A Pop of Color – Our New Pink Rug

Can you believe it?! We finally added some color to the house! It was time. As you guys know we have a ton of white in our house. And although I do like things white and bright, lately I’ve just been feeling like a little color would add so much warmth to our house. Making it feel more like a home and not just a house.

In general, I felt all the white and blue in our house had a winter feel and with spring coming up I wanted a bit of a refresh! So I jumped on The Home Depot‘s website because they have a crazy good rug selection and felt bold enough to select pink as the color I was looking for for our new family room rug. When I first told Kevin I was searching for a pink rug, all the color from his face faded. Ha! He was terrified at what I was going to pick out. But that didn’t last long because I found the absolute perfect rug pretty quickly. We have a pretty big space in our family room so I was able to search for large rugs only that had pink in them. I actually found two options that I liked at first. This was my second option. I should have gotten both rugs and he actually liked the more pink rug better! As did I! The other one is beautiful too it’s just that the one we chose felt like such a statement and felt very inviting.

Another reason I went to The Home Depot’s website to find a rug is because they just have really good prices. I went to one other website, which I won’t name, but I was blown away at how expensive the rugs were! Who has over $1000, $2000, $3000 to spend on a rug?! That’s just insanity to me. So when I found this one measuring 12.6 x 15 ft for $500 I was pumped! And that’s for a massive rug! If you get a more standard size rug (8×10) you can get it for just over $200. A 5×7 is only $134!!!

And maybe pink isn’t your thing. Ha! And that’s fine – they have so many other really pretty designs so I’m linking some of my favorites below. And all the ones below are on sale for 20% off right now! In fact, they have a huge selection of rugs on sale for 20% off  so you guys should totally check them out. A pretty, colorful rug is a great way to refresh a space in your home for spring! I am even thinking about a new rug for our formal living area (I can’t resist a good sale!). Which rug below do you guys think we should get? Post the link or name in the comments below! I love when you guys help me design!

Speaking of the pink rug what do you guys think?! I’m dying to know! I love that it’s not only beautiful but it’s also really soft and thicker than the last rug I had in our family room. It’s so soft that we got rid of our play mat in the family room and put it in the play area. With our old rug, we needed it on top because Riley falls a lot because he’s learning to be more mobile right now. But since this new rug is so “cushion-y” we don’t need a play mat anymore which is awesome! One less eyesore from the kiddos in the family room. I know in these pictures it looks super tidy. And we try to keep it that way as much as we can. But let’s face it, kids toys are everywhere all the time! For these photos, I put away some of the bigger things and threw all the toys in those ottomans. I can’t recommend storage ottomans enough!

Tell me what you think in the comments below! Would you go bold with some pink? Tell me in the comment below!!!

81 Thoughts

81 thoughts on “A Pop of Color – Our New Pink Rug

  1. From the for what it’s worth dept & my opinion is meaningless but I don’t think it’s all that pink & it appears to look good with surroundings, good choice especially with extra cushion for kid falls

    1. Love this rug and it’s color. It looks absolutely gorgeous in your home. Perfect find. 👍👏😃

      1. Ali. im thinking about ordering the rug but im a little confused. home depot has the color as midnight blue says it comes in pink but no where can i pick a color. just wondering what color your rug is. i love it

  2. Truthfully, I prefer your soft color pallete over these colors. Your home is beautiful and photographs so well.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Melanie! I liked it before too. But it was cold feeling. This rug give my home so much warmth!

  3. I love it Ali! So fun to switch up decor with the changing of seasons. We had a colorful rug with a print and it’s ao great at hiding dirt/crumbs that goes along with kiddos/pets.

  4. Oh my gosh, I love it! Seriously considering getting one like this for our family room. Great choice! 👏🏼

      1. I’m thinking the same thing!! I keep coming back to these pictures. I have a pretty neutral rug in our family room and I am loving the colors!

  5. Love the pop of color for spring. I have worked for home depot for 14 years and love that you are partnering with them 🙂

  6. I think it looks amazing! It’s beautiful and looks even better in your living room than in the photo of the rug alone. I’m impressed! And going to send the link to my mom who is looking for a new rug 🙂 Enjoy the pop of color! It definitely warms and brightens the mood.

      1. I have bathroom rugs in my bathroom. Not weird. I love it, definitely adds color, and for my opinion on the choices of rugs for you formal room I choose the last rug. I think it is a very nice looking one and I actually like the first one on your list for my living room and I may consider it. What did you first choice look like?

  7. I love the rug! Are you going to do a blog about potty training? I know you said you were having problems getting Molly to poop in the potty. Has that improved? Any advice? We are going through the same thing! Thank you! Thank you!

  8. Love! Thinking of getting the same one as I’ve been looking for a pink rug for ages! Can I ask what the other choice was?

  9. At the end of the day, all that really matters is that it’s perfect for you and your family. The only important opinion is yours and your hubbies.

  10. So beautiful and cheerful! Pink is my fav color and it looks so refreshing and welcoming in your beautiful home!

  11. Ali. I love the rug. i have one similar. im so happy to see color in your home now. i dont understand why people are going all white. color is for a happy life. sll shite js cold and you constantly gave to worry about it getting dirty. Im looking forward to seeing more color.

  12. It looks like a great fit for the space and the blues in the rug blend nicely with the pieces in the room. Good choice.

  13. Hi Ali! I love the rug and I am going to order it! We need a huge rug like this but couldn’t find one I loved and I never thought to look at Home Depot! Do you have a rug pad under it, and if so, how did you find a big size like this? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kelly!!! I did not get a rug pad for underneath because this rug is pretty thick!! SO glad you love it!

  14. How lovely to finally see some colour in your house.. all the white with two kids stresses me out!! Ha!!! 🙂 seriously though it’s gorgeous

  15. I love it! Esp how it brings out your light blue accents. The beauty of your neutral colors is that you can change accent colors like you did! Btw, I love watching Riley learn how to walk. And Molly with her red mits lol. With my first born son, when he learned to walk I could not take my eyes off him for about the next 5 years! That’s when parks started becoming a necessity- a place where I could run my colt(s)!

    1. Thank you soooo much, Lori! Isn’t it so special seeing them grow and learn?! He’s getting big so fast!

  16. For a very neutral person like me, I adore a pop of color in any space at home. I did mine in our living room, and it does make me happy. 🙂

    Great choice! Molly seems loving it!

  17. I love the rug your chose! Question for you…did you put a rug pad underneath? I’m ordering one today and just curious. Thanks for sharing this info!

  18. I absolutely love this rug! I love the pop of color for Spring, and it looks amazing in your home! Over here living in Central PA and wish I lived close to you as I have an amazing 2.5 year old daughter too and a 1.5 year old son. I think our daughters would be great friends, haha!!

  19. Loveeee it!!! It’s so beautiful and looks so great with all of the white. My house is all white and blue too. I might need this in my life. Thanks for sharing!

  20. This rug could not be more perfect!!! Love the pop of color but that it still blends so well with the whites and blues. And so fun for the Spring and Summer.

  21. The new rug looks terrific in that room and ties/compliments so many other accessories you have there. Molly and Riley areadorable!❤️

  22. I saw your blog on Instagram and decided my rug was pretty dull and boring,so I ordered the same for my living room.I can’t wait to see how it looks.
    Thank You

  23. I was standing in my bedroom, dreaming of carpet, and then I realized I might need this rug is it awful that I dream of carpet over my wood bedroom floors?

    Anyway, I was perusing the HD page and I don’t see anything about cleaning. Can you vacuum this rug?

  24. I love this rug! Trying to convince my husband it would look great in our living room. Is it truly that pink in person? Online the colors look a little deeper. 🙂

  25. This rug is beautiful. I’ve been looking one for our new place for a while. I will definitely check it out. Thanks for mentioning that its soft enough for Riley. My daughter is 9 months and is rolling around/learning to crawl so that is extremely good to know!

  26. Hi Ali!

    Loved the rug so much- I bought for my family room. It’s gorgeous. Hubby and 2 little ones approved too! Would mind sharing where you got your beautiful blue and white pillows on your couch? They compliment the rug perfectly.

    1. Can you tell me, does this rug have teal in it or is it a darker blue? The photos here and on the website look so different

  27. Hi Ali! I’m a huge fan of yours and just wanted to say that I LOVE your family. I wanted to reach out to you today for an important cause I’m supporting. This year I’m supporting The Nature Conservancy to help plant ONE BILLION trees. As you are aware, California is at risk for many wildfires which take away so many of ours trees 😢 By supporting this cause we would be planting more trees to live in a better environment. I was hoping you would be willing to take the time to donate for this wonderful cause at the following link: http://www.bapscharities.org/user/amipatel97/
    Thank you in advance and I look forward to yours and Kevin’s stories as well as more blog posts! ❤️

  28. Love your blog and IG posts! Would you mind sharing where you got those lovely storage ottomans?!? Look like a mom’s best (furniture) friend!

  29. Ali,
    I love this rug!! I’ll have to convince my husband that we need this rug in our home! So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  30. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for sharing how soft it is. That’s a huge thing I was looking for. Do you have issues with it moving or curling up on the corners? Thanks for the post.

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