The Bachelorette Reunion!

Oh my gosh what a trip watching the Bachelorette reunion last night! Honestly, I had a bit of anxiety waiting for it to air. I know this might sound crazy to some of you but I’m actually kind of shy. I don’t know what it is but sometimes in group situations like that I can shut down. Which is interesting to me because if you put me in a room with 10,000 people and told me to give a presentation I would be totally cool with it! But something about a small group feels intimidating to me. Luckily, all the girls are actually incredible and made me feel at ease. I truly love this group of girls and it was an absolute treat to be able to spend the day with them!

The night before we filmed, a bunch of us got together at a restaurant at the hotel we were staying at. It was so nice to catch up with the girls off-camera and hear where everybody is in their life. Speaking of, I also LOVED the home visit packages they aired on the show last night! It fun to see everyone in their home lives now that the show is done. Btw, how cute were Molly and Riley in our home package?! I can’t get over seeing them on TV! Even though they’re on TV all the time on the show I work on, Home & Family, it still blows my mind to see them on national television every single time! I’m a proud mama!

And I know in the special I said Riley was one. Basically, when we filmed that about a month ago I thought he would be one when it aired. But my timing was a little bit off. Oh well! He will be one in 3 weeks! Crazy!

Anyway, the night we were all at the bar/restaurant at the hotel it was so funny to see other people at the restaurant look at us and recognize us. Look, I don’t get recognized that often when I go out in Los Angeles. Hardly ever, honestly. Or maybe I do and people just don’t care of here. Which why would they? I’m just like everybody else in this town. So it was kind of fun to go to the restaurant and see peoples jaws drop when they looked over and saw not one but 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 of the woman they watched try to find love on national television. It actually made our night when people would come over to our table and tell us about how they watched all of our seasons and wanted to take pictures! It was just a really cool thing to be a part of.


I do wanna tell you guys about my dress real quick. I can’t even tell you how many dresses I tried on before I settled on this one. I don’t know, I was just super nervous about the special! To be completely upfront and honest, I’m the biggest Bachelorette – size wise. Not that that matters at all because it doesn’t! If anything, I’m pretty proud of the fact that I am larger than the other girls and still got the opportunity to be the lead on the show. I think it’s important that women of all shapes and sizes are represented on television. And I get that a size 6 isn’t big. Trust me I know that. But something about standing next to all the girls, most of which are itty bitty and just petite people in general, I was super self-conscious! As you can see I look so tall in the pics standing net to them right? I’m only 5’7″. It’s not like I’m 5’11” so anything. They are just mostly petite women! And I love everyone of those teeny tiny gals. Ha!

Anyway I was really hard on myself leading up to the taping. After I tried on a million things, I finally found this dress and just felt beautiful in it! I think it would be absolutely stunning for a rehearsal dinner dress or a bridal shower dress! Wanted to link it here so you guys could feel just as good in it as I do!

What you didn’t see behind the scenes of the special was us girls chatting in a closet upstairs in the mansion. Ha! No really, a bunch of us grabbed a few bottles of wine and sat on the floor of a walk-in closet and talked for hours (while they were filming the fans checking out the mansion)! Jillian and Desiree were both pumping mamas at the time so they had their breast pumps out pumping away while we all just chatted away. We talked about the show, we talked about life now, and most importantly we just spent time supporting one another. I’ll always remember that closet chat. I’ll remember sitting on the floor looking around and seeing so many incredible women that have not only impacted my life in a big way but I know have impacted so many other lives out there too!


Rachel’s Bridal Shower

It was truly an honor to be at Rachael‘s bridal shower! I just adore Rachel because she is smart, strong, and unapologetically herself!

So being at her bridal shower and celebrating her becoming Mrs. Abasolo very soon was so special! Really, you didn’t see most of the shower. It’s been so long since I’ve been on the show that I forget that you can film for hours and then they only show a few minutes of it. That’s why every season when people are quick to judge the contestants I try to explain that we really don’t know what’s going on since we see so little of what is actually filmed. And even though they only showed a few minutes of Rachel’s shower, we were there for hours! Same goes for the Bachelorette Reunion. We were at the mansion for 8 hours and I think they showed about 30 mins of it, if that!

And during Rachel’s bridal shower, we drink lots of champagne! Spent lots of time talking about Rachel’s love story and had a little bit too much fun in the photo booth! Of course you saw all the cute lingerie she got! The lingerie I got her wasn’t shown because of course I’m an old boring mom and got her a cute white lace bra and underwear. In my mind that’s risky lingerie! Ha! I definitely need to live a little.

By the way, Alexis is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met! I’ve always loved her since she was dolphin girl on her season, but meeting her in person totally validated all my love for her! She basically had me peeing my pants (or dress? Ha!) during the shower because I was laughing so hard. She needs her own show! I would watch loyally every single week if she had one!


Also, I want to give you details on my dress from Rachel‘s shower. To be completely honest with you I was feeling so gross before I got dressed to go. I was super bloated, about 10 pounds heavier than my normal weight, and honestly a little bit hung over from the night before. Knowing how gross I felt I knew I had to wear a dress that I felt really good in. And this floral dress was it! It is so crazy flattering! I love that it covers my arms because I’m not super comfortable about my arms showing. And I also love that it’s long enough that I don’t have to worry about too much showing when I sit down. I paired it with a cute pair of blush pumps and a $23 purse! Doesn’t this purse look designer and super expensive! I think it does! And it’s only 23 bucks!


And for those asking about the button up shirt I was wearing when I watched the show last night I thought I would link it in here as well. It’s super affordable and only $31 I absolutely am obessed with it because of how long it is! Normally when I buy button up shirts they are short and don’t have that tunic feel wear a shirt covers your booty. And let’s face it, us girls who have hips and butt sometimes like a little coverage when we’re out and about. Not always, but sometimes I feel more confident when I’m covered up. The shirt is super long as you can see in the photo below and extremely good quality.


I actually first saw another blogger wearing this on Instagram and fell in love with it so I ordered it for myself. And when you don’t want to wear it long you can unbutton one or two at the bottom and tie it in the front like I did the photo below. Hard to see because I’m sitting down though. Oh and my shoes above are only $14! It took like about 3 weeks to come in the mail (just FYI) but I love them.


What I Didn’t Love About the Special

A few things I could’ve done without during the special last night. I do wish that they kept Bachelor in Paradise as it’s own separate thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m freaking obsessed with Bachelor in Paradise! I love it more than any other reality show, honestly! But it’s just a different show in my opinion. I feel like it should have its own special after 10 years of that show or something like that. Just felt weird that the show was mostly about the Bachelor and the Bachelorette with a tiny bit of Bachelor in Paradise sprinkled in. However, I was dying laughing when they showed the “first murder of a stuffed animal”. That scene is one of my favorite scenes in the history of Bachelor in Paradise!

Another thing that was hard for me about the special (that has absolutely nothing to do with the show itself) is the negativity I and many of the other girls received around it. Don’t get me wrong, there was way more support! And it’s those comments that I chose to focus on and respond to. But I have to say I was just blown away that some of the negative comments online about us girls! Whether it was talking about our appearance, the way we talked, or how they hated us back in the day when they watched our seasons. I was really trying not to pay any attention to those people but I couldn’t help myself at times. I’m only human!

And as I read comments from people commenting about my weight, or my hair, or how I was super annoying, I couldn’t help but think about Hannah B. That poor girl has gotten so much negativity over ABC’s decision to make her the Bachelorette that it is shocking but she still standing with a smile on her face. I know I received a lot of negativity back when I was on the show and like I just described, I still receive it now when I make little appearances here in there on the show. So I can only imagine what she feels when she sees the thousands of comments from people bashing her all over the world. So I want to take this opportunity to say let’s be kind to Hannah! She’s a 24-year-old girl that just wants to be loved! Whether you want to be best friends with her or not doesn’t matter. What matters is she’s human, she has feelings, and we as human beings should have compassion for her. I personally think she’s going to be one of the best Bachelorettes the show has ever had! She’s going to be interesting, funny, quick on her feet, and best of all, super awkward! I can’t wait to see her as Bachelorette!

Oh best of luck Hannah! I can’t wait to watch your love story begin next week! I will be watching and I will be supporting and rooting for you along the way! You got this girl!

Love, your Bachelorette sister forever – Ali

UPDATE: Adding the below dress to this blog! I apologize for the weird lens lines no the photo. Just took it last night after watching the show and was planning to use it for my social photo to tell you guys about this blog. But I can’t figure out how to remove the lens lines! New camera problems! Ha! Anyone know how? Anyway, I wanted to share the dress I am wearing because it’s only $9!!!!! YEAH! 9 bucks! Insane right? Size up because the sizes are junior. I am wearing a medium but I wish I got a large.

And check out the skit Deanna and I filmed for her Moms in Cars series! The video is on their Insta TV. It’s the most dramatic date in Bachelorette history! Ha! And give them a follow!

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98 thoughts on “The Bachelorette Reunion!

  1. Could you link the top that you’re wearing in yesterday’s post? The striped one with the square neck? Thanks girl!!

  2. Loved last nights show & seeing everyone come together again. It really does seem like a sisterhood & love how everyone is supporting Hannah B already. Always love the family updates too. & how beautiful all you gorgeous ladies are – inside & out.

  3. I didn’t get to see all of it, but the 45 minutes I did catch was wonderful! So fun to see you all together and chatting about experiences (and of course, loved the whole who-dated-who-too convo!) People will always kind of suck behind a keyboard and I’m happy that there were more positive comments than negative – you are all beautiful and well-spoken and inspiring. Thanks for the great content all the time Ali!

    1. Yes, what size? I’m about your size and it’s hard to tell what to order…by the way, LOVED you girls on the special! Wish they’d focused more on what is going on in each of your lives and not so much on the “hyped-up” fans. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. What lipstick are you wearing at the bridal shower and with the white dress? You look fantastic!

  5. Loved seeing you on the special last night! I loved you as the bachelorette and have loved keeping up with you since then.

    Your Frank reveal – OMG! That was a good one 😂 My jaw dropped and I was also not that surprised when I considered it more, ha. Thanks for being so real and so you. ❤

    1. me too!!! What ever happened to Frank?! He really missed out but it all worked out perfectly for Ali and Kevin!! 🙂

      1. I heard he got married recently! I kind of love that Ali had a little thing with Frank. But 100% agree that she’s exactly where she should be now with Kevin and those kids 😍

  6. Hi Ali
    I would’ve loved to have been in the closet with you & the other ladies. 🍷
    You looked lovely!
    Congratulations to Rachel.
    And best wishes to the ‘honey/lavendar’ ice cream 🍦bachelorette, Hannah!
    I really enjoy reading your blog.

  7. Ali, you are an inspiration to us all! You are my fav Bachelor of all time! Thank you for being so normal! Btw, please check out the hilarious Bachelor Coloring book which allows you to design your own tattoo for Casey to guard and protect your heart! lol!

  8. Loved reading the behind the scenes of the shoot! Please spill the tea on if they are going to do a bachelor version of this?! Also are you going to be doing for Facebook lives anytime soon? Lastly, when is the blog update happening? XoXo

  9. It was such a fun show! I loved seeing so many of the Bachelorettes together! SO fun seeing your cute family on the show too!

    You’ve always been my favorite of the Bachelorette ladies, and I know Hannah will be a great one too. I’m sorry you’re both getting negative comments, but know that there are so many fans who love you!

  10. Loved the special! Curious, are you actually close friends with Rachel (she said all of her closest friends were there) or was it a bachelorette thing?

    1. She probably barely knows Rachael. Ali just has a way of popping up everywhere just to stay relevant. You might have noticed she popped up in every scene possible. At least they didn’t let her dominate every conversation like she normally does on these reunion shoes.

      1. Cindy…if you don’t have anything nice to say (or write)…don’t say (or write) anything at all! It’s fine to feel however you do…make that comment to your mom/sister/friend/spouse. There’s no reason to try to hurt someone’s feelings. Ali is very social and likable and easy to talk to. If I ran into Ali, I would probably start talking a mile a minute, because from knowing her through tv and her blog, she feels like my friend. I definitely don’t think that’s a negative.

  11. Loved reading the behind the scenes of the shoot! Please spill the tea on if they are going to be doing a bachelor reunion like this! Also are you going to be doing any fb lives soon? When is the blog update happening? XoXo

  12. I hate there was negativity about the show. that’s terrible! I loved it and couldn’t believe how much y’all have NOT AGED! Such a fun show!!

  13. I loved last nights episode! It was wonderful to see you all connect and hilarious to hear you talk about what guys you had in common!!! 🤣❤️

    I also wanted to say before I read your email I would have not guessed you’d be intimidated! While watching I was wondering If it would be for any of the ladies. You especially came across confident and beautiful yet humble. It was clear you were genuinely connecting with the other ladies. Loved watching! Oh!! The reclip is The moment when “rated R” ran away!! Haha you handled this so well!! “You’re gonna regret this man” 🤣 what a goof he looked like clomping around in the bushes!! Hahaha still funny.

    What a treat to see beautiful women who we’ve all come to cheer for supporting each other so publicly. I loved it. Way to go girlie!

    Also you all looked stunning!! Every single one of you.

    Oh! One more thing. I loved the voice of support for Hanna B! Excited to see that unfold.

    Happy for you!

    1. Thank you, Jess! Yes, there’s something about being in a small group that gets to me! Thank you for your support!

  14. You were RADIANT in last nights episode! I’m so glad they gave you a lot of air time. You came across as so fun, sweet, genuine, and beautiful!

  15. It was so fun to watch you last night and all the other bachelorettes I follow on IG. When your segment came up I ran into the room and was bragging you up to my husband – she’s my favorite! Whenever I talk about the ex-bachelorette blog I read that’s Aly! I didn’t watch your season that much but I love following you now and seeing you be honest about being a mom. My daughter is right between Molly and Riley so I totally relate to everything mommy related. Felt proud to see you and your cute family on tv. So happy to see you and all the girls who are living happily married lives and all the cutie kids! Whether you ended up with your show love or someone else.

    I’ll be watching/reading all your comments about Hannah’s season. Her and Chris’ little “hometown date” totally sold me on her!

    Thanks for always keeping it real and all the great affordable fashion tips!

    1. So glad my blog is relatable for you! Best of luck with your little girl!
      I loved their hometown date too!

  16. I love you girlie, but when you scooped about you and Frank hooking up, I screamed aw Man poor Roberto!🤣. I know y’all were split, but I couldn’t help it! They need to give him another shot at it!

  17. Ali, I thought you looked absolutely stunning in that white dress! It was so flattering and unique. (And much more flattering than a couple of the other ladies’ choices, to be honest!). I think most people watching don’t care one bit about each girl’s size – we just love seeing the updates from these awesome girls we have been following along with for years!

  18. Loved last night’s episode! I could have sat there and watched you girls talk for hours! Loved the secret reveals, and about died laughing when Jillian said Jake was heavy on the tongue 😂😂😂

  19. I enjoyed the show and seeing all of you girls. You are definitely not “big” and you looked beautiful. I would have liked to have seen more of all of you and less of the tour. Thanks for sharing. I just bought those pink shoes. So cute! 🙂

  20. Those people who are bashing all of you are just jealous because you know that if anyone of those people who bash would get asked to be the bachelorette would go in a heartbeat! I loved the special! I wished they would have put more of you all on! I could’ve done without the tour and drama scenes from the past! Lol!

  21. You looked/look beautiful and you were/are glowing…you have the mom glow. It’s a glow that only mommas who are exhausted and not feeling great about themselves but are so full of joy and pride for their children and family that it overpowers everything.
    Would you mind linking the white bubble earrings you had on for the reunion?
    Thanks for always being honest and true and not letting the negativity get to you.

  22. First of all, you looked amazing! I did not even think you looked like the biggest bachelorette. You looked like the tallest, but not biggest!! I was like, poor Ali, she has to stand by the shortest bachelorette, Ashley! 😂 I thought I had read on your Instagram or blog that you are 5’7” so it just made me realize how short the rest of them are! You had the sweetest toast too for Hannah B. ❤️ Love all the women encouraging women!

  23. Huge fan of yours and I always have been! I appreciate how real you keep things. You are beautiful, inside and out and a great role model for young adults like myself!

  24. I thought you were amazing in last night’s episode! I loved seeing all of the Bachelorette ladies together. Is it weird that I want to be a part of your sisterhood too? 😆💕

  25. Ali,
    You are one of my favorite all time Bachelorettes because of how genuine and real you are! I love that you shared your insecurities with us. Most of us viewers just see a group of beautiful women we loved watching on television. I, along with many others, never looked at the group and tried to pick out who was heaviest. I don’t know how others do the same! The best part of the entire show was seeing how happy everyone is in their own lives. It’s a breath of fresh air! Loved the show!! Turn that confidence up girlfriend! You got this!

  26. Ali,
    It amazes me that you are so hard on yourself and have insecurities when you are this gorgeous, bubbly, creative, down to earth, amazing woman/mom/wife!
    When I watched last night I saw a stunning statuesque model-like woman who stood out from the rest (and these woman are all gorgeous!). I am old enough to be your mother, so take it from your elder… you are an incredible woman and always remember that!
    Best always and Happy Mother’s Day. Your kiddos are lucky to have you as their mom!
    Marcy in San Diego

  27. All you did an awesome job. I love how real you are and you have always been one of my favorite. You have a great personality and love your smile! Your family is adorable. Keep up the good work and please ignore the haters. You will never please all people all the time!
    It was a great reunion for us who have watched for years!

  28. You’re one of my favorite Bachelorettes ever! You looked gorgeous on the special – love that dress! I also enjoy following you on IG…your kids are so sweet and adorable ❤️

  29. I watched the reunion special and thought you all did a great job. Don’t listen to the haters. Some people are just always negative and that’s how they live their life, too bad for them. Loved seeing the clip of the family lives you all have created.

  30. Ali, I have loved you since you were on Jake’s Season and I am almost 70 years old! I am way over size 6, have been all my life and I have a wonderful husband and life. I think the worst part of life today is social media and the way people voice their uneducated , unfeeling opinions about people and things they don’t know or understand. Let it roll off your back. You are smart, pretty, great MOM, (I hope) and good wife! Love seeing you any place and all the rest of the Bachelorette ladies. Not sure I love Hannah but I will be open minded if you say to be! LOL. Hang in there and thanks for the Blog. I read it whenever I have time.

  31. I agree with Cindy. I bet she was quite upset when she had the last seat in the bus, too. Aly, has anybody ever pulled you aside and discussed your drinking problem?

    1. Troll alert! 🚨

      There’s no need for crap like this. Women should support women. Don’t follow this blog if you can’t be supportive.

  32. Ali, you looked absolutely darling last night! Your dress, skin, make up and hair looked so fresh and just perfect! I loved every scene you were in and all of your comments were such fun! You came across as natural, honest, fun and comfortable with who you are today! Loved the segment of your sweet family, too! I could have done without the segments on B in P and The Bachelor, too, except were it intersected with you ladies who were The Bachelorettes! This show was such fun, though, over all! I loved Chris’ hometown visit with darling Hannah, although I’m worried about her journey after viewing the segment when she was crying and telling the guys they hadn’t asked her any questions about her.😢. I also loved the segments and comments made by Ashley H., Emily, and Deanna. I also enjoyed Rachel, Becca and JoJo and Desiree and Jillian and their seasons and updates on their lives. Rachel sure had a lot of coverage which is probably because her wedding is set and Becca, JoJo and Jillian’s are not. Thanks for all the extra details you shared with us!❤️

  33. I love how REAL you are! You don’t hide the fact the other women are petite but in absolutely no way shape or form, are you big! We all have insecurities, it just comes natural for us women. You, my friend, are the real deal and have so much to be proud of!

  34. I was sooooo excited about the special and it being 2 hours long. I should have known that they wouldn’t spend all of that time on you wonderful ladies. In my personal opinion, each of you looked more beautiful last night than you did on your own seasons. Your inner beauty shined out for sure. I wish they would have spent the entire time on the 12 of you and left the rest of it out!

  35. You all looked amazing and beautiful! No one is supposed to look at 30, or 35, or beyond, how they looked at 25. We shouldn’t even try! Kate Winslet is just as gorgeous now as she was in Titanic. She has aged so gracefully and in a healthy way – just like all of you! Jennifer Aniston is another great example. She shouldn’t, at 50, look the way she did on Friends at 30! As a woman, you just can’t win. Those who have plastic surgery to try to look younger, get bashed. Those who age in a NORMAL, graceful, healthy way, get bashed. I do not like internet trolls one bit. I think their nastiness just shows how unhappy they are in their own lives or with their own appearance. It’s sad really. We teach kids at a young age that if they don’t have anything nice to say, they shouldn’t say anything at all. Adults need to follow that advice too!

  36. I would love to see a spin off featuring past bachelorettes and bachelors curtain lives. The whole group
    Of ladies last night were all my favorites.

  37. I absolutely loved the special and would love to see the Bachelorettes get together more often! I thought you all looked beautiful and it’s a shame that there was any negativity about any of you! I really enjoyed seeing the little updates on everyone’s families and children. Thanks so much for sharing your perspective on the special, it’s fun hearing about the behind-the-scenes moments!

  38. I loved seeing you on the show last night! You have always been a favorite bachelorette of mine! It was also fun seeing Molly and Riley aired on the show – as I watch your insta stories daily, and think Molly is the funniest little girl EVER! You looked amazing and I appreciate staying true to yourself!

  39. I absolutely loved the reunion show. Yours was the first season that I got totally hooked on watching. I remember all of those scenes. But I can’t imagine anyone criticizing any of you. You are all beautiful and smart. I loved all of the sections of the families. Molly and Riley were beyond adorable. Can’t imagine how hard it must be for all of you to put yourselves out there knowing people can be so mean. I totally enjoy following you and your blog. And the shows. And I’m a 66 yo Grannia/Gaga who loves you.

  40. I can’t fathom why anyone would hate on you. You are absolutely gorgeous and so down-to-earth! I love reading your blog and seeing pictures of your family on instagram. Keep doing what you are doing because so many of us appreciate you for who you are. ❤️

  41. I thought the special was fantastic- I loved seeing all of your girls together!! However….I felt like Andi did not get the screen time she deserved. Just because she isn’t married or in a relationship at the moment doesn’t mean that her accomplishments should not have been celebrated just as much!! She is a strong beautiful woman and a best selling author!! I felt like the producers and the show should have made more of an effort to ensure all of the girls got to celebrate how amazing they are!! Andi is one of my favourite bachorettes…she is a boss babe and an inspiration. I just wanted to show her some love….cause I don’t feel like the show did….

  42. I loved reading this!! I feel like I can relate to you in soooo many ways, it’s crazy! I’m also 5’7” and about a size 6-8 in clothing and I also like to cover my arms! But I definitely didn’t think you were the “biggest” looking on the reunion special. All I noticed was how absolutely joyful and gorgeous you all looked! I couldn’t help but smile throughout the entire thing! But Ali, I literally laughed out loud when they aired you saying “why wasn’t I invited on the bus tour!?” Omg that made the show!!! So funny! I love all the bachelorettes, but I think you and Des are my favorites. You’re both just so sweet and real and I love that. And it helps that you both have kids about the same age as mine. ☺️ Keep spreading positivity!! ✨💕

  43. I completely agree with you on the bachelor in paradise comment!! I adore and love paradise but it’s different from the bachelor and bachelorette. I also would’ve loved to see more of you gals seeing the fans was cool but I really tuned in to see y’all but anyway glad I watched and I adore you as always!:)

  44. Ali!! You are a true gem. It was honestly so refreshing to see you back on camera for the franchise! I follow along with your Instagram and blog but seeing you and your sweet family on ABC cameras again may or may not have (but definitely MAY) have brought tears to my eyes. You are gorgeous, have a beautiful family and are truly the reason I got hooked on the Bachelor/Bachelorette. SO incredibly happy for how things have turned out for you.

  45. I would have LOVED to be chatting it up and drinking wine with you ladies in the closet!! I adore you all and enjoy seeing what you are all up to through Instagram. I hope everyone keeps rocking at life! ❤️

  46. Oh man! I loved your blog post! I had so much fun watching this with my friends tonight (on Hulu because, well, college) and they had only watched the last 4 seasons so I got to just gush about you and the other ladies! And everytime you popped up I couldn’t help myself, “omg it’s Ali, she’s my favorite” or “wait until lthey show her kiddos!”. So thanks for doing it, I loved watching, and so miss seeing you every week on TV! Also the bachelor secrets were GOLD.

  47. Honestly, I love that you aren’t itty-bitty. I’m 6’ tall and I was noticing how tiny all the women were when they came out and lined up. Nothing against petite ladies but I pretty much fist-pumped when you came out because you looked gorgeous and represented for the at least slightly taller girls out there 🙂 Loved the special and only wish they’d shown even more of y’alls reunion because it was the best part!

  48. I loved watching The Bachelorette special!!!!! It was so fun seeing everyone together!! You looked so beautiful and radiant Ali!! The camera just gravitates towards you. I was so excited when I say you, I said to my fiancé, “ there’s Ali!!! She’s the one who’s instatories I always show you of her adorable son walking!” Lol. I feel like you’re my friend so it was so cool! I wish the whole episode was just about the bachelorettes. You were so sweet and kind with your speech for Hannah. You are a sweet soul, Ali ❤️ Thank you for posting all your outfit deets. I think I’m gonna buy the beautiful target purse for my mom for mother’s day!

  49. Loved the show
    And you looked radiant!
    Were other kids invited besides tristas and molly’s? Would’ve loved to see yours and Emily’s, Jillian’s, etc. so cute!!! Xo

  50. Hey Ali! I just wanted to say thank you for such a positive outlook in your blog tonight! And truthfully every other day. I needed to read this tonight about sisterhood and supporting each other. I’ve struggled in recent years with depression which has taken a toll on my friendships. But your blogs and instagram stories are constantly helping me strive to make my life better as a wife, mother, and friend. I have two daughters that are close in age to your little ones as well. So you’ve been a great inspiration to me in all aspects of my life. Thank you again. 😊

  51. Ali,

    You will always be my fav bachelorette. I lived last night special and it was so fun to see all these season collide. I am die hard fan so not much suprises me these days but thanks for your juicy fact last night. I was laughing so hard since I was caught off guard and it was all news to me as a viewer. You go girl!!!

    Anyway if you ever want to have a bachelorette viewing buddy let me know. I’m in the LA area too.


  52. Dear Ali,
    I’m just gonna be 100% honest and say out of all the Bachelorette seasons yours was my favorite!

    I remember watching you on Jake’s season, and how you left, and I was heartbroken for you guys. When they announced you as the bachelorette I was SO thrilled!! I was living in an unusual living situation and I remember when Monday night hit I had to watch! I sat infront of a desktop computer and rooted you on! 🎉 i remember it all so fondly actually ☺️✌🏻❤️

    I have also been an avid follower of your Instagram and blog for a few years! I have 2 small kids around the same age as yours too ☺️ Us Mom’s and Women need to stick together, so I just want to remind you to not let what other people say bother you, YOU are BEAUTIFUL. I’ve definitely had my fair share of low self esteem after having kids and not feeling “sexy” or feeling awkward. I just want to remind you you’re beautiful, you’re not alone, and I admire the heck out of you! Keep doing what you do, cause you’re so so great at it! ❤️

    With Love,

    And PS the special was SO sweet, I had a smile on my face the whole time, ABC really did a great job 😊

  53. Ali, you’ve always been my favorite out of all the seasons! You’re the only one I follow and keep up with, honestly! Although now I will follow the Moms in Cars because that looks hilarious 🙂

    I thought you looked amazing and as classy as ever on the show. Thank you for not dressing like a teen, but instead, looking like the sophisticated mom, wife, and working woman that you are.

  54. I really enjoyed watching the Bachelorette reunion. I thought you looked fantastic in your white dress. One of my favorite things about the Bachelor franchise is all the genuine friendships that come from the shows. I loved the home bits of the reunion and it was fun to see how young everyone looked during their season and how all the women are even prettier now! I loved you on your season and I love your blog. You have a beautiful family!!!

  55. Hi Ali! LOVED the special! Although I feel like I’m fairly caught up already with everyone’s lives (thanks to social media, ha!) I loved all the hometown packages! Those girls all seem like such treasures – I’m sure it’s an honor to be a part of that group. Also – all I could think while watching was how classy you looked! Just stunning. (I laughed during one shot when you seemed so much taller, but then quickly realized how short most of the girlies are!) The fans reacting to you walking out was adorable. Everyone clearly just looks up to you, and you’re making SUCH a positive impact on your platform. Well done! <3

  56. Ali, I loved seeing everyone together on the show. I especially LOVED your white dress! Very classy lady 💕

  57. I loved the special! But I actually wanted more of all you girls chatting than of watching the fans go around LA or the part with Nick, lol I loved seeing you girls give out secrets and just chat about your experiences! Jakes season was the first season I ever watched and I was a big fan of yours since you were on his season and loved you as the bachelorette! The secret you said about Frank actually made me happy cause I was such a fan of you and Frank together on the show!
    All you ladies looked amazing and I still love that white dress you wore!
    Love you Ali!

  58. Hi Ali your ‘secret’ reveal was hilarious last night! Your kids are beyond adorable..could you share where your coffee table is from in the insta story of kids playing guitar please… I think you may have previously said was out of stock wayfair but would love the link to see if back! Thank you!

  59. How do the blush slip on shoes run size wise? My feet vary anywhere between a 6.5-7.5 depending on the size so I’m unsure what to order. Also, the button up shirt you have on with those shoes, how does it run as well?

  60. Truly trying to understand how there could be negative comments about all of your appearances. All of you ladies were beautiful back then, but I truly think you are all even more beautiful now. Seriously, all of you are killing it- gorgeous and living your best lives. Love to see it.

  61. I enjoyed the special. I have watched all of your seasons (the only two I didn’t watch were the two girls that weren’t there). I feel like the bachelorette has been a big part of my life (literally half of my life). I hope this doesn’t come across as mean and I know we only saw a little bit of it, but I felt like Rachel’s shower seemed super produced. Only bachelor people were there. I’m assuming she’s having a real shower with other friends and family but it still seemed weird.
    My favorite part of the reunion was actually the bad boys segment. I’m glad to see some of them have improved a lot and some not so much lol. I’ll never forget you chasing Rated R around.

  62. I loved the reunion show! I was glued to the tv and my fiancé went to bed 🤣 Ali, you, Jillian and Kaitlyn are my “favourites” but I truly love all of the bachelorettes. I have NEVER understood why people always have to post their negative opinions! It makes no sense to me. And I hate that people are so judgemental. If I don’t like something, I keep it to myself! I don’t follow someone on Instagram to troll them. Ugh so frustrating! Anyway I rarely comment on anything online so this is new for me, but wanted to say I love how you are as a person, as a mom and a public figure. You do the best you can, as we all do and I think it’s perfect! And PS – I didn’t even realize you were “bigger” than the other girls. You have an awesome bod 🤷🏼‍♀️👌🏻😘

  63. Hello!

    I have a quick question. What is your diet plan? There is a big difference in your weight from when you were the bachelorette and now. I think I read a few years ago that you are now vegan??

  64. I’m so surprised to hear you feel you are one of the biggest Bachelorettes. I seriously NEVER noticed that, and I’m not even kidding Ali, you looked absolutely gorgeous in that line up. I so appreciate your honesty about your insecurities and body, etc. You make me feel less alone in my own insecurities. You have always been and always will be my favorite Bachelorette! (Oh and I loved that little tidbit you shared about Frank! Haha! The moment he left during your season is one of the standout moments from the whole franchise for me because I was SO Team Ali+Frank. So I was heartbroken right along with you at the time. But obviously everything worked out the way it should’ve in the end and ultimately led you to your perfect match ❤️)

  65. I loved the reunion show and I realized I have watched all of the seasons and I can’t say that about the Bachelor! I thought everyone was gorgeous and loved hearing about their lives today.

  66. I think your role in the ABC special Monday night was perfect! You speak so eloquently, and i loved Your Enthusiasm. You have a way with words that is so refreshing. Molly and Riley are so lucky you are their mama, and i was So happy to see them filmed! I really Enjoyed getting a glimpse into everyone’s lives! You Ali , are doing great! And as long as you remember you are beautiful and a strong woman, all the rest can go. ❤️

  67. I’m just reading your post about yelling at Molly. I feel like this is so relatable! We all do it, we all lose our cool. I like to think that it’s good for them to see that their behavior is not always ok! Does it mean we yell? Not necessarily- but maybe! There are consequences which is not a bad thing. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all do it. And I like to think it’s an unpleasant outcome of how much we love them ❤️ Hang in there!

  68. I cannot fathom how people can be so negative in their comments. Ali, you are an absolute delight. You were on TV, yes, and still currently a media personality, but you have always come across as relatable, genuine, kind and fun. Keep doing what you’re doing! Empowering others to be kind, be real, and live their best life. Kevin, Molly and Riley sure are lucky to have you in person every day. xx

  69. Aww you seem like such a sweetheart! I used to love the show & still do but often forget to watch being a busy mom & all!!! Will have to try to catch the next season when it airs! You all look beautiful! Looks like an amazing family ❤️

  70. My husband always says “don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t accept advice from.” I think that is such a powerful statement and so true when dealing with the negative comments you receive. All the bachelorettes have been wonderful and Hannah will be too!

  71. Hi Ali! I love the white dress you wore at the reunion. Does it fit true-to-size or did you size-up?? I’ve read in some reviews that it fits small…

  72. I absolutely LOVED the Bachelorette reunion. It makes me so mad and sad to think that others were bashing it. You ladies are amazing and I have loved watching you all find love. It was such a fantastic episode to watch and I just kept thinking the whole time that I WISH I could have gone on that tour!!! XO

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