The Bachelorette Premiere – I ADORE Hannah

Wow! I loved last night’s premiere! I’d go as far to say that it’s my favorite premiere in the history of the show! In fact, without a doubt it is my favorite in the history of the show! I love how they change things up and I liked that there was some drama. Let’s start from the beginning.

I thought it was so smart of the show to go to Hannah’s house and show her reaction to finding out she was the Bachelorette. Obviously she knew something was up because why would there be a camera crew at her house? But you can tell she didn’t know that she was chosen until Chris told her on that FaceTime chat. When she broke down crying I honestly broke down crying too! You could just see how unexpected it was for her. And look, it was unexpected for me when they asked me to be the Bachelorette. But not as unexpected as I think it was for Hannah. Let’s be honest, she wasn’t exactly a fan favorite on Colton season. There was a lot of controversy when they chose her to be the Bachelorette. And I don’t think they’ve ever chosen a Bachelorette that didn’t make it to the top four. So I just thought it was so endearing to see her get so emotional about it. I think that they should film peoples reaction every season!


Before I go on can I just quickly mention that my cute cherry tank in the above pic is $5!!!! I think I am goign to wear the tank on Home & Family today, so keep an eye out for it in my insta stories! Just had to share that quick. Back to Hannah! I also think it’s really cute how they keep showing her messing up when they were taking walking shots of her standing and staring off into the distance. And while I thought they were adorable, I do think the show is going a little overboard trying to make Hannah seem super relatable. And she IS relatable! But I can assure you that every past Bachelor and Bachelorette have said similar things when we were being filmed doing something super awkward like sitting in a field staring off into the distance while being filmed. Those things are just usually saved for the bloopers reel at the end of the season. But I do like that there are weaving them into the episode. It makes it way more interesting and changes things up! I’m super psyched for the direction the show was taking.

1. Striped Sweater


Another thing they did really differently this season is they had all of the contestants/guys film themselves as they were getting ready to leave to go to the show. I just loved it! I feel like for so many years the show was the same thing season after season. They had a formula that they stuck to. And even though everyone’s experience was different on each season. They had a way of nudging people and situations to stick with in their formula. I don’t know if I’m really making sense. But I’m basically just trying to say that the producers are very good at what they do! And I think because the Formula worked for so long they never changed it. But I’m glad they’re starting to! It makes the show so much more exciting!

I was actually really impressed with her speech when she first hosted all the guys being there. I thought it was gracious and humble of her to talk about how thankful she was that they were all there and how she didn’t necessarily feel like she deserved it first. I also think she was extremely well spoken. I know a lot of people thought that she wouldn’t be but I’m finding her speeches to be the most genuine and sincere of any person ever on the show. Including myself! I say that because I feel like she just said exactly what comes to her mind instead of trying to give the perfect speech or say the perfect thing. Heck – she keeps saying that this is going to be an imperfect experience. And it will be – for every person on the show for the first time in the history of the show!! The editors and producers are letting it play out that way, and so is Hannah of course! Again, I’m just loving how the show was letting the experience be more real instead of sticking to their previous formula.

Anyone else think she has an awesome group of guys too?! I thought a lot of them have a great sense of humor! Not only is Hannah going to make this a great season, but these guys are going to make this a great season! Let’s talk about those guys!

Guys that stood out to me

Peter the Pilot

He’s a cutie. Plus when he was talking about jumping in a plane and getting lunch in another state he did it in a way that didn’t make him sound like a complete douche bag. Ha! I genuinely mean that in the most sincere way. If somebody said let’s get lunch in New Orleans and then dinner in Tennessee. It could come off as really cheesy and pretentious. But coming out of his mouth didn’t at all! He just seems like a sweet guy.

Mike (Air force guy)

The way he spoke about his great grandmother just melted my heart. And he has the best smile!


I think he’s handsome, well spoken, and just overall seems like a sweetheart. I love seeing him and his family communicate in sign language. I also feel like him being on the show and especially if he gets a hometown date will bring recognition to the deaf community -which I think would be a really beautiful thing!

Garret (first guy out of the limos)

I love that if they end up together at the end of this, they are both from the same place! Easier to figure out where to live! And she seemed very smitten with him when he introduced himself.

Oh and btw, I also think she’s fun to watch because it’s so obvious if there is anything that she is not into. The girl wears her emotions on her sleeve. Not the best poker face. Ha!

Jed (He sang to her)

Wow, he’s a good singer! Normally I get super annoyed when people sing on the show – it seems like they’re trying to get a record deal out of it or something. But there was something super romantic about his song to her. And the fact that she already said she has a huge crush on him makes me think he could be in the end. That initial attraction is huge. If you talk to any past Bachelor/ette they will tell you that they knew their top two guys night one. I think he is one of her top two. Also just from the way he was edited I think he is the one she picks.

Very often, the show will be edited so that the person that wins in the end isn’t shown a lot in the first episode. They’re kind of hidden. And Jed was definitely that guy. We got shots of them here and there and saw him singing to her. But he was mostly quiet throughout the episode. So I would honestly go out on a limb and say it’s him in the end. But I could be totally off!

Scott (with the Girlfriend)

Hannah handled him perfectly! She let him try to explain himself. She even gave him the option to explain himself and stay at the beginning of their conversation. And as he talked in circles digging himself a deeper and deeper hole she finally told him to get out.

Being completely honest with you guys, when they first started talking I felt bad for him. Only because I know so many people go on the show after ending relationships right before. Heck I did! I was with a guy for a few years right before I left to go on the Bachelor. I loved him! I would’ve done anything for him! He treated me like shit and he cheated on me all the time. I literally stayed at his house the night before I left to go to the Bachelor and cried the entire time. And he told me to go because he didn’t feel the same way about me. So it didn’t bother me that he was with that girl on Monday. But what did bother me is that that girl and her friends felt the need to reach out to Hannah. That means that he was the one being the dick to her. If that makes sense. In my mind it would’ve been a different story if she didn’t want to be with him and then he mustered up the courage to go on the show to try to movie on, which is what I did.

Again, being honest with you guys, after the bachelor was over I went back to that ex-boyfriend. And again spent the night at his house probably a couple days before I left to be the Bachelorette. Being the Bachelorette was my last and final desperate effort to move on from him. And thank god it worked!

I just wanted to share that story so we don’t quickly jump to conclusions about people who go on the show to date someone after just spending time with someone a few days before coming on the show. I don’t necessarily think that automatically makes you not there for the right reasons. But I think if Scott kept talking it was pretty clear that he was lying because he couldn’t string to sentences together without stuttering. You could just tell he wasn’t being honest.

Luke P (There are two Lukes)

I purposely left Luke for last because I just don’t know what to think about him. To be completely honest when we were first introduced to him at the beginning of the episode in his intro package, I thought he was kind of awful. The footage of him working out was just over the top and then he started talking about how good-looking he thinks he is. It really turned me off. He turned it around a little bit when he talked about finding God and how that changed him. But something rubber me the wrong way about him from the get-go. Plus I feel like he keeps telling Hannah how into her he is. Look I get that you can have initial attraction but you just met her dude!

For instance, after he got the first impression rose he said he sees himself falling madly in love with her! And that he’s already so so so into her! I just don’t believe that. I believe being really excited about where things could go and feeling really good about somebody. But he’s acting like he already loves her. I feel like he saying what he thinks the producer’s and America watching wants to hear from a future Bachelor. That’s just my initial feeling from him. I’m DYING to know what you guys think of him since he got a lot of air time last night. Also, I don’t know the exact numbers but I am pretty sure that most guys who get the first impression rose on the bachelorette end up winning in the end. I use the word “winning” loosely here because it’s not a game. So chances of her ending up with him are really good right now. We have to discuss this in the comments below.

Old Matt Donald

I loved his limo entrance!!!! I’m gonna say it right now. If she doesn’t pick him, I want him to be the next Bachelor! I just adore him! Honestly my jaw hit the floor when she didn’t give him a rose. When I watch these episodes, I am usually writing my blogs ‘talk to text’ while watching. And after his limo entrance I saw him as the next Bachelor! I’m not even kidding! I don’t see that happening now, but I definitely see him on a future episode of Bachelor in Paradise! At least I hope so – I just think he’s so sweet and seems like a genuine person.


Final Thoughts

Hannah’s exact silver gown is designer and extremely expensive. So I’m not gonna bother linking it. But I did find a silver sequin gown for under $100 that I think is killer if you’re looking for a similar look! I’ll link it here. Her striped sweater from an Alabama scenes is also linked above! If there are any other outfits you want me to try to find, let me know in the comments!

I said it before and I’ll say it again but I think this is going to be the best season of the Bachelorette to date! Come back to my blog every week because I will be watching every episode and posting each week!! All right, let’s discuss absolutely EVERYTHING in the comments below!

And real quick for anyone wondering about my looks from last night. Both the shirt I was wearing before I went to the Bachelorette viewing party with TCL and the dress I wore to the actual event are both linked below! The striped shirt is perfect to throw on the run errands with jeans.

And last thing. I just ordered this floral dress for $21. I will post it to insta story when I get it. But I am sure it will sell out quickly then (because how cute is it?!?!) so I wanted to share the link with you guys now.


Molly peeking out in the pic below makes me laugh 🙂


91 Thoughts

91 thoughts on “The Bachelorette Premiere – I ADORE Hannah

  1. I heard that they are still in production so I wonder how the editing will be since they don’t know the ending??

    I also kinda liked Luke but his opening scene lost me with the shower – felt like he was being prepped to be the bachelor… also he was posting on social media so that makes me wonder about if he’s not there at the end?? I didn’t hate him but I wonder how genuine he actually is!

    1. They are already done filming, they finished this past weekend. She is suppose to come home tomorrow because she has press to do on Thursday.

      1. I was wondering about this. Doesn’t Beth bachelor/bachelorette normally do press the day after the premiere?

    2. They actually stopped filming Saturday or Sunday so they at least know who the final two were going to be when they edited it I think

    3. I am so sad that Matt Donald went home.
      You know you wrote about him twice Ali. He was the Matt with deaf parents.
      I hope he goes on paradise !!

      Loved the show !!

      1. My husband and I do you sign language I was super excited to see the family signing just because it’s nice exposure for the deaf community.

  2. Hi Ali
    Molly is the cutest little ‘peek-a-boo’ girl.
    I think Hannah is a sensible, well spoken young lady. I hope she has fun on the Bachelorette & finds love.
    Chris H. sweeping was so funny, even though he didn’t finish the job!
    Great blog!

  3. Hi Ali,

    I had a lot of similar thoughts as you throughout this episode… one thing on Peter the Pilot… he literally looks like a cross between Jason Mesnick and Colton Underwood and I couldn’t get past it the entire episode!

    Anyhow, I love all things Bachelorette and blogged about all you wonderful leading ladies yesterday — talking about all the things I love about you all! Can’t wait to see how the rest of this season turns out!

    1. You are finally right about the mix between Jason and Colton!! I won’t get over that either! Haha

  4. I’m no prude but I felt like there was too much kissing last night. She just met them!!! That rubbed me the wrong way.

    1. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure all the ones she kissed she met at the After the Final Rose episode. But I agree I am surprised she jumped in that quickly.

    2. I agree with you, Alison. And Hannah B tries to come off all sweet and innocent…..It seems to me that all the kissing and touching has gotten earlier and earlier with each season, just don’t remember as much of it in years past, like in Ali’s season.

  5. Matt Donald is the guy with a family who is deaf… AND he got sent home! Crying over that one, I liked him so much! He was down-to-earth and super handsome, I hope he gets a second chance on BIP like Grocery Store Joe did.

    1. Haha that’s what I thought! I liked him too and was super bummed he got sent home. The blog had me super confused lol.

  6. I am loving Hannah!! She’s so funny and genuine! Initially Luke was reminding me of Josh Murray, so I was turned off, but then he seemed to get alittle better as the episode continued. I am definitely skeptical of him moving forward, but I think she ends up really falling for him. We will see. Excited for this season!

  7. I’m so sad about Old Matt Donald, I loved him!! I feel like he didn’t get a fair chance 🙁 Is it common for the bachelorette/bachelor to not get one on one time with everyone the first night? I feel like if it goes all night until the sun comes up everyone should get a chance right?!

  8. I didn’t love the scene with Scott. I think that if things were reversed and the bachelor was talking to one of the girls that way he’d be made out to be a big ass. She just met him, there was not relationship yet and he was right, she did the same thing, she was just in a relationship with Colton and wanted to marry him and now she is dating all of these guys and wants to marry one. It’s the way the show goes and I know it but didn’t care for the way she spoke to him. That said, I love her and it’s going to be a great season.

    1. I agree with you. I thought she was over the top and kinda bitchy when she was “walking” him out.

    2. Maybe. But like Ali said, she tried to give him a chance. It does sound like he was keeping the girlfriend as a backup or even had no plans to fall in love with Hannah.

  9. I think Luke was trying to play the long game for the Bachelor but everything about him screams this season’s villain. I’d be highly surprised if it doesn’t go sour for him.

  10. hmmm. i feel pretty much the opposite of what u said. except for Matt. shocked that she sent him home as well as Chasen. i like Peter and Garrett too, so we’ll see. but Luke P? almost makes me not want to watch the rest of the season. is John Paul the producer pick who stays on too long but everyone can complain about, and we kno will be sent off at gthe proper ratings time? i thought it was a very disappointing group of men, or should i say boys? early twenties for this is kinda ridiculous. Hannah? not as boring as i’d feared, but her insecurities result in her celebrating that someone thinks she’s pretty. that’s sweet but i feel like her perspective on relationships is circa 1950 and that may be enough for me to miss this season. overall? borders on life’s too short for this. will try one more week.

      1. I agree!! Chasen is so handsome and really seemed like a great guy, why would they waste time intro-ing him and the box guy as well as Matt Donald if they knew she sent them all home night one? My pick now is the other pilot, who looks like Jason Mesnick’s little brother. LOL was not a fan of first impression rose guy. He’s too in to himself. Hannah was great. I like her. She’s very real.

        1. I am hoping they intro’ed them so we will all be thrilled when they show up on BIP! Chasen and the Box Guy were two of my faves.

    1. Letting John Paul stay while good guys were voted off is so unfair! I’m sure Hannah was told to let him stay, and I don’t agree with producers to let a villain stay on.

    2. luvin:* life too short, DK.

      Oddly, I found Hannah Great, but the episode lagged for me. And I’m not sure why.

      I believe she will launch out of this show into a bonafide media career. She has her own take on things, and is a joy to listen to.

      None of the men seem Half as Interesting as Hannah. I just think there is Bigger out there for her. Man or no man, for now.

  11. Garrett is my favorite. He just seems super sweet and real. I like Luke P for now, but they didn’t make him look too good in the previews for the season. They made him look aggressive, but they can really show whatever they want with editing. I never have good feelings about singers that go on the bachelor/ette. I know not all of them are on there to further their singing career, but it’s hard not to wonder. I also liked Matt Donald from the beginning, to me he is the new grocery store Joe. I would not be mad if he was on bachelor in paradise, I’m a fan of his!

  12. Oh my gosh Ali “normally I get super annoyed when people sing on the show.” My sisters and I were DYING at the footage last week of your season and that date with Casey where he sang to you hahahahaha. I have to know how you feel about that now!

    1. Oh gosh. Speaking of Casey, he is from my town and thinks he is all that since he was on the bachelorette. Kind of interesting.

  13. I felt the same way about Luke P!! I felt like each move he made was calculated and vying for a chance to be the next bachelor. I was also so put off when he sought her out outside after she sent Scott home, she said TWICE to him how cold she was and he just nodded and smiled and kept talking. Call me old fashion, but give her your coat dude!!! Be a gentleman for crying out loud. That annoyed me.

    1. I’m torn with these guys. I loved Peter the pilot. Something about Luke rubs me the wrong way, but that said, after the whole Scott thing happened he was the first one to go make sure she was ok. I am excited for this season, Hannah just seems very real and down to earth, like someone you could be best friends with easily. Some of the other girls they talked about having the chance seemed to polished but to me Hannah is very relatable. I love how she gave herself a pep talk/prayer before going in to see the guys. I can’t wait to see how this season goes!!

    2. I said the same thing about giving her your coat. I think he went out there more for himself than her. Unless something changes I really don’t like him

  14. I loveddddd matt!!!! I was so sad matt Donald left :’( and I loved joe the box guy!!!!!!! AlSosososo sad and also I agree with you about Luke P. I obviously don’t know him but I just get fuckboy vibes from him!!!

  15. I liked Luke until she had her one-on-one time with him and she told him TWICE (that we saw) how cold she was and he didn’t offer her his jacket!!! That’s telling in my book. Bad manners are not attractive!!!

      1. Me three! Like duh, take off your jacket! I loved seeing the previews for the season. I can’t wait to see who she is yelling at!

    1. Ugh, I kept thinking the same thing about Luke not offering his jacket. How many more hints do you need, dude? I really disliked this guy from the get-go. I get such douchey vibes from him. Yuck.

      I was so sad to see Joe the Box guy go. He was so funny and endearing. Also, I can’t believe Hannah sent Chasen home. What?! I thought he would stick around for a long time. He seemed very humble and genuine.

  16. I agree with you about Luke he kinda rubs me the wrong way! Like when he went outside to see her she kept saying how cold she was! And he didn’t give her his jacket. Maybe that’s just me but I found that very odd! Thoughts?

  17. I agree with you about Luke! I thought it was odd when he was outside with her and she kept say how cold she was and he didn’t give her his jacket. Maybe it was just me but I found it odd. Thoughts?

  18. I quit watching the show for a while because I was really over the “formula” but Hannah changed my mind (and I didn’t watch last season). I love her realness and I love they are showing that this season. She’s not just hopeful but she’s scared. As I think anyone would be in her shoes – to not know these guys but to start dating them and figuring out who’s real and who’s not. She’s honest and direct. I loved how she handled Scott – and he definitely dug himself in that hole. Talking in circles is pretty much a tell tale sign of lying and then he blame shifted – nope. I’m glad she saw threw all that. I can’t wait for this season. I seriously wish I could be Hannah’s friend!

  19. Agreed with all of this. I thought Matt Donald was so sweet that she would for sure give him a rose and I was bummed when she didn’t. Not too sure what to think about Luke p. He seems very in to himself but I do semi-applaud him for being the only guy to go check on her after that jerk Scott thing. Love the blog

  20. If Hannah doesn’t pick Peter the Pilot, he needs to be the next Bachelor!!! I 1000% agree with you on Hannah. She is going to be a great Bachelorette and I am excited to follow along with your weekly updates while she goes on this journey!

  21. I’m so sad that Matt Donald went home!! When they showed the package where he was signing to his family, that just melted my heart. I hope he finds love! My favourites are Peter the pilot and Jed. Loved them both and I think those will be her top 2. Luke P totally rubbed me the wrong way as well!
    Hannah will be a good bachelorette and I hope she finds love at the end of all this. ❤️

  22. I realize I’m in the minority here, but I’m not a Hannah B fan. In fact, I found it difficult to watch her last night. I really wonder if she is capable of making such a big decision at this point; she seems very immature to me and extremely phony. But that being said, I will watch, because I always do no matter who it is….and I hope she finds her person, As yet, I don’t see any forerunners, but I’m never good at picking them this early anyway. Lots of good looking guys with solid careers, though!

  23. I felt the same way about Luke P. When he said in the intro that the girls in college thought he was so good looking, and he took advantage of it. Yuck!! I don’t trust him. Also, soooo upset that she sent Matt Donald home. He was a cutie and so sweet.

  24. I think that Luke is not there for Hannah at all, but I can see why he got the first impression rose last night. He was the first to get up and console Hannah after Scott left. I can appreciate that, but I firmly believe that he is only taking the steps he thinks he needs to be the next Bachelor.

    I love Hannah and am currently Team Peter Pilot!

  25. I ended up liking it more than I thought. I was definitely one of those who wasn’t thrilled with her as the choice.

    I think she’s got for the most part a great group of guys. My personal fav was Chasen so I was bummed he didn’t get a rose.

    I’m also in agreement with you that Luke is just a lot right now. He rubbed me the wrong way too so I’m curious how that plays out. I guess for now I’m liking Peter.

  26. Right now Jed and Peter are my favs. I know Luke is getting a lot of attention but I’m just not buying it. He doesn’t seem genuine and the trailer makes it seem like he may have anger issues.

    Hannah is absolutely adorable as the Bachelorette.

  27. I really hope if Peter the pilot isn’t chosen, he is the bachelor. I don’t know why, just think it would be fun to see a season on him. As it gets closer to the end I’ll love hearing your thoughts on who you think it should be. I assumed the guy who got the first impression rose would get it because he was the one who came out to comfort her when no one else did and speaking of, I absolutely loved how she stood up for herself after the girlfriend issue came about. I haven’t watched this in a long while to be honest. But I thought I’d tune in this season! It’s also fun to come read other girls thoughts on it all:)

    1. Luke P! (Couldn’t remember his name as I typed that, so I had to go back and look!) He was probably my least favorite. My daughter and I knew when he walked out there, he would get the first impression rose. 🙁 We were telling her “Nooo” from our seats. Lol

  28. The second that Garrett got out of the limo I said to myself, “Oh Yes that is her husband!” I just loved him. Sad about Matt Donald going home, and not happy that Luke got the 1st impression rose. He also rubbed me the wrong way. He’s trying too hard to be suave, and I don’t like it.

  29. Loved the black blazer you had on with the cherry top during your insta story! What store is the blazer from?

  30. With the sneak peeks, we see Luke as a hothead and maybe someone in a steroid rage. I say, “Hannah, beware! Stay away! You have plenty of other great guys to choose from.”

  31. I was beyond ticked she kept ‘John Paul Jones’. He was soo cocky and put off such a self centred vibe that I was so turned off by. I feel he is being kept to keep things ‘interesting’ but he could make or break me from even wanting to watch the rest of the season. Just so annoying.

  32. First, I LOVE Peter the pilot! He’s my favorite and he just seems so adorably sweet. Also, I totally agree about Luke P-I’m not a fan of him at all and I just get a bad feeling about him. There were quite a few that didn’t get a rose that I was so disappointed. I can’t remember a season before where I really noticed some of the ones who got sent home night one and was disappointed she didn’t pick them. But I love Hannah and I cannot wait to see this season unfold!

  33. Hi Ali,

    Can you please explain the timeline of the first night? After the rose ceremony, the guys were leaving and being interviewed in the daylight. But the limos were obviously arriving in the evening! I’ve always been so curious about this!

    1. I’ve read about it previously. It is all night! And that the rose ceremony is not necessarily continuous (interviews, trying to remember names and who to pick etc). I would love to hear Ali’s take on it though!

  34. I enjoyed her first night but was surprised when Chasen and Matt was sent home. I remember from Becca’s season about Joe the grocer being sent home on night one and everyone was surprised and she later said it was because he was so awkward in trying to talk to him. One thing I don’t like is the producers having a say in who stays. I am sure John Paul Jones is not going to be picked by her so why keep him over Matt or Chasen seems odd. I think she is going to be a great Bachelorette and hope she breaks the cycle of the person who gets the first impression rose is the person selected because I don’t like Luke P.

  35. I thought Luke was SO fake!!! I like Jed. He seemed so sincere and not showed like others in the past.

  36. Not a fan of Luke (first impression rose guy) at all! i think he seems super not genuine already, and that makes me sad because she deserves someone who is genuine and will love her for real! i’m all about giving people a chance though so maybe he will prove me wrong?! if i had to guess a winner now, Pilot Peter😍 if she doesn’t pick him…maybe next bachelor or definitely bachelor in paradise!! love you ali!

  37. I need to give a shout out to Chasen, the other pilot. He was so cute, sincere… Didn’t make the move to talk at the cocktail party or it wasn’t filmed so i get that but, SO much potential with him and he left night one?! My daughter and i are Still bummed out. Anyone else see that little gem? Even when he left, he said something super kind. Ugh. Thanks for being such a bright and honest light in social media land. — Debbie

  38. Agreed, love Pete the Pilot! I completely agree on Luke. I cannot get a vibe on him! I had the same thoughts/eye-roll during his intro package, but then when he talked about his faith my tune changed a bit. BUT with all that he is saying and the previews of him getting super angry just make me feel like he’s playing the game for sure! I guess we will see more!

    Loved your thoughts on Scott! Spot on. I had that thought too…like I’m sure a few more of these guys had dates very recently too?! But the way he acted was very suspicious! If he had said “Yes, I dated her for awhile, but we just ended things recently, and I am ready to move on – didn’t work out” I feel like it would have gone better for him…yikes! Also very annoying that took time away from some of the guys who went home! I loved Chasen and Old Matt Donald!! Hope to see them again!

    Great episode…great recap!!

  39. Matt Donald for bachelor! But seriously, I’ve never been so bummed to see a contestant go home. It was heartbreaking. Looking back to past seasons like you mentioned, I totally agree with your Jed theory. He did seem genuine for someone who has a music career, it didn’t seem like he had ulterior motives. I loved Connor S., he was so sweet and seems like a perfect gentleman. Mike’s great-grandmother was adorable and I thought his conversation with Hannah was the most genuine one of the night. Also, JPJ – “You can call me John Paul Jones.” ?!?!*eye roll* pleeease. And I’m not actually a fan of Peter. I did think it was a bit douchey of him to say he could fly her anywhere and that his jet was outside – it’s a romantic thought but I think he’s all talk.

  40. I agree with every single thing you said. I watched Colton’s season off and on so I wasn’t fully aware of how Hannah was, but I heard all the controversy. I thought she was adorable and endearing on the bachelorette.

    I love Peter and so far he’s my fav for her. I agree about Luke, he totally rubbed me the wrong way in his intro package. He seems very into himself and not completely authentic.

    Can’t wait to see how this season plays out.

  41. Did John Paul Jones not remind you of that one guy from your season… “I want to guard and protect her heart.” LOL I can’t remember his name!!!!

  42. Ali,
    Can you please try to find the dress Hannah was wearing in the intro when she fell onto the bed- the Navy one with gold stars or something on it?

  43. I had several “no” choices but no one favorite at this point. But Luke was a “no”. But I’ll try to be open minded. Catching up from being on vacation for first 2 episodes!

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