The Bachelorette – Then There Were Four

Happy Monday everyone! I spent the day getting back into the swing of things after a much needed vacation with my family in San Diego, and am feeling as refreshed as ever. I can’t wait to here what you guys think about tonight’s episode! I’ve been so excited to hear your thoughts these past few weeks, that I have opted for posting Monday nights. What do you all think of that? Do you like the Monday posts? If you do, I will try to do it more often moving forward. Let’s get into it!

Jed Date

I feel bad for Hannah that she was sick on this date. I remember being really sick on one of my dates and it was so difficult to push through! But I can’t help but cringe every time she kissed Jed. Just because she’s passing her sickness to him and then potentially could pass it to all the other guys too. I’m not hating on her though! To be completely honest with you guys I’m pretty sure that I kissed somebody when I was sick on my season. But it’s still really icky to think about!

I do need to address the rumors about Jed having a girlfriend after many of you brought the rumors my attention in the comments. And based on what I’ve read, it looks like he for sure was dating somebody before he went on the show. What I’m not clear on is why any girl would allow her boyfriend to go on the Bachelorette to boost their career. If I was dating a guy and he said that I would tell him to F off! Not that I’m saying Jed is an angel in all of this. Because he’s absolutely not! If he really did leave her just to go on the show and thought they would be together when he got back, I think he’s a total jerk! Again, IF it’s true. But on the other hand I can’t help but think what kind a girl is cool with her boyfriend doing that? I think it’s worth noting that the ex-girlfriend is also a country singer trying to make it in Nashville, so maybe she had motive behind it too? I’m not sure. But I just can’t watch Hannah dates with Jed the same way anymore. But at the end of the day none of us know the whole story or the real truth. I’m sure once the show is over and Jed can speak publicly we will get his side as well. Nobody’s side is the whole story.

And all that said, when Hannah told Jed that she was falling in love with him his reaction was not fake. I believe he is genuinely falling in love with her back! That doesn’t mean he was a complete jerk to his ex and left her because obviously she wasn’t the one for him. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t. All I know is that I believe his feelings for Hannah are real. I’ve said this in so many of my passed posts, but nobody goes on the show thinking it could actually work. You go in for a good time! In many cases, especially nowadays, you go on to boost your business or get a record deal. But what happens when you’re on the show that you don’t expect, is that you do fall! You fall in love and you think it’s crazy and insane at first because it’s a TV show! But it can happen! And I think that’s what’s happening for Jed.

All in all, I’ll wrap up my thoughts on Jed by saying that I don’t know what I think about him anymore. I think he and Hannah end up together. It seems very evident by how she said she’s been falling for him for a while. You usually know your top guy earlier on. But I’m not sure I can get behind them anymore. I think it all will depend on what Jed says and how he defends himself when the shows over. I need to hear both sides of the story to make up my mind on how I feel about it. Time will tell. I’m so curious what you guys think.

Tyler Date

Tyler C continues to impress me. At the very beginning of the episode Luke P said something about not messing up his time with Hannah and then Tyler stepped in and said don’t mess up Hannah’s time for Hannah. He’s always just thinking of her. He showed similar character last week when he was happy that she got to experience something exhilarating with the naked bungee jumping. I just see him caring about her over his feelings and the situation and I just think it takes a true man to do that.

I know a lot of you are convinced that Tyler might be the one in the end. And I never ever saw it up until the past two episodes but I think you guys could be right! I still feel strongly that it’s going to be Jed. I have felt that since day one. But maybe Jed and Tyler in the end? If it’s not Tyler would you guys wanna see him as the next Bachelor? I totally would! I think girls would go crazy for him!

Mike’s Date and Goodbye

I really like Mike just like Hannah does. But I was happy to see him go home. There just wasn’t any connection between the two of them. Overall I thought he seems like a total standup guy. The situation with him and Cam, do you remember ABC Cam, kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I can’t remember exactly what happened, but Mike basically told Hannah that Cam said something that never really happened. So I didn’t love Mike right away for this reason. But he definitely grew on me more throughout the season. And I know from social media that so many of you love him! There’s a big campaign right now to make him the first black Bachelor! Would you guys want to see him as the Bachelor? I obviously would love for there to be an African-American Bachelor. I think it’s so important for pop culture for the Bachelor to have a strong black lead. I’m just not sure I think Mike is it. Maybe it’s because of that situation with Cam at the beginning of the season, or maybe it’s because we didn’t really get to know him that well. Honestly, I’m afraid to write this because I know so many of you feel very strongly about him being the next Bachelor. So I’m a little bit afraid that I’ll get some backlash to this. Just know that I have absolutely nothing negative to say about him. He seems like an incredible guy! He’s just not my first pick for the Bachelor.

I’d love to hear all of your thoughts.

Group Date

Once again Luke is a complete a-hole and twisted Garrett’s words completely. He never said he was being fake when he was being friendly to him. He said he responded. I don’t think anyone has ever thought Garrett likes Luke. For Luke to even say that he thought Garrett liked him is mine boggling to me. He is completely delusional. And then went he and Hannah talked about it, Hannah said that when she doesn’t like somebody they know it. Well yeah, I can understand that but there’s a thing called being a respectful human being. Not being a complete jerk. I think Garrett’s been very clear that he doesn’t like Luke. But like Hannah asked, he was trying to keep the peace because she wanted everybody to “stay in their lane”. I just think Hannah is so confused and brainwashed by Luke at this point that she’s not making any sense. And I so feel for her! I was her 10 years ago!

That said I will say Garrett lost his cool when talking to Luke. He was purposely trying to push every single one of Luke’s buttons and that’s just not a good look on anybody. But I honestly think he’s just had it. I would’ve lost my mind if I were him.

Remember in the teasers, if you think back, there was a voiceover of Garrett saying that the guys are starting to question Hannah? We haven’t seen that actually said in of the episodes and obviously Garrett is gone now. But I can only imagine the guys are questioning her! I remember when I was on the Bachelor and I could not understand why the Bachelor, his name is Jake, was keeping around one of the girls. In my mind someone that I would date would not care for a person like that girl. So it made me question him. And I think that’s a big reason I left the show on my own. Yes, I left go back to my job that was extremely important to me, but mostly I felt like I knew that I couldn’t possibly marry someone that would be interested in somebody that was so fundamentally different than I was. And not in good ways. Anyway, this isn’t about my season and it’s about Hannah but what I’m trying to say is I would think it’s odd if the guys didn’t question her at this point. And wonder is this somebody I want to be with?

Again, I adore Hannah and I don’t want to disrespect her in anyway. I constantly try to put myself in her shoes and know that I see a lot of myself in her when I was her age. I just feel like Luke was is her kryptonite and he’s making her fall apart at the seams. I think this would be a completely different season and the guys it absolutely adore and respect everything about Hannah if he wasn’t there.


He is just so adorable! I don’t think they’re going to end up together but I really hope we see him in Paradise! Some people have talked about him being the next Bachelor but I just don’t know if he could fill the role. He’s just too innocent! But I just adore him and want so many good things to happen for him in his life. And I could’ve told you at the beginning of the date that I knew he was getting a rose and that I would come down to Garrett and Luke. Of course the show wanted it to come down to them. Even at the beginning of the day I knew Garrett was going home. She just doesn’t have a strong connection with him so I feel like it would’ve been weird if she met his family.

Final Notes

But OMG am I so excited about next week’s episode! I love that the show is showing us that she sends him home. It’s like they know this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for for so long it doesn’t even matter that they tell us in advance. If anything, they’re probably telling us in advance because they’re worried about losing viewers after this episode. Actually, I’m just realizing that it looks like they were somewhere possibly tropical when she sends him home. So it seems like they’re having the conversation after she already had a fantasy suite. Oh! So that means he still going to be around after next week. Oh well, I’m in for the long-haul now. It’s just so crazy that he still around! I’m so glad that Hannah is going to send him home the way he deserves to be sent home! Even if it’s taking her a while.

Anyway, so much to discuss. Like who do you guys want to be the next Bachelor?! Assuming you have no idea who wins. Who out of all the guys would you like to see in that position? What are your thoughts on Luke at this point? Has it changed the way you think about Hannah? Or have you been in Hannah’s position before like I have?

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199 Thoughts

199 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – Then There Were Four

    1. Just because you’re a feminist doesn’t meant you have to support every woman’s decision. I’m sure all of us have not always supported someone’s decision or opinion.

    2. She isn’t trashing anyone. She said, if you wanna look over it again, no one knows the whole story or the real truth. Unless you do? Please enlighten us:)

      1. Disappointed in ALL of them….
        Just saying. I do not enjoy watching grown men act like Jr Highers. Hannah doesn’t have the maturity to recognize the sincere guys. My opinion for what it’s worth

        1. Ya she’s blinded from Luke but maybe it’s for the drama is why she keeps him around but glad he’s going home! I’m team Tyler for sure or Jed. Tyler just seems like he would love her for everything.

          1. She said in an interview Luke was the best kisser so my guess is she has this sexual bad boy attraction for him but he is all bad and she’s going to be so upset when she sees how he really controlled her dates and interactions with some great guys.

        2. I agree that Hannah is lacking the maturity to see how great the guys that are available to her, but she hasn’t even given many of them a chance because she’s been so wrapped up in Luke (ie. Connor..she never gave him a chance.)For those who have seen many episodes of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, if 2 or more people are warning you about someone, it’s always been true. Why aren’t these contestants paying attention to the signs right before their eyes? I’m really disgusted with Hannah…she has wasted many of the guys’ time, and my time as a viewer. She should have gotten rid of Luke when she gave him all day and night to open up, and he never did. Last night, when he was giving his rendition of his alcohol to God sob story, he said “Oh and the best part of the story was….”. Luke was making this up as he was going along, telling Hannah what she wanted to hear. She has been too forward with her sexual advances, and it appears she has no respect for herself. How can she be happy? I don’t know who she’ll end up with, but if he’s a loser, she deserves him. I don’t know if I can stomach the rest of the season.

        3. The best part of the show is the banter between the men! I don’t think Hannah knows what to do or say. She says the same thing to each guy! She can’t hold her own so I watch the show the guys making fun of Luke which I do not like him at all! He has nothing to offer… I can say Hannah has been the worst Bachelorette of all seasons…

      2. Hei. If Peter does not going to be the bachelor I think he and Hannah G could be a beautiful couple in the paradise.

    3. Um, being a feminist doesn’t mean that anything and everything every other woman in this world does is right. C’mon, Ali’s a smart woman. She didn’t trash the ex, she is merely putting her thoughts out there. You have to admit it’s a weird situation. And I agree with her, we need to wait to hear what Jed (and likely possibly this girlfriend) has to say once the season is over. But from everything I’ve read, there’s something “off” about both the girlfriend and Jed if the rumors are true.

      1. I think it’s so weird that she sent Mike home and kept Luke P, when all she talked about was finding someone who’s ready to settle. I only disagree with what you said about Mike🤦🏾‍♀️

    4. For the first time, I agree with everything you said!! I also want to hear what Jed has to say regarding the gf, but I still can’t look at him in the same way before. Honestly, after he admitted why he came on the show, I started becoming skeptical of him. I mean, I appreciate the honesty, but at the same time, can you really trust him after that? I’m also glad they show Luke going home so that we as viewers know she thankfully doesn’t end up with a guy like that. Most of us have fallen for a guy that we shouldn’t have at some point and thankfully we didn’t have to do it in front of an audience. Great blog Ali! Really enjoyed this one 🙂

  1. I truly wonder how different Hannah’s season would have been had she sent Luke home earlier. And I think it will be interesting to see how it plays out now that he won’t be around the other guys much. There’s no way for him to bring up drama as a “Hail Mary” as it was referred to tonight. I noticed also that it seems like all four had shots in tropical locations. I so wished it was next week he was going home, but it seems like it might be fantasy suite week.
    As far as bachelor, I would love to see Tyler if she doesn’t pick him. He seems so genuine and he really seems to have her best interest at heart. And yes I agree the girls would go crazy! If she does pick Tyler than I don’t know, because Peter isn’t a strong enough personality for the lead, in my opinion.

    1. I totally agree this would have been a TOTALLY different season without Luke. And for the better. So much time wasted on his drama when H could have been getting to know other guys. I truly wonder what she’s thinking watching this all back and seeing the decisions she made play out. I’m sure (I hope!!) it’s helping her grow a lot. And that’s why I don’t think that she’s still with anyone no matter who she picks. Not because of Jed’s gf drama (if she ends up with him) but because she’s going to watch this seasons and realize she has a lot of growing to do. We shall see! I do wish her the best!

      1. Tyler for bachelor!!!! Although Mike is sweet I don’t really think he’s right for it. I’m so tired of Luke P and I’ve said for weeks now if I was every other guy I’d leave because she clearly will take his word over anyone and can’t see the red flags. Can we talk about how adorable Tyler was when he bear hugged peter coming back into the house!! 😍 I just love him!! Anyway. It stinks she sent home so many good guys over Luke (I miss Connor already!) when she clearly finally sees him for who he is in the upcoming episodes!

        1. Tyler bear-hugging Peter was the cutest damn thing! It just goes to show that even though it’s a competition, you don’t have to be happy when someone else goes home, like Luke P was so proud to admit.

          I absolutely adore Peter! I think he would be very similar to Ben Higgins as the Bachelor. Even though people were skeptical of Ben being a strong enough lead, I really enjoyed his down-to-earth and normal approach to life and relationships; I think Peter would be the same way.

          If he isn’t the Bachelor, then I really hope he is in Paradise, because I want to see a lot more of him!

  2. I’m really hoping Peter is the next bachelor. I don’t think they end up together, and even though you say he’s to innocent, I love that about him.

    I kind of ok with Mike leaving, I liked him but I just didn’t see the connection between the two.

    Jed confuses me. I used to like him until all these rumors came out. Like you said though, what kind of girl let’s her boyfriend go on a show like this and is ok with it, I feel like she’s using it to boost her career, but we’ll see what comes of it after everything is over and Jed can talk about it as well.

    And Luke. What can I say. I just feel like he manipulates every date and situation and he turns everything around so everyone else is the bad guy, including Hannah! Usually I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but I just can’t with him. I feel like as she’s being able to watch the show after the fact and really see what’s happening she’s going to be very upset.

    It’s neat to be able to hear the insight of someone who has been through this situation and knows how the editing happens. Obviously by now we all know we only see such a short snippet of each relationship so it’s nice to hear some of the background stuff.

    1. I’m so curious about Hannah’s reaction to all of Luke’s behavior now that she’s watching the show and seeing his true demeanor. Yes, Garrett egged him on during that conversation (disappointing, but totally relatable), but the whole episode showed Luke to be petty, insecure, childish, rude and obviously manipulative. Such a huge turn off! I wonder if she just cringes through all of it now, or if she’s super pissed.

    2. Hei. If Peter does not going to be the bachelor I think he and Hannah G could be a beautiful couple in the paradise.

    3. Peter has an ex who is claiming he dumped her when he was accepted on the show (a long term girlfriend) so he is another one who was looking for something better while stringing someone along.

      1. Interesting.
        Peter seems so free to be in love, and not oost break up at all.
        I wonder if it was a long distance relationship.

    1. Yessssssss!!! He’s mature, wants to be married, and wants to have babies soon! This would be amazing. It would so rattle Kaitlyn’s cage, but she’s moved on, so I think this is a great idea!

      1. I was totally thinking of Jake’s season where he chose Vienna in the end and all the girls hated her and it was so frustrating! Well we saw how that panned out, so you dodged a major bullet Ali.

        I love your Monday blog. I need to read and analyze the second I finish watching! I agree, Hannah seems super young and making rookie mistakes, but God bless her. She’s being 100% herself and I respect that.

        1. I love * rookie * mistakes – but I think it’s more than that.

          She’s dynamic – seems there will always be lotta going On

        2. She does love the drama, though, and a lot is stirred up by her. We saw it with her on The Bachelor so shouldn’t be surprised when it carries over to this show. She’s a good person, I think, but just very immature.

  3. Oh my gosh. I honestly have no more words about Luke still being there. Mind Blown! Although I knew he would be because of the previews that they have been showing. But still, honestly if I were one of the other guys I would totally be questioning her judgement, especially now. I can’t stand when Luke talks I have to leave the room it just bothers me. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. And him sitting there laughing and smiling after he got the rose realllly freaked me out ha!

    Anyway. I love Tyler C and Peter! I think Tyler might be the one she picks. I would love to see more of Peter but I think you are right- not sure he is the right fit for the bachelor. But who knows!

    PS. LOVE those pants from your last post!! Probably one of my favourite outfits you have posted!

    1. I get loving Peter – his focus is clear and he is able to disengsge from the hater stuff.

      But Tyler?
      There he is one week away from leaving the dorm and he has to insult Luke.

      It’s a sign of pettiness. A grown up would speak up, not down or at, somebody.

      1. Well I think all of the guys have taken enough crap from Luke. I get what you are saying to point. I think Garret was real immature egging Luke on but enough is enough.

        I think Tyler and the rest of the guys left have been pretty calm and have acted like gentleman after the amount of crap Luke has been saying and doing. I’m sorry but good for Tyler for finally putting him in his place. But that STILL didn’t stop Luke.

        Luke is a straight up mean and manipulative dude. At this point I don’t get why anyone would stick up for him. When they were all chatting while Mike was on his date and he made that comment about how happy he would be to see his suitcase to be taken away, so rude. I’m sure they were all thinking that but for him to actually say that out loud is not cool at all. And that’s when Tyler said something to him and I don’t blame him. I get keeping your cool is the right thing to do, and I think most of them have for the most part, good for them for sticking up for their buddies and ultimately for Hannah.

        1. I really like Tyler, but I don’t know, the comment about Luke’s height was a low blow, and seemed petty to me. Not saying Luke is not terrible to be around, but I thought the height insult was kind of uncalled for. After this week they never have to see each other except at rose ceremonies, seems like it would have been better to just let it be.

        2. If Tyler spoke Up for someone, great – but he didn’t.
          He put Luke down cause it felt good, and he was with all his buddies. Cheap.
          Worst thing on earth?
          No. But it does diminish him.

  4. I love that you’re posting on Monday’s! In fact, I never read your posts until you started doing that. I guess I’m an instant gratification type person🤷🏼‍♀️🤣. I’ve been a fan of you since your time on the bachelor and your bachelorette season was my favorite!
    I’ve definitely been questioning hannah a little but I get it at the same time! He’s very manipulative and I think (was it peter or garret) but they said it best when they said he’s just so good at what he does and Hannah can’t see what’s actually going on. Plus, for some reason I think the other guys have a hard time defending themselves to her.
    I totally understood what Garret did. I would’ve done the same thing if I was in his position. I’m going to be respectful whether I like someone or not but I don’t think he was able to explain the situation to Hannah well enough for her to understand.

    I just want to hear Jed’s side!!!

    1. Whoa.
      If Garrett really had manners and regard he wouldn’t have spent WEEKS poking and jabbing Luke.

      What I hear in alot of posts is Luke is awful for this this and that and then Nothing about the insults from Mike Garrett Luke S and now Tyler. Even Jed with the head up your ass comment.
      Since when did it become OK to curse and insult people?

      The *stupid bitch* phrase from Caelynn. *I dont know you very well, but I like f**king you* from Juan Pablo to Claire. * You disgust me * from Jake to Vienna.
      These stand out in memory because they are all time lows.

      1. Yes! I’m glad you said this. Luke has his issues…as does everyone. But I have to think being unable to talk to any friends/family for weeks, when everyone in the house gangs up on you, twists your words, invalidates your feelings (Agree or disagree, nobody can say someone’s feelings are wrong because those are true feelings to that person), has to wear on a person psychologically. And Garrett and Mike have been capitalizing on people’s weaknesses to poke at the buttons they know will rile that person (Mike with Cam and then he moved on to Luke. Garrett going out of his way to continually rile Luke). The congratulatory air the guys have on kicking someone who is already down is a bit disgusting. Luke is going to run his relationship to the ground alone. The guys don’t need to instigate more drama by continually pushing his buttons.

        Who knows. If the guys didn’t always jab at him and make him feel like he was alone, it also could have been a “totally different season”. Also we all know that the mob mentality will move from “villain” to villain. So if Luke would have left, then Tyler or Jeb would have been the next targets. Hannah should have shut it down from the beginning and stop asking anyone to tattle on how the guys treat one another, but her continually brining it up added fuel to a flame that’s already difficult to avoid with the level of insecurity and immaturity the age of contestants and dynamic of the show produce. (Note: I absolutely don’t agree with Luke’s philosophy or think he’s a great fit for Hannah, but I also don’t think it’s fair to say he’s this terrible person without considering what psychological impact this environment can have on someone. And we on this “safe, anonymous web community” should think about that before labeling.)

        1. So appreciate your post – Anti Labeling, Anti Condemning. Yes, yes.
          Villian to Villian – yes -too big a focus from production!
          I hadn’t thought about the No fam or Friends for the designated scapegoat – especially harsh this go-round.

          The pain in his eyes is too real. He looks so in need of acceptance.
          And, yes he is not All Innocent – but his Every word is used to launch more insults.
          I realize producers foster this, but it’s gone too far, cruelty is not *entertaining*.

  5. I definitely think that if Jed didn’t have a girlfriend before going on the show, he would have come out with a statement about how it wasn’t true by now. It seems to me that he has no way to disprove the allegations. I have also seen other people question the ex-girlfriends character and her motives, but I guess I just don’t think it matters what her motives are. If he did it, he did it and whether or not she is blasting him because of her music career does not change what he did. The very first night, Hannah asked the guys if any of them had girls back home to leave and he didn’t. It’s also quite clear that Jed still is thinking about promoting his music on the show with how much he is playing his stupid guitar.

    1. He had his girlfriend’s guitar case in the last episode when he sang to Hannah! Of course he’s going to just say, “sure my intentions were horrible but I just really fell for Hannah”. (okay Tori and Dean and Leann and Eddie!). We ve heard this all before… whatever excuse you want to come up with. His girlfriend said all she is doing is speaking the truth. She feels badly for Hannah and knows Hannah deserves the truth. It will be a very interesting After the Final Rose if Jed is the winner!

      1. Haven’t seen the gf video – but reading the above comments I am getting a #MeToo vibe.

        Jed did go in with the intention of making a music platform – by his own admission. This we know.

        Let’s play fair:
        what IN TOTAL is Hannah’s intention? What platform is she looking to build? And – does the level the field in terms of ” game playing “?

        I do look at Jed w Hannah and believe he is taken with her. Kind of a Careful What You Ask For turn…

    2. I 💯 agree. It doesn’t matter who or what Jed’s ex girlfriend is. Her motives aren’t in question. They don’t change the character and motive of Jed. If he has 1 strike against him I would be more willing to say he made a mistake but he has two. He came on the show for his music career and he also had a gf back home that he never dumped. Also he kept it from Hannah when she specifically asked if anyone had a gf back home.

  6. Hi Ali,
    I haven’t seen the Bachelor yet but I love your spoilers. 🙂
    Glad you had the much deserved family time you needed.
    You look amazing by the way! 🙂

  7. I am so over Luke, he seems demonic to me. He has disrespected her so many times that I am at a loss he is still there.

    I liked Mike and Conner but pretty confident they were going home. I like Peter but feel the same as you do. I liked Garrett but felt after he came back from talking to Hannah he stooped to Luke’s level and I lost respect for him.

    If Hannah doesn’t pick him, I would love Tyler to be the next Bachelor. In fact I would rather that for him than Hannah pick him. I am not sure she is as ready as he is.

    1. Hi Alley! Always a great blog!! Luke P’s confession to Hannah seemed so weird, she didn’t even think his wild ways were “terrible”, or the shower incident of God talking to him “strange”, instead she saw this as his “testimony” & felt closer to him??!? To me it is a red flag! Hannah has a lot of growing up to do, her immaturity may be perfect for her age though!?!

      1. Conversion can be true but his way of expressing it (fleshly things) is a bit odd. Extremism can go either way and I think this is what shows in the preview!
        And did anyone else think Luke’s grin when Hannah walked Garrett out was more of a competition win smile than a “I’m happy Hannah chose me” heartfelt smile?

        1. Hard to tell.
          It didn’t look great – but production loves to shade the edit…so?

          He is into her.
          So far it’s hard to see what other motives he may have. ( Like with Mike we xan see how much he wanted to become Bachelor).

          So, dows Luke have other plans for the franchise of Hannah chooses someone else?

          Stay tuned …if you can stand it!!!

  8. I cannot wait for the men tell all! I want to see Luke P squirm in the hot seat when they show all of his lies and and manipulation this season. Counting down the days until that episode!

  9. Hi Ali! I love your Monday night posts! After this season, listen to Jed’s girlfriend on Reality Steve’s podcast. (It contains spoilers so you wouldn’t want to listen now.) It all honestly makes him look soooooo bad. He was also cheating on his girlfriend (she didn’t know!) And Steve has proof of it. Jed is sooo gross. I can’t wait to see his hometown date…how can his family meet Hannah and hear Jed say he wants to propose when they know for a fact that he went on the show while in a relationship just to further his career??? Gross. Peter apparently also had a girlfriend he dumped to go on the show. She was going to tell her story but decided not to after all the horrible comments Haley has gotten. Absolutely, no one should ever allow their boyfriend/girlfriend to go on the show. (Remember Tayshia did this last season…was on vacation with her boyfriend a week or so before meeting Colton?) Why can’t ABC find contestants who actually want to find love? Rather than ones who just want fame or to become Instagram stars???

    If Hannah ended up with Jed, how could she stay with him? Doing so would go against everything she has said on the show. If I were her, I would be so furious at Jed. He should have left night one when Hannah made it clear that anyone with a girlfriend needed to hit the road.

    1. I love Tyler and have from the start. He has always been in my top 4! The comment to Luke was a low blow, but he made a mistake… really the only one shown on the show. Tyler for Bachelor is he isn’t with Hannah ( which I don’t think he is)

      I really liked Jed from the start and also had him in my top 4. I do look at it a little differently now that the girlfriend rumor came out. BUT he did tell Hannah he initially came on the show to advance his career and didn’t expect to have feelings for her. ( Just like Ali said) Doesn’t seem they had been together all that long before he went on the show. I’m really curious to hear his side of the story.

      Peter is another who I’ve always liked and also put on the top 4! I really hope the rumor about him dunking his longtime girlfriend to go on the show isn’t true. That would be so disappointing! As much as I like him, I don’t see him as the next Bachelor. But yes, send him to Paradise!

      I like Mike, he seems like a great guy. Maybe not the next Bachelor, but I think it is time for an AA lead!

      And then there’s Luke… *eye roll* He is infuriating. I’m glad she sends him home, but there was a clip from future episodes with Chris saying “ he’s here and has a ring and is ready to propose” sooo he could be back!

      P.S. Ali, I love that you post on Mondays! I don’t usually get to watch until Tuesday, but I come straight here after I’m done watching to read your thoughts!

  10. I think she ends up with Jed too, but she really should pick Tyler or Peter. After all that has come out, Jed seems questionable. They definitely have chemistry, but I’m not sure he is sincere anymore. Tyler is a stand up guy and Peter is sweet. I really hope Tyler is the next bachelor, I’d love to see him find himself a girl that cares about him.

      1. I LOVE TYLEr!! IM SO READY FOR LUKE P TO GET OFF MY TV!!! Please don’t put him on TV AGAIN!! I cringe at his voice, his stare everything!!!

  11. Tyler & Peter are my top two for Bachelor. I think Peter is innocent but also, not at all innocent if that makes sense lol I love his personality so much. And Tyler is just a gentleman. He’s so sweet & sincere. I would also not be opposed to it being Mike. He’s got a happiness inside him that is fun to watch. Poor Conner. He knew it was over. He wasn’t a fave of mine but I still felt bad for him. Garrett I agree was fed up, and I can’t say I blame him one single bit. I personally love seeing the friendships being made, this season more than any (sometimes it’s more entertaining than Hannah and her dates)🙊 I loved the guys reaction when Peter came back. They made friends with one another and maybe that’s better sometimes than getting the girl. And my last thought…. was that really bologna!?! Because it was small bologna. 😂😂

  12. I am so fed up with Luke P too! I think she will send him home on the fantasy suite episode and then he comes back to propose to her?! I hope she says no! I really love Tyler C and Peter, but I think she will send Peter home next 😭. I liked Jed early ok but I think he might be there for his career a little more than spending the rest of his life with Hannah. I hope she chooses Tyler in the end! I loved that you posted tonight after the episode!

  13. I just cant with Luke anymore. Honestly, I am feeling like the other guys are! I feel like I’m losing respect for Hannah because of the whole situation. Honestly it’s become not as fun for me this season because I feel like it’s all about Luke. I honestly don’t know if Hannah is this blind, or likes the negative attention or drama or what. Or if he’s really that manipulative & it’s just easier to see onTV than it was in real life. Sigh. I’m just sad with this whole season now too which Jed situation. Makes me sad because I really like Hannah! But I don’t see her staying engaged with whoever she picks. Tyler for bachelor by the way! Please!!!

  14. Okay I agree with all that you said Ali! I love Peter and honestly think it could be him in the end. The way he was talking to her was so sweet and bubbly. I like Jedd but I always seem to enjoy watching her time with Peter and Tyler the most. I think it will come down to Peter and Tyler. Although I want her to end up with Tyler….I also kind of want to see him as the Bachelor! I think Tyler would fill that role so well. HE is so attractive and has a very fun personality. I just couldn’t see anyone else in that role. Anyone else you see as the bachelor besides Tyler?

  15. Hannah is very young, and obviously very immature, and doesn’t know what she wants. I think she’s going to feel very foolish when she watches this back with the Luke situation. It has been a hard season to watch….kind of like a train wreck. Everyone deserves love, I hope she finds it. But this has been tough, not my favorite season by a long shot. The show needs to be more careful who they select in the future; I’m afraid they are going to lose viewers with this one. She’s not a bad person…just the wrong choice for this journey for sure. I like Tyler, but I I don’t think she will pick him, unfortunately.

  16. Keep posting Monday’s! Love to hear your take right after the show!! I tell my wife, “ let’s get Ali’s take on it!!
    Thanks for sticking around! You make this more fun!
    Love your pie with your kids!

  17. Peter or Tyler for next bachelor! I can’t stand Jed, even before the rumors came out. He seems fake and 90% of their time he brings his guitar, trying to boost his music career. Now knowing he had a girlfriend, I can’t even watch their dates and roll my eyes every time he takes a jab at Luke. Like he’s any better at this point?

  18. I might be in the minority here, but I was just so happy to see Garrett go home. Don’t get me wrong, Luke is exhausting and I’m so over his drama this season…. but he’ll get his, as we see from the spoilers. In the meantime I kept feeling like Garrett was one of the main instigators in the house. He was always after Luke, but it was the smug little manipulative smile he wore as he was doing it. I didn’t find him to be a trustworthy guy. So excited about the rest of the season! And also love your Monday night posts!!!

    1. It was awful to watch Garrett.
      If he has the stomach to view it I imagine he’ll see the face of someon from his past – like a abusive parent or sadistic sibling.

      If it were me I would be reeling in pain from the display of malice and weakness.

      One of the most wretched villians in B history.

  19. Love your monday posts! I need to discuss immediately too 😂
    Why is noone talking about how she said she sex in a windmill?! She obviously had it in The Netherlands, windmills right? It had to be on Jed’s date cos she wasn’t feeling the other one on one.

    1. I was thinking the same thing!! Most likely the Netherlands and Jed. I’m wondering why the show didnt give us a peek of that? Because she ends up picking Jed and it makes it too obvious?!

      1. Yes maybe! My husband said the same thing ‘why didn’t they show it’? Maybe it was too graphic or something lol

        1. If it was graphic they would have broadcast it.
          It must be another reason – like it revealed the winner.
          if she had sex WHY would she keep Luke P. around, unless she was on-board gaming for ratings? She knows how religious he is…and how draining it is on all .
          Why nOT cut him free?
          Keeling a controversial contestant around for Her Career basically would make her no better than duplicitous Jed .

          It doesn’t add up.
          ABC wouldve dropped more previews of sex conflict among the cast – its just shown as an HB LP issue

  20. I love being able to read your thoughts on Monday nights right after watching the show! I’m always curious about people’s different points of view on all the guys.

    You didn’t mention Connor getting sent home. What did you think about that? He seemed so sweet! But definitely got overlooked by hannah a lot. I was kind of curious why she didn’t really give him a second chance when she’s given Luke p so many, but I think it’s obvious she feels more of a connection with Luke than she did with Connor.

  21. Love your Monday night recaps!!! I hate waiting 😉
    I feel EXACTLY like you about Jed. Always loved him, thought he was a front runner, and then the music and gf drama… I can’t look at him the same! I’m genuinely looking forward to hearing his side! We’ll see!

    I love Tyler! I’m pretty sure Hannah made a “player” reference with him early on which I still kinda see, but I think he is super into her and likes the feisty side as well, and can handle it! I’m excited to watch their connection!

    I loooove Peter! He was my number 1 from night 1. I’m scared he can’t quite handle her feisty side. But he always makes it about Hannah and I love that.

    I don’t care for Garrett. I think he was a bit of a bully to Luke and it was getting old. I didn’t see them having a connection what so ever. I was not sad to see him go.

    Mike, nice guy… I think he’ll have fun in Paradise or make a good Bachelor. I just didn’t see it with them either.

    Someone said it earlier but now at this point the guys are rarely together with hometowns and then individual overnights. It should be interesting to see how drama either settles or picks up! I’m pretty sick of the Luke P show. You know she is thinking with her hoo haw at this point. She said he was the best kisser. Although this is like the first time they’ve kissed in how many weeks because they’re always BSing. He is soooo FULL of shit. I really think she will cringe watching the season back! But I think she wanted that fantasy suite with him, but don’t think that ever actually happened…

    But I CRACKED UP on one of the previews. I had a hard time hearing what Hannah said but I think she said I f***ed on a windmill, and actually I did twice! I was DYING! You go girl!

    Thanks for your recaps!!! Your vacation looked very fun! Certainly can’t drive a few hours to get those views in the midwest! (Iowa girl here!)

    1. CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THE WINDMILL?! I’m dying to know when, where and with whom this occurred.

  22. I hope Peter is next bachelor!!!! He reminds me of Ben Higgins. Pure and just a stand up guy! Or else Tyler. He seems so full of life and like he’s genuinely ready for a real relationship. Can’t go wrong with either really!! Honestly Jed makes me gag after the news and i thought his reaction was forced when Hannah said she’s falling for him. He looked like he’s thinking “Shit how did I get in this deep?”. Hannah is just too young and immature to be taken too seriously at this point based on her decisions and behaviors IMHO.

    1. He dumped a long term girlfriend when he was accepted on the show. She didn’t even know he applied or that he was stringing her along while looking for something better. She was going to come forward but is afraid now because of the backlash Haley is getting.

  23. I stopped reading at the Jed date, so, forgive me if you’ve changed the tune later in the blog. How can a girl “let” her bf go on the Bachelorette?! What choice did she have?! Sure, they aren’t meant to be but, honestly, he’s the crappy person here not her! Why are you excusing Jed?! You went too easy on him.

    1. I agree Susan. Jed is responsible for Jed’s actions, not his gf. I’m honestly surprised Ali is defending him. If he tries to blame his actions on his ex-girlfriend or anyone thinks it’s reasonable to think that it’s his ex-girlfriends fault for ‘letting’ him go on the show that’s just plain effed up. Ultimately YOU are responsible for your own actions (unless there is abuse, obviously).

  24. I love your posts on Monday, but it’s whenever you can get to them! You are so beautiful, real, and fun!! You are my all time favorite bachelorette!
    I love the idea someone mentioned about Shawn B. I loved him on the show!!!

  25. First of all, I absolutely love your Monday posts. I kept checking the blog to see if you were going to post tonight.

    Now about the episode…I am truly just over Luke’s manipulative ways. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but he’s just too much and does not seem like a good person. In my opinion, when no one in the entire group of guys has one good thing to say, that’s not a good look. I would seriously like to know how this season would ha e gone without Luke P. I think the Men Tell All is gonna be very interesting.

    While I do like Garrett, part of me wondered if he told Hannah “I love you” to try and make sure Luke went home but I don’t know about that.

    As far as the next Bachelor goes, I’m really hoping it’s Tyler personally.

  26. I was in it for Jed…..but I really like her and Tyler together….ANYBODY but Luke!! Yes please! He’s finally gone leave!! Can not stand his ego!! I like Peter but can’t really see them together at the end.
    Gawd please get rid of Luke, I can’t watch anymore of his tattletale lies…grrr! I love reading your recap….

  27. Love your Monday posts!!

    I am so over Luke, it’s just time for him to go home. I wonder how Hannah feels about him now after watching the season. I think Hannah is a great girl but I am afraid she has wasted this season with so much of the Luke drama. I hope she finds her happily ever after, even if it isn’t on the show.

    I really like Tyler and Peter but don’t think they would be right for The Bachelor. After this train wreck of a season it really needs to be someone dynamic.

    1. My husband “watched” for the first time all season tonight and cracked up at that comment. We both were like, what the hell?! Lol!!

      1. Haha my husband too! 😂 He never watches but he was cracking up at Garrett taunting Luke!!!! We were waiting for Luke to EXPLODE!

  28. I totally love Mike for the bachelor. He stayed the most level headed and straight forward real. Once she asked them to stay in their lane he respected her request. He is a true gentleman and he speaks his mind truthfully, respectfully and honestly. I think he would be a lot of fun as the bachelor and yes they do need a black bachelor at some point and he is a great one or Wills… anyway, he is so respectful of women and mature and ready for his true love. Mike for bachelor!!

    1. Mike seemed pretty unaffected to be cut .
      Hannah had lots of tears about it (and none for Connor ) but Mike had no visible pain.
      More importantly:
      A true gentleman wouldn’t have resorted to insults against another player.
      Mike was vying for a top 3 spot – the thing he cared about was making Bachelor- by trying to provoke violence from another player.
      Sure, he likes Hannah fine -but they weren’t a match in anyone’s eyes.

      Connor and Peter are the only ones we have seen Not yell and insult others.
      I would include Luke-because he hasn’t used degrading insults – but he has raised his voice…so I can’t.

      Verbally abusive people don’t deserve the priveledge or reward of Bachelor . NO ONE MADE MIKE SLUR HIS CASTMATE BUT MIKE. It’s also likely production edited it out recent negauve talk to make him presentable for Bachelor,since he was in the habit of speaking against others from the start of the season.

  29. Hi Ali!

    Ugh! I can’t believe Luke is still here and totally lied and manipulated her again. Oh well! I think she’s going to end up with Tyler which pleases me immensely! I love Peter and I think he could carry himself with the Bachelor. Look how pissed he was with Luke and he shook it off, pulled it together and focused on Hannah and got the rose. I think he could do it. I really like Garrett too but more for Paradise. I do love your Monday night posts!!!

    Thanks so much!

  30. I’ve been saying the entire season that Mike is like her big brother or best guy friend, nothing romantic would come of it. And I really do think he’ll be the first black bachelor. He’s at the prime age, he fell hard for Hannah, his smile will get all the girls, he’s perfect for the role! Tyler is way too cool for school to be the bachelor. I couldn’t quite figure out how Luke was making it through, but the second Mike went home it was obvious. And on the 2-on-1, once you saw she wasn’t wearing her pink leather jacket (like in the preview) you knew Garrett was done. I agree this would be a totally different season and Hannah would have gotten more out of it if Luke P wasn’t there or she got rid of him early.

    BOLD PREDICTION: Hannah hasn’t fully come out and said “i’m happy” or “i’m engaged” or anything indicating she’s with anyone. I think she picks Jed and all of this girlfriend drama comes to the forefront and their relationship ends. As sad as that is for Hannah, it could be the reality!

    1. And that would be sooo sad for Hannah :-(. No matter what, Jed lied to her. And she knows it. He seriously sucks. And he was cheating on his girlfriend too. He and Luke Pell should start some sort of club. I hope Tyler is the next Bachelor! Maybe Peter. Who else is a contender??

  31. Tyler is definitely the last man standing! I can’t see it any other way and I really hope Mike becomes the next bachelor he would be such a great one and treat all the women so well 🙂 he has a good head on his shoulders.
    So glad she’s going to send him home soon. I’ll probably turn my tv off for his hometown. I just really dis like the guy. I have no idea what Hannah sees in him cause there’s not a lot to him. She’s definitely thinking lustfully and not with her head. She’s great but she really needs to open her eyes and stop being dumb (sorry!) she just makes me so mad when she keeps choose such an awful guy. I’ve never been in her shoes before but I would have sent him home such a long time ago because of the other men surrounding me. She has some solid dudes on her season that don’t like him and she still doesn’t listen. It just blows my mind and the men should 100% start questioning her. I really liked when Garrett called her out about the “Luke P show” and him being tired of it. But anyhooo love your blog and thanks for letting us share our opinions :)💛

  32. If she doesn’t choose Tyler he would make an amazing bachelor.

    Honestly I was cracking up when Garrett and Luke were having it out. I am in the middle of a divorce with a sociopath/ narcissist and fell for all his lies/ manipulation as Hannah is now. I know it wasn’t the most mature thing but gosh, im so happy that he was standing up to the guy. Literally couldn’t stop laughing.

    I’m rooting for peter or Tyler!!! They are both stand up guys 🙂

  33. Ali! First off, THANK YOU for doing this recap every Monday!!! I literally watch the show and go read your blog because I just need some damn feedback on the insanity I just witnessed haha 😄 you are amazing so again thank you. BUT let’s talk bachelor, I have to say, I’m still a fan of Jed! I don’t know why….the rumors just seem a little too “perfect timing” if you know what I mean. Rumors are and the consensus is that she’s picks him, so of course two weeks before the reveal this news breaks? 🤔 also, I agree with you that his “girlfriend” would not openly let him go on the show if they had a real thing. Either they made a weird pact that they would come back for each other, or it wasn’t that serious in the first place. I think he really loves Hannah, I think she really loves him, he seems genuine when he talks to her, and also what’s so bad about using the bachelorette as a platform? SO many people do it and just don’t admit it like he did, anyone who says that’s wrong is just jealous 😉 anyway…I LIKE JED! Peter… teddy bear, sweet pea, want to have 6 kids with, guy who makes you breakfast in bed for no reason, please let him find an amazing sweet awesome girl. He’s not for Hannah, but I love him. Send him to paradise. Tyler…I’m on the fence. I just don’t see her look at him the same way she looks at Jed, and with Jed she has this unspoken googlie eyed wander lust look at him. With Tyler it’s just a fun date or like a nice time. I don’t see the “real” chemistry. He’s super hot tho…sign him up as bachelor. Wouldn’t be mad. Now LUKE 🙈🤬🤮 the worst ever. I don’t think he’s misunderstood, he wears his emotions loud and clear. He shows just who he is. He’s manipulating, controlling, a liar, egotistical and worst of all he claims his faith is his everything. Nope. I can’t. He’s just infuriating. My take away from tonight is, garret needed to go but thank gos he stood up to Luke for once, Luke is a scam artist, Peter is marriage material times infinity, mike for sure will find a wife in paradise and Conner…haha oh yeah I forgot about him. Probably a reason for that 🙂

    1. I completely agree with everything you’re saying about Jed. It’s just all too convenient that the rumors are coming out now. Pretty much every other girlfriend has come forward during taping to spare the Bachelorette from getting hurt. The fact that Jed can’t defend himself right now also makes the timing fishy. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt until he can tell his side.

  34. The thing that stuck out to me the most, and frustrated me the most, with Luke- when he was talking to Garrett, he said “Hannah asked me about you” when the footage did not show that. It showed her asking Luke, “so how are you? How’s everything going with you, and going in the house?” I believe she added in “the house” part as a way to start a conversation simply about how his time and experience was going since he spends most of his time there without her. HE made the choice to immediately complain and whine about the other men (it came across as whining to me) with a facade of concern for her. No- he was just using an opportunity to complain again. This far in the season, why would he be wasting his one on one time with her doing anything but trying to further his connection to her? Why would he want to spend his time acting like the “picked on” baby? I’m not saying he may not feel picked on by them due to their irritation and frustration with him, but don’t bring them into your time with Hannah over and over (and over!!!!) again! But then to completely manipulate the conversation when he was retelling it to Garrett and tell Garrett that Hannah directly asked Luke about Garrett is just next level snake-y and deceitful.

  35. I have never stopped watching a season (gasp!) but I stopped watching a few episodes in this season-gah! I found myself not even paying attention. WOULD LOVE if they brought in someone totally new for bachelor!!!

    1. Allie – I totally agree with you. I can’t handle watching this season. I watch for a little while, then stop and watch something else – then I wait for Ali to post so I can read what happened. Everyone might not want to hear this, but in my opinion Hannah should not have been the bachelorette. She is not mature enough to handle this situation. I think there needs to be someone new. Don’t bring back the people from the previous season. It’s all getting to be too much at this point. I apologize in advance if I’ve ruffled any feathers. I’m just stating my opinion.

      Ali – Thank you for your posts! I look forward to them, and I love following your blog and both you and Kevin on IG. You have a beautiful life!!!

  36. Hi Ali!

    I’m honestly so over all of the drama this season. I hate when the people causing drama are kept around this long. I want the romance! I seriously found myself tuning out so many times last night and having to force myself to focus back in on the show.

    If Hannah doesn’t pick Tyler I think he would be a phenomenal bachelor. I know there is a huge push for Mike to be the bachelor from viewers and I think he would be good as well. ABC tends to pick someone who at least made it to home towns (though clearly not always) and I don’t feel like we have gotten to know Mike enough for us to be there with him. I felt the same way about Hannah—I wanted to like her, but I just didn’t feel like I got to know her enough to root for her the same way I have for other leads in the past. That being said, it would be really nice to see some diversity, and Mike seems like a really standup and genuine guy.

    1. I agree about having more diversity. I love mike and he carried himself very well in this show compared to the other guys. The bachelor doesn’t always need to be from the top two and for Ali to say she doesn’t know if Peter would be a good fit because he’s “too innocent” is not fair. There is no certain description on how the bachelors personality should be to be in that role. We need to see diverse personalities in that role to see different dynamics and how different personalities handle situations. It becomes more relatable. Finding love is tough on anybody and I don’t think you’re too strong or too innocent to experience it. You can be innocent and strong enough to go through this.

  37. My only concern for Mike being the next Bachelor – he repeatedly told Hannah, she would be his Queen – but like 4th in line… nope nope nope…. I get you can love your mother, grandmother & sister, but dont tell someone they are queens over you.
    I said the same thing – we obviously see jerkface is going to make it past home towns & I just can’t… Deal… with… it… anymore….
    you’re so right – they had to show that blow up is revolving around him because otherwise, I think they’d loose half their viewers.

  38. I dislike Luke as much as everyone else, but what I really notice about him is that he rarely smiles. There is something so strange to me about that. His personality is a big red flag, but for whatever reason, Hannah has chemistry with him.
    Peter is adorable,Tyler is loaded with sex appeal, Mike is an amazing guy, but I don’t see any of them as the next Bachelor. I have been watching every season since Alex Michel, the first one (I am the most senior person here…ha ha) and I would love to see someone from the outside, but I doubt that would happen!
    Love your blog Ali!

  39. Ali! I totally agree with all of your thoughts after this episode! I, too, think she ends up with Jed. And THANK YOU for the perspective that there are two sides to every story. The timing of Jed’s ex-girlfriend is very suspicious to me. Clearly he wasn’t that into her if he left her to go on the show… and clearly she wasn’t that into him if she let him! Right?! I think he’s genuinely falling for Hannah too. You can’t control when it happens. He is just always so mature in his answers to her. Anyways, I think he hasn’t came out with a response because she does choose him and it’s obviously a situation they will have to address together. ATFR should be interesting!

    Love Tyler and Peter. Both deserve to be the Bachelor but think Tyler would make so many girls swoon! My husband has a man-crush on him hehe. And Mike is great too but I think he’d be a perfect fit for BIP! I’m curious if they’d bring back Peter from Rachel’s season? He was super popular!

    No more words for Luke. He twists every story and backtracks. I feel for Hannah though. I’ve been there before. I used to date someone who when I was upset or angry about something HE did, he would turn it around on me and before I knew it, I was the one apologizing! It’s a terrible feeling but you don’t realize the level of manipulation until your eyes are opened. She’ll get there. Love her rawness!

  40. Ali first off I want to say I love the outfit , flowered pants, skirt that you are modeling , your HAIR looks awesome, love the color length and style, O and a beautiful Smile 😊 that tops it off, So , I am really disgusted with Luke P does he realize what a jackass he is making of himself!!! Honestly if hate to see him cine back to work if I were working with him , and be extremely cautious about dating him, I was sad to see Garrett leave and Luke P gloating when he got the rose , I like Peter but I don’t see them together, Jed I really like a lot, sad for Mike leaving, hope he finds a love , I must say that after the show it was hilarious with Garrett and Lukey sitting together and Garrett was popping grapes in to his mouth and making eye holes in the pastrami, this was hilarious!!

  41. Hi Ali!
    Love your blog. My opinion of Jed has changed too. Especially when he also cheated on his girlfriend (the girlfriend he had when he left for the show) when they were still together. I know you don’t like to read spoilers but you should check out Reality Steve’s podcast with Jed’s girlfriend/ex-girlfriend now I guess.

  42. I still haven’t watched an episodes I decided not to watch this season – mainly because I didn’t care too much for Hannah and how she acted on The Bachelor. I see it is caring over into this season as well. I have been reading your blog religiously for years!! I record every week. First, I read your blog then I end up deleting the episode – I just can’t watch it! I honestly don’t think she was ready for this. I do think she is going to end up with Jed and it isn’t going to end well and I do feel bad for her. This Luke thing is just a disaster.

    Will you ever blog for Bachelor in Paradise? Please!!

  43. I have been saying for the last 3ish weeks that Mike HAS TO be the next Bachelor! It’s been obvious from the beginning that he and Hannah had no real connection so I knew his time was running out, but hopefully we will see more of him in the near future. If ABC doesn’t choose him, I will be seriously upset!! I couldn’t care less what his skin color is, I just think he is such a genuine, stand up guy and we need somebody like that to be the lead on this show! I truly believe his intentions are 100% pure and that he really is searching for love. Please ABC, please pick Mike!!! 🙂

  44. I really like how you post on Mondays! I came here to say that I love Tyler and I hope it’s him in the end. I have questioned Jed’s intentions from the beginning. He is quick to pull out his guitar every chance he can get. Pete is cute but not bachelor material. He’ll end up with a cute girl on Paradise…. maybe Christen Whitney (not sure she’s on this season)?? Can we please get Shawn B for Bachelor?????? Now that is a season I could seriously get behind.

    Who’s Luke P?

    Just kidding.

  45. Ali,
    I love the Monday night posts! I’m always going “I can’t wait to hear what Ali has to say”

    Jed: I tend to ignore the rumors so I can just enjoy the show. Maybe his situation with his ex is similar to the one you had with yours before Jake’s season. I agree with your approach to keep an open mind until hearing his side of the story. I also have to question her motives, she knows he can’t defend himself right now. If he was still with her then why didn’t she reach out to the show during filming, like other girls have? Anyway that’s just my opinion. I still think Jed is the guy for her & he seems really genuine.

    Tyler: I agree with everything you said about him. He definitely thinks of Hannah first. I also loved what he said to the guys during the group date about Luke going home and her having 4 great guys left. He obviously wants the best for her even if it isn’t him. He’s a great guy, but not my top pick for the next bachelor. I’d love to see him on Paradise though.

    Mike: I love Mike & I think he’s a great guy. I really don’t think he twisted Cam’s words. It looked that way, but based on his interactions with everyone I think he’s really genuine. Mike is my top pick for the next bachelor. We haven’t had a black bachelor yet, and I think he’d be the perfect first.

    Peter: He’s a sweetheart. As excited as I am to see Luke finally get the boot, I’m bummed that it looks like Peter will probably be the next person to go home. At this point I know he’s not the guy for her & neither was Mike, but I’m sick of seeing great guys go home instead of him. I’m definitely questioning her too.

    Luke P.: I’m so over him. He’s a manipulative a-hole and he needs to go. Tyler put it perfectly when he said told Luke that everyone else has the problem, but when is it Luke’s fault. I really had an issue with Hannah being upset with Garrett for simply being polite to Luke. She ASKED THEM TO STOP FIGHTING. That just really bothered me. Every guy there has had the same problem with Luke, yet she still believes him. I knew that Garrett wasn’t the guy for her, but Luke has seriously had a problem with every guy there. Garrett has only had a problem with, well…Luke.

    Anyway, I’m wondering what you think of the promos with Chris Harrison telling Hannah that one of her guys came back with a ring. I totally think it’s Luke. If it is, I hope she refuses to see him.

  46. Jed’s girlfriend “Haley” has done several live interviews! I highly recommend listening to her story to fully understand the reason she was okay with him going on the show! I feel bad for her after hearing her story!

  47. I’m curious what you thought about the fact that she said she’s already had sex twice in a windmill after they show her sending Luke home. Unless one of the fantasy suite dates takes place in a makeshift hotel room “windmill”, the most windmills you’ll find are in Holland, which would seem to have been on a date with either Jed or Tyler?? Also, Tyler for the next Bachelor!!

  48. Does no one else see all the rude comments Mike makes or does he just get a pass because he fills the need for diversity in the cast? I can’t believe the push to make him the next bachelor. Put a guy on there that is actually worth watching. This is ABC not BET.

    1. It’s weird – all ABC daytime hosts are pushing for Mike.

      Verbally Abusive Mike.

      I almost wonder if they want someone with a controversial aspect ( I don’t mean Black…I mean his berating castmates).

      Fake news/ Brainwashing aspect is …bewildering. I get what there is to like, but holy hell, it’s like fans have amnesia.

      And: that Queen line, I mean how many times has he used that.

  49. I agreed with you about Jed’s ex until I listened to her interview with Reality Steve. She seems very genuine and she even admits she shouldn’t have let him go on the show. You should listen to it when you get a chance!

    How do you feel about Connor being sent home?

    I fully support Mike being the Bachelor or even Clay from Becca’s season.

  50. I absolutely love that you have been posting your blog on Monday nights – please keep doing it!!

    I am definitely rooting for Tyler C, Mike or Peter to be the Bachelor. I think they would all do an amazing job. 🙂

  51. Hannah totally told Garrett what Luke said KNOWING it would start drama so I don’t feel bad for her at all. She is the pot stirrer here not Luke!

    1. Agree! She thrives on the drama and is the cause of most of it. She was the same on The Bachelor. No different here. Too much drama, too much crying, and too immature to make reasonable decisions. Will be interesting to see how this all ends!

    2. I wasnt a fan of Garrett’s, but I wanted to high five him when Hannah asked him about Luke and he made it clear he didnt want to make their time about Luke P show. He told her he wanted to spend the very little time they had together not talking about that narcissitic, oblivious,selfish a-hole. Amd,her response was so funny. It was like she finally realized that it was her own fault for having group date drama. (Or that she played a huge part stirring up the drama). I still like Hannah a lot. I feel like she is way less polished(even for a beauty pageant queen). Most the bachelorettes always try to be perfect by always saying the “right thing” and trying to look great on camera so people wont judge you for your decisions. But Hannah has stayed true to her own feelings. She may have kicked off nicer guys who arent complete d-bags like Luke P but if she wasnt feeling them,she wasnt feeling them. Why keep someone around just because he is a nice guy. Hopefully, she will find a good man who also makes her “vagina dance” as Astrid said in Bachelor in Paradise. Lol. I dont think Jed is a good guy that he portrays himself to be. Before his ex even came out and told her story he seemed so phony. Always singing and playing,the guitar. Yes he was honest about going on the show to boost his career but he never said he also had a gfriend. He ghosted her when he got back. No one is perfect but he never shows any emotions even when Hannah is telling him shes falling in love,with him. He always has the same stone face,emotionless. They clearly have a conncetion but I dont think she will pick the best man for her yet bevause she isnt ready to be married for real. She may think she is, but her choices prove otherwise. She has admitted in the past she has picked the wrong man and wound up in negative ,unhealthy relationships. That being said it is a TV show and it has been very entertaining this season and I have found Hannah captivating and enjoyed watching her more then a lot of the Bachelorettes.(Loved watching you also Ali! And hated Jake. He seemed so fake on his season and on Jillian’s season. He always had a huge,phony smile.)
      Also, Tyler C in my opinion would be an amazing husband for her. She is attracted to him, he seems to be very sincere and genuinely cares about what is best for her. And i love that he isnt trying to be perfect in front of the cameras. For example, when he confronts Luke P about being a villain, and not doing what is best for Hannah. Tyler would be a great bachelor if not with H in the end. I think girls would love him and i think he would be fun to watch because he isnt too polished either like some of the other men.
      Peter is adorbs and, i think women would love him also, (who doesnt love a pilot or any man in a uniform?!) He is so smiley and very positive. He stays out of the drama, but still speaks his mind without coming across as a jerk. Mike seems like a great guy but it was very evident that Hannah had zero love connection with him. It seemed like she really wanted to have one but you just cant force those feelings. He is better off because he will prob go to paradise with the rest of her rejected castoffs and party there with Colton’s “exes”. BTW, i love when they call the contestants an ex. Even when they have only been on like one group date with the lead. I get that techniclaly they dated but in real life not every pwrson u go on a date or two with is an actual ex. At least in my world, an ex is someone you mainatined an actual longer term relationsjip with. Anyways,so pumped for next weeks episode. Part of me will be very disappointed if and when she does end up with Jed. I know we havnt heard his side of the story, but it has just tainted him. And he doesnt show any feelings on his face towards her when she is pouring her heart out to him. I knlw we dont see everything but from what we have seen the edit shows his face and it doesnt look as joyful as a man’s face should(in my opinion) when the woman he loves is telling him she loves him also….sry for the long post. Had to get that all out!

  52. Would LOVE to see Peter as the next bachelor! I think we would see a whole different side of him and I think he would weed out the crazies early. I feel like he really knows what he wants and it would really be all about love on his season!

  53. I missed last nights episode so thank you for your blog today! I didn’t see any spark between Garrett and Hannah so it was obvious he wouldn’t make it to the end, however, kinda upset he left before JERK Luke! What does she see in that guy. Also, one of the promos shows Chris telling Hannah someone is back with a Ring and wants to see her….possibly Luke returns. That would be terrible. I would love to see Peter as the next Bachelor. He is just too sweet I think.

  54. Tyler or Mike as bachelor! They are both great. Luke is a nightmare and I have lost my interest in Hannah completely now. There have been sooo many red flags so far in the short time she’s known the dude, how could she possibly see him as husband material?! I don’t like how all the guys are constantly picking on Luke after every single word he says, but i also know that we are only seeing the edited version and Luke is probably driving everyone crazy! haha

    Hannah needs to wake up, and it shouldn’t be after his sex comment that finally makes her send him home. No doubt they have some connection/chemistry but like i said, he is NOT husband material.

    And i hate Jed. i don’t know why anyone ever tries to defend him. It seems like people are forgetting that Hannah sent home another guy NIGHT ONE for having a GF right up until show started. Hannah called him disrespectful and wasting her time, so i honestly see no difference here with Jed. Who cares if his ex girlfriend let him to go on the show, it wasn’t her decision it was JED’S! It really seemed like they were falling for each other and i know from my past deceitful relationships, love is blind and if Jed promised he would be back for her, who are we to judge her for trusting his word? Plenty of people use the show as a platform to boost their careers and Jed is 100% guilty of this. In my opinion, Jed is acting right now but i guess time will tell! Bottom line, Hannah is too young to be the bachelorette and doesn’t seem mature enough to handle all these men right now.

  55. I can barely watch the show with Luke still around. Constantly making trouble, stay in your lane as the guys continue to say……I am not sure how it will all end, I thought I wanted Jed but not after hearing about his ex. I really like Peter and Tyler, Tyler for bachelor if she doesnt choose him…..

    1. I was trying to figure this out too because I don’t remember there being a one on one that would have had a windmill on it…

  56. I agree it’s hard to look at Jed the same way after hearing the rumors, but I never thought it would be him in the end anyways. I adore Peter, but don’t think he would be the best bachelor choice. I would love to see Mike or Tyler as the bachelor! They are both articulate and able to express their feelings maturely. I think they’d both make great leads. I agree, it looks like Luke makes it to over nights which is absurd. I know she’s not able to see everything that really happens, but I hope at men tell all she apologizes to Garrett for believing Luke.

  57. I am behind. Was banging my head during week 5 and 6! Goodness. I also realized that between Tyler, Conner, Peter and Jed she has some really standup guys. I always enjoy reading your perspective. Thanks for sharing!

  58. I am beyond over this season. I feel like Luke p and Hannah deserve each other at this point!! But did anyone else think it was sooo staged when Garrett and Luke had their disagreement, and Peter was just conveniently on the porch by himself?? I thought he was with Hannah that whole time?? Weird!

  59. Is it bad that I feel like Luke is misunderstood? I was actually hoping he stayed and garret went home last night. Now, I have no idea how I’m gonna feel about this next conversation they have but thus far I feel like Luke really cares for Hannah. I don’t think he’s been perfect this whole time. He’s handled situations and said things with not the best character but the other guys have had some questionable character and reactions as well. I also think you never know the edits they are given and how such an unusual and unnatural process can play a role in it as well. That is how my husband and I have felt about this season. I personally hope Tyler C ends up with Hannah!

  60. Serious question here. Reality Steve. Has he been correct in the past? Why is everyone so apt to believe what he posts? I did watch Ali’s season but didn’t watch again until Aries and now thru Hannah’s. So I’m newer to bachelor nation. But seriously is he normally correct?

    1. He normally is…at least in recent years, by the end of the season or halfway through. However, with Rachel and Kaitlin and now Hannah, his first spoiler was wrong and then he changed it. So the first half of this season I thought one guy won…turns out he was actually the runner up. I believe everything he is reporting right now. But sometimes the fun of it is seeing if he is right!

  61. Don’t get me wrong, Luke has over stayed his welcome for sure. But that’s Hannah’s decision not mine. However, I was GLAD to see Jed go home. To me how he acted with Luke said a lot about his character as well. I felt at times he was just as childish as Luke, but never got called out on it. I also feel that at times the guys antagonized Luke, and just wanted to get a reaction out of him. I also wish that at times Hannah would have said, hey, I asked the questions about some of the other guys and he answered. Be upset with her for that, not Luke. AGAIN, not suggesting that Luke was free of any drama, he sure kept it interesting this season for sure! But Hannah is smart, she will get past this. Tyler is her man….well that’s how I’m routing anyways!

  62. I agree Hannah is young so it’s expected for her to act how she is but I can’t help but think that I got married at 24. It’s young but not that young!! I feel like she should realize by now how toxic Luke is to her!! Get rid of him already!

    1. But it’s not really age, it’s maturity level. You were probably way more mature at 24 then Hannah is. Most people are! I was married with two kids, a full time job, and a house at 24. That’s why I think she was a very poor choice and judging from comments, I’m not the only one to think it. She was immature and drama-ridden on The Bachelor so of course she will be through this.

  63. I just don’t understand why she’s keeping Luke around! Definitely has to be for ratings. With the things she has said to him( and what’s shown in the promo), like “ my husband wouldn’t talk to me this way” or “ it’s my body, not yours” CLEARLY shows that she’s sick of his BS. Then why not let him go?! I just don’t get it. It’s getting annoying and I’m almost not looking forward to hometowns next week. Ugh.

  64. I find it easier to hold out judgement on Jed because he even told her in the beginning that he came for his career. Honestly if what his ex is saying is true, that’s very unfair to her but there’s definitely 2 sides to every story. If my ex ever came out publicly, there’s no telling what lies he would potentially say too. Also to note, Reality Steve came out last week saying Peter had a girlfriend too but that she was afraid to come out because of the backlash Jed’s ex got. He said he had texts and everything about it so I find that interesting. Also I don’t think the producers would pick him based on that potentially but you never know. I also love Mike. He was in the air force previously and I think the producers would be chomping at the bit to over expose that as well as him being the first black bachelor. But I think he’s the right age to get better and more mature girls and just holds himself very well and seems very classy. He’s my pick regardless of who Hannah gets rid of next!

  65. Please don’t get me wrong, I love the bachelor/bachelorette. But how is it, that all of these good looking guys/girls can’t find a date?? Is it because the local pools of dates, are close to non-existent?? I kinda of feel sorry for them that they have to come on a dating show to find a possible spouse. But then, I wouldn’t have anything to watch! 🙂

  66. I LOVE Peter! I’m really hoping they pick him as the next Bachelor. Yes he’s sweet and innocent but he reminds me a lot of Ben Higgins and I think the show can work with a lead with those qualities. If they don’t pick him I would be all for Tyler!

  67. Listen to Reality Steve’s podcast with Jed’s ex girlfriend. It provides a lot of context and perspective. After listening I do not think Jed is a bad person but I do question his readiness to commit to someone in marriage. He doesn’t seem like he’s in that place in his life.

  68. A note on Jed’s girlfriend:

    I get it sucks that she said he could go on the show or whatever. But I think it’s weird that the GF gets so much blame.

    Women put up with all kinds of nonsense when they’re in love, especially when they’re in love with a manipulator.

    Look at how Luke manipulates Hannah, for example. People see him and call it for what it is: manipulation and Hannah being “blind” because she has “an intense connection.”

    What if Jed manipulated the GF just like Luke P manipulates Hannah? He says things like “It’s just a show,” “It’s just for my career,” “You’re who I love,” etc

    I get the girl should have had more self respect to blow him off, but does anyone feel a little sympathetic?

    I mean, manipulators tend to gas light and twist things and I could totally see Jed justifying this to rope the GF in….

    1. I completely agree. Everything she said on the Reality Steve podcast made sense. Jed is all about Jed and he just wants fame above all else. He is like the new Luke Pell! Yuck!

  69. This is random.. but where can we watch your season!? I remember watching it when it aired and I want to rewatch!

  70. Kind of lost respect for all the guys. I would think they would want to leave if Hannah puts up with a guy like Luke. I can’t wait for the Tell All!!!

  71. Ali- in your opinion do you think that production is telling her to keep Luke for the drama of the show?? Or do you think she actually could potentially see a future with him? I’m not sure how she could keep him to final 4/hometowns when she almost got rid of him a few episodes ago and constantly questions his actions/behaviors. Just wondering your thoughts on how much production is actually involved!
    Thanks! Love reading your blog!!

  72. I LOVE Peter. I don’t think he’ll win but like….. does anyone even deserve him??? He is the perfect human. I don’t know. I love Mike and would love to see him as the Bachelor. I was sad to see him go, but they didn’t have a connection.

    Garrett VS. Luke P. I knew she’d keep Luke, just because she has such a strong (and weird) thing for him that she doesn’t have for Garrett. I loved Garrett all the way up til this last episode. I don’t know if it was just the show being strategic with his edit for the episode, but that side of him was not anything I cared for. I hate that that was his last presence on the season.

    Luke P though — am I the only person who thinks he’s actually a psycopath? It’s in his eyes. He doesn’t blink. And it’s like he feels this incessant need to stay on the show and WIN as if it’s a competition, not to win Hannah. And… Tyler C’s moment. I laughed so hard. I’m not usually one to see them bash each other, but when he made the 5’8 villain comment followed up by “yeah, I just needed to get that out there,” it just seemed like exactly what everyone else wanted to say.

    I want her to end up with Peter or Tyler C. I know she won’t end up with Peter, and honestly probably not Tyler C either. I think you’re right. It will be Jed in the end.

  73. Ali, if you are right and Jed wins, then he has ruined Hannah’s chance to find love…he’s ruined her whole experience. (And her potential long term relationships with Peter and Tyler.) Because their entire relationship will be based on lies. There is NO way he hasn’t lied to Hannah’s face. Because certainly she asked him about his most recent relationship and there’s NO way he was truthful. I have seen the text he supposedly sent his gf before arriving for filming.

    1. This is what I imagine for Jed’s hometown date…

      Jed – “Mom, this is Hannah. We are in love and I plan to propose.”

      Jed’s Mom – “Um, Jed…what about Haley? Your girlfriend? The one you took to the Bahamas two weeks before you left to film the show and declared your love to? You weren’t supposed to get this far. You were simply going to boost your career by going on the show. What is going on?”

      Jed – “Mom, hopefully she won’t pick me! Then I can be the next Bachelor!”

      🙁 🙁 🙁

      If Jed really and truly fell for Hannah, than that is especially sad, b/c he will completely screw his chances with her. Please ABC, do a better job choosing contestants. Make sure they’ve been out of a relationship for at least 3 months!!! make it a new rule pretty please!!!

  74. Hannah and Luke are very obviously in the Greek isles — specifically Santorini—next week. It is not “tropical,” but it is a beautiful spot to go to during the summer. Come on guys, this is a classic location. Try to educate yourselves a little bit about the world!

  75. ALI! Can you find out where Hannah’s purple sweater was from for this episode? The purple sweater and pencil skirt was one of her best looks, and that purple was such a good purple!

  76. I remember having the same feelings about Mike after the Cam thing. I forget what happened, but they cleared it up that what he was saying did actually happen. Can’t remember, but I think one of the other guys also said the same things or Hannah somehow cleared it up. Whatever it was it cleared it up that Mike wasn’t making it up or exaggerating or being shady.

  77. I’m not even done with the episode yet so I read half your post so far lol But ahhhh It was painful to watch the full on manipulation from Luke and watching her fall for it ugh. He makes me so mad. Also though I’ve liked Garrett most of the time but he really goes too far with the Luke thing this time.

  78. So funny how people interpret people differently. I see Luke as so genuine and with such a good heart (although he needs some work on thinking through his thoughts before delivering them). He has been taunted and bullied and ganged up on the most I have seen on any season. Funny that the guys get upset that he talks about them but they can’t seem to keep his name out of their own mouths. Hannah hasn’t done the greatest job of protecting him when she knows he is being bullied- she throws him under the bus to the other guys every single time. I just want to say that Luke is probably the most misunderstood person ever to be on the show!!!!

    1. Thank you!!! Finally someone who sees it how I do. Glad there are others out there. I feel like Luke has been verbally abused the entire season and is just now defending himself. Like how is it ok to call names, gang up on someone, and make fun of their height?!

  79. I don’t know Ali… the way you have worded Mike as not being “a strong black lead” isn’t sitting well with me. Why do minorities have to be perfect to be the lead but any white person can be one? Chris Harrison has said this also when answering why we haven’t has an African American bachelor. Was Jake, Arie, Colton a “strong leads”. No they weren’t, they were hot messes. But I could also just be hyper sensitive to this cause I am a minority myself and live my life knowing I am judged differently in all aspects of life ( beauty, success, education) due to the color of my skin.

  80. I am so disappointed in Tyler this week. When he made fun of Luke’s height, that was just a low blow. Making fun of someone’s physical aopearance is just not ok. Can you imagine if Luke would’ve made fun of tyler’s, let’s say teeth for example, everyone would’ve jumped all over Luke. Please people, let’s not lose sight that Lukenis a human too, with feelings and insecurities and hardships just like the rest of us. It is not ok how they gang up on him and name-call. I’m disappointed that people have lost sight of this. So Luke didn’t relay a message to Hannah verbatim, so now he deserves to be verbally abused? Makes zero sense to me. Also, he is honest with Hannah. She wanted him to talk about those things with her. SHE asked for it. The other guys can tell Luke all day what he can and can’t talk about with Hannah, but in reality, Luke gets to spend his time with her however he wants and for them to try to control him, shows poorly on their characters more than Lukes.

  81. Love Peter, but not sure if he can do the job. If Tyler C doesn’t get picked by Hannah, I think he should be the next bachelor!! Peter and Tyler seem like good men…would love to see more of them.

    One of my favorites parts from last night’s show was Garrett’s goodbye. He said some really sweet things to Hannah. ❤️

  82. #inominatePeterforthenextbachelor
    I had to repeat my hashtag feelings from last week. Peter is too amazing to end up with Hannah. I said it last week and will repeat…whoever she chooses at the end, I feel, she will lose when they watch the season in full. The distance she traveled with sooooo many is too much for any person truly in love to accept.
    The way her and Luke celebrated after she gave him the rose actually sent me into a Tourettes rage. I almost broke a lamp. He is a disgusting human being. Luke is 💯% abusive. It is in every action…reaction…facial expression…it seeps out of him. If she chooses him she is in for a heartbreaking ride. It’s hard to break the spell once it’s cast…I get it but it is going to end up being a waste of a good opportunity if she doesn’t send him home like 3 episodes ago.
    Garrett….gosh darn it! He went too far. I feel like he should have went another direction with his convo with Hannah after Luke spewed his BS all over her…he should get a do over.
    Speaking of…The preview of the final rose they discuss someone coming back on his own with a ring in hand ready to purpose. Please let it be Mike or Garrett. PLEASE don’t let it be Luke!
    I saw a glimpse of the adorable Hannah this episode….but then she lost me at the end with the Luke celebration but I’m with ya Ali…too much invested to not see it through at this point.

  83. Will Luke P ever get a girl to date him after he has publicly outed himself? No right minded woman would subject themself. He really seems like he needs professional help. It also makes me wonder about the right-mindedness of Hannah?? I want to love her, but there is a reoccurring lack of depth …

  84. I did not get to watch the episode. But I had to at least read your blog to hold me over. Ha

    I love Tyler. I think he would be the best fit for her. He seems like a genuine and understanding guy. I think she needs someone like that to make a marriage work. Just because she does show some that she is young, not fully mature, and lacks emotional control. He would be a great balance for her. However, Jed seems like her type… I don’t see them lasting though. Peter is my all time favorite, but I don’t know if it is truly there between the two of them.

    That being said … I think it will be Tyler and Jed at the end. Jed will get the final rose. I would like to see Tyler as the next Bachelor. Peter, I want him for myself.

  85. I don’t like Luke any more than anyone else watching this season, but I honestly think Garrett has been a bully for weeks now. As frustrating as Luke P is and as infuriated as the guys are, I really don’t think it excuses Garrett’s behaviour these last three weeks. He’s consistently tried to provoke Luke and created drama for no reason. Obviously Luke is going to mention it when he’s with Hannah because she asks him about how he’s going. I find the whole thing just really stupid and repetitive.
    Tyler C for the win. He seems so lovely and considerate. If he doesn’t win I think he’d be a great bachelor.

  86. I’m going to weigh in on the Luke P drama for a second. He rubs me in all the wrong ways and I truly believe he has some personality disorders (narcissism.) But, as annoying as he was this season and as much undeserved attention as he got from the producers and Hannah alike, I don’t think she should have sent him home. For Hannah, this is real life and if you take only the clips when it is just the two of them and he is playing victim, why wouldn’t she believe him? He always said the right things to her. She didn’t witness his behavior when she wasn’t around. Anyway, he plays a good game. BUT, it is real life dealing with people like Luke and it shows the true character of the lead and the other men. It can’t be all rainbows and romance on these shows. As annoying as he was and as difficult as it was to watch at times, he had his place in her story.
    As for Mike, I knew they weren’t compatible, but I cried when he left and I never cry on this show. Lol! Not sure he’s fit to be the bachelor but I wish him well.
    I didn’t like Jed from day one, so I can’t even say I’m disappointed in all that.
    I’m a huge Tyler fan, but he deserves someone other than Hannah. And would make a great bachelor lead.
    Peter….meh. They have chemistry, he just seems so young and inexperienced in relationships to me.
    I think Hannah is a great person, but it seems we are all in agreement that she has some maturing to do.

  87. Can we please talk about her comments about f*cking in a windmill?? 😂😂😂. Best clip of the season! Good for her for owning her sexuality and not letting Luke talk down to her about it. You are right, he is absolutely delusional and has created this image of her and them in his head that in no way matches reality. It’s a bit frightening, if I’m being honest.

  88. I think Hannah is the most unready Bachelorette in the history of the show. She doesn’t know what a real man is, she cannot recognize the good guys and she just wants to explore being with so many guys at the same time. I think she signed up only to get to fool around with 20 guys and have an excuse to do so. I don’t find her sincere with any of the guys. She is not gonna find a husband at the end of this. I don’t think they will make it more than a month or two together. I am sorry for some of the guys, because they are legit into her….that’s so sad. I hope they find their girls and be happy. Hannah, when she grows up, I hope the same for her.

      1. That’s okay 🙂 I also disagree with you, you don’t need to be a whore on TV in order to explore your sexuality 🙂 And I’m from Europe. To me she is quite immature for her age. But hey, it’s a colorful world, anyone can feel and act however they want.

    1. Peps, I agree with everything you said. She has ALOT of growing up to do and this is without a doubt the worst season I’ve ever watched. You literally hit the nail on the head with what a whole lot of people feel. I hope she find another love, everyone deserves that, but I sure don’t see it.

  89. Luke is not well. Possibly a psychopath, but I am no position to diagnose anyone and especially not from here (of course!!!). But it sure seems so. He is entangled deeply in lies about himself and the world around him. He needs treatment. I absolutely pray the producers takes responsibility and do NOT put him on BIP or anything else.

    I disagree with the majority who says Hannah is immature. In fact, to me she is perhaps the most mature in her age group on this show. She asks bold questions. And she is raw, not polished to absurdity.

    Also the critisism I’ve read around her being physical with the guys: I say big YES to her choices! Here in Europe it seems like a small liberation step for American women, who generally are very conservative and pushing down their sexuality compared to women on most of this continent (generalizing, but you get the point). The comments I read on that point to that too. I say Go Hannah! It’s 2019!!! and you are free to own and enjoy 100 % of your sexuality! Good role model. 🙂

    I would be ok with Peter or Tyler as the next bachelor.

  90. I’m so surprised and disappointed at what you said about Mike, Ali.

    “I obviously would love for there to be an African-American Bachelor. I think it’s so important for pop culture for the Bachelor to have a strong black lead. I’m just not sure I think Mike is it. Maybe it’s because of that situation with Cam at the beginning of the season, or maybe it’s because we didn’t really get to know him that well.”

    What you’re saying is that IF there is a black bachelor, he has to be perfect and exceptional because otherwise why would you need a black bachelor? If he isn’t perfect you could just go with the default (white). That’s unfair.

    Why does it have to be a strong black person yet we’re always having average white leads (sometimes borderline mediocre)? This subtle implication really gets on my last nerve. Colton wasn’t a strong lead, Arie wasn’t a strong lead, Nick wasn’t a strong lead, Becca wasn’t a strong lead, Jojo wasn’t a strong lead. Sorry to say it Ali but you weren’t a strong lead either. These were all mediocre people but they became the leads.

    Why do Mike and Rachel have to be flawless and perfect? Why is the standard higher for them? Please try to actually ask yourself these questions. Why are our minds programmed to think this way?

  91. Hey, just letting you know that your comment about Mike not being fit for the bachelor is really inappropriate and highly problematic.

    You stated that we need an exceptional strong black lead. Here’s the thing– why does the black Male lead have to be perfect, while so many of the past white Male leads have definitely not? Colton was boring and contributed to a lot of drama, Arie was also quite boring and switched it up with Becca on camera! Not to mention Ben who told two women he loved them, as well as the mess that is Ben F and Juan Pablo.

    Mike is sweet and loving. Sure, he got involved with the Cam drama, but please tell me a lead who wasn’t involved with the drama on their first seasons! Hannah B certainly was, wasn’t she?

    What I’m saying is, our first black bachelor doesn’t need to be exceptional. He just needs to be a real living person. Hold everyone of all races to the same standard, please.

    1. I love Mike, he is adorable!!! I think he would be an amazing Bachelor! I don’t care of the color of his skin, he is such a sweetheart. Every man can learn something from him! Nobody is perfect! Nobody can or needs to be expected to be perfect. I hope Mike is the next Bachelor, he deserves it!

  92. If you don’t want to see a MAJOR spoiler, do not go on yahoo today. I can’t believe they have it right on the homepage.

    1. Your comments about Mike and why you don’t want him as the bachelor are problematic. First of all, he may have been involved in drama with Cam but you were involved in drama with Vienna on your season and still got to be Bachelorette. Secondly, you kind of imply that the first black bachelor has to be perfect which is unfair. Colton was trash, Arie was trash, Jake Pavelka was trash too.

  93. I don’t like Luke at ALL but I was actually more frustrated with the other guys in this episode. The way they kept picking at Luke and bringing up the past just seemed unnecessary. I honestly don’t think Luke is intelligent enough to be manipulative – I think he’s fairly genuine with Hannah and with the guys, and just doesn’t have the self-awareness to see the problems he’s causing. I get that the other guys are frustrated with how he keeps bringing Hannah’s mood down on group dates, but I feel like they should just let it go at this point. As annoying as it is, Luke is also dating Hannah and has the right to talk to her about whatever he wants.

  94. Garrett may have been pushing Luke’s buttons, sure, but think about how Luke responded to him. Luke shut down and then lashed out—what a child! He clearly has an anger management problem. He’s going to beat somebody up one day, and we’ll be reading about him in the news.

    I’d love to see Luke end up with Krazy Krystal from Arie’s season. Those two would out-psycho each other!

  95. Ali,
    I always love reading your blog after I watch the show!

    I do agree with some of the other people responding to this blog… that your comments about Mike seem just not ok. Because he isn’t white he needs to be held to a higher standard? Saying he isn’t good enough to be the “first black bachelor” That is not ok to say… I would reflect on that… I don’t think it was intentional or meant to be anything offside, but sometimes we don’t realize how we come off. I was reading an article recently about minority bloggers never getting invited to blogger events and it made me realize I personally don’t (well didn’t at the time) follow any minority bloggers myself… it was just a moment for me to look at my own subtle actions and how it is just not right and I should be more aware and clue in to these little things that are small prejudices that are not intended at all, but somehow still around all the time.

    I think any of the guys would be great as the next bach (NOT Luke P… Obvs) but Mike would be great because of his charming smile, warmth, love of his family and his readiness to settle down…

    Hannah yet again keeping Luke P… He is so very manipulative and it is so hard to watch. It shocks me he has a fan base, and I pray that the people in his life give him guidance to help him one day become a better (and non abusive) husband to someone. At this point there are several articles out there outlining his abusive ways… Just so sad she had 20 guys going for her and she is stuck on him.

    I cannot even watch the Jed stuff anymore after seeing everything come out in the news.. It makes me cringe! I feel so bad for Hannah, she is a sweet girl who’s bullshit-meter is clearly broken. I suppose at this point any person going on this show would be doing it to become famous… However you should still be open for love, single and not a cheater…

    Poor Conner… Saw it coming, since they don’t seem to have a spark…

  96. Hi Ali,
    Loved your blog.
    I’d love her to end up with Tyler or Peter & call me crazy but believe it could happen ( I don’t read spoilers)
    Why can’t the sweet, innocent nice guy finish first?!
    Anyway I hope Hannah finds true happiness with whoever she chooses.
    I also thought Garrett was so sweet, respectful & genuine in his goodbye to Hannah which speaks to his character as after professing your love to someone & being rejected, it would be easy to be bitter or cold which he wasn’t.
    The sweet, loving genuine kisses he planted on different parts of her face proved he really cared for her & not just when the going was good.
    Also I think you are real & inspiring and that your blogs are always considered and respectful.
    Never take to heart the people of criticise you. They are so unhappy the only thing that makes them feel better is by trying to tear someone else down. Also I cannot believe they go to the bother to read blogs of people they disagree with and to write lengthy insults. They need to work on their on lives.
    You keep being the amazing mother, wife, family member & friend you are & helping people the way you do.

  97. So wait… did I miss the convo on the sex twice in a windmill teaser?!???!!!!! Whew girl! That took me back! Also I do think Mike is the right choice. Tis time and he seems like a sweet guy. No backlash just I think you see it through a different view than I. As an African American woman that has watched the show for YEARS it would be nice to see. I was pumped for Rachel (though the ending of that was a hot mess) but it’s nice to see representation. We can get to know him more on his season! I feel like all I knew about Hannah was a bumbling beauty queen and she got to be the bachelorette! (Sounds harsh but I mean no offense) So give Mike a shot! He’ll do great.

  98. I’m throwing my two cents in for Tyler or Mike to be the next bachelor. Now that Peter’s ex (the long time girlfriend he dumped when he was accepted on the show that didn’t even know he applied) is starting to share a bit via Reality Steve, I don’t want HIM benefiting from his deceit. What is with these guys stringing girls along while looking for something better? If you don’t like what you have, don’t lie to her and tell her you love her, or ask her to wait for you, or whatever. I know people date people they don’t see a forever with, but keep it basic and stop with the “forever” and “i love you” talk while secretly sleeping with other people and applying for dating shows.

  99. This has been bugging me about Hannah’s season: I don’t think Luke is that far off-base to be upset with Hannah having sex with the other guys. I get that that’s the show he signed up for, so blame for being on the show in the first place is on him. But at the same time, he’s been upfront with Hannah (from what we’ve seen) that faith is important to him, and monogamous sex is a key component of his faith (now). He’s perfectly within his right to tell her that it’s a deal-breaker for him if she’s had sex with someone else while she’s essentially dating him on the show. That’s not judging her—that’s just him being honest what he needs in a relationship. (Monogamy.) And it’s fine for Hannah to “own” her body and have sex with every guy if that’s what she wants. But it’s not cool for her to be so pissed at Luke for being upset with her choice, and for her to cry all “female empowerment” and “my body is my own and I can do whatever I want” when at the same time she’s the one who’s been keeping him around, and she knows that having sex with the other men hurts him emotionally. I mean, if the genders were reversed, wouldn’t she basically be considered a player? I’m curious to see if she’ll own up at all to making a mistake in keeping Luke around for so long, but that the mistake was on her part, not his. He wanted something very specific in their relationship. (Monogamy.) She knew this. And yet, she chose to do the opposite. She wanted something completely different in their relationship (sexual freedom, essentially) and it seems to me it’s more on her than him for stringing him along.

  100. Been wanting to tell you what i think for sooo long but i knew you would probs never read it. But gonna do it anyway!

    Peter for bachelor! I know he is innocent but he reminds me of Ben Higgins and he was a great bachelor. I think he is more of the right age than Tyler. He has a good job, he is attractive and he is a good guy. So i would pick him!

    Tyler is my fave, because he is just a great guy and he thinks of Hannah more than himself wich is great. But he is too young to be the bachelor. Garrett would also be a good choice but I don’t think that will happen… Crushing hard on him! Love the accent and my dad is a golfer so there’s that. I am just thinking of age here. Because too young would be a disaster like with Colton and Hannah now also. Ii think the younger they are the more they focus on the physical (which is important) but it’s just too much all of these sexual stuff.

    I want Tyler to be at the end. But i think Jed is the guy…and i don’t want to think that because TYLER but the way they look at each other! Oh my word, you can just see it! But the gf rumours really messed me up, i hate watching his scenes with her now. But i can still see it. And i wish there’s some kind of explanation for the rumour. But i HATE that his guitar is everywhere and that his basically auditioning the whole time. When he starts singing or whatever i lose so much respect for him.

    Luke. I have no words. I know people like him. I work with someone like that. And they honestly do not know they are being a shitty person, or lying. They just don’t. They believe themselves so much. But ja. I hope she sees through it. I hope the preview of next week is not just a snippet to throw us off…

    Mike would be a good lead i think. 🙂

    Not loving this season. Too much physical stuff going on and too much drama and i think she is so blindside by Luke. It’s so unfair that he took up so much time away from the other guys. That being said i do think she knows who she likes, it’s always so clear to me when there is a spark or just something so whether you have time or not, if it’s not there it’s not! Ugh, i feel so bad that it might be Jed! I just don’t see how that rumour can be turned around… but MAYBE her feelings for Tyler will catch up! I remember Catherine from Sean wasn’t the frontrunner form the beginning?????? neh???? Also, i love Hannah as a person. I think she is real and bubbly, and quirky and when there is no drama i enjoy watching her. I just do see her age come through a lot with the physical stuff. But i do think she has been honest and clear and made hard decisions. And i respect her for that.

    So ja! That’s my bit! I hope you read it! Because i look up to you sooo much. I remember your season and you have always been my fave bachelorette. And i want to start a blog too! I work in public relations and am a freelance writer so it’s something i really want to do.

    And one last thing. Your kids are ADORABLE.

    P.s i am at work so sorry for all the grammar mistakes. 🙂

  101. If Tyler doesn’t win, my vote is for Tyler as the next bachelor! He is gorgeous, and like you said, really cares about Hannah, a real decent guy! Did you see him dancing and goofing around in the credits of last week- made me laugh! Love him!

  102. Love your blog Ali. Hannah seems like a sweet girl just very young. Most difficult season to watch thus far. I don’t judge her actions,, however, I do think the guys i.e even Luke have the right to question her sexual escapades if they
    Are truly thinking about a proposal at the end. After all This could be the mother of their children. Bottom line what happens in these relationships can impact the next one.

  103. I think her and Peter are ADORABLE together. Their puppy love just makes me melt.. I’d love to see her pick him, but i think your right, I think she ends up with Jed. In that case I’d want Peter to be the bachelor.

    BUT Tyler is a hunk, and I’d love to watch a hunky bachelor. Colton was a hunk, but Tyler in my opinion is better looking. My vote is Tyler for bachelor.

    And you’re right, mike is a good guy. They had an African American bachelorette its time for a guy to be up there. But I just feel like mike more paradise material, Id love to see him in Mexico!

  104. I’m with you on the germs! I don’t know if it’s because I’m a mom now but I was so grossed out by her kissing him. I could imagine the post nasal drip that caused that raspy voice. I also get grossed out when any of them make out with multiple contestants on the same night. I’m always thinking, ew brush your teeth! Lol

  105. I am definitely excited to see Monday’s episode and hopefully watch Luke go home. I also wonder if Hannah is watching the show as it airs and what she thinks of Luke now.

    Did anyone else catch the preview of Chris telling Hannah that someone went out and purchased a ring and is ready to propose? Who do you think it will be?

    I hope that this all works out for Hannah in the end.

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