Affordable Friday – Got it on Ebay

I am so excited to be bringing you another affordable Friday! These are some of my favorite posts, because who doesn’t love affordable and cute clothes!!! They’re so affordable that you can buy a few items each month and not even feel guilty about it! Today I’ll be talking about some items that I think are perfect for the current spring season, and can be worn well into summer!


First of all, how stinking cute is this blue striped top? I wore it in a post I posted earlier this week so you might recognize it from that. It is the perfect spring color and very light weight. Not only can it be worn tucked in like I did above, but it also be worn untucked (it’s long) and it will cover your backside. What I also really like about this top is that it also covers your arms, which I tend to be more self-conscious about. When the top comes in the mail, the arms might seem awkwardly long, but all you have to do to achieve this look is cuff them! So don’t be alarmed by that. In fact, when I first got it in the mail, I didn’t think I was going to like it when I took it out of the package. But once I steamed it and cuffed that arms I really liked how it looked on me. It definitely works better for smaller chested ladies, I do believe that it would probably be too tight around the bust for anyone that is more full chested (I’m a 32D or 34C), and I unbuttoned the top button. I know the link says it’s plus size. But it’s not. I am wearing a size medium and could have even gotten a large.

I haven’t even mentioned the best part about this top yet. The price!!! It’s only $10! Yes, you read that right. Not to mention that it also has free shipping. The material isn’t the highest quality, but I expected that with a $10 shirt. I still think it looks super cute. As you all know, I love to keep each of my affordable Friday posts dedicated to one website or store so that it is easier for you to shop – this week it’s Ebay! That way you can get everything all at once without having to check out on a bunch of different sites. I always find the best items on eBay for ridiculously low prices. Especially on their Daily Deals page.


When friends ask me about something I’m wearing from eBay, one of their main questions is how to shop eBay effectively (most people don’t realize that over 80% of eBay products are brand new). There’s definitely some tricks for getting the best items and deals! When I’m searching on eBay, I usually check a few boxes in the left-hand side bar to help me find what I’m looking for. I will check “new with tags”, “US only”, and “free shipping”! Sometimes I’ll check “free returns” too if I am unsure about the item I’m getting. That will help you sort through whatever you’re trying to find on the site. And right now, just an FYI, they’re having a really awesome sale on Nike Sneakers. And speaking of shoes, I got these white rain boots for under $20. I don’t even plan on wearing them though. I think I am going to plant flowers in them to leave by my front door. What do you think? I’ve always wanted to plant flowers in rain boots but they are always so dang expensive and I didn’t want to have a $100 rain boot pot – ha! So I was pumped to find these super affordable ones to use. In the pick below, I put tulips in them and brought them outside to see how it would look. I am obsessed! And how darling is my little model behind them 😉

Anyway, back to my look! I love a cute brown loafer and I found a bunch on eBay here. I found a really cute pair for under $20 that would look so cute with my top in these pics. I’m sure you guys recognize this hat that I love to wear, and I found a similar one for only $6! I love wearing hats because they truly elevate any outfit! Not to mention they can cover up a bad hair day, ha!


And how ADORABLE does Molly look?!?! I just can’t get over how absolutely darling this outfit looks on her. I’ve been wanting to get her a pair of yellow Hunter boots for a while. I own a red pair and have my eye on a really cute pink pair for her too. So when I found a great deal on the yellow pair on eBay I snatched them up! And I found so many super cute plaid dresses like this at really good prices on eBay too. I just think the plaid with the yellow boots is a really cute spring look!


And last but not least is my cute yellow beach cruiser! I actually got this beach cruiser years ago at a shop for close to $500 honestly. But I found a bunch of cute ones on eBay for under $250.

I can’t wait until Molly is old enough to ride this bike herself! I’ve been trying to get out and ride more often lately. You guys may remember I went to the beach a couple weeks ago and rented a bike and I felt like I was 20 years old again! And I totally forgot that I had this bike in my garage for so long, so I’ve definitely been taking it out more to get exercise and just feel young again!


Another item I am loving right now is a fanny pack! I swear they are back in style now guys, ha! When you’re a mom, especially a mom of two, sometimes both of your hands are occupied. In fact that is usually the case!! Fanny packs make it so easy for you to keep all your small items on you, without the need to carry a purse. Not to mention this one is only $6!! I love wearing one to the farmer’s market with some money and a chapstick! That way I can hold onto one kiddo and stroller, Kevin can hold onto the other, and I am hands free when I need to grab some money to pay for some fresh produce! Talk about the perfect solution! I am so glad that they are back in style! I hope you love them as much as I do.


If a $6 bag isn’t your thing and you’re more into designer bags, eBay is honestly a really great spot to get them too. They have a program that authenticates designer handbags so you can make sure you’re getting the real deal and not a knock off. So when you’re shopping for authenticated luxury handbags here, you know they’re legit. I’ve never been one to have a luxury handbag, but I’ve always dreamed about pulling the trigger and having just one or two designer purses! OK OK I do have a Louis Vuitton travel bag that I think I spent well over $1000 on! Even closer to $2000 possibly. And I found the exact bag on eBay through their authenticated handbags link and it’s under $900. If only I had known! Ha! Another tip for finding authentic bags – there’s an “authenticity verified” filter on the left when you search for any designer/bag. So just make sure you see a little check-mark badge confirming that eBay guarantees it’s authentic (like the one on this bag’s listing)! Just thought I’d share with you guys.

Anyway, I’m really loving doing these Affordable Fridays! Let me know what you guys think of them in the comments below! And let me know if you have any questions about items I talked about above. Do you want to see more affordable Friday posts? I love all your feedback!

And a huge thank you to eBay for partnering with my for this Affordable Friday post!

30 Thoughts

30 thoughts on “Affordable Friday – Got it on Ebay

    1. Her little yellow rain boots are so cute. Molly wears them a lot. Not just when it’s raining.They instantly make her outfit way cuter )

  1. Love the idea of a rain boot flower pot! And I can’t get over how stinking cute Molly is in those photos 😍! You should frame those for sure.

  2. Where is her exact dress from? The link is for a black and white one on eBay but I liked hers with the light colors. She is so adorable and makes me seriously want to have a third so I can have a little girl (I have two little boys) 😂

  3. Love the top! What size did you get? It mentions its in Asian sizes, which run 2 sizes smaller, but I don’t want to end up with one that is huge!

  4. Hi
    Trying to find the link for the bar necklace but it takes me to the shirt

    Thanks in advance
    Great post!!

  5. I’ve been looking for a cute fanny for work! Thank you for posting! Is it large enough to hold the larger iPhone?

  6. Yes yes yes! More affordable Friday post please.

    If you happen to come across initial necklaces (multiples)… I’ve been looking for the longest so I can wear my daughter’s initials.

    Thanks from NY

  7. You look fab! What gorgeous photos!

    Love your Affordable Friday posts! Thanks for helping out all the frugal mamas with these posts.

  8. I love your bag from eBay today, but I cannot find it, it fits on your hip, for the farmers market, how is it word to find it? Love your page Thank you!

    1. The link(s) didn’t work for me either…would like to get a couple of these. If someone could let the know how it is listed on eBay, I would appreciate it!


  9. Hi Ali
    Thanks for the great tips for shopping on eBay.
    I will be planting flowers in a ‘beat-up’ but charming older metal watering can. (At the end of May)
    Great photos!
    Happy Good Friday. 🌻

  10. Loving affordable Friday finds Ali! As a matter of fact I bought the black V maxi dress from Walmart last week that you modeled and I absolutely love it! Your top today is adorable as well. Doesn’t matter what you spend, as long as it looks good! Keep up the good work! We look to you to be our fashionista. 😉👏🏻👗

  11. I was at Walmart today getting groceries and other things and stumbled upon the CUTEST dress for $22.88! Totally made me think of you and these affordable Friday blogs you do. It’s going to be my Easter dress. Seriously so cute and fits great! It would be at least double that price at a boutique. Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop locally owned places but I can’t afford to buy all my clothes from boutiques so I was excited to get this dress! Wish I had the option to post a picture to this post because it definitely looks like something you’d love!

    Thanks for your blog! I’m a religious reader!

  12. You are both way too cute. Molly is more than adorable in these photos and outfits! Loving the affordable Friday idea. I never shop on eBay but with your tips I may give it a go! Thanks Ali 🙂

  13. Hi Ali! LOVE your instagram post and blog 😉 I am in LOVE with your Famers Market little brown bag! Ordering now … also , my great friend and I are heading for a girls trip to California! What Farmers Market is the BEST in your area!?!? Would LOVE to hear your recommendations!

  14. I would have never thought to shop for clothes on eBay! I liked this shirt so I clicked over to eBay and ended up buying a similar short sleeved striped one with a little pink in it as well for 11.99! I’m excited for it to get here so I can check it out. It looks super cute. Thanks for sharing your great eBay find so that I could find mine!

  15. I ordered the fanny pack it should be here today! Genius for moms if I don’t want to carry my purse I’m always worrying my stuff will fall out of my pockets or using my hubbys pockets 😆 Plus it’s cute so not like in the 90’s rocking my NKOTB one 😂

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