The Bachelorette – Labor/Growing Pains

First things first. When I was first watching this and Hannah mentioned very nonchalantly that Tyler G had to leave, I had to stop and think because I really didn’t remember who he was. Then I realized that he was from the one-on-one date last week. As you right remember, I thought that the date was boring, so I guess it makes sense that I forgot who he was. There really was absolutely no explanation on why he left. I was pretty confused as to why they didn’t at least elaborate on that, especially after having a one-on-one, but I did some digging online. It looks like the producer’s made him leave the show after being given some information about his past relationships!! I find it really interesting that they didn’t shed more light on this, or the fact that he just disappeared without any sort of dramatic exit. What happened?!

Group Date

I find it hilarious every season when famous people come on the show and the Bachelor or Bachelorette refers to them as “my friends”. I think it’s pretty obvious they have never met before that date! I know the producers tells people to say “my friends” – I just think it’s funny.

However, I loved the group date overall. I was thoroughly entertained! If only what they were doing was anywhere close to what actually being pregnant and having a baby is like. Obviously wearing a pregnancy suit for a few minutes can’t really give you the full affect of what it’s like to be pregnant and have hormones raging through your body. I’m dying to know what that machine is like though! In fact, I want to try it because I wanna know if it really is as painful as labor. I feel like there’s no way to really simulate that exact pain – especially when that pain last HOURS. But who knows. If it is as painful, I feel bad for all the guys!

I just wish Hannah did it! I feel like if she was gonna put all them through that, she should do it herself. Heck, a woman’s body is designed for that pain so she could take it! Hannah Beast right?!?!

I’ve already said I think Jed’s gonna be the last guy standing. And watching their relationship blossom even more on the group day is just further indication to me that she’ll end up with him. Which I’d be thrilled about! I just find him wonderful.

Mike’s Story

I teared up when Mike told Hannah his story about losing a baby with his ex-girlfriend. I can’t imagine what it would be like going through that in the second trimester. I can only try to understand how difficult the date was for him. Not that I expected him to do this, but I just find it so admirable how he kept it together throughout the day and then opened up about it at the end of the date. I guess I just find his presence very calming. That said, I was pretty disappointed in him at the end of the episode when he twisted Cam’s words. He is better than that. I’ll get to that in a minute…

Cam interrupting

I’m not a fan of Cam. Really who is? However, I feel kind of bad for him when he interrupted Hannah and Mike. And this is why…The producers LET him come into the room. Heck, they probably told him to! They don’t always have control over who interrupts and who doesn’t. But if a really serious conversation is happening a producer would hold him back and say “hey hold up. Something serious is happening. I will let you talk to her in a minute.” But nobody did that. In fact, to create this drama, I am almost positive a producer was probably telling him that and that was his moment and if he wanted to talk to her at all he had to interrupt ASAP. He didn’t know what they were talking about. You just have to remember in these situations that drama can be manufactured behind the scenes by the producers. And I also think the reason Cam kept going back and asking if they were done is because a process producer probably told him “if you don’t grab her now, you’re not gonna be able to grab her at all.” Maybe not. But I just felt like I could totally see all that happening behind the scenes. So I wouldn’t hate on him for that. I just want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I still don’t care for him though.

However, when Cam was interrupted by Jonathan. I thought it was a little bit too much. I like Jonathan, he seems like a good guy. But I was kind of scared when he was being so aggressive trying to get Hannah’s time when she was with Cam. Kinda wish Hannah stepped in. But maybe she was scared too. I probably would’ve been scared if I were her. It not surprising to me at all that both of them got sent home this episode.

Connor S.’s Date

At first when Hannah said goodbye to Connor in her hotel room I was so confused because I know based on my experience as the Bachelorette that if you are really into someone, it’s so important to you to give them a rose in order to help them feel secure in this very difficult process. Even the most confident person will feel insecure watching the person they are falling for date and make out with other people. So that’s why when you’re the lead, giving those roses during dates to your top few people are SO important. You can’t always give them in group dates but you try to when you are able (producers certainly STRONGLY encourage you to switch it up so the other guys don’t feel bad).

So when she didn’t give him one after he visited her hotel room, I was sure he wasn’t in her top three. Maybe top five based on their connection. But the fact that she invited him back out changes my mind a little bit. He could possibly be in her top three or four. Or the show might’ve begged Hannah to pull it together for the end of the date because they had an amazing performer, Lukas Graham, on deck to sing for them. So maybe she likes him a lot, or maybe the end of the date happened because of Lukas Graham – it’s hard to tell. My gut says it’s a little of both but he isn’t her main guy – if he was, he would have spent the entire day with her at her hotel.

Group Date

I’m glad Hannah has a solid group of guys around her. But I was kind of stoked on the idea of one of the guys falling for the girls hitting on them. It just would’ve made such good drama for the show! But at the end of the day this isn’t about drama for a TV show and it should be about love for Hannah. So I’m glad for her sake that they were all respectful and didn’t fall for the actresses.

The best part about the date though was her confronting Luke P about being overbearing. However, I did find it a little bit rude of her that she didn’t let him talk at all. At first I thought maybe it was just edited that way. But then we heard Luke talk to the other guys about it and actually say that he only had a few minutes and he didn’t get to talk at all, sometimes I think Hannah’s age shows when she does things like that. I feel like she thinks being a strong woman is being in control. And honestly I thought that when I was 24 years old too. But I think with age you start to learn that being a strong woman doesn’t mean you’re in control. It means you’re strong when you need to be, but also able to respectfully see and listen to someone else’s position. I just wish she let him say more in that moment rather than scolding him and sending him off. And this is coming from someone that is not a Luke P fan. And I AM a Hannah B fan! I think her age is going to show throughout this process. She’s the youngest Bachelor/ette ever! Jojo and I used to hold that title. And I’ve said it a dozen times that I’m don’t think I was necessarily emotionally mature enough when I did the show. Looking back now, and it was almost 10 years ago, I was a baby back then.

But even though I thought Luke P deserved a chance to talk, I wish he could’ve just held it together afterwards. I guess I wish he had a little more pride for himself rather than continuing to check in on her and trying to talk to her when it was very obvious she was telling him that she would talk to him later on when she was ready. I still feel a little bit sorry for him. I personally know what it’s like to have a strong connection from the getgo and then slowly watch other relationships catch up to your own on the show. It’s tough.

At one point she even said “I want to call my own shots” and that’s just not how it works. It’s about respecting others and letting both people in the relationship have a say in how it grows and functions. It’s weird. I keep going back-and-forth on thinking Luke is totally out of line and then thinking that she is not handling it well either. Honestly I guess I just don’t think either of them are handling the situation properly.

Peter the Pilot

My goodness, is he a sweetheart. And he’s just so cute! Like a little boy is cute but also a man! I feel like he’s exactly the type of man I want my son to grow up to be. And it’s so obvious that Hannah is super into him. She cannot get the smile off her face when they are around each other. I think he for sure will be in the top three, if not possibly two with Jed. I used to think it would be Luke, Peter, or Jed in the top two. But now Peter is looking like a more obvious choice than Luke P.

I don’t like Cam but I’m confused about what Mike told her about him telling the guys he wanted a pity rose. That’s not what I heard at all when he talked to all the guys. Unless he said something off-camera that we didn’t see. What I heard is him telling the guys that he thought his story to her would get him sent home. Not that he thought he was getting sent home so he was going to tell his story to her. That said, his story did seem a little ridiculous. Why would he think that would get him sent home? But Mike twisting the situation honestly changed my opinion of him.

Let’s Chat!!!

So overall, I did think that this episode was a lot better than the last! I am really interested to see how this season plays out! What do you think about the producer’s making Tyler G leave, especially without explaining? Do you cut Cam any slack given the fact that the producer’s likely encouraged him to keep interrupting? Let’s discuss below in the comments!!!

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106 Thoughts

106 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – Labor/Growing Pains

  1. I 100% agree with your comments on the entire Cam & Mike situation. I was never a Cam fan but was thinking I totally missed hearing what was actually said because the words Pity Rose never came out of his mouth. With that being said I was thinking there was going to be something totally different that he was going to tell her. His story he told her seemed really exaggerated to say the least. I absolutely adore Peter and Jed and think they will for sure be Top 3, but something about the chemistry she has with Tyler is telling me he will be there as well.

    1. I agree with you!!! It was definitely chopped up a bit during editing, but it truly came off as exaggerated or false.

      1. I hope Cam is getting some solace that people see how poorly Mike acted.

        Yeah, Mike has true cool. But his bully move versus Cams imperfect – but genuine – integrity make Cam the desirable one.

    2. I could have believe the medical part of it but he never gave an explanation what caused it or why he had surgeries. But the kitten part of it I really think he just created that reality

    3. I think there’s a lot more “real” moments this season compared to others and less editing! Kind of like colton’s finale with Cassie. Very happy Cam went home but I think he’ll be in paradise. Loved Michael since his intro in episode 1 and thought he’d make a great bachelor, but I agree if he twisted Cam’s words, not as much a fan anymore! Glad he told Hannah about it though as I believe it was all a scheme.

  2. Yes, I’m in love with Peter too and his pilot metaphors are my favorite!

    I liked your perspective on Cam and the stuff we don’t get to see as viewers. He might have gotten a bad edit but his life story was just at the complete wrong time. You could tell by Hannah’s reaction that she was more than ready to send him home and Mike’s pot stirring might have been the excuse that she needed!

    1. So glad other people saw what Mike did. Twitter was all bashing Cam, and I was surprised people weren’t seeing that Mike twisted Cam’s words around (granted, I don’t like Cam and he clearly isn’t the one for her so he would be going home soon anyway). This episode was definitely much better than last week! Excited to see where this season goes.

  3. Definitely glad Cam got sent home just because they never had much chemistry to me even though she gave him the first rose of the season. I agree she should’ve let Luke talk some but also glad she called him out and said “I feel like you think it’s just you in this when really I have a lot of other relationships.” I always get that sense from Luke. He’s cocky and clearly gets squeamish seeing her have other relationships which I’m sure isn’t easy but definitely part of the show! Definitely rooting for Jed or Peter to win! By far my favorite top two. I also think their was more said by Cam that was not shown. Because when he said “I may get sent home after telling her what I have to tell her” then he told her that sob story, I think something was off. And how the guys reacted when he said that, I think part of what he said was edited out for sure!

  4. Cam…terrible timing. What we saw was a confusing story. What was so heavy about it that she wouldn’t be able to handle? I don’t get it. Better that he got the chop.
    Luke…about her wanting to call the shots, I think she sees something overbearing in him. She doesn’t like it, but she likes him and she’s making a power play in their relationship. If he can’t fall in line with what she’s being clear about her needing, then she’s gonna have to chop him. She doesn’t want to, but she is making excuses for him as best she can. I think she expected Luke to hit on the makeup artist and was pleasantly surprised that he didn’t. I truly feel like she KNOWS there’s something not right about him being the guy for her.

    1. I know the show has a ton of editing and drama created by the producers. But Cam seems more like a character from a comedy show more then any thing. Everything he says and does sounds like he is trying to piss off the other men in the house. It seems like he knows she will never actually choose him so in order to last longer he is creating this drama with the guys. His “sob story” sounded so made up to me and i dont know if it was the edit but he nerve finished any of his stories. He went from rambling about his puppy to his grandmother and some made up surgery story. It all sounded like sad,fake stuff in order to be kept around on the show, because in the past that has worked for others. Whether the lead likes them or not the producers love the drama so encourage to keep them around. I felt like he loved pissing off the other men in the house and they were all falling for it which i think fueled him more. Him saying the “All CAM aka always be Cam” is sich a shtick it is a great example of him not taking the show seriously ane being there to mess with everyone’s heads amd create drama all while being on TV and possibly gaining some new IG followers. I know in the convo with Mike and other guys it didnt show Cam say he was going to tell a sob story for a pity rose, but that is what he did and it makes sense that they cut that in their edit. Or when Cam told the men previously he was going to tell Hannah his sad story, Mike was smart enough to realize that what Cam was really planning on doing, so he put 2 and 2 together and warned Hannah. Still not a fan of Cam but did find him a little entertaining purposely annoying the other men in the house..

  5. I agree with you on everything. She is acting so powerful now and rude. changed her way of not being able to put sentences together well to now having a lot to say but with disrespect towards what the guys feel and just caring about what she wants and feels. It must have been something bad for Tyler G to leave and producers not allowing an explanation. Cam was just annoying and needed to leave.

    1. I don’t think she was being rude, but I think she needed to be a matter of fact with Luke P. He is aggressive and she was letting him know he wasn’t in control of the situation.

      1. I agree she was not rude and maybe she didn’t want to hear what he had to say right at that moment! I do not find her immature as Ali mentions about being young! I know women younger than Hannah and are more mature than most 30 somethings! Luke P. Needed to be called out and I do not find her controlling as mentioned, either!

        1. Totally agree. I hate judging people based on age. 24 is not that young! I met my husband at 22 and was married at 25 and no one blinked an eye at my age. Life experience makes you grow up, so comparing how you were at 24 is totally irrelevant. I think she is doing an amazing job, is handling herself very well and will most definitely grow from
          This experience.

      2. I agree too! I think she’s doing a great job! I was married at 24 and I don’t think that people should be judged based on their age.

    2. I read that is the way he’s treated women in the past, including spitting on an ex which is horrific!

  6. I was thinking the exact same things about Cams interruptions being influenced by producers. I was saying this to my husband as we were watching! I still don’t care for him that much but I did feel a little bad for him and thought he wasn’t portrayed in a totally honest light due to editing.

    The fact that they gave no explanation on Tyler leaving is definelty odd and unlike the show! So of course now we are all dying to knows (I also had to google who he was lol)

    Luke is so questionable. I am having a hard time figuring out if he is genuine or not. Is really that into Hannah that he is crazy jelious and insecure (understandably so.. however you know Damn well what you signed up for) OR is he just a wacko… time will tell haha!

  7. I thought Hannah’s age showed tremendously in this weeks episode. When Chris pulled her for the rose ceremony, she made the comment about a pity rose, and it just made me think that she is immature for this experience at her age! Very young to be looking for your hubby on a tv show! Not saying that it cannot be done but just little things throughout the episode I saw her age coming through!

  8. Hi Ali!
    I feel like this episode had SO much more going on! I loved how Mike opened up about the miscarriage he and his ex girlfriend experienced, it showed a side of him that I hadn’t seen before. Obviously that is a difficult topic so I understand him being upset by Cam interrupting, but I think you are right that the producers played a big role in that. I wish they would have been more respectful about that conversation and let Mike finish before sending someone in to interrupt.
    I was so excited for her one on one with Connor. At first, reminded me of when Ashley and JP had a one on one at her hotel suite and they are in it for the long haul! I was disappointed Hannah sent him back to the mansion so quickly, and it was confusing that she went out for the evening portion with him afterwards. I think he is so sweet and deserves love so badly, but I’m not sure that they are meant to be.
    Cam annoys me to no end. I know he is just insecure and that is why he is listening to producers and trying to make sure the other guys let him have time, but I still don’t like him. It left a bad taste in my mouth the way that Mike spoke about Cam to Hannah, but I don’t think he intended to twist Cam’s words. Either there was something Cam said that we didn’t see, or Mike is jaded from Cam interrupting him so many times that he interpreted what Cam said that way.
    I want to like Luke so badly, but he is being overbearing. I understand Hannah telling him to chill out completely, but I think you are right that she needed to give him an opportunity to speak as well. I think she likes him enough that if he can cool it down he will be around for awhile.
    Right now I think top 4 will be Luke P, Jed, Peter, and Mike. There’s still so much left to see though!

    1. I don’t think mike attended to twist cams words either. I think he was saying what all the guys were thinking when Cam was telling his story. I mean look at all their faces when Cam is talking. It did come off as a pity rose. And who knows what else Cam said to the guys without the cameras being on him. It’s not like mike lied about anything. Cam confessed to practically everything mike said when Hannah confronted him. That situation did not change my mindset or thoughts on Mike. If anything he has the most poise, respectful mannerisms, and gentleman like qualities that I haven’t seen in a long time. He carries himself very well.

      1. Mike is an undeniable powerhouse – contained and concentrated.

        That he had to squash a guy who is flailing about is a major concern.

        Misguided and unaware Cam was trying to be upfront. He wasn’t saying Hey Dudes, help me pull one over on Hannah.

        It is sad- and wrong – of Mike to use his impressive power to misrepresent and slam Cams intention. Cam was one of the weakest suitors in the house. He didn’t need to help Hannah get rid of him. ( Hannah has her own mojo btw).

        It reveals Mike as a brute.

        1. If I’m being even more honest:

          It hurts that such an impressive man has that blindspot in him.

          I value kindness so much. That Mike who has been through so much pain would deliberately or ignorantly hurt another pains me at a core level.

          Especially when that *somebody* is lagging behind the bunch.

  9. OH and I kept thinking when Jonathan was interrupting Cam “ well that guy just ruined any chance he had and is going home” if Hannah kept that guy after that behaviour i would have been shocked!

  10. I love Peter he is so sweet in every way and always has a calming force. You didn’t seem push back or get aggressive when Luke P was trying to get him to go away so he could grab Hannah again. I think Luke P comes on a bit strong and Hannah sends a bit of mixed signals, like on one hand she likes that he comes on strong and encourages it when they are one on one ( aka the make out scene when Jed walked in) but then she kinda acts un interested in him during group settings which I think sends him into major confusion as we saw last night when he started to snap.

    1. Agree- Hannah is sending Luke mixed signals.
      Be bold
      Be dessert
      Stop Talking

      He shut up in fear of her ire.
      I noticed Luke wasn’t the only one afraid to cross her, either.
      Not good.

      I feel at least some of it is her exasperation at the crap producers are stirring up.

      She is pissed. And Luke and Cam took the heat.

    2. What the heck surgeries (amputations) did Cam have??? I was so confused in his important talk he needed to have with Hannah (really why then)?? I too think Hannah’s age is showing, with her quickness to get nasty, & feel like she has to be the boss even!! But maybe she is insecure & that is coming out! Enjoyed reading your post Ali!

  11. I am obsess with Peter the pilot!! He flys the same jumbo jet my dad flys at delta and I guess everyone says he’s the nicest guy!! I’m banking him to be a top three guy!

    I feel like Luke needs to slow his role. He’s too overbearing for me. It’s quite annoying.

    Cam…well I bet we will see him in paradise lol

  12. I totally agree with everything you said. I’m very glad Cam left but I was a tad confused at what Mike said. Cam didn’t say he wanted the Pitty rose but maybe Mike just assumed that’s what he meant. I think that’s what I thought when Cam told the guys that but I don’t know.
    Luke P… he is quite overbearing and not sure how much longer he will be on the show but I do agree with you that it was unfair that she didn’t let him speak. There were a few times in the episode that she mentioned that it was all about her and just really focussing only on her feelings. Which is fine, but a relationship is two people… and I feel like she really needs to consider their feelings as well. That being said I am no way a Luke P fan he is a bit too much for me lol

    I LOVE LOVE Peter and Jed!! Her connection with both of them is sooo great. I feel like if Peter doesn’t get picked he might be the next Bachelor?!?! Mayyybe!!

    Ps. I hope Molly had a good night after watching Tangled. Poor sweet girl! It’s crazy how kids can be scared at different things. My niece won’t watch Moana because she gets scared of the part when her dad yells at Moana on the beach. Not afraid of the Lava Monster though, just the Dad yelling!! Haha

  13. This episode was hard to watch sometimes. Both Cam and Luke make me cringe. I am now a Mike fan after this episode as well. I hope he is in the top 3, but I do think Jed and Peter are definitely up there.

  14. I’m mostly confused about Cam’s story…I’m sure it was cut down but it had too many crazy factors to even sound legitimate. Did he really have an amputation?

    1. Shannon. I am confused too. We saw him clearly in shorts so does not look like he had an amputation.

  15. Yes! I agree with so much of what you said! Uhhh yes! So curious about Tyler! I feel like it must have been something pretty extreme for them to not even bring it up. Because if it was just something like him having a girlfriend back home, then they would have definitely played that up for the drama.
    Like you, Jed is my top pick! I think him & Hannah make such a great pair & I really like his personality & how he seems so down to earth.
    So glad Cam went home. Like you said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers had something to do with him constantly walking in on her convo with Mike, but he still just annoyed me. And you could tell that she wasn’t planning to keep him around for a long time.
    Not a fan of Luke P., but can’t figure out what I think of everything that went down. While I do think that Hannah could have handled the situation better (at least let him explain himself or be less domineering during their talk) I think she was just frustrated & ended up letting her emotions take over instead of trying to keep a level head. With that being said, Luke still needs to tone it down a bit. He acts like he’s automatically the front runner & that none of the other guys have a real shot. It’s good to be confident, but not so confident that you become cocky, & I think that’s one of Luke’s biggest problems.

    Can’t wait for next week!

    1. I admired Luke’s ability to express worry at Hannah’s criticism. He seemed humbled by it, and wanting to make it work for good reasons.

      I hear you about his seeming cocky – but the dudes have singled him out, with envy over his physique, and resent the chemistry he and Hannah share.
      Why blame him for others insecurity ?

      He tried – and failed – to address Hannah’s criticism. And then he backed down. A sh*thead wouls have made a few rants and taken it out in others.

      He seemed impressively restrained given how painful it must have been.

  16. Why does the editing on this show get more and more bizarre? They have been leaving holes in so many places. Kinda of annoying to the veiwers! What happened with Tyler?!

    I will say in regards to the Cam situation…I think they left part of his story out… Maybe to be nice to him. He said it’s affected other relationships and he thought he may go home because of it.. but then they showed a snippet of something medical and a sob story about a puppy. It doesn’t make sense. My hunch is he has an on-going medical problem he wanted to clear up. I did not like the way Mike delivered the news to Hannah, and despite Cam being a bit off, I felt sooo bad for him. I’m sure every guy who doesn’t have a strong connection at this point is attempting to share themselves and open up with Hannah to see if they develop more feelings. I don’t think Cam was after a pity rose, but more a deeper connection.

    I really liked this episode, I understand your point about Hannah not letting Luke get his side in… BUT she had made it clear she wanted to talk with the other guys and it would be SO annoying and such a bummer to have him lurking around the whole night. At some point you have to draw a line of where YOU are comfortable and she clearly did not want to keep engaging in that situation. He was being overbearing and she was right to tell him to back off. He should have respected that right off the bat and let things die down before trying to talk about it again.

    That Jonathan situation made me SO uncomfortable. So aggressive. Thank god she sent him home.

    Peter is a dream boat! I hope he is in the last two!

    Love your insider perspective to the episodes Ali!

    1. It’s weird.
      On one hand the producers have outdone themselves with giving her great guys.

      On the otber hand.- they are r e a l l y pushing her buttons hard by prompting the guys to antagonize her.


  17. I’m liking your recaps so far, thank you for taking time to write them! I have some comments and a question:

    Comments: I wish we could have seen a little more of the animal photo shoot group date, I thought it was hilarious and cute! Especially Garrett and the hairless dog, Lavern 🙂 I thought Garrett was a great sport during this date, especially because Hannah made him get his chest and part of his legs waxed (which was shown in the credits at the very end of the show). Overall, I’m not liking how Hannah is making the guys go through physical pain on their dates!

    Question: I’ve noticed that leads typically don’t say NO when a contestant tries to interrupt the lead’s convo with someone else. Can both convo interruptions AND letting the convo interruptions happen be producer-driven?

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

    1. I’m pretty sure the leads don’t choose the dates. They have been getting more bizarre lately!

  18. I think Luke P. is a weirdo. How do you love someone after meeting them. He reminds me of a stalker type! Then at the end of the episode saying “well idk where it is at with Hannah”…. huh? I’m glad she told him to lay off. He was coming on way to strong.

  19. Tyler G leaving!!! I read something online that talked about domestic or at lease verbal abuse with his ex and I bet maybe that is why they didn’t dig into it more. Maybe they did that out of respect for the girl. I am not confident in that but my theory is that it had to be bad enough with other people other than Tyler Gs feeling involved that they thought a quick exit was best. I love Hannah but yes, her age shows and I am having a hard time watching this season with all of the guys being so so young. It is hard to think anyone is ready to really find someone on a show like this when they just graduated college. But than again, I married my husband at 22. Looking back, I would not have been able to make a real life decision with that many guys to choose from! This seasons just getting started and I am excited to keep reading your prospectives.


  20. The rumor is that Tyler G. SPIT on an ex in public while they were fighting. Yikes.

    Reality Steve has some story he is posting tomorrow about one of the guys and I am scared to know who it’s about…

    Is it just me or does Tyler remind you of the swimmer Ryan Lochte? Like maybe they could be brothers?

    I feel so bad for Mike. I lost a baby during the first trimester and it was so painful that I could not even fathom losing a baby further on in my pregnancy or at birth. 🙁 🙁

    1. It was really something to hear Mike reveal such a life-changing loss.

      Baffled he would be so callous to annoying but unthreatening Cam.

      I don’t think Mike thought he was being mean to Cam. I susoect he thought he was giving Cam what he deserved. But for someone who has suffered, as Mike clearly has, to be so unforgiving to a guy who is clearly not a frontrunner just made hin look like a bully.


      1. I think everyone missed what Mike was trying to tell her, everyone including Hanna got so caught up in the loss of the baby that they missed what he said when she hugged him and what he was really trying to tell her. He said, “I was not there for her”. He was trying to come clean about having been a bad boyfriend. It seemed like the events around the faux labor and baby care really brought that up. I guess as someone who had a stillbirth full term I just kind of tuned right into that.

        1. Wow.
          I totally missed that!

          Thank you for posting it. And my sympathy for enduring such a loss.

          Perhaps Mike will.have some regret about targetting Cam.

          I hope Mikes ex gets his remorse, too.

  21. I agree with you. Luke P really needs to either chill or leave. He drives me crazy, but again, it could be the editing. I really wish the producers wouldn’t try to force things, but just let things happen. I can’t imagine being on the show and becoming the villain just because editing and producers want me to. :/

    Last nights episode was hard to watch just because it all seemed so scripted. I’d like to see more freedom and realness.

    Thanks Ali!

    1. Yup. My opinion of Mike plummeted. For a guy with real palpable power to hurl insecure, honest, unaware but non- malicous Cam under the bus was truly awful.

      I’m sure Hannah is tired from the hijinks, but her judgement of Cam felt harsh- why didn’t she see his actual vulnerability (versus *being* vulnerable). When she confronted him he was naked – and truly hurting.

      Not her guy- fine. Send him home. But the callous axing by her and Mike was awful.

      She could have escorted him out and said something kind. Or even a respectful word at the ceremony.

    2. Hannah deserves all the praise and all the criticism she is getting, far as I can see.

      I believe she is the most naturally emotional and expressive candidate they have ever had. ( It’s also w h y I think ABC chose her).

      That heightened pitch inevitably means her missteps will be more noticeable.

  22. You mirrored exactly my thoughts about the entire episode. Although I don’t like Cam, and haven’t since the first episode, I 100% think it was the producers who made him keep going back in to interrupt her and Mike’s conversation, and also lost respect (after I thought he’d make a great first coloured* Bachelor) for Mike after he twisted Cam’s words. I honestly think if Cam had told the guys he wanted a pity rose, they wouldn’t have cut that out of the episode. I also agree with your point that Hannah’s age is showing, although I’m also 24 – the way she spoke to Luke and saying things like he “has to change”, I don’t know, seems a bit immature to me and she could have handled the situation differently/given him a chance to express himself (I’m not a fan of Luke P.) I’ve loved you since Bachelorette days and love your blog!

  23. I had heard the reason they didn’t elaborate more on Tyler G. leaving is because the girls from those past relationships didn’t want to come forward so they were quiet for their sake.
    I also say this with genuine curiosity and not trying to nitpick, but do you find yourself being more critical of Hannah than past bachelorettes? I get that vibe from your blog posts but maybe it’s just me! I think they all have their moments that could have been done differently but I think she is handling herself quite well.

    Love the blog, thanks for taking the time each week to post!

  24. I walked away from that episode feeling that producers and editing were both over the top. None of it really made sense and you could feel that they were trying to manufacture drama and create a villainous story line. Because of that, Cam and Mike both looked bad in the process. I personally thought there were key details left on the cutting room floor in that scenario.

    Can we also talk about Tyler C.’s “pose” while he was on the labor simulator? He strikes me as a bit of a meathead (bringing in the football tackling pad and then stepping back and moving it when she lunged!!!) , but I also thinks she’s really into him. She gets extra flirty around him.

    That said, I do love her connection with Jed, agree that Peter is the ultimate sweetheart and really find it hard to see endearing qualities in Luke P. Can’t wait to see how the season unfolds!

  25. ABC Always BYE Cam

    I got tired oh hearing ABC Always Be Cam

    I already hoped he would be gone, but because he is annoying I thought producers may keep him on

    His ”sad story” was too exaggerated so I was happy to see him leave.

    I agree with the rest of the ladies – Luke needs to back off and Peter can stay💕

  26. Your insider comment about group date roses was really helpful! I had just been wondering if producers made the Bachelorette switch them up. Because often, I feel like some guys get them and then get sent home the next episode or two. If it’s true that there are typically only 4 or 5 front-runners, you would think the Bachelorette would want to save them all for those guys! Anyways, your perspective on editing and how the show operates behind the scenes has always been my favorite part of these blog posts. Thanks Ali!

    1. For sure!! one of my.favorite posts by Ali, too.

      I hope the show- from behind the scenes to the *leads* ( Hannah, Mike) take note.

  27. I’m confused though – Cam said he had to get his leg amputated but then had both of his legs! He was wearing shorts! His story didn’t add up.

    Totally agree with you about Jed & Peter – I love them!!

    1. I went online.
      Turns out he was able to keep the right leg, but had 13 surgeries.
      Something called lymphedema.

      Blame the show. But I’m sure they count on us sleuthing – and even encourage confusion.

  28. Ali I love your blog!
    I was hoping for a little more natural feel this time. Hannah has a great personality but she may be feeling pressure. Also, If the producers pushed Cam, it’s a disservice to Hannah!
    As for the conversation with Luke P, I think Hannah could just be feeling overwhelmed and needs her space to think. I don’t think she meant to be disrespectful, but could just tell he wasn’t getting the point by her bing nice.

  29. I know that production can obviously egg someone on and encourage them to keep interrupting or doing something stupid, but I have read on multiple occasions that the person can always say no. So while I felt Cam was pushed by production, he should have known his limits. He interrupted them 4 TIMES. That’s ridiculous. And I think that Hannah is handling the Luke P situation perfectly well. A guy like that needs to be taken down a couple notches. He is way to intense. If he’s confident about their relationship, he needs to take a page out of a couple of the other guys playbook. You don’t see Jed or Peter going all crazy because she’s building connections with other guys, because they know what they have with her and they’re confident in that. As for the Tyler G situation, I agree, I don’t understand why they didn’t explain that at all, especially since she’s gone on a 1 on 1 with him so the audience is at least familiar with him (even if you aren’t lol). I like your blog posts, but we’ll just agree to disagree on this episode lol 🙂

  30. Hi Ali
    Another great blog about last night’s bachelorette show! Hannah is a sweet girl.
    (I’m going to order the pink top…it’s so cute)
    ps. I’m rooting for Peter

  31. I agree with everything you have to say! However, I am a total Luke P fan. I think they are just playing him out to be the bad guy, but in reality I really do think he is there for the right intentions. I really do wish Hannah gave him time to talk. I was waiting the whole time for them to talk again and when they did she once again didn’t let him get any words in! I agree 100% the last 3 that will be standing will be Luke, Peter, and Jed! I actually haven’t watched the Bachlorette/Bachelor since your season! So it has been about 10 years since I have watched the show, but it is fun getting back into it! I look forward to your blog every Tuesday morning!

    1. I love Luke P. too – he is honest and true. His reveal to the guys after the unpleasant feedback from Hannah shows his virtue.

      Being a frontrunner put a target on his back – and production has been poking the bear.

      He was respectful of her. And others, I thought .

  32. REGARDING TYLER: I heard today that Tyler left of his own accord. And sadly, the rumor about him mistreating woman was started by a fake account on Reddit and was never confirmed.

    I feel really bad for him, his mom and sisters are getting called 🙁 and he (most likely) did nothing wrong. These rumors are really hurtful 🙁

    1. If you got that from the Chatty Broads pod or by following Bekah M, they have since gone back on that statement. They found out Tyler G was lying basically to make himself look better, and she received very convincing proof from a source that this was his fault, and that he lied to Bekah about it trying to save face.

  33. Okay! I was super frustrated at hannah this week!! I agree that I think it’s an age thing. Yes Luke P can be a little aggressive but come on let him talk! I honestly think he’s a genuine guy that might be a little arrogant but he knows he’s good looking right Haha. He’s not my top choice but she needed to let him talk. Like you said that’s how a relationship works! I also was so upset at Mike for saying that about Cam. I don’t respect him as much, even though I did feel for him with his vulnerable story. Poor Cam. I actually thought it was nice of him to confront the guys about wanting to talk first especially because they were all mad about him interrupting the group date before so he could’ve just done that again but at least this time he was trying to be more respectful. I didn’t see Cam and hannah together but still they weren’t very nice about it. I love peter! He’s so cute! And gosh wouldn’t it be nice to be married to a pilot! Lol. I really like him, Jed, Connor and Tyler C. My vote is jed or peter right now but that could change. I just hope she makes the right choice.

  34. Eeek, yes, was totally put off by Mike going to “tattle” on Cam and twist his words. I am not a Cam fan but that definitely felt so schemey.

    1. Mike even said he was going adter payback for *disrespecting* him.

      And who did the Pity Rose go to?
      M i k e with His Very Sad Story.

      What a jerky set up.

      1. Missus says wow you are really coming down on Mike too harshly. If that was any other guy, people who be saying ” Oh he’s just looking out for Hannah”. I think Mike was just looking out for Hannah.

  35. I totally agree. Luke P was dealt with a little harshly but you would think that would have set him straight a little and he’d tone it down. I’m just happy that Hannah is smart enough to see the ego and the cockiness and isn’t blinded by lust or infatuation.

  36. I agree with you on all fronts! It’s nice to hear your perspective as someone who has done this before! I was confused by Mike’s words too. I feel like either the editing didn’t show everything or he meant to imply that it sounded like Cam wanted a pity rose, not that he actually said it? I do really like him though. I’d love to see him as the next Bachelor!!! It’s never too early to start speculating, right?

    I was very surprised the producers didn’t turn the Tyler G. situation into a more dramatic exit. Perhaps they wanted to protect his reputation or the accusations haven’t necessarily been proven yet? Very out of character for the franchise.

  37. I agree 100% that Hannah should have done the labor simulation too! I mean, she hasn’t gone through labor so she can’t really say that’s what she ‘will’ go through one day! Just a little weird to me!

  38. Hey Ali! I looveee your blog! I’ve been reading them for a long time haha so safe to say I’m a fan😄. Anyways, part of me feels bad that when Cam told his story that the editing made it seem false/exaggerated and if what he said is true, it definitely is no fun getting an edit like that. BUT at the same timing, it was awkward with how he was in such a rush at that moment to tell her and am I the only one that finds it weird that he was writing letters to the other guys cause he thought he was leaving??? Like is it a thing to write letters? You’ll have to tell me your thoughts on that!

    1. Producers giveth and Producers taketh away.

      I bet they believe *giving* him Paradise ( early on, no doubt) will be all the salve Cam needs.

      Crappy deal. The guy was in tears, justifiably I would say. That his ordeal was so punitively judged is Freaky.

      Bad on Mike, Bad on Hannah, and Bad on the crew for amping all parties up.

  39. While I thought the pregnancy group date was funny, I found it strange. As far as I know Hannah has never experienced childbirth, so it seemed a strange thing to do on a date.

    1. Yea – Hannah has a bit of a sadistic streak.
      What about her telling a contender to eat ALL tje.bufs kast week!!!

      Luke P may turn out to be the sensitive one in that duo.

  40. Love Peter but just wish he’d stop saying ‘like’ so much. It makes him sound feminine and unintelligent.

  41. Hannah is a strong and vivacious woman, but I do not think her being “rude” to Luke p was a sign of her age. It could just be she was fed up and not as swoony with him as she was initially. Hannah is amazing because she does not have a good poker face. There have been past Bachelors/Bachelorettes who make it so difficult to read what they are thinking or going to do. Or they will say one thing and do another. Hannah is so not like that she is so genuine that she can’t fake a smile or pretend she appreciates someones annoying behavior when she DOES NOT. I agree she should have given Luke time to speak. It is so easy to tell when she is interested versus so not. I think her relationship with Luke was pure lust, cute guy with a good body, saying all the right things but as she is developing relationships and is seeing how genuine some of the other guys are it probably made her feel like WOAH slow down Luke, she is not hitched to his wagon. Either way, I agree I ADORE Peter, I really like him! I like Tyler C a lot, he is just so adorable and I love their interactions. I do like Connor and his note idea was adorable but I just don’t think they will be together at the end. Mike, I don’t know why he told Hannah things we didn’t hear Cam say, but I do really like him and Hope he becomes the next Bachelor! I Also LOVED Hannah’s blue sparkly romper, her outfit for first date, she looked so beautiful for her concert date and I liked her rose ceremony dress she looks radiant in red. But her makeup was awful…I do not like her with the dark red lip to much I think..thanks for sharing your thoughts. I always look forward to reading them.

  42. I haven’t read all the comments so maybe this was already said…I immediately paused the tv when she said that Tyler G was gone! I actually thought did something happen that I missed and went back and nope nothing….so weird. I want to know now what it could’ve been that they would make him leave but not talk about it?
    The whole Cam thing is weird first with the constant interrupting and then Jordan acting all crazy like that was bad for him for sure. I will say I have a feeling something was said off camera because one of the others guys mentioned that she looked right at Cam and he said something that makes me think he said other things to the guys. I am totally confused because he said tons of stuff that wasn’t anything that could get him kicked off?? I felt like he was for sure trying to get a pity rose. I am LOVING Jed, Peter, Connor (I so wish he would be in the top he so super sweet), and Tyler C.! I am so pulling for her and hope she realizes that this Luke guy is playing her bad. I don’t believe a single thing he is saying and hope it comes out soon!

  43. During that episode I was just wondering why Cam was writing letters or notes to the guys in case he was going home. I mean… why? He wasn’t there for the guys. Lol

    1. Just to stay in touch with people he made friends with – they don’t have cell phones, right?
      Old Skool

  44. Still not a Hannah B fan and I find her VERY immature and phony. Thank you for your blog and all your thoughts, Ali!

  45. I agree with you almost 100%. I do think she’s mistaking being a strong women with just being slightly bossy. However, I think she might just be feeling a lot of emotions and really want this to work. So I’ll cut her some slack 🙂
    I LOVE Peter! I really hope he’s the one 🙂
    I have a question maybe you can answer. What on earth do the guys/girls do all day in the mansion or in the hotel rooms while they are traveling? It looks like it could get crazy boring.

  46. I feel for Cam. I read that he suffers with lymphedema. LE is the worst. It’s a lifelong thing to deal with. If you don’t have it, you don’t know the struggle. His illness was not mentioned in the show, but if people knew what he was getting at, with mentioning it being a deal breaker in past relationships, they might understand where he was coming from. Whoever he ends up with will have to deal with his LE too. The bandages, wrapping, compression…. I was diagnosed a few years ago in my left ankle, and it sucks. I can’t wear certain shoes, never wore heels. It might have been the edit, but the way I understood was that he was afraid once he told her about his illness he’d be sent home.

    1. I like your post! I’m sorry you have to deal with that. It sounds horrible. I am not a fan of Cam’s but I thought he was really wanting her to know because I believe he said it hurt other relationships he’s been in.
      I don’t think he’s a bad guy, maybe just not able to communicate well (editing??)

  47. Enjoyed reading your take on the episode! I have a theory and I’m curious if you’d agree, having been the Bachelorette… In her second conversation with Luke P. where she confronts him, they go around a corner to have a conversation and you hear her say “I need you to respect the other relationships” or something like that but I don’t think that’s actually what she said to him in that moment. I think that audio was spliced in and that she actually said something encouraging to him that producers wouldn’t want us to hear because it would make him look like a front-runner. Thoughts?

    My faves are Jed, Peter, and Mike.

  48. You are seriously going to knock Hanna saying she was being rude to Luke P and that her age is showing in how shes trying to handle the situation of a known narcissist in front of her? Yet you are 34 yrs old and have to ask the public in every post prior to making the simplest of mothering decisions because you can’t handle it on your own. You become unglued over the smallest instances or decision making in rasing children and you’re going to mock someone else who DOES have the intelligence to know at 24 yrs old when an individual is showing narcissistic characteristics but doesn’t want to be RUDE and send him home without being 100% sure of the situation. Maybe someday Hanna can criticize you for coming between two people in a marriage like you did with your husband and then you guys will have something in common in criticism because it’s sure not being two beautiful Bachelorettes because you cant hold a candle next to any of the other leads in this franchise!!

  49. Maybe Mike did twist Cam’s words, but he also admitted to Hannah how he had written letters to the guys because he thought he was going home. I honestly think the outcome would’ve been the same – with Cam going home- regardless of Mike’s conversation.
    I also think that Hannah realized that she needed to maybe slow down and take control after everything that happened with Luke P last week. I loved how she called him out, but like you said she should’ve let him speak his peace. I think her intentions were in the right place, but execution missed the mark a tad.
    Finally, the labor pains date is now the standard by which all future bachelor/ette dates will be compared to, I have never laughed so hard!

  50. My top 3 are exactly the same: 1. Jed 2. Peter 3. Connor S or Luke ( has a lot of work to do). Love reading your comments and hearing your perspective as a prior Bachelorette 💗

  51. I agree with you 100%! I was not a big Cam fan from the get go- I was a Luke fan until the last episode he did seem overbearing and very into himself. Confidence is attractive but when it turns into cockiness it is a complete turn off. When Mike told Hannah that Cam told his story just for a “pity rose” I was a little shell chocked and wondered “did I miss something?” Because I don’t remember Cam saying that to anyone unless it was edited and we didn’t see it. Overall, I am a huge Peter fan. I can see him being in the top 2!

  52. I missed last week’s episode because we were in major tornados and so the weatherman took over. Thankful we were safe. But did I miss something with Hannah going to the hospital?? What happened??

  53. I don’t think Mike twisted Cam’s words and he actually said something off camera. I think this because when Hannah gave her speech before leaving the tailgate party, she made a comment about not giving out pity roses. One of the guys, I can’t remember which one now, said that he was sure Hannah was making a jab at Cam and indicating she wasn’t going to give him a rose. So unless Mike told that guy about Cam’s pity rose, he must have heard Cam say it too. And Cam didn’t super deny he said that haha.
    I am dying to know how someone suddenly needs to get their leg amputated yet subsequently keeps both legs…and how his grandmother and I think a dog(?) fit into that story.

    Ps. Love your blog!

  54. Do any producers or anyone from the show personally write you about your opinions on these shows? Like do they ask to not give so much “inside” detail? For example- the producers telling Cam to go talk to Hannah. I freakin love reading what you think because you’ve been there and your thoughts totally make sense. Just wondering if they ever get weird about it.

  55. Wait…producers made him go home?? I was thinking he had to leave for family stuff or something and didn’t want it shared. If I’m blunt…their date was boring anyways 😂🤷‍♀️ If he said “means the word to me” ooone more time lol

    Cam and Luke we’re both frustrating me. I think I was talking to them through the TV Haha.

    Peter and Jed are my top 2 predictions.

  56. Love your blogs! So the Cam story didn’t make sense to me either until I looked it up. He has lymph edema in one leg, which is a serious condition with many reprocussions and limitations for him. I could definitely seem him being very nervous about whether she would send him home because of that. I wish they would have edit it to include that part, but it seems like the producers didn’t want us to have any empathy for him. Sad.

  57. I agree with most of your comments, but you sure do mention Hannah’s age a lot. I feel she acts very mature and age shouldn’t be a factor.

  58. I hate how Cam always says, “Always be Cam!” If he wasn’t Cam, he might still be on the show!!!

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