Affordable Friday (on a Thursday!)

Hello!! Happy Thursday! I know I told you last week that I really wanted to do another Affordable Friday post for this week. But then I realized that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts tomorrow, and so I obviously need to share my favorite pieces from that, you know how I LOVE finding deals at Nordstrom! So you’re in for a treat – I’m going to do both! Affordable (Thursday) and then all my favorite Nordstrom Sale finds tomorrow! I can’t wait to share them with you! They are soo good.

 1. $13 TOP | 2. JEANS | 3. SANDALS

Let’s start out with this super simple and adorable outfit! This outfit was under $60, including the sandals! And I think the best part is that each of these pieces can be mixed and matched with a ton of different looks. This white top is only $13! I love so much about it. The sleeves are so darling – I love the rolled up look! And it’s always a plus when they cover my arms a little bit! The collar and the button-up really add a businessy, but casual look. I definitely could wear this to a coffee meeting! The bottom of the shirt also is cinched, which I think is really cute with a pair of high waisted shorts or pants. You can’t beat $13 for a shirt like this!

I shared these $24 pants with you last week! They are the Sofia Vergara jeans! In case you missed last week’s post, I do want to remind you that they run big! I ordered these in my normal size, and as you can see in the pictures above, they were too big. I really wanted to get these links up for you, so I did the photos in them anyways. I have since ordered a size down and they fit so much better! Also, these pants were designed for girls with a more curvy figure, so if you have a straighter frame, these might not fit you right. Just wanted to give you a heads up on that!

 1. $13 TOP | 2. JEANS | 3. SANDALS

 1. $12 TOP | 2. JEANS | 3. SANDALS

These sandals are one of my new favorite finds! I am going to be able to wear these with so many outfits. The color is a little bright, but at the same time very neutral. I love the double strap because it really helps them to stay in place on your feet. They are under $20!

 1. $17 DRESS | 2. HEELS

I am loving everything about this tropical leaf dress! It has a stretchy bodice so it will fit nicely, no matter if you’re big or small chested. It is really lightweight and feels breezy, so even though it’s longer, it still feels very comfortable in warmer weather. I also love the little ruffle around the neckline, and there’s a slight ruffle around the bottom hem as well! This dress would be great for a summer BBQ, a date at the beach, or even a bridal or baby shower! Depending on the shoes you wear with it, it can really be dressed up or down!

 1. $17 DRESS | 2. HEELS

 1. $16 JEANS | 2. TOP | 3. SNEAKERS

Can you say $11 top?! I seriously could not believe my luck when I found this top. It’s so comfortable and I love the stripes! It is very light and comfortable for warmer weather. The length is great because it covers part of your backside, and the front can either be worn tucked in, like I did here, or worn loose if you prefer the oversized look! The sleeves come just below the elbow, which is such a darling touch. It makes this shirt with a more masculine cut very feminine and comfortable for summer months.

My jeans are only $16 and they are the same brand as the top, which I found very interesting! The quality of their items truly feels top notch. I can’t believe I got both the jeans and top for just over $25! Sometimes we can’t even find a good top that’s less than that! I have the jeans in both the dark and light wash and I highly recommend them. No one would ever know that you got them for less than $20! They are that good! I would say that they fit pretty true to size.

 1. $16 JEANS | 2. TOP | 3. SNEAKERS

The sneakers I am wearing are the All-Star Converse. They aren’t technically an Affordable Friday item, but considering they are only $50 and last a long time, I am considering them one! Lately I have been living in these, and they are such a trendy, and sleek shoe that can be added to a variety of outfits. You can wear them from anything from pants or shorts to even dresses and skirts! Also, you can get a pair for your mini me!

 1. $16 JEANS | 2. TOP | 3. SNEAKERS


Finally we have this adorable $16 top! Isn’t it the prettiest color?! I love the tortoise shell colored buttons and the tie at the bottom! The fabric is so soft and comfortable too. I really like how the neckline resembles a deep v, but it is really modest and flattering! The length of the sleeves is perfect, and I especially love how they look so delicate.

I hope you all loved this Affordable post, on a Thursday! What’s your favorite look?  I can’t wait to share more with you tomorrow! Is there anything you’re most hoping to get your hands on during the sale?! Let me know!

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29 thoughts on “Affordable Friday (on a Thursday!)

  1. I love the new site! So classy & i was able to navigate super easilY! Way to go, ali! Your hard work paid off & that is sUch an inspiration to all of us Mommies!

  2. Hi! Love how clean and bright your new site is! In the first outfit white button up top what size did you Get? I saw its juniors so wondering if it runs small. Thanks!

  3. Love the new beautiful site. You are beautiful and Authentic from the inside out. Love following you. Thanks for SHARING yOur journey wIth us! 💗

  4. Hi ali!
    Loving the new site and these aFfordable outfit posts! Do you have a favorite site to shop for affordable formal attire? I need to FiNd something for a wedding in september but don’t want to spend $100s for a dress that may only get worn once?!?

  5. I love your new site!! I’m going to need to you quit posting all these affordable days because my cc gets blown up each time LOL Thanks so much for giving us all the deets!

  6. I love the new site! Does the run small or true to size? Thanks for sharing more great affordable Friday picks!

  7. Hi ALI
    Good work on your new site!
    I enjoyed reading your BLOG.
    I think I’ll order the darker jeans & the blue TOp to wear together.
    (Don’t mean to TYPe all caps…my tablet is misbehaving!)🙃
    Have a nice day

  8. Hey Ali! What kind of vehicle do you have? It looks roomy and comfy. In the market for a new one soon. Thanks 😊

  9. Is there a way to comment, hit submit and have it take you back to that spot instead of the top of the page? That would be amazing? Or to keep your name and email populated? When you have POPULAR posts AKA the Bachelor – it gets frustrating. I submitTed these ideas a few times via Your website, through InstagRam and when you were asking Questions and nEver got an answer. I even did it the one day you got upSet because you said someone said you never answer people.

  10. Hmmmm….forgot about the Nordstrom sale until you reminded me…..$400.00 and counting….got some great tops!

  11. Ali, love the new blog and the Style, but my comment is not showing as i typed it. It shows all capitals while i’m Typing here, but thEN when it shows up, some words are all caps and some words that are supposed to be capped begin with a small letter. I proof Read very carefully, so i’m not sure why its changing it. Is this HAPPENING to anyone else?

  12. Ali –
    love you’re new site, love the font you picked for the title and it’s really easy to navigate. it really suits your style/brand. i also love these affordable friday posts and find myself clicking all of the links and buying some of the items. i do love when you comment on fit (whether it be true to size or if the item runs small or big, just sharing the size you are wearing in the corresponding photo is really helpful). lastly, i love your makeup especially in the last photo, blue shirt. i truly can’t tell if you did i yourself or if you had a makeup artist. would love if you shared the products you use when you do your makeup yourself. thanks again for sharing!

  13. Ali, the new website looks AMAZING!!!!!!!! Great job!!!!! All these looks are So cute aNd i love how AFFORDABLE they are❤️❤️❤️

  14. Hi Ali !
    Thank you for the affordable Friday posts ! Such cute clothes for affordable prices ! Keep em coming…I have such a stylish wardrobe thanks to you without breaking the bank ! The new site is great too !

  15. I love how open and honest you are with us! The light jeans…what is your “Normal” size versus the size you should’ve purchased? Also, are you a vegan? I would love to read a blog or learn more about that if you are via Instagram. Thanks!

  16. So cute!

    Random question- how the heck do you keep your chucks so white? I’ve had mine for 2 years and think i finally realized it might be time to part ways this week as I just cannot find a way to clean them and they’re in rough shape from playing with my little guy 🙁

  17. Well…I wasn’t planning on shopping today, but seeing your cute $17 jeans on Home and Family this morning has me a new fan of Walmart (and a full cart ready to go)!!! I’ve never shopped their clothes and now I want EVERYTHING I see on your blog! Great job on this blog. I will be following daily!!! Thanks Ali!!!!

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