those are the people you share life with, maybe it is time to go find some new friends.

      Finally, I saw on your insta story that you talked about how you feel bad for Luke’s mom seeing her son bashed on TV. Look, I am a mom too and I absolutely agree, no one would ever want to see their child go through that. But let’s be honest, if Luke has grown up like this, it is partly due to the way his family brought him up and treated him. If you see the flaws in your children and ignore them because they are your children and they’re perfect in your eyes, then you are at fault if they grow up to display those flaw (like the Constant lying in Luke). Parents aren’t blind, they sometime choose not to see out of love. So, I do feel bad for his mom, but that should have been a reality check for Luke and his family as well.
      You’re always going on about how you want to be nice and try not to judge people because you’re a mom and want to set a good example for your kids. That’s all great in theory, but if you don’t show them what is good and what’s wrong, what behaviours are acceptable and what aren’t, then who should do that? It’s not all black and white, there’s nuances in between that we, as parents, have a duty to teach our children.
      I really hope you can reconsider how you express yourself on important matters like respect and lying and setting an example for our kids, because this is not the Ali I loved to follow and related to so much.

      1. I agree with your first part completely. I’m feeling at a loss when I’m reading her articles because it’s very “team luke” even though she claims to not be? You can say you think he’s bullied, but not defend his actions. Him coming back to the rose ceremony was a complete bonehead move lol. He doesn’t respect the word “no” and to me that’s unacceptable. No excuses.

        1. You took the words out of my mouth! I was honestly mad in her story when she felt bad for him. I think Hannah said it perfectly, saying that she hopes seeing behavior like this from a man will help someone else in a similar situation. He is a text book narcissist and I think the long pauses he took were 100% so he could manipulate the situation yet again. I can’t help but wonder if I had a daughter and she was being controlled by a guy like this. It happens to women every single day.

          1. Sorry you got upset with me. Honestly, I just hate seeing anyone in the position. Even if he put himself there!

          2. Amen, Rachel. I have a son and all I can think about it I am going to do my damn best to make sure he despises such behaviours and never ever thinks about treating a woman or any human being really, like that.

          3. Luke P. Has anger issues, pathological liar and narcissistic tendencies. He does not respect a woman when she says no. This whole season has been Luke P. I was hoping last night would be more info on the men who left. Also curious if Hannah had any regrets about sending some of the guys home when she was so caught up in LP’s net of lies. She may be nice sweet young woman but she is not ready for marriage.

      2. Yes I’m with you on all of this! I’ve loved Ali’s blog for years, but she’s losing me this season. I already have icky feelings about Bachelor/Bachelorette (this is the first season I’ve watched in years) and blogs like this defending a misogynist liar make me feel like the show and some of its fans still have backwards views on things. I really appreciate Hannah being forward thinking this season. Whether or not you would sleep with multiple people is irrelevant. The important thing is Hannah fought back, in front of millions of people, against a perpetual gaslighter and emotional abuser. And THAT is something to celebrate.

        1. Indeed it is. I hope something good can come out of all this mess, and more women in relationships like that can follow Hannah’s lead, and young girls can learn what the red flags are and stay the hell away from men with toxic behaviors.

        2. Totally agree. Ali has me as a fas after this season of the bach. A lot of defending Luke who is so what’s wrong with the world today. And so little positivity and encouragement for Hannah. Especially since Ali know what it’s like to be the lead. However it’s even harder now with social media. Disconnect is the perfect word for how I feel as well.

      3. Agreed!! He flat out said he wouldn’t change a thing, so I don’t feel bad for him AT ALL!
        All of these recap posts have been tearing down Hannah… as a former bachelorette Ali, I don’t get how you can tear her down every week yet claim to love her!

        1. Personally wasn’t impressed with her on Colton’s season. She was a drama queen on his season. She isn’t mature enough for marriage yet.

      4. I interpreted Ali much differently. I don’t feel like Ali was defending pathalogical liars. I took it as compassion for someone who can’t even recognize their own struggle. She reminded us that there is more inside beyond the flaw. She didn’t defend Luke…she put herself in his shoes to understand why he did what he did. Good people sometimes do bad things. I hope all my friends & family have compassion enough to point out my bad & love me through to a better version of myself. If you don’t rip out a weed by it’s root, it will keep on spreading.

    4. Also, I feel like the whole “wah I’m so misunderstood, wah” bs was GASLIGHTING! Did no one else think this? It happened ALL SEASON! Every time he said something and she had a negative reaction he wanted to back up and say no YOU are misunderstanding. The reason you’re upset is because you don’t understand. Not because I said something shitty. You are wrong. You don’t understand.
      Never, you’re right, I’m sorry, what I said was wrong. I’ll do better.
      Him trying to do better was all the long pauses in the MTA where he was still just trying to manipulate.

      1. Thank you for saying this. He was definitely gaslighting her this entire season. He reminded me so much of emotionally abusive people I’ve known, I was honestly worried for Hannah if she had kept him around.

      2. Yes!!!!! I’m so glad you said this. My husband and I were screaming at the TV. He takes these long pauses so he can construct his gaslighting responses!!! You nailed it!

      3. ABSOLUTELY gaslighting. He reminded me so much of an ex of mine. Every time I would say something, it would be somehow twisted into me not being supportive or understanding. It really screwed with my head, and nearly a decade later, still trying to unravel it all. Truthfully, watching Luke interact with everyone throughout the duration of the season triggered me so badly; I had a really tough time watching his behavior.
        In some way, I understand why Hannah kept him on the season for so long (among other physical attraction reasons). When you’re being emotionally manipulated or gaslighted, you feel utterly insane and question every decision you make.

  3. Ah I totally agree with what you’re saying about the fantasy suites Ali! And I think Hannah jumped down Luke’s throat when he started asking her about sex. I was not a fan of him at all during the season but now that it’s played out, I think they really wanted a “villain” or as close to one that they could find, so he got a bad edit! If this were the real world (yes, most people wouldn’t be dating more than one person at once) but if you felt that you found your person and you were contemplating proposing, then it’s shouldn’t be taboo to ask if they are sleeping with someone else. Again, the bachelor/ette series is a weird situation… basically I agree with what you’re saying!!

  4. I still think Hannah only kept Luke around for their physical attraction. I think she somewhat used him, knowing he wouldn’t be around at the end, yet wanted to have sex with him in the fantasy suits. I think she only sent him home because that wasn’t going to happen. Not a fan of Hannah or Luke. She seems very immature and insecure!

  5. I feel like you took the words right out of my mouth!! I did feel a tad bit sorry for luke. Bullying him isn’t making the situation any better. And i don’t think him getting upset about the sex stuff is wrong either. I waited until marriage to have sex and before getting serious i asked my future husband what his past was like. While he doesn’t “owe” me an explanation he respected me and knew how important that was to me.

  6. I think Luke is manipulative and controlling-it is so obvious and clear. He reminds me of the male version of Vienna from your season-who was just in it as a contest rather than for love. For most of the season I couldn’t stand Hannah because she kept choosing him but I think the honesty she showed tonight and the other guys was awesome! I do disagree though-I think that when you go on the bachelorette you have to know intimacy is happening. And to shame her for it or ask about it all is just wrong. I see what you’re saying that they are getting engaged but if you have two people you are trying to decide between sex is and could be the deal breaker. I don’t know-I’m all for it and i think if Hannah said that as a contestant on the bachelor that people would be calling her stupid and naive for thinking people don’t have sex.

  7. I dated a (now diagnosed) psychopath for 3 years and watching Luke this season terrified me for her, or whoever his future girlfriend or wife is going to be.

    Watching those pauses before answering questions? EXACTLY what my ex did. Phew did that bring back some memories!

    I’m not able to diagnose him of course but I did want to share that.

    Also, I watched the bachelor in paradise preview and definitely thought I saw multiple shots of Tyler in there but I could be wrong!

    Really hoping Peter is the next bachelor just because I think he is maybe not the perfect fit for Hannah or vice versa.

    Ps. Love the new site Ali! My first time commenting but have been following you for years. You and your adorable family are awesome!!

    1. You are correct. He demonstrated, in his own words and actions, the characteristics of psychopathy and narcissism. Editing can not accomplish that. I hope he seeks professional diagnosis and interventions, but sadly seems unlikely

      1. I worked for a narcissist for several years – the O n e time she admitted to being wrong it was to punish staffers. That was a memorable day.

        I didn’t get ” calculating ” either when Luke said he messed up and told a ” bold face lie ” to Luke S, or self-promoting egotism when he said he watched the season and didnt like what he saw in himself, that he was arrogant and too prideful.

        The 2 narcissists I have known weren’t given to admitting fault or apologizing. Diane and Donna I would like to know: did you see that in the people you mention as pyschopaths and narcissists?

        I see him as a genuine and burdened young man- somehow tasked ( by himself or his perceived *tribe* ) with an impossible standard: to emulate Christ.

        My speculation is that L.P feels his acceptability/identity is at stake if he doesn’t go above and beyond in his pursuit and honoring of God. I think he was impressive AND flawed during this season. But I believe the good outweighs the flaws in him – and I genuinely wonder at the narcissism claims, especially as he differs -so wonderfully- from the two people I have known up close.

        1. Yes, this. I see him as a young man who honestly hasn’t been following Jesus all that long and suddenly thrown into this vipers pit of people who want to create a villain out of him. I’m a follower of Christ and I honestly wouldn’t want to do what he just did. I’d be pausing for a long time to formulate my words and thoughts and hope I didn’t make a mis-step. And I also might be pausing to pray silently that Jesus would give me the right words…call me crazy…but it’s what I might be doing.

        2. Hi Missus!

          Yes I did see that in my ex. He would do whatever to manipulate me/colleagues/friends. Including admitting to fault. This may be different for narcissists – I don’t know.

          Again, I’m not saying Luke is a psychopath. It’s a harsh word to get thrown at you. But yes, they will admit to fault. They will put on the waterworks. They are emotionally intelligent, as in, they know what to say to make others feel pain/pitty/empathy/loved etc etc.

          So in my (unprofessional) opinion, he played her from the start. Saw she was vulnerable and played into it by saying he was falling in love with her because that’s what she wanted so badly and was insecure about.
          Then would keep twisting his words to her when they argued until he found the right ones to make her feel guilty for doubting him. Smart for not believing the other guys. And hopeful and loved. Etc etc etc.

          His anger also scares me. When playing rugby. And last night when Devon(?) came to the couch to talk to him. You could see him try so hard to keep it in because he’s on TV. But it was there in his eyes and mouth. Scary memories again!

          He tried to do the same the night she sent him home but she finally saw through it. Good for her!

          1. Missus, look up characteristics of a narcissist, they will admit to fault if and when it garnishes them extra attention or sympathy. I recently dealt with a personal situation involving a very narcissistic and probably psychopathic individual so I’ve learned a lot about it. He displays all the signs. He used the fact that Hannah’s faith was important to her, to manipulate her and the situation all season. The people close to him he most likely does the same things to. There is no edit that could have made him lie or clearly manipulate her like he did. Someone who truly tries to emulate Christ, is no blatantly lying and manipulating others in the name of God. Yes, we all mess up and we’re not perfect, but when you’re in blatant, constant sin leading others astray, sorry, NOPE.

          2. Hi Donna!!
            Thanks for the info. I’m really sorry you had that experience of harm, too.

            I’ve got to look into the psychopath stuff – I must have dealt with a few, without knowing it !

            For me Luke’s *bad* doesn’t make Hannah’s bad *good*. That she got her compass straight about him IS Wonderful – that she kept hammering him down (imo) is not. For me it showed immaturity or unawareness at best, and egotistical anger and self-aggrandizement -at his expense- at worst.

            We’ll see in time – I don’t think the world has hears the last of Hannah OR Luke!!

            I’m glad you are away from the psycho you knew – I wonder since you found out he was diagnosed if he was treatable or improved any…chime in if you can- no pressure!!

          3. Hi again Missus!

            I agree, I definitely think Hannah has some growing to do still. This is why I’m hoping she ends up with Jed. Because he is not afraid to call her out on it whereas Peter I think is too nice about it and she could end up abusing his niceness. Oof! I did not mean for it to sound so negative towards Hannah. But I hope you get what I mean!

            Unfortunately no treatment since the diagnosis. He started but gave up.
            Just more emotionally abused girlfriends. I got surprisingly close to another of his exes by sharing our misery! But he keps doing worse and worse things and has also cut off his entire family now. I’ve stopped trying to help him or them because it wasn’t healthy. But still hope he finds a way to get better and happy. I’m not sure it’s something curable, just manageable!

  8. My only comment about tonight is the apology at the end from Hannah almost seemed very fake like it was a staged thing they thought would be funny. Other than that, I can’t say I agree with much on this post tonight. Which is ok because it’s your opinion and I can respect that and I still love reading your blogs. I wish it wasn’t so much about bashing Luke but at the same time he burned a lot of people and they deserved to have the time to tell him that. I do hope he really can change from this and grow..

  9. Lol. “I would never want to speak badly of her.” That’s literally ALL you did in your blogs this entire season 😂

    1. Agree! And so much for not wanting to talk badly about anyone because “I’m a mom and want to set a good example for my children”. So we choose to defend Luke and bash Hannah. Sure, that makes sense.

    2. Sorry you feel that way! I am certainly critical of some of the decisions she made this season. But I always tried to voice my opinion with respect for her!

      1. I don’t think Ali isn’t a fan of Hannah. I actually felt very similar towards her. There were times I really liked Hannah and how she handled situations but there were also a lot of situations where I saw how young she was and how much growing she still has to do. On MTA I felt that it was classless and rude for her to “apologize” for keeping Luke around for so long. I didn’t agree with that at all and felt that she could have gone without saying that.

      2. I so appreciate the honest tske ALI offers. Zero meaness and helpdul insights.

        Since Ali asked:
        if it were me, and I had two top picks I think I w o u l.d sleep.with both. I’d want to get it out of my system, and move foreward with no curiosity leftover and also bc I think you can’t fully know until you go to bed with someone how it will be. I hate seeing that I would bc it could make.things more confusing and surely it would hurt the one I did pick. But people.sigb up for that, so fair enough.

      3. Ali, the way you have expressed your opinions have always been in a back handed compliment kind of way. Just because you preface with “I respect her but ……” doesn’t make what you’re saying any less negative. That’s like me saying “Ali you’re so smart for being a blonde and all” It still isn’t nice.

        Your blog has been a platform for slut shaming, age shaming, and bullying. Maybe you should reread some past comments calling Hannah a twit, skanky and immature before you say the cast at the MTA were bullying. Just because those exact words are not coming from your mouth doesn’t mean you are not at fault for opening this platform for it and not addressing the nasty comments.

        1. I’ve always felt Ali has shown Hannah more respect than she deserves. In fact, Ali is good at balancing out her positive and negative opinions. There’s nothing wrong with pointing out the good and bad about a person.

          1. Agree, Debbie! Respect has to be earned and Hannah has earned very very little of it. Ali is simply pointing out what she sees, and it’s certainly not all good.

      4. I agree! So mean to Hannah in the blogs this season. I mean all you ladies who were bachelorette should be able to relate to each other and have a bond and support each other. I found Ali to be disrespectful towards Hannah. I haven’t read past season blogs so maybe they are all like this – I don’t know. A little disappointing though!

    3. I think Ali has been completely respectful in her remarks about Hannah’s behavior. She has just stated the obvious which is what we’ve seen. I’m obviously not a Hannah fan, but I’ve seen all season a woman who is rude, disrespectful, wants everything her way, and clearly thrives on drama. I’d be ashamed if any of my daughters acted the way she did, straddling every guy early on, and then bragging about having sex in very crude terms, There are clearly two different sides of this, as in everything, and Ali sees what she sees and has simply stated her thoughts and sometimes disapproval.

    4. Totally agree. Ali has me as a fas after this season of the bach. A lot of defending Luke who is so what’s wrong with the world today. And so little positivity and encouragement for Hannah. Especially since Ali know what it’s like to be the lead. However it’s even harder now with social media. Disconnect is the perfect word for how I feel as well.

  10. Ok, so the whole sex thing is hard because this reason: Traditionally, Christians and non-Christians tend to view and participate in sex differently. I totally understand that there are Christians who choose to have sex before marriage and there are non-Christians who wait until marriage but for the sake of the argument, I’m going to talk about “traditional Christian” views on sex. Not judging, just want to clear some things up. Luke used his faith to talk about Hannah having or not having sex because to him, having sex outside of marriage is a sin and Christians are supposed to hold each other accountable and what God says is best for us. Luke assumed that because Hannah was a Christian, they were on the same page and so I think that’s why he was “blind sided” by her reaction. I honestly think he was expecting a “yeah, I’m not having sex with anyone” and didn’t expect the reaction whatsoever. I think he just wanted to double check they were good and then, BAM, very evident that they weren’t. I think he was just really shocked that the way she lived out her faith was different than how he lived out his and he was disappointed. To a Christian, having sex with multiple people in one week is absolutely wrong because we believe it was intended for marriage only (again, I know not all Christians agree on this but it is the traditional view). I just feel like people need to understand that Luke is operating out of a different world view than a non-Christian on his topic so if you don’t adhere to the same faith as him, what he’s saying and what he was expecting from Hannah will not make sense. Not taking his side on the whole season at all, I just think this whole sex part has been really misunderstood.

    1. Yeah I totally agree with you. In terms of the whole sex thing, I think he was asking to see if they were on the same page. That is a huge part of a relationship and both members need to be on the same page. I think the way he acted at other times was totally wrong and that probably led to her reacting the way she did in this case. I didn’t like how he was treated tonight, but hopefully Bachelor in Paradise is dramatic enough so everyone can just move on and Luke can hopefully find some peace and come to terms with his actions.

    2. I completely understand where he was coming from, but I think he took the wrong approach which led him to be so misunderstood. Since people practice their faith in different ways, I think it was his mistake to assume that they were on the same page without ever talking about it prior to that conversation because in reality, I’d say the majority of Christians do not save themselves for marriage and that’s ok! But again, he took the wrong approach to the subject and came off as arrogant and disrespectful.

      1. “I’d say a majority of Christians don’t save themselves for marriage and that’s ok!” What?! Where are you getting this? That’s a bold statement. I’d say you’re probably very wrong on that one. Do some Christians have sex before marriage? Absolutely. But I would not go as far as to say that a majority do.

        1. He has stated that Hannah told his Bible study that she wasn’t going to have sex in the fantasy suites and they also had plenty of conversations about their faith together (that we saw and I’m sure that we didn’t see) that would probably lead him to believe that they were on the same page. But he obviously didn’t know for sure and that’s why he asked. And I disagree that most Christians don’t wait to have sex. That has not been my experience with my Christian friends at all. There are some exceptions but not at all a majority. That’s why I believe he was blindsided.

          1. This is an example of the deceptive editing that has occurred by the show. Unbeknown to many viewers, Hannah did profess at Luke’s bible study that the fantasy suites were meant for “deep conversations” so naturally he assumed that they were on the same page and was blindsided when she admitted to sex with another man when he is preparing to make her his wife! He should have firmly stood his ground in his beliefs at that point and walked away. Her staged rant tonight felt very scripted and not representative of her supposed Christian values! What about forgiveness and understanding? Surely if she has found happiness with someone else, she wouldn’t feel a need to bring Luke down at this point. I felt genuinely heartbroken for him and his family after tonight’s show.

    3. You said exactly what I’ve been thinking. It’s not the norm on these shows for faith or religious beliefs to come into play or be talked about. Although I’ve in no way been a fan of Luke’s personality, when it comes to criticizing his faith and beliefs I think he was so misunderstood. And I can’t believe that Hannah would have been shocked when Luke asked about her views on sex. After all, she had just gone to his hometown and spent time going to a bible study with him which clearly showed her how much his faith means to him. How could she have not known how he would feel about her sleeping with multiple men, and yet she kept him around. I feel he had every right to have the conversation with her considering how serious he was about her. Her reaction was out of line and now he is taking all the heat for it. And as far as the slut shaming as she called it, when you choose to date on national tv, don’t be surprised when the whole world doesn’t agree with how you handled yourself.

    4. Katee, I totally agree with you. I am a Christian and watching this season is clearly an openner for both Christians and non-Christians. Like what you said, as Christians, we view in a different way. Also, all Christians have different perspectives on marriage and sex. Thank you for your insights.

    5. So makes sense.
      If you don’t have a background with church or religion ir could seem like Slut Shaming, Controlling, Narcissism etc.

      I think given Hannah’s background with church it is bizarre she take the Im right Luke’s wrong approach, when surely she has seen more traditional churchgoers living a stricter life. I am reminded of the older town lady who told her to not kiss too many fellows and* be choice-y. * I mean she lives among old school church members. AND knew LP renounced sex.

      Is it so hars to admit SHE aas mistaken and whether it was lust, or love at first sight, that the gsl is too great between them.

      I don’t think she is really over the situation – and in some part of it is beihg dishonest with herself ( and I don’t mean that in a harsh way against her, moreso thar it is too mich for her and there seems to be mkre to unpack – and that her anger has gotten the best of her ).

      When Luke said men are suppose to.lead or guide the marriage t h a t snaloed my head back . The whole Love Hinir ans OBEY stuff – I thought that was stricken out of vows decades ago. He didn’t say obey, of course, but it seemed of that vibe.

    6. I completely agree with you! I am not a fan of Luke, but some of his comments that are being taken as horrible are coming from a place of faith. He was blindsided that this woman, who claimed to have similar beliefs, was not acting on them the way he does. When he mentioned men leading during MTA and everyone laughed, he was speaking from a biblical viewpoint. He wasn’t a good person on the show, and I think he does see that, but I also think he was misunderstood in some instances.

    7. Thank You for this~
      As a Christian, the Bible-The Word of God is the moral compass by which I set out to live my life by-of which I do not do perfectly!
      That being said, the Bible is clear on the matter of sex in a way in which there is no confusion about what God desires. Either those who say they are Christians obey God with regards to His Instruction, or we do not. There is no such thing as holding conservative Christian values, or not holding conservative Christian values. The Bible is to be the standard, and the guide-the moral compass for ALL who profess to be followers of Christ.
      Both Hannah and Luke have made it very clear that they profess to be Christians. Given that, it would be reasonable for each of them to have expectation that the other would at the very least desire, and set out to hold to the teachings of the Standard that is in the Bible with regards to sex…as well as every other instruction given in the Bible. But, clearly instead of the unity that one should expect to see when people have the same moral compass, we see conflict because the people in this real life tv show who like me are imperfect-are using the free will God gave them to either choose Him and His Ways as set out in the Bible, or their own desires.

  11. Perhaps is just my connection, but wondering if there’s a glitch in your new site. I’m seeing an entire fashion post along with the Bachelorette review. Weird.

    Anyway, I would like to see Mike Peter or Tyler as the next lead. I think each would be great in different ways. What I would really like, though is to see Tyler and Hannah compete with partners on Dancing with the Stars. They would each bring a different energy and be fun to watch, whether a couple or not. When they have an embarrassment of blessings (to quote CH) in the pool of men, they should be creative in how to use that talent.

    1. HA! You mean at the end? I just add in my fashion stuff at the end of my Bette posts 🙂 I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic 😉

      1. I don’t think she’s being sarcastic. It was very strange to go from all this bachelorette stuff to a very lengthy -not just a bit at the end – post about fashion that you’ve already posted.

  12. Lots of people seem to be defending Luke… he is so good at manipulating! He DID say he would leave if she slept with someone… and he said it very judgementally, yet then he wouldn’t leave her alone. He is so obsessive and controlling. No respect for Hannah when she asked him to leave several times, that would make me SO uncomfortable. I felt so bad for her in those moments. Luke taking all those long pauses to calculate what he’s going to say. I don’t feel bad for him at all. We need to stop making excuses for emotional abusers. He deserves all the heat that came to him. He lies, he controls, he manipulates… the tell all was a perfect example. Trying to make himself come off as clam and “misunderstood” no that is him trying to suck people in. We all saw his true personality the whole season.

    1. Yes!! I completely agree. If we truly want to end abuse we have to stop making excuses for emotional manipulators like Luke. I’m glad I’m not the only one saying this!

      1. Hey Emily – id we truly want to end abuse we have to call out Verbal Abusers like Mike – and now Hannah, too with all the F*ck you stuff.

  13. I really feel for Luke. Yes! He is crazy, and seems like he definitely has issues he needs to work on. I for sure wouldn’t want to be married to him and believe Hannah dodged a bullet.

    With that said… it is SO hard being a Christian in this day and age. It’s SO counter-culture that everything Luke P says, automatically rubs people the wrong way. He is definitely on the conservative end of Christianity, but when he expects a fellow Christian to be on the same page with him about sex, it’s not him being “shitty.” It’s actually pretty valid as far as their shared faith is concerned. There are plenty of Christians who view sex without such black and white borders. But it’s valid to know what end of the spectrum your future spouse is on.

    Also, “Christians” according to the Bible are told to never judge anyone who isn’t a “Christian” for their personal boundaries or beliefs. While there are many outspoken Christians in this world and on social media who do so, it’s unbiblical. So don’t listen to them 🙂

    1. ” With that said… it is SO hard being a Christian in this day and age. ”

      Are you kidding me?!? Christians have all the privilege in the world. Do you know what its like to live in a country that claims “separation between church and state” but have to work or cram for finals when it is supposed to be your religious day while Christians have every single holiday off? Everything else you have stated in you post. But seriously this sentence is really insulting for minorities.

      1. Bonnie – totally agree with everything you said. Nothing makes my eyes roll harder than when a Christian claims how “hard” it is to be a Christian in America. Please!!!

  14. I’m not done watching but had to come read your thoughts on the Luke part anyways lol Then pauses I think are because he calculates and plans everything he says. Throughout the whole season when he would talk to Hannah every time I would think…ugh he’s so scripted he’s saying what he planned and what he thinks sounds good. I can’t believe he went out saying once again he was misunderstood. Ok buddy not every single person could take you wrong and you not just actually be wrong lol

    1. My take is he is trying to seek higher counsel – as in praying for guidance – and then speaking.

      It has been a bit of a persecution on the set. He has been wildly outnumbered. Sure it could j u s t be that he is a nightmare. It could also be that something about Luke is deeply threatening. Not just his frontrunner status.

      For whatever reason(s) he IS compelling. I believe in him. in his decency. One of the red flags about criticism of him from others is that EVERYtHiNG he does is wrong. That’s impossible, really. It points to something else going on.

      He deserbes credit for remaining calm against the bullying most of the.time. We arw used to it from him ao it goes ub-noted- but it is EXCEPTIONAL. And one of the few conaistently good repeated acts by anyone on set.

      Peter acted like a gentleman and so did Conor, (until he kinda ruined it and dropped the F bomb tonight. )

  15. I could not agree more with everything you said!! I agree soo much. I do feel bad for him because at the end of the day we are all human. I am going into psychology and there’s just so much more to it than him just being a “shitty person” there is obviously something deeper. That being said, he did screw up, ALOT. I hope he gets help because I truly think he needs it. I do feel bad for Hannah as wel. Nobody deserves to be treated like that.. I just am so sad that this season was SO MUCH DRAMA. There is always drama but, wow. It was almost too much for me.

    1. Exactly, for someone to behave that way that have some deeper going on that none of us see. And I guess I just know how much he must be hurting right now. Even thought he did it to himself.

  16. I agree with you on most things, but I don’t really want to defend Luke at all. He CAN NOT speak to women like that, it’s not ok. He is super controlling. I wish he would have just stood up there and said “hey, I watched the season back and realized I made some
    MAJOR mistakes and I should have nerve tried to control Hannah.” But of course, he just tries to make us think we’re “misunderstanding” him. 🙄

    I don’t think anyone should be bullied, but calling out someone for being a complete jerk is needed.

    Anyway, I hope Hannah finds true love. love your blog!

  17. I don’t know how you can feel sorry for Luke as he brought all of that on himself. He is still making excuses and bashing others on social media while he tries to defend his actions. So he isn’t sorry and thinks he did nothing wrong so you should not feel sorry for him because he isn’t sorry. He again is manipulating people to feel sorry for him because that is what people like him do.

    1. i hear you. I didn’t realize he was bashing people on social. I wish he could find a way to learn from this

  18. I think Luke had every right to ask Hannah if she had slept with anyone else – yes because he was in love with her and potentially going to propose, but also for his faith alone especially since it is such a big part of who he is. Although they are both Christians, they are clearly not on the same page as far as interpretation of the Bible goes and how they are choosing to let it guide their lives -and that is okay! He has the right to walk away if he recognizes that their beliefs and resulting ways of life don’t coincide the way he feels they should. That being said he definitely approached that conversation very poorly which resulted in her feeling like he thought she was a “bad” Christian. They both have different values and that is totally okay but clearly Luke was surprised by that and did not handle it well. Hannah did not fit into the mold of his future wife but that doesn’t make her any less amazing or Christian for that matter.

  19. I guess I don’t fully understand how Luke didn’t take responsibility for his actions. He said over and over he was wrong and prideful and thought he had it in the bag. He also explained what was going on in his head. I don’t feel that’s an excuse. It’s explaining why he did it and he always acknowledged it was not right. I also think he took his time answering because of how he acted this season. He let his pride get in the way and never truly thought things through. He learned from it and tried to make sure he thought through his response this time. I never once thought he judged her or slut shamed her. It’s like you said (and he said it also) when you are planning to propose and then you find out they slept with someone. It’s not judging or slut shaming but pure pain because you love that person so much. I do not defend his actions all season. Absolutely terrible. But in my opinion, he’s owning up to it as best as he can now given that it has already happened and he doesn’t spend time with these guys otherwise. And no one deserves to be treated that way like Connor said. I hope Luke continues to work on himself but we will never know if he’s never given a chance and always deemed a terrible person.

    1. What I don’t understand is why he waited until the fantasy suite date to ask her that question. How did this not come up in their conversations about their faith much earlier in the process.

      1. Because she was too busy making out with him or fighting with him to have any real conversations with him. IMO, they are very much alike….she is using female empowerment as a cover for her controlling behavior. And he is using his faith to hide behind his controlling, manipulative ways.

        Don’t get me wrong, I do not like Luke, and he needs a lot of work to overcome his tendency to lie and manipulate and change his words.

        But Hannah is just as bad….when I watch clips from this season, I find that any time someone had an opinion different than hers, she went off on them. Her yelling at them to “stay in their own lane” was just over the top. More than a few times, her immaturity showed. She always got defensive, and unable to see her own faults or shortcomings.

        1. Well said, Gayle. She and Luke are a lot alike. She definitely didn’t want have an opinion different from hers. Or the attention on something or someone other than her. And if one of the guys had told her they were ***king in a windmill’ she would have gone off on them big time!

        2. Spot on!!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better Gayle. Wow, you nailed it. I am not a Hannah fan – too controlling, hard, and aggressive at times.

    2. I agree with you completely. I think he acted really regretful! Didn’t he even apologize a few times? I thought I remembered that. Either way, he knows he screwed up. I hope others don’t hold me to the same standard because I certainly know I screw up sometimes! Yikes.

      1. He said multiple times how he bold face lied and it wasn’t ok and when he said sorry you could tell it was sincere. I don’t know what more he could have done. He can’t change what happened but move forward. While he did bring it upon himself, he knows he messed up and even said “I didn’t even like that Luke P guy!”

  20. First off, love the new site! Everything is so easy to navigate & I enjoy your posts. Have been a follower since the beginning.
    I had not given much thought about the next bachelor until reading this blog post. I normally have been able to guess it just by watching the show for many years but this year I don’t really think there is a clear front runner. Will be interesting to see who it is! I definitely think you are spot on with the pauses in between answers with Luke. It seemed odd & I couldn’t put my finger on it. I often think about Luke’s family & what their take on this whole scenario is. I try to put myself in other peoples shoes but I don’t think I can with Luke. Too misguided & confused if I’m being honest.
    Overall, thank you for your blogs Ali. I look forward to them and genuinely enjoy you sharing your life.
    PS…. can’t wait to hear the about the other project you have been working on!

  21. The thing that bothers me most about the whole Luke situation is the fact that he said he would leave if she had sex with the other guys, but then he was determined to stick around after she admitted that she did. And then for him to show up at the rose ceremony with a ring, ready to propose even after claiming that it was a dealbreaker for him! I just think that he’s too immature at this point in his life and I hope he is able to grow from this experience and move on and find love, but he needs to open his eyes and realize where he went wrong. He is still blinded by his pride, leaving him nothing but arrogant and unwilling to change. Also, he needs to learn how to take no for an answer because no means no!

  22. Yesssss! I completely agree with what you’re saying as far as it being hurtful if someone you’re in love with and planning on proposing to tells you they slept with someone the night before. That’s like a cold bucket of water being thrown over your head and while Luke could have phrased things better, I think he was just so blindsided by her revelation because he genuinely believed that she loved him the same way he loved her and thus wouldn’t sleep with someone else. A woman can do what she wants with who she wants but I think they completely ignored the way her sleeping with one of the guys would make the others feel. I mean, it’s a little awkward to prose to someone knowing she had just been intimate with another person only a week before
    Very good commentary!

  23. I completely agree with you about the sex and fantasy suites. Sex is part of getting to know somebody in a relationship and if you are compatible in that way. I know marriages that have ended because of incompatibility in that area. But I also can see how someone would be upset if the woman they proposed to had sex with someone else days before.

    I feel like that has been an issue with some couples that come off the bachelor or bachelorette?

    I think she is going to say goodbye to Tyler and I think he will be the bachelor and I hope he is!

  24. Hi Ali!
    So I’ve been Team Mike gore awhile now for being The Bachelor. I just have to point out a flaw in your Top 4 theory. You know who didn’t make Top 4 before landing the lead gig? HANNAH! So I think anything is possible. We didn’t know much about her either other than she performed in pageants, had this on-going feud with Caelynn, and referred to herself as “Hannah Beast.” She was not even on my radar for Bachelorette options, but look at the crazy season she’s had! Millions watched, got to know her, and supported her. I’m just REALLY hoping it’s not Peter.

    Love reading your blog and watching you on H&F!!

  25. I’m 54, I have 3 daughters, if any of them would have brought a Luke P. around I can promise their Dad would have run him off in a split second. I have watch the Bachelor Bachlorette shows since the beginning. This is the first time in years that I have been proud of the Bachelorette! She stood up for herself at every turn! All the participants are now younger than my children and I pray all young women will know their worth and not put up with the Lukes in this world! I say to Hannah “You go girl!”

  26. I always love your insight Ali. I have to disagree with you on trying to find the good in Luke. I understand where you’re coming from. However, I if we’re going to break the cycle of abuse we have to stop giving people like him the benefit of the doubt. He isn’t a good person. He’s a toxic abuser. He’s more than a pathological liar. He is a manipulator. He blatantly lied about what he said, even though it was all on tape. I desperately wanted them to play back the tape of scar he said to Hannah, because it was completely different than what he was telling Chris Harrison he said. He did that throughout the season. That is just sick. It’s unfortunate that he didn’t learn from watching himself, but I’m not at all surprised. He’s a narcissistic sociopath who will attempt to gaslight people into second guessing what they know they heard.

    I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. He deserved to be ostracized from the other men. No one has to allow a toxic person in their spaces. I. In this case. I felt the men were protecting their energy by not allowing him in their space. If he had truly owned up to his behavior I’d be willing to give him space to change. He only apologized because he thought that would make him look good.

    This is the perfect opportunity to say to everyone who watches “this is what abusive behavior looks like”. There is absolutely no room to give him the benefit of the doubt. He is a bad person. He’s a dangerous person.

    I was cheering so loud for Hannah. I absolutely love the way she refused to let him manipulate her any further. She refused to take him back. Watching her was so empowering. “No means No” isn’t just about sex. It’s also about saying no to someone forcing themselves into your space. Hannah moving the podium was one of the best moments in Bachelorette history. I loved that the guys surrounded her & told him to leave. They were protective in a way that still gave her the space to stand up for herself. Hannah Brown is a badass. She’s got some growing up to do, but damn she knows how she deserves to be treated. I was so proud of her her throughout the entire episode.

    1. YES SO WITH YOU!!! It’s not typical Bachelorette drama– this guy is a classic abuser and gaslighter. I’m so proud that Hannah used the words “slut shame” last night. But if Hannah/the guys were a little more educated on emotional abuse, they may have been able to articulate his dangerous behavior as well as you did. This is exactly why we need bloggers like Ali to speak frankly with her wide audience. This man is dangerous and no one should be treated that way. End of story, end of blog.

      1. Hi Beth – There’s another Emily on here so I added my initial to differentiate. Thank you so much for your kind words. I do hope Ali uses her voice to continue to call out abusive behavior. She has mentioned that she found his behavior abusive in past blogs. I think as women we’re taught to “be nice” & that’s a lot of what I see here. I took her comments as someone on a public platform and doesn’t want to come off as mean. I get that, but there’s a big difference between being mean and calling out bad behavior. Sometimes we just have to stop being nice.

    2. I agree, Emily. You did a really nice job of articulating the line he crossed and why we can’t accept that controlling behavior. I also think it’s unfair to go too far in criticizing Hannah’s reactions to him considering that she is trying really hard to break free of that.

    3. Yes! Yes! Yes!
      I wish ABC would literally put out a PSA about abusers after Luke was on this show. Hopefully he can do some work and become a better person… but it blows my mind how many people defend him! Just because you are Christian does not make it ok to manipulate, lie and control someone else. Honestly I think this whole season gave religion and Christianity such bad exposure. Which is sad! Because it can be such a valuable and positive thing in so many peoples lives. But if religion means you can abuse me…. NO THANKS!
      This is NOT OK! just because you believe in the bible does NOT make you a good person.

  27. Ali,

    I totally disagree about Mike! I fell in love with him from the beginning of the show! He has always shown his fun personality and maturity the entire time he’s been on. And I think he was technically 5th or 6th place? Which if you remember, was the same as Hannah in Colton’s season. She didn’t make it to hometowns.

    Also in the episode tonight mike was literally the only one who we got to see in the hot seat and the only one we got to see Chris specifically ask Hannah for her opinion on. I dont know if you ask me he’s totally getting the bachelor edit!

  28. So in middle of post you say the next bachelor will be either Tyler or peter? Does that mean u think/heard Jed is who she picks!? 😱 yikes!! I hope not, don’t like him. Later in post you say u have no idea who she picks, so I’m just confused. Love your posts!!

  29. Omg can we just get over it already?! I feel like yes i dont agree with him (Luke) but at the same time he was just beaten down with the guys hannah plus the audience. We condemn children for bullying on the playground yet this was clapped and cheered. Honestly I fast forwarded a lot of it it just made me feel blah.

  30. My heart was so burdened for Luke tonight. He was being bullied and attacked the whole night, and he sat there and took it all and then turned the other cheek. I absolutely respect him for holding his tongue and not lashing out in anger. It looked like he really saw himself in a different light when he watched the show and he was trying to be better during Men Tell All. I was proud of him for sharing his faith and what the Bible says about sex and marriage. As unpopular as the world sees it, he was speaking biblical truth, and I don’t think he was in the wrong for wanting to make sure that Hannah was living out her faith according to the Bible. I don’t think he ever expected her to react the way she did, because from what she had told him, she was a believer and was living her life, daily crucifying her flesh to follow Christ. We all fall short and screw up and that’s the whole reason Christ came! But I applaud him for holding true to his faith and wanting a woman who pursues Christ the same way that He does…. he is living his life as a true disciple of Christ, and the world is persecuting him for it!

    He didn’t deserve the awful bullying and hateful words that were thrown at him tonight. I truly hope that ABC is ashamed of the way they allowed such bullying on national television. This is not the kind of behavior and example that we should be applauding.

    1. It sounds like you are giving him a pass because he is Christian. If he was so concerned he could have and should have asked her about her current views on sex before marriage earlier in the process. Christians can be manipulative abusers too. ABC must have been thrilled that she kept him for so long and probably didn’t have to work that hard in the editing process to have their “villain.”

      1. I’m not “giving him a free pass” because he’s a Christian. I’m giving him GRACE. The Bible tells us to love one another. It’s not our job to condemn or judge anyone, that is for God alone. Luke will be held accountable one day for his life and the decisions he made, as well as Hannah, and you and I, etc.
        From what I can tell in his posts on social media, he absolutely has shown signs of remorse for his actions, and is pursuing to learn from these mistakes to better himself in the future. With Gods Grace and the Holy Spirit’s teaching, I absolutely believe he can. But more importantly, God cares about our hearts. He wants us to be repentant of our sin. Luke has acknowledged his sin, repented, and is pursuing righteousness, and I applaud him for that. Hannah used the scripture against him and said, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.” What she left out was the rest of the passage. When the people didn’t throw the stones because they were not without sin, Jesus turned to the woman, and told her to “Repent. And Sin no more” When we only take bits and pieces of the Bible to twist and justify our sinful behavior, that is a heart issue. Hopefully she will be repentant and turn back to Jesus as well. She was telling Luke that she wasn’t seeing any “fruit” in him. I saw him showing many of the fruits of the Spirit last night. He showed love, patience, kindness, gentleness, and most importantly self-control. He didn’t lash out in anger, but just took a beating from everyone last night. He was showing way more “fruit” than she was.
        Again, only God will be the judge, but from a biblical standpoint on the whole issue, I always stand with the Bible, and Luke is the one speaking biblical truth about what marriage should be, and he was being persecuted for it.

  31. I read an interview with Chris Harrison today. He said he talked to Luke for 2 hrs on the men tell all show and he wanted to go after him by the end but he didn’t. Luke is a person who I believe has zero respect for women. He was a total womanizer, his words, before he talked to God. Now he believes he is always right. Unfortunately I have to disagree with you about feeling sorry for him. Everytime I did he said or did something else that was so wrong. He has a lot of growing up do. I do believe Hannah cared alot for him but in the end he proved to her that it would be a life of his way is the only way.

  32. My stance on the sex is this: If Hannah has the right to sleep with whomever she chooses, then Luke has the right to be offended by it. It goes both ways!!! We can’t just say “Oh Hannah can sleep with every dude on the show if she wants bc she is an empowered woman” and then be upset when Luke says he has a problem with it! He has a right to be bothered by her sleeping with someone when he thought she was in love with him!!!

  33. Honestly, I think you hit it Ali. Maybe he is a pathological liar or something around that? Who knows? I am actually going to defend him a bit… i have also had friends that are pathological liars, or have some sort of mental illness and they are some of my favorite people. Sure, they drove us nuts sometimes and we would tell them they are lying (when they had no idea), but they mean well. I also have a brother who comes across as prideful and arrogant and is not good at expressing himself in words. But again, he has a good heart and means well.

    I totally feel like that is why Luke was taking long pauses because he learned through this experience that he does not come off correctly to people.
    Then, I also have a special needs son… who has already had fingers pointed at him and all of that just makes me feel for Luke as fingers are pointed at him. I do see the good in Luke (Hannah said she saw it too). Im not saying he was perfect at all! But I truly think he meant well, was caught up in the emotions of the show and faught for Hannah (in the way that he thought was correct in fighting in the moment). I mean, what girl doesn’t like being chased? Maybe some… but I liked it when a guy chased me.

    And as a Christian, I agree with him in what I feel he was “attempting” to say haha, but obviously didn’t.
    I would want my future spouse to be on the same page as me in waiting until marriage. Obviously she wasn’t, but it wasn’t handled with class in my opinion.
    Sometimes things I say come out wrong to my husband and vice versa, but we say “Please rephrase that bc I’m hearing something negative” or “is this what you are saying? Etc. It’s called communication in a relationship… talking through things is important. I understand she was mad… but she did it again on men tell all and again… and she was bullying/bashing him. I just dont feel like it was Christlike (being on the religion topic this season).

    One more thing…
    I feel like a quote of the season is “Jesus still loves me”. I have watched interviews and podcasts of people saying “i do this and do that and Jesus still loves me”.

    To me and as a mother i think about what message that is sending. I feel like it is sending the message of “you can do whatever you want and it’ll be fine”. Of course Jesus still loves, but i think we should still try and be good, do good and make good decisons? America and the world have changed… that is all. 🙂

    1. Kelsi everything you said is exactly what I said about this whole situation. Especially about this idea Hannah has placed in the minds of fans that “Jesus still loves me”—yes He sure does but that does not mean you can do whatever you want and just expect grace. Hannah used the story in the Bible of the woman and Jesus saying “those who are without sin cast the first stone” and she talks about how Luke is like one of the men ready to grow that stone. But what she didn’t go on to say in that same story that Jesus said “go and sin no more” to that woman! So yes we shouldn’t judge others but we also should live a life of trying to be Christ like and avoid sin not welcome it with the response but Jesus still loves me. Ugh.

      1. Yes, this!!! This season has me so riled up! Jesus said, “Go, sin no more.” That was the power of the cross! he brought redemptive power so we could live in freedom FROM sin, not gleefully claim His love WHILE sinning. :/ And I’m not throwing stones here. I freakin got pregnant before marriage. I’m no saint. But the more I’ve come to know about Jesus, the more I know I can’t stay where I’m at in life, but have to move forward in His grace, and try to not sin. Hannah’s definition of not casting stones needs to include the rest of that scripture. This day and age, people are twisting the word of God to fit their lifestyle instead of changing their lifestyle to fit the Word of God.

  34. Just to play devils advocate on the multiple partners in one week…. this is not reality, it’s a television show that was established in 2003. Everyone knows about the fantasy suite week. So although I agree that in real life it feels wrong to be having sex with more than the person you are about to become engaged to, this is not real life and on this crazy timeline we all have known about for 16 years.

    I would not be able to do that which is why I’ve never applied for this show (that and I’m married). But I do not have any problem with grown adults making adult decisions. I do have a problem with it if they can not have honest and open communication. I think Luke had a real life question about sex and morals, but he didn’t do it right. And he offered the ultimatum and when Hannah called his bluff he didn’t follow through and that is where his character really came out in its truest form.

    Also… as for the next bachelor, if we go with the “getting to know the final men really well and love them” theory…. that would be no one. Luke has literally taken up the entire season and I’m pretty sure no one wants to see him as the next Bachelor. I personally would love to see Mike as Bachelor. His smile is amazing and he seems to be a good guy.

    Thanks for your insights.

  35. Ali, I adore you but I couldn’t disagree more I think she was surprised when Chris told her that he had a ring but in no way did I see any interest in her face! I think she got clarity when she asked him to leave and he told her she owed him something and she was DONE! Then he had the audacity to ask if he could pray for her before he left as if she had done something wrong! Then shows up with a ring??? Nope 👎🏽 she was way done!!

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it! I love hearing what YOU guys think! Even if it’s totally different than what I think! 🙂 As long as we are all nice about it 😉 Which you were!

  36. If I’m being completely honest I think it was pretty disgusting the way they all laid into Luke and just kept dragging him through the mud. Over and over they kept saying “this isn’t about you Luke” or “this is the Luke show” but how many times did they keep bringing him up? And then that last jab by Hannah at the end?! I mean come on! I’m all about empowerment and sticking up for yourself but that was borderline bullying! I wasn’t a fan of Luke, I thought he was a horrible communicator and that this show was not for people like him. But come on, attacking him over and over again was just wrong.

    1. My cynical side says maybe she and Luke are in cahoots to drag along the drama with ABC to capitalize on on the hot issue of Sex and Religion.

      I really don’t know. Hannah lost me last week with the ongoing trash talk that went beyond the confrontation with Luke. I don’t know which is a worse trait for her: her stubbornness is

    2. I dont know what is worse in Hannah”.her stubbornness or her anger. I’m thinking the stubbirneaa at this point.
      .The way she has hung onto blame, and continued to throw lightening bolt after lightening bolt at him is …more than vindictive – it makes me think she has rage issues. judgment problems, or a severe need to be liked and thinks trashing him will win her points with the public .

      At best she has confused clarity and empowerment with mocking vengence. She is so bright – I expected more self perception, instead she seems very swept up in the status of Bachleorette.

  37. I was just flabbergasted throughout the whole Luke rose ceremony part. The way he just lined up with them like he was supposed to be there, and then wouldn’t leave, I just kept thinking, “I can’t believe this is happening.” I really loved how the guys reacted and just rallied around her. They let her do her thing, but were right there with her to support her. She was really lucky with 90% of her guys this season. A couple things stood out to me during that part, I loved that Peter went to comfort her rather than get in Luke’s face, even though I didn’t blame the other two for that, but I thought that really spoke to his amazing character, but I also noticed that Jed was particularly emotionally invested in the whole situation. I have no doubt anymore that he is her final choice.
    I don’t agree about her expression when she found out he had a ring though, I think at that point she was just beyond shocked and caught off guard. I feel like it’s one of those moments that’s so shocking/emotional that you have to laugh.
    Can we talk about how awkward this windmill thing has to be for Peter? ESPECIALLY if he’s not her final pick? It’s gotta be awkward for whoever she chooses if it’s not him too.
    Idk if Luke is seeing some kind of counselor or if he came to the conclusion himself but I think he went in thinking “I have to think about every word I’m saying before I say it.” To an extent I get it but it was also so awkward/frustrating/painful to watch. I was like, “how long is this show!?” I was thinking initially that he’d end up in paradise but I don’t think so anymore, everyone is totally fed up with him.
    And OH MY GOSH that BIP trailer though!!!

    1. That BIP trailer was great!! I agree abt Luke considering his speech and slowing things down to hopefully get it right.

      Luke didn’t just bust through to the RC.
      No. Producers ushered him IN. Let’s keep it real – staff has been super stirring the pot. They have gone to town on him.

      LP wasn’t on Kimmel as is standard for the last elminated guy…so….only time will tell if he is trying to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame.

      Good to hear Ali on the idea that Mike won’t make it as Bach (for now anyway). I hope it is Peter too.

      I agree w you abt Jed too – he cared the most. Tyler actually looked worried. to me.

        1. I don’t know Ali – you seem to judge and shame people who touch each other. Not sure if you can handle BIP!

      1. MISSUS, oh I totally agree with you that it was a total producer stunt, I know he can’t just walk in, but I meant that I can’t believe he went along with that way of doing it I guess. There’s so many times that I wonder why the contestants allow the producers to put them in certain situations. They can’t force them to do anything, although they absolutely can say, “the only way we are letting you in is if you do it this way”, so there’s that haha. Regardless, they know how to make good tv for sure.

  38. I thought Hannah did handle herself pretty well last night, and I appreciated her addressing her feelings for Luke and why she kept him around so long. However, I did find it in poor taste when she ‘apologized to America’ for keeping him on our screens for so long. I thought that was unnecessary and just more salt in the wound, so to speak.

  39. I guess this is the way I look at all of this mess.
    1. It’s never ok to bully. These men were bullying Luke straight and simple. If we were hearing our children do this at school or on the playground, we would shut it down. But because it’s on TV, this bullying is “entertainment?” Double standard. What are we telling the older teens that might watch this? Bullying is very high up on the reasons why children die of suicide.
    2. Luke is allowed his beliefs. I get where he was coming from saying he didn’t care if she had sex, he cared for HIS self. He wants something particular for himself in a marriage and that’s his right.
    3. It makes me sad that ABC didn’t share a LOT of the conversation that happened on Lukes hometown date. According to people who were there, Hannah specifically said she wasn’t going to be having sex on fantasy suite dates because of her faith. So it makes sense why Luke was so concerned about it and discussing it.
    4. As you know, we do not see everything and it’s so easy to label any one of these guys as charming, or a pathological liar, or funny, or whatever the case might be, but we honestly don’t know them. We don’t see the hours of conversation they might have and instead get 90 seconds at best, of it. So giving grace is so easy for me here. I am a Christian, but I also see Hannah’s side to all this. She took it a little too far, but so did Luke. I’m just disappointed all the way around. And sorry this was so long. This season has me a little riled up!

  40. I agree with you 100%, Ali! I have nothing against Hannah but she continues to show her immaturity and her speech at the end was tacky. It made me cringe. I didn’t like how she just continued to drag Luke through the mud all throughout the MTA (nothing like making it the “Luke Show” until the bitter end). She could have said so much less and still gotten her point across .. with class. She appears to be an insecure person. Thanks for your blog, Ali!

  41. Hello Ali
    I agree with you I felt a little bad for Luke ya he did a lot of things wrong but man that was a lot of bullying going on. I really like Peter. Kind of hope he will be bachelor. Love reading your blogs and your family.

  42. I think the bachelorette/bachelor are always put in a tough situation in terms of the fantasy suite. If they truly are uns

  43. Until last night, I thought Luke P was misguided and immature. After last night, I view him as completely abusive. If he had admitted his actions at the rose ceremony were wrong, that would be one thing. But he didnt, so I truly have no sympathy for him. That ship has sailed. He needs to own his actions and learn how to respect women. His behavior is not ok and women need to know to run from that.

  44. I accept Hannah’s apology for giving us so much Luke air time. I totally needed that apology. 😃

  45. In the beginning I like Hannah. I thought it was great that she wasn’t afraid to talk openly about her love for the Lord. As time went on I feel she let the show get the best of her. The way she would react to situations was so unladylike and sarcastic. The biggest problem I have is that she herself said the fantasy suites are not always about sex and I felt like she was continually trying to justify herself to Luke. If she truly didn’t care she should have left it alone. I also thought it was so ugly of her to join in on the bashing of him. My over all opinion of her has completely changed. I don’t respect her and something tells me she isn’t with anyone anymore. I can’t help but tonfeel it’s because of her actions.

  46. Hi Ali, I have loved following all of your blogs & finally decided it is time to comment. I agree with almost everything to a T. However, I have no sympathy for Luke. He obviously does not understand how hard he made this on Hannah or the other men. I personally do not think any of the men’s comments were out of line. At that point, they were letting out so much frustration and I think that was the easiest way for them to feel better. Luke had some enough hurting to others. As for Chris Harrison’s comment about being a virgin, honestly Luke deserved a little of his own medicine whether it fit in or not! Other than those two things, I couldn’t agree more with you. Hannah made me love her even more last night!

  47. I’m torn- part of me feels as though there were things said to and about Luke that shouldn’t have been, but, I also feel that Luke brought a lot of those comments/reactions on himself. I feel like he is one of those people that right or wrong needs to be talked to the way he was or he simply doesn’t get it and I think during/after the show he started to figure it all out.
    I do think deep down he is s decent person and wanted what’s best for Hannah but he got it in his head that the connection was there so quickly he became blind to the fact that it wasn’t all about him.
    As far as the entire sex thing, i do in a sense understand why he asked, but, Hannah honestly did not owe him an answer about what she had done with others. When you put yourself in the position to be one of four men Hannah is “dating” there really are no commitments between anyone.
    I think things Hannah said at the end were uncalled for and not necessary and definitely could have been left out. There was no need to add more fuel to the fire, simply put it out and move on.
    I do hope Luke is able to move on and find someone for himself because everyone deserves happiness.

  48. I have to say that after watching Colton’s season, I wasn’t super excited about Hannah being the Bachelorette, but as the season went on, I realized we only saw one side of her on The Bachelor, and I think after last night, and the way she explained why she kept Luke for so long which made perfect sense the way she told it from her perspective, and how mature and FIERCE she was with him at the rose ceremony, I have to say she’s become one of my favorite Bachelorettes (present company excluded!) I just loved watching her stand up to him and his crazy, and how the remaining three guys were THERE for here. Letting her handle it but you KNOW they would have jumped in the second she needed help. I wish she could pick both Peter and Tyler. Jed has always seemed fishy and disingenuous to me. Even without reading on social media about his girl back home, there was always something about him that put up red flags for me. But Peter and Tyler both seem wonderful. This has been one of my favorite seasons in all the years I’ve been watching because the villan was actually used for good in the end. Hannah’s speech about if just ONE woman gets out of a toxic relationship after watching the season, then it was worth it.

  49. Wait so if the next bachelor is Tyler or Peter…does that mean Jed wins???? Ughhhh spoiler alert 😩

  50. Ah!! I really wanted you to address the comments that Hannah made at the end of the episode. I thought this showed a LACK of class on her part, and total “villainization” of Luke! We can probably all agree that he wasn’t a fan fave, but we can ALSO probably agree that these “reality” shows can be anything but! There’s a good chance he was purposefully portrayed worse than he actually was/is. Like you said- he’s someone’s child, and no one is perfect, he’s already been dragged through the mud… why did she have to rub salt in his wounds to all of America.

    Totally disappointed in Hannah. I’d love to see her apologize in one way or another.

  51. I wish we would’ve heard from more of the guys and less from and about Luke. I agreed with Matteo that he has already been punished and is hated by the majority of the bachelor nation, so why continue to talk about it? There were other guys I really would have liked to hear from (Garrett, Connor, Luke S. and even ABC Cam)! I really hope that Mike ends up being the Bachelor! As you said, we didn’t really get to know him and I think his season would be super enjoyable.

  52. I agree that for a lot of people, sex is equated with love, so having sex with multiple people before getting engaged is unfortunate and hurtful. But I know for me, sex does NOT equal love. The things that truly make me feel loved are deep conversations, emotional support, etc. I’ve had this conversation with my long-term romantic partner and others and it’s about split – half would be hurt over sexual cheating and half just think it’s a misstep but not something that should ruin a relationship. I get that feeling from Hannah too – She had a really physical season. And I honestly think that’s because she doesn’t fall in love with every man she makes out with/has sex with. Sometimes sex is just sex and that’s it. Clearly that’s not the case with Luke, though, and that’s where the hurt feelings come into play. I just don’t think it’s fair to judge Hannah because i’m seeing someone who is exploring her sexuality (she’s hardly done that in the past, having only slept with 2 people before the show) and is taking the conversations more seriously than the physical stuff.

  53. Loved this post! I am sad for Luke- he will always have a sign on his back now and be labeled even though he did say terrible things, he don’t deserve the entire roasting ceremony from Men tell All. Yes, he was wrong. But he was just being kicked over and over. I wouldn’t thought producers wouldn’t have let it gone on that long. Ugh.

    I liked that Hannah stood up for herself and also other women, but the last thing at the end was uncalled for. Poor Luke. He dug himself in a huge hole but will never get out, no matter how hard he tries. And his family must be sad too.

    1. I clearly didn’t proofread that. Ha! Sorry for the typos.

      “he Didn’t deserve”*
      “I Would’ve thought”**


  54. I think the issue with Luke and the way he speaks to/about Hannah (the lies and manipulation) is because at home he lives in a little bubble. His family, church and “community” are all people of the same faith as him. They all believe the same as him. So when he says these lies and manipulative things, they go over just fine because they all just follow blindly. So when he steps out into the real world and has an audience of people who are not blind sheep, and think for themselves, he gets tripped up and called out. Hannah initially connected to him based on their common faith, but it took the conversation of sex for her to finally realize that their faith is not the same at all.

  55. As I was reading your post, I realized that Luke says words but we aren’t seeing emotion from him. I wonder if he came back in tears / emotional and pleaded to have a conversation, would she have taken time like other people have done for closure? Or had it really been a light switch for her and she was all done? At MTA, Luke did get tears in his eyes, but seemed to work hard to choose his words and hold back anger more than anything else (which I get). If he had shown more emotion, I think empathy might have been eaiser. It seemed like there was still so much emotion / anger / frustration on the guys and Hannah’s part that they need to see change not hear apologies.

    I have to say that the guys having a front row seat to Hannah & Luke at the Rose Ceremony and their realization that she already said goodbye must have been surreal for them. And her walking past him with the rose stand was EPIC!!

  56. Hi Ali! I agree with you that Hannah looked kind of shocked and maybe happy about Luke having a ring. My question is—why do you think Chris waited until after he left to tell her that? He had to have known before she went to meet the men that he was there with a ring, no? I just feel that she should have had all of the info before getting blindsided by him standing there. I know it makes for great tv but I’m curious how she would have reacted if she knew that’s what he was doing.

    While I don’t think Luke is a horrible person I do think she dodged a bullet by leaving him. He does need some help and as a mom I felt badly for him as well and for his family. He has some growing to do.

    I think the guys could have been a little more cordial about things also.

  57. Totally agree with everything Ali you are spot on!! I also did feel a bit bad for Luke. He absolutely should own up for the things he did and made mistakes but I do think he felt extremely misunderstood and thought it was so important to clear his name. His values and beliefs are not wrong, but ultimately he went on the WRONG show. This gig was not for him and unfortunately it took his being on the show probably to realize it.

  58. I always love your posts until it comes to the bach ones. They just seem so judgemental. What’s more annoying is when someone judges someone over and over and then says “but I get why she did it” or “but I say things with respect for her”. No you don’t lol. You shame her every post for her physical relationships just because you didn’t sleep with more than one person. You constantly saying it doesn’t seem okay to sleep with more than one person is what’s not okay! You have said it countless times. We get it. You judge all the people who slept with more than one person. We got it! Saying you would have slept with more than one if he hadn’t left doesn’t help you look less judgemental.

    I completely disagree about her reaction to Luke having a ring. Honestly that whole situation and the way it happened she was just drained. No way was she wanting that from Luke. I feel like she could not have made herself more clear.
    I am so shocked you always defend Luke. You always say you don’t be you always do. No one should be justifying his behaviour. Based on my own personal experiences, luke shows every sign in the book of an abusive partner. So many abusice victims have spoke out about this as well. It goes even beyond controlling. I hate reading people writing excuses for him. There’s very few of you that do – most people are eyes wide open to how toxic and dangerous he is. I think he would be capable of several types of abuse. It’s disheartening for your readers who have been relationships with men like that to read the justifications you come up with for him.
    Did you not see the abusive and controlling traits in Jake as well (the season you were on)??? I believed every last word Vienna said about him when they did that weird break up interview. But even in that case you still subtley bash Vienna. It’s like – really?? Vienna was extremely young and dramatic. That summed up her behaviour and you behaved the same just in a different way. Both of your seasons. But still you bring her up here and there. I didn’t particularly care for her on the season either but you defend Luke yet Vienna was treated awful and hated by everyone (you being the leader of the pack) and was no where near the level of Luke. She is grown and a Mom and her two children and I think she deserves more respect. It’s just strange you defend Luke but still put her down. Are you a controlling person?? I heard on the special you say you wouldn’t want to see “your guys” on BIP because they were “yours”. Maybe you just kind of relate to people like Luke and Jake.

    Okay I need to wrap this up. Didn’t mean to go on forever. Just a little triggered by the post!

    1. Thank you for reading my blog but I don’t think you read the whole thing. I say verbatim

      “Having sex with more than one person in a week isn’t wrong. Some of you may disagree with me but I don’t think it’s wrong. As long as you feel good about it. But what does feel wrong to me is being in a relationship with three different people that are all telling you they’re in love with you and then having sex with more than one of them. Does that make sense?”

      And then go on to say that I WOULD have slept with two people if one guy didn’t leave me in the top 3. I also say that even though it feels wrong the intimacy is necessary because you are about to get engaged. It’s tricky situation. I would never shame her for sleeping with more than one person. I hope you re-read that paragraph! xo

      1. Ali, you’ve replied to so many today! Even when people weren’t so kind to you. I I want you to know that I love your blogs and I am always nearly spot on with your thoughts. Even today for the most part.
        I appreciate you and I can’t wait to see how this wraps up.

      2. Nope I totally read it all. I just think you contradict yourself a lot. You give backhanded compliments to Hannah and claim to support her by making comments like you highlighted above but show judgement in everything else you say. Everything is with a “BUT” with you. Even your response to me you are annoyed by my comment which is completely fine but you throw in the “xo” at the end. Does that make sense?

  59. Ali,

    Your blog was pretty much the exact thoughts i was having as i watched this episode! Yes, we all wanted Luke to go home, obviously. But watching the guys say something mean to him and the ENTIRE audience clapping made me so sad for Luke! Nobody should have to sit in the middle of a room with hundreds of people who are bullying him. And i give him props for doing it. Also hated what Hannah had to say at the end – there was no reason for that at all. I’ve been in between if i think Hannah handles herself in a mature way. I find myself totally rooting her on sometimes but last night i was so upset with what she had to say about Luke at the end. Oh well, i can’t imagine myself being on camera like that. Who knows the mistakes i would make!

    Thanks for your thoughts,
    Can’t wait for the finale!

  60. Hi Ali. I just wanted to say that this has been the most painful season of the Bachelorette that I’ve ever chosen to watch. I kept hoping throughout each episode that it would get better and it really never did. While I’ve never been in a situation like this (dating multiple men… front of millions of viewers); I have never been able to understand why Luke P stayed around. I feel like he is very immature, unstable, rude and actually scary. Everytime he balled up his fist, it felt like he was going to throw a punch. That is not why viewers (like me) tune in to the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Sure we like “drama”; but not the kind of drama that producers drag out for weeks and weeks and weeks. The producers focused more on Luke p’s relationship with the other guys than on Hannah’s journey to find love. I really felt like him coming back to the rose ceremony after she had sent him home was very disrespectful to not only Hannah but also to Peter, Tyler and Jed. I think this season has been made the Luke P show; not the bachelorette. I just don’t understand. I have read some spoilers and I don’t know if they’re true or not. My only hope is that Hannah, Peter, Tyler and Jed are truly happy no matter what the outcome is. Especially Peter, Peter is my favorite! He comes across as very sincere, genuine and real. I know we only get to see bits and pieces on camera so we have no clue what he’s like in real life, but if on-screen Peter matches real life Peter, I think he is truly in love with Hannah. Not to mention I follow-him on instagram and unlike many others, Peter is using his social media platform for good……like donating blood with his brother and encouraging others to do so. If Hannah does not wind up with Peter in the end, I’m all for him to be the next Bachelor. I believe Mike would also be a great choice for the next Bachelor too.

  61. Here are my two cents regarding this show. I don’t watch regularly and maybe saw two episodes this whole season BUT did it ever occur to anyone that Luke was told to be as dramatic/rude as he was?? This may be unpopular, but this show is so fake and scripted. Yes I believe that the bachelor and bachelorette are looking for love but I believe that the contestants (or whatever they are called) are looking for fame. The show has been around for way too many years and they HAVE to make each season more dramatic and Luke was the way they did it this year. Maybe I am old and cynical but this show is just not real. Yes it has worked out for a few of the couples but that is a rarity. I actually stopped watching the show when my daughter was getting older. I didn’t want her to see me watch such crap (no offense). But let’s be honest, it has changed over the years. I don’t need my pre-teen walking in the room while I am watching a 24 year old mount several guys. Not going to happen.

    With all that said, while I am not a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan I do love reading your blog. Especially love the clothes and great deals you share with us. So thank you for that!

  62. I felt so bad for Luke P I honestly think he has gotten punished enough and I felt like the show made him look bad, I still think he is a good person and there is good in him. I didn’t like how Hannah bashed him for keeping him on our screens for so long, no one forced her too. I honestly feel bad for him. I still see good in him, and the guys I felt like kept going at him the whole season. Some of the things he did I don’t agree on but I still see good in him and I don’t blame him for asking her if she slept with others because in a week you get proposed to, it would be hard and my feelings would be hurt. I pray for him

    I honestly hope the next Bachelor is TYLER! He deserves it so much!!! I love him he’s so cute, nice and just a great man!! He deserves all the love!

  63. I completely agree with you. As a mom of 2 boys I would be in full mama bear mode seeing my son being attacked like he was last night. Yes the way he represented himself this season was terrible but I truly believe some people just have a hard time expressing themselves when put into tough situations like he was all season. It was a breath of fresh air when Mateo spoke in kind words to Luke last night. We need more love and peace! Also, didn’t I see Mike on the sneak peak of Bachelor in Paradise? Maybe it was someone else. I really wanted him to be the next Bachelor. Anyway, I’m team Pete! Can’t wait for next week!

  64. Luke is a product of the patriarchy, and I’m glad his behavior is being called out as not being ok. Having looked at his Instagram, i don’t feel as though he’s remorseful or taking the steps he needs to become a better person and treat women well. And the amount of positive attention he is getting from women is just reinforcing how he behaved. Also, the show is set up for the lead to explore sexual relationships with more than one person. The men are never scrutinized, but the women are shamed over and over for who they choose to have sex with. Even on Ben F’s season, Courtney was shamed, not him. So, let’s not question the women’s choices to be sexual without also questioning who the Bachelors have sex with in the fantasy suites.

  65. Hey Ali!
    I am so there with you about Luke P. He sucked on the show. Actually he was awful, BUT my mom and teacher heart hurt watching last night watching him get torn down like that. I kept thinking “treat others as you would want to be treated.”

    Also, the way Hannah handled that rose ceremony totally cracked me up! Like “GET A CLUE LUKE!”

  66. I thought Hannahs comment about Luke in the end was unnecessary and classless as well. Actually, I thought he treated the guys worse than he did Hannah, It may be just me but there were quite a few times I felt like this season was totally scripted for ratings. Personally, this has been the most uninteresting season ever…but I watched anyway because I am a fan.

  67. Having a Narcissistic mother, I understand Luke completely. There is nothing anyone can to to help him get over being a Narc. Even if they go to therapy, they are only telling their truth, therefore, they are unable to get the help they need. He was full of gaslighting and feeling himself completely. It’s so hard to get out of the grasp of a Narc because they kind of “blanch” you meaning they treat you so well and then you go in a shock when they treat you so bad. It’s a constant back and forth and they just reel you back in which is what I’ve seen on Hannahs season. It takes a breaking point to remove yourself, and I’m glad it was at least within the season. Honestly, this experience for Luke won’t change who he is in. In fact, I can be certain that he quite enjoyed himself getting TV exposure as much as he did. Think about it, he had over 45 minutes of solo time which is unheard of for a “contestant” on the bachelorette. Isn’t this show supposed to be about Hannah? #struggleisreal

  68. I thought Hannah’s “public service announcement” at the end of MTA was classless and rude. Ali, do you think producers pushed her to say that? Did she come up with that one on her own? I get she’s not a Luke fan, I’m not either but give the guy a break. The episode was pretty cringe-worthy at times.

  69. I saw on your Instagram stories this morning that you had a poll asking if we feel sorry for Luke at all. I don’t feel sorry for him at all, but I do agree that I am sure he’s had enough hate and negativity thrown his way. I also don’t think it’s right for any of us to judge and point the finger at him. He made his bed lol.

    Love your new website Ali, keep up the hard work! You are doing awesome and killing it!!

  70. Ali I think you did a really great job recapping and presenting both sides in a balanced, thoughtful and caring way. You’re awesome and your positive energy is infectious!

  71. I think they ALL crossed the line last night on this show. First off, Chris is manipulating the conversation too! It’s about ratings. It’s apparent that being on this show and the consequences of his behavior has been traumatic for him AND Hannah. He needs therapy big time. Probably Hannah too! It was enough to rock anyone’s mental health. With the guys, it was unfortunate that they all ganged up on Luke, but that is a consequence of his behavior. In my opinion they just bullied him to the edge. I hope in time that Luke gets the help he needs. And yes, it would be sad for his family and close friends to see him go through this. If you read his Instagram producers gave him the ring. It’s ALL manipulating.

  72. The fact that you can be sympathetic to Luke P’s feeling just shows the how true of a heart you have! But coming from experience of being treated poorly by men like him I can honestly say he doesn’t deserve your sympathy. My thought is that he gets what he deserves and just maybe with the luck of God it will then open his eyes to change!

  73. Hi Ali,
    I agree with you on this with Luke. I dont believe he is a bad person and I was annoyed at the way everyone jumped on him. I do wish he had owned his mistakes! Hannah should have been the bigger person and moved on instead of getting in more jabs. Honestly I was so annoyed I fast forwarded through it because it was like there were no adults in the room besides Chris Harrison. As a mom of older kids I would be furious if my kids acted like Luke or Hannah!.

  74. I don’t think it was ok for Luke to come back during the rose ceremony because she asked him to leave several times. After a while it becomes a concern for her safety and the fact that producers not only let him come back but didn’t even intervene bothered me. Luke Is pathological liar and I don’t care what they are lying about a pathological liar is not a good person. By any means. He’s also very manipulative and with that combo you can never be too safe. I’ve dealt with thos kind of people my whole life and I will always be worried for my safety because those kind of people can do severe damage and justify it.

  75. I appreciate your candidness throughout this season! It’s hard to find a balance between being critical and empathetic, especially in written form, and I think you do a pretty darn good job at it 🙂 Are you going to do BIP recaps too, or would that take too much time? Thank you for all that you do!

  76. Am I the only one who’s still upset about how she threw poor Peter under the bus and shared their sex life with the world? Again, another questionable move on Hannah’s part. Throughout the entire season, I’ve questioned whether or not she was actually ready for this process. She’s a bit immature, and you can see that in the way she handles certain situations. To give her credit, there have been moments of extreme maturity, but those have been few and far between. I don’t know. I’m really trying to root for her, but it’s difficult. That last plea to America was a bit much.

    Part of the reason I’m rooting for Mike for Bachelor is because he’s older. He seems to have life figured out and wants someone to share it with. We saw him open up a few times on the season, and that really made me root for him. He seems like a stand-up guy.

    I wish we had been able to hear from more guys last night. It was the Luke P show (again), and other than Mike and JPJ, we didn’t talk about much else. It also makes me think that there was a reason they didn’t have the 3rd place guy there. There wouldn’t have been enough time with all the Luke P talk!

    I always enjoy reading your blogs, Ali!

  77. Ew! I’m so saddened by the bullying and hate that ABC is allowing! It’s terrible, and I lost a lot of respect for Hannah on how she acted towards the whole situation. You can also tell the whole ring and rose ceremony with Luke was staged. When Chris told Hannah he had a ring.. the look on her face was so fake and staged, I mean come on. So disappointed in how bachelor production played this out..

  78. I get how you can feel bad for him. But on the flip side of the coin he refuses to listen to anybody about why the things he’s doing/saying are offensive. When everybody is telling you the same thing, there might be something to it. I also feel like he just tried to hide behind his faith & that to me just isn’t cool at all. Someday looking back on all of this, hopefully he will learn from it & grow up.

  79. On the Luke P thing I totally agree with you! From the start I couldn’t stand him he has been manipulative, a liar, he can own up to anything…it’s been so frustrating seeing Hannah keep him so long and honestly I questioned her judgement and I even thought, “well if the guys are so worried and upset about her keeping Luke P around why don’t they ask themselves, why am I still here if she’s keeping someone like that around?”
    I think he has put up with a lot of people bringing him down and I feel so bad for him. I think him asking about Hannah having sex was fair because like you said they are about to possibly be engaged, he is in love with this person, BUT he did go about it the wrong way. I thought it was unfair how Hannah called him out and basically saying that he was wrong by having his own beliefs.
    If that’s what he wants out of a relationship, someone who hadn’t slept with two other men days before getting engaged, he has every right to voice what he wants the same way she does.
    I haven’t watched the men tell all but I really hope Hannah changes my mind about her because at this point I think she has been very unfair and it seems like all she’s been wanting is sex from these guys. Which I get fantasy suites can be used for that and I know it’s 2019 and womens right and do what we want with our bodies, don’t get me wrong I’m a feminist but I’m also old fashion, I think we should take pride in ourselves and our bodies and not drop our pants every chance there is with any guy. I think same goes for guys. And I’m not judging someone who has sex with multiple people we all have our history our stories but I mean when you’re dating someone or multiple people in this case to find your HUSBAND have a little more respect for yourself, in a week or two I wouldn’t want to tell my fiancé oh by the way I did sleep with someone else few days ago…anyways love your thoughts on it. I think you said exactly what I’m thinking. I’m also married with two kids so I know where you’re coming from.

  80. Just imagine what Luke is going through. It’s easy for us as viewers to point fingers and call people names and be rude, but Luke is a person. Our words, weather they are said to him in person or written behind a computer……… are hurtful. And I believe the reason Luke took so much time to answer his questions was because he wanted to be sure his words couldn’t be twisted by the show in editing. I think he showed a lot of strength in not responding to the guys. When we really think about that episode Luke didn’t actually talk much people just talked at him and that was uncalled for.

  81. I think Luke got bullied horribly on this show. I don’t think Luke was good at explaining himself (or communicating in general), but I think he got attacked badly and ended up trying to defend himself most of the season. He was an early front runner and the guys were obviously very jealous. The mom in me felt absolutely awful for him. You can tell the guy is a nice guy and he just handled things poorly. Also, Hannah was more than disrespectful to him and other men on the show. I wish ABC would have picked a more mature, respectful bachelorette.

    1. I agree with you, Rachel. ABC needs to do a much better job picking the next Bachelorette. They clearly blew it this time.

  82. I also feel bad for him. He seems to really have a hard time expressing what he means and it just comes out all wrong. When you have already been labeled “the villain”, it’s really hard to “hear” him and everyone now reads way too much into every single word that comes out of his mouth. In the “real” world, would you marry someone who you found out slept with someone a week ago? I don’t think so. But he did sign up for this and it’s kind of shady then that the assumption is that it’s a free for all and Hannah gets a “pass” and can sleep with whoever she wants. The problem is that Luke tried to back peddle and change what he said. He should have stuck to his convictions and said, you slept with someone? I’m out. This was his pattern throughout the season. He barfs up the words and then tries to take it back. Yes, he exhbits jerky behavior but he made it so much worse by explaining the jerky behavior.

  83. I am a mother too. Of a daughter and son. As a mother I pray my daughter never ends up with an abuser like Luke and pray we are raising our son to respect and honour women as they should be. You shame Hannah more than Luke. I don’t get it. You felt bad for Luke? The way he showed up and put Hannah in that emotional and toxic position. Disgusting. Disappointing to see your story saying you feel bad for him and upsetting to read your blog today.

    1. I’m so sorry Lindsay! I did not mean for this to come across as shaming Hannah. I don’t feel that way at all.

      1. I have both a son and a daughter as well and I also wouldn’t want my daughter to ever date a guy like Luke. That being said…I also wouldn’t want my son to date a woman like Hannah. She very much seems to be one way and wants to run the show. Just my opinion and maybe with time she will mature a little more.

        1. So well said, Lisa!

          I wouldn’t Hannah as a co-worker, employee, boss, neighbor, elected official or as my interior designer either at this point.

          Luke- I’d take him as my cross fit buddy, and m a y b e a religious nerd friend. But he is not his own man yet when it comes to relationships. Seems like he is willing to look at himself though, whereas Hannah is stuck pointing the finger – especially her middle one

  84. I hate to say it but I think Luke is just really unintelligent. The way he ignores questions and backtracks- I just don’t think he is very smart. I don’t think he has a clue…

  85. Ali, I normally wouldn’t comment but I respectfully yet firmly disagree with your stance that Luke coming to the rose ceremony was ok because if you love someone you should fight for them. I am also a Mom and my girl is in her 20’s. If this was her and not Hannah, I’d be horrified! Hannah clearly and firmly set boundaries and sent him home at dinner the night before. She made her wants very clear. There was no gray area. No means no! The first “No”, not the 25th “No” the next day after she has moved on. It should have been stopped sooner. If this wasn’t a show and wasn’t filmed, I would be in fear for her or for my daughter if it was her.
    This scene is teaching men that it’s romantic to cross the line and “fight for love” and teaching girls that there boundaries don’t matter. Over and over I heard the sideline guys saying “No means No”! So kudos to them for their good sense!

    1. I feel you susan!!! I would NEVER want a guy like Luke near my daughter, I guess what I meant is that he thought he was being romantic. Kind of how Colton follow Cassie after she said goodbye to him. Obviously they are two VERY different circumstances but I think Luke thought he was being romantic. That’s all. I worded it poorly

      1. Yes! He def thought he was being romantic. He clearly needs some lessons on how to read the room in many areas! I’m just alarmed by the lessons our girls are learning about controlling guys.
        Though I didn’t actually feel badly for Luke at the MTA, I did think the Luke beating went on way too long! I would’ve loved to see them highlight some of the nicer guys more.
        It’s interesting as a parent, to watch this with my daughter. I get a glimpse into her world and we have great discussions!

  86. I loved seeing the men stick up for Hannah when that psycopath showes up. I loved seeing the men at the tell all tell her they support and trust every decision she made. Those are real men. Luke needs professional help. He has no soul. He uses religion for try and control women. It is not okay! People like this play the victim and constantly try to flip the script and uses people’s sympathy as power. It fuels his fire. Please don’t fall for it Ali.

  87. Still so disappointed in this season. I can’t believe they made him sit there and be fired at nonstop. Look, I get that he ‘deserved it’ but thinking as a parent I can whole heartedly say I’ll never teach my kid it’s ok to be mean to someone cuz they ‘deserve it’. Hurt people, hurt people. I feel so sad for Luke. So thankful Matteo was the one person who could be mature about it. I’m glad Hannah stood up for herself but she has lacked class time and time again.

  88. I found it interesting to read Luke’s latest Instagram post. It sheds a little light. He was absolutely wrong in the way he handled himself all season and was so disappointing with how he treated the guys – but I’m curious to hear what you might think about what he said on Instagram. I think he had Hannah painted out to be a certain way in his head and maybe she started out the way In the beginning but as her other relationships grew, she changed and Luke couldn’t accept that! The mom in me also feels sorry for him and his family even though he brought it upon himself.

  89. Yes, Luke wasn’t a stand up guy on the show, but I am really disappointed by all of the hate towards him. It makes me sad that his negative behavior is bringing the worst out in people, including Hannah. These are the moments where we can come together and model the respect, grace, and kindness that we hope luke learns someday. The fight and I believe bullying is not ok. I can only imagine these attacks towards him are only bringing him down more which could hinder his self improvements. I have watched this show from the very beginning (Ali you were my favorite season!) and seeing so much hate on social media about the contestants is really sad and wonder if the days before social media was a more positive experience for those on the show to recover from their heart break. With that being said, I know there’s a lot of positive support and dialogue that happens as well. I’ll continue to focus on the positive effects and appreciate the platform to share my opinions. BE KIND.

  90. I definitely felt bad for Luke last night! I felt like he had already been punished enough before last night. He wasn’t the only immature person on this season, including Hannah! She wants to proclaim her faith so much, yet she doesn’t represent it very well. I could go on and on, but I’ll save you from all of that. Hope Luke finds his person one day!

  91. Ok, I have so many thoughts about the MTA. The last few weeks, I’ve been kind of hard on Hannah in my comments about her lack of maturity this season. I still think she has no filter and a lack of respect for anyone who might disagree with her. I’ll just say upfront, I am NOT a fan of Luke. That being said, she didn’t need to attack Luke in the way that she did last night. Clearly their Christian values differ when it comes to sex. Luke is entitled to his thoughts and feelings, and so is Hannah, so they are not on the same page about something that is important to both of them. And that’s ok….but Hannah didn’t need to kick him while he was already down and taking the heat from the guys. However, Luke is a liar, changes his words every single time when she disagrees with what he says, and truly, the whole MTA was focused on him, which was really disappointing. I would have liked to have had more time with the other guys. And she didn’t need to apologize to America for her keeping Luke on for as long as she did…..that was totally unnecessary.

    As for Hannah’s sex life, since you brought it up, Ali…..I don’t have a problem with Hannah’s sex life….but I don’t think she needed to tell everyone about it! There is something called privacy, and us viewers really don’t need to weigh in on it, because that’s just going to start a firestorm on social media, which it has. The only person Hannah has to blame for this is herself. No, she doesn’t “owe” anyone an apology for having sex, but good grief, keep some things to yourself, girl!!! Truly, it is no one’s business who she sleeps with, when she does it, and how often. She has to live with herself, so only she can decide what’s right for her.

  92. I agree in that I really dont think Luke is a bad person. I believe that the show and environment brought out the worst in him. That being said, he should have owned up, admitted that how he acted and what he said throughout the course of the show was wrong. He should have apologized upfront instead of making excuses because I believe that is what made his apology at the end sound less sincere and genuine. About the whole sex thing, I too believe it was unfair. Both parties have had sex before, I dont believe Luke was shaming Hannah for that. The difference is Luke has since then made the commitment to withhold from having sex until he is married and he believed Hannah was on the same page and asked the question to ensure their values did line up like any person would do in pursuing a relationship, so NO I dont believe there was any hypocrisy in that AT ALL, because even though he is not a virgin, he made the choice to abstain NOW until marriage. Hannah conducted herself well, but I it really bothered me when she made the joke and apology of having Luke on the show. It was tacky and inappropriate. He is still a human being and has feelings. Cant wait to see who the next bachelor is!!!

  93. You say that you feel bad for him because you’re a mom but what if your daughter was in a situation where a man she was with wouldn’t take no for an answer? Or wouldn’t leave her alone? Would you feel bad for him as well?

    1. I wouldn’t say “F-you” to him or call him a psychopath. Or ask that he be bullied on national television. But I sure as hell would tell him to stay away from my daughter, And I think Hannah should stay FAR away from him

  94. Hannah is one of my favorite bachelorettes, she is so real! As humans its inevitable that we will make mistakes and I love that she is so upfront about her faults. I was not a fan of her being the Bachelorette, but from night one she has proven to be an incredible one, and has impressed me immensely. She is so easy to read and I think that is what makes her more enjoyable, and it’s honestly fun to have a lead who isn’t afraid to make fun of herself but then be completely serious about her future. In terms of the Luke situation, she said it best last night. She was insecure and he helped to ensure that she had someone there for her, as time went on and us viewers got to see his annoying and selfish behavior she wasn’t seeing that. Just so glad she finally got the answers she needed on her own time. So glad she handled Luke in the way that she did, and even during that scene where she was sending him home I thought wow she is exactly what we need to see right now. So many girls find themselves in relationships with guys who control the situation and don’t allow them to flourish and be themselves. I believe they had a strong religious connection, but she is so much more then that and I think that is where he struggled. He views religion in a different way because it saved his life so he grasps it way tighter then she might. I hope he can learn from his mistakes and grow from it, he does not seem like a mean guy, I wonder if Hannah is the first girl to really challenge him, he is a good looking guy with an insane body so he must get so much attention and Hannah is not the innocent mouse he must be used to. So I just think now he can hopefully learn from this experience. He did thank her for teaching him how to self reflect which is so important. I have had boyfriends who didn’t know how to do that, it is a good thing she was so eager and insistent on helping him get there. I am so proud of Hannah and appreciate everything she stands for. I truly hope she found love with one of the remaining guys, I love every one of them. With Peter she will get the sexy and sweet pilot who will dote on her and treat her like a princess. With Tyler she will have a spontaneous kid at heart who knows how to be responsible and get through the difficult times with. With Jed I know Its not a popular opinion but I really think her relationship with Jed is the strongest. She is so in love with him, he seems so blown away by his love for her. I think with him she will find forever love but who knows…..ahh so excited for next week. As for the next Bachelor, I disagree I think we did see a lot of Mike and he would be a great Bachelor. He is so kind, loving and seriously attractive. But I do think Peter or Tyler are incredible and would be great Bachelors so I would be happy with any of the three. As always I love your blogs Ali.

    1. I totally agree Jordana! The way the last three men stood behind Hannah as she said her piece to Luke, not only says a lot about their fine character, but Hannah’s as well. I think she apologized to America and the other men because she was embarrassed that she didn’t boot Luke sooner and that the season became the Luke show and the other guys got shortchanged. Luke had already left the theatre, so he wasn’t sitting there still feeling bullied. Hannah owned all her flaws, never claimed to be perfect, she admitted she made some mistakes, she confessed she can be a hot mess, she admitted she was insecure. Haven’t we all said and done things we regret? I certainly wouldn’t like some of the things I have done wrong to be televised. Hannah got a standing ovation when she came on the stage, so obviously a lot of people are behind her and thought she was a great Bachelorette. Just because she did things some people think she shouldn’t have, it’s her life, her choice who to keep, boot, kiss, mount, flip off, etc. Women are their own worst enemies and as much as women say they need to support each other, blogs like this vividly show that more work needs to be done. I have nothing but love and respect for her and wish her nothing but the best. There is way too much woman-shaming on this blog. There is another blog I read by a former Bachelor contestant who is so respectful of other women and all her commenters are respectful to her as well. Funny how that works. I never miss reading it because I actually learn something every time, often from the commenters. Intelligent discussions by women who respect and support each other. Disappointed by all the bashing on this site. If women don’t support each other, can we expect men to? Look how much Hannah’s men support her. She stands up for herself and they are in awe of her. Not a single guy on the show has said one bad thing about her (well maybe Luke did, but he still wanted her regardless) and I would guess these guys know her better than any of us do.

  95. Ali, I love what you are saying about Luke in your stories. Did he mess up, absolutely. And then took zero accountability. He definitely needs to do some personal work. I also agree that he is still worthy of compassion. Shunning people and ganging up on them will only push him further away from being able to become a solid human being. I hope he finds his way.

  96. You can feel sorry for him …. but he chose to be there he chose to represent himself that way … he was heard and had many chances to speak for himself but he chose to take the blame in one sentence and then said hear me right …. I heard enough I would have rather not give him a chance for that long to speak I would have rathered to hear everyone journey …. he should really get into therapy he lies manipulates and. He should think of others … if I had a daughter he was with 😱 I felt sorry for all the time he took up on the show in a bad way I did not enjoy this season because of him !

  97. I really did feel bad for Luke. He definitely did not make good decisions or do the right thing during the season, and yeah we all knew he’d get some of it handed to him tonight but this was just mean! I think Hannah went over the top with her comments to him and about him and I was really disappointed about that. No one except Matteo really set an example for Luke about how to handle his actions. I felt no one really showed him how to maturely and nicely say how they felt. They all just told him off. That’s not really showing him the “right” way to go about things. Lead by example! It all just really rubbed me the wrong way.

  98. The reason I read your blog is because you are gracious to people. Don’t let people make you feel bad for not shaming Luke. You’re empathetic and you realize that a lot of these people that go on this show don’t handle it how we would all like to. The show seems like a steam cooker for human insecurity and anger. Nobody is perfect. Thank goodness there are still some people in your position of influence that show grace instead of filleting everyone in the public eye. Luke and Hannah are both very young and have a lot of growing up to do.

  99. I’m not sure it’s been addressed above, but am I the only one who is appalled by how many women feel Hannah’s behavior is ’empowering’, ‘enlightening’ and ‘standing up for herself’? Maybe I’m too old to be watching this anymore, but I see rude, disrespectful, anger, stubbornness, immaturity, bragging about having sex in the crudest terms possible, and now bullying. This is what we want our young women to aspire to?? I see posts where women are saying, You go, girl! Go, Hannah, and I just don’t get it. I’d be ashamed of any of my daughters for straddling every guy they meet, and then bragging about their sex life on national TV. And then constantly talking about being a Christian, all while exhibiting un-Christian like behavior. And yes, I know Luke did horrible things, but sometimes you have to be the better, more mature classy person and just walk away. But she has to keep getting digs in and can’t move on, Honestly, we’d be all over a Bachelor who behaved the way she did, yet a lot of women are putting her on a pedestal for it. I know a lot of you will disagree with me, we all have our opinions, I’m just ready to move on to BIP. And I hope ABC makes a much better choice next time and chooses someone who is less of a drama queen and truly ready to work through the process.

    1. I agree to all of this. We can’t let that be a role model for our young women. Her behavior was far from respectful.

    2. Hi,
      Perhaps you are too old to understand. But when you are a young woman dating in this day and age, men treat you like you are an object… so for her to be able to take ownership of herself and NOT bend to what YOU think she should be doing… i full heartedly say “you go girl!” When the #metoo movement happened I thought back over so so many experiences that I thought were NORMAL and so many times men had tried to manipulate and control and use me, invade my personal space and my comfort and I ALWAYS felt like it was my fault and ALWASY made excuses for the men… why is that ok?! Why do we push women down?! I cannot understand it. Open your eyes.

      1. I still don’t think rudeness or bullying is acceptable in any case. You are absolutely right that no man should treat you as an object and I’m sorry you had those experiences. But be the bigger person and just walk away, rather than be rude or disrespect anyone. And I stand by my opinion that a grown woman should not brag about sex. That is nothing to praise or aspire to. My eyes are completely open and I know what I saw her do, say, and be proud of on national TV. It’s saddens me that women these days think rudeness, bullying and sexual bragging as a great thing.

  100. I do think that Luke made some poor decisions, lacked discernment and communicated inadequately throughout the season. However, I’m pretty sure we weren’t shown the whole story with the guys or with Hannah. Once it was clear that Luke would give a reaction when pushed to his limit…it’s possible the guys pushed him until he snapped and then that’s all we were shown because it makes “good tv”. Last night I was so uncomfortable watching Luke be publically humiliated and berated for so long. No one deserves that. In past seasons the MTA or WTA has been predominately light hearted with jabs toward a “character” someone was edited to be on tv. Last night seemed like a personal attack on a real person with extremely harsh language and accusations. For a show that once made a big push toward anti-bullying I was saddened to see them allow it, seemingly encourage it, from their own stage…and from their lead. This show was once a fun, silly escape to watch people fall in love on elaborate dates…but this season has left me no longer wanting to watch.

  101. OK let’s get one thing straight here. This was not “the men tell all,” this was “ok everyone gang up on Luke.” There was all of about 5 minutes where they weren’t talking about Luke!

    I am very disappointed in the other guys for stooping down to Luke’s level. This was straight up bullying on national television and I’m also disappointed in the producers and Chris Harrison for allowing this to happen! I feel like Luke made himself a target from the beginning, and the producers just ate that up and decided to drag it out all flippen season.

    I also have lost all respect for Hannah after that so called “apology” for keeping Luke around! REALLY?!

    This show isn’t what it used to be. It’s all about how to create the most drama to get ratings. I honestly don’t know if I will continue to watch upcoming seasons.

    1. Laynie, you hit the nail on the head with ALL of this! It was not a Men Tell All by any means, it was an entire episode of “lets bash Luke.” By no means am I condoning his behavior nor would I want someone like him to date my daughter (if I have one in the future) but hasn’t the guy gone through enough!? Jeez! These guys degrade Luke for his behavior and then they turn around & act just as immature, if not worse! Unfortunately, I feel like this show is very produced now. I haven’t really been a fan since Andi’s season of the Bachelorette (although I did LOVE JoJo as a person, too) and this season has just sealed the deal for me. Hannah’s apology was ridiculous. I do believe practically everyone in this season has A LOT of growing up to go, including Hannah.

  102. Even though he was a pain, I wish he wasn’t shunned the entire season and that everyone had taken the high road more often.

  103. I’ll always feel sorry for an underdog but in this case, I think Luke is not a well person. He doesn’t seem to grasp basic concepts or have any idea how to interact with people. He tries to parrot what someone says, he rearranges his words every time he opens his mouth in order to be forgiven – but he has no idea of what he’s saying. He needs some real help. As for Hannah looking starry-eyed at the thought of Luke having a ring?!? My god, I thought she looked shocked and ready to sign the papers to have him committed. Outraged – hardly hopeful. Very clear that she now gets how wrong she was, how not right he is. She has a long way to grow but I applaud her efforts to be so honest.

  104. While I don’t disagree with everything you have posted, there are two glaring pieces that I feel the need to address.
    1. You say that Luke showing up at the rose ceremony was fine because you should fight for someone you love
    2. Pathological liars can be great people

    Both of these statements are just ridiculous and so dangerous for young women to hear from a woman with your platform.

    Luke repeatedly throughout this season has shown that he is manipulative and controlling. Hannah, finally realizing this is who he is, told him to leave repeatedly. I truly believe if cameras and production were not involved, it would have been much harder to get him away. Even after all this, he still shows up again and refuses to leave until she gave in and talked to him. In the real world, can you imagine how dangerous this is for a young woman? You finally get a controlling boyfriend out of your life, and he keeps showing back up to your house, refusing to leave. This is exactly how women leaving abusive relationships get killed. (I am in no way saying Luke would have killed her, but I am just showing the similarity in this action.)

    To the second point, pathological liars are LIARS. Again, saying this statement is dangerous for young women. It makes it seem that underneath the “lie” there is goodness. Women should not have to navigate around constant lies to see what is underneath. When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

    With your platform, you have a somewhat forced duty to think about who listens to you. In your previous Instagram stories, you had stated you felt bad for Luke because, as a mother, you picture your son in his shoes. But what if your daughter was Hannah? Would you still think Luke was just “fighting for love” when he went against her wishes, and instead kept showing up and refusing to leave? I would hope you would not want that for her.

    1. I wouldn’t want Molly to end up with Luke and I would hope I raise her to handle herself well if ever put in this situation (Although, I would tell him to NEVER come near my daughter if I was faced with him). So I see what you are saying. But I don’t think HE thinks he is that way. I think he thought he was being romantic by showing up. And in my past blog posts I have talked about how manipulative he is. This one post isn’t the whole picture.

      And I very much disagree with the pathological liar thing. There IS goodness underneath when people lie. Otherwise you’re saying that anyone who lies is a TERRIBLE human being? But I TOTALLY agree with you that when someone shows you who they are, believe them! And I wouldn’t NEVER want Hannah or any women to be with a man that disrespects them. I never said that. I am simply saying the Luke is a human being and bullying is NEVER ok.

      1. I don’t know if I would go as far as saying for him to stay away from my daughter. I think he definitely made mistakes and he can change.

  105. I see what you mean with Luke but at the same time he deserved everything that came to him last night! But with all that said, I don’t care who you are you don’t deserve to get that much hate on social media. I thought what Conor said was perfect and not mean at all and something Luke needed to hear. Also I want Tyler for bachelor if he doesn’t win (he’s a hottie!) Ha!

  106. I have a couple thoughts about some points you brought up. First, about Luke taking such long pauses in answering Chris Harrison on the Men Tell All — I completely thought he was probably just thinking through his answers, but then when he would open his mouth to speak, the words that came out followed the same storyline that he’s been holding on to all season, that he loves Hannah and he doesn’t think he would’ve changed any of his actions. I get where you’re coming from, feeling sorry for him. Matteo got an unfair amount of pushback for defending Luke and saying that he’d been punished enough, but it’s hard to know when someone has been punished enough when they don’t seem to change. I’m not a mom, so I don’t know, but I did grow up with a significantly younger sibling so I saw my own mom struggle to teach him some lessons when he was in the wrong — Would you feel like your job had been done if you tried to make your child see what they did was wrong, have them apologize for it, and then not change? (I don’t mean for any of this to feel personal or targeted. Again, I’m not a mother and it’s a genuine question.) at what point is it enough to punish someone for things they’ve done wrong. Some believe that it’s when they learn their lesson, and Luke does not seem to have learned his..

    My other thought is in response to your comment about Chris Harrison talking about both Hannah and Luke not being virgins. I personally had a lot of issues with this from Luke from the get go — as soon as they started teasing this conversation weeks ago, I could not BELIEVE that he waited until the night of a possible fantasy suite date to even mention that he doesn’t want to have sex with Hannah (or stay on show) if she has sex with any of her other guys. This seems like something that should’ve been talked about weeks before, possibly even before hometowns! It’s baffling to me that he would even have shared these views earlier. But really my thought is Luke’s response to Chris Harrison. Even if it was an inappropriate question, Luke’s response said a lot. He said he could stand her being intimate with other guys (on the show) but I believe a little of that feeling cane from the fact that he didn’t want to see her being intimate before marriage because that is his belief. Which is COMPLETELY fair. HOWEVER. He only got upset about her physical intimacy with the other men after it she stopped having as much WITH HIM. There was that early moment when He’d walked in on Hannah and Luke making out, her straddling him after a pretty steamy massage moment, and then he goes on the Men Tell All and says that it felt inappropriate for her to be straddling all these guys and making up with them like she did. It was just clear to me that he was only in it for himself and not for Hannah. He thought she was HIS dream person, not that he was HERS, and I think that mindset is the biggest tell of his character versus her other men.

  107. Just finished watching and as much of a jerk Luke was on the show, no human being deserves to be put through what he went through last night. I am honestly worried for his emotional health after being put through the ringer the way he was. The way it was handled was classless on EVERYONE’S part- obviously for the benefit of the show and for the entertainment of those watching, most of the show was about Luke. Did he deserve it based off his actions? Absolutely. But was it necessary? No. He obviously has big issues as we’ve all seen. No need to make things worse by bashing him so terribly on national TV.

  108. Ok, it’s definitely his fault, he brought it on himself, but all this name calling from the guys is unnecessary! Being a mother of a boy (or a girl!)I would be devastated if I heard someone calling my son a narcissist, psychopath, etc. Again, yes, he did bring it on himself, but I also do feel bad for him. And he’s just sitting there, taking it all in. Can you imagine sitting there and being attacked by 20 other people. Urgh. They are making themselves look just as bad as him. Ok I had to pause to comment but now I’m pushing play. Lol.

  109. It was hard to watch Luke he beat up verbally by everyone. I don’t want to see anyone go through that.

  110. Luke seems to be the person that says something, but then when it is repeated back to him, he changes his mind about “how” he wanted to say it. He seems to be constantly putting his foot in his mouth. So this may explain why he feels misunderstood. However, in the times we are currently living in and being on TV, you cannot go back on your word because it is recorded and people are live tweeting what you say. I agree with you, Ali, that Luke is not a bad person, but he is a pathological liar and needs some serious guidance. I think he just needs to choose his words better, a lot of what he is saying I agree with, but it’s how he says it seems very controlling.

    I really enjoy reading all of your blogs and look forward to reading them every week!

  111. I totally see your point that you feel bad for Luke! My mom was saying the same thing last night, it’s just hard to watch. The only thing he said that made me truly upset and in my opinion was worse than everything else was that “a man should lead a woman in the relationship”. You can tell he was raised in a very patriarchal world and his views on woman are upsetting. Long term relationships or marriages are about being equal partners! No one should be leading the relationship based on their gender. That was the only thing that got me going, otherwise I felt bad for how clueless he was.

  112. Y’all are stressing me out with Tyler/Peter as the next Bachelor cause I’m tryin to have her pick one of them!!! Lol 🙂

  113. I read your blog religiously but have never commented on any blog until this. I have to add my two cents after reading the number of comments defending Luke P. He is an abuser, he is toxic, and he is dangerous. I know because I was in a relationship with a Luke P clone. I was in tears last night watching MTA just because seeing his calculated words, his denial of wrong-doing, and his sheer confidence that what he is doing is right because it fits his ideal of what Christianity is brought back so many memories for me of being that person in love with an abuser. Of loving them so much and wanting to make them happy but constantly being brought up & praised only to be slapped back down with shame & disgust. Never being able to have a rational discussion because you are constantly told that “No, you heard me wrong. That is not what I said, actually you are one in the wrong and remember that I am always right…..and it’s for your own good”. Hannah told Luke “no, leave” in three separate instances. He ignored her and insisted that he knew what was in her heart and HE knew better. That is not ok. Abusers and manipulators like this are SO GOOD at making their victims second guess their feelings.

    I too told my abuser many times to leave me alone & he always found a way back in. He knew the right words to say and the right buttons to push for me to second guess myself & my feelings. As did Luke P. I was lucky that the one night my abuser went too far & I was so scared that I had to call the police, that I had a non-sympathetic officer who told me straight up as I was waffling about pressing charges “Look, you can believe him and feel sorry for him again. We will just be back here on another night. I hope that you won’t be in worse shape than you are now”. For some reason those words woke me up and I had a restraining order against him the next day. I was embarrassed it had taken an intelligent woman like myself so long to wake up to what was happening. And guess what? He violated the restraining order numerous times because someone this manipulative does not understand NO MEANS NO. Luke P is a carbon copy of my abuser. Abusers can be clean cut, engaging, “Christian”, etc but that does not excuse their actions and never forget that they are dangerous.

    Luke P’s lack of remorse for his actions, his continual shaming of Hannah through his tweets, his lack of remorse about ignoring her requests to leave, and his steadfast conviction that he is in the right shows that he is not one to defend. He is one to be feared. And I hope that women recognize that.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story Sarah. I’ve never experienced an abusive relationship, but I have friends who have. Thank you for sharing your story to shed light on Luke’s problematic behavior. I’m glad you got out. You are a survivor!

  114. I think my biggest issue with this season is that , production made it all about Luke when it shouldn’t have been about him . At the end of the day , I understand that Luke was upset that she was having sex with other people … I would have been too ! Regardless of the situation . But Hannah didn’t handle herself well (like she hasn’t most of the season) . Even at MTA , she came across very catting and almost bitter . Luke does not express himself well & he definitely is a liar which he needs to fix within himself but in order to do that , he needs to own his mistakes .
    I know that typically the next Bachelor/Bachelorette comes from the final 4 but I do hope it’s Mike , even though he didn’t get that much screen time (thanks Luke) . Not only do we need a black bachelor , his personality just seems so different and genuine that I feel that’s what we need after this shit show of a season .

  115. Here’s the thing: can I hate Luke but feel sorry at the same time!?!?!? I seriously think it’s like he’s brainwashed. His mom seems SO normal. And the sister in law. His dad??? Not so much. But if it’s at all possible to get a good vibe off Luke….I think I do. And then he seems psycho. Ugh.

  116. Ali, the problem with you is that you try to be so PC all the time and you end up contradicting yourself. If you really believe that this blog is a place for people to express their honest opinions, then you should do the same. Luke was a jerk. There is no other way to say it. He exposed himself for what he is. I’m sure his Mom is mortified by his behavior but I’m sure she would be the first one to set him straight too. In my opinion this was a horrible season, just like the last 4 or 5 since the good producers left. It’s just gotten sleezy.

    1. It HAS gotten so so sleazy. And all of these comments are getting out of control. We need to remind ourselves that it is just a TV show! In my eyes, everything that goes on is for ratings. Luke was there for a reason. Luke dominated Men Tell All for a reason. They want viewers and ratings and that is it. I am actually pretty disgusted with the entire Bachelor franchise especially with the recent news of Mike Fleiss! How come nobody is talking about that???

  117. I’m glad she addressed Luke on the show and I believe she did a decent job in the men tell all but I can’t stand all of the edification of Hannah. She lost me as her fan when she gave her speech at the end! What’s your opinion on that? She was extremely over the top shameful, immature and mean in my opinion. It’s as if she wanted more bashing of him. Look, she was upset b/c Luke stood up for what he wanted in a woman…if it makes her feel guilty or ashamed, that’s her issue, but she totally wanted to come across as a victim instead of being strong and sure of her position (which seemed as if many times she knew he had valid points) saying…ok we obviously don’t agree on the same topic but she “judged” him too for his values and religious beliefs. Just b/c it hurt her feelings does not mean he was trying to insult her. She really seemed embarrassed but shouldn’t have been if she feels the way she does about having sex with multiple guys. It’s too bad they didn’t have this conversation earlier to save time but glad it was brought up when it was and. It after a proposal. And it is his right to ask….b/c if they do end up together, he’s half of that relationship and if it bothers him that much to make or break the commitment,, then he neededto know.

  118. I felt Luke was bullied last night. I said it to my husband. Enough already. I do feel Hannah was blindsided by Luke. Yes, she kept him there longer than she should have, however, she needs to let him go and move on and stop bullying him. It’s too much this season…I’m disappointed the show let it go this far. It’s a different dynamic this season.

    * I think she was tryig to be funny and make a joke… but it came off a little mean. From what I know about her she is a sweet girl *
    Yes, to the idea that Hannah intended to make a mirthful type comment. But her strain is what came through- to alot of us at least. For me it felt agenda oriented – to make herself look good ( and gain more media career support), Luke be damned.
    The part in Ali’s comment that got me was *sweet girl*. I flashed on Hannah on Colton’s season – the time she said * I hate her * abt Caelynn, but was in such dismay that her youngness, her lack of venom – her s w e e t n e s s!! – made it understandable and forgivable. She wasn’t attacking, she was in pain, and spoke the way we all do when cameras aren’t rolling.
    Her growth this season was Such A Joy. Yhe girl whi couldn’t make a toast became the woman who could almost anything! Until…what exactly? Until she got so f**ked up with prodcution sabotage that she just turned into Self Promoting Hannah ( sending Jed in on her shritless Luke make out, gaming a nude bungee jump with a guy who wasn’t top 3, shoving Luke back in after she dismissed him- a few times ).

    Anyone doing the AGENDA APOLOGY wpuld have turned me off -but from Hannah- someone I really came to believe in, someone who seemed Incapable of Not Keeping It Real – w o w- What A Fall.

    It really makes me wonder how destructive the show was for her or if this Is the true colors of a longtime pageant queen – charming fun and funny, but ultimately all about ambitious gain.

    1. I usually agree with you, Missus, but I see her as anything BUt sweet. But maybe you are being sarcastic and I’m not understanding your post. If so, please forgive me! But for most of the season she has been rude, condescending, and extremely unfair to most of the guys. People say she’s ‘real’ but meanness and rudeness is not ‘real’ to me, it’s simply mean and rude. Agree with you that she’s out for gain, she’s obviously proud of her sexual encounters or she wouldn’t have crudely announced them on TV or bragged about the nude jump or straddled every guy who came along. She has portrayed un-Christian like behavior all while making sure we know Jesus still loves her. Like someone else said, you can’t just do things and then constantly say, but it’s ok because Jesus loves me. All in all, I guess I do agree with you because I think the show was definitely destructive to her. I didn’t like her at the beginning but I truly dislike her now. She showed very little class in the last few episodes and last night. Always enjoy reading your take on posts, Missus!

  120. I always love how you give the insiders view!
    I just wanted to comment that I fully agree with what Mike said to Luke. That whatever women he does find will be trapped. Luke is controlling and has some very disturbing patterns and values for a relationship grounded in old theology which he has admitted to believing grants him permission and authority. 🙄 The guy changes his story and insults literally everyone. He even accused Chris Harrison of misunderstanding/misconstruing him. No one misunderstands him. They just don’t like him, and the men coming at him is really a gut reaction to how insulted they are that men like Luke exist. I loved seeing them stand up for Hanna. It’s men who need to hold other men accountable for real change to occur. It’s not the victims responsibility to set the standard it’s those in the communities where unhealthy believes and values are demonstrated that have the true obligation to stand for change. Luke for whatever reason chose a very public way to show himself the growth he needs. His personality is really blocking his ability to grow and therefore he can’t consistently or authentically take full responsibility for his beliefs, his actions, his behaviour.

    I thought Hanna handled it well. I think she dodged a bullet by not ending up with him.

    I also wanted to offer that his long pauses between replies to Chris were in large part to maintain his composure. He suppressed so much that he is near the edge to crack at any moment. I would bet he punched a hole in a wall when he left.

    No women should ever have to explain herself or her sexual choices except to those she is in relationship with and I think Luke baited her when he got her to confess. He wanted her to feel shame. He wanted that shame to taint her connection to the man she chose to be Intimate With. He wanted to demonstrate his perceived moral authority over her choices. And there in lies the reason Mike called him out the way he did and rightly so.

    Luke has a lot to learn. And he is a dangerous personality, not unlike the one running the country. Same tool kit. Same ego, same controlling behaviour, same use of shame and intimidation.

    Having said all that. I didn’t think I’d like this season. But I think it’s been my fav. And I wasn’t a fan of Hanna when it started. But I am now. She came out of her shell. She was articulate (albeit awkward) she was herself. I hope it works out for her.

  121. I just watched your insta stories about many people are disagreeing with you and I just have to say, I think you explained it very well. Yes, he said and did horrible things on the show but we also have to take into account the editing that goes down making him seem that much worse. Based on the episode, I do think he is a pathological liar. Should he be more remorseful? Most definitely! Should he learn and grow from this experience? I sincerely hope so. But what they did last night was just a show about bashing him. We teach our children just because someone is mean to you doesn’t mean you reciprocate the same. ABC, Hannah, and the majority of the men disregarded what they learned and treated him exactly how he treated them- disrespectfully. Two (or hundreds) of wrongs don’t make a right.

  122. Luke is a narcissist….they lie and manipulate and gaslight. It’s all about what they want and need and it will never be about the other person. He’s not nice. He only plays that part when it can get him what he wants….like sympathy and attention.

  123. In addition… Hannah didn’t tell him she had slept with someone else until she couldn’t get him to leave and wasn’t listening to her that she was done. She told him so he would get in the car and leave.

    1. And then her whole ‘ i Bet I can get you into the van’ was childish. Bragging about what she had done.

  124. My understanding of last night episode is that it was priced together and not all from shown. This was expressed by people who actually attended the show. They want to present Luke in a certain way and so that’s what they did. Personal opinion, these shows keep getting worse and worse as it’s all about ratings and not people:( I couldn’t stomach them long ago and now it’s way worse…..

  125. I do have to agree that I felt bad for Luke last night as well. Yes, he made some pretty terrible decisions and said some pretty horrible things on the show. I do believe he should have apologized and owned up to his mistakes on the Tell All last night. And I sincerely hope he learned and grows from this entire experience. But that does not give anybody the right to belittle and mock him and be a down right bully back at him. It felt like the guys were lined up and taking turns, one-by-one, at giving him a taste of his own medicine. I think we saw the true colors of some of the men come out by some of the comments they were making. When Connor said “f%$# you” to him… Really? Was that necessary? I know the guys were frustrated, but come on. Be the bigger person and let it go and move on. The entire Tell All frustrated me so much. I do think it was important for Luke to sit down and talk to Chris Harrison about the experience. But I do not think any value was added by having Luke confront the rest of the men. We have already seen these arguments and comments made every single episode this season. Let’s move on and hear the experiences of the other men for a change. I also did not appreciate the “apology” made by Hannah at the end of the episode. It was classless and immature in my opinion.

  126. I think we should not beat up Ali on her perspectives about Luke P, also to Hannah being immature, and the men who at some point have experienced Luke’s bad behavior and choices he made in the show the whole time.

    We all have our opinions, for sure my thoughts are different than your thoughts. Usually, it heated up. so let’s all take a deep breath and move on. 🙂

    Hannah is the only one accountable to God of her choice to have sex prior marriage. Luke also is the one accountable to his own behavior; sadly though, a lot of people got affected, who wouldn’t? He was also humiliated so many times of his bad choices, not that I am also defending him but I just pray he gets help. I wish too that Chris H. offered him some help that would see him fit.

    I hope all is well with everyone. Bottom line, for sure we all wish Hannah the best. 🙂

    Smile everyone! =)

  127. I honestly think there are two sides to a story with Luke P and Hannah. We have no idea what was said when cameras weren’t around. I personally don’t feel that Hannah is ready for such a big step and don’t really care too much for her. I didn’t like the bullying on the men tell all. I just hope both Hannah and Like figure themselves out and work on themselves.

  128. At one point (OK a couple points) during his rose ceremony ‘comeback’, it seemed like he could become dangerous. Kudos to the three gentlemen stepping in to protect Hannah, but I’m curious as to what point the producers would step in to pull him away. Do you have any insight, Ali, about how long they’d allow for this to play out?

  129. Ali – I’m sorry you feel the need to defend yourself so much. We are all allowed to have our own thoughts and feelings and sometimes those thoughts and feelings aren’t black or white on a subject.

    I think Luke is a clueless bafoon and a complete narcissist but did sort of feel bad for him last night. Like… how much more can we lay into this guy who is CLEARLY NOT GETTING IT? Move on and can we please talk about ANYTHING else than Luke?

  130. I think it was very OBVIOUS that, due to editing, the entirety of the conversations that Hannah and Luke had were not shown. He came off looking like a complete jerk most of the time but I think if we were given the entire conversation and would have seen his comments in context, they wouldn’t have been so harsh. Just my opinion but I do think he was mostly misunderstood and that he isn’t a bad person. He lied and he didn’t communicate clearly, but many people do that. I found a lot of the other guys to be extremely petty and mean-spirited in the way they dealt with him. I think the biggest problem was that he was a serious threat and they didn’t like it so they wanted him gone. Garrett was one of my favorites from the beginning, but the way he handled himself later in the season made me dislike him. And lastly, Hannah still has feelings for Luke – it was all over her face at that rose ceremony and even on the MTA, despite the words she spoke. It’s unfortunate for all of them but the Luke bashing should really stop now.

  131. Mike said it perfectly. Luke is a narcissitic, mysogonistic, controlling human being who will keep his future wife as his prisoner if he doesn’t do some serious soul searching. Steer clear of men like Luke. They are charmers and will suck you in, then their true personality starts coming out bit by bit until you’re in a very toxic situation that you either leave or stay victim to for the rest of your life. There is no changing someone like Luke. He said it himself, if he could have done things all over again, he wouldn’t change a thing.

  132. I completely agree with you Ali , nobody deserves to be treated like that the way they treated him last night . I think about it as a mother’s perspective also .

  133. I agree with what you said Ali! While the things that were being said about Luke were accurate and deserved, it was as if they were speaking about him like he wasn’t human. He made mistakes and deserved to be told that his actions were not okay, but I just can’t imagine speaking of someone who is in the room with me in such a berating way. There are people I’ve felt disrespected by that I have spoken poorly of in private to my loved ones while explaining the situation, but I still wouldn’t get up on a soapbox in front of them and a crowd and publicly shame them. I think their feelings towards him are absolutely justified but using the majority of the time for the show to attack him seemed excessive. I didn’t care for him and I wouldn’t want him anywhere near me, but I just think there could have been more class in the way their feelings towards him were articulated. “I disagreed with his actions and he is not someone I wish to spend time around. He made me feel negatively and the person I want to be with wouldn’t make me feel that way. I wish him the best, but I’m glad to have parted ways” I don’t know something like that and then excuse him and move on! I know having a villain is good for ratings but I just feel like they could have given so much more screen time to some of the great guys rather than continuously coming back to someone that didn’t deserve it. I would have loved to hear more from some of the other men and see less of him. Like it’s clear that Bachelor Nation isn’t a fan of him so I guess I’m just saying I don’t see why we needed to keep bringing him up. We already had more than enough reasons to dislike him and his actions on the show were embarrassing enough, at that point I think it should’ve just been like you know what he wasn’t a good person and we’re done with him and showcased some of the good guys.

  134. On Luke, there is not one part of me that feels the least bit sorry for him. He knew he would get grilled on the tell all show. He didn’t have to come. Those silences-it shouldn’t take that long to come up with an your heartfelt answer. Unless you are working on how your answer will be perceived and how you can manipulate the person you are with. Luke is an arrogant Christian. Therapy for Luke could help him in in future relationships. I’m a mom too and a grandmother to females and because of that
    I cut him no slack.

  135. I personally think Luke is so misunderstood and was completely bullied to the max last night and it was absolutely wrong. I don’t think Luke is a horrible person at all. I think he has great morals and a faith that he was hoping to find in Hannah as well. I think abc handled this very poorly. Do I think Luke made mistakes very much so but do I think a lot of the guys had questionable character at times, absolutely! I think it’s hard to judge someone in this kind of process because it’s way out of the norm. Any person, Christian or non Christian would have a issue right before your engagement if one was sleeping with another person. Luke absolutely had every right to ask that question. He also had every right to have that change his perspective on Hannah. It wasn’t that he was judging her or slut shaming her. As Christians you have morals and you seek for THE one that has the same similar morals or it won’t work. Just like everybody has certain things they look for and don’t want. I think Hannah has a warped view on what being a Christian is. Sure we all make mistakes and we are not perfect but there is a difference in making a mistake and being convicted of it and Jesus forgiving you and her view where she believes she can do whatever she wants because she knows Jesus will forgive her. I also thought Hannah showed no class and was completely wrong for looking in the camera and saying what she did last night. I think most of the men showed no class. I think Luke should have just plain up admitted his wrongs very clear from the beginning but I also know this is a show. This is edited. Your in front of a ton of people that you know hate you. You got to give him some slack. That is a lot and I couldn’t imagine going through all he’s been through. At the end of the day. I hope Luke learns from his mistakes and I think one of his main problems is communication. I hope he learns to be a better communicator or no relationship will ever work. I also hope all the other men learn from there nasty remarks. I think they were completely out of line last night as well. I also hope Hannah realizes that she has not shown the most class and I hope everyone learns and grows through this. I personally lost a lot of respect for abc and the bachelor franchise on how they handled this, I lost a lot of respect for Hannah and the other men. I think everyone including Luke handled this poorly. It’s a sad situation.

  136. I felt absolutely terrible for Luke. I am probably in the minority, but I don’t think his intentions were all bad. He was ripped apart so much, and what some of the men said to him was just as bad as some of the things Luke did. I do think Luke has a good heart deep down (because I think everyone does) and has some traditional Christian values, but his delivery/attitude made it come out in a terrible way. Anyway, I’m not team Luke, but I’m team “let’s be kind to one another”, and I felt soooo bad for him all night.

  137. I couldn’t possibly read all the comments so I’m not sure if this was brought up or not. I think that Luke was egged on throughout this whole show. Seems to me there was someone in his ear getting him to bring up topics and talk about things he wouldn’t have on camera. He said it himself that they had talked a lot about their faith. We didn’t see everything. The biggest fail the show manufactured was when he came back for the rose ceremony. The show could have stopped him. Security could have prevented him from staying after she said to leave. It was all for tv! She had the power to send him home a long time ago and she didn’t. She says she’s a strong woman but as soon as the other guys told her he was a bad guy she held on to him even tighter. We all knew what type of person he was. She knew it too because she gave him multiple chances when she should have just sent him home. This show has become less about love and more about drama. Better relationships and marriages come out of BIP than this train wreck of a show.

  138. This show needs to be cancelled for so many reasons. Why do you take this drama on such a serious level? It’s proven successful for only a few.

  139. Ali, I enjoy reading your blog posts because you are a very mature person. I think that shows big time in the way you see what is good & healing for relationships while at the same time being a loving decent person to those who are struggling. I think one of the struggles of this season is big emotional immaturity on both Luke & Hannah’s part. Y. And the combination led to an unhealthy relationship. Their were points of truth from both of them but due to their emotionally unhealthy ways it wasn’t communicated in a loving relationship. Her being closed off to things to improve on & him having intensity! As a person of faith like them, I can see how they both made excuses for their actions instead of being mature in growing up to be more like Jesus. Which includes pursing truth but also love, & compassion. You’re a great writer & a very kind wise person! Keep at it.

  140. Hi Ali! Big fan, longtime reader and also a 30something mother. Just want to share one tiny thing with you that I learned in my journalism school days: women over 18 should be called women. I am working on this myself and just wanted to share it with you too, and I frequently slip. I know people are already blowing up you up about the Luke thing, so please don’t take it the wrong way! I completely agree with you about Hannah’s youth and whatnot, I just wanted to chime in with that tip! Here’s a good video about it:

    Here’s to women lifting up women — you’re amazing at it!

  141. I truly feel so bad for Luke. He spits out so much and then backtracks. Totally agree he made many poor choices in this situation but man, people are crucifying him! I have never seen such picking and hatred and it’s really turned into just pure bullying. No one deserves to be treated like that.

  142. Okay, so here’s my take on the MTA episode from last night and where I disagree with this post…
    first off I just want to say that I love following you and your personality!!

    So I felt that Hannah was more appalled than anything when Chris told her about having an engagement ring… after she had clearly told him that she didn’t see him being her husband after what he said to her on their date, I would be appalled too if I was told that this guy was ready to propose to me after the dinner date I had witnessed with him.

    And lastly, Chris was letting Luke know that because he was not a virgin, he could not and should not go and expect his supposed girlfriend to be “untainted”. Chris approached the situation as best as he could. In all fairness, Luke was the one to initially ask the Hannah if she had had engaged in sex with any of the other guys on the show and he should have been prepared for any and every scenario in this. If a guy had openly admitted to having sex 2 weeks prior to getting engaged, society wouldn’t have blinked an eye and wrote it off as a “last hurrah”. Hannah was honest about her experience and she was unashamed about it, she refused to feel less than over a guy who was trying to manipulate her emotions and her actions. Hannah is a bit immature, but she’s also been the most real bachelorette that I’ve witnessed when it comes to her emotions and her actions. She’s young and it shows but who wasn’t naive in their early 20s? I know I was 100%.

  143. I hate how the men tell all episode became “The Hate on Luke Show.” It was so painful to watch and I can’t believe they let the bullying go on that long. I feel horrible for Luke and Hannah just added to it! I know he’s made a lot of mistakes but I feel like he just sat there and took jab after jab and remained calm and apologized.

  144. Yes!!! Totally agree and I am not a Luke fan at all but I feel there might be truth in him saying how it was edited to make it look worse. No matter what the situation you are not going to like hearing the person you want to marry had sex with someone else a few days prior. That is REALITY lol

  145. Enjoy your blogs so much, but this season is sooo contrived and planned it’s hard to watch. Luke is certifiable, delusional, immature and doesn’t seem to remember the words that come out of his mouth. This is a well known show which he came ON knowing full well the premise. I mean this in the kindest way, but he just needs to shut UP and go HOME

  146. Although Luke was a jerk I do feel bad for what it must be like for his family to watch him get torn apart. Luke’s sister in-law Hannah Parker…does Instagram storie re-caps of the bachelorette and today on her re-cap she said what it has been like for her family to watch and go through this process with Luke P she said it has torn her family apart and they hate seeing Luke get blasted on T.V.! It’s so sad.

  147. Hey Ali,
    I like Mike for the next bachelor and personally I would rather have someone who is not super well known. I have been watching this show since before Ashley’s season of the bachelorette and I think the show needs to get back to “normal” people who aren’t one the show just for a career.

  148. I think that Hannah was pretty hot and steamy with these guys all season. I knew she would have sex in the fantasy suite. I believe she was dying to have sex with Luke. I am not judging her because I believe it is all her choice.

    I would like to see Peter be the winner but somehow I don’t think that will happen. Whomever Hannah choses, I hope they have a happy life together.

  149. You shouldn’t have to come back and justify your opinion! We may or may not always agree but we come to read this to hear your take!

  150. Here’s the deal – Luke is obviously narcissistic, demonstrated by the fact that he would not accept that Hannah couldn’t be madly in love with him. That being said – this is Hannah’s fault and she’s dang lucky there are ANY guys still willing to put up with her!
    She basically acted like she was in “heat” the entire season. I’ve never seen a season where the lead was so desperate for sexual attention from the guys.

    Even last night during the rose ceremony, she could have ended the entire scene in just a few words with producers, but once again, she allowed Luke to rob the other 3 men of their moments with her. She is to blame as much as Luke!

    This season has been a total train wreck and I feel like I signed up to watch the Bachelorette and instead, got a really bad version of the Luke and Hannah show.

  151. Hi Ali! I read your bachelor blog and follow all your Instagram stories. I haven’t finished watching men tell all yet, but after watching your stories I wanted to read just the parts you wrote about Luke because I did watch his part. I am not a Luke fan. I think he did bad things during the season and the rose ceremony. That said, I don’t think he is an all around horrible person either. I think he is very misunderstood. Hannah and Luke had many conversations about faith and I think he was honestly blindsided when she reacted the way she did to their sex talk. I think it was his place to ask about the fantasy suites when this was the woman he thought he would be engaged to in a week. Do I think that Luke represented Christians well? No, absolutely not! But I also think that there is more to Luke than what we saw on the bachelor.

  152. I still think Mike has a good shot at the bachelor since he’s doing BIP. Just like Nick and Colton did before their seasons. He was briefly on the promo and if even more people fall in love with him and see his heartbroken a second time, he has a really good shot! Also, my issue with Luke is using his religion as a sort of cop-out for why he acts the way he acts. I am Catholic, read the Bible and go to church and I wouldn’t ever wanting a man telling me they are there to rescue me and lead me down a path they want for me. Just own up to your downfalls and apologize, not walk off the stage and leave. Hate when they do that. I can’t imagine how hard the backlash is to deal with, but an apology would’ve made it all better and made people respect him more! Saying he wouldn’t change a thing didn’t help his case any, but I give kudos to Tyler reaching out and apologizing to him last night on Twitter. Luke is gone, time to focus on Hannah and her remaining men! And BIP! SO PUMPED

  153. Hello Allie,
    I had to tell you that you are so Spot on!
    I also felt really bad for Luke. I really do think that he is misunderstood myself. I also believe that he is a good guy, and has great intentions. As far as Hanna, she is seriously a drama queen. It looked like she was smiling when Luke returned, I think she liked it. I believe she was acting this way for the ratings, but caused me to dislike even more. Keep on writing Your blogs, I love them.


  154. My thoughts are that Luke P. dug his own hole. I’m sure he came on the show to meet Hannah and I did think he really cared for her and may have loved her. Luke went about it all wrong , he was controlling, manipulative and pretty much gave the show the villain for the season. I also see how he felt, granted it’s Hannah’s own personal choice and business to sleep with who ever she wants too, but he kinda had a point if you slept with other guys on the overnights , why am I here,? It made me think about how Kaitlyn slept with Nick even though she picked Shaun it affected them from the beginning and she says still that it always bothered him. Overall we all make choices in life that may feel right at the time and we can’t regret it, just move forward .

  155. I DO feel sorry for Luke P’s mom and family’s I do NOT feel sorry to Luke. He still seems insincere to me and the long pauses were calculating

  156. “Do not forsake love in your eagerness to be honest” Neil Anderson
    I feel like this applied to almost all of the men as well as Hannah.

  157. I can’t stand Hannah. She’s on national tv dropping f bombs like that?! Classy.. And yes Luke has his issues but it was gross how they all treated him. And no spoilers but from
    what I’ve read about who she picked I think Luke would have treated her better!

  158. I had been anti-Luke + pro-Hannah all season but after last night I felt really bad for him + very disappointed in Hannah. I wasn’t surprised by the way the guys spoke to Luke but I was shocked by Hannah’s treatment and language towards Luke.. I agree that he made some decisions and acted in ways that were not appropriate all season but everyone makes mistakes + I truly do not think he is a bad person. I felt Hannah’s “apology” at the end was very uncalled for + showed her immaturity. I think if Luke were truly a “bad person” he would’ve acted much more aggressively and not nearly as passive as he was at the MTA.

    I also felt the exact same way as you when Chris Harrison told Hannah that Luke had an engagement ring and was going to propose. I honestly felt like her reaction was not that of someone who “hated” Luke (which I also disappointed she said) but that of someone who just wanted to be engaged. It was very strange. I do think Hannah is a nice woman and a good person but after last nights episode I feel she has shown herself in a different light.

  159. First of all, are we really talking about the Bachelorette? Luke P is such a hypocrite and for Hannah B’s season to be taken up with him the entire time there had to be $$ involved. If he is so Christian and believes in saving sex for marriage what the hell did he sign up for the Bachelorette…. Really???? C’mon people. Is he going on to paradise? Wake up people, he played everyone and got a lot of screen time.

  160. I feel like you just ruined the ending by saying you think either Tyler or Peter will be the next bachelor. So that must mean Jed got the final rose?!

  161. I haven’t read any comments…I just wonder Ali why they spent 45-1 hour on Luke???? They really gave this way too much time! That gave way to much time to allow people to bully him as you stated. He is clueless to others and changes his point of view to suit his purposes! He just is self righteous and doesn’t seem to understand what Christianity is about yet! I just wish it wasn’t all about him….this whole season was about him and it frustrated me!!! We didn’t get to know the other guys because it was all about Luke!!! I worry Hannah doesn’t have anyone one out of all this!!! I wish the best for them all. I would like to see Peter as the bachelor but really like Mike. But don’t know him as well! Here’s to hoping next season will bring more self control and class!

  162. This is the first time you brought up the guy who left in the final three and your true (past) feelings for him, and you did it with such honesty and vulnerability that I can’t help but admire you. I agree that the format of the show putting sex with multiple people as a potential a week before a proposal is strange and inappropriate, and I would love for the proposal to happen instead after four months of those secret meetings with the final choice, where you’ve just been with each other for a bit. This is why I never considered trying out in my younger years to be a contestant, even though it seemed so fun … I would not have been able to accept a proposal from a guy who was making out with and possibly having sex with other women in threats week.

  163. I’m not a huge fan of either Luke or Hannah. I do think they are both young and immature. Neither are ready for marriage. I think Luke needs more experience dating people. I think he went all in & didn’t know how to say or do the right things- editing I think made him look horrible. But he did say some wrong things. I honestly think he needs to find the kind of girl with the same things he wants. Nothing is wrong with that. I think he did have every right to ask her if she would be intimate with anyone before a proposal.

    But I honestly don’t know why she had to admit it on National TV. That was a poor choice in my opinion. Is there a double standard for men and women with who they sleep with? yes. But I’d rather not hear about from either party. No one needs to air it on TV or you will open yourself to a lot of criticism. They both handled things very poorly. He came off as a controlling a-hole and she kind of comes off a little boy crazy who can’t make her mind up. At this point in the season, she should know who she wants to be with & who she is falling in love with. Who knows what will happen- we’ve all heard the rumors. I don’t see her marrying any of these guys. She’s probably going on dancing with the stars which I hope she isn’t. This has been a long season—-waiting for Paradise….

    1. This is why the producers got it wrong this season…..24 is way too young for a lead, and as much as I was hoping I’d like Hannah, I just felt her immaturity showed itself, time and time again. I have to say, the main guys were pretty mature, with the exception of Luke, of course. And Jed…there was something about him I just never trusted….even before we heard about the girlfriend.

      And if she’s on DWTS, I won’t watch.

  164. For me, my takeaway from the entire Luke/ Hannah drama is this…I wonder how Peter feels now, knowing that Hannah told Luke (and now everyone) about their level of intimacy in the windmill. Ali, do you think now that it is out there he is ok with it? I saw ppl wearing Jesus Still Loves Me shirts with a windmill on them at the MTA event. If Peter is the one she ultimately picked, I have to wonder what he must be thinking now, and are he and Hannah still together?

    If he isn’t the one who gets the final rose, I’m really hoping Peter will be the next Bachelor. He’s boyishly handsome, has a great career and family, and seems like the kind of guy everyone wants to end up with. I think his season as the Bachelor would also get high ratings, as some of the girls would eat him alive so to speak. He seems so trusting and decent. I can just see some of them taking advantage of him. Ultimately whatever happens, I hope he gets past this sex in a windmill drama and finds real and lasting love and happiness.

  165. I am beyond pleased to read so many, an overwhelmingly majority of woman agree that the treatment of Luke last night was pushing it way too far. I was embarrassed by her behavior – and it was cringeworthy at the end. Her tough girl facade appeared fake to me. Luke absolutely had the right to be upset that she was sleeping with the other bachelors. He was in love. Geez. Her comment that “you’re not my husband” was ridiculous. It doesn’t matter when you’re in love. She could have talked to him in private when he asked (all 100 times). And another thing, the rose ceremony where the 3 guys were getting all macho and laughing and high-fiving…was complete unnecessary bullying. They were as bad as they claimed he was. I lost so much respect for Tyler, Jed and Peter.

  166. I want to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. I truly love hearing your honest perspective on the show. I’m sorry about some of the comments you have received. You do such an amazing job with your blog. It honestly is my favorite to read not only for bachelor recap for also for family and shopping recommendations! You are an amazing mom, blogger and worker!

  167. I heard that Luke was actually in the hot seat with Chris Harrison for 2 hours! The dude is just odd/weird. I don’t think he listens to what he actually says. Also, I don’t think you need to explain yourself. You say what you want to say after the show like we all do and that’s it. If people don’t agree or understand, then so what, that is their opinion. By the way, did you read any of his tweets to Hannah last week?? Totally rude

  168. And by the way, I think most of us read reality Steve at the beginning of the season and he always knows who it will be in the end

  169. Hi Ali
    My comment for the Men tell all on Monday was that Luke deserved what was comming to him
    All the other men also agreed that Luke was a challenge as well.Luke thought he is the only one thatthinks that he is imporant and no one else is. Iam happy he is out.

  170. Talk about kicking a guy when he’s already down. Hannah asked the entire group if they were tired of talking about Luke, yet she preceded to do just that . Assuming she has found someone else she sure felt the need to dwell on Luke . Not classy for her to stomp and stomp.

  171. Agree with everything you said! The other thing that bothered me was that a lot of talk was about just Hannah’s feelings and insinuating that it is only about Hannah. While she is the bachelorette and it is about her, they all do have feelings and they are here (hopefully) to find love as well. I don’t think the guys and their feelings, including Luke’s, should be dismissed so easily.

  172. I think they gave Luke way too much extra time on MTA! He is immature and that’s his problem, I mean really it was like watching the season all over again for a whole hour. He’s 24, he acts like a teenager, they do say it takes men longer to mature… So he’ll probably be getting there in his 40s or so. 🤷

  173. Ali, I honestly agree with every word that you said. I felt the same way! To extend on a Pint of yours, I feel that in fact Luke has every right to ask her if she’s had sex with one of the others! Even though it’s ‘The Bachelorette,” in real life, people ask these questions. Just because she’s The Bachelorette doesn’t mean it’s not the other guys’ business! I’m not a Luke fan either, and I think he was misunderstood because his delivery sucked, but I don’t think he was nearly as bad as people were saying. I really think he loved her and wasn’t trying to make her to NOT be independent. Anyway I can go on and on. I don’t love him but I do not think he’s a bad person. I also don’t think she should have apologized for keeping him around so long- I think doing so means that she does still have feelings, and I think it was immature. Jackie

  174. Was just reading your blog and was like eh she’s going a little easy on Hannah and then got to the end where you said people were getting on you for not being hard enough on Luke. Hahaha can’t make anyone happy these days.

    Also now watching the end and wow Hannah is straight up hating on Luke… not in a mature way.. she’s trying to be funny but wow okay a little rude.

    Anyways, overall I agree with your post. Luke is crazy, but he didn’t deserve to be treated this badly… glad it’s over and hope he stays out of the spotlight.

  175. You really should not blog when you have been drinking. Your purple lips and sometimes slurred words are a major red flag that you are over doing it with the wine. You have a lot to offer but this constant wine binge is a sign that you either need to slow down or at least rethink your priorities. I am stunned that you don’t see this.

  176. Okay ladies, I’m a little older than most of you and a little more old fashioned. I am certainly not a prude, and still love sex, but I personally can’t imagine sleeping with more than one man at a time. If they ever had a Bachelorette for Baby Boomers, lol, I’d pass on the overnight dates all together as my 90 year old father would go into cardiac arrest if he saw me bed hopping 3 nights in a row! On to Hannah – I have never been a Hannah fan, but I watched the season anyway. I just find her to be too outspoken and bossy. You can be assertive without being harsh. And now to Luke – he should have been gone very early on. He claims to be so Christian, but he doesn’t treat people very well. He also wants the a chaste woman, and Hannah is not that woman. So I felt he was trying to change her to meet his criteria instead of just finding a woman who already does. But I hated all the nasty bombardment of judgmental comments towards him last night. Enough already. You don’t have to like him or his actions, but there is a mature, nice but firm, way to talk to him. As to the next Bachelor. I agree, we really didn’t get to know Mike that much. I’m a Jed and Tyler fan so I’d like to see one of them get it. I hope she picks one of them, especially Jed. Fingers Crossed!!!!

  177. I’m just over hearing about Luke and listening to him talk. Glad that’s over! I was hoping they were quickly going to address it at the beginning of the show and move on. When they were closing out the show all I thought was, that’s it? We barely heard from they other guys or talked about anything else.
    I agree at this point that Mike is probably not the Bachelor. While I would like to see Hannah end up with Peter or Tyler, it doesn’t sound like that’s the case. That being said I would like to see Peter become the next Bachelor. While I love Tyler and have rooted for him this season, I feel like Peter showed more emotion and conversations had more substance.

  178. Welp, thanks for spilling the beans in who she picks by saying the two guys you think will be in the running for bachelor next ;(

  179. Was it Hannah’s choice to keep Luke on so long in the series or part directors for more Drama? I watch Bachelor/Bachelorette to escape reality and relax but this season became too much drama. I really hope they ask Peter to be the next Bachelor!

  180. My thoughts on Luke P and why you possibly felt bad for him…it’s bc he was coached by someone to say the things he said on the Tell all last night. He was direct and apologized. Those are really not HIS words though. He is small minded and can not communicate (anything) and that’s why he struggled with Hannah so much. He was constantly sticking his foot in his mouth. Bye Bye Luke P. I hope his 15 minutes of fame are over.

  181. I think Hannah was more subdued than she needed to be after Luke took over the men tell all episode with his long pauses, excuse after excuse, and self aggrandizing behavior. He got less than he deserved and Batchelor nation had to put up with more Luke even after he was let go from the show. Shame on ABC for allowing his pregnant pauses to go on for so long. It made me sick every time he complained of not be understood. Grow up Luke, your momma is tired of cleaning up after you.

  182. My husband told me last night he agreed with Lukes questions about sex, especially since he wa considering proposing so soon after. His insight on how hurtful that may be was eye opening to me. On the other hand, I can not empathize with Luke because he was NEVER true to his word. He never stuck to his guns no matter if he chose the correct words or not. If his hesitation on speaking was to be clear on his thoughts, it never came across as genuine. I agree with you that guys called him too many names and took it too far. But maybe, just maybe it will change his perspective. He’s very young and has a lot to learn about women and about life. Stop giving the guy grief and let him grow.

  183. Watching Hannah last night made me decide not to tune in for the rest of her season. Luke definitely could have and should have done some things differently but I do NOT see at all why she was so livid with the sex talk convo. I think he had every right to find out info that was important to him deciding whether he wanted to stay or go. Those are his beliefs and he thought they were hers too, she should’ve respected that and just said, well I think we’re on different pages so maybe you should think about going home. I didn’t think he was slut shaming her AT ALL. It felt like a giant bullying session the entire MTA from everyone and trying to make him look horrible for having Christian values that he deemed important. Again, I think he has some things to work on and ways he needs to mature, I hope he learns from this but he didn’t deserve all the hate from that convo IMO. I felt bad for him too throughout the season, he brought a good portion of it on himself but I hate when anybody is bullied like that. And as for Hannah, I have not enjoyed how she handles herself or conflict on this show, she seems like she’s always trying to prove she’s a badass.

  184. I totally agree that the way Hannah handled it at the end of the show was mean and not necessary. My theory is that she’s mad at Luke because she doesn’t end up with anyone/or it hasn’t worked out because she put too much time and effort into Luke…she feels her time and energy was spent on Luke and because of it he took that time away from her really getting to know the other guys. I also think Luke is a has a very hard time articulating his thoughts and what he’s really trying to say and because of this he comes off poorly.

  185. Hannah was overly nasty in regards to Luke! I totally agree with Tasha. For the show’s ratings, she def kept him there a week or two or maybe three longer than she REALLY wanted to. Maybe cause… “that boy sure knows how to kiss”…. ?? I’l not a Luke fan either, but he got hit hard and hopefully they’ll be something good come of it. You know, the silver lining kind of thing. And for the record, why oh why does she fall of Jed when Tyler is right there shining Bright !

  186. Every week Luke would make my blood boil! Watching him this season was very infuriating. When he would talk about how he is a man of God, which I don’t doubt that, but what I read in the Bible as a man of God, Luke did not embody that at all! Do I believe he has found God and tries to live by the word, absolutely. Does he show what Jesus and God say a man should be? Absolutely not! Walking it and talking it are two different things!!! He needs to really dive in and do some soul searching.

  187. I don’t typically comment on posts or blogs, but wanted to show some support for you, Ali! I totally agree with you. Luke acted like a complete jerk this season & it seems like he has some growing to do. It also seems like he is really bad at putting what his real thoughts are into words. Either way, whether he truly believes what he says or he is being misconstrued, he comes off as a manipulative, arrogant man. However, that’s no excuse for everyone to gang up & keep putting him down, especially those who are not involved with Luke or know him personally. I cringed through the entire Men Tell All. And I cannot help but to feel sad for him & those that love him. My feelings are and always will be that treating someone horribly and being a bully yourself shows your character, not theirs. And if you can so easily pass judgement and act that way, what makes you different? But don’t misconstrue my words, I fully believe you should stand up for yourself and others when bullied, but there is a way to do this with respect and higher character.

    Those are just my thoughts🤷🏼‍♀️. Anyways, love your blog and posts. I always love to read your thoughts on the episodes and your family is adorable.

  188. First of all – I love reading your recaps each week! You’re awesome!
    Secondly… I totally agree with everything you said about Luke. He didn’t need to be bullied all night… he self destructed the whole season and Matteo was right, he’s been punished enough. I didn’t like that pretty much the entire Men Tell All was about him. Like we all know he was a jerk, can we move on and talk about something else! And you’re spot on… two wrongs do not make a right.

    On a lighter note, I’m really hoping Tyler is the next Bachelor 😍

  189. I 100 % agree with everything you have said. I was especially thankful for Matteo too, I feel like some of these guys just commented to hear the cheers from the audience to make themselves feel some sort of relevance. I’ve also read that this filming went on for several hours and he was berated for much longer than it actually got edited down to. I really feel like Luke and Hannah must have had some conversations about their faith and the sex issues that weren’t shown. He (and she) made several mentions of sharing the same faith. Luke seemed confident that they were on the same page about the sex topic and honestly seemed shocked that she had had or would consider having sex with someone on the show. She said numerous times this isn’t about you, this is about me. But, if you are in a relationship with someone, especially just forming a relationship, it should be about both of you, not in a controlling, narcissistic way, but both people have thoughts and opinions and feelings that should be recognized. Just because she was the main “character” on this show didn’t mean the other person doesn’t count. She did this to several people, not just Luke. I saw several instances where she shut people down if she didn’t like what they were saying and just dismissed them. Honestly, she was conniving and sneaky when she was on Colton’s season, so I think she’s a little bit of a hypocrite as well.

  190. I completely disagree that Hannah seemed like she wanted Luke’s proposal. The look on her face was one of shock and disbelief that he could possibly think she would want that from him.

    Mike was right in everything he said about Luke, particularly the parts about him being manipulating and controlling. Luke is both of those things. The way he always says something, and then has to immediately correct the person he’s talking to by saying, “Let me explain…” reminds me of people who explain something and follow it with, “Does that make sense?” So often, if the person speaking has to ask if what they just said makes sense, it most likely does not. I know that phrase is a social tic people use so as not to appear so authoritative as to be threatening, but it’s a credibility killer! Side note: Mike is a classy guy, and he should be the next Bachelor!

    Luke acts like whoever he’s talking to is an idiot who can’t understand him—he said to Chris Harrison multiple times something like, “Let me explain it to you,” which is incredibly patronizing. His attitude throughout his interview segment was so off-putting because he made nasty little remarks or comments (to Chris and the audience) that were subtle but so VERY indicative of his temper. He might be a good person at heart, but the way he conducts himself is quite nasty, and he is probably a very unhappy person. He seems like the sort of person who tries to control situations in his life to meet his expectations because he’s not living up to his own standards.

    As for the finale, why is Hannah still so unsure about anything at this point? As I watched the preview, all I could think was, “Here we go again…”. Oy. It’s really time for this season to end!

  191. Ali- I’ve never commented on your blog but feel like I need to. Luke P was ridiculous, rude, and narcissistic seeming all season. He’s not someone I would want to be with, or want any of my friends to ever be with. That being said, I think it’s ridiculous and rude how people acted on the Men Tell All. And how people are treating him now. It’s hypocritical for us to call Luke P judgemental when the whole show was about judging him. I don’t feel like it’s anyones job or right to judge anyone else, no matter the circumstances. I hope this blows over for him, he learns from it, and can go back to his normal life away from the threats and judgements he’s getting now.

  192. I have so much to say about this episode and probably completely opposite of how a lot of people feel but honestly I watch this and just see so much immaturity. Hannah is young. Luke is young. They both have a lot of growing up to do. I feel so bad for Luke. Monday nights episode was brutal to watch. I’m not saying I support the things he did and said to Hannah but I do see how a lot of what he said was misunderstood. I think when he was silent for the extended period of time, he was trying not to cry. I think Luke is not comfortable being emotionally vulnerable and I think that is why he comes off as a douch bag. I’m sure as a child he was told/ taught men don’t cry/ show emotion. I think he subconsciously uses lying to protect himself. I think there is way more psychological damage that Luke doesn’t even realize he, himself is unhealthily. I always believe hurt people, hurt people. And often they don’t even realize they are hurting people. All of that to say that I feel like last night was not healthy/ healing for anyone. I strongly feel like Luke was bullied and that makes my heart break. I give Luke props because he didn’t have to go to “the men tell all” but I think he is trying to be a good person and make amends, so he went. When Luke says he wouldn’t do anything different I don’t think he thinks he’s without blame. I think he means what happened, happened and he will/ has grown from it. Nobody is perfect and it’s going to take more than a couple months to change a lifetime of bad coping skills.

    Hannah has been my least favorite bachelorette. I wanted to like her in the beginning and was so hopeful for her but I really just don’t think she was ready/ prepared for such a big responsibility. She acted very emotionally and immature. I’m sure she is a great person but on the both seasons whe have seen her she has been emotional, immature and drama filled; which makes great tv but horrible for truely finding life long love. I hate to say this but whoever’s she ends up with in the end, isn’t going to last lifelong. If they do I will be shocked.

    I’m sure no one will read this or respond but I just need to get my thoughts/ perspective out there.

  193. I totally agree with you regarding the Luke situation. While he did display manipulative behavior and made many mistakes I do not believe that he deserved the backlash he got on The Men Tell All. I completely thought it was bullying and I think it is wrong of the producers and Chris Harrison to encourage that for ratings. I believe that Luke was there for the right reasons, he had true feelings for Hannah but I think that the environment brought out the worst in him. Absolutely he should have owned up to his mistakes, and he made many of them! But I agree that he had a right to ask her if she slept with other people but should have left their faith out of the conversation.
    I am not a fan of Hannah and the way that she handled herself throughout. I know that it must be a difficult role to play but I found her to be a bully, not letting the men truly express themselves and I really didn’t like the way she talked about “getting down” in the fantasy suites. If a guy did that Bachelor Nation would be up in arms.

  194. I don’t think Mike is the next bachelor, as you can see him in the preview for bachelor in paradise!

  195. Ahh I get frustrated when I read your bach posts to be perfectly honest! Luke was not bullied. He was called out for his behaviour which he needs especially since there are people out there telling him the way he behaved was okay. There are so many kinds of abuse and Luke P shows so many signs of abusive person. I am a Mom too and a very sensitive one! And I sincerely don’t feel bad for Luke at all. He learned nothing and wont change from this. He says he is learning from it then defends every one of his actions. And from what I remember seeing on your seasons Ali you had no problem devoting your time to making sure the villan’s actions were known. You had no problem trying to humiliate Justin from Toronto. And these people are no where near the same level as awful as Luke. No one like Luke has ever been on the show. He’s toxic and I actually believe he could be dangerous to be in a relationship with. It sucks to see you always so hard on Hannah and always seem to be talking down to her but the Mom in you defends Luke. 🤷‍♀️

    You made a point to tell people not to be nasty towards her but in many of your posts you seemed to be the that started the bashing sessions. It’s your blog so of course you are free to write about anything you like. I really just find some of your bach posts so surprising. I pictured you as a girls girl, always looking to empower other women and I never pictured you to be so judgmental of another woman’s choices.

    I didn’t think you ever implied that you would love for your daughter to bring him a Luke P. I just feel like you are one of the people giving me excuses. Even calling him naive. No. He knows what hes doing and hes just waiting for a woman to obey. And sadly he will probably find one. He’s more than just manipulative. People need recognize that because feeling bad for him totally gives a guy like that power and the belief that he is fooling some people.

    1. YES GIRL. agree 100% Luke was not bullied nor he is naïve. he knows what he is doing and exhibits many abusive traits. who knows how he would have acted behind closed doors and not in front of the cameras.

  196. Disagree with the opinion about Hannah’s reaction to the ring. She wanted him gone 100%. She was in shock. You kind of nit pick at Hannah. She was not my first choice for bachelorette but I have been pleasantly surprised as we have learned more about who she is. She is a strong woman. She stands up for herself and stands by what she does. She takes responsibility when she has hurt someone and has never claimed to be perfect. She’s super real! Luke P deserved this outcome. I have loved seeing people from bachelornation that are well known use their platform to be brutally honest about the kind of man he is. No excuses for that guy!

  197. I know I’m a little late with my comment but I feel I have to share, and hoping this is a good platform. I have watched every single season of the Bachelor franchise, never missed an episode. There is always one person who is singled out for one reason or another, and usually rightfully so. This time with Luke, I completely 100% disagree with how he was treated, by Hanna, the other guys and the show. When he said he had a target on his back, he was correct. Whoever receives the first impression rose usually gets some sort of “jealous’ reaction from others, so yes that was the target. He also came in very arrogant which set others off. However, it appeared to me the major backlash started happening after the Rugby game. Where Luke was accused of “hurting” the other Luke even though Rugby is a rough game. That’s when Mike said he didn’t like how his friend got hurt. In my opinion that’s when the gang up on Luke began. Mike appears super sweet to most, but to me I saw a bully. As I saw the same characteristics in Hannah during Colton’s season. Mike was obviously very well liked by the house, so therefor the rest got onboard the Mike train and all started hating on Luke. I’m not saying Luke never did anything wrong, but from watching the shows in the past, he also didn’t do anything that was out of the norm. Being persistent about getting time to talk to bach/bachette happens every season. The difference is Luke wasn’t completely rude to the other guys about it like others in past season have been. It made Hannah mad, but for the most part (not saying totally) he wasn’t a jerk about it to the other guys.

    Regarding how he communicated with Hannah, that’s one area that made me uncomfortable. He clearly isn’t a great communicator but let’s all think about the one time you were around someone you really liked and how you want to say the right things and not upset the other person, am I the only one who’s been in the situation? Again, I didn’t agree with how he handled his conversations all I’m saying is I understand why they may have gone the way they did. What I didn’t like is how Hannah said several times throughout the show SHE had to force Luke to tell her what was going on in the house. SHE PUSHED him to communicate about the other guys, HER WORDS. So I don’t believe Luke was running to Hannah to rat the other guys out. This is where it’s bad. After hearing from Luke, Hannah used that against him, telling the other men and making things with the guys and Luke even worse. She was the one who couldn’t handle what she was told and had to cancel the gatherings. That was not Luke’s fault.

    Regarding his lying to the other guys well, he’s now feeling the tension in the house of ten or more men not liking him, and his and Hannah’s relationship is on the line. Keep in mind, he was really into her before the show even started, because of what he thought her beliefs were, so in his mind (right or wrong) this was his soulmate. Saying he’s a pathological lier I think is a bit extreme since none of us know how he truly is outside of the Bachelor world. With that being said, yes he did lie but in his defense I would have to. He was pinned up against the wall by all of those men, with not one other person as his outlet and all under one roof. That’s a lot of serious pressure placed on one individual. I don’t agree with lying, all I’m saying is I understand why he may have done it.

    Luke being blamed for the drama was also not true. Luke was honest with Hannah, Hannah in return caused the drama because she went back and discussed it with the other men, knowing it would upset the others. Not to mention, most of the time it was someone else calling Luke out, not Luke starting up confrontational conversations with the other men. He was just defending himself the best he could.

    The way Luke was treated by the other men in the house was wrong. The way Hannah treated him was wrong, and especially the way the show allowed him to be treated was wrong. Not one other villain was treated as badly as Luke was in the past, and I personally don’t see Luke as a villain, psychopath or especially not a misogynist . For Mike to call him those tings shows his true character.

    MTA episode, I honestly am still beside myself over this episode. Think about how many true villains were on this show. How many people were there for the wrong reasons, started problems with the others, etc. If you’re like me and have been watching the show since day one you know there has been a lot and nobody was treated as poorly as Luke. It didn’t matter what Luke said, how he said or in what time frame it took him to say it, he would have been ridiculed no matter what. He was probably so scared of what to say the words wouldn’t come out.

    Sorry for such a long “opinion” this ways heavy on my heart and really needed to share.

    1. Totally disagree. Sure people were there for the wrong reasons and what not but I also have been watching since day one and never has there ever been someone with so many red flags. He is toxic and abusive and not even editing can be blamed for this. This goes so far beyond the first impression rose target. The way he behaved was absolutely not okay and any negativity he receives he deserves! He will use naive people like you to give himself power and think that his victim act works. Don’t encourage abusers like this!

    2. I agree with a lot of what you said. I re-watched MTA and did feel bad for all the bullying going on. So disappointing. I feel a lot of Lukes issues were immaturity and also it seemed like he had conversations with Hannah that we did not see. He seemed confused to me. There is no excuse for some of his behaviors but I could say that about a handful of the guys there at MTA.
      I feel the cast was too young, including Hannah.

  198. I honestly fast forwarded once I heard Connor tell Luke “F you”… bc if it was reversed and a girl was sitting in Luke’s position, we all would feel like she was being bullied to an extreme. Yes Luke isn’t perfect, but my gosh did every guy need to say it over and over, when none of them are perfect either! It’s called empathy! It was annoying Luke didn’t own up to his mistakes, but I am so tired of this season being about Luke!
    Also, I feel like she didn’t have a real romantic connection with any of the men left on the MTA (outside of luke), so found the rest of the episode boring. I want to see the interview with guy #3 whoever that may be!!!

  199. UMMM, i am super surprised at how many people are bashing Hannah right now…Luke was not a good guy to her this entire season. MTA was her chance to speak her true feelings about that roller coaster ride with Luke. How can you blame her for what she’s saying? Saying “oh, she should just move on. she’s a bully. mean girl, etc” that is just wrong wrong wrong. She was manipulated, judged, and shamed by Luke. if i was her watching this whole season back i would be furious! Hannah might not be ready for marriage and handled some situations with some immaturity, but damn girls. let’s give Hannah some slack, not LUKE! as Luke said himself at the beginning on his interview “if i could go back, i would not change a thing”. Remember this ladies. Luke was not remorseful for his actions, and his apologies later on to the guys what just him flip flopping again to tell people what they wanted to hear. Hannah was played by this man, and if she wants to apologize for keeping on our tv screens for too long, more power to her.

  200. Does anyone else think that there is a HUGE problem with the way Chris Harrison speaks to both the lead as well as the “contestants”? I think that his tone & words spoken during this season have encouraged this bully behavior to go on for way too long.

  201. I think it was awful that Luke was allowed by the staff to come back. I know they could have stopped it. It put hannah and Luke in a very bad situation. Luke has issues no doubt but I do think Hannah was wrong to sleep with multiple men and brag about it as well. It is far from kissing more than one

  202. I’m sorry Ali but your thoughts on Luke are so off base. The man is a stalker hands down. And the producers and Chris Harrison should have NEVER let him show up at that rose ceremony. He is a very troubled young man with real life physopathic tendencies. Sugar coating this is shameful. Anyone who doesn’t see the danger this show put Hannah in for ratings is complicit. I fear you have treaded on dangerous grounds by defending him this way.

  203. I totally think Luke needs some grace and we don’t have a right to be mean toward him. He does seem to be very unaware and he behaved in a very disrespectful and inappropriate manner. But oh man, does he really need to be torn apart? I’m on both sides here, both on the fact that they’re both human. It was painful to watch the men tell all. And honestly I’m really disgusted by the bachelor’s producers and crew who allowed Luke to return just for the drama of it! And didn’t step in sooner when Hannah said NO 30 times. Way to show that you respect the word of a woman.

  204. You have bullied Hannah all season just in a passive aggressive way. Luke needed to be called out for his behaviour. It was abusive and out of line! The producers shouldn’t have had him in the hot seat for as long as they did but I feel that way because he doesn’t deserve anymore time to explain himself. There is no justification. I don’t believe Luke thought he was being romantic. He knew he was being controlling and he had a whole manipulative speech ready for her. No means No Luke! Anyone making excuses for him or giving him any grace has to simply be very uneducated about abuse or have simply been lucky enough to not experience or witness abuse / domestic violence. I feel so bad for Hannah. She took so much bullying (which you never seem to acknowledge) from people on social media and it’s very unfair. And she apologized at the end because she did keep him too long! She did send home great guys! She was harassed every week she kept him so she apologized. I don’t believe it came off mean. Now I’m just rambling. I have too many thoughts and feelings about all of this but all in all I feel like you, Ali, almost don’t realize what having the platform you have means. Sending the message that people should feel bad for Luke is actually irresponsible. This could have been an opportunity to help women with men like Luke. Instead this post sends out the message that he’s not a bad person. He’s misunderstood. Oh he just think hes being romantic.

    It’s just not okay.

  205. I could not believe an hour was spent on Luke. ABC/ show producers obviously wanted that format. It seemed in poor taste to me to to be all over this guy for an hour.
    There must have not been enough other material in the season to fill the evening.
    I was disappointed in how it was done

  206. I agree with you 100% on everything. Also, I don’t feel you need to explain yourself (though I understand why you did) for sticking up for Luke. I wish Luke would have looked everyone in the eye and said “please remember I’m a real person with real feelings, I have my insecurities too and I hear what you guys are saying and it hurts!” They treat him like a robot! What Connor did was not cool at all. I love that you say you will never condone bullying. I am amazed at how Luke took all of that heat, I would have had a break down and I think he just doesn’t want to show his vulnerable side. Also, here is the difference…I DONT think Luke was intentionally going out and trying to hurt anyone, but what these guys are saying and doing to him…they are intentionally Trying to hurt him and that isn’t ok. I just want to give Luke a big hug. I really do. The world can be so mean and I saw that when I watched tonight.

  207. Sorry to disagree but Luke has some very serious issues! He has some huge, huge red flags that Everywoman should be aware of !! He is aggressive, rude and dismissive and the makings of a stocker

  208. I completely agree with everything you said in this blog, especially about Luke!! Thank you for not being afraid to say how you really feel and being open and honest with your opinions. I know you always come from a good place .

  209. I find both Hannah & Luke to be emotionally naive for their age. Week after week, they remind me of children pretending to be adults…the way a child views adults. I’ve disliked Luke from the very first episode. His treatment of Hannah was that of a dangerous obsession. To be perfectly honest, I was so disappointed when Hannah was chosen…and that disappointment has grown with each episode. She acts overconfident but is actually so easily swayed. As messed up as Luke is, I do agree with Ali that he had a right to ask her about the fantasy suits. However, him saying he’d have to leave sounded more like an empty threat to manipulate her. But if she needs sex to be the tie-breaker for who she chooses, then I have little faith of that relationship going the distance. I also agree with Ali about Luke not asking if Hannah was a virgin. He wasn’t asking about her past. He was asking about her immediate future. I’d never agree to marry a man who had just slept with someone else a couple of nights before. Hannah’s quick temper & misinterpretation was a dead giveaway of her unawareness of her insecurity. This is one season I hope ends without a couple. Hannah is one of the few Bachelor/Bachelorettes that let the experience race right to their head…it always crashes & burns in the end.

  210. Ali I agree on everything you said. Love the way you talk positive about everyone but give credit where deserve.

  211. Luke P is not that bad!! They edited him very poorly. I feel like people in relationships do agree with some of the stuff he was saying. Lol i even made a video about it. “In Defense of Luke P (The Bachelorette)”


  212. I have to say that I was so disappointed when Hannah was picked for this season. I did not like her at all on the bachelor. But I have to say I think she’s my favorite bachelorette of all (sorry Ali). She’s genuine, strong, and forthright. It doesn’t look like she finds her happy ever after, and I hate that for her. Good luck and God bless Hannah.

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