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Yay! It’s Affordable Friday!!!! I haven’t been doing these as much as I would like to so I’m really going to make an effort to bring these back to my blog more often! My goal is at least one affordable Friday post a month! And if it’s a good month maybe two! I’m really excited about today’s post because pretty much everything is under $20. So this is a SUPER affordable Friday post


I want to start with my peach dress. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I adore this dress. And I’m so bummed because I feel like these pictures don’t quite do it justice (plus I didn’t iron/steam it beforehand). And honestly, I ordered one size too big for me. I think I tend to think I’m a larger size than I really am. So I ordered a size large in the dress but it was definitely too big. I would’ve returned it and got a medium but I wanted to wear it to a party so I just went with it. I might go ahead and order the medium anyway because it’s only $13! Oh yeah, you heard me right. This dress is $13! For $13 you really can’t go wrong. I feel like it’s cute enough to wear to a casual summer or spring wedding but you can dress it up with heels and jewelry to wear to a fancy brunch or daytime event! Honestly, I wore it out with Molly the other day with sandals and a wicker purse and it felt very farm girl chic.


Molly’s cute little rainbow dress is also extremely affordable at only $13. I got both dresses at Walmart. In fact, everything in this post is going to be from Walmart. When I do post like this, I like to keep them from the same retailer so if you decide to get something you can get it all from one place. And if you get multiple things usually you can get shipping for free. At Walmart, you can get free shipping when you spend over $35 dollars. Pick pick up one or two things in this post! Also, I just like showing you guys items from Walmart because they have a huge selection of items and there’s a Walmart pretty much close to where everybody lives! So if you see something you like here you can always order it online and pick it up in the store. That’s one of my favorite features they have. If you like one of the pieces I wrote about in this post, you can order it online and then pick up so you know it’ll be there waiting for you! Anyway, like I was saying, Molly’s dress is only $13 as well. I just think it’s so cute and she absolutely loves it – it looks like a rainbow! They have the same/similar dress in a few other prints as well. I’ll link them below:


My black maxi dress is also a steal for under $20. It comes in a bunch of different colors and it’s just the perfect summer dress to throw on no matter what you’re doing. I like the black a lot and other neutral colors because I feel like they can so easily be dressed down or up. You can wear it over a swimsuit at the beach or you can dress it up with a belt, sandals and hat and maybe throw a jean jacket over it to go out to lunch with girlfriends. Plus, I just love a good comfortable maxi. This one is so soft and comfortable.


Speaking of wearing it over a swimsuit. How stinking cute is this white beating suit top I got at Walmart. And get this, it’s only seven dollars! I love it because it’s simple and flattering. I can’t wear those plain triangle top bikinis anymore. My boobs just like totally flat and weird after breastfeeding two kids. Ha! But this bikini top is the perfect amount of support! You can get the bottoms too to get a matching set. But it’s such a plain, simple and classic top that really can be paired with any bikini bottoms that you like!


The last item I want to tell you about revolves around these shorts! I love these $10 shorts! I do want to say upfront however they are a little bit sheer. I do wear them out and about with nude underwear and I don’t feel like you can see through them at all! But other people might be more comfortable wearing these as beach shorts when you wear a bathing suit underneath. But what I love so much is that they are high waisted and super flattering! I’m 145-150 pounds and about 5’7″ and I got a size large and I thought they fit perfectly. Especially after I washed them.


I just think you can’t go wrong for $10 to have these shorts to wear to the beach over your swimsuits this season! The jean jacket I’m wearing is also from Walmart but I’m not counting it as one of the Affordable Friday pieces since it’s not under $20. But it’s still a super affordable for a jean jacket and I just love the cute stitching detail on the arm. Plus I like a good light wash denim jacket. I think it stands out from all the other medium wash denim jackets out there.


Anyways guys, I hope you like today’s blog post! I really did my best to search for affordable items that I love and think that you guys will love! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

And thank you Walmart for sponsoring this Affordable Friday post!

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33 thoughts on “Affordable Friday

  1. I love all these things! You look fantastic!

    What size did you get in the maxi? I love a good maxi and have a hard time finding the right one!

    1. I got a medium. But it’s such a loose fit that I think a small would have fit and a large would have fit. You can’t really go wrong!

  2. Love this dress on you! Please
    Post more spring/summer wedding guest dress ideas as well! This 2nd time mommy needs ideas on how to dress and feel confident for a night out.

  3. Hi Ali! I’m getting married soon and I don’t want to spend a fortune on a dress — maybe an idea for a future post could be affordable, casual white dresses that one could actually be the bride in, even if it’s not a “wedding” dress. (Bonus is that one could actually wear those dresses again!) Love the blog!

    1. Hi Lisa! I know your question is for Ali, but I JUST saw a gorgeous white dress on the other day that would make a beautiful wedding dress – and it’s only $250! Here it is if you want to check it out:

      And shout out to Ali for bringing back Affordable Friday posts – love your style, your positivity, your willing to help others, and your family 🙂

  4. You are actually the only celebrity that wears Walmart. I do hope this is not only for pictures. Because if you do actually wear it out and about then that’s why you so likable.
    Most of the ppl that read you blog are not “rich” so having affordable clothes it’s nice.
    Also I do hope you install those values in your kids and they will not be spoiled.

  5. It’s funny now we always see ourselves as bigger. I look at you think “she’s so thin” she look great! And you are the same exact height and weight as me. But I look in the mirror and see myself bigger. Love the dress though!

  6. Fabulous Ali! Just goes to show you don’t always have to shop at Nordstrom. I personally don’t care where it comes from, if it’s cute and looks good I’ll wear it! I can always find something cute at Walmart! I love their new Time and Tru brand! Your selections look expensive and adorable! Thanks for this post! I love it! 😍

  7. I love your affordable steals! It’s surprising what you can find online at Walmart; there’s more variety than in stores. I hope you will continue sharing deals like these.

  8. Hi Ali! I love the peach dress. I’m early on in my first pregnancy, you think the dress is mini-bump friendly?

  9. Love the peach dress!
    Just ordered it to wear to Easter brunch/Easter egg hunt next weekend! So excited! Thanks for the great find! 🙂

    1. I think you will love it! My sister just ordered it too and it arrived in TWO days! She JUST sent me pic saying she loves it!

  10. Hi! My names Heather. I am a stay at home mom of an 18 month old and nanny to my best friends daughter who is 2 1/2. This would be a game changer!! Thanks for the giveaways and being awesome! Ive loved you since bachelor!!! Keep being amazing!

    @heather1008 instagram

  11. Hi I’m a mom of 2 a boy and girl with another one due in September!! We were gifted a stroller with my first at my shower but didn’t think about a double stroller for my second. Since we really couldn’t justify spending a lot on a double stroller we ended getting a cheap umbrella stroller for the older one and used the other for the baby. It worked ok if both parents were around but it was definitely hard for just me to have both kids with only one stroller. Plus that stroller was not easy to maneuver. 😕 this one looks absolutely amazing and I wish I new about it with my first baby it would have been a life saver. And now with 3 little ones it would definitely help a momma out!! I’d like a darker gender neutral color so we can use for all kiddos and we also don’t find out the gender before birth! You are absolutely amazing and I love following you and your family and can soooo relate to basically everything you are going through as well!! Keep up the good work momma!!
    IG Kayla__scully

    1. Omg I’m so sorry my phone tweaked out on me this was supposed to be for the stroller giveaway 😕 it just kept scrolling lol this is adorable though!!

  12. We’re expecting our first after going through several months of IUI! I would love the car seat in gray and the stroller in black!! @jennifermariegray

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