Affordable Friday! Yay! Nordstrom Edition

Happy Affordable Friday! Obviously, Friday’s are a favorite of mine and for most people because, well… it’s the beginning of the weekend. But lately Fridays have had an extra special place in my heart because I’m absolutely loving doing these Affordable Friday posts! And this one is EXTRA EXTRA special because it’s Riley’s birthday!!!! I was going to write a post all about him today, but I am going to save all my Riley lovin’ for when I write all about his birthday party that’s happening tomorrow. Stayed tuned for insta stories and SUPER cute pics of that!

Anyway, I’m pretty proud of this Afforable Friday post because everything is under $50. And everything is from my absolute favorite store Nordstrom! Nordstrom definitely carries some designer brands that are investment pieces. Many of you have commented to me in the past saying you didn’t think you could afford to shop at Nordstrom because of that. But let me assure you, Nordstrom has a huge range of prices for their clothing. And the great thing about Nordstrom is that when you find an affordable piece, you know it’s going to be quality when it arrives in the mail. so I hope you guys feel confident that if you get any of these items they’re going to last you a while.

Putting side by side photos below so you can see one DSLR camera pic and one iPhone photo pic of the outfit.


The focus of this post is going to be affordable tops. And one killer pair of jeans! Let me actually start with the jeans. When I bought them I got them for $69 and I thought I got the deal of a lifetime. Basically, because I’m obsessed with them. But I also just looked on Nordstrom’s website and they’re 50% off right now! You heard that right, 50% off! That means they’re only $35 right now. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever gotten a pair of jeans at this good of a price. And what makes it more incredible is that I love them more than jeans I have that are over $200.


I love the light wash. And I love the minimal distressing around the left hip and ankles. It gives you the look of ripped jeans without your jeans looking like they need to be replaced. Ha! And the funny thing is that I rarely wear light colored jeans because I feel like they’re not usually very flattering. But these ones are so flattering! I absolutely love them and I know you guys will too!

I also have to link the white and pink striped cami I’m wearing in these photos. Basically because it’s one of my favorites. It’s more of an investment tank but it’s one I think that I will wear time and time again this summer – that’s why I had to link it.


This next top is so perfect for anyone out there who wants something to easily throw on and run out the door. I also love that it’s really long in the back and covers my booty, and loose/long in the front for the days I’m not feeling so confident about my midsection. And it’s only $29! I’ll try to post a video to Instagram story this morning so you guys can see the detail closer on the top. The detail makes it look so pretty and feminine.


I am wearing the jeans that are on sale for $35 in all the pictures of me in this post – just so you know! Told you they’re a favorite of mine!

The light blue striped top below is likely going to be what I wear at Riley’s first birthday party tomorrow! I can’t believe he’s one today. It’s completely blowing my mind. Honestly I couldn’t sleep last night which is why I woke up really early to write this post. Both my kids are sleeping so right now it’s the calm before the storm.


Anyway, this top is only $35 and it’s also breast-feeding friendly! Obviously I’m not breast-feeding anymore. I talk to you guys about this a lot. But every time I find a cute shirt that’s breast-feeding friendly I can’t help but think about all the breast-feeding moms out there. It’s only $35 – I would definitely check this one out! It’s a little bit on the short side so I think it’s meant to be worn with high waisted jeans. But when I say that, I don’t mean that it’s a crop top! It’s not short at all as long as you wear it with higher waist jeans. I even think mid rise would work.

Oh and FYI, my sunglasses are only $16!


Also had to quickly re-share the photo below. The white BP cami is now on sale for $20! It comes in a couple colors and it’s made out of linen which makes it really gorgeous. I’m thinking it’s on sale because of the Memorial Day weekend. So I would snatch it up now before the sale ends!

The shorts were also linked in my post from last week, and they sold out really fast! It looks like Nordstrom added a few more pairs if you want to snag them!! They are 50% off too!

1. $20 Linen Tank | 2. Shorts

I posted the below pictures of me cooking a recipe the other day on my blog and a few of you asked me where the top is from. And I’m just realizing now as I’m writing this post that it’s from Nordstrom and only $23 so I had to include it in this post! I’m wearing a medium and I feel like it’s slightly big on me. So if you’re in between sizes definitely size down. And in general you might want to size down even if you’re not in between sizes – but medium worked fine for me. I didn’t mind that it was slightly big. I liked the look of it that way!


I also LOVE this tank top below. It is SUPER soft and a great neutral option to have in your closet. I’m wearing the gray and white striped option, and there are 4 others to choose from! It’s $25, and worth it because honestly it really is so, so soft! I would say this is definitely one of the pieces that I live in!


This last top that I wanna talk about is this cute little red tank. I just love the color so I wanted to include it in this post!!! It’s only $29. You’ll probably need to wear either a strapless bra or a bralette with it!

1. RED CAMI| 2. $35 JEANS

Real quick before I go. I also bought this dress and just saw it on sale for $29. Gotta love these memorial weekend sales – when I bought it, it was $49. I would size down in this one. And you need to wear it with a bralette underneath because it’s low cut. Or it great to wear over a swimsuit. Which is how I am wearing it here.

I will also be wearing this dress this week so I thought I would share a little sneak peak!

Well there you have it! I hope you guys really liked this post. It was important to me to do an Affordable Friday from one of my favorite stores. You guys know how obsessed I am with Nordstrom since about 80% of my clothes come from there. So I hope you really like these affordable looks! And let me know if you have any questions about any of them!

And thank you Nordstrom for making my fashion dreams come true by working with me and sponsoring this post!!!!

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18 thoughts on “Affordable Friday! Yay! Nordstrom Edition

  1. First of all, Happy Birthday to Riley and today is my Moms Birthday too! 🥳🥳 Everything is so cute on you for Summer and I especially love the pink top with the eyelet. I need one to cover my booty too! Lol! Happy Memorial Day weekend Ali! ❤️🇺🇸

  2. Happy 1st Birthday to Riley!! Enjoy the celebration 🙂

    So…totally love the clothing from Nordstrom and their website is pretty awesome, it offers such a selection! However…I find because I live in Canada, the duty fees and taxes are sometimes almost half the price of the item! It’s insane so unfortunately between that, and the shipping- it’s just not an affordable option (very weird to because we have Nordstrom locations here but on the website it says all online purchases ship from US) Any other Canadians encounter this??

    Thanks for posting and adorable choices!


  3. Ok… I realize that this is all about clothes, which I love, but where is your door wreath from because I love it?! 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Riley! Just ordered the jeans and cami (I love BP)! Can’t wait for them to get here. I hope you have a fantastic weekend celebrating.

    1. You are going to LOOOOOVE! Both pieces. I am wearing the jeans right now and I’m still in shock they are on sale for $35

  5. Ali!!! Thanks so much for the affordable Friday posts!! Loving them!! I get a tons of stuff off your recommendations and also LOVE everything!! Happy Birthday Riley!! My baby boy is one and my mommy heart was so full of emotions on his 1st bday!! Enjoy the day with your babies and family!

  6. Love these tops. Can u say what size u got in them so it will help in ordering the right size. Already ordered a top but jeans not available in size. Oh well.

    Love love your Friday clothes posts. Thanks so much. 😊❤️

  7. Happy Birthday to sweet, happy Riley!🎈🎈🎊🎉🎂🎉🎊🎈🎈
    I love the sold pink top, the white tie blouse and the red print cami best on you, Ali!❤️

  8. Although I do like the look of these outfits, I wouldn’t call them “affordable”. $59 for a tank top? $70 for a top and shirt combined? That’s a lot of money to be spending on 1-2 items of clothing. To each his own, I guess.

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    1. That’s 3, not 5. I guess you exerted too much energy being mean when writing & posting that list that you simply couldn’t finish it. Mean-spirited, ill-intentioned people baffle me. I hope you figure out life is a lot better when you decide to be a happy, good person.

    2. Wow, it still amazes me that someone would purposely choose to bring another woman down with hurtful and unnecessary comments. Lulu78, I am sorry to see the true colors of your heart and hope you can one day grow into a kinder person. I sure you will even like yourself better. Ali, thank you for sharing yourself so openly. You were young when you were the bachelorette, and you have even stated that you have grown exponentially since then. I thought you were lovely back then and even better now! Your positivity and willingness to share and lift up others is appreciated by so many:)

  10. Ahh, I’m more than pumped to see this post! Nordstrom is my absolute favorite place to buy clothes and I had NO idea it was affordable until I started following your blog! Thank you for posting these finds! Keep them coming, pretty please 🙂 Happy birthday, Riley!! 🎉

  11. Hi Ali,
    Happy 1st birthday, Riley! 🕯️
    I need to go shopping, especially for the pink top…it’s so cute.
    Have a great holiday/birthday weekend.
    p.s. Riley’s b/day cake looks scrumptious!

  12. Happy birthday Riley. I feel like 1 is one of the hardest ages for us as mamas. I know you have talked about this before but can you remind me what preset you use? I can’t find it in your blog

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