The Bachelor Finale – Part 2

First let’s talk about Colton and Cassie and then let’s get to our New Bachelorette! If you haven’t watched last night episode stop reading! You’ve been warned! And why would you be reading this if you didn’t want to know what happened? Ha! Anyway..

I was pretty shocked when Cassie opened the door to the hotel room. As you guys know from my blog last night, I didn’t think she was actually gonna be in the hotel room. I thought it was gonna be a producer telling Colton that she was already on a plane back home and then he was gonna hop a plane back to the US to get her. But I guess it makes sense that they had her stay there so that Colton could grab her before they took off to Spain. Assuming, of course, that she wanted to go to Spain.

Colton’s initial conversation with her had me nervous. It seemed like she was to focused on the fact that this wasn’t the way the Bachelor was supposed to happen, rather than thinking about their relationship. I mention this in a previous blog of mine, but I always said that Cassie was too knowledgeable about reality TV shows and how they work for this process to work for her. If you didn’t get to read that one post you can read it here. But basically Cassie has been on a reality show before and therefore knows a lot about how we have any TV shows work. When you go into this with that kind of knowledge, you can’t really be blind enough to the fact that cameras are around for you to really let down your guard.

But in the same breath, I kind of think Cassie being knowledgeable about reality TV is why she’s thinking about all this with the more level head. Yes, I think she’s not quite as into him as he is into her. But I also think that’s because she’s not getting swept up in the fantasy of it all. Which is kind of a good thing to be honest. I think back to when I was on the Bachelor and I thought I was so into the Bachelor at the time. But within a week of leaving the show I realized that I didn’t even like him at all. Isn’t that crazy?! I went from thinking that I was falling in love with somebody to feeling like I didn’t know them and didn’t have a single feeling for them. All within a week. That’s what the show will do to you. It make you think you have feelings that might not necessarily be there. And I think Cassie knew that all along.

That’s why when her and Colton were talking, they alluded to the fact of whether or not feelings were real versus what you’re supposed to feel at that point in the show. So all along, while I thought Cassie‘s knowledge of the show would hinder her in this experience – and I guess it kind of has because she couldn’t let down her guard and feel the fantasy of it all – but in regards to the relationship working when all the cameras are gone I actually think this is a really good thing for them. This could be the wake up call that most relationships from the show need at the end to actually survive in the real world or to see whether not they could survive. It takes the fantasy out of it all.

Meeting the Parents

Going into meet Colton’s parents I felt so bad for Cassie! What an incredibly shitty situation to be in. I totally understand why she was in tears before she walked in. I would’ve been too! I thought it was really classy of her for how she held herself together during the hard conversations she had to have with his family. Heck, her conversation with his mom started with “tell me what you decided to bail”, using the word bail is definitely a dig. And I don’t blame his mom for using that word. I would have too. But I just think Cassie did a really great job trying to navigate this very difficult situation.

The Happy Couple

There really isn’t much point talking about their final day other than to say that they’re together now and I think that’s absolutely beautiful! Good for Colton for following his heart! Whether or not Cassie is fully in it. That’s not for me or you to decide. She is the only one that knows that. And I’ve always said that the couples that have the least traditional path on the show are the ones that tend to make it! Look at Arie and Lauren B who just got married and are expecting their first child. Nobody expected that when he broke up with Becca at the end of last season. Looking at them, I think they look super in love and I hope they enjoy every minute of not only this experience but of their love for each other! Look how giddy they were on the Finale! Whether it lasts for the rest of their days or for a few more days. Soak it all in!

And I think it’s good that they didn’t get engaged. I honestly find it silly that the couples get engaged every single season. I, for one, know that when I got engaged on the show, I was 1000% not ready. I was ready to get engaged to someone, but the person I got engaged to I didn’t even know. So I think it’s awesome that they’re taking time to get to know each other.

I was able to find her jumpsuit but it’s from a designer’s bridal collection!! So here are some affordable alternatives!

The New Bachelorette

Congrats to Hannah B becoming our next Bachelorette! The spoilers called it and I totally called it with my expert detective work last week. Ha! I was pretty shocked by the decision at first to be honest. Not shocked last night, but shocked the week before when I figured it out. But now, that I think about it more Hannah is the absolute perfect choice for the Bachelorette!

She’s pretty but not overly beautiful that it’s intimidating. She’s sweet but also has a spicy and firecracker side to her. And she’s not afraid to speak her mind. I think she’ll make things interesting to be honest. I think she’s gonna be absolutely great and I’ll be cheering for her all the way! If she wasn’t your first choice for the Bachelorette, try to give her a chance. I think of it this way. Colton honestly wasn’t my first choice for the Bachelor. I honestly didn’t want to see him be the Bachelor because of the Tia situation. But now I can say confidently that he’s one of my favorite Bachelor’s ever! So give Hannah a chance. She might surprise you!

Loved the red dress that she was wearing on After The Final Rose! You can find it here! As you can see, it is around the same price as last week’s dress! I’ve also linked a few similar options.

Now let’s discuss everything in the comments below! I had so much fun chatting with you guys in the comment section on yesterday’s post and can’t wait to hear what you all think today!

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113 thoughts on “The Bachelor Finale – Part 2

  1. I’m glad things worked out for Colton and Cassie. It is refreshing to see her really questioning things and the whole is it real or just how we’re supposed to be feeling.

      1. I didn’t like Colton either and I do still have doubts. But I hope whatever both of them decide they find happiness.

    1. I love the 2 of them together and hope they do work out!
      I think some of the things ppl are saying about her are horrible and very unfair.
      Shes 23! Show some compassion.
      She seems like a kind soul and Colton obviously sees something special in her too.

    2. I really loved that Colton seemed to have gotten enough feedback from her to “get her” and risk what he did to fight for her. Because in the end he was right. She said her last relationship turned out to be controlling and she was afraid that this was going to be the same, or relationships with a man in general involved being controlled. She found out that this was not the case with Colton because as she said – it’s easy to say you love someone. It’s another thing to show love. And he did. Good for them. I think they are a great match and I wish them all the happiness in the world. Not only are they DARLING together in both looks and chemistry, I believe they really have a shot at this!

      1. I agree on all counts. It was good to see someone question what they thought they felt vs just saying they felt something they didn’t. This season was a bit more honest and refreshing to watch. As far as Hannah Brown is concerned I think she will do ok, she just needs to lighten up a bit and get her TV legs and move forward. She will be fine. Give her a chance and lets wait and see.

  2. Love your optimism and points of view! What I liked about the surprise Hannah had last night in meeting five of her guys on the spot was the “real, awkwardness”. It Shows just b/c it is reality tv the people are just that…real people! I wasn’t sure about her at first either…. but like you said we may all be pleasantly surprised by the end! And hey,whether or not she was out first pick for bachelorette or that Colton and Cassie together is what we expected, everyone deserves to be in love! So here’s to Colton and Cassie and Hannah!

    1. Thanks for bring your awesome vibe and positivity over to the blog today! You are so right! Everyone deserves love!

  3. So happy for him and hope it all keeps working for them…as for Hannah B….I DID not like her during the season, but she grew on me and now I’m excited to see how her season plays out..
    There are so many hurtful comments about her being the bachelorette…I agree with you Ali…give her a chance!!!!

      1. I agree Ali! WHY can’t women support other women!? I like her real-ness—I think she’s already very relatable! Like saying she didn’t know where to look or hold her hands. Endearing. Please, women. STOP BEING MEAN

      2. I agreed that Colton turned out to be a favorite bachelor and I love how he followed his heart in his journey to find love with Cassie. Refreshing compared to all the ambivalence over who to propose to on most other seasons. I am unhappily surprised af the choice of Hannah B as the bachelorette. I felt she was one of the mean girls in the house and now being rewarded by the prize. I thought Teisha would have been spectacular.

        1. So true that they normally play the “I don’t know who to choose” game in the final episode and Colton smashed all that. He knew, and he wasn’t even close enough for the others to change his mind.

      3. Right? I think people forget the things they say on the internet can be seen by the person! Has to be so hard to read!

      1. I really thought she was going to pick Luke P also. Seemed really nice and genuine. Cam was ok but I guess it wasn’t me decision and I am not in my 20s so my choice is so different.

  4. Am I the only one who was totally put off by the guy who made the inappropriate comment to Hannah? I cringed.

  5. Last night, watching Hannah was soooo uncomfortable! I get that’s she’s nervous and doesnt know what to do but man, I kept hiding under a blanket because I just felt so awkward. Wondering if the producers had a “what did we do?!” moment? She could not seem to express herself well at all, looked so uncomfortable and seems fairly insecure. And I don’t say that as a put down at all, just that she’s not super sure of herself and hasn’t come into her own yet as a woman. I’m honestly nervous for her to go through the process. I’m afraid it’s going to crush her. Also, how on earth is she going to break up with a guy and articulate her thoughts and feelings??

    1. I think she was just really nervous and caught off guard. It’s HARD in front of a live audience!!!! TRUST me ALL of us Bachelors and Bachelorettes are that awkward night one. It’s just edited to make us not look so bad. Ha!

      1. That’s good to know!! I had the exact same thoughts as Kaytee. I like Hannah and I think she’s super sweet but I was mortified for her by how ditzy she’s coming off. Hopefully, her nerves calm down and she’s able to better articulate herself through the season!

      2. Yes, I totally get that. I can’t even imagine how awkward I would be on live TV. I really hope the editing is good this season though because I can’t stomach feeling that uncomfortable for a whole season.

        And I’m still just nervous for her. She just doesn’t seem sure of herself, which I have no doubt will come in time but to have all this scrutiny put on her when she already seems insecure feels like a recipe for disaster.

    2. I think she came off as so real! Loved that she wasn’t poised and her nervous giggle. I think she’ll be a refreshing change!

    3. That awkwardness sealed it for me! I rally felt for her! Suddenly being told you are going to meet your first 5 guys now, in front of a live audience, with no preparation? I loved her reactions! My daughter first commented “why you gotta be so awkward?” But the we both decided that we can’t wait to watch. Just hoping she doesn’t do her “Beast” thing all the time!

    4. Dear Ali,
      I love your blog and but I have to disagree a 100% that Hannah B is a good choice to be bachelorette.
      I hoped it would have been Hannah G.
      I have watched the bachelor and bachelorette franchise for years.And I can completely say I am no longer a fan.
      I think Peter Kraus got screwed out of being bachelor when they choose Ari.Which I Love Ari but I also liked Peter.
      Then they screw Jason T. out of being bachelor.
      Now they screwed Hannah G out of being bachelorette.She would have been great.She is so beautiful,sweet,down to earth and so deserving to find love.Hannah B would have been great for bachelor in paradise.

    5. I think dating as the bachelorette is awkward enough without having to start in front of a live audience, totally caught off guard.

      I was the first to feel disappointed that Colton was the bachelor (I REALLY wanted it to be Jason) but I agree with you Ali! It might have been the best, ‘realest’ season ever. So Hannah wasn’t my first pick but she’s got a ton of character and that alone should make it fun to watch!

  6. Hi Ali and followers! Thanks, Ali for continuing to write this blog. I am in the minority for being excited that Hannah is the Bachelorette! I love her silliness and how sometimes she comes across as a little socially awkward. I know that there are quite a few of us that can relate to her as I know I don’t always have the “perfect” way of saying what is on my mind. I also like how she is from Alabama. It is always neat to have leads from various states/Canada. I wish Colton and Cassie the best. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to have your relationship judged by everybody. Relationships are already hard enough. Ha ha!

      1. I really like Hannah B. as the next bachelorette and all. Even the awkwardness. If she was super poised and put together people would probably say she was rehearsed and too “pageanty.” I think she will do great, especially as we get to know her.

    1. I agree! I think her awkwardness is endearing and makes her unique. She will probably be a bit more polished, if you will, when the show starts.

  7. I wasn’t super excited for Hannah as the next bachelorette at first but honestly after watching her meet the guys last night she seeems so relatable to women and just funny and quirky. I’m looking forward to watching her!

  8. I totally agree with everything you said about Cassie and Colton, I was so nervous about what was going to happen last night and like I’ve said I liked Cassie from the beginning but became really skeptical of her near the end. I was SO nervous too during her their first conversation, I still felt like she realllly wasn’t into him. But as the show went on you can see that she really did care for him and she was just wrapped up in the whole “Bachelor” way. And oh my gosh I felt for her when she met his family, what a position to be in but good for her for pushing through that!

    I am extremely happy for them and good for Colton for following his heart and making that choice. I really hope it works out for them!! You can really see that they are in love when they were together on the live show. What a difference in Cassie!

  9. I know I’m in the minority but I don’t see this as a happy ending. I think she is having to work too hard to want to be in the relationship and her first gut reaction was that she DIDN’T want it. If you have to be convinced and coerced, it’s not going to work. As I’ve told all my kids, it should come easy if it’s the right one. I don’t give it long term, but we shall see. Not happy with the new Bachelorette either; I don’t see her as genuine like Ali, Rachel, Desiree and some of the others who seemed far more real to me. I don’t want to say anything mean on here, but I would have just liked a few of the other girls better. Sorry, just my opinion. I’ll watch as always, because I’m addicted. Haha

  10. I LOVED how this season ended. It was hands down the best finale ever! I love that they went off the path (fence and all), and took their fate into their own hands. They have had, by far, the most realistic relationship I’ve ever seen on this show. I mean, who really can say they are in love with someone when they are also dating two other people?!?! Kudos, to Cassie for standing her ground and doing what she thought was right for her. And kudos to Colton for not following the “Bachelor rules”. I do think that in last nights episode it was apparent that Cassie was very aware of the cameras and I think that possibly made her seem “fake” to some who were watching. I really, really hope Cassie and Colton make it!

  11. Love your comments on the finale. I agree with you Colton was not my first choice but after giving him a chance I’m super happy with the ending. They looked very loving and happy. I’ll be rooting for them and will give Hannah a chance as well. I think she will for sure keep it a interesting season.

  12. Hi Ali! Super important question. Do the contestants on the show ever eat their meal?? On all the dates, every time they sit down at the table their plate is full of food then they get up because “they are finished” and the plate is untouched? Every time I watch an episode, and I always say, “there they go again, not eating the food!” The food looks to good not to eat!

    1. Ali has said that the contestants usually will eat before a date but not during. It is too difficult with the microphones and being able to hear conversation if they are eating on the dates. So basically the food is for show.

  13. I’m going to give Hannah B a chance, but I’m just shocked they chose her for the bachelorette. She never has anything to say, and if last night was any indication on how the season is going to go I fear it’s going to be a snooze! But thanks for reminding us to give she a chance, bc she does deserve that. I just hope she figures out how to find her words!

  14. Cassie’s moment when she met Colton’s family was so difficult to watch but she was true to herself.

    The most important thing here is Colton seems happy as well as Cassie who eventually fell for him so we will just watch and wait the outcome of their journey towards forever. 🙂

    Hanna B’s awkwardness is cute. I hope she finds love.

  15. I am happy for Colton and Cassie. I am not a fan of Hanna B…just don’t like the pageantry of her. She knows she needs to work in that.
    But, I miss the days of people that were a real catch. Established and looking for love, not in it for insta fame. I always like learning about the girls in the house as it always looks like they become friends but this season it seemed to be about backstabbing. ( more than usual lol) Possibly just a little to young…
    What I don’t understand is why Cassie went on a show to find love when she wasn’t ready to find love? Or do I know why…
    I wish they would get some unknown successful people back.

  16. Do you know where Cassie’s dress is from that she wore on Kelly and Ryan?

    I totally agree Hannah will make a great Bachelorette. I love that she’s awkward, keeps things interesting and funny.

  17. While watching him and right at the beginning of the episode I’m thinking omg Colton is just going to get heartbroken. Some of her comments I was like she is still so unsure. And then after the fantasy suite she seemed better and then seeing them together now I am more confident that she does care for him and love him. He still may be way into her more than she is into him but I think if they don’t put pressure on this about getting engaged and married right away that it could last. I hope it does, bc they are a good looking couple! She is lucky to have Colton, he is willing to do anything to make her happy and that says a lot about him. People can say stalkerish all they want, but I think it’s a good quality. I was unhappy to see Hannah B as the next bachelorette. She caused a lot of drama and seemed very immature during the season. Now maybe she will surprise us all and I will watch just to see if my opinion will change, I am willing to give her a chance. I just thought she would of been great on paradise! She is young so I am nervous that her season will be immature and “not ready” in respects to really settling down with someone. Who knows what kind of guys will come and what ages, I just hope the season doesn’t focus so much on drama and stupidity. I know ratings are a thing, but I actually enjoy watching people fall in love and make connections. I can’t stand the drama!

  18. I loved how the season ended but was anyone else totally put off by how many times Chris Harrison brought up Colton’s virginity the last two nights? I’m so glad Colton and Cassie decided to keep that aspect of their relationship private and not divulge to satisfy ABC or viewer curiosity. It’s nobody’s business but theirs!

    1. I felt exactly the same, it felt like bring this issue up so many times throughout the show and to laugh about it is insensitive and even aggressive. Think how many people are watching the show and this attitude shows as if there is something wrong with being is a personal choice to make for everyone.

    2. I hated it too! Leave the man alone. To have an entire panel of Bachelor alums talk about whether or not they “did it” was so high school! All season there was so much virgin talk and it drove me nuts. Last night reminded me of Sean and Catherine’s wedding when they wouldn’t shut up for 2 hours about how they were finally going to have sex that night. I’m also so glad he didn’t reveal bat aspect of their relationship, especially for Cassie’s sake.

      1. I agree…how cute was it though when Colton told the camera guys, producers, etc that he loved them but they needed to get out! Lol! Then they forgot about their mics! I loved it when Colton tricked his family about no longer being a virgin and his mom’s face combined with his dad’s “maybe keep that private” comment was so funny.

        I hope they last but am worried about Cassie’s age. I was shocked that she and her ex talked about when they would get engaged. Everything Cassie said about relationships and having your own identity was true! All valid points, along with her saying she could not make a lifelong commitment to Colton after spending so little time with him on the show. They seem like they are in a good place and are a stunning couple. But I will be shocked if they get married.

        1. She went to a Christian college (same one my sister went to) and it’s quite common for kids at Christian colleges to get married young (I also attended a, different, Christian college) There are jokes about getting a “ring by spring” and going to school to get your MRS degree (get it?). So I’m not shocked she and her ex talked about getting engaged. 🙂

    3. Agree 100%.
      The focus on Colton’s virginity last night was even more overwhelming than Monday night. Also, how can the show go from giving Caelynn’s college story the credit it deserves to handling Colton’s virginity so disrespectfully?

      In other news, there is a Bachelorette reunion that is airing May 6 – I’m wondering if Ali will be making an appearance!

  19. I’m rooting for Cassie & Colton, but it annoys me that Cassie got so mad when girls called out the fact that she wasn’t ready. In last nights episode, she said she wasn’t sure she was ready for a relationship (not just an engagement) and weeks before she defended herself against Kirpa for that exact thing. I just feel like it wasn’t fair to Colton that she wasn’t honest in the beginning.

  20. I wasn’t a Cassie fan at all. She always seemed insincere to me. However, something changed last night. She looked as though she had matured over the past few months. That she was thinking more clearly and could articulate her feelings better. They truly did seem in love.

    I love, love, so I really do hope that it works out for them.

    Hannah was cringeworthy, but I’m hoping it was just nerves and it’ll be a wonderful season.

  21. I felt REALLY bad for Cassie meeting Colton’s parents. Understandably both sets of families love their children/family and want what’s best for them. Cassie has family and some of her decision to leave was based on a conversation with HER DAD who cares about her wellbeing (just like Colton’s family cares about his wellbeing!) Cassie has family that wants her to make the best decisions FOR HER. So, I really hope Colton’s family wasn’t more hard on her than what they showed. I thought Cassie was right on being honest with his family and being HERSELF and not trying to pretend to be someone his family would like.

    But, from what we can see it seems like Colton and Cassie are totally in love! I love their love story and I wish them nothing but the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I think Hannah is absolutely gorgeous…I kind of disagree with how you described her, “She’s pretty but not overly beautiful…” It felt a bit like a dig. Kinda surprised by that coming from you since you always try to build women up. I’m sure, that wasn’t your intention, but that’s how it came across. Still love you and your blog!

  23. Hi Ali! Love reading your take on each season ❤️
    Most importantly, you are an amazing detective !! Hahaha I can’t believe you figured out the next bachelorette ! Can you help me find Cassie’s dress that she wore this morning on good morning America ? 🤣🤣❤️
    Love your blog 💋🥳

  24. I was totally like ugh I may not even watch the bachelorette but oh my goodness Hannah had me cracking up so much last night that I now truly think she was a great choice! She is gonna be brutally honest and make us laugh like we have never before I think 😍

  25. I’m a little confused….if you didn’t like Jake anymore after a week of leaving the show, then why did you try to go back? If memory serves me correctly, wasn’t there footage of you calling him up and asking for a second chance?Or was that more the producers pulling strings to create drama?

  26. I’m obsessed with Colton and Cassie! I’m so happy for them and love how it all played out. Them seem so real.
    I agree, Colton is one of my favorites as well (no one beats Ben H though 🙂
    I’m excited to watch Hannah B’s season. She’s sweet and sassy.
    I love your blogs, Ali!

    1. Funny there is something about Colton that has always reminded me of Ben H! The voice, the confidence, not sure!

  27. I couldn’t be happier for Colton! The joy Cassie and him were putting out there literally brought tears to my eyes! He deserves it 🙂 This has been one of my favorite seasons ever! Love seeing the REAL love story 🙂

  28. Hi Ali! This is totally off subject from the Bachelor, but I was wondering if you are going to blog about Molly’s potty training journey? I would love to get some tips from you 🙂

  29. I’m happy when anyone else finds happiness. It’s not for us to say or choose regarding the “who” part. I’ve been alive for a very longggg time, I enjoy watching the show. It frankly takes me away from the dreadful news of every day. I think Hannah us adorable and was caught off guard. The neysayers are usually insecure, envious, jealous, all those non -productive vibes, when they could be happy for someone putting themselves out there. No time for haters.

  30. I can’t wait to read your blog after I watch the show because you keep it real. This was my favorite season too because of how real and genuine it seemed to be. I think they are a great couple and start off at a better spot then most dovwhen this show is over.

    I also love what you said about the new bachelorette. I also love that southern spice she has and she seems to be teal and genuine too. She will be entertaining for sure. Oh and great detective work haha! Love your blog the most

  31. Hi Ali, your blog is great, I enjoyed reading it throughout the season, which was such a great one! Regarding the next bachelorette, I am so disappointed, I really wished it to be Hanna G, and didn’t like Hanna B or her portrayal during the’s nothing against her, just not connected with her. I felt the same way when Andy and Kaitlin Bristow were selected..just disappointing decision

  32. I feel like Cassie was 1. very practical 2. afraid it wasn’t her and those two things prevented her from allowing herself to get caught up in the fantasy of it all. I told my husband I think she was actually think with her head and not with her heart. Which, yes, follow your heart, but always be smart too. I think she was feeling too much pressure about an engagement when she didn’t feel they had enough time in that setting to really explore their relationship. I LOVE that she said she needed more time to see where this goes and didn’t just go with the flow for the cameras sake. I LOVED her hair last night too….she looked amazing and genuially happy. I saw a spark in her eyes and a side of her personality we didn’t see on the show. Good for her for keeping it real.

  33. First, I admit that I did not watch all the episodes; however, my assessment is that Cassie is the wrong person for Colton. On another subject, the last two nights of this series, I was SO distracted by what appeared to be dirty hair on Cassie that it made my skin crawl! (She cleaned up better for last night’s show, though!) She seems to be immature, and I wonder if she’s just soaking up all the attention at this point, thinking it will further her career. IDK. These shows have not worked out in so many situations. I wish them luck; hope it works if it is meant to be. It’s just not reality. As far as the new bachelorette, I like her. She seems unaffected, not ‘performing’ as so many of those women do, and puts a fresh face on this show. I wish her well and hope she finds the man of her dreams. She was like a breath of fresh air last night and very funny!

  34. I totally wish you took a second to talk about the break ups because although we all knew they were going to happen I was wondering what you thought about the way they played out. Also I cannot wait until your next fb live. Those are so fun to watch and be able to interact with you. XoXo

  35. I’m totally not digging these two… I just feel like Colton’s momma – super protective of him & just feel like the end won’t be ending with a wedding… but hey, if he’s happy for now…
    & I do like the realness of Hannah but really hope she gets some training on speaking. Those first few minutes being introduced was AWKWARD. I’m sure nerves were a huge part…. but man, that was just cringe worthy.
    & you didnt mention the best part – AIR SUPPLY – haha! I honestly want to know if Colton or Cassie even knows who they are? My generation? I LOVED them so I totally dug it 🙂 haha

  36. I think what that guy said to Hannah was disrespectful, uninvited & inappropriate. I wish she could have asked if she could say goodbye to one guy already & given him the boot. I think women are so used to being spoken to like that by men and I’m way over it.

  37. Ali! Watching Hannah B right after she was introduced as the next bachelorette…I was embarrassed for her! I have no doubt she is sweet and sassy, but she does not come off as the brightest crayon. It made me wonder if they picked her because she is kinda spacey and will make super awkward moments/good tv.

  38. I kinda of figured that it was Cassie behind the door on part 1. I really loved Colton as the bachelor. He was the reason that I watched this season. I do hope it does work out with him and Cassie. I also, love when the media asked the question, he was a gentleman about it. I honestly, not to sure about Hannah B. being the next bachelorette. I would love like to see her in bachelor in paradise. We will see how this works out.

  39. Love your blog ! Well – I hope it works for them but honestly I think 23 is really young – and she doesn’t seem really ready for a huge commitment. I think she is caught up in the moment and I would be too! If I was her and looked like her – I would be single and free and travel the world and commit later ! Lol but I like them both for sure as individuals and hope they do make it for the long haul if that’s what they want 🙂

  40. On Colton’s season I originally thought the drama between Hannah and Caelynn was all Hannah and she was a trouble maker but then she grew on me and my opinion switched. Hannah seems loveable, funny, genuine and I like her sassiness! Hannah was the runner up to Caelynn in the pageant, and then with Colton…. it’s good to see her take center stage!

    1. Yes! I agree completely. I think the show edited it to seem like the drama and problems were all Hannah B., but in reality the opposite was true. I can’t wait to watch her season as the new Bachelorette, and I totally hope she truly finds love.

  41. I hope nothing but the best for Cassie & Colton. I do however feel like he is way more into her than she is him. I think she did have feelings for him but then her dad freaked her out. I think that’s when she started second guessing her own feelings. As far as Hannah goes I am so excited she’s the bachelorette. She was super nervous last night and you could tell. I think this will be a great learning experience for her when it comes to being able to put your feelings into words. I’m also a Bama girl so I’ll be cheering her on all the way. Roll Tide Hannah!!

  42. I think Cassie loves him , she wasn’t sure where she fit it and she’s a little insecure which Colton seems to like by reasuring her , on kelly and Ryan they asked if getting married and he paused and she was like why pause lol
    She did write in journal that she was falling for him , I think she can’t express self and maybe she’s a little spoiled 🤷‍♀️But dang there cute together .. she’s in love know and how we get there isn’t the story it’s the fact we did !!
    I’m so proud of Colton and doing it his way !

  43. Hi Ali, First I was not a fan of Cassie. There was something about her look that seemed to not be trust worthy. I really do believe the last few shows starting with Colton jumping the gate was all for ratings. But there were a few things that made me think this. Maybe I am wrong but that was my take of it. First, when Colton broke up with Taysia they closed the door and you could here her crying but when the door opened her eyes were dry and not red. Then when Colton went to talk to Cassie to convince her to be with him she opened the door with a big smile on her face and didn’t seemed to be surprised at all that it was him
    Almost like she was waiting for him. She continued to act like she was still so confused but didn’t hesitate to go to Spain to meet his parents. I truly think The Bachelor show worked the audience into believing the hype. It worked. I believed it but there were some things they didn’t hide. I do believe Colton was very much into Cassie and she into him but they wanted something dramatic. Something everyone would be talking about for along time. Just my take on it. Hope things will work out for them and they will both be very happy.

  44. I really don’t understand why so many people do not want Hannah B. to be the next bachelorette. From the first episode of this past season I told my husband (whom I made watch every episode with me, and he LOVED it) that Hannah B. was my favorite and I still feel that way. She is just someone who I would want to be friends with because she didn’t seem to into herself and was so grounded. I’m so excited to watch her on the bachelorette!

    I’m super happy for Colten and Cassie too- and hope they have nothing shy of a happily ever after!

  45. I thought Colton’s move was gutsy and I admired him for not making a choice because it felt safe. They look adorable together.
    As for Hannah B, I find her to be beautiful, funny , awkward yes but I think it makes her endearing. I think by the end of this, she is going to learn how to be more sure of herself and be able to communicate in a more clear way. I can’t wait to watch.
    Love your blog!

  46. Hi Ali!
    I am 100% Team Hannah & have been since the drama between her & Caelynn was over-I truly think Heather was kind’ve an instigator in that a bit even though we did see Hannah’s insecurities come out with Caelynn a bit.
    But the fact that she’s not overly confident is what I thought makes her so endearing! And the fact she doesn’t take herself too seriously I think she will make the next season of The Bachelorette fun to watch.

    I have been curious what you think about a theory I have concerning the whole Cassie & Caelynn fiasco with all of the other girls telling Colton how some weren’t ready…🤔🧐… It’s kind’ve long so I’ll try to shorten it a bit. 😂

    I could tell Colton was so into Cassie & don’t truly understand why he never asked her what she wanted out of this like he did every other girl. Or if he did it ended up on the cutting room floor.

    What clenched this season for me was when he sent Caelynn home & she turned to Cassie & said “Get engaged!” That right there said to me they had many talks (not just one & maybe the others caught them talking about it when it was maybe just the 2 of them & it was over heard private conversations between the 2). I felt like when Caelynn told Cassie to “get engaged” as soon as she was sent home she felt like if Cassie didn’t get engageed that she would be competing with her for the title of Bachelorette. Why would that be your initial thought after the man you had expressed your love to & he had just met her family dumps you. I’m pretty sure I would be too devastated to tell my BFF in the house to get engaged to the man I loved. I understand the setting but these are supposed to be real feelings right? I truly think she thought “ok if Cassie gets engaged & isn’t sent home soon then I have a BIG chance of being the next Bachelorette”. I believed Hannah B when it came to her issues with Caelynn & the pageantry past disagreements-that she was manipulative. Especially now. For some reason Caelynn rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning. Her story is terrible & I thought she was incredibly brave for telling it on national TV & shined a light on campus rape.
    But I never believed she squashed things with Hannah B all together. It felt forced a bit on her part. I think she liked Colton but I think she was truly there to become a part of the Bachelor culture to get further exposure for herself & being the next Bachekorette would put her in the prime spot for that, or Bachelor in Paradise. And @ that rose ceremony I felt like she & Cassie had been on that page together. I’m sure the other girls spoke about it but I think it was their agendas. Too many mouths running about the same thing for it not to have some substance.

    Am I reaching?
    Very Curious,

  47. I’m happy that they are happy! l hope Cassie is able to remain the down to earth strong level headed surfer girl it showed her as but seems the fame has already changed her BUT its all tv so dont actually know the real her anyway. I love love so hope it’s the real thing for both of them!

    I LOVED how quirky and awkward Hannah seemed. She is a real person and we actually got to see that. Many on the show seem so calculated by whay they say but she was real and in the moment. Wish her the best!

  48. I loved this finale !! I love that the script was flipped and the lead was doing the pursuing instead of multiple women pursuing the lead. I love that he went all in for her by not having any woman as a backup plan. All the decisions he made have to give her an incredible sense of security in their relationship. I’m rooting for them ! I wasn’t sure about him being the bachelor, but he totally won me over 🙂

  49. I love them together! Hoping it works out for them 🙂 I am happy Hannah B is the bachelorette. She seems genuine to me.

    Great season and excellent recaps!

  50. I love Cassie and Colton together! I love how she laughed when he told her he jumped an 8 foot fence because of her! Her explanation of how she didn’t want to lose control, or lose herself in a relationship was great! We all want to be who we are and not who someone else thinks we should be! I wish them all the best!

    Hannah B. I loved how awkward she was with situation of meeting 5 guys unexpectedly! It shows how “not perfect” she is! I sometimes feel like everyone on the show looks and acts too perfect! I think she will be fun to watch – as long as the producers let her be her and don’t ruin it with editing! I want to see her have fun with her dates and not focus on any dramatics between the guys. There was way too much of that this season! So good luck to Hannah!

  51. I’m happy for Hannah, and I liked her the entire season, truthfully; BUT, I just have a feeling that this was ABC’s plan all along. There’s something suspicious about the fact that there were two pageant queens from the same season of Miss America (hosted by Chris Harrison and supported by ABC) who were roommates, competing on the show, and now one of them the new bachelorette. From what we saw I feel like Tayshia would have made an excellent Bachelorette – she’s smart, funny, adventurous, compassionate, caring and beautiful to boot! So happy for Hannah, but I do wonder whether it’s a bit of an ABC plant…

  52. Do you ever think they will go back to how the show ran originally? To pick random people that aren’t from a prior casting? I just feel like the show has become more so about the men and women wanting to be the NEXT bachelor/Ette, wanting to further their careers or just get into the public eye. I don’t plan on watching the next season of the bachelorette. I don’t dislike Hannah as a person (I don’t know her) I just don’t like their choice. I also feel like they are getting into such a young age range that the show started to remind me of MTV. You can’t tell me that all these guys and gals 21-25 are all ready for marriage in today’s society.

  53. I am happy for Colton and Cassie. Cassie seemed to be able to express her feelings more on AFR so they might just have needed more time. I would think it’s hard to think of yourself with a man while he’s still dating other women!
    I like HannahBama. She’s sweet, pretty, and excited to find love but I REALLY hope she’s able to communicate better in front of the camera. It seems sometimes she tries so hard to say what’s perfect sounding and what’s expected instead of just bein real! That’s how I feel but of course I’ll be watching every episode… as I have for a long time!

  54. I don’t think they will last. He’s in love with being in love and in my mind not the actual person. But time will tell.

  55. I just love Colton and Cassie together! I also say that this was the best bachelor show ever and I am glad it ended like it did! I wish them only the best! Ali I love following you and see your cute little family!

  56. Ali,

    Love this season of the bachelor. Glad the season ended the way it did. Gives Colton and Cassie a really chance to get to know one other and be a relationship on friendship and go from there.

    I think Hannah B is going to be a great bachelorette.

    Love your bios!!😊💗

  57. I didn’t like Colton in the beginning because he was crying all the time and just over exposed on all the reality shows but honestly the last episodes the way he showed his love for Cassie, it felt the most sincere of any of the Bachelor’s and just couldn’t help feeling this is how every woman dreams of being loved! So beautiful!

  58. I love the way this ended it was so real and normal. Its perfectly omay for her to not be ready for an engagement or marriage that soon. It should not be crazy to want to end the journey with dating and the intention of having an engagement down the road. Props to them for being able to be real and not let comments bring them down.

  59. Hi Ali, they do look so good together. Did you think it was weird that she didn’t bring anything to the family when she went to meet them?

  60. I agree with you Ali. Cassie wasn’t my first choice but I like that Colton truly followed his heart and broke away from the show’s typical format. Cassie was soooo into him during the show. I was angry that she turned her feelings around at the end…taking away the opportunity from the others. But I hope they are a happy couple.
    Here is a production faux-pas: when Cassie was packing her suitcase, her hair was straight. When she opened the door for Colton, her hair was back to WAVY! She was wearing the same clothes. Did they shoot that 2 different days???? She must have known he was coming. Did they tell her….”you can’t leave yet. You must wear the same clothes tomorrow. We have to shoot some more!” She forgot to straighten her hair 😳😵

  61. You were100% spot on. ❤️ If anyone would have the most realistic & right perspective, it would be someone that walked in their shoes like you. Wishes them both great happiness and think Hannah will surprise us all.

  62. Perhaps I’m in the minority of those who have replied to your blog. I still don’t like Cassie at all and I think that after all the media attention dies down she’ll split. I don’t think she was really wanting to continue a serious relationship that will be expected to lead to marriage eventually. I think she went on the show to increase her social media presence and things started getting “sticky”. The girls that left called her out on it more than once and they lived with her. I feel that when her Dad came to talk to her, it was because he realized that she wasn’t there for the right reasons and he was trying to talk sense into her as her father. Unfortunately Colton was so hung up on her looks and their chemistry that I feel he closed himself off from the other girls that were serious about him and were truly falling in love with him. If Cassie had been removed from the situation earlier I think he could have explored those relationships better/further. I feel that he will eventually get his heart broken again. There could be a chance that she falls for him while they’re traveling together but I don’t know. I think she’s just not that into him. Of course she’s going to agree to meet his family…….that gave her a free trip to Spain and more screen time! She may be 23 but that’s no excuse for being fake. Many people are married and have children at that age. It’s really not that young. Everyone kept saying that she was “glowing” on After the Final Rose, I just laughed…….makeup people! Good ol’ makeup and probably perspiration from all the tv lights. Lol
    She had her eyes on the cameras the whole time. The same way she posed herself on Colton’s shoulder when she broke up with him. Hardly any tears and really all she kept saying was “I don’t know”, “I can’t see myself getting there with you…..but I don’t know”. PLEASE!! Fake, fake, fake.
    I get the whole idea that it’s a short time before the engagement but it’s been said by many others who been on the show that feelings develop much more quickly in that restricted environment. You also should keep in mind that although there’s an engagement it doesn’t mean you’re expected to run off and get married right away. The engagement is the symbolism between the two people that you are in love and wanting to take the “road” together to continue getting to know each other on a deeper level and combining your lives together with the intention of getting married at some point, so I don’t see how it’s such a big deal to identify it that way. Just saying!
    As for Hannah B. for the Bachelorette……I think she’s real and will go through that journey to find LOVE as real as she can and if that means she doesn’t always have the right words to say then that means you’re not getting some fake, made-for-tv personality. She showed that she is honest and truly wants to find her true love so I think it’ll be a good season. I love Tayesha and Hannah G as well but I think they still chose well.

  63. I love how things ended for Colton and Casie and that Hannah is the new Bachelorette. One thing that bugged me is the creepieness of Chris Harrison focusing on Colto’s virginity!! It was too much and just creepy.

  64. On Monday evening when Cassie left, I text my friends saying I hope the producers talk her into staying, which it is now obviously that they did. There conversations that night and on the shows the next day make me feel they are truly in love and at some point I really hope they get engaged and end happily ever after.

    Ali, your last paragraph about not caring for Colton, there were so many negative people about him being the next bachelor and yet it was any awesome season. As for Hannah B., she is going through the same comments and thank you for telling everyone to give her a chance. I am looking forward to a fun season with Hannah B.

    And on a final note, I am looking forward to Bachelor Reunion on May 6 of which there are to be some great memories over the years.

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