A Cute Spring/Summer Outfit and a Smile

Hi guys. I met up with a friend at a coffee shop this morning to discuss working together on some fun stuff for my blog. I can’t even tell you how great it felt to get up and get out of the house early. Well not that early. I still had to get the kids dressed and fed and Riley down for his first nap. But normally I am home and don’t even leave the house until 3 PM most days. If at all. I spend a lot of time at home with my kids which is great and a blessing. But also sometimes days will go by and I’ll realize that I haven’t even left the house once. So I’m trying more and more to get out of the house for these little meetings Or even just to grab breakfast all by myself.

Man there’s something about eating breakfast completely uninterrupted and slowly drinking a coffee that is just magical! This morning it was decaf coffee for me. I still haven’t had a cup of regular coffee. It’s been over a week now! I definitely want to re-introduce caffeine because let’s face it I need it! I just want to do it in a healthy way so I’m looking into some green tea options. I’ll let you guys know what I end up drinking.


Anyway, I want to tell you guys a little bit about my outfit because I feel like it’s just the absolute perfect outfit for spring. It’s hard to wear around your kiddos because of all the light colors and little sticky fingers. But I do it anyway. I will say that if somethings completely white gets dirty like my jeans, I just bleach them. My top is cream so that’s a little bit harder. But it was so affordable but if for some reason they stand it I wouldn’t feel bad about getting another one.

Let’s start with my top. I’m wearing an medium FYI. I got this top a few weeks ago and I’ve worn it multiple times since. I think I’ve already linked it on my Instagram stories once so you may have already bought it. I not only love the fit in the way it lays on my body but I love the button details down the front. Even though it’s super inexpensive at only $34 I feel like the buttons for some reason make it look more expensive. It comes in both cream and a dusty pink color. I’m wearing the cream but I’m tempted to get the dusty pink before it sells out. It’s on the sheer side so you can wear a cami underneath if you like. I don’t feel the need to however.


I’ve also had this hat for a few weeks and I’m absolutely obsessed with it! You’ve seen me wearing it in a ton of my photos and in Instagram story almost every day. I originally got a size large and actually wore it for a few days. But Nordstrom’s return policy is so amazing that they let me exchange it for a size medium because I was realizing that the large was just a tiny bit too big. And the medium is absolutely perfect! I told you guys this plenty of times but I have a really big head and every time I buy hats I feel like it’s hard to get them to fit on my head. I have to wear them on the very very back of my head to get them to fit. But this one comes in multiple sizes so you can get the size that works best for you! And if you order the wrong size, Nordstrom is awesome about returning it and getting your correct size. If you haven’t worn a hat in the past and want to start with one I highly recommend this one! It’s my fave!

I also wrote about these white jeans before. You’re going to want to size up in these jeans because they run small and these are quality pair and affordable price. If you’re in between sizes, this one. Or you could order to return whichever one doesn’t fit. So it’s so easy to return them.


I’ve also had my loafers and my purse for a little over a month. Again to staples in my closet right now. These brown loafers are my go to shoe right now! I wear them almost every single day. And they were pretty easy to break in which I was pleasantly surprised about. I feel like loafers usually take a while to break in and these took maybe a day or two tops. Both items have really good reviews on Just Fab‘s website. In this is NOT a sponsored post. But in case you guys are wondering about Just Fab, because it took me a minute to figure this out, you basically become a VIP member by paying $50 a month. But that $50 a month is used to buy clothes on the site. And if you ever want to skip a month you can! I’ve skipped multiple months in a row! But if you sign up you can get my bag for $10 and my shoes for $10. Worth looking into if you like to get a new outfit every month!

Anyway, that’s my look for today! Just wanted to share with you guys. I’m actually out the door right now to head to a fun cooking class. It’s all about cooking with cauliflower! One of my favorite vegetables so I’m pumped for this class! Hope you’re all having a wonderful week!


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29 thoughts on “A Cute Spring/Summer Outfit and a Smile

  1. Hi Ali
    I love things that are magical!
    I loved reading your blog today & your hat is adorable.
    Keep having a good day.
    Ps. Owen 🐶 keep having patience, sweet dog.

  2. Love this look! I look forward to your blogs and keep up with you daily on Instagram ! Have a great rest of your week! 🙂

  3. This is a great look! I’m looking forward to hearing about what you end up drinking for a coffee alternative. I drink chai tea and green tea but sometimes it’s not enough.

  4. Hey Ali! I love to see that you’re taking time for you! If the cauliflower class is amazing, do you have plans to share what you means on the blog? Cauliflower is so versatile, but I’ve yet to venture too far with it!

    1. I thought we were goign to learn recipes but we actually just learned about a brand Cali-Flour. They have super yummy stuff!

  5. Ali a happy woman is a happy mom! I try to have moments for me very often and that way I can give all my love to my baby boy because I give myself the chance to miss him.
    Sending love from Panama💜💜💜

  6. Hey Ali!! What made you stop drinking coffee?! I’ve actually been pondering over taking a little caffeine break myself because I know I drink way. Too. Much. But just curious?! Did you get bad withdrawal headaches??

      1. this has totally been me too!!!! I have 3 littles (3 and under) so I am in the trenches with you! I did a whole30 in January and felt so much better but since I weaned my 10month old I have noticed my caffeine intake has slowly been creeping up to definitely not healthy and here I am dog tired again but getting more sleep than I have in 4 years!! did you struggle with the headaches?

  7. Hi Ali!!! I just wanted to thank you for all your inspo on here and sharing your adorable family with the world😊!! I get a lot of my products and clothes from styles you share!! My husband went to Clark University with you and said when he was on the basketball team you helped out…what a small world!

  8. I’m watching everything your wearing… as I’m traveling from Sydney with my family in 4 weeks and will need to know what to pack!!
    Love your style….

  9. Do you have a hair tutorial? I just chopped 8 inches off! I realized after your Instagram story it’s a similar cut.

  10. Ali – First of all, I loved your recent re-introduction post on Instagram. You are a girl after my own heart ❤️
    Secondly, would you consider writing a post on how to stop breastfeeding? I saw your recent stories discussing your choice to stop at 8 months with Riley. I’m a first time mom and breastfeeding but also interested in your story because my little guy just got his first teeth. It’s far more emotional than I anticipated!

  11. Hi Ali,
    Not related to your current blog posting; but, I just wanted to thank you for your recommendation to follow your friend Ciara Burton. She is insightful and charming!!!!

  12. Ali!! I would love to know more about your hair products you use! Your hair is always so voluminous and gorgeous!! Teach me!

  13. Girl you inspired me and I ordered the purse and LOVE it!!
    Also random, are you able to like the presets you use? You has them on your IG story the other day and I forgot to write it down!

  14. Ali, I’ve followed you since your Bachelorette days! Love your insta stories and reading your blog. You are such an encouragement to other moms like myself so thank you for that! ❤️ Also, love this top!

  15. Ali you’re so inspirational!!!
    You instagrammed about the presets you use but I can’t find it- what are they??
    Thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Ps: I just love you, your family and your style!!!

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