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Happy Tuesday everyone! I just can’t get over the weather we have been having lately – it makes me so happy! For Southern California, we had a pretty gloomy beginning of the year. I wanted to tell you guys about this outfit today because it’s cute, comfy and the top is on sale! Plus, a few of these items are ones I’ve already shared with you and might be in your closet already. That means you could create an outfit like mine by just getting one or two new pieces!


1. TOP | 2. BOOTIES 3. JEANS | 4. PURSE | 5. COFFEE MUG | 6. HAT

First of all, how stinkin’ cute is this top!!! It’s on sale for under $25! I’m loving how the color is on the brighter side, but can be worn with colors like cognac that really pop with it as well! If the color isn’t a perfect match for you, the great news is that is also comes in 3 other colors! Aren’t the crinkles the perfect touch?! Not only do they elevate a more simple style tee, but it adds a layer that makes it so versatile. It could easily be worn with either jeans (like I have on) or in a dressier look with trousers for work! The crinkles also make it so that the shirt does not easily wrinkle, which is a huge plus for mamas. And the sleeves are a great length to cover some of your upper arm, if you are more conservative of this area like I am. Plus, how cute is the little crinkle edge detail around the sleeves and the bottom hem! One of the best parts is that it is ON SALE! And like I mentioned above it’s almost 50% off right now, and under $25! It looks like a few of the sizes have low stock, so I’d snag this as soon as you can.


1. TOP | 2. BOOTIES 3. JEANS | 4. PURSE | 5. COFFEE MUG | 6. HAT

You have probably seen this hat in a few of my recent posts, and that’s because I truly live in this! It can go with so many different outfits, and I highly recommend it! Especially with my shorter hair recently, I have loved the way it looks. Speaking of shorter hair, you might have seen on my Instagram stories yesterday that I was thinking about getting extensions put in this week! I know, I know, I just cut my hair recently, but I am so used to being able to just throw my hair up when I am on the go. It makes my mornings so much easier. Anyways, I decided that I am doing it!!! What length do you think I should get? Enough for a medium length pony, or long? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! I keep going back and forth.

I am also wearing these cognac colored booties – and they are on sale! They are so comfortable! Again, they are such a versatile item that can be worn with so many things from jeans and a top, to a cute spring/summer styled dress! The pointed toe is one of my favorite parts of this shoe, because it adds an extra level of sophistication to your outfit. If you’re wearing an outfit with jeans, the pointed toe dresses the outfit up just a tad! If you are wearing them with a dress, it adds a little bit of an edgier look. Because they are on sale, sizes are limited! I know they might not have all of your sizes in stock, but I was able to find a few other styles like mine that I’ve linked below.

My travel coffee cup makes me laugh – it’s say “This Might be Wine”. I haven’t actually put wine in it (yet), but I have wanted to oh so many times. Kevin actually bought me this cup for Christmas. My husband just gets me 😉 I think it’s a really cute gift to give to any girlfriend – especially a mom friend! And it’s really affordable at only $10.


1. TOP | 2. BOOTIES 3. JEANS | 4. PURSE | 5. COFFEE MUG | 6. HAT

I hope you’re having a great start to your week! What are your favorite staple pieces in your closet, that you tend to wear with a bunch of different outfits? I’d love to get some recommendations from all of you! Comment below, and let’s chat!

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27 thoughts on “Cute Top for Under $25

  1. Once again you are over thinking everything to do with parenting and especially Molly. What would you do if you didn’t have the resources to find multiple identical whales to switch out with the original one so she wouldn’t lose her mind? I guess you would have to explain to her sometimes things get lost and you’ll keep trying to find it. Keeping her life perfect is not good for you or her. Kids need to learn about disappointment and that things don’t always go their way. If you protect her from every hurt in life, she will never be the independent person you say you want her to be. By your own admission she has always been pretty high maintenance and that will only get worse if you continue to “Fix” everything for her just to keep her happy.

    1. I don’t think she’s trying to make “everything perfect”. She simply got another whale. 🤷 I did the same thing with my son at 2 when fell he in love with a beanie baby of all things. (It was given to us from a yard sale and cost maybe $10 online.) Moms are just trying to do their best. No need to critique her parenting. 🙄

    2. I have to say I agree with what Cindy is saying. It’s not a knock on Ali, but there is something to making sure your child’s life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies because that is just not the reality. I think there is a nicer way of saying “hey, maybe you should let her deal with consequences if something happens” that’s not knocking her down. It’s just an opinion….Ali chose to put it out there publicly so I think it’s ok to respond with differing opinions. Maybe the way Cindy expressed it was a little harsher than she should have been, but people shouldn’t get mad at people expressing differing opinions! We’re all just trying to do our best and I as a mother appreciate differing points of view.

      1. Heather I completely agree with you regarding other opinions, I often feel it makes me a better mom at times and opens me up to new ideas or points of view. But I do feel the first comment was rather harsh. I think there is a difference between making life rainbows and your child’s comfort. Obviously Molly has clinged to this whale like a security blanket, my sister in law did it with my nephew, had 3 back ups for his lovey because he could not sleep without it. The intent is to provide comfort when a child is anxious or in a new situation, not shield them from disappointment or give them their way. At least that was my take away from Ali sharing this story.

      2. Absolutely. Different opinions are GREAT! I love to hear what other mama’s out there are doing. But mom shaming is not ok. Not ever. But I have no regrets getting a backup!

    3. Who are you? Mother of the year? Ali knows what’s best for her daughter, not you! I’ve never seen such mean comments in my life! 😜

  2. Hi Ali
    I like the crinkly shirt style & the colour looks good on you!
    I have the same cup!
    Praying for the people in the flood zones & in Toronto…everywhere.

  3. Hi Ali!

    I love reading your blog and watching your little ones grow! They’re adorable! I’m curious why you can’t just tell Molly you need to wash the old whale? Why do you need to hide that part? Or did I miss you say the reason behind it? I had a security stuffed animal growing up and my mom would wash it when it got dingy 🙂

    1. We did! We washed both! We told her it’s washed and that’s why it’s furry (The new one). And we did wash it a couple times hoping it wouldn’t look quite as new but it didn’t really work! We aren’t getting a new one because the old one looks dingy. We are doing it just in case one gets lost! It would just break her heart if that ever happened to we want a backup that looks the same that we will use interchangeably.

  4. To Cindy,

    I was taught something by my parents when I was growing up and it was- “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Everyone parents differently. If you don’t like what someone has to say, don’t read their blog and don’t follow them on Instagram.

    To Ali,
    I discovered your blog through your work on Home and Family. I started watching Home and Family when I was home on maternity leave. I love your upbeat personality and I really enjoy reading your blog and your Instagram posts. Thank you for all your affordable clothes suggestions. I have never been good with fashion and being so busy with a toddler, it’s hard to shop. Take care.

    1. Hi Denise!

      Thank you for the support. So glad you found me through Home & Family. It’s such a wonderful show. I am so very grateful to be a part of it. Happy to have you here 🙂 xoxo

  5. What size top are you wearing? I am usually between a small and medium and it’s tough to figure out how loose of a fit it has. Also my son (who just turned 16) had a stuffed puppy that he loved and we did the exact same thing. Got a spare in case we lost it. He picked up on the difference right away. Soon we admitted there were 2 of them and he was shocked. He played with them both together and it eventually made him less attached (which I had mixed feelings about). Good luck with Molly’s whale!

  6. So funny about Molly’s whale story because just two weeks ago my daughter Madelynn, who’s the same age, discovered back-up “pink baby”!! She was already suspicious because backup pink baby’s dress was new and feathery (just like the whale!) and not worn down. So after I gave her the backup one to use during naptime, first she questioned the dress (“where different dress go?”), THEN I tried to switch them back and she REFUSED original pink baby. She was not having that her dress was all worn down. Well she ended up finding one or the other in baby brothers room and came SPRINTING down the hall exclaiming “MY HAVE TWO PINK BABIES!!” I so wish I could show you the video! I captured her reaction.

  7. We did a similar think with my granddaughter. We got a couple back ups! Not because she would lose her mind, it’s because toddlers need security. Their lives are constantly changing and if having a special toys makes them feel safe and content we are here to help! Also makes our lives easier too 🙂

    Keep doing what you’re doing! I love all your tips and upbeat attitude.

    Cute top too!!

    1. Totally agree. Mr Whale makes her feel safe and I will do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure my girl always feels safe 🙂

  8. Perfect shirt, great color, and loose in the right places! Also, love the hat. On a side note my daughter loves Riley, every night before she goes to bed, she wants to see the baby and mommy, so I have to show her your insta stories about Riley!

  9. You were very smart to get a back up! When my son was 4, he had a favorite blanket named Buckey that we mistakenly brought on a family vacation to Colorado and Buckey got left in a hotel room in Boulder. Brady, my son, cried for 6 months straight every single night for 30 minutes to an hour that he couldn’t go to sleep without Buckey. It was horrible. Finally in December, (the blanket was lost in July), Santa Claus wrote him a letter telling him he knew he was sad and delivered a new blanket and that Santa hoped he could be a big boy and sleep with this blanket. That finally worked but it was a rough 6 months! For the record, he is 15 now and still sleeps with that blanket under his pillow. Attachment is real!

    1. Oh noooo! This break my heart! Buckey! Glad you were able to get him another one! Another reason I did it is because my niece Lennon as a doll called “do-do” that is sooo old is gross and she insists on bringing it everywhere. I actually plan to buy a few more of these whales so that don’t turn into tattered rags like my niece’s dodo has. Ha!

  10. Be sneaky and lie to your kid. And then have the audacity to admit how confused she really is. Really good parenting technique.

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