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Happy Friday!!!! I am so excited for Affordable Friday’s this week! Some of my absolute favorite new finds are in this post, and I truly think it’s one of the best yet! I hope your week treated you well, I am busy prepping for Molly’s 3rd birthday tomorrow! Can you believe she is going to be 3?! I can’t wait to share all the details of her party with you! She is so excited! There’s truly nothing like once your child understands what a birthday means and gets excited with you! “How old are you?” “2!!! But at my birthday I am going to be 3!” Proud mom moment! Anyways, so excited to show you all my finds for this week! And Molly makes a few appearances too, like mother like daughter. Ha!

Everything in today’s post is under $40, and most of it is under $20!!! I got it all from Walmart, so you can shop in one place! I’ve said this in some of my Instagram comments. Yes, they do sponsor some of these posts (like this one!), BUT I absolutely love the clothes and would be sharing them regardless! I practically live in some of their clothing! Plus I find that when I’m shopping on Walmart’s website, I can find pretty much ANY outfit I want at that particular time. I’m just blown away by the selection and prices!  Hope you love these looks as much as I do!

And READ THIS before trying to buy. The Walmart website just had a new update that allows for Next-Day delivery. Make sure you toggle that off when you are clicking the links below, or some of them will show as unavailable! You can also press “other delivery options” to help fix this!

1. JEANS | 2. TOP

Okay so the first amazing find for this Friday is this super cute white blouse!! It is the perfect summery top. I love that it has lace and button detailing around the chest area – it feels so country and classy at the same time! The neckline is what I would call a “square-ish v”, which you know are two of my favorite necklines! Square necklines are so flattering, and who doesn’t love a good v-neck?! It’s the best of both worlds. And I love that it is a lightweight material, because even though it has longer sleeves, it can still be worn in the summertime!

Another thing that I love about the top is the sleeves! They technically could go to your wrist, but if you scrunch them up a tiny but (think 3/4 length) they make the cutest little bell sleeve! I feel like this top would easily be $70+ elsewhere, but it is only $36!

Oh! I also got the jeans in these photos from Walmart! They are by Sofia Vergara and are one of my new go-tos!! I adore the light wash and slightly distressed look! Plus, they are only $24!!! I do want to say that they run large. In these photos, I am wearing my normal size and I found them to be too big, but I wanted to share them with everyone before they sold out so I kept them! I ended up getting a pair in a size down and they are perfect. So I recommend sizing down! They are meant for girls with curves, so if you have a straighter figure they might not fit you right!

1. JEANS | 2. TOP


Okay so next is this adorable top! Doesn’t it just look so expensive!!! I feel like this is one of those pieces that can truly, truly be dressed up or down! I paired it with high-waisted leggings and heels for this look, and I think it would be great for the office, a date night, or a night out with friends! I also think it could be worn with a darker jean to dress it down. It can be worn both tucked in the front of your pants, or loosely! I love the vintage feel of the neckline! And this is another one that is light-weight and can be worn in the summer and beyond! I also find the print really pretty, from afar, it looks like leopard print and when you are up closer the print is made up of a ton of small dots!


 1.MY $9 TOP | 2. $29 WHITE HEELS

Molly’s birthday debut! Ha! She loves going through all my shoes and dressing up. You’ve seen me in this outfit before. We had a blast and Molly was loving having her photo taken – which definitely is not how it goes everytime, so we just went with it!

My top is only $12!! Wait!! They are actually on sale for $9!! WOW! It’s selling out quickly, so don’t wait on this one! Like I said, I’m a sucker for a square neckline and I am loving it. Truly it feels so feminine and flattering. The print is blush and blue (which you know I LOVE), and the floral detailing is so pretty. I think it’s a steal for the price!

I also just got these shoes, and I could not believe how affordable they were! I had no idea that Sam Edelman had an affordable line at Walmart, and I am so glad that I found it. According to the website, it looks like Walmart sells them for less than 50% of their retail price, which is amazing! To find heels like this for less than $30 is incredible. They have the cutest buckles on the strap, and they are the perfect height. I highly recommend these!

 1.MY $9 TOP | 2. $29 WHITE HEELS |


How cute is this?! I found this super adorable outfit for Molly. It comes as a set with both the shirt and shorts, and both she and I love it. The top is so cute with the strap detailing and “off the shoulder” look. The shorts also have the cutest details with little white tassels one the tie and lace around the bottom edge. I can’t believe it is only $10 for both of these!

I think someone is thinking about birthday cake in this next one…


 1. JEANS | 2. SHIRT (2 Pack)

The final look for today’s Affordable Friday post is one of my favorites. And that’s because this is truly what I wear on a day to day basis. I am constantly on the go, either working or with the kiddos, and my go-to outfit is jeans and a tee shirt, 9 times out of 10. It’s so comfortable for me, and I am able to get so much done! Plus it can easily be dressed up or down if I need to. Just add shoes or a blazer. I linked this as a sneak peak in this week’s Bachelorette post because I feel like it could be anyone’s go to!

I love these v-neck tees because they are so comfortable, and so affordable. A two pack, with both black and white, is only $8. These ones are a bit more fitted, so if you like it to be looser, I would order a size up. Or maybe even 2 sizes up. I am a medium, which is my normal size, and that’s what I am wearing here!

 1. JEANS | 2. SHIRT

I don’t know how I am getting so lucky finding all of these incredible, and inexpensive jeans lately, but I hope it doesn’t stop!!!! These are only $16! Can you believe that?! They are really comfortable, and I want to size that they are very true to size. They are slightly distressed, and personally I like rolling up the bottom of them for an added detail! And I feel liek they make my butt look so good! Ha! I NEVER like my butt in jeans. But I just found these so flattering and I mean that. I think they might be my main pick in this affordable Friday post! And get this, they come in sizes 2 to 24!!!! Yay! I am so excited for you guys to get these. I know you are going to love them as much as I do.

Well that’s all for this Affordable Friday!! I just got in a couple of orders and I think I might just have to do another one of these next week. What do you think?! Let me know if you get any of these items and what you think of them! I would love to hear your feedback!

46 Thoughts

46 thoughts on “Affordable Friday!

  1. That leopard top looks really pretty on you but cheap on the model on the website. Seems a bit overpriced for Walmart unless the quality is really good but again it looks cheap on the model…

    1. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Not cheap at all. I mean that. It’s $38 but worth every penny because it’s so nice.

  2. I love all your stories. Molly is so cute she’s my daughters age and loves Frozen!!

    Just love your style. Thanks for always sharing where you buy them!!!

  3. Tried to buy the jeans and leopard shirt but when I tried to check out it said they couldn’t be shipped to my zip code 🤨

    1. SO weird! Do you have it set for “next day delivery”? Make sure to toggle that OFF at the top of Walmart’s website

  4. Love all of these clothes!!! You reference a lot that your on a show? How or where do I find it to watch it?

    1. It’s Home & Family on Hallmark Channel 🙂 Starting Monday I am co-hosting the show for 3 weeks since one of the main hosts is out.

  5. I Loooooove your affordable Friday blogs! But… can I get some of that pizza?! Haha! Have a good weekend!

      1. Love that you post where you get your clothes and how much it costs. So very helpful! And they are all cute and affordable! Please keep doing this. 😊

  6. Sooo glad you did the sneak peak of the jeans and black tee on your bachelorette post. I ordered both and they will be here tomorrow!!!! So excited to try them on! Thanks for all the great tips!

    1. Yay! You will LOVE! The tee is so soft (but fitted so I hope you sized up if you want it looser!) and the jeans are UH-MAZING!!!!!

      1. Even though I got rid of 37 pairs of jeans and kept 33, I’ve lost 32 lbs and still need to lose probably 10 more I am buying them but shhhh don’t tell anyone!!! I love your suggestions, I’ve bought such cute stuff because of you! Thanks sweets!

  7. Ali i am huge fan of yours and everything you do. You are so down to earth and i just wanted to say hi and thank you for being a real person we mothers/girls can relate to!

  8. LOVE the photos of Molly in your heels! Reminds me of my girls, and my granddaughters loving to try to ‘walk’ in my shoes. You’re right it goes so fast. Before you know it, she’ll want to borrow your clothes. I’d get a call at work from one of my girls, ‘Mom, can I wear your new sweater?’ I’d say, ‘ I haven’t even worn it yet!’ Their response? ‘That’s ok, I’ll cut the tags off.’😂😂😂

  9. I love all your stories with your adorable kiddos and you’ve always been my favorite Bachelorette! I’ve been curious about the Sofia jeans so thanks for posting about these!

  10. What size did you get in the leopard top? I can’t believe it’s from Walmart! And where are your pink heels from? She looks adorable in them.

  11. I am ironically going to Walmart today – totally going to see if they have those jeans a t-shirts in stock!! What a cute, comfy every day outfit! L O V E

  12. You wore the cutest white flowy blouse in your Instagram stories the other day and I can’t remember where you got it from?! I think you paired it with a pair of jean shorts. Loved it and keep hoping you will post again!

  13. Just ordered the light wash jeans! Can’t wait to wear them. I absolutely love your style and your post make finding cute clothes so easy.

  14. Ali!
    Love your blog!
    I am looking for a cute cross body bag that’s leather or looks like leather.
    Can you give me the info on your bag in the first pics? Or better yet write a post on bags that are great for on the go moms?!

  15. You had a dress (navy – with flowers )
    Can you tell me where that was from I can’t find it … I briefly hit the link then it was gone 😭… it was on your story Sunday sometime

  16. I’ve been on the hunt for new jeans. I went shopping last weekend & I couldn’t find anything I liked. Thanks for your help, Ali! 😊 I’m ordering both of the jeans that you shared.

  17. Looking for a good white t-shirt. I see you in one often in your IG. Would love your suggestions!

  18. Totally not about this post but Molly and the “plumper” video had me dying laughing today. So observant and adorable! But of course the rain did it! Smart girl!

  19. Hi Ali
    I’m interested to see your stance on the ‘fast fashion’ conversation people are beginning to talk about re it’s effects on the environment?

  20. Help! I’m trying to find where to get all the details for your Instagram outfit from Aug 1. Jeans for $9. Black shirt and super cute green long jacket….all under $20?
    I can’t find it anywhere on the blog?
    Thanks girl 😘

  21. Hi there. I can’t seem to find the pullover hoodie from your blog today? I’m looking to find where you purchased it?
    Please help! 😁

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