The Women Tell All and Your Next Bachelorette (My Theory)

Hi guys! In today’s blog I’m not only discussing last night’s Women Tell All but also giving my prediction for who will be the next Bachelorette (and yes, I’ve heard the spoilers. My prediction is solely based on my detective work however! Keep reading and I explain). But if you don’t want to be spoiled on who the next Bachelorette is, don’t keep reading!!!! You’ve been warned!

To be honest, I wasn’t excited to watch the Women Tell All last night. Really, all I want out of this show right now is to find out what is happening with Colton! So when the show started I found myself tuning out right away just because I feel so invested in Colton’s love story right now and I didn’t feel like revisiting the beginning of the season. But just as I was about to tune out I saw my face on the screen! Ha! They showed the clip of Frank breaking up with me from my season. Which is too funny because I talked about that exact clip in my blog yesterday. Check it out here if you haven’t already because I talk about how I understand exactly what Colton is going through because I went through the exact same scenario on my season.

So I almost didn’t watch but I guess hearing myself sob pulled me back into the show. Ha! But I kinda wish it hadn’t. Honestly, I look forward to the Women Tell All every season but last night’s episode was just so catty to me. It almost felt like none of the girls were friends up there. They were all just yelling at each other and and tearing each other down. A few people stuck up for one another but not many. I thought that a few people handled themselves with class but for the most part everybody was just tearing everyone else down.

Overall what I took from the Women Tell All is that we really can’t take what anybody says as truth. There was so much she said/she said on the show. It’s almost impossible to know what is real and what is a lie. So I’m just going off my gut and what I’ve seen.

I don’t really want to get into, the drama between Oneyka and Nicole. Except to say Oneyka acted like a bully. However, it sounds like Nicole said some pretty terrible things on the show as well. But regardless Nicole should not have been ganged up on like she was. I don’t care what she said on the show. Someone mentioned that she is soft-spoken and I agree with that. We can tell just from listening to her talk that she is soft-spoken. And I just don’t believe somebody who is that timid could be so evil to justify treating her that way. And when she went up in the hot seat it validated even more for me what a kind soul she is. I hope she feels supported and good about herself after this show. If Oneyka didn’t care for her she could’ve simply said that and left it at that. But these girls are young. When I was on the show when I was young, I said stupid things. It’s just hard to watch as an adult with a daughter. I just watched praying that my daughter is never treated the way that Nicole was treated.

My main question last night was where was Elyse. She was one of my favorite people on the show and she wasn’t there. I’m so curious where she was. Anyone have any ideas?

And another thing I found fascinating – that I wasn’t expecting at all – was that they’re totally setting Hannah B up to be the next Bachelorette. There was so much talk about finding someone to give her “fierce love” and love her unconditionally. I was honestly completely shocked by it. I have nothing against her personally. And if she does in fact become the next Bachelorette, she and I will share a sisterhood for the rest of our lives. But I guess I was just surprised that she was in the running based on the edit she got during the season. I just don’t think she came across as her best self on the show. Maybe some of you think differently. Then again, I didn’t show myself best self when I was on the Bachelor either and somehow they made me the Bachelorette. I do think she did show growth throughout the season however. Do you want to see Hannah be the next Bachelorette? I’d love to know what you guys think!

But here is the thing, Hannah B IS your next Bachelorette and I’ll tell you why. This is purely my theory but I think it’s for sure true based on some detective work I did last night. Ha! SO here is why I think Hannah is the next Bachelorette.

Basically, I was doing some research online to try to figure out what the girls were wearing at the Women Tell All so I could share with all of you. I wasn’t having much luck but then I got to Hannah’s page and she not only posted her outfit but she tagged both the dress designer and the jewelry designer.

I first clicked on the dress designer’s insta page who was a super fancy designer that you honestly can’t even buy in regular stores. I did find it from Saks and look at this price tag! So that was my first hint that the show’s stylist dressed her. But then I thought, hey maybe she just has access to some really fancy clothes because she used to be in pageants. But then I clicked on the designer of the rings she was wearing. And just by scrolling down the ring designer page I saw a very familiar face.

Right there on the ring designers page was our last Bachelorette, Becca. This is not a coincidence. Cary Fetman is the stylist for the Bachelorette and Bachelor every season. I am 100% confident that Cary dressed Hannah B for the Women Tell All. And the only reason he would’ve done that is if she is our next Bachelorette. So that’s my theory! I’m actually pretty impressed with my detective work last night. What do you guys think?! I’ve linked a few dresses similar to hers below!

I also found Tracy‘s dress. But it’s so expensive! And so is Caelynn’s. Where are these girls getting all this money?! Sorry I didn’t talk about every detail of the show. I just don’t have a ton to say. I just wanna see what happens with Colton and the girls left!!!! I can’t wait for next week!

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  1. Do you think that Caelynn could be in the running for bachelorette?! I agree that they kind of made it seem like Hannah B could be our next bachelorette with her story with Colton and how she’s much more confident now looking for “fierce love”. Nice job on your detective work!

    I kind of wish they would pick someone older, or who didn’t make it far on his season (like Elyse). Maybe they should switch up the show and not have the top 5 be able to be bachelorette so that these girls actually try and fight for the bachelor. I don’t know, I know that the viewers start to feel closer to the girls that stick around longer, but it would be nice to either have someone that’s never been on the show become the bachelorette, a girl from previous seasons or someone who doesn’t make it far on a season.

    1. 100% Agree with taking a step out of the norm and switching up the routine of having a contestant from the previous season be the “lead”! It needs to be a fresh start with somone!

      But! If it needs to be a Bach contestant from the past, can we please get someone like Becca Tilley or Whitney or yes, Elyse!

      1. I agree! Elyse was the most classy of all the women and seemed so much more mature and girly ready to find love. The rest of them seem like a bunch of sorority girls. This was my least favorite season yet, and I think it is because the girls were so young and immature. Too much drama!

    2. I did some detective work (Reality Steve) as well and I found that Hanna B will be the next bachelorette.

    3. I had the thought of Hannah B. becoming Bachelorette too. There was just something about her that made me think of it.

      I understand why they go with one of the top people…

      I think during the women tell all or the finale they could have a live voting for next Bachelor/Bachelorette. It could be a mix of top 5, those that left earlier or previous seasons.


    5. If it’s Alabama Hannah, I’ll get my Monday nights back. I really saw enough of her in Colton’s season. I won’t be familiar with the next bachelor and will lose some story continuity, but I just can’t with that Hannah. WTA was awful! So boring. Casting blew it this season by casting too many childish young women.

  2. I read somewhere, maybe Reality Steve, that Elyse was at a family function in Mexico.

    I’m not thrilled that Hannah B is the next Bachelorette, but I agree with you!

      1. agreed with you ladies. Not a fan of Hannah B. I love Caelynn, I like her the entire season. She really wasn’t catty and never really talked bad about anyone until the other girl’s said stuff about her.

          1. I agree with that! I hope caelynn isn’t the next bachelorette. I was never a fun of her! I love Hannah B and I will totally watch the next season if she’s the bachelorette! And elyse was in her best friends wedding I heard.

      2. I agree, I am not sure I can watch Hannah B , she is just too sticky sweet with her southern toned voice.

          1. Reality Steve has a friend who emailed him all the reasons why Hannah B. Should be Bachelorette. And now it’s her. I wasn’t really on board either until I read the email. We need someone with personality. Hannah G. Is a gorgeous model…does she really need help finding someone? We actually got to know Hannah B. This season. I would have enjoyed Caelynn but she ruined her chances.

  3. Agree with everything you said! So catty! I read that Elyse was at a wedding. Good for her for not picking the show over her friends wedding, especially since this season felt like high school drama class! She seems better than this drama. I wish Colton nothing but the best and I really do hope he finds true love, whether it’s with Cassie or someone else. When you mentioned Frank, I couldn’t put a face with the name, then BAM, you guys appeared on the episode. Ha! Now I remember who he was!

  4. Love your detective work, and I think you’re right! I also did some detective work, and it looks like Elyse was at a good friend’s wedding during taping.

    PS. Love reading your blog. Our kids are around the same age, and I find you so relatable and real. Xo!

  5. I really don’t want Hannah B to be the next Bachelorette. I would much rather see the other Hannah to find love.
    Anyway, I think most of the girls including Hannah B are way too young to go on shows like this to look for a husband. I was hoping they will choose someone from previous seasons, more mature.
    I can only imagine how the next season is going to be – full of mid 20’s men , who are not genuine and are there just to having fun, enjoy free traveling and go on Bachelor In Paradise to have more fun.

    One a more positive note – If Hannah B ends up being the Bachelorette I would loooove to see how annoyed Caelynn is going to be !

    1. As someone who used to live in the south, getting married in your early 20’s is extremely common down there! And she’s 24 1/2, probably would like an older man that’s ready to love someone “fiercely” haha

  6. I heard that Elyse wasn’t there because she was at a close friend or family member’s wedding that had been planned for a while.

    I “heard” Hannah B was the next Bachelorette, but nothing definite. I’m very impressed with your detective work!!!

  7. I’m surprised it’s going to be Hannah too! I really liked her towards the end of this season though. Caelynn just seemed like the natural choice for Bachelorette. This is just my theory, but I bet that Caelynn and Cassie really did say the stuff Katie mentioned. And some of the camera men/women heard it, and so they decided not to pick Caelynn. Who knows though?!

    1. I think when Caelynn defended herself and used bad language, they decided not to make her the Bachelorette. That is my take on it. I did not like Hannah B for the choice. I think they would have learned after this with younger girls. So much cattiness and bad mouthing and hurting others. It was like high school. Not all of us are that young, but enjoy the program from the start. Loved Ali and then Roberto. I think the program would be better if they did not chose the next lead from the current program, but maybe past programs so no one is only there for the next lead. I still think Hannah B is too young and a little annoying and tongue tied. But I loved her hair last night and she did look nice. Not sure if I can take her for a whole season though and may not for the very first time watch it next season.

      1. I agree. I prefer when they have an older cast, they tend to be more mature. I also like to see single moms and dads!

  8. I’m glad you posted about the dress. I was on Instagram, Sarah Hyland was asking about where to find a knockoff version of it. I was really confused by that. I figured it was at most a couple of hundred. She has to be it. You don’t dress someone in a 2k dress if not. AND, Chris made her redo the toast. Almost like practice since she will have to do a lot of them if she’s the bachelorette. Just an extra thought.

      1. Yes! I noticed that too. They’re focusing way too much on her given how she did on the show. I think producers find her quirky, and good tv. You’re bang on.

  9. I really hope Hannah B isn’t the next Bachelorette! I think if she is, I would have to pass on watching…which would be a bummer because I usually love watching all the Bachelor/ Bachelorette shows. I dont know what it is about her that I never connected with. I feel she comes across as fake and was always trying to say what she thought Colton wanted to hear. She never seemed genuine to me.

    1. I completely agree I won’t be watching if it is Hannah B! It seemed like she was really auctioning for the part of the next bachelorette! Elyse would be perfect I really liked her! Hannah B is so annoying! Caelynn would also be perfect! Why didn’t Colton give Caelynn a good answer as to why he broke up with her???

    2. Yessssss!! Hannah B. Seems to be a very fake and not so confident person!! If she is the next bachelorette? She will need extensive training on how to speak and have a spontaneous conversation!

    3. Definitely agree with you. I would have to pass on watching it as well. I did not watch all of this season as I found Colton to be somewhat boring and I really think Hannah B. would be boring as well and way too young to do this show. Not happy with their decision.

    4. %100 agree that Hannah B would be the wrong pick. Her excessive smile is just way over the top and always seemed rehearsed. I’d have to pass as well which would be a first.

    5. I so agree with you. I told my husband last night that Hannah B does nothing for me and there is something about her I don’t trust. Not sure what it is and I can’t put my finger on it but that is my perception. I thought Colton did an awesome job with all the situations he was put in. Loved the way he communicated and his courtesy in his communications. Wow, what a great guy.

    6. Agree. Too fake and annoying. Agree with the person who says she seems ‘rehearsed.’ I would not trust anything she says. I like the other Hannah but I am hoping she ends up with Colton. Cassie is obviously not into him and he’d make a huge mistake running after her. I’m not sure of any of the girls being the Bachelorette after hearing them last night! Mean girls!

    7. Absolutely agree. There was something about her one-on-one in the hot tub where it was like she couldn’t form a sentence and just smiled like a dingbat. It came across like she can’t say something spontaneous or unless someone writes out her answers for her like pageant-style in advance. She is gorgeous but that moment totally turned me off from her and affected my opinion the rest of the season.

    8. I liked Hanna from the start just for the simple fact she is an Alabama girl like myself.. However after the one on one with Colton early in the season and how bad that went I just can’t say she would be a good bachelorette.. thay whole date was just boring.. I also didn’t like the whole situation with Caelynn I really think she should have been adult enough not to bring that baggage with her.. She should have left that at the door.. But at least in the end they called truths and moved on.. She might prove us all wrong, and honestly I hope she does.. I will watch just in the hopes that she turns out better than we thought

    9. Agree. Also, her first date with Colton was super boring. Remember how she barely talked? And I got the impression she’s a bit of a hot mess with her interactions about Caylynn.

    10. Couldn’t have said it better myself.. I’m obsessed with any show bachelor related but if Hannah B is the bachelorette, I won’t watch for the first time since the show started. I just found her to be so mean and childish. She also seems like she is trying to hard a lot of the time. Pageant girl is evident when she talks. I don’t understand why they would pick her when she said on the WTA that she deserves better and more than to ‘just’ get married and pop out kids? Did I miss something?? I was offended by that lol! I am the happiest I’ve ever been now that I’m married and ‘popped’ out a kid 🤣. I hope they choose someone from a previous season tbh. Someone older.

  10. How come know one asked him why he told all the girls he was falling in love with them?!
    And how come Cassie never mentioned once her religion was important to her like she did on her other reality show?! So many more questions …I think it’s crazy that the one girl who didn’t love him is the one he wants. Typical boy and now he will spend his life chasing her. Very sad ….

    1. Totally agree! This is the reason I watched Women Tell All and I got no answers… every other bachelor has been questioned when they tell multiple women that, but with Colton we’re just left hanging.

  11. Wow Ali….I’m impressed w/your detective work. I think it sounds pretty convincing that Hannah B is the next Bachelorette. Must admit…I’m not excited about that. Wasn’t excited when I heard Colton was the Bachelor this season either! Maybe at 45 I’m jist too old to watch this show 😂 Anyway….last night started off like a train wreck….sooo catty, women talking on top of each other, alot of mean girls!! And Chris Harrison had no control until he brought them up w/him individually to talk. And the Colton shower scenes….really?!?!

    1. Lol. I feel this same (too old to watch this show!) To me this has been the worst season ever, or 2nd to Arie and Juan Pablo. These ‘women’ were so immature, so catty that I could find no redeeming factors; and still I watched🥴. I was shocked how immature they are at 23. I got married at 23 and I thought I was old! Clearly Demi is headed to Paradise.

    2. Not that I don’t like seeing Colton’s naked chest, but the shower scenes (especially shot from a TRAILOR) were way too cheesy!!

  12. I don’t think that Hannah would be a good Bachelorette, unfortunately. As sweet as she may be, she doesn’t have that charismatic charm that most have when they are chosen for the show (like you have!)…aside from Juan Pablo of course 😬

  13. So agree with your detective work! Honestly it felt like the show overly engineered Hannah B to be the next bachelorette last night. Even Chris Harrisons overly enthusiastic reaction to loving her line “love me fiercely” seemed tacky and overly forced. I can already picture the commercials blasting that line just like they did with Becca’s “do your damn thing”. Personally I’m not seeing why folks want Hannah B (I’m also on the side of bringing in someone from an older season), but I also didn’t want Colton so maybe I’m just not on the same page as most of bach nation!

  14. Totally agree with you about it being so catty. It’s such a disappointment that they were all yelling over each other. I was just interested in hearing Caelyn talk and was wondering where Elise was as well!!
    And I 100% agree with you that Hannah B is the next bachelorette and I’m actually looking forward to that! I think her quirky personality and her desire to be loved like that and not settle is a quality!
    I have my theory of how the finale will end up so I am excited for next week to see if I’m right!

    1. I agree, I loved Hannah B! I think after Caelynn used bad language and called another girl a stupid B* that was it for her chances

  15. I would love Hannah B. as the next Bachelorette! I know she didn’t get a good edit at the beginning of the show, but honestly, I think a lot of people relate to someone not always being their best. And she showed how she learned from her mistakes. I really relate to her, to the pressure of needing to be perfect, and I too, had an eye-opening period of my life when I realized that I don’t need to be perfect, I just need to be me! I think lots of young women need to hear that message. Plus, she is beautiful, funny and quirky, and would be super entertaining to watch!

    1. I agree! I think Hannah B. will be a great choice for the next Bachelorette. She definitely isn’t perfect and has her quirks, but that’s what I like about her. She is trying to be authentic- and I am sure that is not easy with a camera in your face.

      I loved what she said in the car ride home after Colton sent her packing. She said, ” I will not allow myself to not feel chosen every single day. And I’ll wait ’til whenever that is.” I actually was just having a talk with my college aged daughter about this. Every girl should have the opportunity to feel absolutely loved and adored, because it is worth the wait to find the right guy for you. I’m sure you agree with me Ali! Your family is adorable and I love your relationship with your husband:)

  16. I agree! HANNAH B is the next bachelorette! She almost had a makeover look last night which was my first clue and they seemed to show her a lot especially for someone who was kicked off a bit early! A southern girl for the bachelorette is gonna be huge! Who doesn’t love a southern girl!

  17. Ugh I think Hannah is not a good choice, I would prefer Caelynn or the other Hannah whonis potentkslly about to get her heart broken! Although as someone else has mentioned, I thought Colton was a bad choice too and he has turned out to be ok. I agree these girls are SO YOUNG. I think they should raise the minimum age to 25 and they might find they get more successful marriages out of it!

  18. I think they shouldn’t pick someone from this season. None of the girls really felt super genuine. They should switch it up and pull someone from a previous season, like they did with ari. Maybe Claire!😉

    1. I was listening to Reality Steve’s podcast from last week. He said so many people were saying bring back someone from a past season for Bachelorette. He did some research and set the top four women from Ari, Nick & Ben Higgins seasons are all in relationships. And he said they would never go to someone in 5th, 6th or 7th place. And of course they want someone who’s name is out there now because Bachelorette starts filming two days after the finale of the Bachelor.

  19. That Women tell All was such a chaos. Geez. Too much for TV.

    Hanna B. or Caelynn will be the perfect Bachelorette.

  20. They absolutely set Hannah B up to be the next bachelorette. The fact that she wasn’t even in the final four and got so much screen time on WTA talking about being loved tells us they’ve already picked her. I am not a fan at all from what I saw on this season and won’t watch her season either. I think these girls were all too young and catty. They need to go back to the old ways of picking people we don’t know!

    P.S. Love your blog and how you’re always keeping it real! Cutest family award also!

  21. I found this seasons girls were very immature, like watching high school 🙈 very annoying at times. I love Hannah B and I think she deserves this, she’s shown so much growth, I’m excited for her to finally get chosen for something as she said that she’s always been runner up.

    1. I told my husband I think this is the worst bunch of women they have ever had. I’ve never seen so many “mean girls”, and to continue that behavior last night was disappointing. I’m sure they want ALL of those girls on Paradise because of the drama they will bring!

  22. I love that Hannah is (?) the next bachelorette! I heard a spoiler then I definitely could tell she was getting a bachelorette cut during last night’s show. Plus, she left Colton with such grace and dignity! I’m impressed with your detective work Ali, I think it for sure is confirmation!

    I agree with what you said about the plain ol’ yelling with all the women. Clearly Nicole was being bullied and no one should challenge her feelings, if that’s how she felt that’s how she felt!

    The show drove me crazy bonkers with all the attention they gave Demi, clearly just because she’s going to be on Paradise. She just gloated in the glory of being on the show which is totally fine, but you can tell she’s very young and not as mature as she could be. It just drove me nuts.

  23. Elyse posted on her Instagram that she was in a friends wedding. She was sad to not be there. I would love for her to become the next bachelorette. She is mature and knows what she wants.

  24. I haven’t read the other comments so someone may have already said, but Elyse was a bridesmaid in a wedding during the taping so she couldn’t be there. I saw it on her IG page.

  25. I personally want Danielle M from seasons past to be named Bachelorette after Jimmy Kimmel’s little Matchelor Game with her 🙂

  26. Please don’t say you haven’t read the spoilers We can all be detectives . we all know that Colton is with Cassie however they are not engaged. They are trying out their relationship in real life And really Ali, posting a picture of your kid touching the fireplace glass and saying “this is safe , right” is beyond my comprehension Really?

    1. Why are you even on here? If you’re having a bad day I’m sorry, but maybe stay away from blog comments.

    2. Umm, I for one do not know if he is dating Cassie (I certainly hope not, because that means he’s desperately chasing after the wrong girl!), because I have not seen the final yet. Keep your hateful comments to yourself; I saw enough of mean girls last night.

  27. Great detective work! I am not excited about the thought of Hannah B as the next Bachelorette. She seemed very fake this season and just too young to be realistically looking to be married in a year. If she is in fact the Bachelorette I’m going to have to pass on next season. It’s so funny how on Arie’s season it was such a big storyline that Bekah was so young, and couldn’t be ready for marriage, and now producers are picking someone for Bachelorette who is just as young!

  28. That was totally the rumor going around yesterday from Reality Steve about Hannah B… & after seeing her hair styled & that dress, I thought the same thing -they totally prepped her for it. Even the things she was saying – the way she was soothing over the relationship with Caelynn – I just think they were prepping us for it – but I just dont care for her – but know I’ll get sucked into watching regardless.
    & YES – I just read your story about Frank yesterday & couldnt even remember him… & then they showed that clip & I was like, OHHHH YEAHHHH – that’s gotta be so strange for you. At least you can look at it now & see that girl then & say, “You’re going to have a great life – dont worry about it” 🙂

  29. Sadly , I do agree and think Hannah B is going to be the next Bachelorette . The reason I don’t really care for her is because she seems so immature . A lot of people have talked about how the girls are “too young” this season to be ready for marriage .
    I myself am 23 years old & I do NOT act like Demi , Hannah B , or Courtney (who are all my age if I’m correct). Either the show wanted to portray them as immature or they actually are that immature that’s the only footage they got ! Hahaha . Either way , I wish they would’ve chosen someone else – who carried themselves differently . Personally , I think maybe they should’ve gone back a couple seasons & picked someone from there like they did with Arie … But we all saw how that turned out 🤦🏽‍♀️

  30. OMG word for word paragraph by paragraph I thought the same exact thing!! Especially about Hannah being the bachelorette!! I thought it was kind of unwarranted for her to go to the hot seat unless she was going to be the bachelorette. I honestly really like her and how she rose above the thing with Caelynn. Plus she has the cutest dimples EVER! And yes- they were definitely throwing some catch phrases in there and talking about her finding love as opposed to talking about her experience on the show. Major hinting so I think you are right!

    And I too felt the same about how it was a shame how the women couldn’t band together. But there were some toxic personalities in the group that likely made that impossible. There was so much drama that it hurt my brain. Or maybe it’s because we are moms now and have real problems haha!!

  31. Maybe they used Rent The Runway.
    Tracy does makeup so maybe she has a connection to borrow that gown.
    Caelyn might have had a gown sponsor who offered it knowing people would be talking about it. I know I did as Miss Connecticut USA. You just ask and they supply.
    Hannah is pretty but 23…yikes! Soooo young.
    I’ll watch either way but would prefer not to watch Caelyn. It’s her esthetics and her entitlement I’ll pass on.

  32. I couldn’t agree with you more about all of this!! I had such a hard time watching last night because I couldn’t believe how all the girls were just screaming over each other ! Also, I’m not a huge fan of Hannah b for bachelorette and from what I’ve seen in comments suggesting she is, bachelor nation isn’t sold on the idea either. But regardless I wish her luck if she is!! Also, going back to your post yesterday. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of cassie. Why wouldn’t she have been there last night ? Usually only the last 2 girls standing aren’t!! And if Cassie and Colton are now together I really feel that Hannah G should be the bachelorette!!! She seems so pretty for the role and she was honestly the only one I loved from night 1 and she never did anything to change my mind! Love your blogs Ali!!

  33. I absolutely love the detective work! Although I didn’t love her edit, I think Hannah B would be a great Bachelorette and it would make for a very entertaining season! I can’t wait to see if you’re right!

  34. I also agree they are setting Hannah B up for the next Bachelorette which I don’t know how I feel about that. I realllly didn’t like her on the show, well I actually didn’t really like anyone during this season. I was a huge fan of Cassie at the beginning but then you can tell she was not into it. I liked Hannah G as well but I feel like you really didn’t get much time getting to know her at all. I agree with the other comments everyone seems so immature and young.

    The woman tell all was terrible to watch with all of them talking over each other. And then when they talked about that whole situation with Caelynn and Cassie….I don’t know what to think or who was telling the truth. I do think Caelynn was in love with Colton and she truly was heartbroken.

    I was sort of hoping for Hannah G to be the next Bachelorette, but oh well. Not really sure what direction this season is going to go in now after he basically was going to pick Cassie and now she is gone, yes I have heard the spoilers but who knows. I just hope he doesn’t actually propose to anyone now, how could you? I do feel for him and I do feel for Cassie as well, hopefully they can both be happy! Crazy season!

  35. I’m not a fan of Hanna B and actually disappointed if she’s the next Bachelorette. I think your detective work is spot on tho!! This whole season was not one of my favorites. I agree with another comment that maybe they should have picked someone slightly older. This season was like watching girls in a sorority house. 🙄 I like Colton and hope it all works out for him and Cassie 🙏🏻

  36. Ali, I think you are right about her, given your research. I am not excited about her at all. I would really like Cassie but I am almost SURE she comes back to the show. Other than that I’m not really interested in any of the ladies except Elyse. And yes I was wondering where she was too! Re the rest of the gals, I did NOT like the behavior on the show, especially Demi’s. I feel badly for her family situation but I just think she’s a little brat. Re Nicole, I defiantly think she was being bullied and I like that the one girl next to her stood up did her. I think she handled it well and I can’t believe that people ganged up on her, but that is also a bullying tactic. I don’t like using bad behavior on the show as sensationalism and a way to gain eyeballs and once again you are being such a good mom by thinking of your daughter and protecting her from this type of behavior which is rampant by the way. All in all I kept switching to the Voice last night lol.

  37. Great detective work Ali! You looked so young back on the Bachelorette. How many years has that been now? You’re such a gorgeous woman now.
    I really think show should stop using a “contestant” as their next bachelor/bachelorette. It’s becoming now like you can’t believe anything any of them say. I’d be so scared of getting fooled by someone.
    And the other girls are so fast to “rat” you out. It’s almost like they’ll take anything out of context.
    I’d rack up the credit card for a fancy dress too if I were going on live TV!
    I’m still hoping Cassie returns – I also noticed she wasn’t there last night. (someone else said that earlier in the comments)

  38. I am SO EXCITED to see what happens with Colton!!! As far as Elyse, I noticed she wasnt there too! My only thought was she lives in Alaska, right? Maybe the flights were too expensive or something. And I really hope Hannah B is the next bachelorette!! She was my absolute favorite. I liked how real and goofy she was, without being too caddy or annoying. I feel like her personality is way better than Caelynn’s. Although I still like Caelynn too. I did notice though with the whole “fierce love” thing how it was kinda setting her up. We shall see!!!

  39. I wouldn’t really enjoy Hannah B as the Bachelorette. I really feel as though they should pick someone a bit older, maybe even from a different season. I think it would be in the shows best interest to have a more mature group of Men… I am very surprised by all of those who think Caelynnn should be Bachelorette. I think she is beyond immature and definitely not ready to be married. Plus, she is now instagram famous….. she should pursue her new fame.

    I do think we saw a different side to Hannah last night than we saw throughout the season. Perhaps from a bit of coaching with the producers.

  40. I totally agree with all of this! So much cattiness last night! And so many of them are bullies! The women on the last couple seasons seem so young! Not that age should be a huge factor, but some do seem very immature and inexperienced in love and life in general. It definitely seemed like they’re setting Hannah up to be Bachelorette, but I’d prefer someone else.
    I would love for them to pick a fan favourite from a past season like they chose Arie. Someone who has genuinely been looking for a partner for a while (not saying a 23 year old isn’t looking for a husband, but I’d rather see someone in their 30’s be given a chance to be the lead role). I’m thinking Clare crawley! I know she’s been on many different shows, but I’ve always rooted for her!

    1. Yes! I think someone in their 30s would be great. This was like watching teenagers. Although…would they get the drama they want from that? Maybe they could pick some kooky guys to make up for it 😉

  41. I did the same detective work and disappointed with “our” theory. The women this season were very beautiful in appearance but not so much in action. They were so immature for the most part and the bad behavior was highlighted by producers. The show has shifted from looking for love to looking for social media fame and fortune. Several of the girls had agents BEFORE they even filmed. The best to you and your beautiful family.

  42. I said the same thing, Ali! It was so obvious that Hannah B. was dressed by a professional! And a Bachelorette professional at that! She looked great. However, I am not excited about her potentially being the Bachelorette 😐 I wanted Caelynn to be the Bachelorette! I’ll still be watching though. 🙂

  43. Ali, did you have any feelings about the pacifier being slammed into Demi’s mouth? How would you have reacted if that was you when you were on the show? I’m surprised I haven’t seen any comments about this!! I gasped when that happened and truly thought that was assault. You can see Demi licking her mouth like it hurt and I swear one lip seemed a tiny bit inflamed after that happened. I was SUPER disappointed they allowed physical contact like that. Anyone else disturbed after seeing that they did and said nothing about this?

    1. Super disrespectful! I don’t know why she thought that was a good idea. It was an embarrassing action and i think she should feel ashamed for doing that to someone. (I keep saying she cause I cant actually remember the name of the girl that did it)

  44. I was really sad to watch how the women treated each other and spoke last night. I hope that when they can watch this back, they can see how their behavior comes across, and hopefully will inspire them to make a change.
    As I’ve gotten older, I realize more and more how petty these things that they tear each other up over are, and it’s beginning to turn me off from the show.
    I got married at 23, after being with my now husband for 7 years, so I know you can be ready for serious relationships at that age, but… I’d love to see an older bachelor/bachelorette crew…

  45. I almost turned it off, they were so mean, and who needs to watch that. Not one asked Colton if he was ok? Weather it worked out or not, we all just hope he’s ok.
    Hannah B. , yes is sweet but I find her to smiley. Posing for the camera maybe, I was kina hoping for Heather, never been kissed to being the kisser. Maybe it’s not her tho. Hannah B. also talks slow and deliberate. I don’t think I could do a whole season of her. It’s better than Demi’s laugh tho. Colton in the shower was so corney, I bet that was not his idea.

  46. Hannah B is so cute but way too rehearsed and fake (probably from pageant training). I hope she can break that shell and be real. And I agree- who can wear clothes that expensive?! Great detective work Ali!

  47. I didn’t read all of the comments so I’m not sure if someone already said this, but my biggest takeaway from the bullying scenario is that nobody gets to decide what bullying means to you. Nicole felt bullied and that’s because of her life experiences. All of those girls were telling her she wasn’t being bullied, which is bullying in my book because they all ignored her feelings and made her feel ashamed and stupid for expressing her hurt. They all ganged up on her to essentially tell her what she was feeling was wrong. No one can you how you feel! If she felt bullied, then it wouldn’t have hurt anyone to acknowledge those feelings and apologize. Even if you don’t agree.

  48. My daughter has a friend who’s daughter’s college roommate is very close friends with Caelynn. The roommate said that Caelynn was asked to be the Bachelorette….so either she turned it down, I did read she said the show was very difficulty during and after, or they decided not to use her!

  49. Great detective work Ali! Very impressed. For everyone who dislikes the women fighting….Here’s the way to watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Read Reality Steve’s Spoilers before the season starts airing. He’s very accurate. Then record the shows. Watch the show after it’s done recording so you can fast forward through the silly stuff and the advertisements. Only watch the scenes with the final 4. A great way to see the love stories.
    Love watching Cassie and Colton…for me they are like watching the Notebook. Their souls seems to be connected.

  50. I did no research other than watch the show and the whole time I thought it will be Hannah B. And honestly she grew on me and I like her more than the final four of Colton’s girls. Though I wish it would be someone a little older or new. But I’m okay with it.

  51. Please god no!! Not Hannah B! Way too phony and boring. I won’t watch the show if they choose her. Time for someone new!

  52. Rachel Lindsay is also on the jewelers Instagram page! Hannah B’s hair was also styled differently than it was on the show and I feel like the bachelorettes always have some kind of makeover.

  53. Ps. I’m hoping Hannah B will continue to grow and mature through this process. And really care to get to know her men. I see a certain naivety which could be good or bad to watch? But hers and Colton’s date on her birthday she seemed self absorbed rather than getting to know Colton. Maybe she was just nervous?
    As for Elyse I see drama and negative focused conversations. Just my unprofessional observation. I’m glad we won’t watch that. She’ll have lots of dates now after being on the show I’m guessing. But viewers like drama. I prefer a nice love story by weeding out the drama in the house.

  54. I have a love/hate when it comes to Hannah B. I think she didn’t come off very well on the Bachelor but at the same time she was okay with being herself with all the Hannah Beast stuff. Watching the Women tell All I definitely got the vibe that she was being showcased as the Bachelorette; because why else would they spend so much time talking about finding a “fierce love”. I do worry about her being able to carry they show since her first 1-on-1 was awkward.

    I will say I’m glad it’s Hannah over Caelynn. Caelynn all season and even at the Women Tell All seems too put together and poised that she comes across fake and not authentic.

  55. I am going to sound terrible, but I think Cassi and her Dad might be looking for a reality show of their own. I love this show and have been a huge fan since the beginning of time. I did think that they had Hannah B a little to well groomed for last nights episode. I don’t know if I can watch her date 25 men. Poor Colton it’s almost like he jinxed himself. You can never really trust the previews, things are all out of context. I do really wish that they would make Becca Tilly the next bachelor I really loved her from Chris Soles season… Does anyone know whatever happened to Chris Soles?? Did he go to jail??

  56. Worst season of girls ever. Usually they form friendships that last. Not this gang.

    Too many shower scenes.
    Colton never gave any direct snswers, especially to Caelynn. And after all the drama of the night before, no one asked him how he was.
    Agree 100% about Hannah. And every year fans say they won’t watch if someone is chosen, but they always do!

  57. Such good detective work Ali! I 100% think Hannah B is the next Bachelorette and I’m honestly not mad about it. I was not a fan of her though the first few episodes of this season but she grew on me. Before watching Women Tell All, I thought Caelynn was going to be the next Bachelorette. Her being sent home was very out of the blue and emotional. However, while watching the Women Tell All last night, I got the impression it was Hannah B and not Caelynn. Hannah was in the hot seat for a long time and all her and Chris talked about was her “finding the one”!

  58. Ugh. I think it’s going to be Hannah B, too, but I’m praying not. The Beast?? Please. She has been one of my least favorites and is definitely too immature for this process. Not to mention just plain weird. I would have loved it to be Caelynn but I was really hoping she would end up with Colton, everyone says he and Cassie are dating, but if that’s so, he’s running after the wrong girl. Who on earth would pursue someone who tells you on national TV that they are just not into you?!?

  59. I wouldn’t be surprised if Caelynn And Hannah did a bachelorette match like brit and Kaitlyn bristowe just because their history.

    I hope demi is in paradise because she makes for great TV.

    And for Cassie I think she will be given more time from colton, my guess it isn’t the end for them & he will chase her after telling the 2 girls left where his heart is.

  60. I just wanted to comment that as soon as I saw Hannah’s gorgeous straight hair, and her RINGS I knew she was going to be the Bachelorette. Those rings are types that the Bachelorette always wears. The stylist you mentioned loves that type of jewelry (which is seriously gorgeous). And awesome detective work on her dress – I think you are 100% right! While I agree that it would be cool to have an older bachelorette (maybe Danielle Maltby or Kristina Schulman) I think Hannah B would be great. She is fun and silly, wants to be in love, and admits to sometimes being a “hot mess express” which I can relate to. I love that she knows herself and is learning to appreciate and embrace her flaws. I am 100% here for Hannah B as Bachelorette!

  61. I’m surprised no one is talking about how Courtney tried to shove a soother in to Demi’s mouth. This is extremely disrespectful. Courtney has had zero accountability to her own actions and despite the fact that Demi is a bit obnoxious, she at least owns it! Courtney is equally or more immature than Demi. But what can you expect when you have so many young young girls on the show. That rose ceremony was a cluster-f!

    I am more happy with Hannah B over Caelynn. Caelynn seems extremely catty and fame hungry, several times swearing at the girls and taking zero accountability for the bachelorette convo in the bus. Nice to finally get an answer on that! At least we found something out on the “Tell All”

    Colton is as always… unimpressive… his answer to what happened with Caeylnn… How brutal. He said nothing. AGAIN! That guy is so boring.

    Onyeka – Total Bully! Bullied Nicole the whole show!!

    That’s all! Can’t wait for this season to wrap up. Bring on Paradise!

  62. I don’t have anything to say about Colton or the women tell all, but I really liked Frank on your season, do you still keep up with him, or any of the guys? Or maybe that’s just weird, haha!! I guess I just hope he is happy with a cute wifey, ha!!

  63. ALI! Bless this blog because I think this season of bachelor has honestly been a bore and I was so passionate about bachelor back when you and Ashley were around and now I feel like it’s just a show you apply to for fame while just happening to be single. That being said I have been SO NERVOUS about the next bachelorette because depending on who gets picked I was thinking about not even watching it. BUT after reading your blog and hypothesis about the next bachelorette…I wouldn’t mind Hannah B. I’m not the biggest fan of Caelynn and really don’t want her to be the bachelorette. I think Caelynn is happy that she has “overstepped” Hannah a lot and it’s Hannah’s chance to “be the star” XoXo

  64. I cannot recall a Women or Men Tell All show when the Bach or Bach’ette was NOT asked if they are engaged or happy with the outcome of the show. The elephant in the room? Chris Harrison just kept harping on how incredibly shocking and never-before-happening the two night extravaganza will be next week.
    I was embarrassed for Demi for her mean girl behavior and her comments about her sexual attitude. Yuck! She craves attention and I actually see her as a very lonely, desperate young woman. Her mother was released from prison in November, they both live in Texas and still have not seen each other in person? There is more to the story. It’s not our business, though, so I respect Demi’s decision not to share anymore details.
    I was impressed with the growth Hannah B. shared and demonstrated last night but she is such a people pleaser that I fear as The Bachelorette, she may not make the best choices for herself. I’m not excited to have her be The Bachelorette.
    I definitely wouldn’t want Caelynn, either. I admire her courage and strength for sharing her story regarding sexual assault and continuing to shine a spotlight on the issue. I do think she is ready and wants to find love but I think she needs to relax and be more spontaneous and fun. She appears kind of rigid and playing a role she deems is what is required. Who is the real Caelynn? I think that is why Colton did not fall for her. He admired her sharing her horrific sexual assault story and was awed by her strength and courage to survive it, but he just couldn’t get to know much more about who she is except that she wants to be married and have a family.
    Colton wants a happy, fun, spontaneous, pretty wife with a close family that adores, supports and has fun with their daughter. As difficult as the home town visits and chats with the fathers were for him, I think he saw families he thought he could feel comfortable with long term, with Cassie, Hannah G. and Tayshia. Caelynn’s hometown visit had such a huge gathering and I read somewhere that it was held at an historical site and catered. Colton may have felt that that was just too detached and difficult to read her family?
    I think Colton is a sweet, naive, immature in relationships guy. I do hope that he and Cassie are just dating and trying to see if their relationship is one worth developing for the long term.
    Tayshia seems like the super, good friend, girl-next-door for Colton. I think he’d have a fun, happy time dating Hannah G., but I think she has definitely not shared all of herself. She was always fun and happy and definitely sexy around Colton, but other than her sharing her parents messy divorce she was super private, on screen, with sharing much else about her family, life, goals, etc.

  65. I agree with Hannah possibly being the next bachelorette. I actually have a theory that it’ll be Caelynn vs. Hannah, as to who it will be, just as it was Kailtyn vs. Britt!

    Demi clearly will be on paradise, I actually loved her quick remarks they were cracking me up!

    1. I totally thought they would pin them against each other too which would be epic and sad ha

      I am actually really excited about Hannah B being the next bachelorette! I think she is quirky and has a personality. 25 is not that young to be looking to settle down and be married! Amazes me how late in life people get married these days.

  66. I was excited about seeing your clip on the show since you had just blogged about it! I was hoping you would comment on it! I am not surprised at all that Hannah would be the next Bachellorette! I feel like so many of the girls were either boring or super catty/shady on this season and Hannah was so interesting to watch. After watching the Women Tell All show, she was acting super professional, wasn’t getting into the catty arguments, and she seemed like she was putting her best foot forward (not to mention, she looked great! Props on the detective work Ali!) The other “frontrunners” for Bachellorette just don’t seem to fit the bill so I definitely think it’s Hannah, and even more so after seeing your theory!

  67. Elyse posted on her Instagram account that she was in a wedding at the time of the taping so that’s why she wasn’t there. And I’ve seen where there were some scenes of Hannah B that were not shown in the hometown episode. She apparently showed up to see Colton at his hotel while he was in Alabama. They showed this in previews but it never aired. More than likely because she was going to be the next Bachelorette.

  68. I think you could be right too! But, from listening to Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off the Vine podcasts, I have learned that multiple girls get an initial contract to be the Bachelorette before the actual decision is made — have you heard of this? So who knows!!!! Can’t wait to find out SOON.

  69. Elyse said on her Instagram that she couldn’t be at the WTA because she was in her best friends wedding that weekend.

  70. Elyse was definitely one of my favorites as well. She said on Instagram she was in her friends wedding. That’s why she wasn’t there last night.

  71. I feel like the Women Tell All was put of control. I think Chris Harrison should have controlled the girls more and not just let the keep talking over each other so much. You couldn’t even hear what they were saying because so many of them were talking at the same time.

    I also think Hannah B will be the next bachelorette. I thought she was kind of crazy on the show sometimes. But I kind of feel like she will be the most interesting bachelorette because she was always having fun on the group dates and really getting into what they were doing. I feel like they are trying to get people to like her and that us why no one brought up the feud between her and Caelynn last night.

    I also feel like along with Demi Nicole, Oneyka will most likely be on Bachelor in Paradise just by how much they talked last night. Also hoping that the girl that kept fighting with Demi (can’t remember her name) doesn’t go to paradise she is so annoying.

    Can’t wait to see if Colton and Cassie make it work.

  72. I like your detective work!! By the way you explained.. I agree just based on that and you knowing a little inside:) now I think it’s Hannah

  73. I still have to watch last night’s episode but I really liked Hannah B for most of the season and I felt so sorry for her when Colton took her to meet his parents and then less than 12 hours later sent her packing…but I wished it was Elyse..she was my favorite from the very first episode and I feel her age proves she is ready to find love..I mean we had Arie as a Bachelor..why can’t we have an older Bachlorette??

  74. I loved, loved, loved Nicole’s dress so Ali – if you could find that I would be forever grateful!!! It is perfect for my wedding festivities.

    I would be happy to see Hannah as the bachelorette. I think she is a sweet girl deep down and not really sure what the drama was with her and Caelynn but I always liked her better for some reason. As for the women tell all, it was unbearable to watch – but I did enjoy the throwback of past seasons because I forget so quickly.

  75. Just a thought on the girls wearing expensive dresses (excluding Hannah) maybe they did Rent the Runway?! I didn’t (and still dont lol) have money to actually buy expensive dresses but RtR is affordable!!

    Thanks for the detective work on Hannah, I’m pretty neutral about her being bachelorette.

  76. I hope Hannah B. Is not the next Bachelorette but I’m afraid your right. She is very catty.

  77. I read that Elyse was attending a wedding out of the country and that is why she was not able to attend.

  78. I think they were all being super catty last night. I also think there were all bullying each other, which made me sad. Things that were said were just not good I don’t think. I’ve never seen a Women Tell All like this.

    I also am bummed about the next bachelorette. I’m sure I will still watch it. I didn’t like Colton before he started airing the bachelor, & now I love him.

    Bring on next week!!

  79. Oh YUK!!!! I cannot stand Hannah B and will NOT be able to watch for the first time in like 8 years! It is sooooooo hard to listen to her talk! I wish it was the other Hannah or anyone but her!

  80. Plot twist: I think they will do a competition of the next Bachelorette like on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season and put Hannah B. and Caelynn against each other!

  81. Colton is in love with Cassie but she certainly is not ready for marriage. Maybe we’ll see at the end of the show they will be together but Cassie not ready for an engagement.
    Hannan G. is my favourite and I would love to see Colton chose her. She’s so beautiful and has personality. If Colton doesn’t chose
    Hannah G. I would love to see her the next Bachelorette!

  82. Ali…you and I were feeling the same about last night. The girls were on each other, catty and very unforgiving. Hannah B., surely acted as though she was “IT”, the next Bachelorette for sure. I would love to see Tayshia as the next Bachelorette. She is real, mature, ready and fun!
    Now, where was Elyse?? She was one of my favorites, too and was anxious to hear what she had to say.
    Can hardly wait to watch the finale shows next week. I imagine there won’t be an appearance by Neil Lane…

  83. I don’t mind Hannah B being the next bachelorette but I am really more into a more mature woman on the show that is really ready for this type of situation and less on the nonsense that goes along with it all. It takes a strong person to get beyond all the clutter in this show and not feel bullied through it all. Caelynn and Hannah have their issues and they should not have been cast on the same show but I guess the producers wanted the drama of both Miss (state) and their individual pettiness. I will say with respect to Colton he kind of lead the last women on with the I’m falling in love with you talk knowing he was really hung up on Cassie. I know the heart wants want the heart wants but he should have paid more attention to what was being said about Cassie and Caelynn being ready and he would have probably not have a broken heart. But….with that said Cassies dad made her decision to hang in there with him harder because he came all the way over there to tell her not to go through with it and he is a powerful force in her life. Maybe they can work it out maybe not but long term love doesn’t happen in just a few dates, infatuation yes, chemistry yes but not really strong life long love. It takes time to know a person for that. Wishing Colton would have been more forthright with Taysha on their date and not told her anything so intimate and certainly not spent the night with her. Especially when he said when he was with other girls all he could think of was Cassie. Wasn’t fair to Taysha. JMO

  84. Ugh…….can we please stop with the 21 to 24 yr old group! They are NOT ready for marriage! This season was like watching “Mean Girls …….! I think for the first time since Batchelor started, I think I’ll pass when bachelorette starts…….I just can’t see her seriously wanting marriage out of this…..

  85. I am so frustrated at this season! These girls are 23 and 24 years old. They are not ready for marriage! My girlfriends and I watch every Monday and we are so disappointed how this season is and now thinking Hannah b is the next bachelorette. She’s young, was immature on the show and when asked to give a toast on her one on one date she couldn’t! How’s she gonna toast after every rose ceremony?! Ali please talk to these producers haha!!

  86. Hannah B looked stunning at the WTA! I love her personality and quirkiness. I can see that she is there for her friends and is a girls girl. I liked that she owned up to her mistakes and took responsibility. She’s young and you can clearly see she growing. I don’t mind that she’s a little awkward. I think she shows humility and is endearing. Maybe I am wrong about her, but I definitely will give her a chance if she is picked. I think Hannah B will grow on everyone if she’s chosen.

  87. Not a Hannah B. fan!! That fake smile she does…..I just don’t think I could watch that for an entire season! She seemed too pageant-y to me. Cassie was my favorite and I’m holding out hope that she reappears and she and Colton are still together!

  88. Hanna looked like a new Hanna yesterday. Even the way she “acted”, really classy. The “second chance” 🥂 and then the “fierce love” quote gave it all. Chris was so emphatic in it, I was like, there you go, that’s your tag line on next season! Hah!

  89. Ali, I loved you and Roberto on the show. Followed you after that. Yes, it didn’t work out in the end but it was believable. You both seemed to be real people.
    I used to watch every season but have not for a couple of years or so. It’s just too disconcerting to spend all this time watching, listening, maybe hoping that something good will turn out but I don’t believe that to be true anymore. Part of it is me aging and part is the reality of relationships not being as steady as they used to be. Look at Hollywood. Married for x number of years, get cheated on and/or dumped and one or both spouses are madly in love with someone else in a matter of months. C’mon. Perhaps nothing is believable. Look at who is in Washington.

  90. Wow! Good detective work there, Ali!
    Was soo weird seeing your clip, it feels like a lifetime ago 😅 also, kind of nostalgic as yours is the first bachelorette season I ever watched and you got me hooked, obviously!
    I totally agree on the general feeling of the WTA and I’m with you on the Nicole thing.. I have a little boy and I sure hope he’s never treated like that or ever treats anyone that way either.

    I had read somewhere that elyse was not there due to some prior commitment, I wanna say a family Wedding, but may be wrong. Either way it was a shame because I think she was one of the classiest, nicest people on the show lately.

    I really hope your bachelorette prediction is right because I really loved hannah B this season. Here’s why: she was always genuine, you can tell she’s not faking it, form the first disastrous date with the failed toast down to the very end. She’s funny, she’s goofy, she’s honest and she really seems to be ready to settle down. She reminds me of jillian and you to be honest, I get that same nice girl, honest genuine vibe from her as I did from you years ago. So I do hope it is true and there’s no last minute changes and sincerely hope she finds her person.

    I am so curious to see how it all ends now, I don’t know how I’m gonna wait til next week!!

  91. I wondered why Cassie wasn’t there if she theoretically was eliminated. Does that mean she’s coming back?

  92. Thank you Ali. I always agree with your take and am thinking the same things.
    I DO NOT want Hannah B as the next Bachelorette!! The smile and talking feels fake to me. I really don’t want any of this year’s girls except CASSIE!!!!!
    CASSIE would be fantastic. If her and Colton do keep dating, i don’t have any
    Confidence that it will last. If she could leave Him and didn’t seem really to care, she’s not going to. I do think if her Father hadn’t come and Colton hadn’t told her he didn’t get her Father’s Blessing, she would not have left. They aren’t getting married right when the show ends so what is the urgency for that Fathers approval. And what about the Mom. Aren’t Moms important in this decision. My Son-in-law called and asked for both our approvals together before he was going to propose and told us all about how it was going down. Good guy that one!!!!
    BECCA TILLY also would be a good Bachelorette. THANKS ALI for your blog and your husband Instagram on those two beautiful babies! He’s a keeper for sure.

  93. I am probably one of the few but I didnt really care for a lot of the girls this season, so I’m kind of disappointed that hanna b is the next bachelorette. Oh well.. we shall see what happens 🤷‍♀️

  94. Great detective work Ali. How did you feel about seeing your clip last night from when you were on? Did you know it was going to air? Per Ashley on Access Elyse was a bridesmaid at a wedding.

  95. Love love love ur detective work!!! And totally agree with ur theory! I realy wish Caelynn was the next bachelorette though. Hannah B doesn’t do much for me as a bachelorette but I guess we’ll see and maybe my mind will change about her.
    *Elyse had a prior thing going on. I think it was a family thing if I remember what I read correctly.

  96. You’re right. Hannah B is our next Bachleroette. Also Elyse wasn’t there cuz she had a prior engagement being in a wedding in Mexico

  97. Oh Dear…very disappointed regarding Hannah B..wasn’t a fan of her this season and didn’t find her being authentic at all. Will skip this season…love you Ali

  98. I have an idea. How about we skip The Bachelorette and go straight to another Bachelor. Shawn Booth. 🥳 haha

  99. So I def agree, as I watched the women tell all, I noticed that Hannah was acting more grown up I would say. Almost like she needed to be professional. When asked about her and Caelynn. She said nicely that she didn’t want to get into that and it’s basically over with. She kept her cool and had a smile the entire time. No bashing at all. That was my first real hint, second was her being called on stage to talk to Chris about finding her love and third. I saw a post on Instagram by Ashley I with Hannah and her complementing her. Hmmm def the next bachelorette! I think her season will be ok. She’s cute and you never know what they edit on the shows. I did really like Elyse and hope she finds what she is looking for!

  100. It would be nice if they could up the age range because it’s really difficult relating to these young girls and it doesn’t feel genuine. I think this was the worst season of contestants in a long time and much prefer watching when people get along. The caddiness was awful!

    Also, why do they continue to repeat for the next season? They didn’t used to do that and it was so much more exciting getting to know the person.

  101. I really hope it’s not Hannah B. A whole season of her would be really annoying. I wish they would select someone from another season & someone a little older. I know a little drama is what viewers tune in to see but the cattiness on Women Tell All was ridiculous. I believe part of that was their immaturity. I hope the producers read your blog.

  102. Oh my gosh-

    I fell in love with Hannah B. After the very first episode. I went to work the next day and said I want her to be the next bachelorette. . . Because I actually thought she was “too good” for Colton (I was not his #1 fan coming out of paradise). . . Then by week 2 i’d Lost all hope- I couldn’t agree more I felt like the editing, not just story wise . . . But also just they sound bites chosen made her seem a little bland and uninteresting. But watching the women tell all & even just the press around her exit on the show I knew they were setting it up. I think I can get into it.

    The level of excitement I had about responding to this post is embarrassing! I used to live right at Ventura and Radford . . . And moved to Connecticut last April- seeing you pics of the area makes me miss it. . . & also like I’m sure I would have run into you if I was still there which makes me sad because I love you!!!

  103. So I heard the same thing about Hannah B being chosen. I’m HOPING they put that idea out there to see what all us followers of Bachelor Blogs think about the idea. And I don’t like it one bit. I’m guessing Hannah B, in real life, is sweet, but I did not like watching her on TV and I, too, am tired of the young girls. I think just maybe, I’m done with the bachelor. Totally agree that it needs a change up from the same ol’ same ol’ each season — or alternately, it needs to be done.

  104. Chris also said something along the lines of seeing more of Hannah. I assumed she was going to be in Paradise?!?!?? Ugh!! Bring on Caelynn!!!!

  105. So disappointed. I really don’t think Hannah B. Should be the Bachelorette. Her behavior on the season was horrible.

    Can’t wait until next week! However I did just find out that Cassie is a reality TV actress on a You Tube series. I think she knows exactally what she’s doing with the Colton game. Pretty lame.

  106. As long as it’s not Demi…I’m cool with it! Hannah B definitely gave a different version of herself last night than any other time we’ve seen or heard from her, so it felt like she was up to something. Good ol’ Demi is headed to Paradise. That one was obvious!

  107. I honestly thought they might be setting up another “men choose between 2 Bachelorettes” again, like they did with Britt and Kaitlin Bristowe. Caelyn vs Hannah B?? Hmmmm…

    Anyhow, I’d be ecstatic to see Hannah B. as the Bachelorette. She’d definitely be fun. She was one of my favorites all long because she’s one of the most real girls there. Obviously she doesn’t like Caelyn, for real reasons because they’ve competed before in pageants and had a bad experience. But she didn’t air the dirty laundry reason why and she was human. She knows herself and her flaws and I don’t think she came into it wanting the Bachelorette. Some of the others obviously had it on their minds when it should’ve been Colton instead. Plus Colton taking her to meet his parents then dumping her was just sad…it gave her false hope and I don’t think he thought that through and she was blindsided. I think she’s cute and fun and would be interesting to watch.

  108. I agree that it will be Hannah B. Watching her on the show I was unsure what was real and what was fake….showed a lot of fake and totally different during Women Tell All.

    Could they be renting their uber expensive dresses from rent the runway?

  109. I agree, she probably is the next bachelorette. I’m so disappointed! She was not like able, relatable, and super awkward to watch. I’ll skip her season… would rather see the other Hannah or Tayshia!

  110. I loved Elyse! And I was hoping she’d be in the running for the next bachelorette but figure she’s probably too “old”. Has there ever been a bachelorette in their late 20’s or 30’s?

    I really hope it’s not Hannah. Even if they hadn’t portrayed her in such a bad light, I still think she’s very immature (and young). And I just didn’t find her to be that interesting. Actually I found her to be annoying. I hate to say it, but I think your prediction is spot on. Too much of a “coincidence” to be dressed by the same designer that had dressed the previous bachelorettes. Ugh.

  111. Personally, I like Hannah B. At the beginning of this season, I feel like Hannah was nervous and had some anxiety about her situation with Caelyn; however, toward the end of her time on the show, I feel she showed her fun and goofy side, and I saw the way she interacted with some girls, and I think she has a big heart. I think her season will be good!

  112. Love your detective work! So fun, and makes perfect sense. Disappointed a bit in that decision, I found myself about watching her, and like you said I think she got a bad edit so it’s surprising. A far as those expensive dresses, could be RentTheRunway?! 😊

  113. I think you’re right too. I saw a few posts on IG by some of the girls that hinted on Hannah B was going to be the next bachelorette. She wouldn’t be my first pick and I probably won’t watch it if she is. What about Demi? She’s young and not mature enough but her as the bachelorette would get a lot of viewers since she’s such a firecracker. Haha. Can’t wait for next week!

  114. I agree that Hanna B shouldn’t be the next bachelorette. I believe it should have been Caelynn. Based on her story, her kindness, her love. I was impressed when she went and spoke up for Cassie causing Colton to think twice about sending Cassie home. It bit her in the butt, in the end, he chose Cassie over her. Yet at the time she did the right thing. I feel she’s so deserving. Way more than Hanna B.

  115. If you go to Caelynn’s instagram stories from today you’ll see that she was on Ellen Degeneres’ bachelor recap show (hosted by her producers) and confirmed that she will NOT be the next bachelorette – but did say she would be open to bachelor in paradise. Check out the video where she describes why the bachelorette role isn’t for her.

    Also, found it interesting that the next story she posted was her hanging out with Cassie’s younger sister!

  116. Bummer!! I feel like these lead choices keep getting worse and worse. Hope they choose someone else, maybe just someone who wasn’t on the show before.

  117. I love Hannah B and would be excited for her to be the next Bachelorette. I was never a big fan of Caelynn but was really turned off by her actions at the last rose ceremony. When Colton called Taysha’s name and she turned to Cassie and said bullxxit to me it was a true reflection of her character. With that said I didn’t like how he sent her home and even at the women tell all really had nothing to say to her. How do you tell someone you are falling in love with them then send them home with no reason why.
    I think the term “falling in love” has become cliche from the Bachelors and Bachelorettes and sends mixed messages to the people on their season. One of the things I respected about Becca’s season was she saved the word love just for Garrett.

    I agree with Aly there as a lot of cattiness from the women this season. In seasons past lasting friendships were made by many women but I didn’t see evidence this season except Caelynn and Cassie.

    I am not a fan of Cassie either and feel she should have sent herself home after her hometown visit. She knew then she didn’t see herself with Colton, then at the fantasy suite she made the decision to leave then began back peddling. I for one hope she doesn’t come back. Long termi don’t see them together.

  118. So disappointed if it’s Hannah for Bachorlette. I truly hope she finds love but I do not want to watch a whole session of her. I’m not interested or invetested in seeing her love story unfold.

  119. Nice detective work Ali 🕵🏼‍♀️ Soonds like that’s who it will be. I agree with most other fans here – super disappointing choice! Look outside the box and start fresh: find someone new, the fans will watch!!! Just as we will watch Hannah – it’s just a boring choice.

  120. I don’t know….when I watched Caelynn try and cover up what her and Cassie were talking about, it seemed kind of manipulative and very well thought out. I loved her during the show and she’s been through a lot but having that Kind of conversation (one of us wins and the other becomes the next bachelorette) is not what you should be talking about when you’re genuinely invested in someone.
    I like her! Don’t get me wrong,I really do. It’s just that the situation seemed off to me.

  121. Oh I hope she is not the next bachelorette, I was thinking maybe her and Demi would be on bachelor in paradise. However now reading all this it does sound more like they were gearing her up for the bachelorette 🙁 I was hoping for Tayshia. I feel like she has really carried herself good this whole season and is about to really get her heartbroken.
    Hanna B just seemed to be too nicest night and was trying to portray herself differently then she did in the show. Like she was more mature and how this changed her and she now knows exactly what she is looking for, and maybe she does but seemed to wishy washy for me. Also her dress apparently was $2500 if Sarah Hyland (actress modern family also dating another bachelor member Wells Adams) loved the dress Hanna was wearing and then said never mind too expensive $2500 then someone dressed Hanna or she had way too much money on her hands. If she does and that’s how she chooses to spend her money then to each their own I guess not for me to judge. I found this season they were mostly all too young. I like some of the drama every season but this season was just to high school. Hopefully that will change for next one. I hope Colton fonds some happiness at the end of all this my heart broke for him. Another note the little clip of you Ali my gosh I have watched every single season and remember your season as well, but seeing the clip last night you looked like such a baby not the crying I mean your face you just seem so young. You still are and still look so young but you know what I mean. I don’t know how to explain lol. Anyway everything happens for a reason clearly look at the happiness you found after. Such a beautiful person and family. Well until next week.
    I think I am actually really nervous to watch for Colton’s sake
    In all the years of the Bachelor Colton is one that I really wanted to find love. 💕fingers crossed 🤞

  122. I have watchsd all 3 franchises religiously and get guilty pleasure from all of them. But I will not and cannot watch Hannah B. I’ve heard all the rumors and still held out hope it might be Elyse because as you pointed out she wasn’t there. Hannah, is so fake and really wasn’t very kind to Caitlynn. Like you, I want to find out what happened with Colton and be fine with his season. All of these girls belong on BIP. No Bachelorettes in this bunch for me.

  123. Really disappointed if Hannah B is the bachelorette.. I absolutely hated the way she treated Caelynn this season.. it was evident she was jealous of her and her immaturity caused her to handle that situation SO poorly.. also.. she is very close with Demi.. who can be fun.. but also very immature with a bizarre personality… I don’t know.. I think Hannah is a terrible choice id have a hard time watching.. I think Caelynn would be a better choice with her back story and personality.. she reminds me of Emily Maynard who I love!!!

  124. I never considered Hannah B for the next bachelorette until Sharleen Joynt wrote about it in her bachelor blog, and then I couldn’t see anyone else becoming the bachelorette! You should definitely read it and you will be convinced as well! I believe it was her week 7 blog post.

  125. Elyse was one of my favorites. I was bummed she wasn’t there too. (That’s my 2 year old daughter’s name too so I’m glad she turned out to be one of the classy ones.) 🙂 I hope she is at the after show.
    And your detective work is awesome!

  126. Ali- I think your right in with Hannah. I actually am interested to see what happened with Hannah. If I’m being Honest, I was not thrilled to see Colton as the Bachelor and he actually is probably one of my favorites! I think he has done a great job of navigating through the season. I wonder if the editing of him on the Bachelor or Paradise gave me a negative feeling about him. However this season I’m fulll team Colton. I think he has a genuine quality about him.. With that being said, I feel like there could be so much more to Hannah B that we haven’t seen! I love that she was someone to love her fierce! She deserves to have someone who is her ride or die that will be along her side and also put her first.

  127. I did some digging because I was curious why Elyse wasn’t at the WTA as well and I saw she was in a wedding the day they were shooting. Totally bummed we didn’t get to hear from her!

  128. The most immature person on the bachelor was Colton,,He’s a fake. He talked about what he wanted with no regard to the girls till Cassie and then total disregard about about the oth er 2 girls especially Hannah g who he hasn’t spent time with,,,,

  129. I may be the ONLY male to post on this blog (no idea if true but it seems possible) but I thought I’d chime in on Elyse whom I think is one of the most beautiful and classiest ladies ever to appear on The Bachelor… except Ali, of course. 😉

    Elyse definitely was at a friends wedding and stated on Instagram how much she would have loved to have been present. But after watching the show, she may actually be thankful she missed it. IMHO

    But the reason I post this is because of what Elyse posted on Instagram the day after. It solidifies my opinion that SHE should be the next Bachelorette and perhaps infuse that class into the show. And while ABC is at it, pick some maturer men to be contestants. Here is what Elyse had to say:

    “First off, I learned more about myself and what I want from a partner in the weeks on this show than I have in quite some time. It challenged me in ways I never expected. It afforded me the opportunity to take a long look in the mirror and see what I needed to work on, to be the type of person that my future husband deserves.

    I left in a lot of tears, and a dress that while I loved may have looked a bit like a wedding gown. However, I have absolutely no doubts that I was supposed to be on this season of The Bachelor. To challenge myself…To form amazing friendships.. To meet Colton, a man I think the world of, and on our date to share the experience of giving back to such deserving children.

    I am thankful for the lessons, I am thankful for the tears, I am thankful for the friendships. I’m thankful to Colton, and I’m especially thankful to the @bachelorabc team who allowed me to be authentically myself, the good, the bad, and the tears…so many tears.

    This has easily been one of the most challenging experiences I have gone through,but with all challenges there is an opportunity for growth.”


  130. Elise has a family function that wasn’t previously scheduled. Her grandmothers birthday or something.

  131. I felt like Hannah B was “styled” also. Her look was just so different than we’ve seen her before. ALSO, I totally felt like Hannah B & Caelynn used WTA as their “audition” for Bachelorette! I don’t believe anything that either of them say. I won’t watch next season because Hannah B (& Caelynne) both seem so pagaenty to me. Hannah B is awkward to watch. She is so used to BS-ing to make it look like she’s saying things she’s not. My prayer is they do what they did to that one guy from Jojo’s season and not have her as the next bachelorette.

  132. Oh wow, awesome detective work! I’m surprised it’s probably Hannah B., but I’m excited! I actually liked her a lot, and felt like she got a bad cut on the first part of the show. She actually seems like a really nice girl. Some people may find her disingenuous or syrupy sweet, but as a fellow southern girl I just feel like she’s being who she is. I guess if you aren’t from this region, it could seem weird — but she just seems to be opening up and being herself. Especially after she grew and learned to open up more over the course of the season.

    1. Absolutely Caelynn was totally fake, & a fraud whom is full of herself & in the Hannah/Caelynn beauty pageant issue, Caelynn was the mean girl in that
      short friendshi & OMG someone said that Hannah was manipulative ba ha ha ha, that is So not part of who she is, & not true. Caelynn told Colton that Hannah was manipulative, he laughed as no one saw her that way at all!! Caelynn & Cassie having that conversation on grrrr he bus about one of them being picked to be with Colton & the other one being the Bachelorette; well dear that right there is manipulation!!! Sorry but just gross!!! As for Colton picking Cassie, ladies its him (not us) who Hope’s to fall in love & perhaps even get engaged so if Cassie is the ‘it’ girl for Colton he needs to do want he wants to do!!!
      I truly wish them both all the very happiness they want together.
      Hannah B. you are beloved by the TV audience & its nice to see you having so much fun, kicking up your feet, loving yourself, being funny & silly!!!
      Don’t keep the guys on the show who do not fulfill all you want to experience in life & do not share their feelings like we as Women need & want them…run not walk away from him!!! Be that Wonderful you loving, funny, loveable Hannah; You Deserve this lady so go for it & find & fall in love with that man who will Fiercely Love you!!!
      Cheers Hannah
      A Canadian Fan
      Btw our Twitter accounts are linked!!!!

  133. I would LOVE Hannah B as the next bachelorette! I loved her during the season, and thought she was genuine and real, which i think is sometimes why she was awkward.

    Who I would really love to see as the next bachelorette is Kristina from Nick’s season! she deserves love!

    Was not a fan of the Women Tell All…. the women were truly mean and it was just annoying. I think Caelynn was probably the first choice for bachelorette but it does sound like there was a conversation between Caelynn and Cassie about being the next bachelorette. And how Caelynn denied it and reacted on the show after being confronted by Colton and then not truly owning up to the conversation again on Women Tell All. I just think the show decided to go another way.

  134. Hannah B was quite possibly my least favorite person on this season and I think making her the next Bachelorette is a bad move. She was way too involved in the drama, she was awkward, catty, and I think she spent a lot of time putting on a show rather than being herself. Her “downward spiral” thing she does is only going to get worse in a situation where she is the center of attention and drama. Then again, she seems like she’s happiest when the center of attention. If you’re right (and I really hope you’re not) I probably won’t tune in next season.

  135. I know I am a little late commenting on this and my comment might get lost in the shuffle but I had a realization…

    I first tried watching The Women Tell All on Monday and within a few minutes I was so turned off by the women and how they were talking to each other that I turned it off and decided that my time was better suited spending with my Husband (of course!). Every women tell all it’s the same thing and I don’t know why it surprises me every time but I think it was just the realization that we as women really don’t show a lot of support to each other. We cant talk rationally and kindly to each other when we see situations different, we argue about who has been more bullied (instead of just seeing bullying as bullying and not minimizing experiences), etc. The list goes on!!!

    A few days later I decided to try watching The Women Tell All again and I realized more so than I did before that Caelynn is a great gal (I DON’T see her being manipulative and fake as I did before- yes, you read that right- I totally judged her before!) and if Hannah B is the next Bachelorette she would be amazing!!!!! (I wasn’t excited about the possibility of her being the Bachelorette before) and the bloopers at the end of the show made me see the women in a more positive way for some reason. These women, as a whole, aren’t bad women- they just need to grow in areas AS WE ALL DO! God knows I need to grow every single day in so many ways!

    So, I realized I was part of the problem that I was judging when I first tuned into The Women Tell All. Change starts with the person we see in the mirror every day. When we see ourselves as beautiful, kind, capable, confident women- we’ll help lift up other women and see that in them, as well. I don’t need to look down on someone to make myself better. Such a simple lesson to learn but so profound.

    Cant wait until next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. Yes it will be Hannah B because what better marketing with a tagline with something regarding “fierce love” in it!! And It will be overused like “let’s do the damn thing” ..stay tuned!!

  137. Not a huge fan of Hannah. I wish they would go back to selecting a lead that is a no name person and start fresh!

  138. I think you’re probably right about Hannah B. being the next Bachelorette. What made me think that was how giddy and smiley she was the whole time—especially during her interview. Almost like “I know something you don’t know”.

  139. Agree especially since Caelynn didn’t get to sit on the couch and had to speak with Colton across the room from the WTA bullpen.

  140. I totally agree that Hannah B appeared to be groomed for next bachelorette. I didn’t think it was a coincidence Chris asked her to make a toast and it sounded like every toast the bachelor/bachelorette has ever made.
    I’m disappointed however, I would have loved to see Tayshia be the next bachelorette. I think she carried herself well all season and is very well spoken.

  141. I know I am older, have 2 daughters, 2 granddaughters, but I do still watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette (Ali you were an all time favorite!), but I feel these girls get skinnier and skinnier each year I feel they are borderline anerxeric

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