The Bachelorette – Not My Favorite Episode

Time to talk about last night’s episode of The Bachelorette! I didn’t watch with my kids, but the photo below of me giving ALL my roses to Riley is just cute, so I thought I would include it in the post. I linked our outfits and some kitchen stuff in the photo below for those interested. But let’s get into the show…


First (Group) Date of the Season

To be completely honest I was really disappointed with the first date of the season. Having guys take off their clothes and be objectified is just not cool in my book. It was the other way around (so on a season of the Bachelor), I would’ve been absolutely horrified if the first date of the season or really any date on the season was the women being asked to strip down into bikinis and walk the runway to be oogled over. I try not to have double standards that are different for men and women. So I just thought the date was in poor taste.


The one thing I kind of did like about the date was seeing how uncomfortable Jed made Luke P feel. Just because Luke P was looking Jed up and down when he walked the runway. He knows he has some competition. And like I said in my blog post last week, I think Jed will likely be in the top two. And now I even think he will be the final guy standing!

And I also said this last week, but his singing is just insanely good that I have to say it again! He’s for sure going to get some sort of record deal out of this. And I’m not hating on him for it! Work this show for all it’s worth. If you can get love out of the show and a record deal, why not get both! The important thing is that his intentions for being on the show are for the possibility of love first and foremost and I think they are.


I feel like a broken record here but I also said last week that I thought Luke P looked like he was auditioning for the Bachelor on the very first night. And I still think that! He just seems to say what he thinks she wants to hear and what he thinks will make him a good candidate for the next Bachelor. It’s all BS in my opinion! And last night when he told her he’s falling in love with her that just blew my mind. That’s insane! Look, I’m not saying that love at first site is completely bogus. I believe that you can fall for someone (in lust) pretty instantly. But I just don’t feel a sense of genuineness from him. He’s legitimately spent a total of two hours with her between the rose ceremony night and this first date. You get so little time with each person. I just think he saying what he thinks he supposed to be saying. I’m not a fan.

And it’s no coincidence that he got the first impression rose AND won Mr Right. My guess is it was probably a tossup between him and Jed. And the producers thought it would create more drama if he got it since he just got the first impression rose. That’s just my hunch. I bet Hannah didn’t get to pick. Because when she talked to him at the after party she seemed very weary of his decision to use that word already. So I definitely don’t think it was her choice. I bet the other judges chose (I think she would have chosen Jed). But when Luke P. told her he meant it, she totally fell for it. She is putting on the blinders with him. I am worried for her!

First One-On-One Date

I found her one-on-one with Tyler extremely boring. It just felt like there was zero connection. They felt like friends – not romantic at all. Don’t get me wrong, I think he is a charming and super sweet guy but I just could barely keep my eyes open watching their date. I do like him though. And I’m sorry this is the shortest recap of a date ever. But I just don’t have much to say.


Group Date #2

I think it’s pretty obvious that she isn’t into Cam. If she was, she would’ve been so excited that he came to visit her on the date. Imagine if that was Luke P or Jed. Her reaction would’ve been a lot different – check out her facial expression in the photo below. I did think it was very mature of the guys when they approached Cam about it. A few of them stepped outside to let him know they didn’t appreciate it. They didn’t lose their cool raise their voice. I just thought it showed how stand up Hannah’s guys are.

I also want to say that the guys that didn’t get time with her aren’t going to end up with her at the end. While I get that they were upset about it, the producers really just ended the date to make it seem like it was Cam’s fault that they didn’t get time. But at the end of the day, Hannah is going to make time for the guys she’s most interested in. So I feel pretty certain to say that the guys that didn’t get time with her won’t end up with her in the end. And that’s not because of Cam. It’s because she’s just not that into them.


Rose Ceremony

Oh my. I’m not even sure where to begin about her speech when she walked in to the rose ceremony. Honestly, I thought somebody had died when she walked in and started her speech the way she did. Then as she started talking I realized she was just emotional about the entire experience. Honestly, if I was one of the guys I’d be terrified. I can be an emotional person myself. But her speech didn’t make any sense – she wasn’t really clear on why she was upset and she just seem to be overreacting in my opinion.


That said, I do adore Hannah. I think she’s a very sweet girl and I will be rooting for her every step of this journey. But I think she lost a lot of people during that speech. And I think she probably freaked out the guys. If the Bachelor came in on the second rose ceremony crying because he said he didn’t know how to handle it I would be completely turned off. Again – trying not to have a double standard. I’m just worried about her at this point.

I also think her age really showed during that speech. I don’t think she’s emotionally ready to be married. And look, I was only one year older than her when I was a Bachelorette. But I don’t really think I was ready then either to be honest. I thought I was at the time! But looking back now, I wasn’t mature enough.

The dress she is wearing here is the same designer as last week, so I won’t link the exact since it has to be custom ordered. I linked a few similar options though!

Luke and Jed Awkwardness

I think she’s getting a little too ahead of herself with Luke. It’s going to backfire, I just know it. She’s not thinking with her head or even leading with her heart. She’s leading with another body part if you know what I mean. She sexually attracted to him and I get it. But I just think she needs to pump the brakes a little bit. She even knows that it’s inappropriate at this stage in the game.

But what really bothers me about it is that she completely lied to Jed about what was happening. She said the massages were funny, ha ha! But what was going on with her and Luke was not funny whatsoever – it was very steamy. At one point she even said told Jed that if he had come into the room in his underwear afterwards and said “well if we’re giving massages” that she would’ve been like “bye Luke!” And we know she wouldn’t have. I don’t know, I just thought that her completely lying to Jed about what the situation was wasn’t necessarily the right thing to do. I would’ve preferred it that she acknowledged how awkward it was, apologized that he had seen, and then talked about how difficult the experience is and how she does know what she’s doing.


No real surprises there. Instead I’ll just end this by saying Riley gets my rose EVERY time 🙂 BTW, he is turning ONE this week! Insane right? I feel like he was just born!


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107 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – Not My Favorite Episode

  1. Love your recap as always, I viewed Hannah’s pre cocktail party speech differently. In my opinion it was actually reassuring to see a Bachelorette be her true self, and for her getting the chance to be with a bunch of really great guys who are all there for her. Getting to do some crazy things it can for sure catch up with you and make you this is surreal. So, I think Hannah getting emotional was actually really sweet. It didn’t have to be as dramatic as she made it seem but I guess she is trying to be as true as she can be. I also do think Luke P is being genuine. I do not think this is a Bachelor audition, however I agree using the words…”falling in love” is a bit weird, if he truly is feeling that way he should have said it to her when it was just the two of them. But doing it in front of the other guys at a “talent contest” seemed wrong. I do not like Jed as much as some of the others, I just for whatever reason think their relationship seems ehh, I really like Peter, Tyler C, Connor S and I am truly hoping Luke P proves us all wrong and is genuinely interested. Because she def likes him

    1. Hi Jordana! Thanks for visiting my blog! I genuinely hope that all of them are truly there for her, we will see!

      1. Do the producers genuinely have a say in who she gives roses to? Is that because they want to keep the show interesting? If so, then I have a completely different view of it. I will probably stop watching if that is the case.

    2. I thought so far that the Bachelotte it hasn’t been that exciting to me as yet
      although I believe Hannah is nervous and in around the second week she will
      get the hang of it.

  2. I’m not completely sure that I agree that Luke is there for the wrong reasons. I think he is so jealous of the other guys that he’s being over-indulgent. He is starting to get creepy. I am OK with girls in bikinis (what difference does it make if it’s at the mansion’s pool or on a runway?) or guys in a speedo. I enjoyed it, ha! Anyway, I think she’ll end up getting annoyed with Luke P and will send him on.

    I really like Hannah – I think she’s so genuine. I didn’t like her lying to Jed either. Let’s hope that’s the last time she makes up excuses.

    I’ll be glad when Cam goes – he’s just on for the producers at this point!

    Feel better soon Ali! It’s hard to watch this show when you’re not feeling well! ha!
    …. and happy birthday to Riley!

      1. Hannah wants honestly but lies to Jed. Seems like double standards to me. I hope she fesses up. I must add that the camera is on Jed quite a bit. Leads me to believe that the producers want us to think he’s the potential winner.

        Ali, great job on your assessment of the show! We all love that you are real!

        1. I think Jed laid out a little bullshit first – trying to save face, really…and keep things comfortable with Hannah.

          If it were the other way around and Luke found Jed half dressed , he would have swept Hannah off her feet with some completely passionate act or detail, and Never Mentioned the Shirtless Dude.

          Hannah would have LOVED it.

          I think Luke is for real. I think he and Hannah both have hyper emotional response systems.

  3. Honestly I thought last night was a train wreck compared to last week. I really hope it gets better because they are losing me real fast!

  4. I actually loved how Hannah was open and honest about her emotions in her speech. She didn’t have to do it through tears, I’m sure she could have pulled herself together and made them wait. As an emotional person myself, I really admire her wanting to show the guys her real self and not hiding it. I think the guy who really learns to love her and care for her will appreciate her and love her for it. I think her wanting to show them who she truly is is refreshing.
    I do sort of agree with you about Luke P. Regardless of it he’s genuine or not she seems to be jumping super fast with him and I’m worried for her!

    1. Yes! Everything you said here. I totally agree. It’s so refreshing to see real emotions. Rather than crying in the video room alone, talking to the camera… she is putting it all out there and whoever she ends up with, will love all parts of her. Emotional or not.

    2. I am almost worried for her, too.
      The only thibg that makes me think she is not doomed is that she IS connecting -.plenty! – with other men.

      H.B. is one of a kind.

  5. I totally agree with the Luke and Jed situation. I understand she was trying to keep the conversation light hearted and not have to hurt Jed’s feelings. But she should have been honest and just admitted it was awkward and agree to move on. I agree with Jed possibly winning! He’s a catch!!!

  6. Hey Ali, LOVE your re-caps! I also listen to the Chatty Broads podcast for their re-cap, would you ever consider being a guest?? Also, the photos of you and Riley are precious, thank you for sharing.

    1. Great recap, and I completely agree with you re: the double standards (esp. regarding objectifying people, regardless of gender!). Thank you for sharing your inside knowledge and your thoughts (the photos are also adorable!). Echoing Paige’s comment, I also listen to the Chatty Broads podcast and think you would be a fab guest!

  7. Ahhh me and my friends said the SAME thing about the first date. If they had made girls parade around in bikinis we would’ve been mad. I get that it’s a pageant thing and she’s a pageant girl, but still, eek. No thank you.

    1. I agree that the speedo contest wasn’t tasteful at all. I loveeee Hannah too but I feel that in this episode you can see that she’s not mature enough to be the bachelorette. I hope i’m wrong and she is really ready and finds a great guy (that hopefully isn’t Luke P)

    2. They did though! On Aries season during the moulin rouge date! The women has to wear revealing costumes and perform on stage.

      1. Thank you! i was trying to remember what season they made them wear bikinis or something on stage.

  8. My husband joined always joined me in watching the Bachelorette/Bachelor. Last night had too much sexy stuff, ewww. I am married but putting all those sexy scenes on the show are not tasteful (as you said).

    We also got bored on watching her one-on-one date with Tyler. There was nothing there, no romance. I guess Hannah just finds him attractive and handsome.

    I appreciate your thoughts, so on point.

    Riley is so adorable, I also can’t believe he’s turning one. Happiest 1st birthday!

  9. Hi Ali!
    Your posts about the shows are always so good! And on point! Definitely agree with the overall kind of boringness of the episode, my husband and I kind of lost interest. Hoping this season picks up soon.

    Riley is the sweetest little boy! My daughter will be one in a few months, and how fast time flies blows but my mind!
    Happy Birthday to him 💕

  10. Luke is an unmitigated disaster. I can’t stand to keep watching him but sadly I think he’ll be around for a while. Womp Womp.

    Cam has got to go. If I took a drink every time he said ABC, Always Be Cam, I’d be getting a liver transplant. Love the guy that was like, are you going to come on all other dates you’re not invited to? Ha!

    I like Jed and the pilot. So bad at knowing their names until the final 4 🤪

    Excellent recap Ali! 👌🏽

    1. I totally agree on both Luke and Cam. I swear if I hear “ABC, always be cam” one more time….

  11. Can I just ask if I’m the only person who thinks that Tyler (her first one on one) is the perfect combination of Tanner and Jared? 🙂 I definitely agree with your take on the first date, I thought it was super awkward! Luke is showing a bunch of red flags and I hope she notices sooner than later! He seems so possessive of her and just knows exactly what she wants to hear.

    1. Yes I totally agree! Ashley put on her story that it was weird to see someone look like Jared and not be Jared but I thought the same that he’s a mix of both him and Tanner.

  12. I agree so much with this post! Especially the first group date scenario, I ended up changing channels during that date because I didn’t appreciate it. Also what you said about her rose ceremony toast! When she came in crying, I texted my friend “What is going on!?” Loved reading your recap!

  13. Hi Ali! I love reading your recaps every week! You’re just honest and you tell it like it is!
    I am hoping to see more of Peter the pilot, boy is he cute! He seems so smitten with Hannah:)
    Riley is a DOLL! I don’t blame you for giving your roses to him! Thank you for sharing your life/sweet family with your fans!

  14. I knew this season was going to be hard to watch because I honestly didn’t obsess over anybody from Colton’s season enough to be the bachelorette. But now that it’s here it’s just AWKWARD. She looked like she was going to get it on with Luke and that should be saved for the fantasy sweets! I don’t love anybody from the season yet and I didn’t like any of the date ideas in episode 2. Hopefully the season improves.

  15. I liked last night , the pageant is no different then girls being half naked at the pool and a few go topless .. The roller derby was fun to watch .. Ty G date was boring and I see him leaving soon no spark .. Her speech was nice to see , she showed she’s human , overwhelmed and feeling many emotions was so nice to finally see … watching other seasons back like Emily I don’t get why she wanted Jeff but she says she liked a bad boy , when I’m thinking Sean was everything she wanted , so unless were them we can’t understand what their feeling .. I’m hoping she puts on the breaks with Luke P as he’s creepy and looks at the guys who are there for the right reason !!

  16. I would LOVE to hear from some girls Luke dated in his college days. The Lukes will get ya when you’re in your early 20’s. My Bullshit detector was ringing off the charts every time he opened his mouth.

  17. Ali, I always look forward to reading your thoughts on the latest episode!!

    -I definitely agree about her one-on-one date with Tyler. He seems like a super sweet guy, but just not the one for her. And it was a super boring date….I kept switching to the Cubs game since that was more interesting than their date haha.
    -As far as Cam randomly showing up at the group date, like you said, I really appreciated the way the guys confronted him about it. They didn’t get mad & start arguing or fighting, they just calmly expressed their concerns. It really shows the maturity of those guys.
    -Her rose ceremony speech…..I can appreciate her being so open/honest/vulnerable/overwhelmed. However, I do think she could have expressed those feelings without being so dramatic with it.
    -Luke P….UGH. Not a fan. My guess is that he is there for the right reasons, but also wants to make himself look as good as possible so that if he doesn’t win he has a good shot at the bachelor. So basically I think he has mixed motives for being there. When it came to his “massage time” with Hannah, that was not cool of her. If they were on a one-on-one then sure. But the fact that she went along with that during the cocktail party, knowing that any of the other guys could walk in & see that at any minute (which happened to Jed), I feel like that was disrespectful to the other guys there. I worry that she’s going to get herself into some trouble with Luke.

    1. Yeah but:
      she Knows the producers are sending in Cam and Jed and whomever crashes anything .

      She has seen how the show works from her time on the Bachelor.

      I liked that Luke P took the blame…made me think well of him.

      They are a match of sexual and emotional intensity.

  18. I feel like this season is going to be SPICY! And I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not yet!

    I really think producers want to keep cam for 1 or 2 more episodes…
    I’m very scared to see what’s gonna happen with Luke P but I think he’s here to stay… for a while at least… it’s getting a little cringe for me to be honest!

    Really feeling Tyler C, Mike (watch her excitement around him), that guy who gave the Kleenex and Pilot Pete (he’s adorable).

    Love your posts Ali! I’m always delayed with South African time but I always look forward to coming here to see what you’re thinking…

  19. I don’t know why but I can’t bring myself to even watch – esp Luke. After two minutes I changed the channel. After Chasen left last week I’m just not into it. But I hope the best for her. Favorite part of this blog – Riley!! No I cannot believe he is 1! I have just loved watching him become an early walker too. I guess I prefer The Ali & Fam show lol.

  20. I’m so glad you brought up how inappropriate the first group date was! My first thought while watching was “how would that go over if roles were reversed and the bachelor was making all the girls strip down into bikinis and walk a runway?” I know it’s all for fun, but I think a silly thing to do especially considering this “me too movement” era we are in.

  21. Ali!!! I absolutely love your recaps. I completely agree with you about Luke – he does not seem genuine.

    As for the “steamy scene” with Luke, I agree that it was completely inappropriate. It is inappropriate for the stage that they are in, it is disrespectful for the other men and in my opinion it does not send a positive message to the young girls watching the show. I completely understand that things like that happen but I was disappointed for Hannah for letting it get that far especially on live television. Still rooting for Hannah but I hope nothing like that happens again.

    Team Jed all the way!

    Ali, I’m curious as to how you feel about John Paul Jones. There’s something intriguing about it and I hope we find out more about him !

  22. I’ve never read one of your blogs and agreed with every single thing you said! I normally really like your point of view, but we usually have a different take. That being said, I feel the same way about everything. I really worry about Hannah with Luke. There is no way he is falling in love with her and he did not seem sincere when he was saying it! YIKES!

  23. Hi Ali. I enjoyed your recap of last night’s Bachelorette episode. It’s kind of nice getting your perspective since you’ve been in that situation before.
    I truly believe that the only connection between Luke P and Hannah is completely sexual; and you can’t have a long-lasting/forever relationship with just that. I think her and Luke P were both so disrespectful to Jed and really feel like that was not the time or place for their “massages”. Save that kind of behavior for a one-on-one date; not for a group date or cocktail party.
    I feel like Cam is a total weirdo and needs to go home. I get that he is trying to be “bold” and let Hannah know that he’s thinking of her. But I truly believe he is borderline stalkerish. Not a Cam fan at all. He says “ABC – Always Be Cam”; I say, don’t be anything like Cam. I am hoping by the previews that were shown last night that Cam will be packing his bags and going home next week.
    I really really like Peter the pilot and I think he is there for love. I don’t believe that he has alterior motives. There are actually quite a few good guys in the group and I hope they stick around and get rid of the drama kings.

    1. Loving the twist of Jared – yeah…I was only seeing the Tanner side!

      I LUV Hannah, but I think ABC hired her b/c she has the same *red flags* that Luke P has: Two Love Junkies.
      We haven’t seen it to this degree in the cast over the years.
      Hopefully Hannah’s courage and honest way of confronting issues will balance the blind side of the Romance Addiction.

  24. I totally Agree with you regarding Luke Ps intentions. I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking that. In his initial introduction he point blank said he was a lady’s man and just slept around then he claimed to have found Jesus and was striving to be a good husband for his future wife. It all seems too good to be true starting to think he’s a master manipulator that knows exactly what he’s doing. Not 100% sure what I think Of Hannah yet.

  25. Such a good recap of last nights episode! I could hardly even watch it, I cleaned the house while having it on in the background. I was completely disgusted when Hannah was all over Luke!!! Then for her to continually say the same cuss word over and over, how awful do you think Luke felt!?! Love your thoughts, Ali!!

  26. Jed has been my favorite from the start. But I especially loved how he handled the situation with Luke last night. It was clearly awkward and Hannah was so embarrassed (Luke seemed proud of himself frankly). But even though he was definitely rattled by it, Jed was so gracious about it, even saying he realized that all this was way harder for her than for him. He’s a keeper for sure!


  27. I am looking forward to a Cam exit (he’s an Evan Bass replica, in looks and in drama-stirring- remember him on his season of the Bachelorette? He kept starting fights at the prompting of producers, and frankly, I didn’t enjoy watching him on my TV so was unhappy with his extra air time). I know Evan got his happy ending, but I always found him an annoying turn-off, and feel the same about Cam. There is enough real drama that the producers don’t need to manufacture this nonsense. That trio nugget date that was supposed to include Kevin? Ridiculous.

    Tyler didn’t seem attracted to Hannah, it was a waste of a one-on-one for her.

    Luke P. strikes me as authentic in that he *believes* he’s falling in love, but he also comes across as relying on his looks (and doesn’t realize how off-putting it is to be around someone who acts aware of being more attractive than his peers). Based on previews and what we’ve seen up to now, it looks like possessiveness and immaturity combined. I think he wants this to be his love story, and doesn’t like the idea of her getting close to other guys and that sullying HIS story, even though this journey is Hannah’s and not his.

  28. I agree about that first date. It made me feel akward. I think Luke P is totally fake. I don’t get the lust either. There are better looking men. The one on one guy ( forgot his name) seemed so fake and emotionless. I don’t think he’s into it. I still like Hannah. I hope she looks passed Luke P to a better guy. I liked Jed’s reaction and talk with Hannah after walking in on Hannah and Luke. He seems cool and down to earth.

  29. I feel that the more seasons of the bachelor I watch, the more I see how you can really tell the difference between the 24 year old men, and the 27+ year old men. It’s funny how those few short years of life experience make a difference! I’m really hoping Luke can prove his maturity through this season. However, I dont think Hannah will choose him. I’m sure she will think logically as time goes on!

  30. Ali, I am like you but didn’t like last night. I didn’t like either of the dates. The first was in very poor taste to me. Someone above said what is different for girls being in swim wear by the pool than showing off in a pageant. Everything, subjecting anyone to being put on display like that is in poor taste. The 2nd group date was dangerous to me. I keep waiting for the day someone gets seriously hurt on one of these dates. The issue I have with Cam showing up is someone had to take him there which shows this to be a “staged” event to me. Hope she finds what she is looking for.

  31. I can usually stay awake and watch…last night put me into Snoozeville quickly. I’ve watched for years, I’m a Grandma, been around the block….and need to see more substance to keep my attention. I agree with many of Ali”s observations….hope the next segment is better.

  32. Hi Ali… I think you are precious however I just want to know how you would feel if a bachelorette prior to your season commented on everything she thought you did wrong? I would have thought since you were in the same position you would be a little more understanding. You say you adore her but it sure doesn’t sound like.. women should support women. Again I think you are so cute but I don’t think you realized you were kind of bashing Hannah in the blog.

  33. I loved her on Coltons season and I love her as The Bachelorette. I think Luke will be in the top 3 but I rely like Peter and Tyler C. I really feel like Luke is auditioning for something. Those scenes were a little too much for the 2nd week. I thought it usually got steamier later in the season. Love this blog. Your doing a great job

  34. Can’t believe no one mentioned my “fav” cringe-worthy moment: when her one-on-one asked what her dreams for the future were and she had no idea. She rambled with pageant-speak and I felt totally embarrassed for her. Not to say I don’t like her, because I do–she so sweet and kind of adorable in a beautifully quirky way, but sometimes I worry about her maturity too.

  35. Loved your recap! I felt the same about Luke. I also thought that if he really felt that way he would have said it to her privately and not in front of all the guys on the group date. I think it being some public, made if feel less real.

    I was bored during her date with Tyler, I fast forwarded.

    And I like your point about how the date ended with Cam coming, because it seemed like the guys that went to say something to Cam could have spent their time going to talk to Hannah and then they wouldn’t have had to worry about not talking to her.

    Thanks for doing a recap! Riley is so cute accepting your roses!

  36. I’m having a really hard time getting into this season. I kind of only half watched last night while doing other things, and that is VERY unlike me when The Bachelor/Bachelorette is on! I agree that Hannah is very immature and it’s really showing. Even if you or others have felt after the fact that you weren’t mature or ready enough for marriage, I don’t feel like it ever came across that way on the show – until now. The whole thing just seems like a train wreck and I hope it gets back on track soon.

  37. I think the speedo thing was a little much for the first group date; however, Hannah is a pageant girl where they mascaraed around in swim suits, so it doesn’t really seem that far fetched

  38. I don’t think Luke P is playing a game…I think he lacks emotional intelligence. He’s caught up in this unusual setting he is now part of and doesn’t know how to process his reactions to it. This kind of setting is going to destroy him. Admittedly, I was disappointed when Hannah B was chosen as the Bachelorette. I’m even more bummed now…the season already feels like it’s dragged on forever 🙁

  39. I also thought someone had died when Hannah came in for the rose ceremony. I kept waiting for a much bigger reason for her to start the evening with tears. However, I liked the part when she said she’s a strong, emotional women. Emotions are often perceived as weaknesses, but they are not, it was refreshing to see. But I agree that she should have taken a different approach to convey that.

    I didn’t register that she lied to Jed so it was interesting to read your point of view. I just tough she felt really embarrassed and tried to laugh at the situation. I sensed that Jed is her first or second choice and she was afraid she’d lost him, hence the reaction. Luckily Jed had a very mature response.

  40. I may be older than most of your commenters but I think there is way too much kissing. I thought she and Luke were going to get it on right there. I think she is so hot for him she cannot think straight.

  41. I can’t watch anymore this season and sorry you have to:) I will keep reading your blog however and the links are fun to see.

  42. Well I’m sitting here watching the episode and was blown back with the speedo part too. Little odd for a first date and well I guess that was probably the ahownmore than Hannah. I was reading your comments and have always liked you and follow you on Facebook and thought wow kind of sad like your almost bad mouthing Hannah, but then I sat there and realized EVERYTHING you were saying I was thinking as I’m watching (well kind of watching it) I am writing this as Hannah’s on here one on one with Tyler and clearer I’m noted if I’m on your page lol. And good for you for saying it how it is. I was very conflicted with Hannah being the Bachelorette, and I always try and find the best in people, but I’m already seeing two sides of her. Kind of contradictory. But well guess this is “reality” tv… they like to make it fit what we want to see… not sure I’ll make it through each episode this season, and honestly Chris doesn’t seem to be as into it this year either. I’m now watching them all rollerblade, it’s like a a visual of how the show’s going so far. Ali glad you keep it real and sorry for almost thinking you were being kind of rude when you really weren’t. You were just being real and that’s why I Love Ya. As we all should be real. Hannah looks amazing in her rollerblade outfit, just not sure how that fits the modest image shes saying she is!?!! Own it is better than contradicting yourself. Just my opinion.

  43. I was definitely thrown off by her speech. I too thought she had some bad news to deliver – either about the guys or herself. When she was done I looked at my husband and said, “WTF was that about?” 🙂

    As for Luke – I’m on the fence. I think the I love you was definitely not necessary or genuine at this point. He’s just saying what he thinks he should be saying to “win” her over. When he came into the interview at the end of the show, I did feel like he was looking at her in a way that seemed a little more real than I have seen up to this point. Jury is still out on that one for me.

    Lastly, the fact that Cam crashed their group date didn’t seem wrong to me. I mean, I get it’s against the “rules,” but he didn’t get a date AT ALL. Why is it so hard for producers to disperse the last three to no one is left out (or is that on purpose?). I guess if he had a date at some point, I would feel differently, but the guy has to fight for what he wants.

    That’s all! Love your blog (and photographs) Ali!

  44. I agree!! Need to settle down. Luke P is weird in my opinion. To fast to say that he loves her. I just want it to be more natural. Thanks Ali!!! Your the best. I love your true story.

    Happy birthday Riley!! Beautiful kiddos 👶🏽 also

  45. Hi Ali! I totally agree with everything you wrote. Luke P just seems creepy. Saying he was falling for her before they even met was just….what?! I mean, I could see him liking what he saw; her character, her smile, her hair, whatever…but to say that he was falling in love with her before they even met is just weird. I’d be totally turned off by that.

    Oh boy! The speedos were such a turn off for me. I would LOVE to see The Bachelor franchise not try to hype things up and just do a normal, “A Day in the Life” Bachelor show. I’d love real. Not dates on top of some Hollywood hotel, or on some fancy date that couldn’t be obtained unless you make millions or are on a show that has a giant budget. I’d love to see men and women not objectified. Maybe it’s because I’m 32, but it just seems really immature.

    PS. Happy Birthday to Riley! He’s a cutie!!!

  46. I think Luke is enjoying his moment in the spotlight a bit too much. He may genuinely be into Hannah, but as of now I see it as a steamy fling rather than a relationship that would stand the test of time. I hope she takes a step back and reminds herself what she is hoping to find in a partner and take away from this experience. I’m rooting for her!

    It seemed like the show may have been mixing things up last week, but it fell back into the formula. I wonder of that is why it may have felt a bit slow?

    Finally, I was disappointed that the show fed into the pageant stereotypes rather than being more forward thinking about it. I would have loved to see it done differently!

  47. Can we talk about Tyler C?! Love him! I think she should stick with him!

    Riley Manno is The Man! Super cute! ❤️

  48. I cannot stand how fake Luke is. It’s obvious. It’s cool that you are observing this with more mature and older eyes. I am curious about something. Do they put the guys names on the roses so she does not mess up?

  49. I agree with everything you are saying about Luke. From the first time he came on and bragged about how many women he has had to now he is all about Jesus and the Bible. Ummmm where was the Bible last night Luke.
    Love love your blog and love following you on Instagram. You are the cutest.

  50. Wow I thought your recap was a little harsh… yah the Mr Right contest seemed tacky but I feel like when people sign up for a show such as the bachelorette they know they are being judged on their looks so why not just come right out and show that.

    As for her speech being an emotional person myself I felt that it was real and I appreciated it. When I feel extreme joy or gratefulness it’s often accompanied by tears.. I can’t help it and I don’t want to minimize my feelings because people aren’t comfortable with tears.

    With that said I do look forward to your recaps because I can tell you were telling it like how you saw it and that’s cool

  51. I completely agree about everything. But can we talk about the ABC’s of Cam. 😂 oh my word. Please tell me he’s just here for comedic relief or drama, because he is a little crazy. You could make a drinking game out of how many times he says, “Always be Cam.” 😂🙄 I also feel like Luke is just wanting to be seen on tv. Shirtless, “sensitive”, Luke. *sigh* Nothing about him seems genuine to me, at all. And I’m still team Peter for the next bachelor. He is just sweet.

  52. Wow, I usually agree with you but only a bit tonight. Agree, not a fan of first group date in many ways. Did I like what was going on with Luke? No but I think she’s is lust and that is a real thing! She is emotional and really seems true to herself. Thought she was ok on the bachelor so I was unsure if I would like her. What a great surprise. I love her. She is genuinely goofy and sincere, a breath of fresh air. I also believe she is mature enough and ready enough for the right man. Wishing her the best.

  53. I thought the same thing seeing her crying, how many of the guys looked at her like she was crazy. If she can’t emotionally handle this, marriage is way more emotional, especially in the public eye. I don’t like Luke P. At all. He’s a player, period. Yeah she definitely needs to cool it with him. Remember Kaitlin sleeping with Nick. That caused issues between her and Shawn even after the cameras were gone. Trust is important.

  54. I completely agree with you! I think Cam is creepy and needs to leave! Luke seems like he’d be the controlling type and I’m not a fan! She let some good guys go home on the last two episodes and that’s a shame. From some of the upcoming previews I think that some or maybe most of her dates are too X rated or sexual! She seems a bit socially awkward and I think that’s why the extreme dates to cover that up. Just my opinion. I look forward to the next blog!

  55. Well said! The whole show was hard to watch! I may just read your blogs and not watch. Loved your rose ceremony. Quite the cutie!

  56. I think that the producers are playing up the whole “she’s so real and relatable!” thing way too hard. I didn’t love Hannah on Colton’s season, and was kind of shocked they chose her, though I could totally tell when they were starting to build her up for the role. I don’t know I guess I’m just hoping she’ll grow on me, but she just seems so young, immature, and unsure of herself to be in this type of setting. I guess we will see!

  57. I’m so glad someone else thought her speech was confusing ! I feel the same , that maybe she’s showing that she’s not truly emotionally ready to be married . It doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the right intentions or she’s a bad person , I just don’t think she’s ready for a marriage & everything that comes with that . Hopefully she can keep her hormones in check & weed through a lot of the empty words some of the guys are saying just to “win her over” .
    Love you 💕

  58. Definitely think Hannah is super sweet, but a bit “boy crazy” when it comes to Luke P. He’s hot for sure, and coming from a pageant background she will definitely appreciate looks….But “I love you” on a group date is totally impersonal and kinda ick… that’s one on one stuff for sure! Love reading your take on it and seeing the timeline of how long they’ve actually spent together – the show doesn’t represent that well, and your insight gives it a totally new viewpoint! I hope the Luke hotness doesn’t cause her to fall to “in love” with him so quickly that she’s not as open to the other great guys there! Cheers to next Monday! 🌹🍷

  59. Not a Hannah B fan at all, and to be honest, having a hard time watching this season. But I’ve watched every one so not going to stop now. Agree with you, Ali, she is very immature and not ready for marriage in the least. Riley is adorable as is Molly. Riley would get my roses every time! Precious kiddos for sure.

  60. I am finding this season WAY more scripted then the last few, it’s almost unwatchable. Last season was bad and this one is worse. Way back when you could really feel they care for each other at the end, like jp and Ashley’s season. Now it just feels like a joke 🤷‍♀️

  61. The dates were boring. And I completely agree on the objectification of the men! Maybe okay to do a tuxedo and ask them a question, but the Speedo thing was stupid. Also inappropriate was Hannah’s outfit for roller blading!? Really?? This is what young women wear roller blading on a first date? Those shorts were ridiculous-I think not. The massage thing was silly. Like a love struck school girl and just like the “player” Luke admitted he had been before “finding God”. Oh please. Stay classy.

    One good part, I predict Mike the first bachelor of color! I hope! He’s awesome.

  62. I totally love you Ali, but definitely have to disagree I think like a lot of other people they haven’t been excited about Hanna season because she’s not polished like other bachelorette. I love that she’s raw and true to her self. Luke P is not genuine everyone can see that and I’m sure she will to. She obviously knows that she let herself get carried away with him. Like if we haven’t been in a moment like that in our own lives. Maybe try not to be so judgmental and hard on woman, she’s not perfect obviously nobody is. Another questioning weather a woman or man is ready emotionally to be married is a low we don’t know what’s in their hearts. I kinda lost respect for you Ali. Lastly her group dates I thought were fun and different don’t forget that the world makes beauty pageants strip down to their bikini for a title. How is her showing us a part of her world and making the guys wear speedos any different?

  63. I always love your blog and usually agree, but I thought the date with Tyler was sweet. I guess I am in the minority.

  64. I really enjoy your blog! I am one of your fan’s for sure! I follow you all the time 🙂 I am really unsure about this season everything you said is spot on and I totally agree! Luke and Cam in my opinion really have to go! my favorite so far is JED! I really hope he makes it to the end!

  65. Ali, you are the queen of being over dramatic. Always complaining on insta about motherhood, how hard it is to be a “working” mom, etc. etc.
    Plus, you were THE most annoying bachelorette of all time. All you did was whine and cry. So for you to sit here and judge every move Hannah is making is extremely hypocritical. You were on the show YEARS ago. You aren’t relevant anymore. You don’t know how the show works as I’m sure it has evolved and changed a TON over the years.
    Get over yourself. Go give you husband a break for a day, let him have a nap. He always seems to be doing stuff for you and what do you ever do for him?? Poor man.

    1. We don’t have to agree with what someone says or believes but there’s a better way to express ourselves than bashing someone like you just did! Ali is a human being. Get off her blog then!

  66. I’m just throwing it out there now, from night one and his promo package with his grandma, I predict Mike Johnson will be our next bachelor. Yes please!!!

  67. Am I the only one that cringes when Jed sings? He is an okay singer..he can carry a tune…. But I am not a fan of his voice. At all.

  68. Great post! Totally agree with all your points 💯! Luke P really doesn’t come off as genuine. Cam is a weirdo…what the heck is ABC🤪. Her date with Tyler was boring, his speech and answers to everything seemed so scripted. Cute guy but, nah. Jed seems like a for sure front runner…you know, normal👍. Love your blog😊

  69. 100% agree about the first group date. While I laughed a lot, I didn’t think it was ok to parade them around like that. I said the exact same thing to my husband that you said, if it was the Bachelor people would lose their minds, rightfully so, and the guys deserve the same respect.
    Luke is insane.
    Peter the Pilot is drool worthy, I want him to be the next bachelor so I can keep watching him. Why doesn’t he have more screen time!?
    I basically love Hannah, I love how real she is. She’s already making mistakes that she’s sure to regret, but I think it’s ok because that’s real life. I think it’s refreshing what a hot mess she is honestly lol.
    I just think this season is golden tv. I didn’t stop cringing/laughing/yelling at the tv the whole episode.

  70. Hi Ali, loved your recap!!! Unfortunately this season I’m not very happy with the bachelorette choice, and I know that you like Hannah, but just had to say it. I totally agree that on the group date as being disrespectful, and I thought it puts all the focus on the looks instead of getting to know their personality, such a waste of time for her! I definitely wouldn’t like to be judged by my looks in front of everyone watching the show…I thought that Luke P. is being genuine, but very immature and impulsive, and really loved Jed, he can be the next bachelor!

  71. Ali! Absolutely LOVE your recaps – never stop!

    I completely agree with you. I am 24 and Hannah’s rose ceremony speech was cringe worthy to me. I still absolutely adore her, I just thought she was going to say she wasn’t going to do a rose ceremony and she knows what she wants so it’s hard – but there was nothing at the end of her speech that warranted that response.
    Luke P. is absolutely playing the Bachelor card. I don’t feel any genuineness from him. I have no doubt he likes her, infatuated with her – and even if it does feel all those things for her and really believes he’s in love – that would kinda be a turn off for me – need you to identify your emotions better.

  72. I wasn’t a fan of Hannah on The Bachelor but was ready and willing to put aside anything I’d seen or felt about her. But last night was a train wreck!! Don’t know if I’ll keep watching.

  73. So far this is a horrible season. All the previews make Hannah seem like she’s out for sex and then on the 2nd week she’s taking Luke’s shirt off on a group date!
    To me, that was so disrespectful of the other guys on the date and she basically gave herself a reputation at that point.

    Her giddy little laugh seems so fake and her speech was so out of place for the 2nd week!

    I was trying to like this season even though I wasn’t a fan of hers on Colton’s season, but she’s not making it easy.

  74. 5 Worst Bachelorette’s Leads Ever. Ali you were one of the 5

    3. Ali Fedotowsky
    Ali Fedotowsky seemed lovable…at first. After appearing on Jake Pavelka’s season and proving her dedication to her career, she seemed like the obvious choice to be the bachelorette. Unfortunately, her season was lacklustre and Ali only proved that she was a whiny drama queen. She’s gone onto become one of the most successful Bachelorette contestants of all-time with a career in show biz, but her all-American girl image is no longer and we all know she’s moody and annoying!

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