On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

On Wednesdays we wear pink! Well, really on Wednesdays we wear blush! For anyone that’s ever seen my Instagram feed, it should come as no surprise that I absolutely love the color blush! It’s all over my feed! I love it in my home, I love it in my clothes, and I just like looking at it. It makes me happy. I think everybody has a color that makes them happy and I highly suggest figuring out what that color is and wearing it all the time! Blush and light blue are those colors for me. So today on the blog I thought I would share a couple pretty blush outfits that are absolute favorites of mine from my absolute favorite store ever – Nordstrom.


I’m going to start with this blush dress by Rachel Parcell. When I first saw this dress online I almost didn’t order it because it didn’t have perfect reviews. I’m definitely one of those people that read the reviews on a piece of clothing before I decide to buy it. And since this one didn’t have great reviews I hesitated. However, I just love the photo of it so much that I couldn’t resist getting it for an event I had. Plus, Nordstrom has the best return policy EVER, so I knew that if I didn’t love it, I could always send it back.


And I’m so glad I went with my gut and got it! This dress is absolutely stunning! Not only is the color just dreamy, it also comes in two other colors/prints by the way, but I love the fit of it. Sometimes when I buy wrap dresses I’m super disappointed when they come in the mail because they barely wrap around my rib cage. And that basically means that I can’t cover my chest in it. And I’m not a busty girl by any means. I’m a 34B/34C on a good day. Ha! I think sometimes wrap dresses are just made for girls with no ribs. Definitely for women who haven’t had babies yet – but this one is different.

What I absolutely love about this dress is that it comes with a little clasp up at the top that you can close so you’re not too exposed. It’s a very modest and classy dress. However, you can unclasp it and it still gives you great coverage. In these photos it’s actually not clasped.


I also completely adore the ruffle sleeve. I like that it covers my arms and also gives it a beautiful feminine detail. It’s als0 high-quality, when you put the dress on you know it’s made very well. And that’s why it costs a bit more than what I would normally like to pay for a dress. But this was for a special event and I thought it was worth it to feel my best. So if you’re going to a spring or summer wedding or any special event coming up I highly suggest this dress as an option!

I’m wearing it with nude pumps here, but I actually suggest wearing it with a strappy  high heel sandal. I think that would look better with the dress. And I’m wearing these huge heart earrings. How fun are they?! I’m actually wearing them with both the looks in this post today. That’s because I just got them and I’m trying to find every excuse I can to wear them! I’ve added some options, plus the ones I am wearing below!



This look is absolutely perfect for work. I think it’s so important if you were an artist have a lot of cute blazers and camis that you can mix and match to create different outfits. I’ve had this white blazer for a while now. The exact one is sold out but I found a few similar that you can get to create this look and I’ve linked them below! Also, I linked the same one I am wearing here but in black, in case you wear darker tones! However my exact tank is still available! I absolutely love the scalloped detail at the top. And I actually plan on saving it in my closet to wear when I have a casual event to go to. I always have a hard time figuring out what to wear to casual events. Like a dress is too dressy, but jeans and a t-shirt is too casual, so I always try to dress up jeans with cami and a blazer for a daytime event.

Again the reviews on the cami aren’t great but I couldn’t disagree with them more! I LOVE it. Get it, and if you don’t like it you can always return it. But I think you will love it as much as I do. I will try to show it more on my insta stories today. The color I am wearing is called peach mimosa, but it’s more light pink in my opinion. Which I LOVE! I am wearing a medium


I also have to mention that the jeans that I am wearing here are only $39. What a steal! Honestly, I am having the best luck finding affordable jeans on Nordstrom lately!!! It’s the BEST! Here’s my other favorite pair right now if you needed a lighter wash of denim, they were out of stock for a little and I am so glad they’re back in a few sizes so that I can share with you!


Who doesn’t love blush accessories to go with their outfit? I know I do!!! Below, I am linking a handful of purses that you can choose from to complete this look. Unfortunately the one I have is sold out right now, but I think the ones I found are pretty stinkin cute. Might have to get one or two of them!

While on the topic of accessories, see how good these earrings are able to go with both of the outfits in this post?! One outfit is a dress, and the other is jeans and a top, and the earrings work with either! I love that about them, because it allows me to wear them more often. My heels are also blush (can you tell how much I love the color now?). I love that these ones have a slightly shorter heel. Perfect for a work setting!


That’s it for this weeks “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink”. What do you think about me doing one of these every couple of months? Would you like that? Should I try to do a different color next time? Like I said, I also love light blue! What are your favorite blush items – I would love some suggestions!

And huge thank you to Nordstrom for being my favorite store EVER and for working with me on this post!!! Pinch me!

24 Thoughts

24 thoughts on “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

      1. Ali please do on Fridays we wear Sunshine yellow!!!! The perfect sunshine yellow is sooooo cute and so hard to find. Sunshine yellow with turquoise accessories are soooo feminine and striking. And …HAPPY 🙂
        A yellow sundress or yellow ruffled shirt with a small turquoise ring and hoop earrings are so adorbs! White jeans! Or …well…my thighs are a little thick for white jeans but a girly ruffled yellow with maybe some ripped jeans? High ponytail. Turquoise hoops? Dooooo itttt!!! Xoxoxo Miche

  1. I notice you wear a lot of strappy tanks / dresses. Do you typically wear a strapless bra? You never seem to have any weird bra lines, so is there a strapless bra you recommend? Such cute pink outfits!

  2. Love the jacket and jeans outfit. Yes!

    Btw, can you feature all Hannah B’s jewelries next time? I particularly like her earrings on the premiere and some of her rings.

    Thank for keeping us on trend. 🙂

    1. I did a post about Hannah’s outfits recently. I believe it included her earrings from the limo entrances! 🙂

  3. These have been two of my fave outfits you’ve rocked! Light pink looks gorgeous on you and I just adore the blazer! Following you has been a daily activity of mine and I just love watching Riley and Molly grow in a lovely home with such amazing parents!

  4. Love both of these looks! You’re seriously my fashion goals 😉
    Where is Molly’s dress from? Love it too!

  5. Regarding your last Instagram story, TMI x 10. You are a smart girl, surely you have more to talk about than waking up sick, having skin removed and Riley giving up a nap. This blog seems to have less and less substance.

  6. Hi Ali,

    Beyond all, I love your floral scalloped cami. Especially with its summer color that is well matched on your skin and your shoulders. It makes me want to stuff the mature and delightful peaches of June.

  7. The 1822 butter denim are my absolute favorite jeans I’ve ever worn!!! That is a great choice and thank you for doing this post. I love your style and seeing what you share with your followers. I also have an obsession with Sole Society because of you. 🙂

  8. That floral camisole is sooooooooooo pretty!!! I am obsessed with it. 🙂 Thanks for finally convincing me to give Nordstrom a try. I honestly always assumed it was super expensive so I avoided it completely, and maybe that’s because it seems that the pieces they carry in store generally are, but I’m seeing that many things in their online inventory are actually affordable thanks to your blog!!

  9. Ali! I live the top you wore in your stories today, it was a blue and white floral top. Can you post where you got it? Thanks!!

  10. Hello love your fashion! Can you tell me where you got your neon pink sweatshirt? Can’t find anywhere on here.
    Thank you!

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