The Bachelor – Cassie Leaves

Wow wow wow! Last night was seriously the best episode of the Bachelor ever! For the first time – really ever – Chris Harrison was right when he said this was going to be the most dramatic finale in bachelor history! I loved everything about last night’s episode, even though it wasn’t necessarily a super happy episode. The reason I loved it was because it was real. I can’t wait to get into it without you guys.

Tayshia Date

I’m honestly not gonna spend any time talking about this date. No disrespect to them but I honestly had a hard time watching the date. I caught myself answering emails and online shopping during it. Honestly, right now as I write this I can’t even recall what they did. I think it just seems pretty obvious to me from the first few minutes of their day that the connection wasn’t very strong.

Cassie’s Dad

I’m so glad he flew to Portugal to talk to Cassie. And I think it gives some really great insight into where her head is at and why he couldn’t give his blessing. I found the conversation to be a raw and honest conversation between a father and his daughter. Good for him for helping her figure out where her head is at. I never heard him push her in any direction. Or tell her she wasn’t ready. Instead he asked questions. The right questions. The right questions to help her make up her own mind. And through those open ended questions she was able to figure out that Colton isn’t necessarily the guy for her. I just loved this conversation between the two of them and hope that the bachelor continues in this direction of showing us more real and honest conversations rather than the lovey-dovey fluff that we normally see at this stage in the show.

Cassie Says Goodbye

I sympathize with Colton. If anyone gets what he’s going through right now, it’s me. And that’s because I was in this exact same situation on my season. I had three guys left and the guy who I honestly thought I might choose in the end, ended up leaving me. But here’s where Colton and I differ. He’s fighting for Cassie even though she’s telling him, “look dude I’m just not that into you”. Whereas when the guy on my season, Frank, told me he wasn’t that into me, I shed some tears got up and walked away. As much as I cared for him and thought we could be with each other at the end of it, I wasn’t about to try to fight for someone that was telling me they weren’t that into me. And I feel sorry for Colton that he loves Cassie so much that he’s unwilling to do the same or unable to do the same.

I guess the main difference in the two scenarios is that I saw second option on my season. I knew there was another guy in the show that I had strong feelings for and right then and there I convinced myself that that other guy was the one I was supposed to be with. Where as I think Colton doesn’t see that second option. Cassie was it for him! Which makes it even more heartbreaking. When he was shaking during their conversation, I honestly could’ve cried for him.

Cassie’s Intentions

I know a lot of people are going to question Cassie‘s intentions. It was all that talk earlier in the season about her wanting to be the Bachelorette, and of course her leaving on her own this late in the game kind of makes those rumors seem more true. But I honestly don’t think we can assume that’s what she wants. I think she truly just realizes she doesn’t care for Colton. I’m sure somewhere deep down inside she wished that he would just send her home so she could be the next Bachelorette. But I don’t fault her for that. Neither can anyone else. Just because he’s the Bachelor, that doesn’t mean that automatically she has to be in love with him. That would be silly to assume that. It takes courage and strength to realize when you don’t love someone on the show. And I applaud her for that.

That said, because I went through the exact same thing that Colton went through I can’t help but sympathize with him and be angry with her. Just because I was hurt in a very similar way and there was a lot of anger on my part back then. It’s just an unfortunate situation. And part of me still thinks she’ll be back. I don’t know why I think that – I just can’t imagine Colton proposing to one of the other girls at this point. Can any of you? I’m sure there are spoilers out there and I haven’t read a single one and don’t plan to. So please keep spoilers out of the comments so I can enjoy the rest of the season spoiler-free as well as anybody else who reads my blog!

Dying to know what all of you thing! I feel like I need to debrief with all of you in the comments below! It’s like my therapy after last night’s intense episode!

Hannah is a Model!

And by the way! I know that we didn’t see any of Hannah in last night’s episode, but I was absolutely pumped the other day when I was online shopping and saw Hannah as one of the models on this site and this site that I shop on!! I’ve always thought she was beautiful but these modeling pics are absolutely stunning! Plus, the dress she’s wearing here is absolutely gorgeous and I’m totally getting one to wear on our next vacation. Also, how adorable is this jumpsuit?! Below are a few of my favorite looks from her!

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And very last but not least, Ha! I know I keep saying I’m done but then I think of something else I want to say. Below is the floral dress I wrote about this week. I probably get one DM a day from a follower asking me for dress ideas to wear to weddings. I think this floral dress would be absolutely perfect to wear to a spring wedding! So I’m linking it below

And very last but not least, Ha! I know I keep saying I’m done but then I think of something else I want to say. Below is the floral dress I wrote about this week. I probably get one DM a day from a follower asking me for dress ideas to wear to weddings. I think this floral dress would be absolutely perfect to wear to a spring wedding! So I’m linking it below


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166 thoughts on “The Bachelor – Cassie Leaves

  1. Last night’s episode was SO good and so hard to watch. I thought Colton handled himself really well and I love that he was trying to fight for her and saying that he wants to be patient. I just wonder if she has no feelings for him? Or is she scared at how fast this is going? For some reason I think she’ll be back too, and I haven’t read spoilers. All I know, is that he cannot possibly go on with either of the other girls that are here. And that makes me so sad because I do really like Hannah G. I can’t wait to see what happens!!

    1. I think it is more fear. I think she likes/loves him more than she is wanting to admit at this point. That is cool that Colton said he would be patient with her.

      1. I have to agree with the fear comment. I think she has fallen for him, isnt ready to be engaged and panicked bc she felt that they HAD to leave engaged bc she felt that was the only thing he wanted. I think they missed some important communication during their time together. I hope we aren’t finished with her and I hope she comes back to end this .. bc I truly believe they both love each other enough to make it work. Can we just talk about Chris Harrison’s comment when Colton jumped the fence? Bc I have to admit.. I died laughing at it. Best line of the season!!

      2. I think it’ll be her in the end maybe even after the final Rose –
        Maybe like Jason’s oh I made the wrong decision ending !!

    2. As soon as he jumped the fence I thought of you lol! I was like omg what is Ali saying right now ❤️

    3. I felt SO bad for Colton. I too, think Cassie will be back! I believe she does love him and is scared. I hope they find there way back to each other!

    4. The main reason I think she will be back is that she wasn’t on “the women tell all” last night. Usually the one sent home after this week would be there. Their story isn’t over.

      1. I agree in thinking that she does love him & needs more time. I think Colton is a super good person to wait for her to make up mind. Shows what a great person he actually is.

    5. I never thought he had a connection with Callie. I would forget about her because she wasn’t shown as much as the other girls having emotions about him. I was so surprised he sent Catelyn home and kept Callie. He told many women that he was falling in love with them. After watching how he treated Tia and other women that were falling in love with him, I think he wants what he can’t have. When the chase is over, he is gone. I don’t know why after seeing him in paradise everyone thinks he is sincere in finding love.

  2. All I wanted to say about the Tayshia date is I’m SO glad they didn’t use the fantasy suite to go all the way together. I think it would’ve been easy for him to just do it and potentially get it out of the way with someone he wasn’t fully invested in, but he held out which to me shows his true intention behind waiting til the time is right.

      1. Gosh, her face said it all! She was so disappointed when they showed them in the morning. She isn’t my favorite, but I was totally feeling bad for her.

  3. I loved the episode too. I think Cassie is into Colton but she realized for her it’s too soon to commit to an engagement. She kept saying I care for you.. I love you but she seemed freaked out she wasn’t at the same place as him.. it’ll be interesting what happens now..
    Poor Hannah G didn’t even get her date.. but maybe that’s better than being lead on and her falling for him even more when he’s already expressed his love for Cassie.

    1. Do we know if Hannah didn’t get her date? It seemed that is where the episode ended. Although, knowing how Colton feels about Cassie seeing a date with Hannah would be awkward. As far as we know, Cassie’s may have actually been the last date. I feel like in seasons past the order they show isn’t necessarily the order of the dates.

  4. Hi! Love your blog but you might want to change the title of the post just to not spoil it for those who are on mom time (me!) and don’t get around to watching the episode til the end of the week 🙂

  5. I am so glad you addressed the issue that just because someone comes on the show that does not mean they HAVE to fall in love with the lead. I am not a huge Cassie fan based on the show’s portrayal of her (she could be great in real life) but the internet is raking her over the coals for coming on a show where the point is to get engaged and saying her intentions were disingenuous.

    People make it seem like real life is not allowed on this show. In any other circumstance it would be completely normal to walk away from a relationship where you heart isn’t fully in it. We have to remember how little time they have spent together and I am sure Cassie was hoping her feelings would get there but they didn’t. I commend her for walking away.

    Anyone can go on this show with the best or worst of intentions and you may go on hoping to find your better half but no one knows what their chemistry will be until they meet in person. So for people to say if you go on this show you MUST fall in love and if you don’t you are leading someone one is completely unfair in my opinion.

    Random final note, your videos of Molly reading are always the highlight of my day!

    1. I actually think that if their relationship was not on a show and just in real life she would not have ended it. I think she let go pressure get to her and felt like she had to know NOW if he was the one for sure and that’s just unrealistic. No one believes they should know for sure after 2 months of dating. If it was teal life there wouldn’t have been pressure and I think they would keep dating and having fun and feelings could potentially grow.

      1. I agree on this! She told her dad she doesn’t want it to end, but isn’t ready for an engagement. She also really wants her dad’s trust and isn’t getting it. So she figures she’s not ready and thinks what’s best for Colton is someone who is ready to be engaged. Even when he says he’ll be patient, it was too much pressure for her. (And by the way – look at how “well” it worked for Arie to pick the one that was “ready” in his mind! So no, Colton can’t move on with one of the others.) My daughter was so stressed and sad for Colton! She and I have been rooting for Cassie the whole time!

  6. Hi!
    I honestly felt like Cassie was like a broken record! It was so cruel to keep saying “I don’t know” and not just make a good clean break. She kept drawing it out, which just made Colton all the more desperate to plea for her to stay. Touching him constantly and giving him hope. She knew what she was going to do and went into the date saying she was going to send herself home. If there was really a modicum of confusion, wouldn’t she have continued to stay with option of ending the show as his “girlfriend” rather than “fiancé?” Colton seemed fine with that.
    Now, I feel like there is no way for him to choose anybody. How would Hannah or Tayshia feel watching this episode if they accept a proposal!?!?
    I do feel badly for Colton. He probably would have ended the show then and there to just be Cassie’s boyfriend if he want contractually bound to finish 😐
    Also, you little family is the cutest Ali!

    1. I 100% agree!! This is exactly what I’ve been saying. I think she was trying to spare his feelings, but in that moment she really just needed to be blunt and honest with him. She kept dragging it out, which made it seem like to him, that she just needed reassurance. So, he poured his heart out to her, even though she had no intention of staying. All season long, he has seemed way more into her, than she has been into him.

    2. Yes, agree! She should have been blunt and ended it instead of all the wishy-washy confused stuff but then, that was probably for the show benefit. But she should have just said it and left. Because if she is that confused, it’s obviously not right for her, And I agree with Courtney, she has never seemed that much into him, to me.

    3. I agree. I kept saying omg would you just leave already and stop giving this guy hope by touching him and saying you’re confused!!! That was hard to watch bc he became the bachelor to find a wife. I think if they kept dating Cassie’s feelings could get there bc it seems they have a connection. Not everyone has to get engaged!

    4. I agree, she should have just left. It may be drama for the show, will her dad still be there, and give Colton the blessing? Anyway, I think she should have not stayed and let him get this far, if she was not invested.

  7. I actually don’t think we’ve seen the last of Cassie. And, I do think she cares deeply for him. It’s just so rushed in the show and she wants time. I get that. After all he said to her last night I can’t see him with the other two girls! I think he will end up not choosing anyone or he will fight for Cassie and they will be together. I think they’ll just date for a while though because she is clearly not ready to be engaged. And, again I think that’s ok! Good for her for speaking up and telling him how she feels regardless of what everyone would say.

    That’s just my two cents. I actually appreciated her honestly and I don’t think she’s playing him at all. Maybe I’m naive. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Can’t wait i see what others think!

    1. I agree. She does really care for him but it is way too soon for her to commit and she wants him to get what he wants in the end. She is afraid she can not give it to him. I believe she does love him though and will realize that!

    2. I agree! I feel so bad for how people are so hateful towards Cassie after last night. I still don’t think Taysia and Kirpa were right- I think Cassie DOES want marriage but just not until she’s sure he’s the right guy!! What’s wrong with that? I think she felt pressured that Colton wanted an engagement right away and thought she was doing the gracious thing and backing out so he could see if he could get there with one of the other two, even though she loves him! I love her!! Rooting for Colton and Cassie to make it work!

  8. This reminded me of Desiree and Brooks (that was his name right?). And she went on to marry who we all thought would be her second choice. But I don’t think Colton will propose to anyone else. There will be a lot of heartbreak next week. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall while Tayshia and Hannah watched last nights episode. The fence jump lived up to the hype for sure!

    1. Yes! I thought about this too! Colton seems to be just soo in love with Cassie that I don’t think he could even think about proposing to either of the other two ladies

    2. Yes! I was thinking the same thing about how Desiree thought Brooks was the one but in the end realized it was Chris and now look how happy they are!

  9. I also really liked the episode. I do wish they would’ve sped up the whole Cassie situation. It was a bunch of the same repetitive conversation. I personally don’t feel as though Cassie really cares for Colton as mush as she is expressing. I think Colton would be best to pursue Hannah. Hannah’s intentions seem so genuine. I wish we got to see her date last night rather than Tayshia’s. I think watching Hannah’s date prior to Cassie’s would have mitigated the whole Cassie situation (which is probably why they didn’t have Hannah go first… did/does Hannah even get a date?). I really wish Colton had trusted the girls warnings about Cassie’s intentions…. then he wouldn’t even be in this situation. But, the heart wants what the heart wants! I do think Cassie will be back. I think they will end up together… just not as an engaged couple. I don’t think the relationship will last too far beyond the ending of the show. Cassie is young, carefree and not ready to be in a long term committed relationship. Which is exactly how her Dad feels.

    1. Ugh last night’s show had me wanting to scream at the TV, scream to Colton that she is never going to be that into you and you’re throwing away good options. The more Cassie rejected him the more he wanted it. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her either, but I also don’t think she’ll ever be that into him.
      I really felt for Taysha and Hannah when he said it was hard for him to go on dates with other girls when all he thought about was Cassie.

      Anyone else notice that next week’s previews didn’t mention an ‘after the final rose’ part? hmmmm

      1. I noticed on my upcoming recordings that the “After the Final Rose” is actually on next Tuesday night and it’s 2 hours. I was wondering why it was a different night!

        1. I think the conversation was very realistic for real life. This is how it actually went down and how these types of convos go in real life. They aren’t straight to the point and they are difficult. For once, it was real and honest which is what ppl are liking about it. To say Cassie should have hurried up isn’t fair. She had raw, confusing emotions and I think she definitely cares deeply for him.

          1. I do agree that’s how it went down in real life. But, they certainly should’ve edited it better. It just dragged on and on. I also think the fact that Cassie kept dragging it on with Colton proves how immature they both are.

  10. At times I got the feeling like that whole thing was staged just by the way she at times came off, like super dramatic and walking away etc. Several of the girls already told him Cassie wasn’t ready for marriage so I feel like he shouldn’t have been so surprised by her feelings.

    1. Yes, I so agree that he shouldn’t be so surprised. I honestly think it’s an immaturity issue for Colton. That he needs to know when to walk away and man did he mess up in not listening to the warnings.

  11. I kinda feel her dad is very controlling, but only because he wants what‘s best for hai baby girl. It seemed to me she was so into Colton, but once hometown happened her vibe changed. I think she is trying to please her dad. Cassie probably said she didn‘t know because she probably does want Colton, but doesn‘t want to upset her dad by getting engaged so quickly. In my opinion and I‘m probably the only one who saw dynamics, just seems if family was more supportive I think should would not have done what she did last night. Who knows maybe I‘m wrong. Just sharing my observation and vibe.

    1. I think Cassie’s dad is very controlling. He seemed very angry and trying to have his own way at hometowns and last night. He told Cassie that her relationship needed to be the same as his and her Mom’s. No two relationships are the same. I am very confused by him telling her she shouldn’t have doubts. She absolutely can have doubts about relationships or anything in life. She should have her own mind and think for herself. Very sad to see a young woman being controlled. I was proud of Colton for being kind and patient with her and for not blaming her dad for her change of heart.

      1. Yes I agree no two relationships are the same for sure! I‘m like HELLO!!! Lol sorry being dramatic over here ha but I just was like he is so telling her how to feel…She was so into Colton all the way up until she saw her family. I think every family wants the best for their loved one, but everyone is different.

      2. Exactly! You should wait to have love but if you expect perfection you may not ever find it. I wish they had a choice to choose “ continue the relationship” actual engagement is scary if it is so soon ( and taken seriously)

        1. They do have that choice, but it’s been designed to have a proposal. And Colton did say that is what he expected several times during the show. Brad Womack got trounced for not picking anyone his first time (before I started watching). So there are expectations, but it’s not written in stone (or contract!)

    2. I agree because on the daytime date she was fine until he brought up that her dad didn’t give his blessing. It seemed to go all downhill after that. I feel sorry for Colton. When I was much younger I was way into this guy and he wasn’t so much into me. It felt horrible, but you can’t make someone love you if the feelings aren’t there no matter how hard you try.

    3. I completely agreee with you. I have been in her situation before. I let my dad control me. I was so afraid of letting him down, that I made decisions for my own life that made me unhappy. Thankfully, I realized how he was making me feel and started making my own choices and stressing about what my dad would think about me. I also think her dad is being unrealistic. Most people do not know a person is the one for them right after they meet like her parents did.

      1. Omg girl same here I let my family
        control me for years, until I moved away for a while from California to Texas and learned to communicate to them that I felt suffocated and I‘m an adult and I am allowed to make my own decisions. Lots of verbal fights but was worth it bc now I feel I can live and I‘m free. I learned to stop pleasing everyone around me and to follow my heart. I moved back to Cali and things are much better now. I see this in Cassie bc I experienced it first hand as well. I don‘t think her family are awful people I just think they love her so much and are worried, but they also don‘t see how damaging it can be.

    4. This is exactly what I said to a friend yesterday morning!! Her family is obviously so important to her and I think she feels like she needs their (or at least her Dad’s) approval to move forward with her feelings.

      Not every love story is the same. Sure, her Dad wants her love story to be the same as theirs, but it’s Cassie’s love story – not her parents’. Cassie and the man she loves decides how that story is written. It’s incredibly difficult to take someone you love to meet your parents and not get the approval you had expected. I think she does love Colton, but her Dad seems to know the words to say to plant seeds of doubt in her mind because she cares so much about his opinion. You could see the disappointment hit her the second she found out that he didn’t give Colton his blessing.

      I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Cassie. I was waiting for her to tell them to turn the van around. She’ll be back. Whether or not they stay together in the end, I don’t know, but I do think they love each other and they deserve to further explore their relationship together.

  12. My heart broke for him. He’s obviously so in love with her and to be fair to him, she never said that she didn’t like him, didn’t see a future, etc. She simply kept saying that she wasn’t sure she could get “there”. I agree that there’s no way he can continue on with the other girls. His heart is with Cassie. I see him trying to reconnect with her, either on the finale or after.

  13. I actually thought it was the most scripted and staged episode yet. Yes, there were raw emotions and sadness. But also, obviously Cassie’s dad flying out was planned to plant the seed in her head that she needs to leave. Colton gave Cassie the out when he said that they don’t need to get engaged at the end and that he just wants to be with her. And she still left. I think this is all for ratings. Obviously Colton didn’t know about it and was broken hearted but I feel like Cassie was told to leave to literally create the most dramatic season ever. I am totally skeptical of the show as it is though… as you can see.

    I do agree that Taysia’s date was boring. I never saw the chemistry with them and I am proud of Colton for not losing his virginity to her.

    I do feel bad for Hannah for not getting her date and for what is to come next week.

    1. TOTALLY Agree!! So very staged and scripted. It almost seemed at times that Cassie was smirking, like she knew how ridiculous it all was and they’d end up together, but she just had to play up the dramatics for the show. The fence jump and Chris Harrison trying to find Colton seemed so fake and staged, too.

    2. I thought the same thing. Do dads really fly to another country just to talk before the overnight dates? Anyway I was hoping for Hannah. I really hope he gets cassie since that’s who he wants

    3. YES!! Totally agree w/you. I was starting to think I’m the only one who didn’t love last night’s episode. It seemed like the producers sabotaged Colton’s/Cassie’s relationship by flying her Dad in. The “dramatic” fence jump that they’ve teased us with ALLLL season wasn’t much more than they already showed us in previews. And now its To Be Continued!!! This has been a really lame season. I don’t think Colton is ready to be engaged either. I wish him all the best, but you can’t force love if it’s not there.

  14. I actually think that Cassie does care for Colton very much and that they will get back together. I think she just got scared and her Dad was trying to be helpful but maybe by telling her if she had any doubts on whether or not she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him she should walk away. Let’s be realistic, in the real world most people don’t know that the person they’re dating is “the one” after that little amount of time spent together. So I think she just needs more time to get there. That doesn’t mean they will end up getting engaged or married but I do think she has genuine feelings for Colton but she just needs more time! It will be interesting to see how it plays out next week.

    1. Yes, this is how I feel too. Honestly, I don’t know that I would want to get engaged after such a short amount of time of knowing someone, not counting the fact you are sharing him with 20+ women. I knew my husband since I was in Kindergarten but I didn’t fall in love with him until we dated for several months, so I can see where she’s coming from. Colton is so smitten with her & I certainly hope things work out for them both.

    2. The dagger (and what makes me disagree with you) is when she was about to get into the limo and said, “I hope you find someone who is insanely in love with you.” As in, it’s not me.

      So Cassie may like Colton but really doesn’t see ever thinking he’s the one for her.

  15. Obviously none of us really know what’s going through their heads but I felt like Cassie really liked Colton but was just freaked out by the whole “this is a TV show with a set end date etc”. It seemed like she thought she needed to know right then whther or not he was the one and that is just unrealistic, especially with the amount of time they had ACTUALLY spent together. Heck, I didn’t know my husband was “the one” until 10 months into our relationship and even then we didn’t get engaged for another 10 months, because we weren’t ready! I loved how Colton was like “I’ll be patient, we don’t have to get engaged. I just want to be with you”. Everything inside me was screaming “this is like the ideal situation for the Bachelor! Take it!” No one really needs to get engaged after like 10 weeks and the dude dating 30 other women the whole time. But maybe she really didn’t like him? I don’t know. I liked her a lot until last nights episode. Colton was shaking and she just kept telling him to stop and didn’t even really comfort him? It was weird. She’s so young. Probably doesn’t know herself well enough yet to fully explain what’s she’s feeling or know what she wants.

  16. I have a slightly different take. I think Cassie does have feelings for Colton and likes him- but she also recognized and had the honest moment where she is is NO where close to being in love and no where no close to even considering marriage. I think that is why she felt so conflicted. In the real world she would keep dating him and maybe in a few months time she would be “in love”- but in this rushed situation, in that moment, she had to be honest that she is not there. And, really, she shouldn’t be. So, I kind of think maybe the story isn’t over for the two of them. I wonder if post show they have kept in touch and are now dating and trying to see if something is there. My sense is just didnt want any pressure. if she stayed that was still pressure that he was going to give up on two other girls to give them a shot and I think she just in that moment, couldn’t handle any pressure or making a commited choice. not sure if I am making any sense, but you wrote that you don’t think she is into him at all, and I dont know- I kind of disagree. thoughts????

    1. I want to agree with you, but I just don’t see it that way. I think she like’s him and in real life would date him a little longer and always keep things pretty superficial, I don’t think she knows that she’s not ever going to like him enough to marry him, in no matter how many years. She basically said ‘yeah, I’m cool with you getting engaged to someone else next week.’ And he totally gave her the option of just dating for awhile and she still didn’t take it. So she has some feelings for him, but not tons. Poor dude.

  17. Mind blown. The heart wants what the hearts wants I guess. So many amazing women who were falling madly in love with Colton this season that hes let go and Cassie telling him “dude I am just not feeling it like you” yet he begs and pleads with to stay. I cannot imagine if he picks one of the other two and they have to watch it back seeing him so so soooo beside himeself with his night with Cassie. Confessing his love. Personally it has to be Cassie or none. I mean wow to that episode.

  18. I think Cassie actually does care for Colton, she told her dad she wants more time with Colton, i think she just isn’t ready for an engagement that soon and who can blame her, filming is what 2-3 months and people expect every bachelor or bachelorette to be engaged, I respect her for stating she wasn’t ready for an engagement. As for the other two I feel it would be wrong of Colton to choose either after what he said to Cassie. Taiysha is my least favorite I don’t see any chemistry with them at all, Hannah G seems ok, but I guess I never really payed much attention to her this season.

    I cannot wait until the women tell all tonight and the finally next week.

  19. I think my opinion changed about Cassie especially last week at hometowns. The way she interacted with her family seemed very immature to me. The immaturity cared over into this week when she couldn’t even get up the nerve to make it a clean break but instead it was dragged out by her continually saying “I don’t know”. Your opinion shouldn’t be changed that quickly based on the opinion of others, family or not. I really think she doesn’t really like Colton in that way. I do think he will chase after her, but the end result after the show will not end well for them.

    Can we talk about what she was wearing to essentially break up with him??! I was so confused by her choice in dresses…

    Tayshia or Hannah G for bachelorette most definitely. Those poor girls to have to watch that this week… So cringeworthy.

  20. I really wish that Cassie’s date had been last! Poor Hannah G! She just posted on Instagram how brutal it was to watch last night’s episode. I bet! Hannah G. would never be cast as the bachelorette…we barely got to know her and she’s a gorgeous model who seems very sweet. Seems impossible that she would need help finding someone! Caelynn ruined her chances with all of her mean girl remarks but I loved seeing the friendship between her and Cassie. It seemed very genuine.

    Cassie was very turned off by Colton not being bothered by the fact that her dad hadn’t given his blessing. She mentioned it twice. Colton wrongly thought that he needed to reassure her that he wouldn’t hold it against her. He should have said, “I will ask him again or wait until I have his blessing.” (Which may be the case now.)

    I do think it’s crazy that so many leads constantly want what they have admitted has not worked for them in the past. Colton is so afraid of not being as loved by a woman as he loves them. Yet that’s who he wants – Cassie. And Becca. And maybe Aly. Yet he didn’t want Hannah G., Caelynn, or Tia who were all committed to him. It reminds me of Andi Dorfman saying, “I have to stop dating the type of guys I have dated in the past – athletes – because it hasn’t worked out” yet she chose Josh! And of course…it didn’t work out!

    I hope Colton and Cassie are just dating now. They are both too young, immature, and inexperienced to get married any time soon. No one this season other than Elyse is really ready to settle down, get married, and have kids.

  21. Great episode. I actually do NOT think Cassie’s intention was to become the next bachelorette. Last week when her dad looked at her and said, “you’re 23”, I think it hit her. She has so much time to find someone and live out her early 20’s. I think she just got spooked.
    Good for her for being honest and good for Colton for putting himself out there when there were still other girls there. I hope they are able to date outside of the show.

  22. Ali!!! I think you’re wrong in the fact that Cassie doesn’t care for him. I think she really does love him and she’s just scared and in her head way too much! I truly think they’re together now….

  23. This was a tough one for me. Early on, we heard warnings that she was not ready for marriage and that kind of commitment. I think she was more excited about being in Europe than seeing Colton! I think they were hot and heavy, but once that wore off for her, she didn’t see the potential. I don’t even think she wants to date him. I also don’t think her dad had any influence either way. I am very close to my dad and I would have appreciated the conversation. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to bring your true feelings to the surface. At this point, I think if she did come back, it wouldn’t be genuine. The other two girls sadly don’t have a chance of not being heartbroken after seeing this episode. I’m curious to see where this is going to go.

  24. First off, I think the producers sent Cassie’s dad to Portugal to stir the pot. I did love their conversation though and thought it was so real! You could see the shock in Cassie’s face when she found out that her dad didn’t give his blessing and I think that really shook her. I’m not convinced Cassie doesn’t have feeling for Colton, I just think she is worried about hurting him since he is clearly “there” and she needs more time. It’s not uncommon for someone to fall first in the relationship, but it usually doesn’t have the added pressure of a timeline, national TV, and cameras following you everywhere. I was so happy to hear Colton say he will be patient and he would rather be with her and not propose than propose to anyone else. It makes me believe he is genuinely in love with Cassie. My guess is that he sends the other 2 home and goes after Cassie….we’ll see!!

    Also, there is NO WAY he can propose to anyone else now. Can you imagine being one of the other 2 and seeing this episode with him saying she is “the one” and he is always thinking about her when he is with the other two? He put all his eggs in one basket by being so open and I respect that a lot!

  25. First of all, I think Cassie will look back at her conversation with her Dad and thank him immensely in the near future. What an awesome Dad… You could tell he did not fly all the way to Portugal for the trip or the TV time. He was strictly there because he loves his daughter and doesn’t want her to make a mistake. I’m sure he knows how easily it is to get caught up in the show with the pressure of the situation and the producers and I truly feel he had her best interest at heart.

    The part I had trouble with is that Cassie seemed to be wishy washy in her feelings in her conversation with Colton. He even basically said “this doesn’t need to end in an engagement” and “I didn’t expect you to know how you feel right now” – but she still left. I totally agree that 23 is very young to be ready for that type of commitment, HOWEVER to her Dads point… I think if she really was infatuated with him and he was the one… She’d have SOME sort of inclination at this point in her mind. I think she likes him and wants it to work for the sake of the show and the pressure, but she’s just simply not that into him. And I’m not sure Colton got that from their conversation.

  26. As someone with very loving but manipulative parents, Cassie’s dad infuriates me. My parents are my biggest fans as long as I’m doing what they feel is best. The second I think for myself, they react with anger, and the efforts to control me are very aggressive. I’m 30 with my own husband and kids, and this still goes on. I usually bend to what they want just so I avoid rocking the boat. Anyway, what her dad said about knowing right away is not true for everyone, and it upset me he was trying to tell her how she was supposed to feel about someone. When I first had my son, my mom told me it was this immediate love like no other, and she kept asking how I felt. It took me awhile to bond with him honestly and it made me feel like I was doing something wrong. I think Cassie’s feelings were there for Colton, but it all changed when her dad was so aggressive with her, and then came to see her again. Notice how aggressive he was with her when she was talking about her true feelings for Colton, and how gentle he was with her when she was talking about walking away. He was way out of line going to see her again and trying to alter her own thoughts at the hometown date… Classic manipulation. I just wish as a speech pathologist, she could’ve come up with something to say other than I don’t know. You don’t makeout with someone like crazy, then show up for a date, and tell someone you love them and leave. I really think she was torn with her feelings, her dads feelings, and colton’s. Maybe once she’s home and processes everything she’ll realize she made a mistake and maybe not. You can see Colton really loves her. Time will tell 🙂

    1. You summed it up very well! Even when she was talking to him at home. Cassie was telling him to trust her and he clearly didn’t trust her. I forgot what he said but she just caved to him.
      Part of me wished Colton hadn’t told her about her dad not giving his blessing, but I think he was trying to be truthful (and it would definitely have backfired if he didn’t tell her). And then her dad showed up and made it worse! Not everyone gets love at first sight!
      I love my husband and he’s my best friend (almost 30 years married plus 5 more dating). I liked him. I had fun with him. It was a long distance relationship after the first year. Marriage didn’t become a thought until the last year or two of that. We were married at 23, but that was after those 5 years!

    2. Yes!!! Exactly!!!

      And maybe it was edited this way, but when Colton met her family last week, her Dad seemed to have already had his mind made up about him before they even walked through the door.

  27. Ohhh this was the best one! But I feel a little differently. I don’t think it’s necessarily that she DOESNT have feelings for him. I actually think she does, but she is 23 and well I’m sure it’s scary to feel pushed to know if Colton’s the ONE after like 4 weeks. I think that he could still be the “one” and she just isn’t there yet. Which is totally fine. She just felt bad that she wasn’t ready to get engaged and that’s what he wanted. I mean there is no way he can go with one of the other girls now and I bet that him and Cassie reconnect.

    As for her Dad, I thought it was nice of him to have her best intentions in mind, BUT I do feel like he did pressure her in a way by saying she should KNOW that feeling by now. That she should be madly in love at this point, like he was with his wife? I mean I don’t think that’s reasonable either. She should t have to KNOW right now.

    Time will tell❤️

  28. 23 is way too young to consider getting engaged to anyone.
    So much of the show is staged. If you rewatch Colton storming out, notice how the candle lighter is on the railing and he shoves it. DRAMA. The way the show ended where they can’t fibd him is ridiculous, laughable.
    If you rewatch the season and keep in mind that Colton might be gay, it all makes sense. It’s great for ratings and discussions but I feel bad for the women, what a time suck.

    1. I don’t think it’s too young. And I don’t think you can make a general statement like that. It truly depends on the person and there maturity level. I was engaged at 19 and married at 20. Been happily married for almost 7 years with a 15 month old son. Everybody is different and there are older generation that got married under 20 years old who have been married for 50 plus years.

      1. I think 23 is too young to go onto a dating show and decide if you are going to marry someone in 2 months. Well, actually, probably everyone under 50 is too young for that! Ha! So unrealistic but still, she doesn’t know herself well enough yet to make forever decisions in a stressful and manufactured environment. If it was a real world relationship, 23 is perfectly old enough. I was engaged at 24, married at 25 and have been married for 12 years, very happily.

      2. I agree! Depends on the couple. In tons of seasons of The Bachelor /Bachelorette over the years… most have not worked, but some have! I got engaged at 24 and I’m 30 with two kids. Was not too young and we had a very short engagement. Everyone thought I was pregnant, but we just wanted to be married. To each his own 🙂

  29. After what Colton said to Cassie last night, he can’t possibly continue any kind of relationship with either Tayshia or Hannah. I fully believe that Colton & Cassie end up together, only because I heard him state how truly happy he is on a talk show he appeared on last week. Unfortunately I can’t see him being truly happy with either of the 2 remaining girls.

  30. This is one of the worst Bachelor seasons.
    I truly hope that in the future producers will choose someone more mature.
    It’s kind of boring to watch most of the time because none of them have strong, interesting personalities. Conversations are very shallow.
    There should be age limit for men to become The Bachelor, at least 30+ I would say.
    90% of the girls seemed to be there to gain Instagram fame and become influencers.
    What else can you expect from 20-23 year olds.

    1. I so agree, MontaV!! After every date, Colton will say “I had such a fun day.” Every. Single. Time. No interesting conversations. And YES on the influencer comment. It’s a totally different ballgame from when Ali was the Bachelorette.

  31. Such an emotional episode! Ali maybe you wouod have insight here…it would take a lot of prep to bring dad over for the right time…any thoughts on how that may have gone down? I loved that her family recognized her not feeling as strongly as Colton and helping her figure things out but I wonder if that confused her even more….I certainly as a mom would want to help her with such an important decision. She needed time to step back and figure things out away from that crazy situation! I respect all of them but fear that Colton will still get heart broken! I thought I’d be mad at the dad but came away from it with understanding and respect! She needed it! This feels more real than any I’ve seen! After that episode I was irritated at the clips of the women tell all as it comes across as very petty and immature after such a real episode. It will be hard to watch. It will be hard to wait till next week to see how things go down with the other two women then him possibly going to see Cassie, if that’s what happens!

    1. I ageee with you about the women tell all with all the petty fighting in the preview! Part of me says it’s not even worth watching. But I do want to hear what Colton says. As to whichever person asked if he is still a virgin – it’s none of their business! It’s a rude question. I think half of them were there hoping to be that “one” not his wife!

      1. You’re so right! Why would she ask him that question?? None of their business!! I felt bad tonight at the tell all that Caelynn still got no answer from Colten! The immaturity from a lot of these ladies amazed me! But we did get warning!

  32. Do you think this whole thing was just staged to keep the spoilers at bay?? I would not be surprised if this a “ fooled you”moment.

  33. It was a difficult show to watch. Seeing Colton shake like that. He really is hurt and upset. Last face it. Cassie is young. And she did not have the chemistry with him. Regardless of the time frame. You have to feel the sparks intially. Maybe she tried to like him more but knew she just didn’t feel it. And when your that far down the road that’s tough to actually be honest. Good for her to be strong. She needs alone time. So does he. I hope after this the media leaves them alone to figure out their lives and next steps. I pray for Hanna sake he doesn’t propose to her. He declared his only love and would be horrible if he then chose Hannah. GlD Cassie’s dad showed up. Glad they talked. She realized how wrong it was when she was holding him and the camera was on them that it wasn’t real. That look of horror like omg. I have to end this. Look forward to tonight. Thanks Ally for your insight. Love following you. We met in Hawaii when you were pregnant to molly. One of my favourite places on earth and fondest memories of us posing together.

  34. Hi! Love your blog just FYI you accidentally put cassie’s name next to the clothing links when you mentioned Hannah being a model!

  35. Ali, thank you for being honest about how you had the producers call you in the fantasy suite to get out of it! That is a smart way to take the pressure off for both you and Chris. Fans, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the hilarious Bachelor Coloring Book on Etsy that lets you design your own tattoo for Kasey to ‘Guard and Protect your heart’! Haha he was classic!

  36. I can’t imagine any of the other remaining girls watching this now and not thinking: was I second choice? Clearly it was Cassie that he planned to propose to and she broke his heart. I’ll be very interested to see what comes next with the other girls. Taesha Forget it. I should probably say “girl” – Hannah. How will Hannah feel now after seeing this episode? Wow…. love your take on The bachelor, Ali … just one slight correction. Cassie‘s father flew to Portugal, not Thailand. 🙂

  37. Love your insight coming from someone who’s been in Colton spot. Fascinating! PS a couple of proofreading things about this blog post. 1. You accidentally wrote Cassie was a model instead of Hannah. 2. You wrote the last paragraph twice. Just wanted to have your back! 🙂

  38. I felt like Cassie kept waiting for Colton to send her home because she kept telling him “don’t you think it’s bad that I don’t know yet this late in the game” and it annoyed me that she sort of played with his emotions. Especially when she knew how in love with her he was. I also wanted to tell Colton to stop begging her to love him. Honestly though, if I was the other two girls I would want to leave after knowing that he basically had already picked Cassie who knows how many episodes ago, and basically had no intention of going any further with any of the other girls. But their was that “on this season of the bachelor” clips that they played a couple episodes ago where he was at the end ready to propose to someone that he loved and wanted to spend the rest of his life with so that makes me think Cassie is coming back. I would think he’s an asshole if he ends up proposing to one of the other girls after what he said last night.

  39. I realize I’m in the minority here, but I was glad to see Cassie leave. I never saw a connection there and I always felt like she was aloof, and kind of outside of the others with her feelings. That said, I’m not saying she did anything wrong, rather she listened to what she really felt and thought. Shame on Colton for trying to ‘convince’ her when she kept saying she didn’t know if she could get there or not. That’s a huge red flag. He dad said it well in that it can’t be forced and if you have to think that long and hard, and feel conflicted and confused, then it isn’t right. True love is not that hard, it just simply happens. I was so glad she had her dad to bounce things off of and he clearly knows her well enough to see that she just wasn’t into Colton. I agree with others here, though, now I can’t see him with either of the other girls. But if he picked Cassie, they wouldn’t have lasted. She did the right thing, only maybe should have done it sooner. She NEVER seemed into him to me.

  40. I have a bit of a different take on the episode and totally agree that this was my favorite episode of all time because of the realness of it. Tashia’s date was a bit boring and you could totally tell he wasn’t feeling it..especially in the morning…can we say awkward…
    As far as Cassie and Colton…well having read up on her previous 5yr relationship that didn’t work out I believe she is guarded and it is clear how much she values her parents marriage and relationship. I think her feelings for Colton are real which is why she struggled so much with her dad not giving his blessing. It was cute how her chin quivered and you could tell she was trying not to cry…she did the same chin thing when her sister got her emotional during their hometown talk. I think she got so caught up in the fact that her parents both knew right off the bat that they were the one for each other….but if she is still carrying baggage from a previous relationship or has fears that are undealt with then it will take time and should to deal with those things because they do create a block. I love that she knows that marriage is a lifelong commitment and hope that she doesn’t get stuck in the comparison trap. I do have hope that things will work out for them both and would love to see them end up together. It does appear by the preview for next week that he sends the other two girls home. I am excited to see how this plays out.

  41. Eh, I didn’t think it was all that great. The Cassie thing was SO drawn out. She is clearly not ready. I haven’t read spoilers but it’s clear she will come back, he will pick her and I bet they will break up. She is very immature. I have never seen any chemistry with him and Tayshia.

    I like him but this season is boring. The girls are catty and immature – not ready for marriage. The ones that are he has gotten rid of. It makes me wonder if he is really ready.

  42. I honestly think Cassie could have been a little naive and think “well this could never happen to me, but Im going to give a shot anyway” and she ended up really caring for him when she didnt expect to. Im willing to bet she can see a future with him but wasnt ready for a proposal. With the added pressure from the show and the fans to have the finale end in a proposal she probably felt very conflicted because she wasn’t ready, which is a VERY valid reason and she cant be faulted for that.

    I wish more seasons would end up without an engagement because it makes it more “real”. We need to get out of our heads and fixate on the show ending in a proposal.

  43. Not that I’m for bringing up ex’s, and I don’t know anyone personally, but I remember watching your season, and when Frank left, I thought that was it for you. I thought he was just perfect. Not that your other choice wasn’t! Like I said, I don’t know anyone personally. But I remember when you first got with Kevin, I remember thinking how much he looked like Frank! I sincerely mean that in the nicest way possible! First, Kevin is CUUUTE! And, he’s a Chicago boy, which is where I’m from (Go Cubbies!) My point is, you really knew yourself and you even said you had to convince yourself at the end, and Colton May have to do that.
    Anyways, this post is absolutely positively all about love…I promise! I think you ended up exactly who you were meant to be with!

  44. Okay-I don’t watch the Bachelor regularly & maybe saw 2 seasons when it 1st aired. I watched last night & thought it was very refreshing that Colton picked & declared his love for Cassie before the final rose ceremony. Her goodbye was way too long & I will never get that 30 minutes back. When Colton jumped the fence I seriously hoped he would just find a girl in Portugal & we could watch good TV.

  45. I have so many feelings about last night’s episode. I feel like so much of the show was staged. It didn’t feel real. The main takeaway was the fact that Colton didn’t jump into bed. I really admire that about him. In this day and time of promiscuity, it is so nice to see someone take physical intimacy seriously.

  46. I didn’t get that vibe that you’re talking about from Cassie “dude I’m just not that into you” i think she is and she did say she loves him and etc, i think she’s just overthinking it…. and like he told her 100 times there doesn’t have to be a proposal, forget that, let’s just be together…. i don’t blame her for wanting more time. That’s smart. Especially for a 23 year old girl.

    I do wonder if it was somewhat arranged, i don’t think Colton had any clue but maybe the producers wanted her to do that… and then once this episode/show is over, they run back into eachothers arms. Ya know. For ratings.

  47. Ali,

    I don’t know if you will read this comment but I just had to say that my husband Evan edited last night’s episode of The Bachelor and I sent him screenshots of your Instagram stories where your said how much you loved the episode. It made him really happy. We’ve both worked on The Bachelor (and Betty, BIP, etc.) for over fifteen years – (along with other shows like Dwts, American Idol, etc.) And I agree that last night’s episode was one of the rawest, most intense I’ve seen. My hubby also edited the break up scene with Bekah and Arie… And I think last night’s episode was on par with that.

    Also – this is so random – you and I had the same due dates with our sons!…I ended up having my son in May 22 at Cedars, and I believe you and I gave birth in the same hospital room just days apart. I left the room on the early evening of May 22 and I think you were admitted to the same room a few hours later? My best friend Devon followed your pregnancy and told me about the coincidence after the fact – I guess from your birth pictures that you posted to Instagram? Anyway, it’s a small world!

    I love your blog and your family is so beautiful!


    P.s. my Instagram profile is : @leanhealthymom

  48. I actually think he may pull a Jason and Molly situation with Melissa in a way that he does propose to someone and I think he picks Hannah G.
    In the coming attractions you see both girls ride up in helicopters and I think he breaks up with Taysha and chooses Hannah with a ring in hand which you also see in the end as well. Maybe not a proposal but a commitment to date 🤷‍♀️

  49. GREAT EPISODE!!! so real and raw! I truly hope they continue filming down this track! I never read spoilers and I’m so happy that you haven’t this season! I cannot wait to see how this plays out! Ugh, I can’t wait till next week!!!

  50. I think Cassie does have real feelings for Colton! She just let her dad manipulate her into leaving because that is what HE wanted her to do. I hope she sees that and they end up together in the end. Cassie has been my pick for him from day 1.

  51. I was surprised that he was telling her that she was the one. I have always thought he would pick Hanna since the first show even before she got the first impression rose. If you go back and watch Chris asked Colton about Hanna and he said with a huge smile and a twinkle in his eyes that she felt like home.

  52. I think that Cassie’s dad came and switched Cassie’s mindset…she was all in until she heard her parents or her dad were not on board. I think this speaks to her maturity level and being ready for a relationship. She was saying all these wonderful things then STOP as soon as she found out that her dad didn’t give his blessings it was an immediate change. I think her dad gave her wonderful advice but I think it became more about what her family felt than what she did.

  53. With the way they left things it felt more like a “see you later” rather than “goodbye.” Her asking if he was mad at her, and them then kissing didn’t feel final! I’m rooting for them HARD just because it’s so obvious how much Colton loves her and I just want to see the happy ending!

  54. Oh my goodness! This episode was so intense. My husband and I watch this together and he was even on the edge of his seat.
    When he was shaking I felt so bad for him, I was crying for him.
    I too think she will be back and at least tell him she is willing to continue to date to see if she is able to get there with him! At least for Colton’s sake I hope she does give it a fighting chance.

    I can not wait until next week, to see how this all plays out!

  55. Here’s the thing, we remember a couple of episodes back when she was being confronted by Kirpa about not being ready, denying it. Colton even said so so many times that was his biggest fear. The thing is, you know right off if you click with someone. She’s not as into him as he is her and we have all been there. I honestly feel like she should’ve left early on, to give him and the other girls a chance to fall in love. That’s the adult thing to do, as several of the ladies did. I mean, I think it’s about the chase at this point.

  56. Interesting insight! I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

    Tons of comments so I didn’t read through to see if someone pointed this out but you said Hannah is a model and then said said Cassie is in the photos.

  57. Finally a interesting episode!
    I don’t know how anyone is shocked how it went down though… 6 girls told Colton that Cassie wasn’t ready… I get HUGE vibes she wanted to be kicked off to be the next Bachelorette. I truly hope they pick someone older though. Colton was clearly not ready to settle down, going after the one person who isn’t willing. ALWAYS choosing Cassie even though others and even Cassie made it kind of obvious she isn’t going to say yes. I also saw on Jillian Harris fb comments on her recap that Cassie is NOT a Speech Pathologist, but an assistant. So that is kinda messed up to lie about that. Clearly trying to make her seem better than she truly is. If that’s her career goals that’s awesome, but not cool to lie to millions of fans about who she actually is.
    PLEASE ABC pick someone with some personality and who actually wants to get married. These girls were only vetted for their looks, not their actual values.
    WHY do 23 year old models need help finding love anyway? I miss the old days…

    1. She discussed this on her Instagram awhile ago. ABC asked her, in other wards, told her, they were changing it. I am sure she could have fought them but the network ultimately has final decision. She graduates next year. Such a dumb thing for ABC to care about but they said it was too long

  58. Hi Ali,

    Did Cassie’s dad fly to Thailand or Portugal?? I thought their conversation was after hometowns, which were after Thailand…but I could be wrong. They showed it last night like it was in Portugal (where overnights were happening). If the conversation DID happen in Thailand, that is super interesting because he wouldn’t have even met Colton yet?

  59. I think they will still end up together. I think it is also fear of it all moving too fast and the pressure of the show/getting engaged. If they were in the real world, they would be dating and totally having a great time. And I am sure once her family gets to know him better, they will give their blessing. I can not see him proposing to the other 2 girls especially after all that was said to Cassie.

  60. I hope I’m not aging myself here but I honestly feel that most of Colton’s Girls are way to young and definitely to immature to be on this show. Even Colton himself has some growing up to do. Regarding last night’s episode I felt like they dragged it on way to long. Yes, you bet I like everyone else feels bad for Colton. He should have just walked away. Cause the more he kept trying, the further away she got. You know the old saying. We all like a little chase. As in the more he told her how he felt the further away her feelings got. Her age was so pevelenf especially when she kept running her hands through her hair and said I’m so confused I don’t know. I’m mean really now _ why do these people even come on this show? Because they only want a chance to be famous. I do think highly of ABC & Chris Harrison but I really do wish that they would do a better job screening these candidates instead of simply picking Beauty for Drama. There are so many other genuine people out there that would love the opportunity to find the love of there life They need to focus their efforts or people that are more mature and serious about what they want from life. There are too many other reality shows that out there that focus on the younger crowd.

    With respect,
    A dedicated Fan who wishes they would target the 40 & 50 year olds.

    * One last thing: The girls that tried to tell Colton that cassidy & katlyn were on the show for the wrong reasons – were absolutely correct. Colton made himself look even worse by choosing not to believe this.

  61. Hi Ali! Loved reading your thoughts. I agree it was a wonderful and raw episode and really hard to watch. My heart breaks for both Cassie and Colton and I too think Cassie will be back. Can’t wait to see what happens next week!!

    I just wanted to point out a name error in your blog post (although I’m sure others have pointed it out now :-)). You said Hannah is a model but then right under that mentioned Cassie being in the pictures modelling when I think you meant to say Hannah 🙂

  62. I think the 2 of them will end up dating after this . I think she’s falling in love with him but she needs more time & I think it just needs to be the 2 of them & no cameras around . I’m crossing my fingers anyway .

  63. Ali, you stole the words right out of my mouth! That is the best episode in history.!! It was hard to watch and Colton was exactly what every man should be. I cannot wait until next week.

  64. I didn’t read all the commentaries .. but I may be the only one to say this…
    Why do I think that this was a whole plan!!???
    Her story line. A line that was not yet done in bachelor history.
    I say this was a whole family plan! IF I don’t get chosen.. all is good! I’ll keep on being the beautiful good girl next door with a broken heart!
    If Im still in the show… then plan B.. papa comes along and saves the day. PERFECT STORY Line.
    Either way.. fame is there and she’s ready to cash in the money.
    Note. She’s been in reality already and her sister walks the red carpet. Beautiful blond family reaching fame.
    Blonds rather than the Kardashian’s traditional dark haired look when they started.
    Sorry. I’m convinced of this.
    She was hoping to not last “this long “

  65. Hi Ali, it’s the first time I disagree with you 🙂 I didn’t like the conversation between her and her dad at all. I felt like he is manipulating her and being controlling..since her love is at the blossoming phase it is very fragile and not verbal, the pressure of the show is what caused her second guess herself, and I loved Colton’s reaction and how he was trying to help her by giving her time and take away this pressure. But since she trusts her dad more, she was already convinced that she needs to leave. I loved how he caught for her and thought that is beautiful, and happy that he didn’t held back, since he would always regret not fighting for her. I really hope she will realize that she made a mistake and get back to him. It is so obvious how compatible they are!

    1. Luna, I agree, I think her dad influenced her decision and she wanted to please him. I commented the same way as you.

  66. I gotta say I loveeeed it too! Especially how they showed her conversation with her Dad, and honestly, he’s right. In my experience when you know you know and I do think he’s not the one for her. I so admire her dad and the way he approached the conversation and to me the take away was that he would have said yes if he had seen a Cassie that was in love. But he clearly felt something was off and values marriage so who can blame him for not just going along to get along!?

  67. I know editing can play a part on what the audience views. With that said, it appeared last night that Cassie did not change until Colton mentioned her dad not giving his blessing. Some have already commented that it could be a control issue with her dad and knowing he didn’t approve or consent to a proposal threw her into a tailspin, And ohhh lordy she spiraled out of lust, like, contentment, giddiness, and silliness in a heartbeat. Her dad showing up and repeating everything again did NOT help. Why not empower her to trust herself and her feelings. She clearly has feelings for him because I don’t know anyone that can lock lips allllllllll the time as they do if there were not more feelings involved. Also, last thing, I loved that Colton did not pressure her at all. He stated he would wait and be patient and that he wanted to be with her, but when she said, “I need to go” he simply said, “Ok”. Can’t wait to see the finale.

  68. OK, I disagree to some extent. I think she really does love/care for him but is just afraid because things are happening so quick. I do however think that the dad influenced her and made her believe that she really didnt care for him and therefore it confused her and she didnt want to disappoint her dad so she went along with it. I think IMO that was wrong. I think she loves him more than she lets on but she wants to be obedient to her dad. I do think he handled it well with her but again I think he should have stayed out of it because like Colton said, she didnt have to get engaged right away, he was willing to take things slow and work with her and to me that is the only way to give the relationship a chance and I think she should have agreed to that and see where it went. After dating a while if then she felt that there wasnt anything there then fine, but they should date for a while just the two of them without other girls in the waiting and then they can really see if there is any chemistry, therefore I was disappointed in the whole scenario. I do hope that she ends up coming back somehow.

  69. This is my first blog I have ever responded to. I hope I’m commenting in the right place. I just re-watched last nights episode just to see if I missed anything. If anything, I saw it the situation a lot better. After last night I felt soooo frustrated. I do think Cassie is young and doesn’t know what she totally wants. I felt really bad for Colton, but you can’t chase love like that. I also think it was drawn out way to long. That’s just my opinion. I really wish Hannah had, had her date with him. She seems to have her stuff together. Then again things can change, But I think during the couple months between shooting the show and now. That Colton found Cassie and they are together, or perhaps during the break he contacted Hannah. I don’t know. I’m recording WTA now. I will watch it later, so I don’t have to watch the commercials. When I was re-watching last nights episode a little while ago. I realize that Cassie said “I don’t now”and “I’m confused” so so many times. LOL. We shall see what happens. Thank you for doing all your blogs. I love and enjoy reading them and you have beautiful family.

  70. I literally just just texted my husband “ this was the all time best Bachelor episode ever”! I love how real they were together and how honest she was. I disagree with her that every love story has to include both people “ knowing right away”. It was so heart breaking but I think she does love him. I think so much of it was pressure and timing, along with the expectations of the show. It’s probably a long shot but I’m still rooting for them to end up together somehow.

  71. Ali,

    I completely agree that the past episode was so raw and heartwrenching. I recently saw a meme on Instagram that had a picture of Cassie saying, “Did this for followers and now a virgin is obsessed with me.” We can all hope that this is not true, but I was wondering how you think the bachelor/bachelorette has changed since social media. Are more people applying for followers, likes, and insta fame? It is definitely something that future rose givers will have to decipher.

  72. I absolutely 100% agree with you Ali! I have a hunch she comes back! I could tell she was heart broken too 💔

  73. I just came across one article where Reality Steve announces the next Bachelorette .

    I can tell you only two things:

    1. I think this will come as a shock to many people.
    2. I really, really, really, really, really hope that this is a wrong information and someone else will be the Bachelorette. If that’s the truth then be prepared to have another extremely boring season of Bachelorette.

    1. Yikes. I wonder what his track record is for that? And thank you for not saying who. I have my suspicions and would like to say I won’t watch if……but I also am not a Colton fan and here I am caught up in all this again….. in any case, i suspect it will be interesting and some will be happy, some will not.

  74. My heart was hurting for Colton. But I don’t think Caissie was saying he’s not the right guy for her. I think like others are saying, she didn’t think she could get to a point of accepting a proposal in 2 weeks. But Colton saying that she didn’t have too and that she had not even met his family yet, trying to convince her to give it more time, was sad. I think it’s good she left. Distance makes the heart grow fonder right? I too also believe she will be back!
    I was so annoyed after Colton and Taysias fantasy suite date. You could tell how TAYSHIA was acting, they didn’t go all the way. The disappointment was written all over her face. I don’t think they’re right for each other.

  75. Hi Ali , wow yikes agree what a nite i got to watch the whole show and i must say the over nite with taishia my opinion went well but in the morning colton kinda quick gotta out of bed than she did they sat on the couch for a few minutes chatted he just looked confused they kissed a few times then he left , about cassie im glad her dad flew in in to when her dad said ” when i first met your mom i knew that was gonna be the love of my life ” her dad told told her you will have them feelings and asked do you love colton she said i like him dad says then you must tell colton your not in love be up front her dad was agree asked questions didnt tell her what to do . I have a feeling to he ends up with cassie just because when she was trying to leave shed grabbed colton and cry and kiss so i know she has feelings for him i think once she left it probably hit her how much colton does love her and they do reconnect. I feel so bad for taishia and hannah i always cry did for you to last ones who have to go home broken hearted .
    Ali im so glad you found Kevin you two no doubt are a perfect pair , you two have two beautiful kids and spend so much time with them , im so happy for you .

  76. I felt her emotional pain, where I had tears in my eyes, and felt like this was another episode of Jake and Vienna!! Where it seemed to be all about him, and not about the one he liked..I feel he just wants it to be about him, and he’s not even thinking about “Love” …He is thinking about himself and where he will me in the end…The bachelor/bachelorette in some cases is wishing false hope, but if a guy or woman really want to be connected they should really be ready for fairness of some, and hope that the person you chose isn’t in for just fame n fortune!!

  77. I didn’t read all comments but I truly loved the episode and Cassie’s honesty. And Colton fighting for the one he truly loves. My feeling was that Cassie is afraid of being hurt no matter what Colton says, perhaps worried he is telling the other girls the same thing – we know better. My hope in the end is that the Producers talk her into staying, even though we saw her driving away in the limo. I have liked Cassie from day one of the season and I believe Colton is a sincere person. I do not like spoilers and avoid all. I have one friend that has finally gotten that message from me. I am looking forward to next week and pray it works out for Colton.

    I really like the way Hannah B handled herself last night. Looking forward to seeing who the next Bachelorette will be.

    I believe we will see Demi in Bachelor in Paradise – perfect personality for that show.

  78. YouTube ” Young Once season 1” . You will barely recognise Cassie. I was shocked when I saw this today, and that video was published at the beginning of October 2018. That means Cassie did quite a lot of plastic surgery/adjustments right before The Bachelor, I think.
    To me looks like lip fillers, cheek fillers and nose . In that Young Once episode she looks like a completely different person. Just wow.

  79. I did like her, I tho k she led him on. She was all up in the bed with him on one of their dates. She is imature and has. I idea what she wants. I think she came into this for not the right reasons. The other girls knew. She was not honest.

  80. The whole time I was watching his interaction with Cassie I was thinking – how can this show go on? How can he choose another girl when they are clearly his second choice? I cannot wait to see what ends up happening. I honestly had my heart set on Hannah the entire season, but now I am rooting for Cassie to come back. It is the only way it can end happily for Colton. What a crazy episode!!! Hannah is also a model for Show me your mumu – they have some super cute clothes as well Ali!!!

  81. I really don’t buy into the whole “when you know, you know” and “if you don’t JUST KNOW, then it’s not right” philosophy. The whole first 6 months of dating my now-husband, I was full of doubts and questions and I was completely unconvinced that we were meant to be. It took time. Our flame was a slow burn. But now it is 6 years later, we are married and expecting our first baby, and he is the love of my life. So if Cassie has a nagging feeling that this isn’t right, then that’s one thing. But it sounds like she’s also persuaded (by her dad’s story and maybe a bit of the societal expectation) that when you meet “the one” you are supposed to “just know.” I think that’s not always the case.

  82. I believe Cassie IS In Love with Colton… but her face when Colton told her he did not receive her fathers blessing was a pivotal moment for her… she’s conflicted because she wants her parents fairytale…. she will figure it out… I believe Colton fights for her and they end up together…. wishing them much luck! Endless Love n happiness!!!… and Ali your delightful!!!…❤️

  83. Hi Ali! Spot on with Cassie’s dad giving great advice and helping her see things clearly. I always feel it is best for the man to pursue the woman and not the other way around, so I am looking forward to seeing what he does next. An engagement after knowing each other such a short amount of time is not necessary. I
    Thanks for linking Hannah’s modeling photos! Those outfits are adorable and she certainly rocks them! I’m surprised Colton doesn’t see her as a option. Men sometimes love the challenge maybe that’s part of the appeal of still wanting Cassie!

  84. Here’s the other thing I find really interesting— when Caelynn left last week and she said to Cassie “get engaged”, I feel like those two had probably talked enough that Caelynn knew of Cassie’s concerns/doubts about the whole situation. I don’t think Caelynn was being “competitive” when she told that to Cassie, I think that was her way of reassuring her that it would be okay to get engaged and that was Caelynns’s last ditch effort to encourage Cassie to “get engaged”.

  85. My heart really hurt for Colton, but all I could think about was that if he ended up proposing to one of the other two girls, imagine how they feel watching this episode. He practically begged Cassie to stay and made it clear that she was the one he planned to propose to. If he ended up proposing to one of the other girls, now she knows that she was second choice. Has to be awkward for Colton and heartbreaking for the girl.

  86. I may be in the minority here, but I think her dad led her to her decision a little bit when he told her that she should, or would, know by now. I agree with Ali about how their conversation was real and she is so lucky to have such an amazing father, but I don’t agree with how that conversation went. I think it’s wonderful that her parents have such a full marriage and that they knew right away, but that is not the norm. I feel like Cassie is set up to think that in order to have what her parents have she will feel it immediately and that might cause her to overlook people. They have only been together a short time, of course it’s normal to not know by now if he is her person. He offered her an alternative to a proposal, and she still didn’t want it so maybe there is more behind what she’s saying. Maybe she really doesn’t want to be with him but she’s afraid to be direct with him.

    Yes, Hannah G is BEAUTIFUL!!

  87. Ali I agree with many of your comments except for the one where you say that Cassie doesn’t care about Colton. I actually feel it’s the opposite of that. I believe she does love him but needs more time and is not ready for an engagement. Colton has mentioned since the beginning that he wanted an engagement at the end of this and that’s what she’s referring to when she says she doesn’t know if she can get there. I hope that he either goes to her before leaving Portugal or back in the States and they continue their relationship because I think those two are good together.

  88. I am surprised you feel the way you do. I was excited to read your blog because your stance since the beginning as been that it all happens too fast for an engagement. I’m not sure whether to think she isn’t that into him or did her Dad scare her by saying that she should know if she loves him enough at this point. I totally disagree with her Dad on that. I think she could be really falling in love with him but now is doubting herself because her Dad acted like she should know when they’ve only been on like 5 dates. How could she possibly know for sure? She’s around other girls that seem head over heels in love and because she doesn’t feel as strongly as they say they do…she’s doubting it working out for them in the end.

  89. I only wish Cassie heard her moms side of her parents love story. I guarantee it was perceived differently. Her advice may have been different. Cassie seemed to really listen to her dad and began to question her own feelings.

  90. I would disagree, with Cassie’s Dad being unbiased and not steering her towards his preferred choice which was clearly for her to leave the show. He used the word “should” a lot when referring to a forever relationship, and I don’t think how it feels and looks for one couple is how is “should” look and feel for another. I can totally understand how confused and upset she was though after finding out her Dad hadn’t given his blessing if they were to get engaged, I would also struggle with that. The producers really created a perfect storm with that set up!

    I also think Cassie did care for Colton but just thought she should be more ready to commit to an engagement then she was (which is totally reasonable considering they have only known each other a couple of months). She was into him just not ready to say “yes” to an engagement.

    I agree, I think we are going to see Colton going after her in the finale next week. There is no way he could continue with Hannah or Tayshia after all this!

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