The Bachelorette- What Happens in a Windmill, Stay’s in a…Oh Wait.

Ah! This episode has me feeling all sorts of things. Honestly my head is spinning a bit trying to wrap my head around some of it. Ha! Apologies in advance if I talk in circles a bit, there’s just so much going on! Let’s get right into it!

Peter’s Fantasy Suite

Oh Peter! He is just such a little sweetheart! But I feel like we saw two completely different sides but last night. One side of him pre-windmill and another side of him post-windmill. Ha! Obviously, we all know what happened in that windmill. Twice! But it’s funny because he was so insecure and awkward about saying I love you and just very awkward in all of his adorable Peter ways before the fantasy suite. But the next morning he just seem like a totally different guy to me. In a good way! He was still his sweet adorable self but had this confidence that was extremely attractive in my opinion. Post-windmill Peter could be the Bachelor!

That said, for the first time all season I kind of feel like it could be Peter in the end. I never thought I would say this but I believe them when they say the relationship went to another level after the fantasy suite. And not just because they slept together. But you could just see this intense connection between them the next morning. I felt like there was no other guys in her mind when she was with him that morning. So I think it could be him in the end. But if it’s not, he is honestly my pick for the next Bachelor! I think he would be one of the best Bachelors ever!!!


Tyler’s Fantasy Suite

OK at this point I’m convinced it can’t be Tyler. I understand that she wanted to know if there was something more than physical and I think it’s great that she did that. But if they end up together how is she possibly going to explain that she slept with Peter and not him? I just feel like that’s going to be a really tough pill for anyone to swallow. Heck, finding out that the person you get engaged to just recently slept with someone in addition to you is extremely painful. But knowing that she had that intimacy with someone else and not you has got to sting. It’s so weird even talking about this. Like, in the real world this wouldn’t be a thing. If one of my girlfriends came up to me and told me that the guy she’s been dating just slept with somebody else and then proposed to her I would tell her she’s insane. Ha! So I don’t even really know how to talk about this stuff. But what I will say is that there is no judgment from me whatsoever you guys. I have said this time and time again on my blog but most people are intimate with more than one person on the show. That’s because you’re put in the situation where we are expected to get engaged in such a short period of time and physical intimacy is a big part of that. I actually applaud her for being so open about it. There have been times where I thought the making out with multiple guys was a bit much because she had so many left still. But just because it’s a bit much for me doesn’t mean it’s much for her! And she should live her life however she pleases! I just try not to have double standards when it comes to these things. And I know if this was a season of the Bachelor and the Bachelor was talking about sleeping with multiple women I would think he was being a jerk. So I do think she needs to be a little bit careful about what she’s talking about publicly because it could be hurting the guys. In fact I’m sure it is. Sorry I feel like I’m talking in circles but it’s just such a weird topic and I keep having different thoughts about it.

All in all, Tyler once again proved to be such a standup guy! And I’m super excited that there are two really strong candidates this season to be the next bachelor. Makes me already excited for the next season! Here are the links to the swimsuit Hannah wore to the massage part of their date! The bottom’s are actually on sale right now!! There are two different tops that match and I have linked both!


Jed’s Fantasy Suite

I totally get where Jed is coming from when he pulled her aside and asked her how she could be interested in someone like Luke. Honestly, I did the exact same thing the season of the Bachelor that I was on. The guys name was Jake and he had a girl that stuck around till the very end actually, that I couldn’t understand what he saw in her. And look, at the end of the day it’s none of my business what somebody saw in somebody else unless I’m considering being with that person too! I truly don’t know that I would be compatible with somebody who saw somebody else so differently than I do. As I say that out loud. Yes I am writing this blog talk to text, it comes off my tongue in such a gross way! Like I feel like I’m being completely close-minded. But the more I really sit down and think about it, I feel like to be married to someone you have to be similar on so many levels. Yes, opposites attract and I do believe that people can balance each other out. But I think on fundamental beliefs and how you view the world and others you have to be pretty similar to stay married to someone. For example, Kevin and I have always said since we first started dating that we have the same brain. We truly would finish each other sentences and always have the exact same thought on something. I think that’s one of the things that makes us such a strong couple. But when you’re a couple and you see things so differently, you tend to butt heads a lot. For example, Roberto was the guy that I ended up with on my season of the Bachelorette. He’s a great guy! I honestly think someone will be lucky to marry him one day. And I truly mean that. But we saw the world so differently that we never stood a chance. And I think that’s what’s happening with Hannah and Jed. I don’t know that they see the world and see situations the same way. All that said, I’m sure there are some of you that will read this and think or even comment below saying that you and your husband are polar opposite‘s and happily married for 25 years! And if that’s the case that’s awesome! I definitely think there are exceptions. But you know the movie He’s Just Not That Into You? Well, if you’re familiar with it I would say those people are the exception, not the rule. So if Hannah and Jed end up together, which I think there is a super good chance they will, I really hope they are the exception and not the rule. Especially because when he told her he loved her, her feelings were written all over her face. She loves him too. I know a lot of people have different opinions about Jed because of the ex-girlfriend scandal. For those of you that don’t know what I’m referring to, there is a girl that he was dating right before he left to come on the show. And while I think that was a really crappy thing for him to do, I do still think that he is falling for Hannah in this process and never thought he would. I’ve also said this so many times on my blog in the past but nobody goes on the show thinking they’ll actually fall in love and everyone’s usually surprised when they do. I think Jed never thought in a million years thought he fall for her but he is. All that said, and because I don’t know the truth around the situation with Jed’s girlfriend, I feel like we will learn more of the truth once the season is over and I’m holding out judgment until then. I will say that Jed has shown absolute transparency throughout this process. The fact that he came clean about wanting to come on the show to boost his music career was incredible in my opinion! And the fact that he sat down with Hannah at their dinner on this date and hold her some really hard things but in a super respectful way just made me really admire him.  I just loved the conversation. I feel like the show can be a bit over-the-top at times and it’s the same thing over and over and over. So when we get to see real conversations it makes me happy. Because that’s what relationships are. Although I wish Hannah kept it together a bit more. She needs to respectfully here people out. Especially at this point. But I also get that she is FLOODED with emotion. I cried SO much at this point in my journey as the Bachelorette and would get in fights with the producers about it. Ha! So I know how emotional this point is.

Luke’s Fantasy Suite Date

I’m surprised she saved the bucket list date for Luke. On my season I remember saving my favorite dates for the guys I liked the most. So it seems pretty obvious to me that going into the day she really felt like he could be the one in the end. But let’s not waste time and get into what happened on their date. First thing I want to talk about is I’m confused about the timing of the date. Obviously the way it’s edited it’s made it seem like this was her fourth fantasy suite. However, the way Luke was talking made it seem like he was telling her she shouldn’t have sex moving forward. Like if he was the last fantasy suite about a week of time would’ve been between the last rose ceremony and his date. Even maybe a little bit more time because they were 4 fantasy suite dates this season instead of three. So I’m wondering if Tyler‘s date was actually after this but they told Hannah she couldn’t tell Tyler anything about it. I’m not really sure. And that also makes me wonder if that’s why Hannah was so adamant that she and Tyler should not be intimate on their date. Maybe she was worried how her conversation with Luke would come off on national television, and I get that, so she wanted to make sure it didn’t seem like she slept with all the guys. I don’t really know. I’m confused about it. What are you guys thinking?

So here’s my first thought about what Luke said. I get that he doesn’t want to marry Hannah if she sleeps with the other guys. This may not be the popular opinion. But I get it! In addition, on the season of the Bachelor I was on I left before the Fantasy Suite dates so I don’t know what it’s like to be in that position, but I feel like it would be too hard for me to be with somebody knowing they just were with somebody else. So I think he had every right to ask the question. But I also think Hannah had every right to defend herself! Again this is just one really weird conversation that wouldn’t have it in the real world so it’s hard to even talk about. In the real world Luke having these questions for the girl he’s dating would not be frowned upon. I’m actually not yet. I think you have a right to thought! I think for Hannah to say she’s not “strapped down to a man” isn’t fair at all. She’s dating these guys hoping that one of them wants to propose to her. I don’t think she should look at it that way. I think she should respect the fact that he could be hurt by her sleeping with somebody else and would want to know. And I think she should’ve talked to him about that. Am I totally off? Do you guys totally not agree with me? Or maybe we do completely agree with me! I don’t know! The one thing I do think that he really messed up on was talking about this in front of the cameras. He should’ve had this conversation with her in the fantasy suite. It’s almost like he was trying to publicly bash her for having sex outside of marriage. So that is where he really messed up! But the only reason I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt is that I know you’re just not always thinking clearly on this dang show! It’s a really emotional point in the process. And I know I did some really crazy things and said some crazy things around fantasy suite week. It’s just such an emotional time! So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I think Luke had every right to ask what he asked. But because it came from Luke it’s just not OK. He’s just showing that what he says is always said as a way to try to manipulate Hannah. And I think that’s what he was trying to do here. So the clarity that he wanted isn’t what bothered me. The manipulation behind the clarity he wanted is what bothered me. Sorry if I talked in circles here. I just feel like this is a really confusing episode and it’s hard for me to wrap my head around everything. Oh! And here is her outfit from part of her date with Luke! Remember when I did “The Many Outfit’s of Hannah” post?! I tried to find everything from the season teaser, and this was one of them!

1. Track Jacket | 2. Black Top | 3. Striped Pants

Final Thoughts

I have no doubt when Luke shows up next week she’s going to make him leave. There’s no way he ends up in her top two. Although, the show tends to surprise me these days! Who do you think will be the top two? Right now I feel like it’s Peter and Jed. But I’d love to know what you guys think! Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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348 Thoughts

348 thoughts on “The Bachelorette- What Happens in a Windmill, Stay’s in a…Oh Wait.

  1. I feel Luke was to obsesseD ABOUT HAVING HANNAH all to himself and him being the one for Her, where he can dominate her. Its not his fault that he is like That because he was probably taught that way from his religious beliefs. He still needs maturing and maybe he needs to learn the hard way. He needs to mature.

    1. I fEel like luke needs to mature in more ways than one, including his spiritual walk. Although i agree with the MOTIVATION behind what he was trYing to say to her at diNner, His behavior Toward the others throughout made him a poor example of Someone sTriving to walk in the christIan faith.
      I’m guessing it will be jed and tyler in the end, She will chose jEd and hopefully wont reGret it. (I hope the RUMORS aren true!) PERSONALLY, i think she should pick peter

        1. Mine too! I kept tRying to figure out how to take the caps loCk off and it wouldn’t work! Now it just looks like i’m Yelling at her 😂😂

      1. I fEel like luke needs to mature in more ways than one, including his spiritual walk. Although i agree with the MOTIVATION behind what he was trYing to say to her at diNner, His behavior Toward the others throughout made him a poor example of Someone sTriving to walk in the christIan faith.
        I’m guessing it will be jed and tyler in the end, She will chose jEd and hopefully wont reGret it. (I hope the RUMORS aren true!) PERSONALLY, i think she should pick peter

    2. I think Hannah has a lot of maturing to do too….which is the reason I believe she was falling for him in the first place, both at the same level of maturity. Not a big fan of this bachelorette in all honesty.

      1. Not a fan either!!! Hannah definitely lacks the ability to control her emotions and is not wise in her decision making.

  2. I totally agree with you about what Luke said about her sleeping with other guys and i felt like She kind of used a lot of whaT he said as an excuse to finally break it off with Him. You cant expect everyone to be okay with the idea of fantasy suites and what goes on During them. Instead of understanDing how he felt about it she kind of just jumped on His comment and attackEd. I do love her honesty though! I feel like in the past People pretend that they dont have sex On the fantasy suite dates and try to be secretive about it but we all know haha

      1. was she TRUly honest though?
        that felt like an amygdala HIJACKING at best – and more likely a planned set up from prodcution: KEEP luke around, one wrong move and shred him loose.

        FELT too prosecutorial and contrived. she had most of that soeech in mins before luke ever OPENED his mouth.

        i HOPE he’s rid of her. at LEAST super flawed luke gives a crap. hannah looks LIKE it’s all one big ride – maybe that EXPLAINS THE rollercoaster *stuff*.

        1. sorry for the typos

          wanted to say h b had most of the cut luke loose speech in mind b4 they EVEr sat down .

          lousy stuff.

          1. I agree. This was what ended it for Luke? I’d have the same reservations. It feels set up.

  3. Definitely peter & jed! I love Love love peter. He is so real & authentic. If he is the bachelor, sign me up!

    I RESPECTFULLY disagree about luke. I think The way he always tries to change hIs words and backtracK after her reactions shows he is a snake. We all say things that come off wrong at some point, but this has Been a trend And is no mistake. also Don’t like how he doesn’t respect her decisionS.

    1. Oh I agree that it’s a trend with him and he most likely had ill intentions. But I don’t fault him for wanting to know in the first place if that makes sense.

    2. i see the doesn’t RESPECT her feelings comment. i think his rationale is religious firece love battle.stuff, but it looks controlling.
      that said, hannah was pretty disrespectful. what was she modeling?
      i DIDN’T see love or self esteem. i saw hot headed p r i d e f u l stubborn refusal. it felt punitive, and i dont think she wantes to be mean at all- just fiery – but it read a OVERLY harsh.
      who breaks uo like that?
      it FELT like middle school.

      1. Hannah handled herself with sO much class. I was Inspired by how she didnt Go off on him. Luke wasnt saying he would be hurt by her sleeping with the other guys he was telling her she “MeSsed up” if she slept with the other guys. He Was compLetely trying to control her and only back tracked when he knew she was going to send him home BECAUSE all he cared about was winning not actually being with hannah.

        Also who tRys to control what a woman does with her body….sounds leas high school and more 1940s

        1. btw
          who Is controlling hannahs decisions? she seems very reactive – what DoesNT set her off?

          luke bringing up PRETTY standard religious fare seems ABOUT as unshocking as it gets – was she really surprised??

          I simply disagree, abby – the only class i saw there was maybe the 8th grade.

          1. How were either one of them surprised?!!

            Luke has been abundantly clear about his faith. And hannah has been pretty open with her attitude toward dating multiple men… in front of those men!

            And yet they both seemed genuinely surprised. Maybe it’s immaturity (selfishness? Narcissism?) that neither one was interested enough to discover more about what the other values in life, and why.

            (And here’s another unpopular thought/question: do y’all think part of what hannah liked about luke was *her* ability to manipulate *him*? He’s been apologizing to her from day one!)

            (Sorry for the all caps: this form won’t let me submit anything but caps. Weird)

          2. (Forgive the all caps, i can’t Get it to switch)
            It’s the way he says thinGs, not always the what. His words implied a jUdgement on her character – and as she said, she let a lot go because her heart was inveSted in him. I think he had expectaTions of her that no one could live up to (not just the puRity thing). She’s not a trophy or a china doll to look pretty anD act a certain way. She had enough of that durinf her pageaNts!

          1. I agree wIth this assessment. He has apologized for everything even if it wasn’T really his faUlt.

    3. Christina, my thoughts exactly! He says what he means the firSt time, its only wHen he sees that he Has pissed her off that he tries to backtrack aNd say he doesnt want to be misunderstood. From day 1! Its all manipulation.

      1. NIcki, yes!! That’S the part that drives me crazy, he backtrackS all the time! It’s like He’s only concerned about not getting “kicked off” (sorry if this posts in all caps, can’t figure out how To change it!)

      2. agreed. everyone go back and listen to the very first thing Luke says,,all his backtracking gives me a headache. he goes from “i 100% would remove myself from this relationship” to “no, Hannah we can get through anything”. ugh enough already

      3. Yes not only does he flip but gaslights as well. He referred to her having had sex as ‘slipped,’ implying if it wasn’t a slip she should feel ashamed and unacceptable to him. It was no slip up; girl is a horn dog!

      4. Luke is lookin for love in ALL the wrong places! I believe the producers have cut and edited ALOT of Luke’s scenes to make him a monster. If you wanted an apple 🍎 don’t look for one in a peach orchard.

    4. Amen! He constantly backtracks when he says something that doesn’t go over well. It’s so wrong to see someone say something with such conviction and talk about morals and religion and when someone doesn’t react well, tell them she misunderstood, which is what he’s done all season. To see the preview and watch him say that he forgives her and she will be hus Wife. He’s delusional.

    5. He COMPLETELY backtracked his stance on Hannah being physical w/the other guys. To me, that eradicated his credibility- even though he was incredible to begin with. If that was truly important to him rather than winning, he would’ve stuck to his conviction about it.

  4. I totally agree with you. I love peter and have seen him in such a different light. I cannot stand Jed and hope He doesn’t make it to the end. I would love for peter and tyler to be in final two. Love Reading your blogs! Look forWard to Your bachelor/ette recap every week!

    1. Peter and tyler for the win!! NOt a fan of jed. Yes, he’s better than luke, but i’d Be happy if he left too. I feel susPicious of him and his intentions. I like reading your opinions. I thought producers were encouraging Hanna go keep lUke around for raTings. Is that possible?

  5. Just have to say i love your blogs and look forward to them eveRy monday! Tyler is by Far my favorite. I think hes the classiest person ive seen on this series in a long time. I think the way hanna reacts sometimes shows her age and how young she is.

  6. Yes! Agree totally with you! I think it’s completely okay for him to want to know and question her behavior. I’m not a Luke fan by the way. I don’t like the way she cuts them off and acts like she’s the only one who gets to call the shots. He is a Christian and is thinking (because of things she’s told him) that she is also and wants to make sure they’re on the same page. No crime in that. she needs to stop acting like they have no right to question her. that said…I’m glad he’s gone. I feel a bit HORRIBLe for Peter and his family because I thought she disrespected him and acted like a teenager in a fight in that moment. I don’t think she’s a horrible person but I do think she needs to mature a little. I kind of think she might end up with tyler?! I’ve been watching since the first season almost 20 years ago…this one is crazy!

    1. I so agree. Also not a luke fan, but he has a pretty specific world view and he’s been really clear about that. For Hannah to be surprised by this now shows a stunning lack of curiosity on her part. And the same goes for Luke! For Luke to not have asked her more about her faith, what it means to her, and how it informs her life and her decisions is equally ridiculous.

      Agree about Peter being collateral damage in this, too. Poor guy didn’t deserve that. And I don’t think Hannah intended to hurt either of them. She got angry because she was offended and felt judged, which absolutely sucks on national TV. What this really makes me think is how unbelievably glad I am that there weren’t any cameras following me around when I was in my 20s.

      1. I agree with everything you wrote. Especially about the camera following me around in my twenties. I still cringe when things i did or said pop into my mind!

  7. the short version:
    the ONLY THING worth loving in this episode is Greece.

    suuuccchhhh a let down.
    the beast AIN’T READY for marriage.
    now i GET why producers went all in with Luke – SHE’S not r e a l l y worth the focus and weight of what bachelorette is meant to be…

    fascinated a bit by her criticism.of pride and h e r list of someone would love me NO MATTER what- when she’s not OFFERING that to a n y o n e.

    turns out the real narcissist may BE Hannah B !! and the BIGGEST lie is from hannah – to HERSElf – that she is SHOWING Up.for big love.

    ppl have RIPPED LUKE’S communjcation skills – at keast he shuts up and listens. for all her growth, and wibderful zest, she seems to have worsened in the toigh discussion department.

    sighing. and also glad i DON’T care as much as i DID earlier in the season …way way way too much SELF-FOCUS,over cooked EMOTIONs red Hot ANGer. and righteous distortion.

    1. Just BECAUSE a woman doesnt stand for slut shamming doesnt mean shes not ready for marriage. Considering she gave luke weeks and weeks oF time I think she “shut up and listened” and in the end she saw his true colors. Also shes the bachelOrette so when she knows she wants to send someone home she doesnt have to let them speak especially when they are judging her.

      And dont waTch if you dont think shes worthy of focus!

      1. she is too all over the map too LATE IN the GAME for me to take BACHLORETTE love GOAls seriously.

        NO way any FAM members watching WOULD be like g r e a t HANNAH chose my son or brother watching HER EMOTIONs run all over thr place. the PROPOSAL is suppose to be a week away -it looks ljke she just ISN”T in a good PLACE to begin a marriage.

        SHE should date date date for the next few years – have a BALL- that WOULD BE a good fit.

    2. Yes! Loving the comments on here! My Facebook timeline is full of girls hating on Luke and I want to be like waitttt but do you see the selfishness on her side?? I mean don’t get me wrong Luke really does have such bad communication skills and I really don’t understand why he would come on a show like this but people act like he is the worst person ever and Hannah is a queen! 🤨 I wish I could go through and like comments and not have to submit my info every time lol but this episode got me riled up because of how proud every has been of Hannah…

  8. So sorry that when you guys type in comment box it’s showing all CAPS. I am working to get this fixed asap! I know it’s annoying!

  9. Omg this episode had my head spinning too! I was so Pleasantly surprised by the date with peter and i love their connection. I felt like the way she handled tylers date was awkward given the context. I respEct the choice she made but i also Feel like she reacted over the top to the FAntasy suite Date she and peter had…like she forgot this was all teleVised?! Lastly- i totally get why luke asked and i do not fault him for that. However- he would. Not. Stop. And i feel like he has in His mind that he is meant to “save” hannah and be her husband/spiritUal leader and it clearly does not align with her own religious interpretations of morals, etc. especially seeing the sneak peek im like omg Just Stop!!! (Ps i dont know why this post is in all caps…it wont let me change…)

    1. my take ia luke believea they are destined, and it is his and hannahs responsibility to lift each other up – as OPPOSED to dominate ir LEAD her. i GET THE sense that biblical defibation of love beibf patient etc is LEADING him and it can look like falsity or power playing…ROUGH night in B world

  10. Starting with Her, I give him a lot of credit for his conversation with Hannah tonight. There are going to be hard conversations and moments in relationships and they need to be able to talk about these things.

    My big issue with Luke, and I’ve said it before, if the fact that in his past he’s been with other women but he feels like she can’t. I feel like if this was the bachelor this wouldn’t be a issue at all, but when a woman chooses to be intimate then they are “easy”. She deserves to have those moments.

    1. double standards are ALIVE and well. 4 sure.
      at this point (meaning 2019) i think HB just looks horny .* easy* seems outdated – to me.

      NOTHING wrong with kicking the tires and giving the GUYS a whirl.- but straddles w several castmates read as horny, and horny never looks ready FOr marriage – unless non-monogamy is your thing.

      b4 the *DONT slut shame her* brigade comes out let me ask: when do you see PEOPLE IN PUBLIc do straddle make outs?
      that goes for a n y gender. it’s not standard behavior ( irl ir bach) , and that is why it stands out as something surprising- its not a slut SHAMINg slam, ny me anyway . IT’S citing horny BEHAVJOR . Hannah tends to throw BACK a drink WHEN she is angry as well – but i cant say she is an alcoholic.

      i can say she looks pulled this way and that by emotion in a way that brings STRAIN to all. INCLUDING ME, now, as a viewer.

  11. I appreciate the fact that you’re not angry about luke. However, i am livid. What a jerk. Beyond glad he’s gone.

    1. i hope he views the show and is thrilled the fates spared him from h e r.

      it’s BEYOND hot mess . she’s a ton of fun, but is not someone i’d want to work for, marry or have as my NExt door neighbor.
      the my way or the highway f OFF attitude is not worth the fun side.

      1. The constant lies and manipulations on Luke’s part this entire season had me anticipating for weeks when Hannah would see through him and send him home. She told him he’s the closest thing she’s ever felt to love at first sight, and clearly that’s why she kept him there as long as she did.
        I think she got very defensive when Luke told her if she’d been intimate with anyone, he’d want to leave immediately. I also, think he backed her into a corner when he kept refusing to get in the car and leave. She finally said she knew how to get him to leave and told him about her fantasy suite experience with Peter. I think Hannah acted on impulse telling him and didn’t think how it would affect Peter or the other guys in the long run. I’m sure she regrets saying it now, but I bet at the time it felt good to stand up to Luke and send him home.

        As for Peter, I hope Hannah ends up with him. He’s such a great guy, and they seem to have a strong connection- not just physically. If she doesn’t choose him, Peter should definitely be the next bachelor. He’s such a doll and he deserves love.

  12. Hi ali!

    I actually didn’t think the way luke worded his concern was terrible. The whole season his explanations have been so immature, but i didn’t feel like his worDing of his concern was awfuL (besides him saying “im outta here”). i get where he’s coming from being concerned about her having sex with all the guys. That would make me uncomfortable too. But i also UNDERSTAND why she Got so mad. I agreed with her when she talked about how she WAs looking past the fact he cant get along with people or let his pride Go, but when it came to him looking past her having sex he was ready to just leave.

    To be honest i havent loved this season. Ive been watching Since trista, anD this may sound harsh but i think hannah is Just immature. Shes only 23, i just dont think she has the emotional or mental maturity to Be able to handle these situations well. Im not sure i can see any of these relationships working in the real worLd. The men tell all will definItely be interesting.

    1. This. Whole season i just feel like Hannah is auditionIng for a aDult film. She alwsys is posing and angling for her Intimate shots. Not just with one of the men, but all of them. It never seems natural, always very intentional.

    2. mta:
      how hard will THEY go at luke with him not BEING there? i APPRECIATE the point abt mental maturity as well – iys not just her emo emotions..she is so gutsy and smart. but her anger and lack of argument skills shows WHERE she needs intellectual development.

  13. Hey Ali.
    I agree with most of your comments. From what i watched lol i zOned ouT dUring tyler’s DaTe actually.

    I do want to comment on jed. I know thEres some shady stuff about him but honestly good for him for Speaking up about luke. I know they all have but none of them have really called hannah out aBout it. If you arE GoinG to be in a relationship you need to speak your truth and you also need to be able to handle the tRuth. She seemed to not handle it too well, i get it shes emotional i cant even imaGine but still i wasnt really impressed about her reaction. Then all of a sudden she was fine and whipPed out the fantasy suite card lol i really feel like she is not taking any of the serioUsly. People might not agree but thats just how i feel about this season.

    1. i think the jed hannah exchanges were the mlst real weve eber seen..points to jed for towing the line and working through TOUGH topics.
      HB gets POINTS.FOR.CONSIDERING what he said, for taking it in- but she lkst me with the fussy teenage like pouting about how the guys need to let here decide – like a 1e year old yelling that she is a GROWN up.

      this season has really degraded.

      1. correction
        she LOST me with the fussy teenage like pouting about how the guys need to let her decide like a 13 year YELLING she is a grown up

        #incaseanybodycares #🙄

  14. I think Hannah had not had many sexual relationships prior to the show. So with that being said, she’s just gone a little wild. She’s really perceptual about her relationship with Tyler and the physical part. I think the healthiest relationship is Peter! Not sure how it will end up.

  15. This was a great episode, i feel like so mnh noteworthy things happened! I actually really respect the fact that she didn’t sleep with tYler in the fantasy suite. They both knew they had a great physical connection, as we caN all see, and they wanted to spend their time digging deEper. I know the show is OBVIOUSLY edited, but we DIDN’T get tO learn much about them THROUGHOUT the season and i thInk this time was super imPortant. As for luke, i cannot blame him for wanting to know if she was intimate With the other guys, i would Want to know if i wEre in the situation. However, i think he wEnt about it In A very wRong and INAPPROPRIATE way.

    1. I so agree! What do you think about Ali’s comment that they might have filmed the date with Tyler *after* the fall-out with Luke and Hannah perhaps making the decision not to sleep with Tyler (and say so) as a result? I liked how she handled the date as I was watching it, but maybe there were some other things at play????
      Who knows!

  16. I have a question about the show. When it was hometown dates, we see maybe 10 minutes of conversation with the families. How much time do you really get with them? Also, fantasy nights. They don’t turn off the cameras until after it is dark. Unless you’re staying up all night it doesn’t appear like the bachelor(ette) get much alone time to have personal and intimate conversations. Do those nights really make or break something?

    I just love peter! I however don’t see them in the long haul. I don’t think he would be able to keep up with her speed. Which is where I kinda find jed more fitting. I just think they are going to have a lot of hurdles in their life. Obviously, him and his family knew he was going in for fame. Which is why I think his family reacted the way they did when she came to his hometown. If I had a son that went on the show to boost his music care and found out he was the top guys standing, I’d be freaking out too. I see family/ trust issues. Especially if he ends up keeping a lot of focus on music and not much on their relationship. like you said, polar OPPOSITEs. As long as their values and morals align, as well as an understanding of what they need from a relationship they will be fine. But it is hard to see or judge that because we don’t see everything or see them in their most natural state. I think James will give her the life she wants. And I think he is absolutely a wonderful guy. My gut feeling is that she doesn’t pick him in the end.

  17. Not a lUke fan- but totally undErstood where he was coming from, i believe he absoLutely had a right to ask and feel that way. i even feLt bad for him for a minute because i think he genuinely thought him and hannah were on the same page regarding saving sex for marriage. I think his wording could have been better, and he definitely thrEw some jabs at her during the conversation that WEREN’T neCessary but it bothered me that people think its so outrageous for him to ask something like that.

    But anyway! i think tyler and jed are the top 2! jed is clearly a front Runner but The way she talked about tyler after their overnight made Me think he won her over. Wish her the best though with whoever she cHooses!

  18. I feel badly for hannah. I think she’s young, but there is also a maturity about her. I think she is probably not going the find her husband through this whole thing, but in the end she will have learned so much about relationships and her own personal strength. She should not be judged for who she has or has not slept with. She had to do with each person what she felt most comfortable with. I think it’s a tough situation to be in. I agree that luke shoild habe waited until the fantady suite to discuss his concerns. He was sort of shaming her publicly. It will be interesting to see how the show ends and how hannah is doing.

    1. points to luke.for being upfront pre suite.

      i do.see your point abt the public ASPEct.for sure – but he is BEING viewed too. for HIM to go into the suite he may have felt compelled to show viewers he was being responsible. i neekkce he meant no harm, as he did SAY he thought they were on the same page, And was SHOCKED to learn she wasn’t as classically religIOUS as he beljeved.

    2. I agree. And on thAt note i also think she was Unknowingly publicly embarassing & disprepecting peter and their private time shared. I’m sure she realises that now.

      1. hannahs got alot going on.
        luke has been suxh a scene stealer in that area, but as hb has said a * hot mess * can often be found FLOATING arouhd her head.

  19. The relationships Hannah has with peter, tyler, and jed are far more advanced and real than what her and luke have. Luke on the first group date expressed that he loved her. Yes i do believe in love at first sight but not express it the way luke did. Right there he rubbed the guys in the house the wrong way and to continue to walk around like he had this in the bag and really twist everything to make him the good guy was wrong. I get its a show but that to me is a big turn off. As for hannah in the end not letting him speak i feel she did right. One, because the more he spoke he dug his grave and she was just getting more Upset. Two, after disrespecting her the way he was he really just needed to keep his mouth shut. He tried to explain but the problem was there was nobody to blame thibgs on and twist words around to make him look like the good guy. Hannah told him to speak his mind but to sit there and say that she can not have sex with other people that is wrong. She is a big girl and can make up her own mind. I watched the preview for next week and wHen he walks back in and she tells him to leave and then the guys step up to him that is going to be a edge of seat to see how things turn out.
    As for the person i think hannah will end up with i am leaning towards peter or tyler. I am unsure about jed.

  20. I dont think luke was wroNg at all for asking her that question. It almost seemed that deep down hannah knew that what he was saying was riGhT and maybe thats why she Got so defensive? I dunno, but aS Always with luke, hIs wOrds gOt turned around on him and he was made to be the bad guy lol. The one thing that did lOok Bad was him saying he wouLd leave her if he found out she slept with another guy but when that made her mad, he tried to back step and say that he wouldnt leave her. I think if that was his True feeliNgs, then he SHOULDN’T Change What he said jUst becauSe she Got mad…And it makes alot Of sense now that tylers date could of been after lukes (another hint that maybe hannah deep down knew luke was right about the not needing to sleep with all the guys lol) oh well i think jed and tyler are the toP tWo! But did anyone else notice how they didnt show any previews about the men tell all? Like they discussed it, but they didnt actually show the men all TOGETHER on the stagE arguing Like they have in PREVIOUS seasons.. i wonder what that was about?

  21. First of – i really look forward to your recaps, your season was the first season i ever watched of the franchise

    Second – i think you were too nice about luke. He changes his answers constAntly when he realizes thats not what Hannah wAnts to heAr. He started off the confo with “when i Envision my fuTure, my wife, i want it go my way.” ‘!!MY WAY!!! This process is onE of its kind, ans should be treated that way – Theres multiple real relationships – and sex is one of those faCtors. Luke has every right to ask if he has to know – but he has to be prepared foe the answer and understanD the reality he is in.

  22. So many interesting pOints! I also tHink Peter is adorably awkward and if he doesn’t end uP with her, i think he’d Be a great bachelor. I agree with you about tyler. I think it would be bad if She slept with peter and not Tyler And then chose tyler. I’m eh about jed. LuKe – i Can see why he would ask (i would need to know!) but he did it in such a horrible, JUDGMENTAL wAy! Ugh.

  23. So much drama tonight!! I cant decide who her final 2 will be but i think she may send peter home. I cant see her sending tyler or jed home…the way she looks at jed and the way she cried and said she had never been respected Like tyler did. Cant wait to see next week!

  24. Crazy week! But i agree with you on luke and Jed. I will sLightly diSagree with you on tYler’s date, i feel like her Making it a big deal not to sleep with him proves how deeply she feels for him. It was almost like she wants more for them Than just the sex. When he left she seemed Emotional and i leaned tOwards the emotional being how Strongly she feels about him!

    1. WITH hannah what does emotion MEan at this POINT?

      she wept at Mike’s departure, had zero tears for connor,..skewered luke, and kept things sarcastic later in her producer interview. .

      i enjoyed HER alot from start to middle – EVEN thought she was turning out to be my favorite bachlorette, but LAST NIGHT…the way she has BASICALLY squandered her time on the show. and keeps having erractic swings…no. the whole thing plummeted – AND that is on her.

      i don’t think this show has worked well for her. the combo of being STRONG headed and overcome BY emotions is a very challenging combo. i think she needs a plan to cope with HER emotions when things swell. she just seems to ride the waves, BUT without supportive tactics she keeps CRASHING. no doubt production exasperated what appears to be a real life problem for hannah.
      hard to watch, and i IMAGINE very hard for her to live.

  25. I think Luke asking about her having sex is totally valid. However, he did not approach it in a very kind an gentle way and was going back on his word so much to try and stay. He obviously Wanted her to say “no, i haven’t” or something along those lines, and when she did’Nt, he Freaked out and tried to back pedal. i am so glad she finally saw how manipulative he can be. The way he handled that whole situation was just awful. If i were hannah, i would likely react in a very similar way. The defensive stance she took makes me think something like this might have happened to her In a past relationship. That would be really hard to go tHrough a second time, And if thats the case or not i am glad she was able to stand up for herself.
    I will say i am sure that Luke will not be staying around when he comes back. THis was one of the best episodes in the franchise, i think!

  26. I think she will narrow it down to Peter and tyler. Jed’s hometown wasn’t great at all and even cringy in a way. I honestly feel like His family’s comments were genuine concern consIdering they suppos had just met hIs other gIrlfriend prior to tHe show. If hannah doesn’t pick tyler i hope to god he is the next bachelor!!!!

    1. Agreed! I love Tyler. He has everything a woman would want in a husband. His fAmily was so nice, he has a great job, seems ready for marriage, hasnt had any drama this season. Hes a good guy. I hope she picks him! If noT, he’d be the perfect bachelor. Jed will be gone a lot on the road trying to get his career going…His family was strange. Peter is sweet, but Idk, He just seems so desparate and head over heals giddy in love that i find it unattractIve. But hes a good guy with a nice family too. Luke and Hannah woulD’ve BEen in therapy 24/7!

  27. I feel like luke said what he felt was on his chest but then when she didn’t agree 100% or give him the answer he wanted, he tried to retract half of his statement saying he DIDN’T mean it. If you didn’t mean It that was, why say it. Also i get asking, but saying you are removing yourself from the Equation if she had, is like saying you DIDN’T sign up for that part. I just don’t like how he was about the entire situation, esPecially refusing to leave. Come on man, no means no and done means done.

  28. I love reading your blog, ali! I‘ve kept up with your posts all season and i think it’s so inTeresting to Hear the perspective Of someone who has first-hand experience with how the show works. I’M so Glad you’ve switched to posting on Monday!! I literally said to my mom after the show tonight “i hope alI posts tonight instead Of Tomorrow- i can’t wait to hear What she Has to say!”

  29. I always love the way that you don’t pass judgement while sharing your viewpoints! I agree with you about the “luke situation.” His question about values/sex were not wrong to have. It was his execution of the concerns that was all wrong!

    The conversation made me think of the quote from confucious that says, “Have no friends not equal to yourself.” In this case it is not friends, but the sentiment is the same! I felt that he was not speaking to her as an equal, but as a chastising manipulator. It also bothered me that he shared that he would have the desire to leave if she had been with the other men, but then seemed to change his mind once he realized that she had. At that point luke said they could “work it out.” No problems with him having his own expectations and viewpoints, but i do have troubles accepting that he was so quick to change his mind after having such rigid expectations of her!

    Overall, i really enjoyed this episode and felt like her goodbye to luke was cathartic!

  30. I was team jed from thr beginning but when we saw the previews last week fOr this week, i started to Question myself more. Heres be scenario i threw out to one of my friends. What if he brOught up luke to hannah on puRpose because he knew she wojld get upsEt & possibly gEt so upSet she woUld send hIm home earlier bc in fact he is not in love with her But for his music snd he just said all that stuff to make t farther on the show… regardless of that, j think its going to be jed & Tyler – just rhe way she watched them both leave the next morning

  31. I agree With you that luke has the rIght to ask those questions and elaborate his Feelings on the situation… howEver, sOmething i have thought about luke Since the beGinning – its not whAt you say its how you say it. And he totally talked down on her and shamd her and that was why it was wRong in my opinion!

  32. This whole season has been a disaster and it needs to end! What I’ve always wondered about your season is is that after leaving the show, why did you call Jake and asked him if you could come back?

  33. I agree luKe had every right to ask. I get it however, he has Minimal tact. The wau je asks is when he comes across so rude and condescending.
    Now- unpoPular opinion from me- im not a huge hannah fan. i think Hannah gets very angry very quickly. Like 0-100. And i understand being upset and SAYING things in the heat of the moment (we all do it) however, i felt That by DIVULGING what happened in the windmill in such a trashy way (sorry!) was incredibly disrespectful to peter and also contradicted her “views” abluf sex being so special to her. If if was so “special”, Then she would’ve kept what Happened in the windmill private. Sorry end of rant. I would love to hear what others think About this.

    1. I know this was addressed above but iGnore the caps and spelling mistakes/lack of autocorrecT when i was feverishly tYping on my phone lol

    2. Sara, I completely agree with you on this. I’ve been saying this since I saw the previews for this. The way she talked about f***ing in the windmill not once, but twice, was like the equivalent of a douche bag jock bragging to his friends in the locker room about a girl he hooked up with. If a bachelor would have said this?? The world would light on fire. I feel she thinks she is entitled to say whatever she wants and be praised her individuality and speaking her truth. I don’t think that being the bachelorette gives you the right to stomp around like you’re queen b. I really liked her on Colton’s season, wasn’t a fan of her being the next bachelorette, but then ended up liking her in the first half of the season. Now, I am just seeing her in a different light and I’m not a fan.

    3. I completely agree. I think it was immature to talk about what happened in the windmill. What happened in the windmill, should stay in the windmill. Not a fan of Hannah.

      1. windmill has officially ENTERED the lexicon.

        that this MAY be hannahs biggest contrib to the world at LARGE is pretty awful.

        (I’M Sure producers egged HER on, but hamming it up abt f*cking was shortsided, and falsely *liberated* post #metoo feminism – and a great example of the sin of pride she accused luke of. i get it, i could jave gone off like that, too, nut I hioe she sees it as the weakness it is and not the strength she was hoping to display )

    4. SARA: Yes! Exactly. But honestly, I don’t think she *wanted* to be awful to Peter and I think she’ll regret that part and probably apologize. I think you’re so right about her anger. I think it’s immaturity that led her to indulge that anger and tell Luke off at the expense of Peter…. it’s not fair for her to claim sex is special, and then use that “special” thing as a weapon against someone else, no matter how much that person provokes or offends. Again, immaturity.

      1. she is wed to her anger…more than anything else throughout the season.

        thanks for all the stress hannah.
        ive been hanging in there bc i believed in you – for what, now? ONE more EXPLOSION?

        it never ends with her. I’m complaining bc i DON’T think she RECOGNIZES that she can do things to get a handle on the over powering emotions. she seems to succumb and rant at. or abt, the men there.

        they have all RECOILED from her hot temper. she has thrown so many lightening bolts. yes,it’s spicy or hot, and has some lure, but who really wants to live like that?

    5. I totally agree with you. I also think she was just so pissed off after all the stuff Luke was saying is why she told him about her having sex, twice. Maybe?

    6. Sara, i so agree with you. Ive not been a Hannah fan from the get go but dislike her more as the season progressed. Shes immature, constantly angry or crying, and clearly was not ready for this experience. Someone called her behavior as a ‘horny teenager’ and that fits her completely. Id be mortified if I was her family watching. Or if My son was going to marry her. All along ive said that i did hope she finds love, BECAUSE everyone deserves that, but honestly, shes Got a ton Of growing up and reflecting to do before that should happen. Some pEople are saying shes respectful, but maybe I have a DIFFERENT iDEa of what REAL RESPECT is. Oh and one person said it best…..if you dont like ‘slut shaMing’ (i never even knew this was a thing beFore i read it here), then dont act like a slut.

  34. Talk about emotionally manipulative (referring to jed). He DOESN’T get the answer he wants about Luke so he threatens to retract his feelings. Knowing he has a girl on the side, I can’t see how you would say he’s been transparent at all. He’s a liar. If the girl came forward night one, he’d be just aso sleepy as

  35. I COMPLETELY agree with you. ThAt CONVERSATION should hahe 100% happened in private. At first, when he was voicing his concerns i was thinKing “why does she get so mad?” And then he kept talking and made himself look likE an idiot. I agree with his point that cHristians say one tHing and then don’t actually live up to it. But she made a great point when she said that prIde is also a sin. Sex outside of marriage isn’t the eNd all be all sin as luke made it seem. I do wish that hannah would stop and Question her choices and words more if she Is gOing to be so open With Her faith on tv.

    1. After watcHiNg the fantasy suite date and hearinG all the drama outside of the show, its makes it hard for you to not hope she ends up with tyler. He has been thr most genuine to her and everyone thought he was just some pretty boy. Jed had a gf, Peter now had a gf Right before the show, and lUke doesnt know how to talk to a woman. Tyler has been real with her even from their first one on one where she was down and didnt Even really want to go anymore. He was there for her and Has been. She should pick typer

  36. Hi Ali!

    After reading the ex-girlfriend story about Peter today, I see him in a new light, and sadly not a good one. I know there are two sides to every story, but if you read the article I don’t know how you cannot see how untruthful and scummy he was to his ex. YEs, they broke up well before the show, but they were in a committed relationship discussing kids and marriage, and then one day he up and breaks up with her with no explanation. she comes to find out that during their relationship he was auditioning for the bachelorette, and when he got on that’s when he cut things off (but didn’t tell her any of the reasoning why). He delted all of their photos off social media, removed all her comments and likes on his photos, and removed all of his likes and comments on her photos. Why would you do that unless you have something to hide?

    Side note: Social media, to me, makes this show tougher to perceive as genuine. It’s like all the contestants want is more instagram followers, which leads to more endorsements, more money, and an easy easy way to make all this money. and bonus! maybe they can become the bachelor/bachelorette or go on bip and further their fame. When it was your season, social media was really just facebook, and even that was not all that big yet. instagram wasn’t even a thing. twitter was around but not as big as it is now. it’s sad how people will go to such great lengths to get instafamous. not saying all people do this, but i guarantee that 90% these days go in with this in mind. just the culture. Also, I’m a Millenial (ugh hate that word! lol) but it’s kind of disgusting how engrossed we’ve all become in the social media world,

    Anyway, i think tyler is a sweetheart, but i don’t think he’s the right fit for hannah. I think there is a physical attraction (obviously), but i would love to see him as the bachelor and find his true match.

    Jed – not a fan, think he’s incredibly self righteous and the way he spoke to hannah tonight it was like he was giving her an ultimatum. Like either pick me or luke, but don’t expect me to stay around if luke is here. I know they eventually resolved it, but it just came off as very close-minded to me, especially at this point in the process. It was like he had a bruised ego because he was placed in the same bucket as luke last week and he thinks he is so much better than him, which is just gross to me. Grow up and stay in your lane.

    luke – i just think the guy is grossly misunderstood. i don’t think in his head he is manipulating her. i truly think he was there because he thought hannah’s values and his matched up to a tee, and both of them have forced something to try and fit this season and it just wasn’t there. hannah is very independent and needs someone to fit right into her life (i feel), and luke is looking to be the leader of a household. hannah doesn’t seem like a girl who is just going to follow someone or be told what to do (totally fair). some women are okay with this, and are even looking for a man like this, but they are just not right for each other and i wish that for both their sakes it would have ended weeks ago. I feel bad for all the bashing he gets on twitter. people can be so cruel, as if they were personally wronged by him. on the other hand, this show opens people up to be judged and it’s kind of what they sign up for. i think he is a strong guy and will bounce back, but i just hate seeing one person be ganged up on… remember, he is someones son, brother, friend, etc. and let’s be clear, i definitely judge people too (we all do, it’s human nature), but the extent people take it can be absolutely disgusting.

    One final thing… i think the way hannah deals with situations sometimes is like someone throwing a fit. she closes people off and yells at them and will not hear their side of the story. i feel it could be a maturity thing, but i don’t know, it may just go along with her feistiness. I have followed her twitter and some of the things she has said during luke’s parts have been really bratty. i get it, freedom of speech and she feels she’s been wronged by him, but it’s just not a graceful or kind way to act, especially being in a position where you have the ability to influence so many people with your platform. We love to praise people for speaking their “truth”, and while there is nothing wrong with that, i think we need to be cognizant of other people in this world.

    i am ready for a new season, that’s for sure!

    Sorry for the rant, had to get it all out there! Take care & have a great week! 🙂

      1. Yes! I feel like she just has a mean streak to her and once she feels she’s been challenged she goes nuts on people and won’t hear them out.

        1. hair-trigger temper

          absolutely a problem

          caelynn MUST be like praise the Lord the beast has been revealed

          JUST realized how prodcuers well knew this, and COUNTED on EXPLOITING it.


  37. Peter and Jed for the final two.
    As for luke…he’s terrible. He says one thing, and when he realizes that it’s not going his way, he tries to say that someone is changing his words. He said he would leave if she had sex with any of the other guys, but then said he would work through it because everyone has “slip ups”! What in the world is this man’s problem?! Looking forward to the men tell all!!!

    1. why are you looking forward to mta?

      luke WON’T be there.

      is it that you want to hear men speak against him when he is away?

  38. I felt Like the editing was weird ESPECIALLY on jeds date. But i do feel like she saw the luke that the guys wEre seeing in him retracting his words and making it try to seem like thats not wHat he said. I Found myself chEering her on in that convo with luke in that she finally did have clarity and was totAlly comforted by it.

  39. So Interesting that you think the dates were aired out of order – i keep wondering about that! Because i think she had sex with jed too and i kept wondering why she only told luke about the windmill – i think at that point she would’ve wanted to lay it all out there for him since she was so angry!

    Totally think you worded it well – that luke’s QuesTion would have been valid, but coming from him it wasn’t Okay. I found it quite frightEning the way he was saying some THings – super controlling and clearly with other motIves. And he kept Trying to guilt her by reminding her of his love for her, and her faith, which was flat out scary and manipulative to me.

    Also i appreciate Your thoughts abOut jEd and witHHolding of judGement! I have also been trying to give Him the benefit of the doubt until hE can SPeak for himself, because They seem so great togEther to me. And i do think he’S been so honest and transparent about his jouRney.

    Love your baChelor/ette posts – esp on mondays now! Who’s Your pick for Bachelor??

    1. Also – love tHe new site, but some feedback… really don’t like that comments type out in all caps – So many weird typos/capital letters in the final comment! Would be better if the font is normal in the comment Box! 🙂

  40. I was impressed and proud of Hannah and sticking up for herself. I agree with hannah and it was Luke’s wording that was Offensive like he owed her. I agree with you, Ali, THAt Tyler’s came after and that would explain her stumbling for words and her physical reaction to the situation. I never thought about that possibility.

  41. PeTer is my fav! I Agree-peter and jed in the end. In regards to luke, i dont like That he “backsteps” on everything anytime she seems To be getting mad at him. If you are going to ask tough questions, then own it and be willing to take what ever the outcome may be. I dont blame him for being curious but there is a time and place and rught on camera probably wasnt the best choice. If he comes back again, i think he is Trying to “win” not actually trying for Hannah. Ps love your blog and cute family!

  42. I really like peter! He was never one of my favorites, but i hope she picks him now! And you are so right, tYler cant win because that would be so hurtful to know. LUke. Oh luke. I would want to know if someone i loved was having sex with multiple other people. Wouldnt that take away from the meaning? Like i couldnt have sex and then turn around and Have sex with a different guy. Its fun to get your imput from someone who has been on the show! So thanks for sharing!

  43. I agree with you on the luke situation! The part that just really struck me is when he said he wants to save sex for marriage. How is this just being brought up?! They should have talked about that weeks ago. And i do believe they need to both be on the same page on sex before marriage if they want to be in a relationship. When they had the incident with rhe naked bungee jumping, that should have been the time to discuss this. Luke said hannahs body is a temple. Its clear the way he views women from a religious standpoint. While they each have the right to be their own person, howwwwww was this huge difference never discussed?!?!

  44. I just adore Tyler! I think you could be right about his date being after LukeS, but more than that i’m thiNking about something she said. She said if he is her forever they Will have forever to be physicAl. I think she sees the potential of forever with him and also they’ve been physical enough that she knows that conNection is there. They needed to talk, more than the others; and that’s mostly her fault. I’Ve watched her pounce on him and start making out when he was mid sentence.
    I do think Jed will be her final, and i don’t see it lasting, unfortunatElY.
    ANyone else notice it started thuNdering while luke was talking? It was the perfect storm is brewing moment and i couldn’t stop laugHing!

  45. Do you think Jed’s date was after likes? She kept telling him he had to trust her and how honest should she be with him?….

    1. I think it went peter, luke, jed, tyler. I think thats why only peters situation was brought up and then why she was Talking to jed about the whole truth and why she got so annoyed talking about luke again. and why she didn’t want to have sex with tyler and said she needed to relax.

  46. I think it is more About the way luke APPROACHED the conversation. He does have a right to know, but when he says i Am going home if YOU’VE slept with other guys it just proVes his love is not UNCONDITIONAL. Then when he tries to backtrack after learning she has was just disgusting. If you are going to make a comment that bold you have to own up to it.

  47. I feel like this show has gone down hill so much. I miss the good ole days (you, Emily MAyNArD, Sean Lowe…). Maybe I am just getting too old and the participants are too young?

  48. I love Peter so much, he is such a great guy! but i hAve a feeling its tyler and jed She picks as her finAl tWo, Which Breaks my heart for peter because he is so sweet! I coMpletely agree with your assessment of Peter post Windmill he was just so cool and confident -very attractIve! i think he’D make a good bacheLor if hannah lets him go!

  49. I love tyler!! UGH and peter lol. I think hannah explains HERself so well with the fantasy suites and her reasons with intimacy. I know this is the corny mom in me, but i love that sex is so intimate to her and how She explained it was BEAUTIFUL. I hope to teach my children to look at love and sex THAT same way. TYLER is SUCH a gentleman! I can’t wait to see next week!
    I agree about luke but he also reminds me of past relationships that were toxic and with jealous men. He definitely needs to mature.

    1. I would also LIKE to say that it’s interesting to me that jed is ONLY worried about luke, because he might hurt hannah. THAT seems real To me. It isn’t jealousy or he would hate all the guys, he is worried Luke will hurt her. VERY understanding in MY opinion.

    2. Hi Megan,

      I just have to respectfully disagree with you on this. I don’t think that airing your laundry (having sex in a windmill, twice) in order to get back at someone else (Luke) for calling you out is something to admire, nor does it show that she respects the intimacy of sex. Also to talk about sex as F***ing sounds like something a jerkey frat boy would say to his friend about hooking up with a random girl. Just my thoughts on this.

  50. The thing that bothers me most about luke is the way he talks about hannah’s behavior. he has said, on many dates, that people have slip ups, and they make bad decisions, like he is almost forgiving her even though she never has once apologized for her actions. When she went on that naked bungee date he tried to excuse her behavior and when she may or may not have had sex with the other guys, luke again tries to forgive her without her asking for it. hannah doesnt believe that any of her actions are wrong and the fact that luke is saying these things to her, trying to make her believe how he believes, that she is making mistakes, is manipulation. hannah is proud of herself and is unapologetically herself throughout this whole thing and luke is constantly showing that he does not support her decisions, he is judging her (then taking it back) and manipulating her so much that it is easy to see why she is so confused about him. until tonight, thank goodness, she get clarity. i cant wait for next week, i hope the guys all get onto him and make him leave, defend your queen!!!

  51. I get that Luke has a right to air his insecurities about fantasy suites. But that’s not at all what he did. He was incredibly misogynistic in how he discussed being the leader of his future household and his wife would not do x, y, z.. that enraged me right away. He is a toxic, controlling person and it shows. Second, he completely slut shamed Hannah and every other sexually active woman in America under the guise of Christianity. It was so harmful to the women’s movement and the fact that Hannah took control and kicked his ass to the curb was a HUGE win. She 100% needs to be celebrated for that

    1. Yes, because Someone expressing their beliefs and values to the person they’re potentially marrYing is soooo toxic. Here’s some food for thought it’s hard to Shame someone for being a slut if they dont act like a slut. Don’t wanna be slut shamed? Dont be a slut.

      Keep on fighting for that women’s movement. I’m sure all of your cats are so proud.

    2. YES! Beth, you took the words right out of my moUth. The general QUESTION was fine, but the way he asked it was not. He wants control & she stood up for herself. I was so proud of hEr for how she handled that. As someone who has been slut shamed, i teared up at how she threw that self-righteous crap right back in his face. I wish i’d been as Strong as her at earlier parts of my life. For being so Young, i’ve been So surprised that she’s my favorite bachelorette we’ve had in a long time.

      1. Yes she’s been my favorite too! And i dont think she realizes, but standing up for herself in that way was such an inspirational thing to do. I was insPired by her too! <3

  52. LUKE IS VERY DISRESPECTFUL IN THE WAY HE DIRECTS HIS QUESTIONS TO HANNA. I THINK SHE WAS SO MAD AND UPSET HER RESPONSES CAME OFF WITHOUT THINKING THEM THROUGH; CAN TOTALLY RELATE. ONE THING I SO NOT LIKE IS HOW You COMPARE THE WAY You WERE ON THE BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE WITH Hanna’s! I LOVE READING WHAT OTHERS THINK ABOUT EACH EPISODE And makes me not want to read blogs that the blogger makes it seem like It should be done the way the blogger did it or how a perfect relationship be like hers is? I am being honest and not trying to be cruel! Thisis how it comes off every weeK to me! Obviously you have many that agree with you i am sure many Feel the same way i do but wont say it! Keep it about the pEople in the episode and not about you or the way you did things or how you would have said SomethIng! it would be a great blog!

  53. I agree with you on PRetty much EVERYTHING! I hate the way that Luke says how he feels and then when he realizes she didnt like it he makes it seem as though she MISUNDERSTOOD him! He Tries to manipulate her into thinking that She is the crazy One and that what he literally just said isnt actually what he said.
    I wish she would pick peter but i think it will be Jed. You can just tell how shes different with him.

  54. My husband and i are super similar, we don’t differ on much. I Avoid confrontation like the plauge and i just feel like that would Be super hard for me. My inlaws are polar opposites and have been married for over 30 years but i know it takes a lot of work and a lot of give and take, not that marriage isn’t all of that but i just don’t think many people are built for that day in and day out. So i agree her and jed just aren’t quite right for eacn other.

  55. So many things make me crazy when it comes to luke, but the biggest one is when he saYs something and then when he realizEs its not what hannah wants to hear he COMPLETELY changes what he ORIGINALLY said! He’s so fake! I adore peter and can’t imagine heR, or anyone, saying goodbye to him!

  56. I may be way off but I feel like the reason that Hannah got so defensive and mad at Luke was because she felt convicted. She said earlier in the season that she does believe that sex was intended to be between a husband and wife yet she chose to do it before. And I think she’s trying to be ok with her decision but Luke asking about sex made her project all of her feelings towards herself onto Luke. I feel like, for the most part, that Luke was pretty respectful in the way he talked to her about it and I get why he asked the question. I think that what he was trying to get at is “are you ok with sleeping with a bunch of guys before you are married” because he’s no longer ok with that in his life and would like them to be on the same page. If she didn’t feel bad or guilty or convicted (whatever word you choose) about sleeping with other guys, I don’t think she would have gotten so mad.

  57. I totally agree that luke completely has the right to believe what he wants. I didnt think it was fair of her at all to be so offended. I think they both lack self awareness (which is super coMmon at a youNg age). I feel like as soon as he said how he felt about sex, she sHould have said “ok we’re just not on the same page about that which is fine but it means we’re just not right for each other.” I’m not sure why she got so offended. Also totally agree on the “Not strapped to anyone” statement. Totally confused me loL

    And the ex girlfriend scandal with jed bothers me because he ghosted her when he returned. I think if he had been up front with hannah and that girl about faling for hannah unexpectEdly then that would be different. But he continued to lie about it. Its a shame and i hope hes able to grow from it!
    I hope all of them are able to grow from this situation aNd give grace to each other! Love your blog ❤️

  58. I think Peter for sure and jed. She is going to only have the physical chemistry with Tyler. I could see Tyler as next bachelor though.

  59. Im not a fan of Luke’s At all but why would you go on a show knowing that the girl is going to dsye 25 to 30 men and tHat there would be fantasy suite dates. Luke should have knowm this show was not the place for him. I think he is very immature aNd has no right to be so demanding. I could go on and on about why i don like Luke but did you think Itwas DISRESPECTFUL not to let LUke speak. I Like Hannah but i don think she is ready for marriage. I really was very impressed woth Tyler. He is respectful and supportive. I also really like how he is sticking up for Hannah On Instagram.

  60. Many thoughts. You say, “It’s almost like he was trying to publicly bash her for having sex outside of marriage.” No, it’s not “almost” like he was… he completely was, and that was his point. Do I think he has a right to question whether or not she slept with other guys in the fantasy suite? I don’t know, maybe. But agreed that he should have, at the very least, waited until the cameras were off. And he should have known that this is how the show works, and obviously fantasy suites are a thing in BAchelorette Land, even if this whole situation would be totally ridiculous in the Real World. I do not for a second believe that he truly thought Hannah would not sleep with anyone in the fantasy suites. This whole conversation was a manipulation tactic and yet another chance for Luke to puff up his chest and praise himself for being superior to the other guys.

    My problem with Luke is how he uses his religion as a way to prove that he is morally superior to everyone else – Hannah, and the rest of the men on the show. He claims to be a Christian, but has consistently been unkind and disrespectful towards everyone around him, which is completely against the teachings of Christ. From my perspective, nothing about Luke is Christ-like. He may talk the talk – taking Hannah to his church during hometowns, wearing a gigantic cross necklace OUTSIDE of his shirt, and bemoaning his sinful behavior in college – but he does not walk the walk.

    Which brings me to this conversation. Okay, so you don’t want to have sex before marriage because of your religious beliefs? That’s fine. But that does not give you a right to shame someone, especially someone who you claim that you are in love with. Furthermore, this conversation is just one of many this season where Luke has been condescending towards Hannah and just incapable of actually listening to her.

    I guess what I’m trying to say in this long winded comment is that Luke has been incredibly frustrating to me, because he claims to be a Christian, but only when it serves him in a positive way and makes him more sympathetic. Being a Christian is about so much more than just waiting until marriage to have sex. It’s about being kind, compassionate, understanding, and empathetic. It’s about loving God and Jesus, and trying your best to live as Jesus did. From his behavior on the show, I don’t see how Luke embodies this at all. I am not sympathetic towards him at all and I’m glad he’s gone.

  61. as far as tonighys eposide
    I knew that Hannah had it for Peter so,I wouldn’t have thought twice that he would
    have been with Hannah in the Windmill. as far as the other two well I have nothing to say
    Luke on the other hand had some nerve asking a question about sex like he has claims on Hannah already didn’t like ir!can’t wait till next week luke supposedly does’t get it

  62. I dont see how Luke’s conversation can be seen as anything but a proclamation of his faith. He has testified to her and she has him believing they are both Christians on a path to find the one. I think she just got defensive because she is embarrassed that she isn’t staying true to her faith and didn’t want to look like a whore. It’s sad that he has been made to be the villain in this season because he is probably the only guy that has been real with her the entire time.

    Talk about manipulation, jed’s conversation was so much worse. Why is it that he gets to tell her that her choices can change his feelings, but when Luke P. Expresses an important moral quality he wants in his wife he’s the devil.

    I think her lack of maturity and intelligence seeps through yet again when she escalates the situation, and refuses to let him speak. That’s not a quality of a strong woman, that’s a quality of an emotionally unintelligent millennial.

    As always, I enjoy reading your blog, but I do think you’re off about Luke p. On this one.

  63. Ugh – i totally agree with you on many levels and Dont blame you for going in circles because quite frankly its all a hard situation…. However i will say that Hannah handled HERSELF with great COMPOSURE and her ABILITY to convey her THOUGHTS and hUrt feelings was extremely honest. No matter what I only hope for her happiness!!!!

  64. Peter! He is the real deal! If she doesnt chooae him, he needs to be the nexT bachelor.

    Hannah loves jed though. It is written all over!

    Luke! I think he has a right to feel that way anD ask questions but should have been done in private! Im so glad he is gone.
    But i also Do not feel that she should have said she is not tied down to a man!

  65. Ali, I want to know what your thoughts are on peter now that the story about his ex-girlfriend released today.

  66. OMG! Ali, I think you’re right about the timeline of the fantasy suites! It was so interesting that she told Tyler from the beginning that she wouldn’t sleep with him. It makes sense if she already had that conversation with Luke and didn’t want to be perceived in a negative way. I think Jed will definitely be one of the final 2. hannah seems to like guys who challenge her and she seems to really like him! I Think they slept together, also. do you?

  67. Tyler and Jed will be top 2. I don’t know what CONNECTION she has with JeD, but i can feel it in my bones that it’s him. Tyler will be the next bachelor, i bet!

  68. I like what you said about Luke’s questioning really just being a way to manipulate her. That has been so apparent to me all season. I would love to see her end up with Tyler, but I think there is a good chance he’s the next bachelor! I feel like the bachelor/ette Instagram accounts keep showing clips/photos with him and it makes me think they might be grooming him! Interested what your thoughts are on this!

  69. I think Peter & tyler but i DEFINITELY agree wIth you on the Luke situation! Have that conversation in private and i think she would have taken it a whole different way And maybe shE would have kept him because i thInk she really had something with him!

  70. I feel like after tyler Left the fantasy suite daTe the neXt morning, it was clear that hannah was very into him. She was in tears! Maybe she felt a lot of respect from tyler and thats why she waS cryIng or she is actually really into him or both!!

    1. I so agree with you! I also think she totally expected him to pursue the sex Thing more and i think it really surprised her in a good way that he didnt. Her saying tHat it wAs a hard goodBye and crying spoke volumes for me.

  71. Luke is a Gaslighter. Period. He didn’t even ask her about the sex situation. He told her he would leave if she had had sex with someone else bc he clearly thought she would agree w him. And then he tried to gaslight her and tell her he didn’t say what he had just said. As he’s done all season. I almost had to quit wAtChing this season bc it makes me angry to see a guy gaslight a woman. Clearly i’ve Stuck with it. But i Realllly hope chris harrison calls luke out on the gaslighting on the men tell all.
    Ps. I dont know why it is making me use all caps. Im not trying to yell but it wont let me do any lowercase letters!

    1. Agree Lisa~Luke is a consummate gaslighter (and flipper)! He referred to Hannah having had sex as a ‘slip up,’ implying she should feel ashamed if it wasn’t..

  72. (I dont know why this Made me tYpe in all caps! I promise im not yellinG:))I do agree that With you that luke asking that question isnt a bad thing. But its the fact that he Took a Stab at her faith and belifes….was wHat made me angry. He was Judging her. And once he said all those things and hannah started defending herself he IMMEDIATELY tried to take it back which annoyed me even more! Honestly i feel there was no good way for him To have that conversation. Yes This would never happen in real life but fantasy sweets have always been a thing. AnYway….im happy luke is gone!! I love peter and tyler i hope they are top 2. Even before knowing about jeDs sUpposed GF I never thought he had much of a pErsonality he just seems flat whenever they are together. But its a show and i dont really know him. Just my thoughts. Love Your blog ali!

  73. First of all, i love reading your blogs after the episodes! And i agree witH you about Luke. How i felt about that situation after seeing it all play out in the episode vs. the preview were different. It didn’t bother me that he broughT up physical relationships with other guys because that would be hard for most people to deal wIth. And her saying She isn’t strapped down and doesn’t owe anyone anything isn’t rIght since hypothetically she is about to be engaged to one oF Them! So Where they are at now is a serious relationship and in that Kind of relationship people are accountable to Each other. What bothered me most is that Luke always changes what he says. Why didnt he just stick to his original statement that if she slept with anyone he was gone (i’m not saying thats “right” but its what he said). Then When she gets mad, it immediately changes to “well if you slept with 1 guy wiTh thats OK” to then basically that he will work THROUGH it No matter what she did. It just makes it hard to believe anything he says at all.

  74. I would like to see Peter and Tyler in the final two. Though I really think it will be jed and Peter.

    As far as Luke asking about hannah being intimate. I think it’s a fair question. Especially if you view something as super sacred. I think THat the way he presented it though showed his controlling and judgmental nature and that is a huge turnoff and would make it difficult to react well to that conversation. His comment about wanting to control his family and have a future his way only made my skin crawl. Not to mention his back pedaling and constant disrespect.

    I do think that hannah shows some immaturity with how angry she gets when questioned or confronted throughout the season. I’m sure it gets overwhelming though so no telling how I’d react.

    All in all Luke gave me really bad feelings all season. There were moments that I felt for him but overall if my loved one was dating him I would be concerned for their physical, mental, and emotional well being.

    Also If Tyler doesn’t win I’m gonna be really torn on Tyler vs Mike for bachelor.

  75. Heres a thought. This is random and probably wont be a popular opinion. But i was watching & thinking, what if Hannah did want to chooSe LUKE, But she Had already slept with peter. Then luke Comes to her on their date and says this, and thats what triggered her and made her so upset bc maybe she was going to pick him in the end to spite everything else. Then she knew that he was probAbly going to leave after that, so she gets mad and kicks him off the show. Maybe the producers wanted him to Come back next week for drama? Idk just thought of just how into Him she has been this. Whole. Time. And she blew him off so fast after this convo when so many others with him have been just as bad. Probably not. But. You neVer know.

  76. I completely agree with you! I feel liKe you took the words out of my mouth lol! I think Luke had every right to ask her cause i mean i would want to know too but the way he asked her was rough and how he kept on about it was disappointing! On another note i agree with what you said about tyler! I wanted it to be him at the end but it just doesnt seem like it will be! Love your bloGs! xoxo

  77. What bothers me most about luke is what hannah said. He doesnt Have Self respect. He says he is bothered by her bungee Jumping Topless but then hannah gets mad so he changes his mind. He says he doesnt want her to have sex with other guys, hannah gets mad, and theN he back tracks. His Concerns are Valid and i dont think he and hannah are meant for each other.

  78. I think Luke was totally caught off gaRd and WASN’T Expecting for hannah to say she had sex thats why he was so willing to Havee The CONVERSATION on camera . ThEy supposedly share the same Faith why would she have had sex if TheY were on the same page? I feel like she acted a little immature in this situation.

  79. Team Peter! I have Felt like hes the one for a few episodes. He is adorable and their connection seems real. Also, i was reading some comment someone had on peter that they were bff with his ex and he is being coMpletely genuine and he is really just a stand up guy. And if thats true, it saYs a lot coMing from a bff of his ex! I think jed was totally blowing it with the luke talk but i understood what he was saying. I dont think tyler and hAnnah have the same connection as peter and jed Do with her. i think she cried when he left bc she knew she was Going to have to say goodbYe to him. Sad to see him go, But love to watch him leave 😍

  80. There are manY reasons why this show is beginning to bother me and all tHis back and forth with Luke is onE of them. Is he a good guy or not?! All the guys Seem to hate him and say he’s a bad guy (including Jed And Peter who apParently had girlfriends up until going on thE show)! im sorry but what?!

    I feel like luke had every right to ask hannah those questions but it Probably should have been done in private, but what fun would that have been….

    Luke seems like he is just horrible at communicating his feelings.

    In the end i Bet its jed and tyler. Peter’s job as a pIlot makes him a perfect CANDIDATE for the bachelor. i can only imagIne the pRomos They will come up wIth! Haha

  81. I love your blog!!!
    One, i reallllyyyyy want to know what order these dates actually went in! I’m wondering if peter was first and then luke… because she really only seemed to “openly discuss” her and Peter’s interaction.
    The fantasy suite with Tyler seriously surprised me! But then i had this moment where i THOUGht maybe she will pick tyler and wants to save him for a more serious moment because she already has no question about their intimacy. Idk?! Maybe I’m stretching that.
    But I’m with you! I was thinking peter wouldn’t make top 2 and now I’m thinking he’ll get there!
    Luke did have a fair statement but he once again completely retracted his words! He’s done this over and over again! He said if hannah had sex with any of these guys he’d be willing to go home. She ESSENTIALLY admits that and boom… oh hannah I’d be willing to work through everything. For goodness sake keep your story straight! He did this with the guys and Hannah multiple times. And when she Said he needed to get up to go…. he was totally trying to come up with a story in his head that he could say to get her to change her mind. It’s quite disgusting actually. I was so proud of her! I haven’t always been in agreement or supportive of her approach but i was so friggen proud of her there to stand her ground!

  82. it’s painful watching thks season because I just think she’s much too immature! She honestly comes off to me liKe she’s on a high horse, lIke she is queen b and nobody on her level. Overall can’T wait for the bachelor because i think peter or tyler would make a phenomenAl bachelor. Ultimately hoping for peter..ben higgins the second!

    1. She is losing me too.
      to go from I see ljkes heart always , to * see ya *, middle finger flying as well, just felt like alot.of MISPLACED anger and made the.whole THING feel meaningless.
      i am.sure its been an EXHAUSTIVE time, but if your god loving front runner disappoints you, or BETRAYS you, where is the pain or tears or even some self reflection?

      maybe it WASN’T as whatever as it LOOKED…but shutting him uo and threateninf to have security dunp hik in the car seemed callus amd reckless.

      i hope they are not together and he watches show and see that she is NOT wife material at this point. i HOPE it HELPS him

  83. The luke thing.. i don’t think hannahs problem was with Luke asking about her sex lIfe on the show oR otherwise. They mentioned that they’ve already talked about that. It’s the way he was saying it that pissed her off and pissed me Off too, haha. The way he was chastising her and making her seem like she was not a child of god just because she doesn’t have the exact same morals as him.

  84. I love your blog!!!
    One, i reallllyyyyy want to know what order these dates actually went in! I’m wondering if peter was first and then luke… because she really only seemed to “openly discuss” her and Peter’s interaction.
    The fantasy suite with Tyler seriously surprised me! But then i had this moment where i THOUGht maybe she will pick tyler and wants to save him for a more serious moment because she already has no question about their intimacy. Idk?! Maybe I’m stretching that.
    But I’m with you! I was thinking peter wouldn’t make top 2 and now I’m thinking he’ll get there!
    Luke did have a fair statement but he once again completely retracted his words! He’s done this over and over again! He said if hannah had sex with any of these guys he’d be willing to go home. She ESSENTIALLY admits that and boom… oh hannah I’d be willing to work through everything. For goodness sake keep your story straight! He did this with the guys and Hannah multiple times. And when she Said he needed to get up to go…. he was totally trying to come up with a story in his head that he could say to get her to change her mind. It’s quite disgusting actually. I was so proud of her! I haven’t always been in agreement or supportive of her approach but i was so friggen proud of her there to stand her ground!

    Also tho… again maybe it was totally thr editing but can we not have a conversation about how shitty Hannah’s hometown date with jed’s family went?! I wouldn’t want that to be my future in-laws! Idc what people say you may just marry 1 person but you have to deal with the entire family. Those are your potential future children’s grandparents! Jed acts like it was a great day and then they didn’t have any convo about it! They were the only ones who didn’t mention it at all!

  85. I think Jed wins in the end. Paul is a sweeT guy. I just see the CHEMISTRY BETWEEN them. Hannah is somewhat not the brightest.

  86. Ok, i am so glad Luke is gone!!! He drove me crazy. Hes nice one min then PSycho the next. Its like there’s this haze that comes over his eyes. I do think its a valid question. Thats actually a question i asked my fUture husband. Obviously not in this same situation and it was different context, but it was important for me to know if he had been wiTh anyone else. But i feeL like when he shows up next week there may be some fisTs flying!

    On another note, i don’t lIke Jed. It was sleezy of him to do that to his ex. I feel like he is career driven and it was obvious since he sang so much throughout the season…and badly i may add. Sorry, his voice is like naIls on a chalkboard to me. 😬 i feel like he was pushy and somewhat acted like luke tOnight. Demanding answers on why shes keeping luke around. Plus hIs family was a little off. I feel like it was a scene from stepford wives. 😂 they all just sat there with hardly any emotion. I WOULDN’T want to marry in a family like that. A couple times i wanted to smaCk his mom and sister. 😬 like was his mom on something????? 🤷🏼‍♀️

    But I love love love peter!!!!! He has been my favorite from the Start!! So sweet!!! I heard buzz about a “windmill” and when i saw where they were i screamed!!!! Although i hoped they would of been added to the mile high club! 😂
    I do love tyler too and even more after he was so respectful to her decision!!! If tyler and peter are the final i will be one happy gal!!!

  87. I am truly disappointed Hannah. She has showed her immaturity in so many ways and this season has been very strange. I grew up in an era where premarital sex was not the norm and you didn’t test drive a guy like a car. That being said there was a certain level of class missing from this season. They reminded me of the 90210 Senior prom episode

  88. Luke scares the c*** outta me. I think he shows alot of signs of SOMEONE who is very controlling and wound like a top!!! This is a man whO literally body slammed another man and kneeD him in the head during a”group Date”. And dont forget the permenently clenched jaw and fist!! He is very entitled and i think he just expected her to fall in line?? Hannahs reaction, i thought was a terrifying realization that what everything thats been said is true and that he can be very scary. I will say the best part of the whole scenE had To be luke asking if “he can say a prayer over her” Before he rode off into the sunset. OMG that was so funny 😂 What did he really expect her to say..???? I would worry about her if she was with him though…..😧

  89. I totally love peter! sometimes when WATCHING the show im not sure hannah is ready ti be married?!

    P.s did She sleep with jed in the fantasy auite?

  90. I am disappointed we didnt get to hear Hannah and Jed’s thoughts on how that hometown date Played out. Once again luke takes over.

    (Why is this defaulting to all caps? I swear im not shouting)

    Ali, please reread your posts before hitting submit. Some parts were really confusing to read. Thanks.

  91. I love Your takes and cannot decide between the Three! but this is a bit of an aside: chris harrison’s handwriting is DIFFERENT and i’m wondering if anyone noticed!!!! Who wrItes these date/fantasy suite cards? 🙂

  92. Here’s the thing, i think he did have a right to bring it up..but it should have been talked ABOUT lonnnng before this. I also think she should Be thinking about these relationships differently. Not being strapped sounds like She’s going dress shopping rather than having a real relationship with a man! (She also does not do well when her decisions are questioned which makes me think she has a slight princess complex).
    All of that being said..does he not realize what FANTASY suite week is like? Has he never seen the show? Plus he was very disrespectful in the way he talked To her. Why would she want to pray with him when it Wouldn’t be out of love but judgement? Judgement was oozing from everything he said.

    As far as the final clue. Lol

  93. I think that if Luke had had a conversation with hannah earlier on that intimacy was a big deal for him in that sense and that he’d abstained, it would have been a bit different. him bringing it up when she had so many questions about him just solidified which way she wanted to go.

    also, did anyone else cheer when she stopped back by the table to grab her glass of wine! LOL. After that awkwardness I probably would have taken his glass too!

    Jed and Peter definitely seem like the candidates for the last two. peter is so cute, but I’m voting for jed in the end… totally want to see peter in his own season!

  94. I do not understand why so many people are giving luke a break tonight. The way he started his conVersation with hannah at dinner…. (not direct quote, but close enough) i am the boss and what i say goes. (Clearly not the quote, but that is what he was saying). And then, “lets talk about sex”. And once again he says somethIng, hannah calls luke out on it and he blames her for not understanding him. She heard what he said. We all did. He backpedalS, places blame on her and tries
    To manipulate some more. That man is not her husband, she owes him nothing at that point, and like she said…. she tried Over anD over despite all red flags and warnings from the other men. Im proud of her for finally seeing thRough him and his ways of trying to control her. Good day sir.

    1. Try telling your boyfriend that you owe him nothing lol. If I would have told my now husband that, we wouldn’t be married… also, he started off the conversation by saying I want to make sure we’re on the same page… not a wrong thing to say.. it does piss me off how he always seems to backtrack his thoughts though. And it pisses me off that after she tells him what she knows he doesn’t want to hear, he comes back next week? Like boy it’s over, get over it!

  95. Peter! cmon. he is so sweet and they seem so in love. hard bc the producers do such a good job of making them all so in love for TV AUDIENCe. I like tyler a lot but maybe they are more physical chemistry than emotional chemistry. or I assume the crafty producers purposely want is thinking one way to keep it interesting. JEd is ok too but I guess I think Tyler is the one. jed is kinda boring besides making music. I pity Luke bc his heart is shattered and he did screw up.
    love your thoughts and blog Ali–thank for sharing!!💗

  96. Ohhhh Luke! GoOdbye! I’m sorry but he is a claSsic abuser. He is a NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY and is using his faith To manipulate her and his family and friends. Thats Very dangerous. She’s very lucky she got away from him. I have a lot going f empathy for all people but luke is A very scary individual in my opinion. Took me me 14 years to get away from my husBand who was exactly like him when we marr at 21

  97. Hi ali,
    1. I think the timing of luke’s Date is in order because it was clearly after bOth Peter and jed based on tHe windmill comment and jed’s Conversation. LuKe even said something like he wondered if he was the last date. I think she legit didn’t sleep with tyler because she needed more emotional connecTion with him versus physical or she already Felt inside it might be between peter and jed.
    2. Luke is a dOuch! He has seemed so fake all along and a possessive guy. Red flags go off like he could be an abuser. She rejected him on that one date and he came he wouldn’t leave and At one poiNt you see him clinch his hands under the table. We saw his temper yelling at garret last Week and when he Physically knocked that other guy down. He’s got a temper and likes to be in control, i actually find him scary! And his Eyes are alWays dilated like he’s on drugs. I just hope he Doesn’t turn into a stalKer.
    3, i Am fine with how Hannah handled it because i think she caught onto his possessiveness!
    4. I like jed, i think His qUestions and concerns were hOnest and fair. I’Ve always liked him but am concerned about rumors i’ve Read.
    5. PeTer has always seemed like a nice guy and stable career and hope he’s not like his ex is making him Out to be.

  98. Uhh you are right! Such a hard situation. But one thing that i keep seeing is hannahs ImmaTurity through her comments and the way she handles thE guys emotions. Its like only she can have any feelings towards a certain situation. She got upset at jed for expressing himself & then luke.. i do think It would be very Hard (probably impossible) for me to get over knowing my future husband wenT ahead and had sex with 4 other girls right bEfore we were engaged and made it soo public! Does she not hve any incling at all of who shell pick? Bc if so, she shouldnt have done That with all of them (besides tyler.. and if she does pick tyler how will she explain that?!)
    And i dont think that what jed was expressing to her can be compared to a Couples commOn interest.. he felt deeply that he & luke were totally different.. and If she couldnt see that— maybe he wasnt a good fit. I dont see whY that agGravated her. He worded it so respectfully & genuine. Again back to the HannahS the only one allowed To have big feelings thing..
    needless to say, jed was right and that situation handled itself..
    Ive been eQual parts frustrated & supportive of hannah this season! Its definItely been a good one to watch. But i can say im ready For the end.. lol
    I do hope for the best for her and all of the men!
    I Really like peter & Think he Would be a fabulous bachelor if it came to that..
    i think she sends tyler home & picks Jed.

  99. I totally agree with you on everything! I felt like luke’s Concerns are TOTALLY normal for a man falling in love. I also feel like everything she said to luke is actially wHat she has done. She has not respected luke, she was ralking down to him, and the entire season she was telling luke how he Should act. At fieat she was frustrated he wasnt bEinf real then when he did open up she got frustrated. Yes luke should have got his point across in a better eay but i felt she was rhe one who was being rude and disrespectful. She seems to get anGry and Lose her cool if anyone says ANYTHING she doesnt like or DOESN’T agree with. I dont think any of the guys are a match for her. I dont know who she will end up with but she might tegret sending luke home because i think hes the only one who is really willing to out up with her throwing fits and yelling at The guys

  100. Hannah had every right to say she wasn’t tied down to any MAN. Because at this point she isn’t. She MAY be dating four GUY’S and that’s it she is dating foir MEN. Basically it’s an open relationship she is having with four not one. She isnt dating luke EXCLUSIVELY nor the other three. This may work for some people to date more then one person and have pyhisical relationship at one time. So in my opinion Hannah had every right. To many times people try to tell you how you should feel, think, live your life and luke is definitely one of those people. Plus it’s funny how he tried to back peddle and act like that is not what he meant. He is a pompous butt. It took her to long to see the real luke.

  101. I have alWays found luke manipulative, but The Part that is still gets me is that as shes trying to get him to leave, he says the words “i dont care what you say about this”. BuT thays a big catReer

  102. I think the top 2 are gonna be jed and Tyler, but i agree this is the first episode i ThoUght Peter might take the Lead. I agree with you about hOw Hannah handled the CONVERSATION wkth jed. He was being cery clear and she got defensiVe. ThOse are the moments i think her age shows. Overall, i think shes Doing a Great job!!!

  103. totally agree with you on all of it. I like hearing your viewpoint BECAUSE you lived it. I also completely agreed with jed when he told her he was woRried she would have a hard time letting go of things that Were bad foR her. I thought the same thing. Im not a jed Fan even thoUgh i am reserving jUdgement but in General but he Hit that one on the head

  104. Hi!! First off I love you and your family so much!

    I think it will be Peter and Jed in the end and I hope Peter becomes the next bachelor because he is as adorable as he is sweet. I hope Hannah is happy in the end. That’s all that matters 🙂

  105. I completely agree with You and was thankful for your Thoughts laid out besuse mine are so jumbled!

    I ended tonights episode so glad Luke is finally gone but also annoyed wIth Hannah.
    This has been a hard season to watch.

    I had a different imPression than you did about hAnnah the Morning after her date with Peter. I think he looked Over the moon In Love and she looked Almost sad and eager for him to leave.

    Her date with Tyler was definitely after Luke and her asking him tO respect the “no sex” rule was a backlash to luke. I think tylers response shocked her and won her over.

    I have no idea who she picks but at this point i dont think its Peter 🙁


  107. Hi

    HANNAH’s season has been like no other for sure. Can’t help in the back of my mind think that lukes PRODUCEr encouraged him to bring up what he did when he did not defending luke by no means .no one have the show has liked hiw they were edited during the season they had to have a trouble maker abd here comes luke. I love all of the franchises shows i have just had to sit and try and read between the lines. With the rumors of the aftermath of the show with jed …i applaud Hannah fir standing up for herself also i believe not ‘everything ‘ needs to be shared with the world. Lives are affected …btw i have no idea why i could not turn the caps off 🙃

  108. I think there are many Sides to Luke. The one portrayed on screen is just weird! Lol
    Peter is My Pic! I think she chooses peter. Luke i felt was being JUDGMENTAL in manY ways LAST NIGHT, but Ali, i agree with you. When you get this close to the end, i think you would be hurt by the one you love sleeping with everyone. I like Hannah, but man i really wonder how Her family feels watchiNg her on that screen, STRADDLING soooo many guys! 😳 thanks Ali! I love watchobg you and your little faMily!💞

  109. Oh Ali! Im on the central time zone and somewhere during the show i went to your website to send you a message and tell you “ it’s Peter!”
    I agree with you Ali, but unfortUnately, i think Luke is a little more righteous and fake than you do. He absolutely manipulates, changeS his story and then lies about it. Finally!!! He showed Hannah what hes really made of…….
    I think Hannah lost a little bit of class showing Luke that he has no rights over her. Telling about the windmill was too much. Unless………….Peter is her guy.
    Its definitely Peter and Jed in the end. I think Peter has the edge. I really love Peter and i do not think he was awkward with Hannah, i think he was awkward with the camera.
    Gosh Ali, could have really had a good chat with you last night! Sooooooo much on my mind about this as well.

  110. HONESTLY i think Hanna did not portray her faith In a good way whatsoever, i do not think her faith is as Strong with the way She acted tonIght, he had every right to ask those questions As i am sure She would have when she was one of the contenders, time and time again The way he uses his words Bite him in the rear end because He sounds JUDGMENTAL, imposing and MANIPULATIVE but i do not dislike him and i do not think she will end up picking wisely in the end as too much emotion is certain to cloud good judgement

  111. Peter and tyler for the top two. Her crying when tyler left her shows how mUch she is really into hIm. However im not sire how hes going to take that she slept with peter!

  112. i think luke sounded so righteous and because of his past behavior, hannah didn’t take it lightly. it’s not that hannah was disrespecting luke and had no time to listen but i guess hannah had enough. it also looked like hannah had a reason for her to finally let luke go.

    because of what i read about peter’s ex-gf also, watching him last night was a bit different. the ex-gf said, peter was telling hannah the same sweet things that peter had told her.

    thanks for your insights. btw, if you have a chance, please take a look at this form. it only accepts all caps but when submitted, all texts are converted to sentence form. it is kinda weird though. sorry.

  113. I love your recaps! I hadn’t thought about Tyler’s Date being after Luke’s but it makes total sense! It probably got into her head that she “shouldnt” sleep with all of them because of the Luke thing.

    I do agree with you that Luke was not totally in the wrong, I understand not wanting the person you are about to be engaged to sleeping with multiple people a week before, but i dont think he articulated himself well. it came off as him trying to control her and calling her choice a “slip up” (probably because his church calls his past choices before the “shower revelation” slip ups, but still not great). SHe was right to defend herself, but to call herself totally not tied down was not right either and probably hurtful to the men. They both didnt really handle it in the best way (which is easy to say from my living room couch lol) but I think it was just proof that they are not right for each other in the end.

    To be honest, I dont see this ending well for Hannah, Im not sure any of the final men are right for her.But I think either Tyler or peter will make a great bachelor!!!!

  114. Well, Where do we start. Do I think that the question of sex with other could or should come up well sort of but they all know what possibly is happening even in the fantasy suite. I think with respect to Jed, he would have been fine if he had come clean with Hannah about the girl at home like he did about the reason he came on here in the first place. He only had to disclose it to her and that he was totally crazy about her and how that all changed from the opportunity for his career to finding love with her. I think Hannah would have been ok with that. She likes him, a lot. Love I am not so sure about because I think it is mostly lust on this show and it totally changes things from a chemical point of view in your head. I get it. What Hannah wanted was the honesty of it all, she showed that when she let his admission pass and move on in their journey. Tyler is her super lust and it shows when they are together that is what is going on. She was right to explore the emotional part of it all without the sex getting in the way. There is just so much chemistry between them but that will not hold a relationship together. I have to say that Peter is my favorite next to Tyler. He is a very genuine human being and truly gives so much as does tyler but in a different way. Peter is such a great guy all around and would make a wonderful husband for anyone he chooses. He is just in so many ways a gem and a total keeper. I am not really sure if he is right for Hannah though. Some have said that his job would get in the way but they don’t fly that many hours, it is mandated that they have lots of rest between flights because it is stressful. I am sure he isn’t on the international flights do to his age and experience as well has his tenure with delta. Those usually go to the tenure pilots. Now with respect to the problem child. Luke probably is a nice guy in real life but he has to many red flags in relationships. Now with that said this isn’t the best forum for his personality. He cant compartmentalize the situations going on and takes ownership early on. she is my girl and I own you. that is sad in so many ways. even if she choose him Hannah is to much of a free spirit to be held back by a controlling guy. I am a Christian and I understand the submit to your spouse and what that is about but it also doesn’t say that you are owned or controlled by anyone. Luke has control issues and has a fierce temper and it showed in so many ways which the red flags were flying most of the time. Does he have a right to ask important questions, yes but to make judgement calls like he did was totally wrong, especially when he shows up at the rose ceremony demanding her take him back. what a contradiction on all levels. I am going to control the situation and you are going to go along with it. seriously scary on so many levels. No with who do I think will be her choice she has expressed love to Jed only but I think it will not last because of the dishonesty in the relationship. The girlfriend was only interested in her 10 minutes of fame and destroyed jed in the process. Probably even with his profession. folks will take a step back for a minute, but he might recover but I doubt it. He was talented but not great. I just wish he would have just come clean especially last night he might have still be around. Hannah is forgiving when she cares about you. she showed that. anyway. wishing them all the best and I know they will make a mint from this whole experience so it wasn’t just finding love but a big paycheck as well. some will be at the top of the heap. jmo

  115. Im not a luke fan…But i Also WOULDN’T want Someone im in love with sleeping with other women! Not to mention hannah would 100% ask one of the guys to leave if they slept with someone during the filming of the show. He went about it all wrong, but i do see his point. I think hannah could have had handled it better as well. I have remind myself that they are so young!

  116. I am having a hard time seeing hannah with any of these guys. tyler was my front runner, but after their date i feel like hannah only sees a physical relationship. knowing that jed had a girlfriend makes me think she won’t end up with him, and now that peter’s ex girlfriend came out to say that they were house hunting and then he suddenly ended things with her makes me think he isn’t ready for a committed relationship.

  117. luke mentioned being abstiNent for the last 3 to 4 years. I totally get why he wouldnt want his future wife to be haVing sex. He found god and follows his faiTh and that was a sin that he had the most trouble with. It means a lot to him. I do think it came out wrong but haNnah is also a christian woman and he likes this about her. Its something they share. He assumed she had those beliefs. Again, it came out wrong but i do see where he was coming from.

  118. I love Peter and tyler. I can’t accept THat jed had s girlfriend just b4 the show and I also hear that Peter did too. Wth….so in my eyes should be tyler❤

    Also Luke needs to step back and watch this and learn fir his future bride. Good luck to all

  119. I HAVEN’T read all the comments yet, but was feeling that The luke conversation was the “straw that broke the camel’s back”.


  121. I was thinking all along it would be Peter and TYLER at the end, now I think she’s leaning towards Peter and Jed for sure, but after her date with Tyler she was second guessing herself and that’s why she was crying and saying it’s very hard and confusing. But what about the fact that both Jed and Peter have these stories about their exes out there that aren’t good at all??? Peter’s ex’s story just came out yesterday. There’s no way Hannah will be okay about either story! Ugh!! Hoping she ends up picking Tyler after all! If not, he should definitely be the bachelor

  122. I do think that Luke has his right in saying how he thinks, and she has the right to give her opinion whether it agrees with him or not. For me, one of the most important details was given in his hometown visit when he stood up and said that sex should be reserved for marriage. That gives Hannah a complete summary of what he’s looking for and she should’ve said hold on this is not who I am so I am not the right person for you. But instead, she kept him willingly knowing what he’s expecting and is looking for in a partner/wife. I’m not blaming Hannah for his motives behind what he said, but she knew what she was getting into and then getting so emotional and screaming at him was not right for me. That’s not the way you handle a conversation that he has the right to have with her. She’s too childish and doesn’t know how to handle herself many times, we’ve seen this over and over in this season. On the other hand, I think it’ll be peter and Jed but I do like Tyler a lot (more than the other 2).

  123. I feel So refreshed reading your opinion about luke because thats how i felt about it too- i felt like he wasnt wrong for asking her and I didnt have a problem with that part its the controlling and manipulation parts of him that bother me. I Also think her whole reaCtion to it was a little over the top which is probably an unpopular opinion! But like you said her emotions are probably very high at this point. I think she should have said we clearly arent right for each other and walked away after saying goodbye and not Continually tell him to get up – should have let hiM walk himself to the limo 😂

  124. Luke…textbook narcissist. If hannah ended up with him he would control her for the rest of her life. The Fact he cannot get along with even the men speaks volumes.
    i feel that peter and jed are the end men. But peter’s past has also just came out that he haD a gf he left for the show. And her not being intimAte with tyler is not a good sign for Him…but maybe she was and they ediTed it to make it look like they didnt.

    Ps: no clue why its all in capS🤷🏼‍♀️

  125. I agree with you about the conversation with luke, but, as usual, he doesn’T do a great job of expressing himself. If you read hIs most recent instagram post, he still doesN’t quite get it. And i’m sure tHat the producers were talking to him BeFore the evening part of the date and tellIng him to let her know that he did not want to her to be intimate with the other guys. He probably belIeved that since they share the same faith, that she wOuld be on the same page.

  126. my thoughts…
    first off, i was kinda shocked peter got the windmill date! i mean good for him! but i was totally thinking it was jed… (glad it wasnt!)

    tyler- i respect him. i love his personality and i think their chemistry is insane. and i appreciated for myself that they didnt have sex in the fantasy suite.

    jed- for someone who was so concerned about luke ever talking about him, he couldnt keep lukes name out of his mouth, so i did think that was a little humorous- but i totally get it too!

    luke- i actually felt for luke on this date. i think he had great intentions on the conversation he had with hannah. i think the timing of the conversation was off, i think it should have been discussed in the fantasy suite. i also think that had he not of mentioned it he would have been asked to go to the fantasy suite. BC THEY DID HAVE A GREAT DATE. AND THEY OBVIOUSLY HAVE SOME KIND OF STRONG CONNECTION BC HE DID STAY SO LONG.



  127. For one, Luke is correct the bible does speak of sex being intended for the marital bed but, we live in a sinful world. Being prideful is also a sin. if his intent was to really follow the bible in that way, he should have had that conversation with her a long time ago and explained that he was saving himself for marriage and he intends to find a woman that would do the same. the way he put it out there was that if she had slept with others that he would leave then he back tracked and said that if she did “slip up” that they could work it out. I don’t think he even knows what he believes or wants. If he was truly living his biblical beliefs he wouldn’t have gotten topless for her right away giving her a message in the first episodes and then going to a speedo and then heavily making out with her. he is really two-faced and led her on and on only to humiliate her. I think Luke needs to go on with his life and grow up a bit and really do some soul searching as to how he wants to live and what type of life partner he truly wants. I thought Hannah handled herself quite well considering all she went through with Luke. as far as who is left, she has three great choices and hopefully she will follow her heart and go with her gut and it works out for her.

  128. i totally agree with EVERYTHING you saId regarding luke. But, i also thiNk hannah handled it horribly. I UNDERSTAND that he was harsh and that she Felt like he was belittling her but her reaction BROUGHT her dOwn to his levEl anD that is what bothered me. When he told her he couLdn’t be With her if Shed slEpt wirh any of the other guys then She sHould have ended it there POLITELY and cordially. When she dismissed hIm and attacked back it just showed her immaturity. Oh and her giving hIm the bird at the end was totally uncalled For. ShE would have come off much classier if shed have told him she uNderStood, but didnt necessarily agree and for that reason they needed to part ways. It jist got ugly when it didnt need to. Having said that, im glad hea gone. He was arouNd way too long!

    Im team peter all the way but i think he is going to gEt his heart beoken. And im not Sure i BELIEVE the news out now that he alSo had a GIRLFRIEND. Why do these girls feel The need to come out in such a public way when they could address it with theM DIRECTLY? Odd!

    If she choses jed it will be interesting to see how they handle thOse girlfriend rumorS.

    Sorry its all caps…it wouldnt let me do lower case. Love your blog and insta stories!!

  129. I think hannah came across as really immature in her conversations wIth jed and luke. She keeps asking for honesty but then gets mad when They initiate difficult Topics. While i Don’t Agree wIth what luke was saying, and i am so glad he finally left, i felt bad for jed. She has asked all season for them to be open and he seemed genuinely concerned.

  130. Sooooo look Forward to your blog right after the show! What an episode! I hope its Peter and Jed in the final 2. I agree wholeheartedly That luke Had a right to ask, And i wouldnt want to be with someone who just slept with someone else the Same week. I feel Hannah is immature and not ready for marriage herself. She has not carried herself in a “nice, Young Woman” way.

  131. I Believe the fInal 2 are going to be Peter And jed . I felt this pretty much from the 2nd EPISODE. I cant get the cap lock off sorry my whole comment is Caps. About maybe 4 weeks ago i started to see tyler as a Front runner and he sure is a fan favorite. He’s very cute and a standup guy in my opinion ! But after last night i dont think there RELATIONSHIP will stand a chance. tyler is going to be upset knowing she slept wIth peter and no doubt Jed. I don’t read the spoilers but there is so much floating around on social media. I think she will end up with Jed and thats fine i would love to see tyler or peter be the next bachelor ! Thanks Ali i love reading your blog and following you on instagram ,you’ve been a favorIte of mine since we 1st met you on Jake’s season 😊 your family is adorable and you Seem to have a nice life

  132. I totally agree with your thoughts on the Luke P date. all my friends think i’m crazy for thinking that way lol. i mean He’s obviously not my FAVORITE person and he has said a lot of dumb things but he DEFINITELY had every right to ask hannah the questions he did. But the way he went about it was all wrong. I hope she chooses peter in the end. they seem to have the healthiest relationship.

  133. I agree aBout Jeds date! I was disappointed bc a podcast i listen to tHought he was being whiny, but i felt he was genuineLy struggling and was being very direct and open about his feelings.

    Luke just Doesnt kNow who he is! He says if yOu did it im leaving, then says well we will work through it, then says we will work through It but Not if you had sex with all of them. He DIDN’T truly hear what she was saying. Hes just not sOmeone you can win an argument with bc even as direct and cLear as she was he didnt get it. I also Haaate that he wouldnt get Up. That Came off as a little aggressive and disrespectFul. He has every right to feel how he wants to feel but his delivery is too accusatory and self righteous. Hes dealing with his hurt feelings by shamIng her.

    DefiniTely Peter and Jed as the final two.

  134. I coMpletely agree with your thoughts on luke. This show has to be the strangest scenario for dating so it made me a little frustrated that hannah didn’t really want to hear luke out when he wanted To explain himself a little better. If you’ve brought someone this far in the process, you Should show a little more grace and compassion for him. Otherwise, he should
    have been let go long before this point. It seemed to me that it was all about her and not about his thoughts or feelingS. And that’s not how relationships work.

    I always enjoy reading your perspectiVe of each episode!

  135. Truly, I don’t think she loves any of them, and that is why the ending to this season is so convoluted! Maybe in a few months she’ll look back and have clearer feelings about them and maybe even reach out to one that she overlooked. She’s trying too hard to wrap this up with a forever-after engagement.

  136. So, I think hannah was totally fine in saying that she is “not strapped down to one man”. She’s not. She is on a show dating 4 men, so what she said is technically true. I think I understand where Luke is coming from with wanting to not picture her with other men, but wow, his delivery was horrible and there were underlying messages that were coming across about POSSESSION. It overall seemed like he was giving her an ultimatum. “Have sex with them and you will be too blemished to be my perfect godly wife”. That isn’t fair because she needs to fully explore all her options before getting engaged whether or not that means having sex. I just do not like how he treats her. I am on the fence on if she should have let him explain. Most of me agreed with how she handled it because he simply would not respect her decision to get the f out of there and he was starting to take back what he said. He just doesn’t respect her in so many ways.

  137. I think Luke had every right to tell her that he wouldn’t marry her if she slept with the others. There maybe three other men but all the relationships are “serious”. He has the right to state his expectations and she has the right to honor his request or not. Why she got mad, I do not know. She should respect the way he lives his faith….but I don’t agree with how he backtracked after she got mad. If you are going to draw a line in the sand over sin, don’t cross your own line. Own it and have the self-respect she showed by sending him home. I just find it funny that she gave a him soooo many PASSes when he was treating her and the other men badly to get what he wanted. But when he tried to put the brakes on sex, that was her deal-breaker.

  138. For starters i just want to say how much i love your bach recaps! Its one of the first things i look forward to on tuesday mornings lol but its so interesting to me how we all watch the same show and INTERPRET things so differently. When i watched her date with tyler i thoUght the exact opposite. I felt like watching her cry as he left was so telling. I also dont think hannah seems like the type who feels like she ever has to explain herself (immature imO) so i dont think shes planning on explaining to her fiance what she did with the others guys that she may not have done with tyler. Im still roOting for pEter because i just think hes the cutest but i think its either tyler or jed!

  139. I have to agree that Luke does have a right to ask what he asked but he did go about it in a very wrong way.

    I’m team Tyler 🙂 I like Peter, he’s a sweetheart, I know I’m the only one….but I just got the feeling that Hannah wasn’t into it after the windmill. Granted it was probably the way things were edited but her face wasn’t the usual bright and happy smiling from ear to ear Hannah face, it was more dejected. He seemed to be doing all the talking about how great things were and she just occasionally said uh huh, or I know, or just shook her head. At one point she scrunched her lips to one side, which didn’t seem to mesh with what he was saying at the time. Her smile just seemed like it was mouth only and didn’t reach the rest of her face. After Tyler the smile hit her face and eyes and she was the one talking about what a great day and other things. She was just more quiet and sedate after the night with Peter. Like I said maybe it was in the editing or maybe I’m seeing something that wasn’t there or maybe she was sorry for what happened, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s gone next. …after Luke of course.

  140. I think its going TO be peter and tyler but like you Said, who knows?!? This seAsOn has beeN so confUsing and unfortunately my gut is tElling Me that even if ahe geta engaged her relationship won’t last and that makes me sad.

  141. this entire season has highlighted the unfortunate double standards held for men/women. repeatedly Hannah has talked down to and belittled the men, in ways that if roles were reversed, people would be outraged. Imagine if the bachelor made a ‘zip it’ motion with their hand to a woman contestant, America would lose their minds! He would be seen as controlling and condescending. When Hannah does it however, everyone screams ‘yessss girl! girl power!’. It seems their version of ‘equality is actually women>men. Doesn’t seem so equal to me.
    Luke has done many questionable things this season, i’m not defending him there. However, last night I sided with him (mostly). From what he said he probably thought they were on the same page because they bonded over their faith through conversations we didn’t get to see. If she didn’t share his faith and he brought all that up, then it would’ve been strange. I honestly think he thought they had the same views and was just looking for reassurance, which is natural when you’re 1 of 4 men. Hannah freaking out and then telling him he couldn’t explain himself, etc. was yet another example of double standards. If the bachelor dared tell a contestant that she couldn’t explain herself, that he doesn’t owe her anything, again, it would not go over well. ESPECIALLY if later he said he f***** another girl twice. Just the language would be seen as disrespectful to the girl and the bachelor would immediately be torn apart by criticism. Yet with HANNAH its ‘good for you, such a strong independent woman!’.
    luke should’ve left immediately instead of remaining seated, clearly she’s not what he’s looking for in a wife. And that’s okay. Heck, I would’ve left after the way she talked to him alone. I would never talk to a significant other that way, or anyone really. It’s almost as if he’s fixated on a mirage of her that doesn’t really exist. That being said, I’m ready for this season to be over lol

  142. luke has the right to ask the question, but he lost all respect when he originally said he’d walk if she had slept with any of the other guys, but then started groveling his way out of it when she said she had. like you said, it was the way he went about it more than anything else. If he said he was going to walk, then he should have gotten up and left on his own, rather than making her practically drag him out of there. he seems like a very troubled guy to me. maybe he’ll get some help once he sees the way it all looked afterward….

  143. I’m so glad You said something about the timing of Luke’s date because now it makes it make more senSe. I also completely agree with you on the luke situaTion becausE i would be concerned if they weren concerned aboUt the fact that She potentially slept with 3 other guys in the same week. I can see why he brought it up at dinner though because if she was going into expecting things to happen then he just wanted to be up front about it and say hEy if we d go to fantasy suites I want to make sure you know that I am not havinG sex. I think that it could have been more in depth in fantasy suites though.

    When she was talking to jed it was honestly making me a little irritated how defensive she is getting. He has a right to just say how he feels and why it makes him feel That way. He was very respectful and not once attacked her but she can’t handle when someone questions her.
    *Also just realiZed i wrote a book.

  144. First off, since you’re so good at finDing Hannah’s clothing items from the show for sale, have you seen the sHoes she wears during the day with Jed? I’m obsessed with them!

    I completely agree with you about Luke. He has a right to have whatever opinion he wants, but his mistake (one of them, at least) was choOsing to talk to Hannah about it in fRont of the cameras. THat conVersation was clearly important to him, but He went about it the wrong waY and at the wrong time, so it came off judgey and manipulative.

    I do think that Hannah should respect the guys’ privacy in the faNtasy suites and not talk about what happened. The cameras are off for a reason. She just needs to exercise more cAution because She has to consider their feelings as well.

  145. I would be so curious on the order of The fantasy suite dates! I don’t think it was fair to Say to hannah that sex with anyone else would be a Relationship ender during fantasy suite week. That seems like a very specific conversation that shOuld have happened before the week so she could really think about her decisions and her feelings toward luke (and the other guys). If he was a date after peter, she may have freaked out because he didn’t specifically tell her that’D be a deal breaker until she may have already slept wIth peter. I would have a hard time continuing a relationship With someone who just slept With someone else, however i think that’s a conversation i would have had early on. Either way i think there’s a whole Lot of manipulation happening all around. Well, specifically between hannah, Luke, and jed.

  146. agree with you 100%! would lOve Peter to Be the next bachelor if she doesnt pick him!! I font want her to pick jedd..

  147. I really love your take on Luke’s approach to the sex conversation! The internet is either for or against him and I like that you take a middle road approach and can see things both him and hannah could have done differently! You gained alot of wisdom from your experience!!!

  148. I think it was foolish for luke to think she definitely would not sleep with any of the guys if they hadn’t had a conversation where she specifically stated that she was also saving herself again for marriage. so, in that sense, i think its pretty ridiculous for luke to suddenly say if i found out you had sex, i’d leave. they had never discussed that her sleeping with any of the other guys would be a major problem to him, at least not that we saw.

  149. Peter and Tyler are my top 2 picks! Just because i feel like she has a hard time leaving tyler. She looked in love aNd sad her man was walking away!

  150. I think the way That Luke approd the topic was what bothered me so badly. He said he would remove himself from the relationship but then when she called him on it he accused her of twisting his words and being misuNderstOod. I’m glad she finally got clarity on him and hope that they get secUrity to escort him out next week! 😆

  151. I don’t think she has any right to be talking about self respect or respect for others when she clearly has no respect for herself or Peter, referring to it as ****ing in a windmill… that’s so crude and totally disrespectful to Peter. Every episode this season, I’ve been appalled by her immaturity, lack of respect for the guys and lack of filter when SPEAKING.

  152. I think Luke’s behaviour and words go beyond soMe of the issues you wrote about! Yes it is absolutely normal to be uncomfortable with your pOtential life pArtner being intimaTe with other men right before You propose. But the way he asked her reveals a deeper prOblem – sex Shaming or “purIty shaming” – which is a seNtiment deeply rooted in evangelical christianity. I grew up in that world and even though i am still a woman of faith, I have no tolerance for sex shaming. Its a movement where Sexuality is sUpPressed instead of Addressed and explored in healthy ways and where women are held to different standards than their male counterparts and valued based on their Virginity. He Didn’t ask from a place of love or pRotEction for himself, he asked her from a place of pride and judgement. I tHink hannah is fairly immature but i was impressed with the way she handled him during this date!

  153. I JUST CANT get Over lukes manipulation. First he says if she slept with one or all the guys he would leave the reLationship no questions asked. But then when Hannah gives him the answer he doesnt want to hear he completely changes his mind and says they can work thRough anything together. He is all over the map and just Keeps trying to make hannah feel small and that she is the One in the wrong always. I love that she called him out about his pride because that is by far his bIggest weakness. Ugh luke just Drove me nUts during thEir date because he kept back tracking and changing what he was Saying just to get hannah to aGree/side with him.

  154. I agree In that i understand where luke was coming from but he literally contradicts hImself in everything he says. “I will remove myself from this relationship” and then after hannah spOke “i know its Something we could work through”
    Glad she sent him away for sure.

  155. I’m thinking Jed’s ex will be on the show and she will get rid of him first. Leaving Peter and Tyler at the end of this. She will pick Peter, and Tyler will be Bachelor..I’m crossing my fingers this will happen anyways 😜

  156. I do think there was something special about the fact that she didnt sleep with Tyler. That next morning she was saYing how He was the most respectful man shes ever been with, then she got emotional and started to cry. I feel like that made her like him even more

  157. Love hannah’s HOnesty. I understand like asking that question but i think his craziness from the rest of the season caught up with him fInally promPting hannah’s reaction. I think she likes peter but i don’t see her act with him like she does the others. I think it will be tyler and jed.

  158. Love your postS, i always look forward to reading them. I appreciate how you see both sides. No need to apOlogize for “going jn circles”! We all do wHen thinking through these difficult situations so we hear you and yoUr consideration. No apologies required, they are your thoughts and how you feel.

    As far as the episode goes, i Hope the show takes next week as an opportunity to disCuss manipulation and stalkIng behavior because luke is not an AnomAly. Far too many people experience his mode of communication and his inability to take “no” for an answer. Its unacceptable and should be talked about at length

  159. I think I look forward to your blog more then the show. Love all your insider details. Honestly I feel whoever she picks it won’t last. I don’t see any lifetime connectins here. I have bern married 46 years to my high school sweetheart so I might know a thing or two lol

  160. I had an off feeling about Jed from the beginning. I couldn’t put my finger on it but as the show went on the feeling was still there. I LOVE Tyler and think he would be an excellent Bachelor but I just don’t see the connection as strong other than their physical one, I think with more time they could get there though. Peter I couldn’t understand their connection until Fantasy Suite and they seem to have strong genuine feelings for each other.

  161. Don’t understand how Hannah can profess her love to one man (Jed) and sleep with another (Peter). Shows to me that she is conflicted and immature with her emotions. Furthermore, to summarize her experience with Peter as “f-ing in a windmill” on national tv, is shocking and disrespectful to herself and Peter. Luke has some growing up to do, but needs to breathe a big sigh of relief. There are young women out there who still preserve themselves for marriage and share his religious beliefs. The Bachelorette show is not the place to find them!

  162. I read your blog before seeing thr episode. Now that i saw it, I see that theee was a lot more to that conversation than the teasErS shOwed! For hannah, it’s abiur respect in all thinGs. It Wasn’t just about sex. She did overlook a lot and gave him thr benefit of the doubt so many times that for him to say This was a deal Breaker and ESSENTIALLY affects how he sees her as a person is insane (And to Say it was a “slip-up” not a choicE she made!). Yes, Luke, Get
    Out. And nO, you may not say a prayer Over her like she Is tarnished and needs help. If you trulY love her, Pray for her in private that she will find her true match and be happy!

  163. Regarding Luke, I agree with you that he has the right to ask those questions and have those concerns. Where it rubs me the wrong way, and I think Hannah too, is that he’s using religion to shame her choices and actions and is expressing his concerns in a very condescending way. Like you said, he’s trying to manipulate and control her and not just explain a concern or deal breaker that he would have. I just think bringing religion into is so wrong, because religion is about forgiveness and love and not about ONLY loving someone if they achieve a level/definition of perfection that you have came up with. And like Hannah said, she answers to the Lord not to Luke. Its not Luke’s right to judge what he believes are her sins. I love what she said about not casting stones.

    And lastly, it really bothered me how he tried to back pedal at the end. He’s done it the whole season, but this was the most obvious. If you have an opinion on something, stand up for it. I think he really believes those things he said, which he has a right to, but then when he said it and realized she didn’t agree he tried to change is story. I would have had more respect for him if he would have stuck up for what he believed instead of always being wishy washy and trying to please somebody else.

  164. Ali, I get so confused about the whole show.
    I would love to see her end of with Peter but then I think Peter seems too sweet for her. Hannah as we have seen can be very feisty. Not sure if Peter would be the right match for her. I would love
    To see Peter as the Bachelor and have more
    then one woman to chose from. He is a great
    Guy! Also, why is it that EVERY season there is a Jerk, and all the guys or girls hate them
    and then the jerk usually returns? It feels
    too planned. Same old plot. Is there a reason
    For this? Thanks Ali ☺️

  165. Hi ALi, i am very torn with your opinions regarding Luke. I think he has consistently showed signs of toxic masculinity and trying to control a woman’s behavior. Whether he does this because he believes this is him practicing his religion… idk, but i dont have tolerance for this behavior and people reinforcing and/or overlooking it at this day and age . I Agree that its not normal to have sex with multiple men before an engagement, but this is also the bachelor and people going on the show most likely know the process. Im disappointed people are tUrning this on hannah because his behavior since day one has been nothing but controlling, and this was just the chErry on top. She already tried to send him Home once and he just didnt want to take No as an answer and respect her decision!? What! I think its very scary that some men dont listen to what a woman says. I think You make some good points, but i also think everyone should look at the bigger picture of what His bEhavior is reflecting: a manIpulative man who reFuses to respect a womans decision. Thanks for listening!

    1. Kate, I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, however, if Hannah had truly wanted Luke gone the first time she sent him home, he would have been gone. The entire blame is not Luke’s….some of it is Hannah, some the producers as well. Don’t get me wrong, I have not liked Luke at all, he is a manipulative, backpedaling liar, but Hannah’s behavior has been odd. She doesn’t know how to deal with conflict or even a difference of opinion, other than throwing a fit, using foul language, and flipping people off. In life and relationships, there is always conflict, listening, and compromise. She doesn’t listen to how someone feels, and if she does and it doesn’t align with her ideas or feelings, she gets angry instead of listening and trying to understand.

  166. I completely agree that it was fair of Luke to ask that question, especially with a potential engagement in the near future. Yes, it probably would have been smarter for him to save the conversation for off-camera time in the fantasy suite. This was actually the first time I’ve sided with Luke and been disappointed with how Hannah handled the situation (for so many reasons). I think he was truly trying to see if they shared the same values when it came to intimacy and marriage. I respect him for asking about it and wish he had not been made to look like a villain for having values and holding to them.

  167. Luke is just a total phoney to me. I would be wondering why she could not see what a jerk he was if I were one of the other guys but it was obvious she was very attracted to him. As for sleeping with the guys that’s her choice. I think it will be Tyler and Peter at the end and hope she picks Peter. I may be too critical but I don’t think Jed is a good enough singer to spend the rest of his life trying to get famous. Your dad would blow him off a stage lol.

  168. Spot on Ali! I agree! My thoughts on Luke- this May sound so mean, but I honestly don’t think he knows how to communicate- like his emotional intelligence level is extremely low.. I just don’t think he’s emotionally smart enough to manipulate her 🙊. I hate for that to sound ugly, but in his defense, he just doesn’t get it to me!

  169. One thought too, on the Jed convo about Luke- it seemed to me she was all of a sudden happy go lucky after the convo- what if she told Jed that she didn’t want him there, but that the producers were making her keep him around for drama… does that happen on the show? Bc it seemed suddenly Jed felt good too???

  170. Hannah has given me hope for those who have faith in America (I’m a swede). What she said to Luke was 👌 Luke has so dubble standards and is the essence of what has gone wrong with so called born again Christians. He said it himself that he has been f-ing around but now he is so “holy”. Mmmm.. yeah. The “Jesus still loves me” line from Hannah is golden and so true! People who put judgment and play the guilt game unto others are if any at all the ones going to any hell in my opinion. I did’nt think highly of her being The Bachelorette before the season started but I’ve changed my opinion – she rules! I would love for Tyler to be the next Bachelor, but since it’s US it will be Peter (who’s also great).

  171. Her time w luke was coNfusing! I agree with you all the way aroUnd! This comment section is hard to use on a phone btw. It doesnt show the whole screen and OnLy allows caps.
    Also to navigate around your site a little more confusing. HOpe you dont mind feedback. Love it ThO’

  172. Loved your blog as usual 🙂
    * Peter is just adorable & I think they have a very strong relationship
    *Tyler is major eye candy and he really respects and loves her which is amazing, I just don’t know if I see them together forever just yet…
    * Jed, I know the rest of the world is angry at him for having a gf prior to the show..but I actually really like his relationship with Hannah. He has been honest and upfront with her about everything and I do think he is a frontrunner because when he said he loved her there was a pause and then she kissed was like she stopped herself from saying it back.
    Luke, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but He just doesn’t think about what he says and does not always understand that what he says or does can be a problem, He could be this very friendly and nice guy back home but here he may have just acted differently and that is exactly what happened in my opinion. He just does not think. In my opinion I do not think he realized what he was saying, like if you slept with these guys then I would remove myself..but then she admitted to having sex in a windmill and you see it all over his face how surprised he is. He just thinks that everyone loves him and everything is going to be sunshine and roses and Hannah is a woman who is strong and capable and needs a guy who is too. I just do not think they are compatible which is what Jed was so confused about. I really Like Peter, Tyler & Jed and think they are all excellent choices for her. With Peter she will always be loved and treasured. With Tyler she will always have fun and he will treat her like a lady. With Jed she will be with someone who has his own career goals and just like she worked hard to be miss Alabama, she will stand by him and support him and I think the fact that they can talk about things and work through them is VERY important. So honestly I do think Jed would be a great partner for her. Tyler would be a very good bachelor so I hope he will be.

  173. Agree! I don’t understand why Hannah keeps getting so angry about everything. I feel like she thinks she’s the one choosing the guys but it’s also the guy choosing her back. I feel like when she’s confronted with something she’s like “how dare you? I run this thing,” but that’s not the case. The person she chooses to be with and marry has to want to be with her also.

  174. I really feel like the biggest problem this whole season has been hannah. She has acted so immaturely and by keeping herself so engaged in the drama, she perpetuated it. She kept helping to rile the other gUys up, she ignored Luke frequent requests to move on, she childishly cancelled rose ceremonies and by doing so she didn’t leave herself the time sHe needed to realLy deVelop strong emotional ties with anyone. Everything has been puRe drama and physical and now shes down to the end and has no idea where to go.
    I think luke has made some huge MISTAKES but i mostly feel he was bUllied and due to constantly having mulTiple men railing on him
    At once, didn’t always have the means to organize his thoughts before he sPoke which is why he was always backpeddling and changing his story.

    I love tyler but hope more for him so i hope hes the next bachelOr. Such a respEctful kind man! I

  175. I do understand why Luke doesn’t like the idea of Hannah sleeping with someone else, of course that would hurt anyone’s feelings. But it was just the way he said it to her, it was more demanding and judgy. I feel like because of his past he should not be judging anyone because no one is perfect as he should know. I also hate whenever she would say you said this ( and word for word he did) then he would say you misunderstood and try to manipulate her to see otherwise. I’m sure he is not a terrible person, but he really needs to take a look in the mirror.

    Also, I love Peter and Tyler. Would love to see them in the top two. But in the end hoping it’s Peter

  176. Totally agree about Peter. At first I thought she was crying when Tyler left because she knew he was the one, but after reading your blog, I’m rethinking it, maybe she knows he’s not the one but really cares about him so she’s getting emotional over sending him home. I’m so on bored with either Peter or Tyler being bachelor! I loved her Jed’s super raw conversation, I think it’s REAL even though the conversation wouldn’t take place in real life. I loved when he said he was worried she has trouble letting bad things go. I kind of thought he sort of nailed it honestly. I don’t think Luke was off base bringing up the topic, or asking if she’s had sex, it was once again the awful way he has of speaking where he went wrong. Instead of expressing his concerns in the area, he made her feel like she was worth less or promiscuous. If this was something he had deep concerns about they should’ve been brought up previously so she was aware how he felt about it and then she could make that decision.

    1. I realized that didn’t make sense, I mean that conversation wouldn’t happen in a normal dating situation. I know it is THEIR real lives haha.

  177. Ali, so the Bobby Bones show had jeds ex on there for An interview. She gave her side. Go listen to it on iheart radio. She knew what he was doing. She consent to him going, they were also only together for like four months…so 🤷🏼‍♀️ She admitted it was stupid and it was for publicity. I don’t have much putty for her…other than him not contac her when he got home…but there COULD’VE been a CONTRACTUALLY reason too…hopefully.
    Peter seems like he would be an awesome bachel…or mike.

  178. I so agree with you. I think Hannah forgets these guys are also trying to find their wife. It’s not just a one sided show. I think Luke was trying to get clarity on whether or not him & Hannah actually have the same values. And he would like to know if they didn’t. She should have just spoken to him and broken up with him if she felt they stood in different places. She didn’t need to act like that, in my opinion.

    Please don’t mistake me for being pro-Luke. I am not! He is very back and forth and whenever he realizes he says something she doesn’t like, he tries to go back and take it all back instead of owning his beliefs and values.

    Overall I just think Hannah seems to have a temper when it comes to the men telling her things that make her question her decisions. The bungee jumping, keeping Luke around convo w/ Jed, this, and other things. Personally I love when my other half nicely questions and challenges me with best intentions in mind.

  179. Ali, I love reading your blogs! All I got to say is I have been team Peter since day one and feel he has a really good chance!
    The way the show was edited had me questioning as well. I was thinking that Luke’s date came 2nd (after Peter’s) but looking back I think you are right. It must have come after Jed’s as well. I can’t wait to see who the last 2 men that are standing! I have a strong feeling that it will be Peter. I am torn though on Jed and Tyler. She seems to have a strong connection with both. Thank you for posting your thoughts weekly!

  180. I respect Luke’s choices regarding abstinence until marriage; however, what drive me most CRAZY about him is that he will say what is on his mind and as soon as Hannah acts upset or responds negatively, he back pedals and says “that didn’t come out right. I didn’t mean to say that” UGHHH. You DID mean it, you SAID it. You just regret it once you realize it upsets her. He just seems so FAKE. He wants to just say what Hannah wants to hear. I’m SO glad she got rid of him.

  181. I don’t understand why Hannah keeps saying that her husband will love her “unconditionally”. The only unconditional love is between parent and child. There are ALWAYS conditions on romantic love. She proved it when she herself staed all of the conditions her husband will meet. Even if you overlook some issues because you love someone a lot, eventually if they continue to act in hurtful ways everyone has a breaking point. And it should be that way.

  182. Hi Ali, I’ve been reading your bachelorette and bachelor blogs for years. I look forward to them every week. it’s kinda my morning thing, I get up and read the bachelor post with a cup of coffee. I love your opinion on each ep every week. so thank you for still writing about this show after so many yrs of doing it. with this whole luke situation, it’s hard for me to watch because I was raised in a church with very harsh rules using the bible to back their abusiveness and cruelty. and after being in a place like that for the first 20 yrs of my life makes me even more sick and tired to watch it every Monday night. so I’m hoping he leaves after this next ep. as for the next bachelor im hoping peter or tyler, truly I would be happy with either!

  183. I can agree with Luke on the idea he was trying to say to Hannah. He just doesn’t know how to express his ideas on tv in my opinion. He just isn’t made for it. And that’s ok! I’m not defending him by any means cause he was in the wrong. But I also do not agree with Hannah. Her immaturity shows more and more. But where I had an issue with Hannah, and I understand she was upset but the way she put she had sex. I f’ed in a windmill. That doesn’t speak of having sex because you love someone. I just felt it could have been said differently and I even felt sorry for Peter. If a guy had used that term for me, I would be hurt. It’s just a vulgar way to say it. Both need to grow up and experiences are the way to do so!

  184. I think it’s Jed and Peter too… But maybe she saved herself for Tyler. I don’t know. But I would love to see Tyler or Mike as the next Bachelor!

  185. It really astounds me how many women on here are standing up for Luke and bashing Hannah. If you want a virgin for a wife, don’t go on the Bachelorette where it is common and understood that the lead may sleep with multiple people. If you know it’s a deal breaker for you if the lead sleeps with anyone during the show, then voice that early in the show, not during fantasy Suite week! If you want to read a blog by an insider who has been on the show and what truly supporting and empowering other women looks like, follow Sharleen Joynt. She is articulate, smart, kind, without being fake.

  186. Your blog post got me thinking so much about my own take on the Luke stuff. I pretty much was able to break it down to this:
    1) It’s totally fine to have your own strong set of values and beliefs
    2) It’s totally fine (and encouraged) to express these values to your partner
    3) It’s totally fine to end a relationship if it is important for you to share those values with your partner.
    4) But, it is NEVER okay to shame your partner because their values and beliefs are different than yours!

  187. Hannah handled the confrontation really well. I feel like she listed to him till the end and then walked him out, She was soooo patient and you could obviously tell she was upset but didn’t yell at him and didn’t lose her temper. She truly showed how mature she is. I believe Luke is totally obsessed with her but just because he can not face the fact that that he lost against the other guys it feels like he is competing not in love with her. she is just a trophy for him.

  188. So I agree, but also disagree! Luke is allowed to want to marry someone who isn’t having sex before marriage. But his delivery was WAY off. Instead of having an open conversation I feel like he shamed her for having sex and tried to make her feel bad for her decisions. I do agree with her that she isn’t “strapped down to a man yet though” I get that she wants someone to propose to her but she’s also allowed to be able to do what she wants with her own body and during this process. I love your blogs and reading your recap!!

  189. Can you do a post on heartbreak soon? What to do when someone you love doesn’t love you back? It’s in relationship to the Bachelorette but also just advice in general!

  190. Ali, thanks for your post and really, all of your posts!! If you have Twitter, Luke tweeted to Hannah last night…all I can say is that Hannah & everyone else needs to stop bashing Luke! Luke is Luke and with all the drama going on (if rumors are true), Luke is going to look like a Saint; well, maybe better to say “not such a bad guy”! This is real life and everyone has to go back to their way of life. Needless to say, the road to the end is going to be entertaining : ))

  191. I agree Luke had the right to ask her, but that’s not how it came off. It was more like he told her it was not okay before he asked her the question and he also stated that people can talk about their faith but in the end don’t act on their faith, like she’s betraying him and her faith by sleeping with someone else. I think that’s more what set her off then the question itself

  192. Luke just talks circles trying to get her off guard. He says something then takes it back hoping she’ll question herself. He’s done it all season. I find it sad that because of all the drama with him this season I don’t think she got a chance to know half the guys. Side note my hubby and I are complete polar opposites, couldn’t be more different and have been married 37 years!!! 💕

  193. I have similar values to the ones Luke is talking about, so I understand where he’s presenting himself as coming from. However, the way in which he talked about it was completely wrong. It definitely came across as controlling and chauvinistic, when it should have been presented as: these are my beliefs, I would want to share these beliefs with the person I’m going to marry, and I want to know if we’re on the same page. Nothing wrong with that. It’s an important and necessary conversation to have. From there, when it becomes clear that the values aren’t shared and they aren’t on the same page, that’s it. It’s clear they’re not compatible, and you end the relationship gracefully. Instead, he kept backtracking! Trying to change his words, take back what he said, try and weasel his way out of it and find a way to stay. This was absolutely ridiculous, and it really makes it look like he’s just putting on a show rather than being genuine about his faith, morals, and convictions. If he was being genuine, he would have wished her the best and left. But he didn’t….he was the Luke we’ve seen all season. And Hannah finally got to see it too.

    That being said, I do have a problem with Hannah. She talks about how important her faith is to her. She says that she knows sex outside of marriage is a sin. Yet, she’s embracing what she’s done and proud of it, turning it around on Luke to point out all his problems and his sins (which are legitimate and many) but completely ignoring her own. No, you don’t have the right to tell your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance what to do and what not to do. However, you do have the right to say these are my core values and if they are not shared, you aren’t the right person for me. That’s not judging. That’s accessing compatibility. (Luke didn’t do this correctly, of course, but still, and then he didn’t stand behind it) Hannah’s immaturity really came through during all of this. Both of them didn’t come out of this looking good.

    I kind of wished that Jed would have handled talking about Luke worse, and that would have sent him home…. Wishful thinking, but it would have made all of this so much easier with all the ex girlfriend drama. Unfortunately, although it wasn’t handled perfectly, it was worked out. I feel bad for Tyler. I agree it can’t be him now, as can you imagine being engaged to someone who slept with the other two guys in the Fantasy Suite and not you? Yeah, just….no. But he’s such a great guy. I could totally see him as the Bachelor. I really want her to chose Peter…but I’m afraid it’s going to be Jed. I could see either Peter or Tyler making great Bachelors. Jed….I’m already over him and ready for him to go away. I’m just afraid that it looks like she’s going to pick him and then things will fall apart with everything else going on…. I hope I’m wrong, but….yeah… But there are two great candidates for Bachelor, three if you count Mike, so I’m excited for that and for Paradise!

  194. I think they all have tons of maturing to do. As far as Luke being bothered by her sleeping with someone else, he’s right. Period. They definitely should’ve talked about it. Remember how Kaitlin had sex with Nick and it caused all types of issues between her and the guys and ultimately Sean. It even carried over after the show. Her words. Of course it did. That’s not something you just say oh well to.

  195. Ali!!! I couldn’t agree more. I don’t care for Luke, but I thought she treated him like crap. He had every right to know, and he’s dating her just as much as she is dating him. She kind of acted like she can do whatever she wants and shouldn’t be questioned because she’s the bachelorette. Super annoying.

    I do like Hannah, but I didn’t like that conversation at all. When she said she wasn’t strapped to any man I was like what??? I thought that was disrespectful to all the men remaining. I dunno!

    If I could choose a guy for her, it would be Tyler, and then a toss up between peter and Jed. We shall see! (I like all 3!)


  196. I think you’re right about the timing of the dates. I hadn’t thought of that! I also agree that she has handled things wrongly too. Nobody is perfect and I love her outspoken personality, but sometimes she needs a bit more filter or respect. Ha. Anyways, loved your insight on it. I agree with a lot you said.

  197. Okay so, I was a huge fan of Luke at the very beginning but then my spidey sense started tingling about him. I’m a Christian myself and I found his behavior……confusing I guess? I got the manipulative red flag from him. This last episode irked me because if you felt that way about marriage, why even come on a dating show where you KNOW there are fantasy suites with the 3 or so remaining people? Him telling her that he would leave if she slept with others, then backtracking and saying they would work through it after finding out she did……yeah completely manipulative.
    I think it will be Peter and Tyler in the end to be honest. I know I might be in the minority about Tyler but she said she felt so sad watching him leave and even cried! Though maybe she was just getting caught up in the emotion. I do think that she liked Jed being so transparent and not afraid to ask the hard questions though.
    I still think Mike would make an amazing Bachelor. 🙂

  198. Just me or is anyone else missing the time and date stamp?

    Thanks for doing these posts – the ALL CAPS issue looks resolved! : )

  199. Freaking YES to everything you’ve said. I totally feel that Luke had a right to bring up that stuff! I know it’s not his “show,” but it’s his relationship, too!! And I did not think about the timing of the dates. I truly hope she ends up with one of the remaining three. I’m so worried! Tyler is my fave, and I wonder if she had the same sex convo with Jed and we just didn’t see it! You know?! And ya if she didn’t pick Peter and chose one of the others, I’m sure they will be hurt that she slept with him and not them. I don’t know what to think!!!

  200. I like that Luke challenged Hannah about her convictions about sex outside of marriage! Religion and faith are huge components in a relationship and one that they seemed to share. He needs to be certain of his own convictions before he starts trying to lead inside a relationship. If sex outside of marriage is his deal breaker then he should be strong in that! It doesn’t make either of them bad people, it just makes them incompatible.

  201. I was thinking the guys didn’t know where they fell in the order of dates…so Luke didn’t now if he was #1 or #4 in the process. Are the guys still hanging out together at this point, or are they kept separate?
    I think it’s Jed and Peter for the final two. I hope she picks Peter, but I feel like something holds her back. Like she knows she should pick him- but she hesitates.
    I enjoy your posts and instastories. 💗

  202. As someone who is the same age as Hannah and is married I really believe that you truly can grow and mature with someone in marriage. Obviously there is a level of maturity that is needed, but with the right person I could see her being married. With that being said it might be more challenging at times whne people get married younger I think in the end you can come out even stronger. Those are my two cents on her being younger and “not ready for marriage”.

    As for Luke I respected him asking her about sex. And honestly I would not have held it against him if he found out she had sex with the other guy(s?) and decided he really wasnt okay with that and wanted to end the relationship. But he kept being his manipulative self and trying to “go back” on what he said to try to stay around. EVEN AFTER SHE ADMITTED TO BEING WITH THE OTHER GUYS!!!! I struggle having respect for people who are so wishy washy on their word, which is exactly what he is doing. Not judging her for the decisions she made on the show. You do you Hannah. I’m sure she did the best she could and gave it her all to try to (and hopefully did) find her husband.

    Honestly, the more I see her with Peter the more I hope he is the one in the end, and Tyler is the next bachelor. But if it was reversed I wouldn’t be shocked. I could also see her with Jed at the end. But who knows what’s up with him.

  203. I really think that it will be between Tyler & Peter! I agree with you that it just doesn’t seem like Hannah & Jed see things the same. We will see! Next week is going to be an interesting one!!

  204. I agree that Luke has the right to ask about Hannah’s other relationships but I absolutely disagree with the way that he used his religion to shame her. When he asked if he could “pray over” her that was the most pious, holier than thou attitude. It gave me major creeps and red alert signs. 🚨 My grandma used to say, “Beware of those who sit in the front pew.”

  205. I am just now catching up. I’m starting to fear for Hannah’s safety with Luke. This is the second time she’s sent him home but he keeps coming back! Stalker much? Love goes both ways, she’s checked out, move on!

  206. I agree . The part of the show that is the most cringeworthy to me is the fantasy suite episode and it’s because whoever the contestant is probably sleeps with multiple people over a short period of time and then … might soon be engaged to one . I have the same opinion every year no matter if it is a Bachelor or Bachelorette! I also think the way she shouted it from the rooftops could be pretty hurtful to whoever she ends up being engaged too …. just my opinion !

  207. I think it’s going to be Peter and Jed too! I think she should pick Peter because he is just the sweetest guy, and treats her like a queen, but I think she’s going to pick Jed in the end.

  208. I believe she will pick Jed, but I believe they have already broken up. She has always seemed the most into him and she says and does things with him that she does with no one else. I believe they have broken up because I don’t think she will be able to forgive him for what he did w the gf situation. I’m just hoping she found out before the world did because if she found out about the gf when everyone else did, that would make it 1,000X worse!!I I can’t decide who else is in the final 2. I go back and forth, but I’m thinking Peter. And I still want Mike as the next bachelor #bachelortoowhite

  209. I agree on almost all of them.
    I absolutely love Tyler and think their chemistry in undeniable, I would love to see her pick him.
    As for Luke, I don’t think I have ever hated a contestant more lol. There are ways to say things and ways that you should. I think the conversation would’ve been extremely different had he explained that if she slept with someone his feelings would’ve been hurt, rather than saying “if you slept with someone i’m out” basically. He always demeans her and says things very rudely(in my opinion) and then always talks his way out of it by saying that’s not what he meant. So I’m happy Hannah stood up for herself and didn’t really let him talk his way out of it this time.
    On another note, I am a little frustrated with production, I understand its good for ratings, but how many times does this man need to be kicked off before they stop letting him come back! I feel like its hard enough for her to let them go, so why let them come back!

  210. Only my opinion… I think he a bit of a narcissist and his religious teaching and affiliations support the controlling behavior of women.

  211. I love Peter! At first I thought he was just too shy, but he definitely has come out of his shell.He seems so grounded and would make a great husband! Hannah might be a bit too much for him, but wee will see! Hannah definitely has a wild side!!
    Ali, I married my high school sweetheart and we are polar opposites. We will be married 53 years on August 8th, but started dating 55 years ago,
    Many people won’t agree with me, but I believe in having sex with one man, not multiple! To each their own, though!
    I love reading your posts and seeing the pictures of you and your beautiful family! You are beautiful inside and out!! I would love a friend like you!

  212. I agree with Luke’s professed beliefs about the purity of marriage. However, first he said he’d leave if she’d slept with anyone else, then he said he’d work through it with her if she had. Does he believe it or not? He has exhibited clear signals and signs of being an emotional abuser throughout this process. Pity the woman who ends up married to someone who has repeatedly backpedaled and told her SHE misunderstood him, who threatens the person he supposedly loves (I’ll leave if you did this) and attempts to use her deepest held beliefs to shame her into complying with how HE interprets being a Christian. IMO, he is a gaslighter. I know “Christian” men who gaslight their partners and they are not representing the Jesus I love and follow. Luke has very poorly represented how a Christian man should show love. LUke doesn’t love Hannah, Luke loves Luke above all.

  213. Hi Ali!!
    I love your blogs! Ok so from the beginning he doesn’t really touch on the fact that h had a strong faith background. He most definitely didn’t act like a “man”of faith. What bothers me is his tactics to manipulate Hannah. It’s like watching an abuser mold the other person, by saying I love you first, saying untrue things about the other men, manipulating the conversation, the anger he showed when he was confronted, the smerks when Hannah felt bad for him, the doe in the headlight looks he had when they talked. The way he would say can you let me explain, talking over her, his possession over her. The home town date was the creepiest date in Bachelor history! Then when he had the audacity to tell her if she’d had sex with men then he’d leave (again another manipulation) was like WTH DID HE JUST SAY??? Lol. His hometown date he “ministered” to teenagers about how he chased sex!! But if she did he was out?? They’ve all had lives before they got to the show for God sakes!! His whole time on the show was weeks of hypocrisy! He needs major therapy and start learning how to be a man, a real one. Get some education, and grow up. I pity him bc even as the show aired, he was having a Twitter fight with her bc he has to be right! Reading them he again doesn’t know the Bible as well as he’s trying to make it out to be.
    I love you, & you’re precious family!!
    P.s sorry about the long post!
    Love, Jen Lee

  214. I have so many thoughts on the Luke and Hannah situation. I agree with what you said about both of them. I want to start by saying that yes Luke has some issues and being on this show was not a good place for him. If you’re trying to be this huge conservative Christian, why are you choosing to come on a show like this where it is very normal for people to sleep with a couple of people and then get engaged a few days later. For some strange reason…. I say weird bc Idk any guys that actually watches the bachelor. Anyways for some strange reason, I think Luke watched Hannah on Colten’s season and became truly infatuated by her. On Colten’s season, she talked about her religion very openly, she talked about only sleeping with 2 guys, she talked about loving that Colten was a virgin. Soooo Luke seeing all this was like omg she’s perfect for me, I need her, I want her, I’m going to win her.

    Fast forward and let’s face it, we see a different more spicy side to Hannah. Not saying she changed just saying we’re seeing another side to her. Luke is still trying to connect with one side of Hannah rather than seeing her as a whole.

    On the date, he awkwardly brings up sleeping with people and says how’s he’s ready to walk away if she sleeps with all 3 guys. Okay great that’s how you feel, fine. Stick to that. Instead it feels like he was using it as a threat. I think this because obviously he didn’t care enough to leave for good. Why come back? Why not stick to what you said?

    And Hannah, her response seemed immature and dramatic to me. Idk if it was the alcohol or if she had literally just had enough of Luke, but the way she went off because he said he would feel disrespected if she slept with all 3 guys, I just thought was over the top. Like you obviously care 0 for his feelings. Sooo why is he still here? If I really liked someone, and they told me that they would be upset about this, I would be like for one duh, I hope you are upset. I want my man to be upset about me sleeping with other people. Her response honestly made me think that they were keeping Luke around for good tv because she just really seems to dislike him at this point.

    1. liked your line abiut H juat really dislike LP.
      y e a h
      and this far in? – please.

      get a grip, stop playing at being Bachelorette – and wasting everyone’s time, really – and stop gloating about hating on Luke – the guy who *broke your heart ..*etc etc.

      I mean if you’re pissed, fine – your pissed. going on abt going off on him makes me want all the guys to get sent away in a limo.

      The guys think they know what they are getting into – fiesty Hannah – but they don’t. The callousness with which she treated Luke (a super amped version of the Cam kick off ) was w r e t c h e d.

      No one deserves to be treated like that.

      She was riffing it as a #MeToo kind of moment, but it was one religious person asking another chruch goer where her perimeters were.

      Incendiary Hannah is destructive, not empowered.

  215. As much as I don’t like Luke, he had every right to ask her and tell her his thoughts on her sleeping with the other men. She was outraged….and got defiant and totally disrespectful to his feelings on the subject. Where he lost me is that when she blew up, then he backtracked, basically lied about how he honestly feels about it, and tried to manipulate his way into staying. She should have listened to him in the beginning, and tried to understand where he was coming from, and his feelings on the subject. She’s been pretty disrespectful when anyone disagrees with what she says. How is she going to manage life and conflict (which is in every single relationship) if she continues the “it’s all about me” attitude? She has had zero talks with the men about their jobs and what life with them might look like, and Jed….no job? How does he pay his bills? With his voice, he had better start thinking about it, because he’s not getting a “golden ticket” to Hollywood any time soon, nor will anyone “turn their chair” for his singing. Peter and Tyler have always been my favorites, but honestly, they deserve better. Can you imagine how Peter’s family felt after she told all of America on Monday night that they had sex in the windmill, and twice? None of us needed to know that……she has no self-respect, no filter, no discretion in any of her actions. And that makes me sad.

    1. It’s weird how much of a let down thus season has been. Gayle. Hannah has her good points, but I think we’ve gotten a taste if the bad side and its problematic – not just annoying or maybe a real issue to be dealt with here or there.

      There seems to be a fundamental susceptibility to intense emotional reactions. i wouldn’t wish to disparage anyone on Earth for that – but Hannah seems to need some help managing the swings and she has yet to seek it, and may not recognize that there are things ahe Can do ( take a small break, speak back what she hears someone say…etc ).The high emotions plus the Anger trait is disastrous combo.
      It’s been hellish to watch. Up until this episode I thought the show was juat milking all tbe Luke stuff. Now I believe they’ve been covering/coping storywise for a lead with relationship busting short-comings.
      Being an Alpha, having a hot fuse, and easily activated emotions does not a spouse make.
      That is a genderless comment. by the way.

      Her great traits are still there. of course, and down the road I imafine she will be an awesome partner if she wishes to be. Her smarts and heart can surely make that so.

  216. In the real world, I understand this could’ve been a completely normal conversation to have. But…if he really feels so strongly about this topic then…why in the WORLD WOULD YOU GO ON THIS SHOW???!! Ugh.

    1. Yes.
      They are BOTH blinded by * something *.
      Its a God /Dessert/Lust MashUp for.Hannah and a Redemption /Holy Soldier /Destiny Bride for Luke .

      It was interesting and livley enough until it became off kilter, blind, destructive and s u p.e.r.joyless.

  217. I’d like to think that Peter has the edge but I also think that she’s going to have a difficult choice between Jed and Peter. Thankfully she got rid of Luke, just in the nick of time. To think she wouldn’t let him pray over her was also a highlight of the episode. Heaven knows he would have condemned her for her devilish ways. And poor Tyler, he’s got it bad but unfortunately it’s pretty much unreciprocated so it’s time for him to go too. This finale is going to be a tear jerker.

  218. I’m so glad I found your blog- I like getting an “inside scoop” from someone who’s been thru the process!

    I have to say- I’m super surprised how many people in the comments are on the Jed train and how many AREN’T talking about Tyler and how great he is! I actually think the not sleeping with Tyler thing says A LOT about her feelings for him. Sure- if she ends up with him and has to explain that she slept with Peter (and potentially Jed as well) and not with him, that will be a hard convo, but the way she reacted after that date with the tears and how happy she was that he was so respectful- I think Tyler should take that as a badge of honor in a way that she wanted to know him more than just sex. Not that she didn’t want to know Peter on that level- maybe she already felt she had- but it made me feel like she respected Tyler more 1.) for telling him she didn’t want to sleep with him and b.) for actually following thru. I don’t know. You’re right- it’s for sure a weird thing to talk about.

    Peter is precious, and safe. I don’t think she’ll pick him for that reason. Jed is icky to me and I can’t fully figure out why. I don’t DISLIKE him, but something about their connection seems off to me…like I can’t fully feel it. I actually feel like her and Tyler make the best pairing- they seem to compliment each other the best.

    Luke DID have the right to talk to her about that and ask about it- but the WAY he did it- gross. So condescending and shaming. And the backtracking he does- I CANNOT DEAL. He’s clearly someone used to getting exactly what he wants and doesn’t know how to take an answer he doesn’t want. Glad she finally saw the light of manipulation blaring thru him!

  219. Call me old fashioned but I wouldn’t say yes to a proposal to someone who had been sexually intimate with someone else in the last year let alone week.

    Luke is made to look like a douche. Don’t know him personally so I can’t say anything of his character. But inthis situation I am %100 team luke. And shame on you abc fortalking so candidly about sex and opening her up to the slut shaming. Shame on you abc

  220. I really do not like Hannah as the bachelorette – she is just not nice! I find this to be the absolute worst of all the bachelor nation shows I’ve seen and I’ve seen them all! 😡
    When there was so much negativity when she was chosen to be the bachelorette with everyone saying they didn’t like her and weren’t going to watch – I liked her and was excited – I guess I didn’t see what everyone else saw 🙄 but now I do!

  221. Yes, Peter for Bachelor! I think he is the one that Hannah should pick – he is intelligent, level-headed, successful fun and sexy. But truthfully I do not think that Hannah is really ready for marriage. Maybe it’s just the way that the show is edited but given the way she handles herself and situations she seems far too immature for a lifelong commitment. Even the fact that she needed to have all four men there for the overnights and seems so into each one is not a good sign that she has found “the one”.

  222. So I know I have a very unpopular opinion but I don’t think Luke is as terrible as people have tried to paint him this season. The men disliked him from the beginning (before anything happened) because his and Hannah’s connection was very evident! I totally understand him having the concerns in the fantasy suite, I mean that’s what normal people in a normal situation would feel, even though obviously this isn’t a normal situation. I do think he needs to do ALOT of maturing and needs to work on things like back pedaling; but I do think the other guys made the Luke situation 100x worse.

    Jed screams sleazy car salesman, I have always thought that. It didn’t help with the girlfriend thing came out. I thought it was ironic he kept saying how terrible of a person Luke was, when Jed himself, came on the show with bad intentions in the first place. Yuck!

    Tyler, oh Tyler, I love Tyler! He is just so sweet and such a respectful guy; I hope he is the next Bachelor!

    Peter. I like Peter. Well until this past week’s story came out. Made me sad, hopefully it’s blown out of proportion.

    I was so excited about Hannah being the next bachelorette; but I do feel like she has a lot of maturing to do. I love how she spoke her mind in a lot of the situations; but I do think she could have handled several things better. No on know what it’s like to be in that position, until you are, so I’m sure there are a lot of crazy thoughts and emotions that happen.

  223. I’ve been watching bachelor/bachelorette since Season 1! This season has got me feeling all sorts of things. However, I’m more excited about the fact that you shop for clothes at Walmart! As I get older, nothing excites me more than finding cute outfits at cheap prices. I love watching your insta stories on your cute finds at reasonable prices.
    P.S… I predict Mike will be the next bachelor and Tyler will be on Dancing with the Stars!

  224. Can’t see it so forgive me if you have already posted it but do you have a link for the dress she wore at the rose ceremony in greece that hasn’t actually happened yet?😊

  225. What IS this season!!?? I’m not feeling he with any of these guys. Peter with his sweet ride and planes and, all braggy. Jed, just there for his music and Tyler, well, not the most exciting. On the show when she told Luke he has no right to ask her if she had slept with anyone……..well YES he did have the right- he’s “dating” her and if it bothers him that she did, its a difference of values between the two and is an hones dealbreaker. simple. done.

  226. I mean, what happen in the windmill doesn t stay in the windmill if Hannah later reveals it to Luke and all of America, but have your fun, ABC. Hannah and Peter s windmill date came after he told her that he was in love with her, which made their whole Fantasy Suite date that much more special. And, whatever happens with their relationship going forward, at least Hannah and Peter can both say they, in Hannah s words, “fucked in a windmill” and they did so twice.

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