Riley is ONE! Our Little Man’s Birthday

Oh my gosh you guys. I cannot believe that my little bud is 1! We had such a fun day celebrating with our friends and family! I know I’ve said this before but this year seriously flew by in the blink of an eye. On one hand changing a poopy infant diapers in the middle of the night seems like a lifetime ago, but in the other hand, I feel like there’s no way that the year has already gone by. It’s a weird feeling.

All photos are by Ashley from!


Whether I’m ready for it or not Riley is one and I wanted to celebrate this milestone with the perfect little birthday party! When I was trying to decide on a theme my friend Ashley Burns, who took all these photos, suggested a little man theme. I instantly fell in love with the theme and knew I wanted to do it! But then when we realized we could make it a “Our Little Manno” party, the theme solidified itself as the absolutely perfect one for Riley’s  birthday! Obviously, many of you with little boys who might want to do this theme probably don’t have the last name Manno. Ha! But you could do exactly what we did for Riley’s party and just get signage that says “Our Little Man”.

Another name people used to describe this type of party, meaning one with a mustache theme, is “Mr. ONE-derful party”. Both the names are super cute. The Mr. ONE-derful will only work for a first birthday party. But a our little man could work for a boy baby shower, or even a two or three-year-old’s birthday. You could really make it work for any little guys birthday.

The little bags on the table with the mustaches are the gift bags! I put some slime, bubbles, the mustache cookie cutters, crayons, a custom coloring book that I had made for only $3.99!!! Well, I meant to put the coloring pages in. Ha! You might have seen on my story that I completely forgot to add them to the bags. Oops! It happens. I also had the coloring book pages out on the table for the kids to color on during the party. I also wanted to include the mustache cookie cutters Molly and Riley love it when I cut their toast into shapes every morning. So I thought it was a cute take-home for parents to be able to cut their kid’s toast into shape too!


Here are more ideas for your gift bags or decor for a similar theme!

That balloon backdrop may look super cute from the front but here’s a picture of me behind the scenes! Ha! We didn’t have enough balloon weights, so I resorted to using pinecones and other potpourri items from around my house! This is what it really looked like for the party. Sometimes as a mom, we just have to improvise and make things happen!!


And I cannot get over his cake and all the desserts. Honestly, without the cakes and other goodies I don’t really think we would have much of a theme for the party. They made the party! I got them from Polkatots. If you live in the Los Angeles area you have to reach out to them for your next gathering. I literally sent her photos of inspiration and she basically read my mind for what I wanted. And her creations don’t only look adorable but they taste super yummy! We sent everybody home with a few slices of cake and other goodies and people were raving about how good everything was. And yes, you probably recognize the name Polkatots because we used them for a Molly’s 1st birthday and Molly’s 2nd birthday. I just don’t trust anybody else as much as them! She always takes my idea and turns it into the perfect vision.


If you are looking to make desserts for your own Little Man themed birthday, I’ll link to a few supplies below for making mustache cupcakes, as well as the molds for chocolate mustaches! Here is also a link to some fondant bow ties that you could add to any desserts that you make yourself, such as rice crispy bars, cupcakes or even macarons. Another super easy way to incorporate the theme would get these wrappers, and put them over some candy bars!



I linked all of our outfits below! Look at my little Manno! No one could stop talking about how adorable he was in this tiny suit! And I might be biased but come on, how cute!! Molly’s outfit is from the GAP and both the top and shorts are almost 50% off right now. I talked about my outfit the other day in my Affordable Friday’s post! The jeans are sold out right now, and I am really hoping that they restock them!!!


I was so focused on all the decorations, the desserts, the activities, and the food for the adults, that I completely forgot about food for kids! Talk about mom brain! An hour into the party I panicked and asked the grandparents to help me quickly make some mac & cheese for the kiddos. Such a rookie move on my part. I think I thought the cauliflower rice would be good for the kids. But I forget that I have a freakishly good eater in Molly and not all kids would consider eating cauliflower rice. And we did have a lemonade dispenser for the kiddos but no juice boxes or anything that are easier for them to handle. I just wanted to point this out because I know from the looks of these pictures it might appear like I totally had it together planning this party. So I just want to assure you all that I absolutely didn’t have it all together! I’m human.


You might recognize the growth chart below, and that’s because we also have one in Molly’s room. We got it for her on her first birthday, so that we could document her height in the same place forever. We have marked her height every year on her birthday, and will continue to do the same with Riley! I love this so much because typically you mark this type of life moment on a wall or door, but walls can’t be transported! Ha! So this sign is even more special because no matter if you move or have to repaint, you will always have the growth chart! Also, it is so cute and really matches the decor in our home! I know the shop also offers it in a few other wood finishes!



How cute is all of this wooden signage?! I found this cute etsy shop Woodums that specializes in all sorts of wooden goods for the home or parties! I am so glad that I stumbled upon their page. The signs were perfect and came so quickly…. thank goodness for that! With my mom brain lately, I had to pull the details for this party together quickly. Ha! And I love supporting small businesses. Woodums is run by a husband and wife – yay team! Michele is the main designer while Steve is the executor. And it’s so great that they will consider all custom requests and try to accommodate as best they can or offer alternative suggestions. I was so grateful they wre able to make this custom sign. But they have a general “Little Man” sign if you want one for your party!

I just realized that Riley’s holding a pinecone in this! Ha! The perfect reminder of my resourceful mom skills. Oh! And I am wearing a different shirt here because this was taken post-smash cake. You can imagine how much icing ended up on my blue shirt!


We had so much fun celebrating Riley. My kids are 1 and 2!! I can’t believe it. What are your favorite activities to do at kids birthday parties? Molly’s is coming up so soon! So I would love cute theme ideas for her party!!! Let’s chat below!

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33 thoughts on “Riley is ONE! Our Little Man’s Birthday

  1. Such a precious memory and great job mama for putting this all together! Thank you for sharing your world with us.

  2. Hi Ali
    Little Manno Rileys birthday looked like alot of fun. (Great memories & photos!)
    I like the mustache theme you chose & the ‘moveable’ wooden growth chart!
    It looks like Owen enjoyed celebrating his brothers big day!
    Thanks for sharing this special day, Ali.
    May year 2 be as filled with joy.
    (I like Kevin’s sweater!)

    1. I like his sweater too! I can’t believe it’s $35!!!! I wish I bought it for him so I could say it was my find. But it was his!

  3. Your kids are so cute, and so is/was the party theme! I especially love the movable growth chart, what a great idea for shower/baby gifts. Oh, and Kevin and you look great too 🙂

    My good friend has a toddler who LOVES “Fancy Nancy” – have you and Molly heard of her? For her 3rd birthday party, they had a “Fancy Nancy Fiesta,” a combo of girly/Disney with Mexican food!

  4. Your party theme was so clever and fun! Oh my goodness is Riley ever adorable! He looks like the happy, laid back, sweet little boy you’ve shared with us this year! All 4 of you look like you were having such a good time! I love Kevin’s shorter hair! He looks very handsome! Owen always looks so formal in your pictures. Does he get stressed out when he’s being photographed or is he just a serious, mellow pup?

    1. Owen gets stressed for pics. He doesn’t understand why we want him RIGHT next to us while we are trying to wrangled the kids. I feel bad he gets stressed buy I also feel bad when he isn’t i our family pics! Because he is family to us!

  5. Happy birthday to Riley he’s such a happy baby I love sending my mom and my boyfriend videos of him they just make me happy when I’m feeling down sometimes.

    Some ideas for Molly’s birthday party could be some dessert ice cream, cupcakes, or even doughnut themed.

    Thank you for sharing such an important day with all of us XoXo 😘

  6. Love Love all these pics! He is adorable, Happy 1st Birthday Riley!! Your little fam is just so dang sweet and cute!!

  7. This is SOO cute! What an adorable idea – and different from the typical few themes I see all over! My little guy will be one this fall, and I might need to bookmark this with all of your links! 🙂 Also, that’s hilarious on the cauliflower rice – I’ve seen you post it so many times, and it looks SOOO good – definitely going to attempt to make it this weekend! <3 Happy birthday, Riley!!!

  8. Love the party pics and play on the name!.. For Molly’s theme, it might seem obvious that she’s really into Disney movies so a frozen or Moana theme seems cool, but if you want something more unique and different I would suggest like a Rockstar…Concert..Radio/DJ theme! But make it girly and cute with pastel notes..musical instruments etc. Clearly Molly loves to sing and is such a natural performer and with Kevin being on the Radio…it would be a cute theme. You can set up a mini stage for her big performance during her party! I just did my daughters 3rd birthday and I did a girly under the sea theme cause she loves sea animals!

  9. Party looks amazing! My son turned 1 on the same day! I remember a year ago watching your stories of you going into labour and then I did too! What a year! Can I ask, what does Riley’s nap schedule look like? We’re having trouble with that!

  10. So fun! My kiddos are (almost 3) and 1, so we are currently planning our almost 3 year-olds birthday party. She loves animals, so we are doing a farm theme. We are also having an ice cream social for the kids outside with all of the water toys. It will be casual but so fun for the kids. Time is definitely flying, I can’t believe 3 is almost here! Glad Riley had a great birthday!

    1. What a handsome little man! Happy Birthday, Riley. Such a cute birthday theme too 😃

      In the picture where you are kneeling on the floor – tying thr balloons to the weights. What shirt is that?

  11. So so adorable. You always do everything SO creative and perfect! But most importantly, can you PLEASE share how you get those loose waves for your hair. We are dying for a tutorial from you!!!

  12. These photos are the best memories to keep! Such an awesome and punderful idea and what a beautiful family! Love you Ali!

  13. Such a cute party! Both of my little guys are a few months behind your kids so it has been so fun to follow along with your journey as a mom ( and get lots of tips along the way). My baby will be 1 in July and we are doing a Donut Grow Up Party! I also think an ice cream party would be so cute for Molly! My other son’s party will be Young Wild and Three in August and will have a safari theme but I feel like you could make it more girly too!

  14. I did a sprinkles them when my daughter turned 3 and it was SUPER cute and colorful and fun. I had some votives that I just filled with sprinkles and put a candle in, to confetti inside balloons, to lots of sprinkles on treats. It was so fun!

  15. Riley’s Party was absolutely adorable! I love the theme you chose and the decorations looked wonderful!

    We just had my daughter’s 1st birthday and did a watermelon theme. We had a bbq, so watermelon was a perfect way to tie it all together! Lots of different shades of pink and lime green. It was fun!
    A cute idea I saw, and am contemplating for the next birthday is an ice cream theme. Maybe have like an ice cream sundae bar. Cute pastel colors! There are lots of cute ideas to go along with an ice cream theme! Plus, you could totally incorporate it into a pool party since you have a pool!

  16. So adorable, I love the theme and it looks like it turned out great. You did a good job for planning quickly. Also, to answer your question about what exercise we like, I love yoga and some dance classes but I am not a big exerciser, I work on my feet 6 hours a day so I get exercise that way. If you dont feel like it one day then dont do it, its ok to miss. Maybe do a yoga class for the pain and stretch the muscles in between. Yoga is so good for you. You are doing great!

  17. OMGoodness! Soooo cute! Love the theme but I gotta know, how on earth were you able to have him sitting there for pictures without him grabbing all those goodies? 👼🏻 Also love that you shared the “behind the scenes’ balloons – ha-ha. Adorable.

  18. One time I did a zoo theme with a bunch of different animal cupcakes, some of which were in the cage (on the cake) I made out of kit kats. Another time, we did a bug party with different bug cupcakes. Wish I could find pictures, but these were 20+ years ago. Time flies. 🙂

  19. My twins bday is the day before Molly’s and we are doing “aint it cute to bee 3”🐝 I’m having so much fun with it!

  20. I’m starting to work on my son’s first birthday!! What games did you do to keep the kiddos entertained?

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