I Never Wear Shorts

UPDATE: I know the shorts sold out on Nordstrom’s site, but they are 50% off linked here too!!!

I’ve never been a shorts girl. I wish I was one! I’ve just always been so self-conscious about my legs. I guess I shouldn’t say I never wear them. I did wear maternity shorts the other day when I was out running errands. Ha! That’s right, I wore maternity shorts and I haven’t been pregnant for a year now. They’re pretty much the only shorts that really fit me. Or at least I thought they were. That is until I found this adorable floral high waisted pair of shorts for 50% off. Updated to add that I also found them here, in case the original link is out of stock in your size! Same great price!


I almost returned these and got a bigger size because they’re just slightly snug on me as you can kind of tell from these photos. I also have an extremely long torso so it can be hard to find shorts that fit. But these just worked! Plus I’m wishfully thinking that I’m going to lose a couple pounds over the next few months and that these will fit really great then (fingers crossed). I’m normally a size 6 in a dress and these shorts come in those types of sizes. But based on the reviews, I sized up to an 8 and I’m so glad I did because the 6 would’ve been much too small! So definitely size up.

And let’s not overlook the best part. The shorts are 50% off right now! So you can get them for under $50. I just think they’re stunning and had to share because I’m so excited that I was finally able to wear shorts again.


Another piece of this love that I just love is my white linen cami. I love the brown buttons down the front. I feel like it gives it a farmhouse vibe. Or maybe I should say farm-girl vibe. You’ll definitely see me wearing this tank a lot this summer to style a lot of different outfits. I think I told you guys on one of my recent blogs that I was looking for a plain white cami to style a bunch of outfits. And while I’m still looking for one without the buttons, when I saw this one I just thought it was so cute! I think a blouse-like cami is a really great way to make a look feel more dressed up and put together. I think you can easily tuck them into high waisted jeans and throw in some heels and a pair of statement earrings and it looks like a well put together look. Plus they’re great for layering under blazers for work. This one comes in a few different colors. But white is my favorite! I got my normal size, a medium.

Adding an iPhone pic below so you can see the nicer pics and an iPhone pic of the outfit. I feel like it’s even more flattering in the iPhone pic!


I feel like the top and shorts really speak for themselves. So you could totally wear a pair of nude heels with this look. But I thought the fuchsia pumps added a little extra something. And really you could carry any bag. I got this one for $10 when I first signed up for Just Fab. I’ve had it for a while and get so many compliments on it. And the last thing I’m wearing is a pair of white tassel earrings.

I am really loving this outfit in all of these photos because I feel like I look like I did before I had kids. Not only do I feel like it’s very flattering so my body looks more like I did pre-babies, but I just feel like the styling looks more like I used to dress before my kiddos. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom uniforms! They’re super cozy and comfy and get me through the day. But there’s something about throwing on a killer outfit that just makes you feel good about yourself. I’m glad I have these pictures to capture me feeling that way in this moment.


Anyway, this is one of my favorite styled looks in a while. So I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any questions about the sizing or anything. And did you read my blog about The Bachelorette yesterday?! If not, check it out!

36 Thoughts

36 thoughts on “I Never Wear Shorts

    1. Thanks for sharing! I’m sure your legs are beautiful!!!! All legs are really. They allow us to WALK!!!!!

      1. Hello Ali!
        I have been following you for some time now and felt inclined to ask you if you have ever heard of the hair care line called MONAT? I recently became part of the line and was drawn to it because it is all natural and toxin free. Your incredible posts are always surrounding health and beauty so I wanted to ask. You can contact me if you have any questions. Truly feel MONAT is in line with what you stand for and could be an incredible way to share with women around the world (since you are so positive to what it means to be a female and a mother). Thanks for all that you share to the public. I look forward to viewing all that you post! I walk away feeling inspired!

  1. I am also not a shorts girl, but these are so gorgeous! I just love the high waist and the floral print!… and that top is adorable!

    Great outfit 🙂

  2. Super cute on you! I’m the opposite, I am soooo short waisted that these high waist styles are going to be hard for me-I look like I’m all pants. I joke they can be a strapless jumper on me.😳 So enjoy, and you look adorable as always. Love that you do budget friendly and average cost mixed clothing suggestions.

  3. I love these so much I immediately went to buy both the shorts and the tank! I had just about given up on shorts because they never make me feel good, but I’m so excited about these.

    Question: what bra are you wearing with this tank?

  4. I feel the same way about shorts. I feel like my legs have lost so much of their definition since having my two kids. I’ve been sticking with maxi dresses and jeans. These shorts are so cute though- I may have to try them! Love the high waist and the length and they still look comfortable. (My kids are 2 1/2 and almost 1 and I can’t bring myself to wear non-maternity bottoms yet. Love the maternity stretch. Ha!)

  5. I NEVER wear shorts except when at the beach. I’m always self conscious about my legs. 1. I feel like I have chicken legs and 2. I’m white as a ghost. I promised myself I would venture out of my comfort zone and do more shorts this season. Thanks for posting!

    1. I understand the feeling completely! But I am so excited now that I found a pair that I am confident in!

  6. These look great on you Ali! I feel like I prefer my mom outfits too much these days but I agree, dressing up feels good from time to time! 😉 the linen tank looks really good on you! What do you wear under these tanks?

  7. I have a 1 and 3 YO and finally coming out of my mom-outfit bubble and getting a few cute looks that make me feel like, ME! I agree it feels good – and the high waste shorts are my favorite. Unfortunately, these are now sold out 🙁

  8. I love these shorts, but I just went to buy them – sold out. I love your blog and all the fashion finds. Hopefully, I will get these when they come back in.

  9. You look adorable in this outfit Ali, legs for days! Here is what I love about you, and what makes you real. I was watching your insta story and you had the white Walmart tank on. You don’t just model them, you actually wear them, even if they are from Walmart! I bought three of those tanks and I’ve got to say they are great! I’m tall and the length on these are great and don’t ride up. Thank you for being my fashionista and looking out for my pocketbook!👚👗👙👒🧣👛👜

    1. So glad that you love the tanks, Debbie!!! And yes, it is so important to me that I only post about things that I actually love and wear! Those tanks are so comfortable!

  10. what kind of bra do you wear with your strappy tanks? i love them, but regular bras obviously don’t work w/ some of the styles that you post. suggestions????

  11. Ali! I’m headed to Costco and I can’t remember the name of the electrolyte packets for water you posted about in your IG story… Help!!

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