The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is Here!!

Eeeeeppppp! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! There is a good chance that you’ve seen a ton of different bloggers already post about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on Instagram the past 24 hours. It’s basically the Super Bowl for fashion bloggers. Ha! It’s just such an incredible sale that really everyone should check out to try to snag some key pieces for fall at insanely good prices. Early Access starts today which means you can shop it if you have an Nordstrom Credit card. Don’t worry if you don’t. Public Access starts next week so you can shop it then! Or you can get a card like I did. Ha! They are free to get.

I’m honestly not even sure why Nordstrom does it. I obviously do get them having sales in general because they sell a ton of stuff. But I’m not quite sure why they discount all of their fall items in the middle of summer. If anyone reading this used to work there and has any insight into this I’d love to know. The great thing for all of us is that you can get fall items on sale before the season starts rather than after the season’s over which is usually when items go on sale. The only thing is, it’s hard to think about cardigans, sweaters, and long sleeve dresses when it’s 95° outside. So shopping this sale takes a bit of imagination by putting yourself a few months in the future and thinking like it’s fall.


Anyway, I snagged a few pieces early that I wanted to review and share with you guys, like this floral Eliza J dress. This dress is absolutely stunning! To be completely honest with you guys when I saw it, I wasn’t 100% sure I was going to like it but I was so intrigued by it that I decided to try it on. And I was blown away! I thought the print was going to feel way too loud for me but it is the opposite of loud – it has this understated elegance. I feel like I’m wearing a $500 garment when I put it on. And the cut is extremely flattering! These photos are very light and bright but I see this being the type of dress you could wear on a date to a really intimate restaurant. Something about it screams vintage and expensive like I just mentioned. Kevin and I are planning on going to a charity poker event this month and I feel like this is the perfect dress to wear to it.


All three dresses that I’m showing photos of in this post are from Eliza J. This next dress feels very southern to me. It’s just so darling and feminine. I feel like it’s great to wear to a wedding or even to church. Or heck a wedding at a church! Ha! The scoop neckline is very elegant. It kind of reminds me of the dresses the commanders wives wear in a Handmaid’s Tale. There’s just something regal and expensive looking about it. But it’s part of the sale so you don’t have to spend a ton to snag it!




This third dress is very versatile. I feel like you could wear it to a cocktail event, but it’s almost like a chameleon because I feel like it’s very office appropriate too. It’s a very stretchy material which means it’s extremely comfortable. There’s not really a ton to say about the dress, the photos really speak for themselves!


And I didn’t get THIS leopard print dress yet but I JUST ordered it! I LOOOOVE it!

So those are the items I have so far from the sale. You’ll definitely see me wearing these on Home &Family in the coming weeks. Whenever there’s a good sale dresses are always the first thing I snag because of work and summer events.

Anyway, I wanted to get this post up but I’m actually headed out the door to shop the sale first thing this morning! I will post more of my favorites later this afternoon once I spend a good few hours digging deep into the sale at Nordstrom. I already have my eye on a few things that I know I’m going to pick up. Like this animal print cardigan. I just think it would be so cute with faux leather leggings, a black T-shirt, black booties, and a nice big boyfriend watch. Such a cute fall look! I’m picturing it in my head right now!

I also plan to pick up this lace trim tank for $25. These types of tank tops are always so great to layer under blazers for work stuff. And this one is such an insane deal that I have to get it!


I also plan on picking up these PJs! I can’t believe they’re only $35! I have these exact ones, pictured above, but the long sleeve version. The NSale version is for summer. And let me tell you they are the softest pajamas I have ever owned! I wore them in the hospital when I gave birth to Riley. I only wanted to softest material to touch his new baby skin. And I think these are the only pajamas I’ve ever bought and that didn’t shrink in the wash. That’s one of my biggest problems with PJs is that I’ll buy them and the fit perfectly and then I’ll wash them and they don’t fit anymore. These totally don’t shrink and hold their shape! I’m getting these for sure! This cute printed pair are on slae for $32 too! UPDATE: I know I said that just the summer version of my PJs were on sale, but my longsleeve/pant set is on sale too!!! I am so happy! Time to get another set! They also come in other colors too.

Anyway, stay tuned because I’ll have a bunch more looks up on the blog later today and a ton more over the next few days and weeks as the sale changes. Things sell out quickly and Nordstrom replaces them with new things so the sale is always updating. So keep checking back here on my website for more updates! Happy shopping my friends!


UPDATES while I am in the store!

OK I’m literally at Nordstrom right now I sent these pictures to my girl Madi that helps me with my blog and asked her to add them to this post because I just found my favorite sweater ever! It is the softest thing inside and it’s so flattering! It’s by Chelsea28! Plus, I just absolutely love the long cuffs on the sleeve. Had to post it ASAP because I know it’s going to sell out so fast. And it’s on sale for under $50 and comes in 4 colors!!


Ahh! These BP. lounge jogger pants are apart of the sale! They are high-waisted and so comfortable! I am obsessed! They are only $35! They come in both regular and plus sizes!


Okay this leopard cardigan is definitely going to sell out!! Every blogger is posting it, because I truly believe that it is one of the best parts of the sale! Isn’t it gorgeous?! It’s only $45! Don’t wait!!!


The jeans and tank I am wearing are both apart of the sale too! The pants are $40 off!! I mentioned last night that I planned to order the cami tank and I am so glad I found it in the store! I also bought it in ivory and leopard print!

 1. $60 JEANS

Here’s another outfit!!! I LOVE this pink cardigan! It has pockets! It is on sale for $50! It is very soft and available in 5 colors. The plaid shirt is also apart of the sale. I love the way that the sleeves are rolled up. It is $50 off for the sale!


These jeans!! I would never spend $210 on a pair of jeans, but the great thing about the sale is that you can get really expensive jeans for a way more affordable price point! These are by FRAME and they are on sale for $139!

16 Thoughts

16 thoughts on “The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is Here!!

  1. I’m so glad you selected dresses from the sale to highlight. So many other bloggers are highlighting the same stuff (blardigans, jeans, booties, etc). It’s helpful to see more unique pieces. (I guess because I already have a ton of blardigans, jeans, and booties :). Love the pieces you selected!

  2. Thank you for shAring things that are different from what everyone else is sharing!! I think ive seen the same 10 things from every orher blogger.
    Your finds are wonderful!

  3. gosh i love all these dresses! so so pretty. i need them like a hole in the head but may have to go check them out!

  4. What size are you wearing in the Chelsea28 sweater with the cuffs? love the slightly oversized look and want to buy 🙂 thanks!

  5. I love the Floral colorblock dress but yours has sleeve ruffles and a high/low ruffle Hem. The one on sale has neither of those? ANyone else seeing this difference?

  6. Hey Ali-i used to work at nordstrom and the reason why theY do thiS fall sale in the summer is beCaUse historically summer is really slow in the woRld of retail so to comBat that they stArTed their big fall anniversary sale to get people excited and sHopping early for back to school. It obviously Works too 😬

  7. Thanks for sharing. REally cute nsale finds . What size are the black joggers And pink halogen cardigan are wearinG? Thank you!

  8. Love that sweater! When i went to my nordstrom rhey were already sold out. What size are you Wearing?

  9. HI ali! Love your blog, your realness, and your nordstrom FINds! What size are you wearing in the cami?

    Thanks so much!

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