Come Find Me Walmart!!! With LALA Yogurt Smoothies

Eeeeeeepppppppp! I want to start this blog post by saying thank you thank you thank you! If you’re reading this that means you came over to my blog today to show me some support for this incredible campaign with LALA Yogurt Smoothies that my family is in! Our campaign is live in Walmart!!! Eeeppp! ok ok, I need to breath. Let me start from the beginning. I told you guys about LALA Smoothies before, and yes, I am working with them and am a part of this campaign for their incredible line of adult and kid smoothies. But when I tell you I love this brand and love this product, I mean it!

First, I love the product. I’ve always known probiotics are important to take. And sure, I could take a vitamin. But I’ve always been told that it’s best to get your nutrients through food whenever possible. So I absolutely love that LALA’s Yogurt Smoothie now has billions of probiotics that keep my body happy and healthy. Also, they just taste dang good! I love all the flavors but I’ve been on a Wild Strawberry kick lately. Molly is also obsessed with their kids’ smoothies. She thinks it’s like getting ice cream when she has one. And I feel good about giving them to her because all LALA smoothies are made with real fruit and have no artificial flavors.

But what I love about this brand, beyond the product, is what they stand for! Right now they’re launching a campaign called the Real Mom Revolution. The purpose of this campaign is to support moms! And to support your “real mom life” whatever that may look like for you. For me, real mom life means I often wear clothes for the day, sleep in them, and then wear them the next day. Ha! Real mom life for me means that my kids watch tv sometimes when I need to get things done around the house. Real mom life for me means that I rarely get to cook food for myself so having something convenient to grab out of the fridge that’s good for me like a LALA yogurt smoothie is a game changer.

What does the Real Mom Revolution mean to you? I’d love to hear you guys have to say in the comments below! What was your real mom moment today?

Also, as you guys can see I just about lost my mind when I went into Walmart the other day and saw my face staring back at me! I couldn’t believe it! Well, I knew the photos were going to be up in Walmart but I think part of me didn’t really believe it was true until I saw it with my own eyes! I’m so proud of it and so grateful to each and everyone of you that are here on my blog reading this and supporting me and my family. It’s because of you guys and all your support and love that I’m able to do things like this! I try so hard to give back to you guys for all that you’ve given me. I hope you guys know that and I hope I can continue to give back in anyway I can.

Please please please take a photo of yourself with my LALA display if you see me in your local Walmart! Post it to social media, tag me at @alifedotowsky, tag @lala.foods, and use the #RealMomRevolution. I’ll retweet any tweets I see! And if, you tag me on Instagram I’ll do my best to comment on your post to thank you!

If you want to know exactly where you can find the smoothies click this link here. It will show you exactly where you can find a Walmart or another store that carries LALA near you! The new LALA Yogurt Smoothies with probiotics launched in a lot of new places this month, so if you didn’t see one near you last time you checked on my blog you might see one now!

Before you go, make sure to leave me a comment telling me your real mom moment. Whether it was today, yesterday, a month ago or year ago! I just think that this is a fun opportunity for all of us to share our real mom moments. FYI, remember the story I told you guys about the time I forgot to pack diapers for Molly when I went to the OB/GYN. And then I ended up using a maxi pad as a diaper for her because she pooped and she needed a diaper change. That was certainly a real mom moment for me. And a pretty resourceful mom moment for me. Ha! Can’t wait to read all your stories below! Cheers!

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47 thoughts on “Come Find Me Walmart!!! With LALA Yogurt Smoothies

  1. These are lovely pictures. Do you know the sugar content in this product? I cannot eat a lot of sugar for health reasons.

    1. Too much! I’m so disappointed that she is promoting this. We need to encourage children away from the added and ‘natural’ sweeteners.

      1. Compared to other choices for snacks this seems like a good option. I give them to my granddaughter without guilt!

    2. They contain 16g of total sugar, but I like knowing that it’s because they are made with real fruit and low-fat milk which both contribute sugar. And the probiotics and protein make them a well-balanced snack! 😊

      1. You’re awesome and doing great with your kiddos! They are bright and beautiful! I love that you aren’t triggered by negativity! Go girl!!

  2. Excited to try these and I’ll definitely post a photo. My real mom moment was probably the other day where I took my 4 year old and 2.5 year old away from the library kicking and screaming. I had to do the “walk of shame” of hauling out crying kids in a quiet library. 🙈

    Also random question, what is the name of the organic gas drops you used with Riley? I’m due with my 3rd in July and want to make sure I have some on hand.

    1. Oh girllll! We have ALL been there! When I see another mom or dad with a toddler throwing a tantrum I try to smile at them and sometimes say “I’ve been there mama!”

  3. Ali- I finally found the LaLa good kids smoothies in my grocery store a few weeks ago And was wishing I could text you or something- lol i was so excited! My little guy LOVES these things and eats them every morning just like Molly.

    Can’t wait to see your pretty faces at Walmart! 😊

    1. Yesssss! So glad you found them and that your little guy is loving them! Tweet me or write a message on my insta or blog next time you see them! Especially if you see our campaign at Walmart!

  4. Ali I love following you i dont follow any bloggers just you I dont know what it is but i love how you are a great mom with everything you do. I love you babys they make my day just hearing Molly talking or reading which I love. Great job with the yogurt!

    1. Thank you Dolores! I try my best at this whole mommy thing! I’m just learning what works for me as I go! xoxo

  5. So fun for you and your family, Ali! I’ll have to go look for your faces 🙂 Real mom moment: my little baby girl had a blow out while out shopping and the store did not have a changing table in the bathroom (whatt!!??) so had to change her on the floor of an aisle. Good thing I had my portable changing pad with me!

    1. I would have given you a high five if I saw you! Way to get things done mama! And this TOTALLY happened to Kevin and I at Walmart once with Molly when she was young. I’ll never forget it! Thankfully both of us were there and I think ran out to the car to get the diaper bag because we left it in there!

  6. I looooove this idea for kids!!! My girls love the yogurt smoothies that other yogurt company’s make, but I hate that there’s so much sugar!!!!!! I can’t wait to go to our nearest Walmart and try these! It’s funny the other day I was searching for a probiotic to get for myself but everything is so expensive! I can’t wait to try these myself as well. Do you know if there gluten free????

  7. Ali! So excited to see these arenow in Walmart, I have been wanting to try them for my son but couldn’t find a local store that carried them! So yay! Just curious, do you have access to how many grams of added sugar there are? I know the fruit and the milk have to make up for a good amount of the grams, just curious as to the added amount for the adult and kids smoothies! Thanks! Can’t wait to give them a try! ♥️

    1. I believe they also have Stevia extract in them so I dont know if that counts as part of the sugar content.

  8. Ali! So excited to see these arenow in Walmart, I have been wanting to try them for my son but couldn’t find a local store that carried them! So yay! Just curious, do you have access to how many grams of added sugar there are? I know the fruit and the milk have to make up for a good amount of the grams, just curious as to the added amount for the adult and kids smoothies! Thanks! Can’t wait to give them a try! ♥️

  9. Hi Ali
    Go ‘Real Mom Resolution’!
    The product sounds great & the sugar is prob from the real fruit they use to make the yogourt.
    Is it sold in Canada?
    What a great experience for you, Molly & your family to be a part of! 🎉

  10. Big deal, your pic on the ad is so small you can’t even see it’s you. You post way too many videos and pictures for a Mom of 2 small children. You should work on parenting them more and less posting online.

  11. I love you! You instagram video makes me smile so much. I’m gonna run out and get a Lala smoothie now 😉

  12. Wow Ali, some of these comments are so negative! 🙁. I say congratulations on your venture with Walmart and I cannot wait to try them! So exciting for you and your family! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  13. Ali, I love you and think you are adorable, but no offense, I like you better with the short hair. It looks so cute on you and stylish. I am not a fan of ponytails, I think people with long hair should style it nice and wear it down, but short hair is more manageable and on you it looks adorable! Just sayin.

    1. I love her hair in these pics! But my opinion doesn’t matter either… what matters is how Ali feels. It’s her hair! I get comments about my makeup sometimes… some positive and some negative. But I feel like, I am 38 years old…I don’t have everything figured out but I do know how to do my makeup in a way that makes me feel best and that’s all that matters! People can have opinions but it baffles me sometimes what people are willing to say or write. Let’s spread positivity…Lord knows we need as much as possible with every thing going on in the world today. Have a happy day!

  14. You are so down to earth and have an awesome personality! I love seeing the videos of your children. You are such an amazing mom! You can tell you are amazing by their smiles and adorable laughter in your videos. I love how big your heart is and how you face each day with a beautiful smile and positive mind set! I love your blog! I will definitely go to Walmart and buy the smoothies for myself, husband, and son! 😍 You keep rocking it out beautiful lady!

    Mommy Moment- I picked my son up from daycare one afternoon and he had a migraine. I knew he would get sick, but not as soon as I walked out the door. I had it all over me and when I put him down to try to get someone to help me clean it up, I dropped my purse in it. 😂 I had it all over my clothes, my purse and just had to laugh at myself. I had a nice woman to stop and help me. She was laughing with me and said, “Honey we have all been there!”
    Side note- My son will get sick and then feel 100% better. He looked at me as I was trying to clean up my purse and said, “Mommy, let’s go to McDonald’s and get a Happy Meal.”
    That’s my mommy moment! 😊

  15. The negativity blows me away. What gives anyone the right to comment on someone’s appearance or their perception of another’s parenting?

    I love your blog and the fact that you are so down to earth and real Ali! Totally relatable! 🙂

    My real mom moment was last month when my toddler had a bad cold…she was up so many times I finally brought her into bed with me (my husband was working nights). She finally fell asleep all snuggled in and so comfortable but she was so congested she was snoring like crazy! I work 12 hour shifts and I was exhausted. I moved her back into her room so I could get some sleep too. I really wanted to enjoy the snuggle, but the sleep was just too important! lol

  16. I’ve totally done the maxi pad thing! 😬🙋🏻‍♀️

    I’ve never tried a yogurt smoothie, but if I’m out and see one I may get one. Do you have to buy a whole pack or do they sell them individually? What is the difference btw the kids one and the adult one? Is it just the size or do they taste different/have diff ingredients!?

  17. I bought the Yogurt Smoothie last Saturday at Walmart (Palm Beach, FL) but I didn’t see any standee or small poster of you and Molly.

    The smoothie tastes really good and not so sweet…but my plan is to also add this in any smoothie that I always make at home. 🙂

    Thanks for spreading happiness. Your family is such a joy! God bless.

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