The Bachelorette – Jed’s Honesty is EVERYTHING!

So much happened in last night’s episode! I don’t know about you but there’s certain guys that I’m definitely seeing her connection with more every week! Let’s dive right in, there’s a ton to discuss!!

Jed’s Date

I’ve always liked these two together. And I think considering the fact that the majority of the day was just walking around Boston and they still had a really great time shows that they have a connection. If it was with one of the guys that she wasn’t as into, it would be extremely boring for her. I also liked that there was intimacy but they didn’t just make out the whole time. Which is a connection beyond the physical.

Anyone else think the ice cream ad is a bit ridiculous? Look I get that they need to get ads in in order to make a big show like this. But who eats a pint of ice cream in Boston when you’re wearing a sweater and jacket. That actually sounds pretty miserable to me. Ha! The next date in Rhode Island she had on a puffer jacket and winter hat!!!

I keep saying this every week, I think Jed will be it in the end. And the fact that we saw so much of their date in the episode proves that even more to me. Either the show wants us to fall in love with him for the next Bachelor or the show wants us to fall in love with the relationship. There’s a reason we saw their date through two different commercial breaks.

And obviously the thing about their date that we actually have to talk about is when Jen opened up about coming on the show to further his music career. Heck yes to him for admitting that! I freaking love him even more! I’ve said this time and time again on my blog – nobody is ever thinking they’re going to fall in love. That would honestly be kind of crazy. Ha! Everyone goes on either for a good time and in Jed’s case, he went on because he thought this would be good for his music. I think nowadays it would be absolute BS for anyone to say that they haven’t thought about the upside that comes with being on the show. Heck, when you go on the show now, you instantly become a celebrity if you’re in the top handful of people left on the show. You get millions of Instagram followers and start making money right away. If you didn’t think about that before going on the show I’d say that’s pretty dumb. You have to think about all angles when you do something like this. It’s different from when I was on the show. Instagram didn’t even exist and we weren’t allowed to have social media accounts. So when I went on, it was just for a good time. But nowadays if I were to go on, you bet your bottom dollar I would be thinking about the opportunities that come with it.

And I think the fact that Jared had the balls to admit it is what I adore about him so much. And I think the fact that he was able to admit it, just proves that he’s not there for that reason anymore. Obviously there’s an upside and he realizes that in the back of his head. But the fact that he can tell Hannah that just shows how much he really cares for her. Heck I broke down in tears when he told her the only thing he would really need is her. I just adore them together.

Group Date

I absolutely hate group dates like this. I remember on my season the date where the guys had to get physical was an olive oil wrestling competition. I absolutely despised every second of it. I don’t like violence and I don’t like the idea that guys need to prove themselves with physical contact. Can you imagine how painful it was every time one of them was tackled to the ground? It’s obviously freezing outside so the ground was probably rockhard. I don’t blame Hannah for the date because I know she didn’t plan it. Just like I did not plan or even approve of the olive oil wrestling date on my season. But there was nothing I could do when we were in Istanbul and that was the date. But I do feel like she encouraged the guys to be physical with “blood sweat and tears..” which I didn’t love.

I mean, of course Kevin dislocated his shoulder. I would be surprised if someone didn’t get hurt. And of course Luke P took it too far. I don’t think that was surprising to any of us either. He just doesn’t get it. For example, Mike is just as physically fit as Luke P and he probably could’ve taken some guys out easily. And he still played the game and was a strong guy doing it. But he didn’t try to take anybody out.

Tyler C Date

I get that Hannah is emotional. I went through what she went through too. So I get it. Being the Bachelorette is hard! I cried so much during my season. But the difference was I pulled it together when I needed to. I feel like her age is really showing in moments like this where she can’t keep it together at the beginning of a date. I don’t know. I hesitate to even write this as I’m doing it. I feel like I’m being a little too hard on her. And as a mom it’s hard for me to be hard on anyone. I became a big sap when I became a mom to a daughter. But the constant tears are just getting to be a bit much. I feel for her though. I know how hard it is. I cried a lot in the show too, I just did it behind closed doors. I guess I kind of think of it like the difference between crying in your car because you’re stressed and crying at work because you’re stressed. There’s a place and a time for emotions and I feel like at the beginning of a date with another guys just not one of those times. If that makes sense

tyler c hannah b one on one

I like him and I think he did a great job comforting Hannah on their date. But I think it’s pretty obvious there’s no chemistry between them. Though I feel like we will see him on Paradise this summer.

And to play devil’s advocate, I know some of you might say that if they’re going to be together they need to be together for the good times and bad. True. But when I go on a first date with somebody I don’t want him crying at the beginning of it. That would be an immediate red flag to me. Ha!

Cocktail Party

I know we all have to be over the Luke P drama. He’s just the worst! I don’t even know where to start and honestly I don’t even wanna waste my time recapping it all. We all know he sucks. We all know he’s a liar. We all know he is aggressive in a scary way. Can anybody vouch for him? Is anybody reading this friends with him or a friend of a friend of his that can say anything good about him?

Anyway, we could discuss how much Luke P sucks in this blog post or we can discuss Jed’s honesty about his music career. I’d much rather discuss Jed! I just think what he told her is so unique and real and I appreciate it so much. I would love to know what you guys thought!

Until Next Week…

Since no roses were given out this week, we will just have to wait and see what happens with the Luke’s and if she decides to get rid of them, or keep one or both of them around. Maybe they didn’t even have a rose ceremony! We will find out next Monday.

On another note… since Hannah B is clearly gearing up to dive into motherhood once this is all over, last week was a huge indicator of this, I thought this would be a great place to also mention my recent post about baby registry items! Ha! I know that’s a little far fetched, but hey, I’m sure plenty of you are soon to be moms or new moms and would enjoy reading the post anyways! It will be a 3 part series, and yesterday was my first one. It’s all about everything you need in your kitchen after having a baby. From infant to toddler! Check it out if you need any inspiration for your own registry! I’m already working on the next one!

Can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say about this weeks episode! How do you feel about Jed? Or Tyler? Let’s discuss!!!

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183 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – Jed’s Honesty is EVERYTHING!

  1. I agree with you Ali. How refreshing to Herat someone say they signed up for the opportunities that come with being a part of this show. I do believe Jed is into her though and I hope they end up together at the end!

      1. I think Pilot Pete looks, talks, and reminds me of a young David Arquette. I’ve like him from the beginning. Luke P can go now. I liked his bio but I guess that was a lie.

      2. I think Jed confessed only because he had said this to one or more of the guys and it would have bit him in the butt later if he didn’t come forward first. Either a producer told him to do it or his guilty conscience

      3. I have watched ALL the seasons of both the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. At my age 61 😳 friends of mine think I am nuts to “waste my time.” Heck I enjoy them all. I really over most seasons have had great “gut” instincts etc. I have loved Jed from the start. Down to earth and great chemistry with Hannah. No show offs etc. Just so refreshing he is and appears to stay out of all the drama. We will see how this season progresses and yes please the sooner the “hot head” Luke leaves the better. Such an odd duck he is scary. Just saying …….

      4. Love your blog Ali! I Do think you’re being hard on Hannah about the crying.I think it’s really important in today’s day and age for somebody like the bachelorette to show that they don’t have it all together and to not save the crying for behind closed doors -because that’s how people will become more comfortable talking about mental illness and all these other things. Showing herself fall apart right before the date is very vulnerable and Is just what we need to see In today’s world. I totally get where you’re coming from but I think The bachelorette having multiple breakdowns On national television is only going to make humanity understand each other more and bring us together. Love you!

        1. I tend to agree. It really shows who she is and for the guys, that is important. It shows how vulnerable people can be in these situations. A very normal reaction to a abnormal situation. Love your blog Ali. I cant wait to read it on Tuesdays. Xo

  2. Not a fan of Luke P at all and that’s all I will say. Praying Hannah sees him for who he is!

    I am still rooting for Pilot Pete! I like Jed too, but just don’t see it with them as much as Pete. His smile is so contagious and he adores her!! I live for your posts. Thanks Ali!!

    1. Luke P was creepy to me from the start with how strong he came on. He was almost like a super fan to me.

  3. I like Jed but I love Tyler C!! Luke P is awful, and I like Hannah, but idk if she’s kinda into the bad boy vibe or what but she is believing Luke P over every other guy in the house. I feel like when she watches how Luke P played her and lied about Luke S in last nights episode, I think she will be a disappointed in him and disappointed with how she handled it.

    1. It is true that when looking back, you learn so much that you didn’t know during the moment. Hoping that she figures it out with him sooner rather than later!

      1. I kept wanting the guys or her to ask the producers for a replay of that full on body slam and end Luke P. right there and then.
        I was hesitant with Hannah when she was announced but honestly this is one of the best seasons they’ve had in awhile in my opinion. She’s SO real and yes a ‘bit’ emotional but she doesn’t mess around and I appreciate that.

    2. I LOVE Tyler C too! He’s super grown on me. And I think they DEFINITELY have chemistry. She’s downright giddy around him. 🙂

      Ali, have you seen that Hannah has come forward about mental health issues and that she does struggle with depression and anxiety since she was a teenager. I love that she’s showing who she is, flaws and all. Tyler did a great job of calming her down- made me love him even more.

      1. I’m so glad you commented about how Hannah has come forward with her struggles. I think that she is sooooo real! The fact that she keeps crying and being emotional in front of the guys is so important for viewers to see. Why should she pull herself together and “fake” being ok if she is not in the moment. I LOVE how real she is!

        1. Yes! Why is it bad to cry in moments when “you shouldn’t?” I am the type of person who will always cry if someone asks me “are you okay” when I am clearly not okay. I’m sure that’s what the film crew did. Maybe not to purposely get her to cry, but since she wears her emotions on her sleeve it probably made it really easy for her to cry. Yeah, it sucks that it happened on the first date, but it is what it is! And at first she totally tried to keep it together, but he could obviously tell something was wrong and it’s not her fault for not being able to keep it together. I don’t think crying in the “wrong” situations shows a sign of immaturity. I think it just shows that sometimes you can’t keep your emotions together and that’s OKAY! I too love how real she is!

          1. I CAM Olivia! I am the exact same way – I am an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and my heart is on my sleeve and you can read all my emotions with my eyes and that’s one of the many reasons I love sunglasses so much. Lol. Also I am sensitive to bright lights, loud noises, etc, making life a bit more challenging. I can relate to Hannah as well and I am well past my 20’s and mid 30’s.

            Hannah truly is a breathe of fresh air for her authenticity. While I didn’t enjoy the Luke P. show at all (hope she boots him sooner than later and wakes up past the physical chemistry/attraction to him), it was my favorite episode with Hannah as we get to know her more and see all of her sides that make her who she is. She is as real as they come. I like her so much better than last season.

            Tyler, Jed and Pete are my favorites. I teared up with her date with Tyler C. He is a gentleman through and through and truly sees her. I love when he held her face when he kissed her and she touched his. It was nice to see him hold the door for her and put on her coat, the little things. I am old school and appreciate chilvalry.

            May Hannah be wise and listen to not only her heart but her instincts and see when the red flags are just a flappin’ in the wind. Lol.

  4. I just love Jed! He is so real and mature!! Even if she doesn’t pick him I wouldn’t be sad because he would be awesome as the next Bachelor!

    I also think you can tell she just isn’t into Tyler S. You can see it in her facial expressions and body language as he was defending himself. I’m at the point where I have to record the show and fast forward through the Luke P parts because he drives me crazy!! I’d probably leave on my own terms if I had to be in a house with him lol.

  5. If Jed is not the last man standing at the end I will be SO sad!! I just adore him and think they would be so sweet together. Luke P. is a nut job and I think she will send him home. So many guys echoing the same thing has got to be setting off all of the alarms for her. I’m pretty sure I saw the other Luke in the preview for next week so fingers crossed! Can we also acknowledge Garrett from Alabama?? Hello cutie pie!! I like him too! Not only is he easy on the eyes but he’s also protective of Hannah and there was some obvious chemistry going on at the cocktail party!! Shew!!! lol

      1. I really like Garret. The fact that he lives in her home state is awesome as well: post show couples that work are ones that don’t have to be so long distance usually. BUT….. did you see them kissing 😬 It was awkward and they did not seem to have physical chemistry. Now the kissing chemistry between Hannah and Peter : on 🔥!
        I LOVE how he stood up for Luke S though, and called Luke P out to his face!

  6. Tyler will be the last man standing. That’s my prediction. I saw something between them. I think Jed will go far, also. But I really have this weird feeling it will be Tyler.
    Time will tell…

    1. Agree ! I like him especially after seeing his comforting and compassionate side! I like how they are showing Hanna’s vulnerable and emotional side of her; makes her relatable and real! In my opinion is Hanna is the best bachelorette they have had, my opinion could change as the season continues; but highly doubt it! Love her and this season!

  7. Loved Jed’s honesty! I have a very strong feeling that if he’s not Hannah’s pick that’s he’s going to be the bachelor.

    Ugh Luke P. what a jerk! I’m happy Mike and the rest of the guys on the group date walked out of the room when Luke P. got crazy.

    1. Honesty is so important! I’ve reiterated that I don’t love when musicians come on the show, but there is something different about him!

      1. If you love honesty re-view the episode.

        When I looked again I saw that Luke P DID APOLOGIZE to Luke S – on the field. LS rebuffed him. LP tried to talk one to one later at the RC house and LS walked away.

        I also saw Luke S didn’t need medical help – because he had no injury. He said of the tackle that Luke P ” COULD HURT SOMEONE ” NOT THAT HE WAS INJURED.

        In the video, LS heads toward LP, LP hoists him up and down to the ground, and they both roll out of it – and keep running onto the field. Not saying that was fun. But nothing stopped, nobody limped away. They both just kept playing Rugby.

        Luke P ADMITTED To Foot or Leg Contact with Luke S’s ear or side of head. HE NEVER HIT HIM IN THE FACE, ( Luke S would have been swollen, and no words would have been necessary to prove that)

        Next week I imagine we will see some of what producers must have withheld – a real reason LP went to Hannah and told her nothing had changed. I didn’t think this until I looked again at the show. Twice, atfer the first viewing. LP is being played – and not just by Mike’s gang in the house.

        1. I agree, it feels that the drama around Luke P is being exaggerated by the guys since he is such a threat to them all. Hannah admitted that he was a front runner and that is why it is so emotional to her. The guys feel her interest in him and jumped on an opportunity to side with Luke S withought even witnessing the incident. It reminds me the times when the girls were threatened by Cassie, and were fighting for Colton’s attention.

          1. Classic Bach – isolate and demonize the lead.

            Emily Maynard is the only one I can remember everyone adoring – no grudges.

  8. 2nd post: Actually I think Pete is the one I’m thinking of with the chemistry…was Garrett the one that kissed her strangely?? Like one peck after another, after another?? Ugh, I can’t remember! LOL…too many adorable guys on this one to keep them straight!!

    1. Thank you!!!! I thought I was the only one to notice the strange pecking style of his kissing 😂 He’s good looking, and a super nice guy, but that kissing 🤦‍♀️

      1. I was weirded out by Peter sayibg youre freakibg gorgeous.

        It felt too objectifying to me – and like cliche pilot girl in every port vibes.

        I didn’t think Hannah liked it either. I think he’s an ok guy, but the way he said it felt so meaningless and game-y.

  9. 2nd post: Actually I think Pete is the one I’m thinking of with the chemistry…was Garrett the one that kissed her strangely?? Like one peck after another, after another?? Ugh, I can’t remember! LOL…too many adorable guys on this one to keep them straight!!

    1. I’m so confused why people love Tyler C so much. He seems young, immature, and lacking in depth. I would say this about most of the guys this season. It seems like a lot of these guys would fit in better at a college frat house. I do like Peter and Jed though. I think one of them will win and one will be the next bachelor.

  10. I always love your insight! I agree about the physical dates. They’re so violent and also redundant. They always play out the same way; someone hurt and going to the hospital and someone acts like The Hulk and makes an ass of themselves.

  11. I don’t understand what her infatuation with Luke P. is! Where did it start / stem from?? It infuriated me that it almost seemed as if she was siding with Luke P. in the previews for next week? I know the previews are edited, but still…it’s clear she doesn’t want to believe what every other guy in the house knows is true about how awful he is. Not sure I can handle another episode of Luke P.’s maniacal ways!

    1. Luke P is infatuated and obsessed with her. She’s an incredible woman and I he is desperate to get her.
      I love Hannah, and other than Ali, she’s my favorite bachelorette. But she has shown a lot of insecurities and the fact that he was the first to say he’s falling in love with her I believe she believed him and fell hard for him. I rewatched that scene the other day and her face lit up when he said that, she really fell for his crap and now she’s blinded.
      I hope she sees the truth and sends him home next week! I can’t wait till the men tell all episode and she faces him after watching him when he’s not around her.

      1. Well,
        I am interested in what stands out to you in Lukes behavior when he’s not around Hannah.

        I have looked at earlier episodes. I see someone who sits down w the guys opens his mouth, reveals what is going on, and tries not to isolate.
        I also see a bunch of guys who are 3rd place or much lower, criticizing anyone in a higher spot with Hannah.
        Is it really who holds that slot, or ( I suspect) WHOMEVER holds that slot.

        Mike r e a l l y wants to position himself in the TOP 3. Decimating Luke would give him a giant step forward.

        Mike calling anyone a psychopath to their face, in front of other men, looks pathetic AT BEST, to me. Luke S telling Luke P that eveyone here thinks your nuts, looks weak. AT BEST to me.

        What I really think is both men are threatened and showing a very nasty side of themselves .
        There was nothing brave or helpful in their big efforts there.

        I saw Luke P refrain from matching their petty level.
        I’ll be impressed with that forever. It didn’t look easy, but he did it.

      2. Sorry Valerie,
        I meant to write you name, not *Andrea*.

        I’m interested in what atood out as something you think would surprise Hannah and make LP look bad

    2. Hey Andrea – I found Jun 3rd a really rough episode – so I re- viewed it.

      Recommended, if you get the chance. Taking a hard look revealed alot of Mike’s gang trying to knock LP off his block. Not LP slurring them, like they spoke to – and abt – him.

      Envy was expressed (over his physique) since Drag Pageant ( ridiculous since most of the men are slammin’ ). Disdain peaked at his Love Speech to H.B. Week 2 also.

      He has been isolated by the house – classic First Rose target stuff we see each season.

      I’m not saying you have to love him – but the treatment from castmates is pretty shameful at times.

      What EXACTLY has LP DONE to ANY of them???
      Get on w Hannah, basically.

      They are gunning for him.

      He is unique – and for viewers that seems unappealing or *scary * . He is honest and speaks pretty openly to other castmates. Hannah loves gusto, God, and a Bod. Luke P offers that in spades.

      The only major trait I see missing in Luke is the massive sense of humor Hannah displays – thank God!!!- every single Monday.

      Ok. 2 cents over- til next week!

      1. I 100% agree with this. I think the guys see her connection with Luke P. and are threatened. I think all of the guys are bullying him, which I am not a fan of. Luke S is pathetic in my opinion. Luke P tried to apologize multiple times whether he meant it or not. Luke S was a huge baby through the whole thing. I think producers have really twisted this to make Luke P look like the crazy one, and I feel bad for him. Maybe he isn’t for Hannah, but I don’t think he’s this terrible person that many viewers think he is.

  12. I think there is more going on with Tyler then they are showing. I also like the honesty of Jed. My favorite is Peter he has it all. If they don’t get together he would be a great bachelor. I can not understand the bad boy stuff with Luke P. There have been so many red flags with him and not just the other guys. My guess is that she is having so much chemistry with him she can’t see who he is as a person. Just watching the rugby game said so much about his aggressive personality, would be afraid of the physical abuse coming out when he didn’t get his own way in life with a partner/spouse/girlfriend.

    1. Calling someone physically abusive or defectively aggressive because they tackle an opposing teammate during a Rugby game is just wrong.

      The point of that event was to be physical aggressive against the opposite team.

      Same as all other sports.
      Luke P overdid it – manned up and apologized.

      Luke S was the bad sport.

  13. Jed is a total sweetheart. I like them together!

    I know Hannah has been crying a lot, but I feel like it makes her way more real. This season has been so much more interesting then the last few. As a viewer I want to see real feelings… She wears her heart on her sleeve and I think it really takes you on the journey with her. The last few seasons have been very boring… with the bach/bachelorette keeping things to a surface level most of the time… and it doesn’t feel genuine at all. Honestly I felt like Colton was a robot. Always saying the same sentences to every girl. BORING.

    Hannah is silly, weird, emotional and charming! She is growing up still, and a lot of her guys are too.

    Luke P is extremely immature and hopefully this experience has helped him grow up a lot. I wish more young men would watch the bach to see how unappealing it is to act all macho and be a douchey tough guy. It is such a bad look, but lots of young guys think it’s cool to act like that. I once dated a younger guy and this is how ALL of his friends seemed to me. Like women were conquests and something to “go after” and win.

    I doubt she will send him home. One more week of drama.

    1. I definitely do see what you are saying! Thank you for taking your time to read my blog and give us your perspective!

    2. Why I haven’t given up on Luke Palmer just yet :

      He and Cam had targets on their backs as early rose recipients.

      Neither one blended into the core group. ( Who is at fault there is unclear at present ).

      Mike is the leader of the pack, and IMO was trying to goad Luke P into physically attacking him. ( When was the last time someone spoke that harshly to anyone, cameras rolling, in front of a group? It was Mike trying to step up the ladder by, humiliating his competiton, and make final three.)

      Luke hasn’t attacked anyone off the playing field.
      He sounds pretty calm when replying to his attackers
      ( which I get, may not be a good sign…but that is still to be determined ).

      The way Luke S presented himself was pretty hateful in most scenes. Some of it I can be compassionate about, but he sounded like a guy who was surrounded by his buddies, and not worried about jeering at an outsider. So jeer and rant he did. He walked away when L.P. tried to engage him.

      So, is Luke P impossible? Or is the gang scape-goating him ( ..or both??)

      Do I think Luke P is perfect?
      No. I think he is enduring a rough set up, and believes in Hannah.

      We know as viewers the show taints the edit. I feel like there is – hopefully! – alot more to be seen. ( and, sigh, that is just what the show is hoping for ).

      Hannah and Luke and Luke needs to happen…then I can decide.

  14. Hi. I love Jed and Tyler. I saw a lot of chemistry w her and Tyler. I think if she ends up w Jed she will need to compete w his music. Tyler seems so down to earth and sincere. I think he models as well. I see them both as last men standing!

  15. Jed is amazing. However I did see chemistry between her and Tyler. Did you not see them dancing at the end of the night? I think she’s falling hard for Tyler! Luke p sucks, it’s sad so much drama surrounds him, that is where I see her immaturity in the way she is handling him and the conversations surrounding.

  16. I disagree 100% regarding her chemistry with Tyler C….I think it is OFF THE CHARTS! Those concerts are usually so awkward but that date was HOT. When they were making out even Jake Owen was like WOAH haha.

  17. Team Jed over here ! They seem so natural together

    & can’t agree more with Luke p ! He seems like a crazy lunatic with always “I’ll do anything to win her” like ok we get it ! But I really think she will keep him around cause she seems she’s into bad boys !

  18. I really don’t think being emotional is a bad thing. She is being raw and honest and I really like it. I also don’t believe her age is showing, 24 is not that young! You should watch the Ted talk why 30 is not the new 20 by Meg jay! Might give you a different perspective on people going on the show And getting married in their 20s

    1. I completely agree with this comment. I enjoy reading your blog Ali and follow you on IG as well. However I think you are being very critical of Hannah. Like you pet her on the back but next sentence you point out how her age is showing. I dont think her age is showing at all! I dont even think she cries that much. For me Rachel and Becca’s season were boring to the point I quit watching after like 2-3 episodes. Also Becca was a hot mess, emotional and snappy with the guys as well. I think Hannah is handling it real well considering everything.
      I just dont see Jed that great at all. He is sweet but man Tyler C just has more spark to him 🤷‍♀️ And their date was hot. I also like Kevin and Peter. I am not sure if Mike is THAT honest as he acts considering he might or might have not told the lie to her about Cam. Also did Luke P said he is falling out??? He is immature and a little aggressive but are they just making him look bad for ratings or is he really cray. I disliked him totally at the beginning (full of BS) but now starting to feel a little bad for him how everybody is against him.

    2. She is just extremely immature and it shows more and more each week. I like Jed a lot but I’m not sure she is clear headed or mature enough to make good choices. She seems very very young to be in this position and I don’t think she is handling it well. Just my opinion. I hope both Lukes leave, but again, I think she will make the wrong choice there, too. Ali, I agree with much of your blog, especially the part about her crying constantly. And she’s got a long way to go!

      1. It would be alot of pressure – at any age – if it were just 25 guys abs one woman figuring stuff out.
        But its waaay more – producer hijinks really make for harsh and overwrought conditions.

        Hannah is almost treated like a lab rat.

  19. I totally agree that Luke P sucks but this environment may just be bringing out a really bad side of him and I hope it’s a learning experience that he can grow from. I think there’s absolutely zero excuse for his actions and behavior, but when talking about someone who we’ve only seen on tv for a couple hours I just feel for him, his family and his friends who truly know him. Maybe he isn’t a bad guy, but just has some things to work on. He’s already posted on Instagram once about how difficult it’s been watching back!

    1. Amen, Tatum.
      It was hard to watch all the aggression not knowing any of the people personally – can’t imagine any of his familymembers enduring it.

      Gotta say, I don’t get why people are not focusing on Luke S and the awful side of himself that he displayed.

      Luke P is compelling, for some reason.
      I am trying to have faith in him.
      I still think it’s possible the edit grossly mislead us.

  20. I love reading your thoughts about the episodes each week, especially since you have some “behind the scenes” input as well!
    I’m definitely a fan of Jed too, but I’m becoming an even bigger fan of Peter. He’s just so sweet, and I can really see Hannah and him ending up together! We’ll see!
    Looking forward to next week’s episode!

  21. I love Jed and being honest was the best .. I have rewatched seasons and many were upset at beginning of the date , not just her .. I think Tyler c is the one to watch .. they have a connection we’re not seeing it all and I’m routing for him or Jed ..

  22. I have to disagree, I think Jed admitting that his original intentions were for the platform it would provide does not make me like him more. I think any lead who thinks that self promotion isn’t at least a little bit part of EVERY contestant’s reason for going on the show is naive. I don’t think it was necessary for Jed to expressly point that out, and actually probably made me like him a little less. I think he could have just as well showed how much he cared for her without discussing that.

    And I actually liked the emotion she showed during Tyler’s date. She had a lot of stupid crap going on the night before and I think that was a very real moment in hers and Tyler’s relationship to go through a hard moment where it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

    But I’m happy to agree to disagree because I love following you and actually feel a little bad having a different opinion!

    1. Thanks for following along, Kayla!! I appreciate opinions that are different than my own. Thank you for sharing yours!

  23. Luke P. is a tool for sure. His aggressive narcissistic behavior makes me think he would be abusive.. emotional or otherwise.. If he ends up in paradise I definitely wouldn’t watch.

    1. I see hints of abuse in Mike.

      You could be right, of course, that LP is totally off.
      But Mike …just seems to want to toy with people cause he can, and to gain more screen time.

      He doesn’t look brave or valient to me. More like a blow hard if he doesn’t get his way.

  24. I think Tyler C. will be the last man standing. The connection is there and I think it’s only going to get stronger.

  25. LOVE Jed but disagree with the chemistry between her and Tyler C! I completely see it and he, along with Jed and Peter, are my favorites!! I think the emotion showed with Tyler was genuine and didn’t really show her age at all and Tyler comforting her made every bit of it seem so real!

    Love hearing your thoughts on each episode!!

  26. I like Jed but I’m not overly in love with him. Hes sweet but not that exciting to me. I would like to see more humor and personality. I loved Tyler c and thought he was amazing on their date. I dont think they will end up together but hes a keeper in my book. I also am really liking Garrett. He seems very sweet, and funny and I like how he stood up for luke s. I hope we see more of him. I dont know who hannah will end up with but I think I’m more excited to see some of these great guys that are probably being overlooked by her on paradise and see if they find their perfect match there. Dylan also seems like a good guy!

  27. I really like Jed and Peter. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season to see how those relationships play out. At this point, both Luke P. and Luke S. need to go. The drama is getting in the way of being able to focus on the other relationships. One that surprised me both last week and last night was Garrett.

    I personally like that she was emotional at the beginning of the date with Tyler. In a time where being emotional is sometimes looked at as a sign of weakness, I liked her vulnerability. I think as women we don’t always admit when we aren’t okay, because we feel like that makes us less of a wife, mom, daughter, friend, etc.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts, Leeann!! I agree that the drama is definitely taking away from her relationships with both of them… and the other men!

  28. This is probably the worst season I’ve watched so far! Either the producers are manipulating the entire Luke fiasco, or Hannah is not thinking straight! Why didn’t she ask the two guys to explain themselves in front of the whole group and get the real answers? I think this was totally rigged by the show, because if she really wanted to get to the truth, any of the other guys would have been happy to provide it.

    I just don’t think she has the personality to handle this format. And every week is nothing but drama from her unstable emotions or the guy’s fighting one another. Who says girls are dramatic! geeze……the guys are like 2 year olds!

    1. You are definitely in the minority, because I see so many people saying this is one of the best seasons so far and I’m with them on that. Yes, the Luke issue is a problem, but without him, this show would be BORING unfortunately. And what kind of personality is right for this format? A robot? Lol. Hannah is doing fantastic as Bachelorette and I love her emotions and how real she keeps it.

      1. I Agree with Debbie as well, this season I feel less connection to the bachelorette and her behavior annoys me. Everybody are allowed to have their own opinions, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a majority or a minority, since it’s a subjective feeling..

    2. I agree with Debbie. I didn’t like Hannah B from the get go and I like her even less and less with each episode. She is clearly not ready to make this kind of decision and is making herself look like a fool. I like Jed a lot for her, but I’m not sure she’s going to be able to make good choices. And I’m not going to say it’s her age…..rather it is her obvious immaturity.

    3. I agree! I have watched every single season and I keep half watching every episode this season. I can’t wait for BIP.

  29. I hate to say it, but I disagree with almost everything you said lol. I like that Jed was honest with Hannah, but at the same time, it raises a red flag for me, because can he really trust him going forward? We will see. And I DEFINITELY disagree with you about Tyler. They are HOT together. I love that he comforted her at the beginning. Those are real moments. I love that they showed all that. I love that Hannah is wearing her heart on her sleeve. It’s a bad precedence to say that she should only do that behind closed doors. I like that we’re seeing her emotional so much, that shows that she is truly in it and is building strong relationships. Luke P has to go, but I can also see why she is keeping him and this is where I’ll agree that her age is playing a part. I know when I was 24, if a guy was saying and doing all the right things, but people were saying otherwise, I would have my blinders up and not believe them. So I definitely know what she’s going through. Hopefully, she’ll figure out he’s not the one before it’s all said and done and not watching this saying “wtf did I do”. Lol.

    1. Ha! It happens! We all have our own opinions! I value yours! Thank you for sharing! Also, I more meant that her emotions should be saved for a more personal time, like in her room or with producer’s, because she does get so little time with each of the guys. You want to use that little time to the fullest!

  30. I am frustrated that Hannah is so blindly believing Luke P and still doubting Luke S when all the other guys have already told her how terrible Luke P is. Come on Hannah, MAJOR red flags there.

    1. True! I am wondering if any of the guys mentioned Luke P’s behavior before the cocktail party last night. I am thinking that they didn’t.

      1. Yeah, it’s hard to tell the timeline of it all because of editing but I hope she see’s those red flags and realizes that he’s got to go. Would the producers still encourage her to keep him even after all of this?

  31. I feel like Hannah likes the bad boy side of the guys and Tyler C seems like he has a little bad boy side, in a good way. You know like he made that joke about wanting tail while eating lobster. That kinda bad boy ;). I do see Tyler C sticking around a bit if not all the way. I think she is smitten with Jed and I love him too so I want him to be standing at the end too! Gahhh!! I don’t know 😫. I also LOVE Peter!!! He’s soooo cute and fun!! I’m just so glad I’m old and married and don’t need to make these decisions. Haha!! Oh and Luke P needs to kick rocks!!

  32. Hi Ali!
    Ugh so I hate to defend Luke P. as I agree about everything you’ve said. BUT, one thing that really bugged me is that Luke P. did go up to the other Luke and apologize and he went back later to try and reconcile again but got totally shut down both times. I think he did know that it wasn’t ok what happened and he was genuinely trying to make it right, but it’s hard not to get defensive when everyone is against you. Also I’m sure his edit is making him look worse than he is. Anyways I guess that was the only thing that really bothered me, although I definitely don’t agree with his general behaviour and hope this is eye-opening for him to watch back!
    As a mom of 2 little boys (same age as your two littles) I would be very upset seeing them behave this way for sure!
    Cheers from BC, Canada!

    1. Hi Malika! Thank you for reading my blog! I can see what you’re saying, but I still feel like he wasn’t really being genuine! Who knows! Congrats on the 2 boys 🙂

    2. Hey Malika

      As I re-viewed the show and paid more attention to the non dramatic time we see of Luke P, he does seem really consistent.
      Impressively so.
      It makes me wonder how bent producers are.

      If I am being 100 percent honest: I am rooting for him.
      I see the good. I also worry that I am not seeing things accurately – like, shit, am I nuts, why is everyone blaming him for everything – when it appears to me that bunch of hostile dudes are toying with him ( not all the guys, but the core gang of Mike and Buds).

      So thanks for posting and making me feel less alone!!

    3. If it were my son:
      I would be proud of the guy who said * Don’t say Luke S was right, you gotta tell Hannah you were wrong. * Clear, brave, and not abusive.

      Luke S’s hateful talk and walking away were shameful.
      Mike was a bully looking for a fight.

      I give Luke Palmer credit for telling Mike he wasnt threatened by anyone there in a contained way – and telling Luke S he wanted to understand him better.
      Whether or not he meant it remains to be seen. Soon, I hope.

      But his civil manner of speaking is to his credit. He trumped the other guys there.

  33. I like both Jed and Tyler. I think she has chemistry with both of them. When she was dancing with Tyler, I got goosebumps!

  34. Hi Ali,

    I usually read your recap just to get your perspective because I am a big fan of your Instagram posts, but this week your comments about Hannah showing her emotions really rubbed me wrong. I completely agree with the comments above that love Hannah showing her emotional side, I too believe it makes her relatable. These are emotions many of us go through with dating one guy let alone 15. I get we all get turned off by different things but what specifically stood out to me about your comment was saying she should be crying in private. Today mental health is such a hot topic, especially for young people who are trying to bring light to the subject. There is a movement right now of people trying to encourage others to be open and honest about their emotions, anxiety, sadness etc. and its comments telling people they should do those things in private that are hindering this. Hannah is very aware of how emotional she is, its something she talks about often. Because of her awareness I don’t think this is a red flag for a relationship, she clearly knows who she is and isn’t afraid to show that. I get this is her “job” but this isn’t a normal job situation, she is here trying to find a husband who can handle her emotions, good or bad. Even if this was a normal job many companies today provide resources to use such as HRs and company sponsored support groups when you are so stressed you go into work crying because this is an important subject. I just think your comments on being too emotional are out dated and its a shame considering you’re raising a daughter who I am sure you would want to enter a world which allows her to express her emotions openly and be given support when they become too overwhelming. Honestly, the comment sounds like an older male telling a woman she is too emotional and its not cool.

    1. I totally agree with you Abby. I think Hannah is being herself all the time, not just when others judge it appropriate. Kudos to her and you for being more understanding of those with mental illness, including Hannah, who has admitted she suffers from anxiety and depression. There is never a wrong time to be real, especially when you are not hurting anyone while doing so! I hope Ali reads your post Abby.

      1. Anyone whos admits to anxiety etc is gutsy and inspiring.

        I think it sped up her processing ultimately – as well as flagged it for Tyler as a relationship item.

        As in, can you cope w this, and do you wish to.

        IRL I would have cancelled the date. HB showed me another way.

        What the hell.
        Lets not indulge and make things worse, AND let’s not pretend or hide stuff

      2. I agree that Hannah is allowed to be outwardly emotional in a very emotionally charged shoe. In fact, it’s not as though Hannah has been more emotional than other bachelorettes. I was surprised to find out she is 24 years old because she now it seems she is mature for her age. I am so excited about watching this season of the bachelorette because Hannah is relatable, personable, and can hold her own.

    2. Agree 100%

      I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety decades ago, and I see a lot of myself reflected in Hannah’s behavior. How a potential love interest handles this information and emotion tells me whether or not it’s going to work. The last time I told someone “hey, depression is a thing that happens for me and I just want you to know that in case I seem weird sometimes” he replied “oh, I gotta deal with that too?” and that was pretty much the end.

      I get wanting to make the most of the time, and I think it was obvious that she WANTED to be fun-Hannah, but just couldn’t that day. I have been there so, so many times. None of us are our best selves 24/7, but we do the best we can. I’m just glad Tyler C was mature, supportive and graceful enough to allow her the mental space she needed that day. It was wonderful to see. 🙂

  35. I Love Jed! I think he will be in the top 3 or 2 but he may be too mellow for Hannah…. I mean she is the energizer bunny and the. Some.
    Do you see what I see Ali?

  36. I totally agree with you about Jed. In fact I was a little behind on your blog, but I was thinking Jed is the one from the beginning. I kept thinking “I have to see if Ali agrees because she’s usually right”. I totally think it’s him in the end.

    I really love Mike and I want to see him be the next Bachelor. I really don’t think he intended to twist Cam’s words the week prior. (like I said I was behind). The way Cam addressed the group kind of rubbed me the wrong way, and I think he said something off camera that made Mike say that. Either that or that’s just how he interpreted it. In the end I think his intentions were pure in having Hannah’s best interest at heart. That definitely came through in last night’s episode with Luke P.

    I think it’s important to address Luke P. His behavior really bothers me. I think there are a lot of warning signs that he could be abusive. The way he lies and tries to manipulate everyone, terrifies me. What really got me worried was what he did after his conversation with Luke S. LS asked LP if he thought he was there to promote his business. LP said “no” and LS asked him if he planned to clear that up with Hannah. He said “yes” and told Hannah that LS asked him to speak on his behalf. Then he tried to convince everyone who saw that conversation that’s what happened. It was honestly hard to watch. I’m glad she’s got some good men there who are looking out for her whether she chooses them or not. The ways he acted on past group dates is concerning as well, he’s not trying to get more time. He’s trying to isolate her. It really bothered me when he said “I’m letting you make connections with other men”. There are just a lot of red flags beyond someone just being a “player”. These are warning signs of potential abuse. Unfortunately, I think he’ll be around for a few more weeks. I just hope she sees through him soon. I truly hope that he watches himself and gets help.

    I really hope that he doesn’t resurface on Paradise. I was really upset with the franchise when they brought Chad back and tried to make light of his behavior. It was beyond “bad boy” actions, there was clearly something wrong with him. Chat had the potential to really hurt himself or someone else. The show has a great platform to address the warning signs when someone needs help, and/or the warning signs of a potentially abusive relationship. I wish they’d dive into that a little more. It might just save someone.

    1. Hey Emily…as per the LS LP No Yes No stuff.

      It makes no sense – like a serious consequential chunk was edited out.

      And I agree with you- it’s important to sort out. This are, after all real people. And we are real viewers.

      I don’t think Bach Nation deserved this much toxic stuff.
      It’s alm,ost like we need a sanity warning to watch stuff like that.

  37. Jed is great, but I cannot wait to see more of Garrett (and he’s from Alabama!). I think he might be like Jason last season and blow us all away. I love his small comments (This week he said to Luke S, “calm down man. It’s all about how we react in these kind of situations.”). I hope he gets a one on one next week!

    1. Agreed. I think Garrett will be in the top 3 or 4. He’s a great guy. I also love how he knew she was stressed on the first date and just tried to cheer her up. It was refreshing and super sweet.

      1. I love how he’s not being too strong and just right for the stage of the show – which is I’m crushing 😍 on you. It was so sweet. And he was one of the few who stood up to Luke p

        1. Garrett won points with me for being the only person there who spoke with dignity to LP.
          The rest cursed and condemned him with hate speech.
          Bad guys, for that reason alone.

  38. Love Jed and their date! Tyler is who I think she’ll pick as of right now. She admitted to him at dinner that she was concerned about him being a player and then he talked to her about his dad. I think that’s why she wasn’t as excited and couldn’t get out of her head in the beginning because of her impression. I don’t think she was as excited at first until after the date started. But their chemistry was awesome and I loved the honest conversation!! I love how Hannah is speaking with these guys and I think she crying and showing emotion is part of her not wanting to be the “perfect” Hannah she has mentioned. I applaud her! This has to be one my favorite seasons!

  39. Great insight as usual Ali!
    My daughter said she likes the Bachelor better because it’s easier to root for the girls! I think I agree! I think sometimes the competition aspect is stronger than the relationship part when the guys are on. Luke P is definitely showing that!
    I love how Hannah shows her feelings. But I do think she is struggling with all the drama.
    As for me, I still need name tags for most of the guys!

  40. Oh man I agree with everything you said but I do feel like she had a strong connection with Tyler C at the end of their date. Wow that dance seen was crazy. I found it a bit weird that she told him he seemed like a player though lol I love her honestly but sometimes she doesn’t really say the right things.
    I didn’t think I would watch this season because I really didn’t like her on coltons season. But I’m enjoying it I really like the guys on here. Except Luke P and to be honest Luke S can go too. He’s just as annoying and I don’t think she has a connection with him.
    I agree with you her age is showing not just with her emotions but some of the things that come out of her mouth. The emotions are real and I respect her for that but I do think you are right they are showing way too much of it and it sort of sucked that she was so upset for Tyler’s date. If there’s guys on here making your time miserable then send them home! You don’t have time for that crap! I just hope she sees what kind of person Luke P is and starts listening to the other guys.

    Although I must say it was really hard to watch all the guys attack Luke P even though I can’t stand him- I did feel bad. Imagine being called out by everyone like that and have them tell you that no one likes you – that would be horrible!!

  41. I actually feel differently then you Ali. I feel like she has AMAZING chemistry with Tyler C. Honestly I think he will be the last man standing. The way she looks at him when he talks to her. Her eyes light up. I think Jed is a nice guy but kinda boring. I don’t think she is going to pick him in the end. He seems blah. Omg and Tyler C is a sweet heart the way he was comforting her. Honestly I would be crying a lot on the show also and he showed he can be there for her

  42. I don’t think Hannah being emotional has to do with her age, there have been lots of Bachelorettes that have been emotional at the start of dates with other guys (ex: Ashley and JP)! I just think Luke P sucks the energy out of her and she doesn’t realize his manipulation yet. I love her chemistry with Tyler! ❤️❤️

  43. Hey Ali

    I’m new to your site so you may have answered this in other posts. How much of “Reality Steve” do you believe or
    The spoiler alerts they have? I’ve read a few for this season and it actually played almost 100%. I love to read and then I hate to read, it’s like a legit catch 22. But I always still watch hehe xoxoxo.

  44. I LOVE Jed!!! And completely agree with what you wrote about him!! This is my first non spoiler season!! It’s killing me not too look and see if she does actually choose him

  45. Am I the only one who thought it was strange that in Luke P’s intro video he said he played college football, then last night he just said high school?

  46. I’ve honestly been struggling watching this season. I didn’t watch the last two episodes and pretty much got the run down from this blog LOL. The constant fighting about time with Hannah is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo OLD! Every.single.season people are mad at each other about whose stealing whose times and I am at the point where I don’t even care if people are stealing time. I am more annoyed with people being mad about it LOL!! It’s like clock work every single season…everyone starts nitpicking each other for the DUMBEST things. Like Corrine was criticized for taking a nap during Nick’s season. You would have thought she committed a horrible crime the way the girls got on her for that.

    I think that is super cool to read about Jed’s honesty. Sometimes it confuses me when the lead bachelorette and bachelor don’t think people coming on the show have those alterior motives coming on. They seem to expect that everyone is truly on there right from the get go for love only. They have to know that neither one of those contestants is in love with them or ready to walk down the isle the second they get out of the limo. It honestly seems a little contrived when people step out of the limo with this instant feeling of the bach/bachelorette being “the one”. I feel like they are just playing the game of the show and eventually their real feelings catch up in the end. Like Cassie from Colton’s season seemed really smitten with Colton out of the limo but then her real feelings caught up with her towards the end of the season and she stepped on the breaks. It all worked out in the end for Colton and Cassie but it’s clear these relationships really start AFTER the show.

    I disagree on the comments about Hannah B’s emotions. As a viewer, I want to see those raw real emotions. But this is just me!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinion, Ali! 🙂

    YOU ARE A ROCK STAR MOM!!!!!!! 🙂

    Thanks for a great recap of the blog, Ali! Thanks for sharing your beautiful life and family with us 🙂

  47. Ok, I so agree with you on everything you wrote.. However; I HAVE to know.. When the Bachelor or Bachlorette are on their one on one date, they seem to NEVER eat the food..hahah.. Do they eat? Or not? Inquiring minds want to know..

  48. I had the opposite feeling about Jed- but I’m a skeptic. I felt like he was saying it just to get ahead of the narrative and control it a little bit. I’m not buying it.

    AND I thought her and Tyler C had just the right amount of chemistry you’d want on a first date with someone- a slow build! I feel like too much chemistry will lead to a burnout, where with the two of them, it has potential to just grow and grow. He’s my front runner for sure!

  49. I got tired of the boys fighting and the center was Luke P. The producer puts so much time into it and not Hanna’s relationships.

    You didn’t mention Pete the Pilot when he asked Hanna to be his girlfriend. Is that cute or what??? 🙂 We are rooting for him. He seems like a husband material for Hanna.

  50. Oh my gosh I can’t not handle the Luke’s! I also think that Hannah was not trying to understand Luke S when all he wanted was to clarificaty and Luke P keep spinning things and just ughhhh! I love Hannah so much but I think she needs to figure out who she is and work on her emotions and anxiety and believing in herself before she takes on a husband and a family!

  51. I actually disagree about Jed and Hannah’s chemistry. I thought their date was BORING! Snooze! He is super cute and I think he’ll stick around for a while but man did they have nothing interesting to talk about. Tyler and her chemistry felt off the charts! Not gonna lie though… if Jake Owen was singing to me I think it would tough to look away from Jake! Luke P? Who’s that?! Just kidding…… I just really don’t think he deserves any more time from anyone…. I don’t even want to think or talk about him anymore!!

  52. Jed is a sweetheart!! I gained so much respect for him when he admitted that. So honest! I think he’ll be the final one in the end. I really liked Tyler but I don’t think she’ll pick him. I agree with you about the crying at the beginning of the date. Pull it together girl! Lol 😝

  53. Oh man, I was so excited to come read your recap to hear your take on Tyler C and Hannah’s AMAZING date last night!! So bummed that you didn’t pick up on the chemistry between them.

    I loved the way he comforted her and was checking in to see if she was having a good time – she seemed to really love snuggling up with him too. His story about almost not coming on the show because his dad was sick, but his dad watching Colton’s season with him and saying Hannah was “his girl” made him go for it. I mean, can you get more romantic than that?!

    Anyway, we all have our different perspectives I guess! I’m really rooting for them together in the end though after that date last night!

    1. Sooo many of you are saying this! I must have been half asleep while watching. I guess I will need to go back and watch!!!

      1. I saw you weren’t feeling well last night (so sorry!!) so totally don’t blame you if you were half asleep! 😂

  54. I think both Lukes should leave, actually. It’s getting a bit much and taking time away from all the really good guys left. I agree with a poster above who said she is surprised Hannah B is blindly ‘so into’ Luke P., by disregarding what all the others have told her. I think this shows her immaturity. She is adding drama where it doesn’t need to be, and while I don’t want to blame her age, she is clearly way too immature to handle this or make wise choices.

  55. Was she listening to their argument, or were they just editing it to make it look like she was listening? I couldn’t tell! My husband and I both agreed that we wish she’d confront them all at once about the situation instead of just them two, because ALL the guys would stick up for the other Luke. I don’t think the other Luke and her have any actual romantic chemistry, and I think that’s part of the reason she doesn’t seem to care what he has to say, but I just can’t believe Luke P is getting away with this!!!

    But seriously, go Jed!!!

    Team Peter for Bachelor, cause I just wanna keep watching him. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. It was fun watching how down to earth and silly she and Jed were being on their date. And I loved when one of the players sat down with her like he was Chris Harrison!

    My fav part of this episode was how much Garrett stood up for his friend(s) and always tried to help alleviate awful situations. Hope we see more of him this season or in Paradise.

    Thanks for your recap!

  57. Ali! I feel like beside Jed the whole episode was a waste of time and I was totally disappointed. Yes, I am a 60er (that’s the new 40 you know) and I am watching this season faithfully. I live in Alabama now…just for the past 9 months. I moved from L.A. These people from the South are truly this personal able. Hannah is a true blue Alabamian. Her manners and her smack are so awesome and she is a great ambassador for this state. Jed is very much a gentleman and I believe he will be up there on top. (except for Luke P ) I don’t think he is originally from Georgia he doesn’t act like it anyway. If anyone remembers the 1st episode when he was introducing himself he said he was a lot different acting then he changed and found the Lord. I keep shaking my head….He is not HUSBAND material. He I believe said all that stuff so people think he really had changed and I believe he probably said something to her about the fantasy suites because she did mention how Jesus still loved her and he was the only one that mentioned he was religious. Not that its a bad thing but, he is using it as a tool to get the girl. I don’t care for his character. He is really a scary person and needs counseling. He wrote on Instagram or FB that he has learned a lot since watching himself on the show. Whether he made it to the top or he didn’t he said he learned a lot about himself and how he acted. I hope she sees his true light and know that a leopard cant change his spots. Stay cool Ali and boy Kevin can’t deny those kids aren’t his…they are so mini me’s! Billie from Alabama

  58. I actually feel bad for Luke P. I think he has some real, serious issues that he needs to figure out and doesn’t quite realize how his actions come off or affect other people until it’s too late. I think he’s emotionally immature and clueless and just doesn’t get it. I hope he’s able to get help off the show and learn how to manage his emotions and function as a human being.

    That being said, I wish Hannah would realize that when every single guy is saying the same thing, there is validity to it! Not one guy has anything good to say about Luke P which is a HUGE warning sign but she’s not willing to move past the physical attraction to see and understand what they’re trying to tell her.

    Also, did anyone else think she was so emotional for Tyler C’s date in part because she was exhausted and incredibly hungover?

    Ali-LOVE your blog and your recaps. I always look forward to reading them and seeing what you have to say about the show. And I agree with others above that this season is SO great-I love watching Hannah. It’s worlds more interesting than last Bachelorette season.

  59. Was waiting for this post! Agree on everything! I feel so bad for Tyler C, he was really trying and he was just the Luke P drama rebound. Luke P is honestly ridiculous. Theres always a “villan” but this is just too much. That “I didn’t do it” face 🙄
    We need more men like Jed.

  60. I agree with you on basically everything you said, but especially the part about Tyler C!! Her being so emotionally affected by the Luke situation the next morning says A LOT to me about her feelings for Tyler C. I don’t see a genuine connection there, it feels really forced to me. They showed like a 30 second clip of her and Peter at the beginning of the cocktail party and she was way more giddy and excited with him! Love reading your blog posts and hearing your perspective on the show!

  61. Just because you prefer to cry behind closed doors or in cars doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with those who cry in public or around others. Letting my daughter see my tears has taught her empathy and how to be kind to those who need some love, which I find to be a beautiful trait. So I hope Hannah continues to show her true self.

    I’d be curious to know if you went back and watched your seasons if you “showed your age”… I feel like each week when you say that it comes off as an insult and I don’t think there is anything wrong with one “showing their age”.. it’s their age…

    As for the whole Luke P thing… I feel like the show is twisting the situation way more than it needs to be. Funny how there was no replay of the rugby scene when I’m sure there were a million cameras that got it… and I’m pretty sure he acknowledged that he did something wrong and tried to hug it out.

    After watching the bachelorette and bachelor for ever I am starting to get tired of the super obvious made up story line.

    1. Totally agree there is nothing wrong with showing your age. I DEFINITELY showed mine on my season. I was young and it showed.

      And I think my wording was poor. I 1000% agree that being open about your feelings is important. Just because her crying often is a bit much for me, doesn’t me the right man won’t love her for it.

  62. YES YES YES to Jed being 100%. That took some balls and shows that he actually is growing feelings for her if he was willing to admit that. I’m team Jed for sure.

    I TOTALLY agree about the way she acted at the beginning of her Tyler C. date. She had all night and morning to be upset and get it out of her system. I feel like it’s a little early in the game to be acting this distraught. However, I really liked how the date turned out. I really like him and I think they have potential.

  63. I LOVE Tyler. I thought she liked him as well, until their one on one. And it really didn’t even dawn on me until you said it. But I agree with you. She wasn’t excited enough to see him to get her feelings in check.

    Do you think they’re gearing him up to be our new bachelor? He gets a lot of screen time and they only show him in a positive light.

  64. I love Jed and Peter!!!

    I started crying when Peter asked her to be his girlfriend. I thought that was super cute!

  65. Ali,
    I really enjoy your blog but really feel like you’ve kind of hated on Hannah this season. I think she’s very mature and REAL. Best girl in bachelorette history hands down and by far the most real!

    1. I totally agree with you!! Her date with Tyler C made me tear up! Which has never happened in all the seasons I’ve watched of the bachelorette!

      1. Her date with Tyler C was sooo sweet! He will be in the final 4 for sure! And I think he actually appreciated her being emotional in the beginning. She can’t be perfectly put together all the time- that’s not real. And she shook it off really well.

  66. I loved Jed, Tyler and Mike! Peters okay too but there is something about pilots that throw me off. Just me. He’s cute and I think he does seem into her.
    Jed is my fav but I really like how Mike handles some things. Aggressive enough without being an a**.
    Jed is amazing. He really seemed into her.
    I finally saw a connection in Tyler and Hannah but I keep thinking I know him from somewhere and that’s throwing me off too.

  67. what!? There was so much chemistry with Tyler C – that date was on fire. I can’t even watch the Luke P parts – that is a fast forward for sure.

  68. I think it will be Tyler at the end. Luke P I think will stay for a bit longer as he brings drama to the show. Garrett has caught my eye too.

  69. Ali, I love your recaps!! Ok, my take on miss Hannah B’s emotions. I actually wasn’t really rooting for her to be bachelorette and wasn’t able to embrace it as much as everyone else because of how she handled some of the drama on Colton’s season. It seemed……not very mature. That being said…. I really liked what she’s been saying in interviews and talking about how important it is for her to be authentic. 1) I do think Hannah feels pretty passionately. She had some big anxiety/nerves on Colton’s seasons…. she cries easily when talking about deep things and she’s a silly/zany girl, too. In Colton’s season, I think she described herself as a hot mess. And I am NOT saying she’s a hot mess. She just may have some big ups and downs. My personal experience has shown me that covering up those emotions and pushing them down, just makes the ups and downs worse. So, part of becoming healthier means allowing yourself to feel them, even when inconvenient. I kind of love that she’s just owning her emotional side. Truly, some people are more emotional than others. She’s letting everyone see that…. and that’s so brave. 2) When you are authentic your emotional connections are deeper. That’s what we got to see with Tyler (I thought, at least). She got to connect with him in a really ‘real’ way, instead of us seeing an excruciating fake date. I can see where you are coming from with professionalism. But, I also think finding someone you love is a bit different than showing up for work. And the bachelor/bachelorette, is embracing, in general, the breaking down of the 4th wall. The truth is that she’s not able to easily go from date to date with no crossover and I’m not sure that in this setting, she is expected to. Anyways…. that’s my .02. Love reading your blog, as always. Hope you keep it up!

  70. After listening to an interview with Chris Harrison about the season I’m getting the impression that Luke P will stay on and there’s so much more drama to come . Yikes stripes … what are we in for . On another topic, Ali do you think the producers read your blog and if so , can we please brainstorm better dates on here so they get some fresh ideas . Come on – let’s be more creative !

  71. Loved reading everyone’s comments and opinions! I agree with many and disagree with some, too. Hannah is not trying to be anyone other than herself. I am loving watching her journey. My biggest fear for her is that she has decided that she wants to find her love and have the white picket fence and family, but she doesn’t really know what kind of man will be her forever love. She is thrilled and appreciative and flattered by all of the praise and adoration she is receiving from multiple men, and yet she can’t let go of her attraction to the “bad” boy represented in Luke P. He clearly has his eye on the prize and Hannah is the prize. He has much growing up to do and some work on his intense approach to many aspects of his life. Hopefully, in watching the show back, he will see that he needs to improve his interactions with both men and women. I think he has anger management issues and maybe would be a very controlling, jealous partner.
    My favorite guy for Hannah is Tyler, with Peter and Jed as 2nd and 3rd choices. Peter may be too goody two shoes for Hannah, but he is super sweet and does have a job and income. He does still live at home. Jed, as far as we know, would not be able to provide the life Hannah has her eyes on right now, unless she has a good job and income. There are thousands of singer/songwriters living in Nashville working multiple jobs to enable them to work on their dream of becoming an entertainment success.
    On the other hand, due to the drama between the two Lukes, there are 9 other guys we know too little about at this time. We’ve gotten to know Mike and Garrett a little bit, leaving 7 others we know virtually nothing about other than their shared abc profiles.

  72. Hey Ali!
    I sooo agree with your thoughts on Jed! I thought it was so refreshing to hear him be so honest about his feelings when he originally went on the show. It just shows how genuine he is about his feelings about Hannah and that he wants to be up front about everything.

    I don’t really agree with your criticism on Hannah crying though. I really think there’s such an important conversation happening right now about emotions, mental health, and that “it’s okay to not be okay”. Show or not, it’s about her and she should be real. I think it’s so commendable that she’s being so raw and to be honest although I love the show, not many bachelorettes have been so candid. I think we should be supporting her in her emotions and if she breaks down on camera it’s because she’s human and is having a real honest moment. Just my two cents! I definitely agree with everything else you touched on this week❤️

  73. Jed Jed all the way. I adore the honesty, and I adore your blog. You made me a bachelorette fan and I love your truth. Thank you for just being a real voice.

  74. I LOVE Jed, he’s such a sweet, down to earth guy! Omg when he admitted to her about coming in to the show, I was “shocked looking at my tv”, lol but honestly it was great to admit that, so real!!!! Kudos to him!!!
    I also like Peter the pilot, he seems totally sweet as well!!

    Love reading your recaps!!!!

  75. I have a question Ali that maybe you can answer. The drama on every season. Is it all hyped up or is it real? Luke P seems to crazy to be real. My husband and I argue this point every season. Do the producers encourage drama? Do they encourage the drama cases to get a rose? I just don’t get why they get to stick around so long every season.

  76. Hi Ali, I already commented once earlier tonight and just came back and re-read your post again. I just can’t help but comment again. I’m really honestly disappointed with the way you’ve spoken about Hannah in this blog and the couple before as well. I don’t think she’s cried any more than any other bachelorette. Including you. You should just be careful not to make other women feel like it’s looked down on to show and express their emotions when they’re feeling them. That’s what a real relationship is. If she was feeling that way and tried to hide it from Tyler- would’ve been WAY more immature and fake. Hannah has been amazing and the guys seem to just totally adore her. It’s honestly refreshing to see how totally real she is. I’ve never seen that raw realness on any season before. She has changed the Bachelorette and has set the bar incredibly high! I love it! I hope you’ll re-think some of the hate in your future posts!

  77. Hi Ali,
    I’ve read your recaps from previous seasons but for this season I find myself disagreeing rather than agreeing. I feel there is a large focus on Hannah’s age and immaturity which I find frustrating. I’m 24, I’ve been at university as has Hannah (from the UK, think you call it college?) and would the experience matures you massively. I can understand her tears at the start of the date with Tyler. Sometimes a game of who said what can just physically exhaust you and when you try to sleep it goes round your head for hours. I think everyone can appreciate some mornings your so tired and frustrated you can’t help but cry as you don’t know what else you can do! It’s raw and real emotions which I don’t think should be hidden and I’m loving how real she has been this season. The dates as much as they’re physical the results are down to the men’s personalities in general rather than Hannah. From the season so far I really like Jed, Connor, Peter, Tyler and Garrett. They seem the most calm, don’t get involved in the drama and everything is about Hannah and their relationship. To start with I liked Mike but his little tendencies have made me question his personality. I loved her date with Tyler and think they have a lot of chemistry! Especially the way they look at each other, they’re very affectionate and you can’t help but notice their connection. I don’t mind Jed but I find him a bit boring so I don’t see him hanging around for very long. Luke P, don’t get me started! Just waiting to see what happens. As always love reading your blog and your kids are the cutest! X

    1. I totally agree with this! I find myself disagreeing a lot to this season. I also feel like a lot of stuff is left out that I am surprised isn’t talked about.

      1. Its like we are so overwhelmed – or used to b.s. ? – we just take it in stride.

        I am amazed B Nation isn’t calling production out for portraying Luke P as an insane liar. It’s really character-bashing if it is not accurate – I suspect mitigating factors will be shown next week – will they have cost him at least six days of being judged as being untrustworthy and unfit to be in social settings.

        Production crossed the line this time.
        Waaaay too much was left out.
        Leaving this up in the air for a week is irresponsible.

        People kill themselves over this kind of public shaming.
        If he really is as unstable as contenders say it is damaging and reckless to paint him as a “psychopath”.

        This went far beyond the usual naughty editing Bach is know for.

  78. I am such an avid fan and love reading your blog because you can give such insight. I agree with so many of these comments. I really liked Jed and though they were such a cute couple really LOVED Tyler’s date. Every season there seems to be a one on one after a bad night. I liked that she showed how upset she was, initially thought she was going to call off the date but glad she went through with it. I loved watching them fish together, feed each other lobster and how he just lifted her up.

    I agree with Ali about the physical dates. I think this year a few of the dates have been awkward and demeaning for the guys. I absolutely hated the Mr. Right contest where everyone wore Speedo’s. I think it is going to take someone really getting hurt before they take a step back and rethink some of these dates.

    My take on the Luke saga. I don’t see her with Luke S but Luke P is manipulative, aggressive and a liar. More than once he lied right to her face. I think when watches her season back and sees how he really was she is going to be angry with him but also at herself for how he disrespected her and all the others.

    I would like to see less guys/girls so the group dates can have fewer people so there can be more time for them to really get to know each other. I think if that was the case more couples might actually make it in the real world

  79. Just curious on something and you may or may not be able to answer it. Do you have to keep the “bad boys” on for a certain amount of time for higher views or is it completely their choice when they let people go. It always seems like the girls/boys that cause the most drama get kept on for so long before getting sent home and maybe that’s because the bachelor/bachelorette doesn’t see what we do but it also seems they do it on purpose 🤷🏼‍♀️

  80. Hannah’s season reminds me of a cross between Ashley’s season (& her obsession with that Bennett guy … or whatever his name was) and what a hot mess she was … and Desiree’s season. Both were emotional and ga ga over guys that weren’t there for her and both ladies wore their emotions on their sleeves and had to truly trudge through some not so great dates and guys. They both found their husbands and that is my hope for Hannah. That there will be beauty at the end of their tortuous road to love, while sitting through the BS.

  81. The Boston date was a snooze fest for me! I live here, and I thought the producers could have picked more interesting places for them to visit. They could have filmed them walking on Acorn Street in Beacon Hill, which would have been such a charming and romantic moment! Or walking along the esplanade! Maybe it was a permit issue, but oy, how boring and touristy. And yeah, the Halo product placement…really? LAME!

    I am totally over the Luke P. drama. Enough already.

    I think Peter should be her final pick. He seems so sweet, and he has been totally free from any talk of self-promotion or drama. I just think he’s a nice guy, and he seems really into Hannah. So glad they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend, haha!

    The thing that bugs me about Hannah is that she seems to be crushing on whoever is making her smile at the moment. It reminds me of how we all thought it was so gross that Ari made out with all the women gratuitously. Hannah is doing the same thing with the men, it’s no different! I guess that’s the nature of the show and reality TV, and at this point we’re still supposed to be guessing who she’ll pick. I don’t think it’s Tyler C., but she kind of made him think he has a good chance!

  82. There has been so many seasons with that one obnoxious person we all can’t stand. Does the show ask you to keep them on just for the drama ? It seems like they would be voted off sooner –

  83. How are we not talking about how adorable it was that Peter asked Hannah to be his girlfriend? That was like my favorite part. And I don’t think anyone on the show has ever done that

  84. I could not wait to hear what you’d say about this week’s episode. The ice cream in the park was so random, and then they had a commercial about halo right after. It was a little much and it kinda made that part of the date seem fake. I love Jed! He’s my top pick for the end. I had so much respect for him being so honest, and it wasn’t just what he said, it was how he said it. I like Tyler too, but like you, I don’t think they have a real connection. I could tell she wasn’t really open during that date and had other things on her mind. Luke P needs to go. I know he’s just staying on the show for the drama. I wonder how he’ll end of leaving…

    1. well, the producers have done their job.
      too bad they had to lie about Luke P (being a total liar)

      its a severe edit.
      i think it will become clear he is an fundamentally honest person.
      “stay tuned” even though producation has breached viewer trust.

  85. I just don’t understand why it seems like you are SO much harder on Hannah this season than any previous bachelorette. Basically saying she has to cry behind closed doors and showing it is bad is just one way women are being stifled and it makes me sad you’d encourage that. I hope when Molly gets to this age you let her know it’s ok to be emotional even when people say she shouldn’t be. You seem like such a great mom and advocate for women, this blog and season of the bachelorette feels different from you. Would love to hear you elaborate on that and perhaps be more open to Hannah and how she deals with emotions. It’s not necessarily an age thing, maybe it’s a personality thing. Thanks for writing these each week!

  86. I actually noticed that Jed was not into any of Hannah’s silly “facts” on the date. He didn’t seem amused at all. I was cracking up. I thought he didn’t seem into her until the end when he opened up to her, but then that had me all confused and I thought what he wasn’t being genuine and telling her things she’d want to hear. Like perhaps he is truly is there for the music?? I couldn’t understand why she was so giddy and into him when he looked like he was annoyed with her.
    We’ll see in the coming weeks though. Just odd behavior.

  87. So funny! You called Jed: Jared and Jenn! haha!

    I did want to say that I totally agree with you on Hannah’s emotional roller coaster! I feel like each week we are seeing a side of her that we may not have seen in previous seasons of The Bachelorette! This week she was crying before a one on one, last week she went to the hospital, the week before that she cried in front of the guys at a cocktail party… Ah! I’m sure it is emotionally draining, but she has GOT to pull herself together! Maybe the producers are showing that side more because in the end she decides that being the bachelorette is not for her? I guess we shall see!

    Oh PS- my favorite is Peter the Pilot!!

  88. While I too appreciated Jed’s honesty, I thought this date was a step back in chemistry between the two compared to previous interactions. He seems like a great guy and I think she’s into him, but it felt like she was guiding the entire date and he wasn’t putting nearly the same energy in. He could absolutely be uncomfortable in front of the cameras, but he wasn’t laughing at any of her fake history facts and the most personality I saw was in the cut scene of them dancing at the end. To me they felt very comfortable but more in a friendly sense. This was a typical bachelorette date where she was the real Hannah, but still on. It wasn’t a bad date and he’ll go far for sure, but it fell kind of flat for me. I’ve thought they seemed pretty cute the past two weeks though, so it’ll be interesting to see in future episodes how they interact.

    I think her date with Tyler was a game changer. She came off as attracted to him but also doubtful and cautious, and I could see that initially. Like she said, she had thought of him as a player. But, I think not only his words but his actions throughout changed her view big time. By the end of it she cannot stop smiling and at one point she looks at him and sighs. He made her laugh but was also super sweet with her and she started to let her guard down. She wasn’t doing all the work to keep this date moving and wasn’t so on. She was in true emotional Hannah form and I think how well he handled it was a very good sign. She was all lit up inside by the end and it was super cute.

    I want to see a 1 on 1 with the adorable Pilot Pete, because he’s my other favorite. I hope the final 3 is some order of him, Jed, and Tyler!

  89. Ok, a little bit off topic but…can we talk about Hannah’s nose?! In group date situations and cocktail parties, you can very clearly tell when she’s been making out with the guys because the makeup from her nose rubs off and it’s all red! While I’m sure all the guys know that she’s kissing the other guys, I wouldn’t want a super obvious reminder when I saw her?? She needs a little reapplication between each guy!!

    More on topic, I’m sure Hannah will eventually get rid of both Lukes and I can’t wait to see Jed and Peter duke it out in the final!!!

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