The Bachelor Finale – Part 1

You guys are all just as obsessed with how the season is ending as I am right?! Can I go out on the limb and say this is probably the best season of the Bachelor ever?! I just love how different it is. It feels so much more real than the unrealistic rose ceremonies right up until the end. I’m so pumped for Colton and that he’s following his heart! I have concerns about the relationship with Cassie long-term, if they do end up together, but regardless good for him for not choosing a runner up and a back up. I think it’s super exciting and romantic!

I also want to add that I watched this earlier in the day yesterday with a link that was provided to me from production (perks! Ha!), so I didn’t get to watch any of the live portion! Did I miss anything important/exciting? Please let me know in the comments below!!!

Tayshia Breakup

I think this went as well as could be expected. Of course she’s hurt, but in the long run it’s better for her and both girls to be let go now than to be strung on any longer. I also love that Tayshia sort of broke the rules by asking to talk without all the cameras around. However, I can assure you this is not the first time someone has tried to get away from the cameras! They just usually aren’t showing it to viewers. Those parts are edited out and they’re forced to stay and talk in front of all the cameras. The only time the cameras really keep rolling is if somebody refuses to come back and sit down. But I think the editors of the show are starting to realize that when things deviate from the normal, it’s more exciting and more interesting. In the end, it’s more real.

The main thing I took away from Tayshia is that she’d make a great Bachelorette. I know she had some ups and downs throughout the season. But overall I just think she’s a great catch and some guy out there will be very lucky to have her one day.

Hannah Breakup

The first thing I thought when he went to talk to Hannah was that the producers should’ve let her eat before he went to talk to her. When she said her stomach was going to be grumbling during their whole conversation my first thought was, “Poor girl. She’s definitely not gonna be able to eat after!”

And it killed me when he said “I thought it was going to be you”. It kind of upset me at first when he said that to her, but then I realized he probably said it because chances are he probably told her at some point throughout the show that it was going to be her. So he probably had to say it.

And I understand why it was so hard for him to walk away from her. I think if Cassie wasn’t there that he would’ve happily fell in love with Hannah G. I honestly think that he did love her. But like he said, he loves Cassie so much more that he’s willing to walk away from the incredible relationship he had with Hannah even if it means being alone.

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Next up…Cassie

I just think it’s so awesome what he did and I truly hope that Cassie was just afraid to commit when there was still two other girls left. Part of me thinks that if she really cared for him she would’ve stayed. And that she knew she didn’t really want to be with him. So if they do I end up together at the end of this, I don’t know that I have a ton of hope for them in the long run. But that doesn’t mean I won’t hope for them. Because I really, really want this to work out for Colton.

I do wonder why they didn’t show us Cassie’s face when the door opened to her hotel room. Is she not there? Was Colton saying “hey” to a producer thinking the producer would go get Cassie? I don’t know. It’s just weird to me that we didn’t see her face. We shall see tomorrow night!

This is truly the most incredible finale of the show ever! I’m loving every second of it and I hope you guys are too! What do you think is going to happen tomorrow night? I think he’s going to talk to her at some point and they are going to give this a go. But I don’t see a proposal happening at the end. What do you guys think? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Make sure to come back to my blog tomorrow morning because I’m sure I will have tons to say about Cassie and Colton! And I know that you will too!!!

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137 thoughts on “The Bachelor Finale – Part 1

  1. I love your perspective on the Finale part one! I agree, props to Colton for following his heart and breaking up with Tayshia and Hannah G BEFORE he knew if Cassie would come back to him. The one thing that shocked me during the Live that you may have missed is how emotional Hannah G was. It was so sincere and really sad to me that she is so heartbroken over how it went down. I can’t wait to see what happens tonight!

    1. I didn’t realize that he would be talking to the women on the live last night! I’ll have to go watch it!

    2. I totally agree with this. Hannah G, (my fave all along) handled herself great last night. We may not have seen her a ton throughout the season but I’m guessing it’s because she just wasn’t caught up in the drama and I loved getting to see more of her last night.

    3. I agree. Hannah G my fav also. She is so sweet and beautiful. She is a drama free girl!! Gotta go with your heart ❤️. Life just is hard itself in the dating world. We will see if they last. You know he lost his virginity with her.

  2. I agree Ali! I have loved Colton as the Bachelor because he is so real and is following his heart! Some of the viewers who are so upset with him and feel so bad for the girls need to remember that this is Colton’s journey. The girls signed up knowing they were one of 30 and he was going to do what was right for him. It is heartbreaking to watch some of the girls go, by Colton is in love with Cassie! I love that he was honest enough to realize that and respected Taysia and Hannah G enough not to continue to put on a show. I truly hope he’s happy and so appreciate how real, raw and emotional he’s been!

  3. If you didn’t watch the live portion of the show you kissed them bringing a few guys back: Ben, Blake, Jason and Garrett. I will agree totally with one thing Garrett said while everyone else was basically telling Colton to go for it and fight for what he wants. Garrett was throwing one who said that her feelings needed be considered as well, and if she’s not in to it then he needs to let her go.

    I thought last night Colton came across almost stalker-ish that he was going to chase after her and fight for what he wants. I agree with that to a point, but once he does, if she is still questioning things he’s got to accept that. I obviously don’t know how tonight’s episode is going to be and what’s going to come from it, but I hope he either gets the answers he needs and that Cassie’s is 100% comfortable with what is happening.

  4. Hey Ali!

    I agree with you that it is definitely more real! As I have mentioned many times on your blog post about this season, it really hasn’t been my favourite. I feel his connections weren’t real enough and we really didn’t get to see a lot of relationships form as well as we have seen in the past.
    I do love how different it is though! I felt so sad for Hannah G, although Cassie was my favourite for most of the season I now don’t know how I feel about her. She does seem very immature and her focus really just seems to be on her friends and family, not always a bad thing but then why come on this show? Even last night when it showed her packing her suitcase it is clear she has made her decision on Colton and she literally says “I can’t wait to get back and spend time with my friends and family” It just doesn’t seem like she is into any kind of relationship at all. Which totally sucks because I do love her and Colton together and I really do hope they can work it out….

    1. I thought the same thing about her saying she wasn’t into him. My gut says it’s not working out for Colton tonight. That’s a bummer. But I felt like it was more maturity than immaturity of Cassie to not be “in it to win it”.

      1. She didn’t seem distraught at all when she bagged her bag.. and her comments .. ‘I care about Colton a lot..’ she never said she loved him… if they are together tonight I don’t see this working out long term.. and the other girls tried to warn him about Cassie. Told him she wasn’t ready to be engaged at the end of this.. they were right..

        1. I agree I don’t see it working long term with Cassie at all. She is more concerned w her friends and not being committed. I don’t feel sorry for him though because a bunch of the women warned him about her.

          1. Agree! She isn’t into him and doesn’t want a commitment. I think he’s chasing after her because she is unattainable, at least at this point. In my mind, he is wasting his time and going to try to ‘convince’ her or change her mind but that NEVER works out long term.

          2. i feel like Cassie isnt in love with Colton, she kissed him like a friend through the season and seems emotionless. I think she decided to be in it for now for the fame. Poor Colton, i dont see her becoming a wife for him.

    2. This was the first time ever that I read all the spoilers as they happened (through Reality Steve). It made the season so much more fun and enjoyable to me! Normally I can’t tell who any of the girls are (especially night one) but this season I watched the premiere with a list in front of me. With every conversation Colton had I knew where that girl ended up…it made it soooo interesting. Steve posted 15 guys from the Bachelorette season just today…but of course don’t look if you don’t want to be spoiled! Even though Steve knows what happens with Colton and Cassie, no one has seen footage of their conversation we will see tonight. I am soooooo curious!

      The most confusing thing to me about Cassie is why she was so mad at Kirpa and saying she was there for Colton…then she quit. I guess it was her family’s influence? She was supposed to be on Arie’s season but backed out. On the other reality show she was on, her ex said Cassie’s mom and aunt said they will end up getting married one day (Cassie and her ex). Very interesting! It was before Colton but still…

      1. This, I agree completely. What really annoys me about Cassie is that she made all that drama with Kirpa about being ready when really she wasn’t. Better own to it, in my opinion, rather than drag it longer. If it really was her family opinion to give her doubts (understandable), then perhaps she could’ve eliminated hersself at the rose ceremony after hometowns, giving Caelynn a chance to go further (because I do think she loved Colton).
        There is nothing wrong with not being ready for marriage at 23 (or at any age really), but then why on earth would you go on a TV show thats supposed to end with an engagement?!

        I had no idea she was meant to be on Arie’s season!!

        1. This is why I wish they would bring people on the show who are at least 25 or older because now it is turning into young people going on just to be famous and make more money at the end of it all.

          1. As someone that married at 22, I don’t think the 25 age limit makes any sense. You can fall in love and marry at a young age. I’m now 32 and celebrating 10 years with my husband.

    3. I agree. After Cassie said that, my hopes for them have a reconciliation or really giving it a go went out the window. She said that confidently and that tells me she’s ready to move on.

    4. I disagree. She said she missed Colton. She also said she knew he wanted to get engaged and she didn’t want to ruin that moment for him. That’s pretty remarkable. I think she thinks that is all Colton wants, to be engaged. That she really didn’t think well maybe he would just date me. She says she loved him but needed more time. I’m glad someone admitted it’s to soon to be engaged. I’m happy Becca & Garret didn’t be like Arie and rush things. Not that it can’t work, by why rush it?

  5. This is my favorite season ever! I think you said at the beginning of this season that you weren’t sure you’d watch because you were kind of over the bachelor and in a different time of life and it wasn’t as entertaining anymore. I 100% agreed and the last few seasons I could barely hang on. But this season has been so good and real!!! I love Colton and his sincere attitude. I was surprised how sad Hannah was at the lives. She said she wasn’t in love with him but she obviously is. Good tv this season !! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  6. Although I DO like how the last few episodes are playing out (minus all of the live studio “fluff”), most of the season was a bore. Colton (and/or the editors) didn’t show much of his personality, and various sources have said that he basically sold his soul to be the Bachelor. For example, the fence jump: the producers had a camera trailing him from a foot behind him and in front of him, yet they were acting like they couldn’t catch up to him? I think he and/or the producers played that up to make up for the rest of the season.

    Also, the amount of times Chris Harrison referenced Colton’s virginity last night was disturbing, and I guarantee he wouldn’t be teasing the lead’s virginity that much if it was the Bachlorette.

    I’ll end on a positive note: I DO think Colton has real feelings for Cassie and the finalists, and I was very impressed with how Hannah G. articulated her thoughts last night!

    1. Lastly, let’s not forget all of the meaningless drama between the girls that happened throughout the season and at the “Women Tell All”…that was far from real!

      1. You make some great points, Rachel. The reference to his virginity is way over the top. Another trend I’ve seen these last two seasons are the selection of people who are 22 and 23 years old. Why? Far too young. Ali, you’ve mentioned that in your posts, so I on that much we can agree.

        I’d like to see a fresh take on how the show runs. I’d still watch – but right now you have to factor in an enormous element of career starter wannabes signing up which is different from the early seasons. A refresh, please. 🙂

        1. Thanks Barbara!! I wondered if the wording of my opinions was a little harsh, so I’m glad I got some positive reinforcement 🙂 I agree with your points as well!

          1. So agree! These girls on here are too young! I feel like at 22/23, you are still learning and growing as person. How can you be ready to settle down when you are still trying to find you! They need to get more women who are 25 and up. Im sure they add the young ones for the drama aspects. I also feel like the producers really uped the antics this season, because people were falling away from the show. Sometimes, I wonder how real everything is, or is it staged to get people to keep watching. I have no idea? What’s your take Ali??? Im still not sure how I feel about Colton. I’ve always got the impression he’s a player and he picked Cassie because he knew she wasnt ready to be engaged and the other two were ready! I kind of feel like he did the show for attention and wasnt ready himself! I dont know, I saw him differently after his relationship with Tia from BIP. I could be way wrong myself. Just seems odd he fell for the one who wasnt willing to give it back and he has girls warning him. Then again you cant choose who you fall inlove with. I dont think they will be a long term thing if him and Cassie are together. I think she went on the show for fame as well. The fact she’s in a previous reality show was a big red flag and the other girls warning him was a big red flag. Then again, they could have been jealous of the connection! Who knows lol?????

      2. My daughter and I both think the virginity thing is ridiculous! Yes, it is a part of who he is. But the producers, Chris, and the women were too focused. Already watched half of the 2nd episode and they are even worse with it! And you are right about how it wouldn’t be the same if it was the Bachelorette! And to be real, a gentleman wouldn’t tell! (And the question is rude for him AND the women!)

        Drama! The girls (and I mean girls, not women) were immature during the show with the fighting and they were even worse on The Women Tell All! I felt sorry for Chris trying to keep them reined in!

        Fence jump: I think the cameramen just follow and film. I don’t think the producers anticipated he would jump the fence, so they didn’t need to run to catch him. And obviously the cameramen couldn’t jump the fence themselves!
        I’ve really enjoyed the season. I’ve read the spoilers but I’m heading back to watch the rest now!

  7. Trust me when I tell you you didn’t miss anything with the live portion. In fact I wish they got rid of the live portion is and just showed the actual show. This finale could have happened in one night in under two hours but they dragged it out to a four hour finale with screaming people in the audience and bringing in people that didn’t need to be there in my opinion. I have been rooting for Cassie from day one and I am also hoping this will work out. But a part of me is afraid that she’s just not that into him and just got caught up in the whole show and being there and getting to travel. I feel she is too young to commit And has a lifetime ahead of dating before she settles down. Hopefully they will just date and see where it goes from there.

    1. I thought Cassie was all into Colton until her father got involved and it confused her and made her question her feelings.. and when she found out that Colton got rid of the final 2 women then she realized that he really did love her…yes they were together on a day to day basis and I think that made Cassie realize that she was in love with him….Cassie was being controlled by an old boyfriend and she was terrified until Colton showed her he wasn’t like that…just my opinion…..

  8. 1) As cynical as I am, I also loved the episode last night and how raw the emotions got. Damn you, Bachelor!
    2) I think he’s actually going to talk to Cassie’s dad first bc he knows how much his opinion means to Cassie. I think the audio was manipulated to make us think it was Cassie but it doesn’t make sense that she would leave one hotel room (which we saw during her interview) to go to another.
    3) You missed Garrett being interviewed in the studio and he seemed super uncomfortable, probably bc he heard Colton say things like “I should have fought harder the last time” and realized that he was talking about Becca. AWKWARD!

    1. Yes! I agree it could be Cassie’s dad first. Then, maybe he goes gets her and brings her back or the show brings her back.

      The other two girls left right away and it seems like Cassie should have already been gone.

      Did anyone notice he is wearing the same shirt he talked to the girls and whoever is about the open the door?

      1. Yes same shirt! And I don’t think Cassie ever left…if they showed her leaving that hotel room and then she is possibly as the door at the end?? How would she know to come back?

  9. I say “props to Colton” for being a TRUE gentleman!!! He could have went back for two others and gave it a shot but he’s following his heart. And why on earth do they keep referring to Colton “losing his virginity” like it’s a puppy???? Gee whiz! I can’t wait to watch tonight.

    I love your new rug Ali!!

  10. Hey Ali ! I love and always look forward to reading your bachelor blogs each week! Something about the live show that surprised me was how real Hannah G’s break up was for her .. I could really feel for her and could see that she really loved him and was genuinely hurt about that break up. I was surprised because she didn’t seem to show much emotion during the season but after watching that I could feel all her feelings and actually thought that she would make a great bachelorette!!

  11. I wonder if things might have turned out different if the overnight dates would have been in a different order. I think he had more of a connection with Hannah than Tayshia. Had he went on the first overnight date with Hannah, he might not have got so stuck on Cassie.

  12. Colton seemed too light and happy for things to not go his way at the end. I think he spoke to both women without a heavy heart, but with a smile. To me, that says he ended up with Cassie. Sadly, I don’t think it will last because the maturity doesn’t seem to be there. I’m really bummed Hanna B didn’t work out. I thought they had real potential.

  13. I wish Colton hadn’t said “I thought it would be you” to Hannah G. Becca said it to Blake and I think it’s just so mean!

    Good for Hannah G. For asking Colton tough questions and putting him on the spot. She and Tayshia were so stunning and very classy.

    What if Colton went back to Cassie and she said NO? I know the spoilers and can’t wait to watch. Last night was so good! Of course Colton couldn’t be with anyone except Cassie…he would have been thinking about her non-stop. Hannah G. Couldn’t be Bachelorette because she isn’t past the breakup. I hope she, Caelynn, and Tayshia are on Paradise.

    The part with the four bachelorette guys was so awkward. Of course they know the spoilers and had to pretend that they didn’t!

  14. I think he and Cassie end up dating (no engagement) and are still together today but likely won’t marry. When asked if he was married in interviews before the season aired, he answered with “I’m happy” with a sincere smile on his face.

    I really felt for Hannah G when Colton stood by his comment on the show about thinking about Cassie even when he was with other girls. What a crappy thing to hear from a guy you were really into.

    Looking forward to tonight, but omg why does this have to be 4 hours?!

  15. Just going to be honest I have not watched the episode yet because I wanted to wait to watch both episodes back to back. However I have heard a lot. I do not mind spoilers. I actually enjoy knowing whats going to happen before it actually plays out on TV. Anybody else? Anyways I am so happy he broke up with the girls that were left because if I was in this situation and saw Colton say that he wants Cassie and then picked Hannah on the episode I would be like what the heck you said you loved Cassie. I would not be happy watching that back. I would not know what to believe. Also I just want the next bachelorette to be revealed because I’m anxiously waiting. Would if the next bachelorette is Cassie. Now that would be a plot twist.

    1. I have loved knowing the spoilers! I would normally try to wait as long as possible but this was the first time I read Reality Steve as the season filmed. I loved it! I had a list during the first episode and loved watching each interaction knowing where his relationship with each girl ended. There were still plenty of surprises. I have enjoyed this season more than any other! Steve just posted 15 guys for this season’s bachelorette! I can’t wait!

  16. I hope the bachelor is learning that we don’t care too much for the rules of the show and instead like following along on an authentic and raw love story.

    1. I completely agree!!!! It’s not that people in the past haven’t tried to do something along these lines, it’s that the producer’s would always make everyone stick to the plan!

  17. I feel like you just missed Hanna G and colton talking on the live. Other than that they wasted a bunch of time!

  18. I love this season, too! But omg I’m sure Cassie is a fun and nice person in life, but I dont think she is into Colton. Maybe a little. Other than making outa lot, she doesnt seem to be that into him. I just feel like it is one sided. I agree that if they do end up together it would be very surprising if it did last. Honestly I think he got caught up in the “want what you cant have” scenario….I really do. There’s a reason that saying exists. Cassie never really gave info on how she was feeling up until the end and the other girls let it all out. He wanted the unattainable…will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Just my thoughts. I realize I could be totally wrong lol

  19. I’m all for Colton being happy and finding his person. However, a line that we heard Cassie say last night that she was excited to move on with her life now that she and Colton were over, really bothered me. If she cared at all for him I don’t feel like it would be that easy to say she’s ready to move on?

  20. Ali, what are you thoughts on the idea that Colton’s behavior around Cassie actually sends the wrong message to men, in that even if a woman speaks her mind/truth and says no, if he tries and fights hard enough, he should be able to win her? It somewhat negates what the woman’s feelings are and allows the man to control the outcome. Thought that was an interesting take on what happened last night and I’m open to understanding both sides!

      1. I think he did what he did because he knew 1, she was upset about her dad 2, she finally said she loved him and 3, remember when she whispered, “How can you say that when there are two other girls here?” I think he wanted to do something to “show her” rather than just saying he is in love with her. Plus she seemed so so confused and said, “I don’t know” 1000 times. So I love that he takes the chance. 🙂

    1. Laura,
      I agree with you! I understand the need for him to figure it out for sure, but for him to fight for what he wants, if she doesn’t want it back just won’t work.

  21. Cassie was clearly the woman that all the exiting remarks were about. It’s really quite sad that she went on if she wasn’t ready to be engaged. I feel she is young and has a lot of oats to sow still. My take is that he would’ve been so happy with Hannah and I wish she had been the first fantasy suite date instead of the last.
    And I’m completely over the virginity references. Good grief. It’s like it is a bad thing when it isn’t.
    I think he talks Cassie into just dating and we can all yawn at the end of the show. They’ll likely be on ENews in a few months going their separate ways.

    I wish this Hannah was the next Bachelorette instead of the other one! She deserves it!

    1. Can’t wait for the confirmation of who the Bachelorette is tonight. Sometimes they surprise us – thinking back to Caila and Jojo!

  22. Hi Ali, I am in the middle of the episode, but had to comment, that I felt that Tasha was very guarded/ not authentic in her interaction with Colton during the break up and during the show with Chris. It felt like she is trying to look hurt, but not really feeling it. That is why she might have wanted to come inside, since she didn’t know how to react and what to say.. during her talk with Chris, she had a hard time to put sentences together and articulate what was her experience, and he had to really push to get to her emotions, so that makes me feel that she is not going to be a good bachelorette.

  23. I thought last night was great for viewers, however, it made me dislike Colton. Not because he broke up with Taysia and Hannah, but because he knew he was on The Bachelor and at the end he would be down to the last 3. After Cassie broke up with him, he just quit and seemed obsessed with the the chase and left Hannah in the dust. I think if Cassie DIDN’T break up with him, he and Hannah would have gone out and had a super romantic night. If it was truly about how he felt about Cassie, and not his obsession with getting her back, things would have a lot different. I was just super annoyed with the whole situation, can’t wait to see how it all works out. I DO NOT think Cassie is into him and he was warned about her several times.

  24. Watching the “Live” portion made me love Hannah G. SO much more! She really stood up for herself and questioned why Colton didn’t even give her a chance. She also expressed to him how much he hurt her when he said that he was thinking about Cassie when he was with other girls. I honestly didn’t think she had it in her! Would really like to see her as the next bachelorette!!

      1. Both Tayshia and Hannah G. looked beyond stunning last night!!!! I really feel like they will come out as the two who look the best…rather than Colton and Cassie.

  25. This has been the most dramatic Bachelor! And I feel like Colton has been the most genuine which is sometimes to a disadvantage. Like when he went to talk to Hannah and even said he thought he could be making a mistake breaking up with her and even said “what am I doing?” And I think that also must have been tough for Hannah to hear and super confusing!
    Also I feel like as a viewer that Hannah seemed super nice but I didn’t feel like we knew her very well. I feel like I don’t know her other than a nice girl that reminds Colton of home.
    I’m glad Chris Harrison said to him “what if she’s just not that into you?” Cause I feel like if she was really into him, then she would show it a little more. I just don’t think unfortunately they may make it long term.

  26. I am really routing for Colton and I want him to be happy and in love. I was really a fan of Cassie’s most of the season. I thought there was no way the comments being thrown around by the other girls that she wasn’t ready could be true. She seemed really into Colton. But now don’t you wonder what exactly the girls were seeing and hearing to make them say that? In the end they were right! I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt and maybe she got nervous or just didn’t feel ready to get engaged right that second. But there were certain comments she made to her dad and in her confessionals that make me question her feelings for him. I guess we will see what happens tonight.

  27. Hi Ali!

    I didn’t read the comments above, so forgive me if this was already mentioned. There’s something that’s really throwing me off. When Cassie broke up with Colton – he told her that he wanted it to be her at the end, that he loves her, and that there doesn’t have to be a proposal. He basically told her everything that she claimed she wanted. She wasn’t ready for a proposal and needed more time because she wasn’t sure. Colton basically agreed to leave the whole thing with no proposal just to be with her and date her and she still said “I don’t know” and she left. In last nights episode, Colton told Chris that he thinks Cassie does want to be with him she was just overwhelmed with having two other women there. WHAT? Where is this coming from? Because that is definitely not what we saw. Do you think they could have edited this a lot? Either way, I’m loving the finale and I do hope Colton found his happiness! Because as Chris said, I really thought Cassie was just not that into him!! Can’t wait to see how it plays out.

    PS – congrats on breastfeeding baby number 2 for 10 months! Huge accomplishment! You should feel so proud. I lasted 3 months with baby 2 🙂

    1. I agree with you. My take is that she’s just not that into him so either Colton is blind by his own love or the edit is really weird. But I’m in a confused place. It’s making it hard to root for the two of them. And I kind of hope that she turns him down again, not because I want Colton to be alone, but because it seems more real. And she obviously has some growing to do (which I am sure she would agree).

  28. This has definitely been one of the rawest seasons yet. I am interested to see what happens tonight, I almost feel like he and Cassie are together because he seemed so calm in the studio last night. He wasn’t his usual weepy mess and was just very chill.
    I wonder though if the other girls hold some type of grudge towards Cassie because Hannah especially was in love with him and had Colton realized Cassie’s reservations earlier on I wonder if his feelings would have sided more with Hannah.

  29. The only live portion that got my attention was when Hannah G pointed out that Colton did to her, what Cassie did to him. She was so ready to be with him and was so excited for their future.

    I love how real and raw this season has been!

    I hope the best for Colton, but I am unsure if Cassie’s intentions for the show are as true as some of the other girls.

    1. Of course they are going to make it look as though Cassie is not interested. It gets viewers sitting on the edge of their seats.
      I really do hope Colton & Cassie get engaged and stay together for ever.

  30. Hi Ali,

    This one is kind of personal so you don’t have to answer but I’m curious…

    Because you essentially were faced with the same situation do you feel like you had to choose someone who was left when frank left?

    I just wonder if you even felt the same kind of freedom to leave that Colton did. I realize your situation was different. Frank came and said he was still caught on his ex so I know you weren’t going to run after him but do you think it would have been better to not choose anyone?

    I remember thinking the same thing about you AND the same thing with Ben actually where given the circumstances I was doubtful it would last. You always hope for the best though.

    I think it’s great he’s taking a shot with Cassie if that’s where his heart is and I wish him the best.

  31. I think Colton has got enough good feedback from Cassie to realize that being patient is what he needs to do with her, and that he agrees w her feeling that it’s too unrealistic to follow the show format and get down on one knee at the end. I also have a sneaking suspicion that she’s not over a last boyfriend perhaps? It did occur to me that perhaps she wants to be the Bachelorette too? Someone did say that she said that earlier. I don’t know….But I do love what Kaitlin’s bf (I forget his name!) said: that he admires his courage to take a risk and that even if it doesn’t work out that something better could be awaiting him – like it happened for him! It was so well stated and even one of the other guys said so. I do agree w you that this is so refreshing to see as the format has gotten tiresome for sure. Can’t wait to see what happens tonight!

  32. I didn’t read anyone else’s comments for fear of spoilers, so maybe this has already been said, but you definitely didn’t miss anything in the live portions. Consider yourself lucky that you got to watch just the edited portions – I don’t think you would be calling it an exciting finale if you also had to watch the same old “sit on the couch and try to ask for closure that you’re not going to get” conversations that frankly just took way too long. And they threw in some gimmicky stuff too with Jason, Blake, etc. just to kill time. I thought the producers learned their lesson after this season’s premiere that the viewers don’t like all that live crap.

    On another note, I wasn’t excited for this season either and was super skeptical of Colton, but I have so much respect for him and think he might be my favorite bachelor ever. I love how he’s followed his heart and gone “off script” and that the producers have let him (to an extent).

    I just wish they had edited down those two breakups and squeezed this all into one 3-hour episode like they used to (especially knowing that a good chunk of tonight will be focused on the new bachelorette instead of Colton).

    1. Thank you for the info!!! I also think that they could have squeezed it into one night, but I’m sooo excited for tonight!

  33. I really have loved this season! I did like when Ben mentioned at the end of the show that there shouldn’t be this pressure for it to end in an engagement because it’s something you have mentioned before! If you are falling in love with that person, but not quite ready to get down on one knee, it should be okay to just end it with a commitment to each other outside of the show and to see where it goes. It’s just gotten to the point where it has to be an engagement or nothing. I love that Colton is switching everything up because it was mentioned several times last night that this is real life, even though we are watching a television show. And I would love to see Hannah G as the next bachelorette!!

    1. So true!!! The couple should only end the show in an engagement if both parties feel they are at that stage! There’s nothing wrong with ending in a strong relationship!

  34. I have really loved this season! I give him props for ending things with the other two girls and not leading them on. That takes so much character to not continue to lead someone on when you know your heart is elsewhere. I hope for Colton’s sake that Cassie was scared of getting hurt and that they end up together. They are really cute together and you can see the connection between them it’s like fireworks they just fit so well together. The live you missed him talking to both the girls and then a couple of the men from Becca’s season and Ben were on. It is the most real season I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait for tonight.

  35. Totally agree it’s romantic to see him risk it all to fight for her! I saw something like this coming a few weeks ago when I noticed they hadn’t shown glimpses of the finale in some exotic location and images of two women in dresses but just not knowing who like normal seasons! I’m nervous for him and hope it works out! Chris Harrison sure was right about it being the most dramatic ending ever!!!

  36. My biggest question is: how is Cassie still there??? It seems staged to think that she is still in Portugal when they showed her leaving after her date? It really is a great season and I’m pumped for Colton for following his heart and saying goodbye to the others. However, I don’t think Cassie is in love with him. My hope is Cassie agreed to continuing to date him after the show. They’d be sooo cute together if she can take the pressure out of it!

    1. I don’t think Cassie is behind that door. Considering it should have been the final week at that point, I think Colton’s family is probably in Portugal and he is going to see them. I don’t think we’re going to see the Colton/Cassie conversation in the beginning of the show. I might be wrong though!

  37. I agree with others that Cassie is truly just not into him. I think, while they may date for awhile, he will ultimately get his heart broken again because I think he is chasing a ghost. You can’t beg someone to love you back or want to be with you and I really think he should just move on. For the sake of the show, I’m sure he’s going to try to win her back, but I for one, would not want to feel that I had to ‘convince’ someone to want to be with me. Also I think sometimes we’d only want what we can’t have, so I’m wondering if that was Colton’s thoughts….once he knew he couldn’t have her, he wanted her more than ever. I’m guessing we will see him on BIP one of these years…..

  38. Good for him for following heart, but I also have to agree, it’s nit looking good. Chris Harrison got it right when he said, she just might not be into you. She never said anything about the other girls- she quite frankly said I don’t know if I can get there. That’s code for I don’t love you like you love me. And hearing Colton try to explain himself to the other girls was excruciating. They always seem to make it worse!!

  39. Oh my gosh! I felt horrible for Hannah G! And then yes she was so emotional on the Live… I would love for her to be the bachelorette but don’t think she’s ready. Maybe she can go to paradise.. and Blake too.. they would be cute together!! Just loved Hannah G all season. She didn’t get into drama and was Colton’s rock through it all. How she said she helps everybody and then they leave 😢

  40. I am so uncertain regarding where Colton’s pursuit of Cassie will take him after listening to the comments she made while she was packing to leave Portugal. There appeared to be no regret in her decision to break up with Colton and a genuine excitement for getting home. She was more hung up on her dad not giving his blessing to a Colton/Cassie couple and perhaps bothered by being 1/3 in the running, to the point that I think she just decided she wasn’t that into him and gave up. I’m worried for Colton that he will be crushed all over again, and much more devastated if Cassie gives their relationship another try and decides down the road that she’s still not in love with him.
    Hannah G.’s comments were heartbreaking when he was breaking up with her and on the Live show last night. I cannot imagine what the past 4 months have been for her. I really like her and hope she will find a partner who adores her like she hopes to be loved. How shocking that break-up was for her because she really did think she was going to be THE ONE at the end.
    Interesting that ABC chose to have Becca’s final 3 guys on who each had different outcomes, but similar status as some of Colton’s final 4 women. Jason was sent home because Becca couldn’t see a future with him. (Caelynn) She told Brian that she thought he was going to be the one in the end but that she was in love with someone else. (Hannah G.) and Garrett felt like home to her. ( Hannah G., but she certainly didn’t get the final rose like Garrett did.). Jason has moved on and found a relationship that he cherishes. Ben Higgins thought he found his person, was engaged and then that was broken and now, he thinks he’s found a better partner for life. Brian is still searching for a meaningful relationship. I guess he represents where Tayshia and Hannah G. are today. Of course none of this was explained in that brief segment, but for those of us who follow these people after they leave the show, the symbolism is obvious.

  41. I think that door he knocks on is a producer because another scene showed Cassie leaving her hotel room with all her bags… so I assumed she had already left!
    He’s definitely going after her and I’m sure they end up dating but curious for how long, especially when the finale airs how much pressure all the press/publicity will put on and strain their relationship!
    I totally agree that Tayshia would be a great bachelorette, but sadly I think you’re right it’s going to be Hannah B…

  42. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cassie agreed to date because she’s worried about it would come across after all that’s happened. Would she be criticized for being heartless? He gave up everything to be with her, how could she do that to him? Or something else along those lines. Even if they do date, I don’t think there’s much hope for them long term.

    And side note: let the issue of Colton’s virginity go! It has been built up so much this season, but it’s no one’s business and does anyone really care??

  43. How does becoming the Bachelorette work? Do you have to let them know you are interested or do they randomly contact you? I’m so curious!

  44. I still don’t understand some women that come on and then get scared and are like he wants kids and a family I’m not ready, like this is what you signed up for was to find that love and potential husband. I get it if you do date the guy and don’t see it but if she really wasn’t ready why go on it. And I know some are bad seeds and want to become reality famous which is unfortunate for the bachelor. I really like Colton and hope he can find love. I don’t think it will be Cassie. I think Hannah AndTayshia are beautiful and either one would be a great bachelorette! This season was disappointing, so much drama btw the girls and I feel like not all of them seemed into it which made me sad for Colton. This is the most women that have left on their own on the bachelor in awhile. About last nights episode, I wish they would just air the final episode and get on with it. I know it’s for ratings but going back and forth btw the live audience and the episode was so annoying I just wanted to see how it ended and then we can watch them talk live. Anyone else agree with me?! Sometimes they overkill that stuff. Just gimme the show!

  45. Hi Ali!

    Your summaries of the episodes are the best. They are so insightful and help me watch the show through a different lens. I have a question for you. What do you think about how they scheduled the fantasy suite dates this season? In the live portion of yesterday’s episode, Hannah made me wonder if things could have turned out differently if the order of the dates were different. Like if Hannah’s date was first, and Cassie breaks up with him the following date, would he have stayed and picked Hannah in the end?

    This makes me think that the show was very strategic about the order of the fantasy dates….What do you think?

  46. I feel like if Cassie would have stayed he would have done the rest of the show and maybe did the overnight date with Hannah and followed through with the rose ceremony. I feel like the fact that Cassie left made him want her more. It was sad to see when she was packing that she was genuinely happy to go home she even said she couldn’t wait to go home and be with family and if she really wanted to be with him she would have stayed. I feel like if he does go there and she chooses to stay with him it’s probably only because if she doesn’t she thinks the whole world is going to hate her which is probably true. Colton should just take the show as a loss, he will find someone soon I am sure!

  47. I am loving this season too! It’s by far my favorite because it is just so real! I think it’s a lot more real to be in love with one person and end the show when they leave, than to propose to one person after 6 weeks. Not saying that can’t happen and be real, because I do. I think the first just happens more. I think that him and Cassie are going to be on after the final ride tonight and tell Chris that they are “taking things slow” and seeing this can go. Which I think will eventually fizzle out. That makes me so sad for Colton, but I think Cassie just isn’t ready for anything serious yet. I think she does like him a lot and if she was older I think she would be all in, but I get the feeling that she’s holding back because she knows she’s not ready to settle down so she’s breaking it off before she really does fall in love. I can’t wait to see the rest!

  48. I do love this season because, as you said, ti’s so real. But, I can’t help having some negative feelings about Cassie. I think she should have left earlier in the season, because it seemed somewhat obvious to me that she wasn’t ready for marriage or something serious. I have no doubt that she likes Colton and is attracted to him, but that’s very different than seeing him as her husband at some point down the line. I think she knows it’s not going to work out like that.

    I hate to sound so negative about it, but I just wish they were a lot closer to being on the same page than they seem to be. I think they’ll end up dating for a while, but don’t have high hopes it’ll work out. BUT, I do want Colton to be happy, whatever that looks like!

  49. During Hannah G and Colton’s conversation she mentioned a few times that she is “happy” for Colton. That led me to believe that she knows he is happy now…with Cassie.

  50. Oooooh I can’t believe I forgot to mention this in my first comment, but I think Hannah G gave it away a little bit last night when she said not once but twice to Colton: I’m happy for you.
    Soooo my guess is he is in a happy place with Cassie, if he were alone, she wouldn’t have said I am happy for you.!!!

  51. I didn’t think it was fair for Hannah G and Taysha to have to see him before the ending of the show was revealed. Unless he spoke to the women off camera there was ZERO closure for them. They couldn’t ask him “Are you with Cassie?” or “Are you happy with Cassie?” to get that closure. It was just forced convo and nothing really to note. Hannah G held her own but, to me, Colton didn’t really answer her questions because he knew he couldn’t say “well, I need to consider Cassie’s feelings here and can’t answer that.”

  52. For sure props to him on following his heart, and not settling for either of the remaining girls just because Cassie dumped him. I just hope it works out for him – and if it doesn’t, there are a hundred million other gals who will go for him, I’m sure. BUT – I’m annoyed at Cassie because after everything all the other girls told Colton about how she wasn’t ready for marriage – and they were RIGHT – she STILL stayed and got upset cuz she said they were lying. UMM NO THEY WEREN’T. She better take him back tonight!!

  53. I think this is all planned even Cassie is in on it. Because they needed to get the ratings up anyone can make themselves cry and be upset

  54. I’m so glad that he sent the other girls home. I feel like if he didn’t send the other two home after the fence scene, I don’t think I could have supported him. When we saw how raw he was with Cassie when she was leaving I just don’t think I would have been happy seeing him “settle”. I would love to see Hannah as the next bachelorette just from how sad she was from the live portion of the show!

  55. I’m still stuck on the girls saying Cassie isn’t ready. I feel like she’s “faking it”. She was my favorite at the beginning but as time went on i started to think she is in it to be the next bachelorette. Kind of disappointing.
    As for Hannah, I feel like had her date been first and then Cassie left, she would be fresh on his mind and it wouldn’t have ended this way! I see potential for them bc their love was very real, you could tell. And although he broke her heart I think it was the right decision after everything he said to Cassie. He couldn’t choose Hannah and then rewatch the show with her and be like uhhhh🙈. I’d like to see them together after all of this like Jason and Molly. There I said it😬. Cassie needs to go!

  56. I think they didn’t show Cassie’s face to add to the suspense but also maybe her face would give away how she felt or didn’t feel about Colton. When she opened the door to her Dad in Portugal she was surprised, emotional, and happy to see him right away. Maybe I am overthinking! lol 🙂

  57. I found it disappointing that Chris didn’t ask Hannah G. or Tayshia how they felt when they watched last week’s episode. They probably both thought the show was ending because Colton was picking Cassie and they were going off together. They probably had NO clue what had led him to that point and that Cassie had left! I know Hannah G. mentioned on Instagram that watching the breakup between Colton and Cassie was not something she’d ever want to watch again. It had to hurt even more!

    It reminded me of the time that Brad W. dumped Jenni at the altar, and she went home thinking that she was #2 and that Brad had proposed to Deanna. But Brad dumped Deanna at the altar too! He didn’t choose anyone. Poor Deanna, when she was Bachelorette, the show refused to even allow her #1 guy (Graham, who once appeared on BIP) to stay because he, like Cassie, said he would not be willing to propose. So he had to leave (he was in 4th). Thankfully it all worked out for Deanna in the long run!

    Ali, it made me think of you! Thank goodness Frank left and then it didn’t work out w/ Roberto because Kevin is so obviously your perfect match! I know Colton loves Cassie so much but even if they end up giving in a chance, I will be SHOCKED if these two ever get married. Beyond shocked.

    Pretty please ABC, stop allowing 22 and 23 year olds on the show unless they can say, “I am ready to get married!” which clearly Cassie was not. She was supposed to be on the show last year (at 22!!!) but dropped out when she heard that Arie would be the Bachelor. It really makes me question her intentions. She seemed very ready to fly home in last night’s episodes. She seemed relieved…she didn’t seem to be regretting her choice one bit!

  58. Just started watching part 2 and it has confirmed that this whole situation is staged. Reality tv at it’s best! Sorry, but every season gets more dramatic and looks more staged. They have to come up with “the most dramatic season ever” scenarios to keep the audience captivated and its looks more and more phoney. I love you Ali and your beautiful family, but I am done watching The Bachelor/Bachelortte.

  59. I absolutely loved that he broke up with them before talking to Cassie and seeing if she’d give him another chance. Not only does it make her see that he’s being genuine, but I glad he didn’t save the other two on the back burner “just in case”. He’s so sincere, and as a mother, I just want to give him a big hug! I’m loving seeing the reality and the producers and stuff!

  60. Best bachelor finale ever!!! I also want to say Thank you for doing these blogs. I absolutely love them and look forward to them every Tuesday morning.

  61. Am I the only one who does not like Cassie or the ending to this season? I feel like we hardly know her and I can not stand how wishy washy she is about EVERYTHING and never has an answer for anything. If she didn’t want to be in a committed relationship then why did she go on the show to begin with? He has given up too much for her indecisiveness

  62. Hi Ali,
    When I was watching the show last night, I was wondering why Cassie was still there and hadn’t left yet. Is it the editing so that we don’t know the order of how things happened. Tayshia and Hannah G seemed to be driven away right after saying goodbye (I noticed Tayshia didn’t even take her stuff from her hotel room – does someone else pack for her, or does she get driven around to give an exit interview and then return to pack her things?) Cassie was clearly shown packing and getting ready to leave, but it seems such a coincidence if Colton shows up just as she is getting ready to leave.
    Would love your insider’s knowledge!!! Always love reading your blog about it!
    Can’t wait to see what happens tonight!

  63. I did not read all the comments but ehh, I did not like Monday’s episode at all. I actually fell asleep I was so bored (although Tuesday’s was far worse). I give him kudos for breaking up with the other girls befor going to her room. But, once Cassie broke up with him, I think it was pretty much predictable what was going to happen. I mean this is the Bachelor. If he showed up with Hannah G – I would have been shocked. I am just not shocked he went to Cassie’s room and they are together. I don’t see them together and SO many things she says rub me the wrong way about their relationship. I don’t see this lasting at all. I love Hannah G and my heart broke for her and I felt she was WAY more into him on stage then Cassie.

    This live episode format is awful. Then adding the past people to the stage – I found that beyond boring. Tonight’s episode was so bad. The band, them dancing, Hannah – a horrible ending

  64. Did you hear Hannah G in the studio twice saying “I’m happy for you” to Colton? Total indication that things continued with Cassie and that they are dating. But I agree with Ali, that I don’t know that it’s gonna last long term anyway.

    I’m watching the last episode a little later, so don’t yet know what happened!

  65. If you watch the Finale, you will know why Cassie was afraid of commitment.

    Cassie overthinks, that’s why she could hardly move on. Kudos to Colton for being patient and for believing that his love and affection for Cassie are real.

    Can’t wait for Ali’s take on the finale.

  66. I think Colton went to Cassie’s door the very next day because Cassie said that. She said when Colton showed up the next day. He did not say goodbye to Tayshia and Hannah before he knew if Cassie was going to give it a shot.

  67. Hi. I understand “their norm”, but the deviation from their norm, is normal in real life. Yes, this is tv, but it’s refres as Kimmel said, to see them trying to have a “normal” relationship. Just my 2 cents!

  68. I love that Colton fought so hard for what he wanted, which was Cassie. It truly inspired me so much to see him put his whole heart on the line for Cassie. I think Cassie was just scared and she wanted to be sure. She wanted the best for Colton and she wanted him to be happy with someone who could give him an engagement at the end. I think she was just too in her head and was overthinking literally everything. I think her and Colton make such a beautiful couple and I’m so happy that she said yes to him and now they’re together and she’s so in love with him and I can tell how in love with him she is by the big smile on her face when they sat together with Chris. They deserve each other and I hope they will be together forever. I was so inspired by his perseverance, courage and bravery. He really is a true man and his actions show it. Good on you Colton! – Love your blog post🌹

  69. Ok…I just have to say, boiled down that I almost didn’t watch this season but I will say that Colton and Cassie behaved much more normally regarding their dating situation and I’m happy they didn’t have some cheesy, on air engagement. I AM sick of all this blatant sexuality and references to virginity. As a parent I would have been horrified and embarrassed at seeing my son or daughter behaving like this on national TV. Good for them both for no “kiss and tell” even though it was obvious. They seem genuine and am hoping for the best outcome as their relationship continues.

  70. I really appreciated how once colton knew he wasnt in it with the other women, he didnt string them along, but a few things stuck out to me in a tough way last night.
    1) Poor hannah DEFINITELY needed to eat
    2) while i understand colton feeling the need to defend his decision on the live portion with tayshia and hannah, it felt like both girls were asking for a simple “I acknowledge that I hurt you” apology from colton and he was not budging on giving it. I wish he would have acknowledged that a little last night.

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