The Bachelor – Hometowns

Caelynn’s Hometown

Every season when we see the contestants bring the Bachelor or the Bachelorette to their hometown, it’s always kind of comical to me. We see each person try to explain to their family why the relationship is real and the families all just kind of roll their eyes and wonder how it’s possible. They are right to feel that way! It’s absolutely insane at this point in the process that Colton or any Bachelor would ask for someone’s hand in marriage when they’re still three other girls in the picture. Think about how crazy that is!

So even though for the majority of Caelynn’s hometown I found myself laughing at the ridiculousness of it all, there was one moment that had me in absolute tears! And that was the moment between her and her dad. It was one of the rare, realist and purest moments on the show ever. Although I do think it’s pretty funny that he was questioning Colton, and then she pivoted to talking about how he was a great dad which basically turned him to mush and he forgot all about Colton. He seems like a really sweet father. And I am happy that Caelynn has had such a strong male figure in her life, especially with everything she’s been through.

And isn’t it weird how Caelynn, and other people on the show every season, over explain that “I love you”. Like she begin by saying something like, and I’m paraphrasing here, “I know last week in Denver I told you I was falling in love with you and I can confidently say without any doubt that I love you.” Who talks like that?! Ha! I don’t even remember what I said on my season – I don’t think I ever used the word love but I’m pretty sure I spoke the same way about falling in love. Nobody really does that in real life. When you fall in love with someone you just say it. In a moment of passion and love, you say I love you. It’s always so over explained on the show. And that’s another reason I’m confident it’s never really real. If it were real it would just come out, “I love you!” I’ve seen that happen a few times in the show and I’ve always felt like those I love you’s are the most genuine. Again, I can’t really judge what people are feeling, but I can say based on being in this position before, that the feelings you’re feeling are because you think you’re supposed to be feeling a certain way at this point – rather than actually feeling that way.

Hannah’s Hometown

I honestly loved the etiquette class. I always find those things fascinating. And Colton’s line about who has time to eat a little nibble of bread at a time, had me dying laughing! I was watching while at work and I literally burst out laughing.

However, I feel like Hannah’s hometown was pretty short. Not a ton of stuff to talk about other than to say I think their connection is strong! Just not the most interesting. But that’s not a bad thing.

Tayshia’s Hometown

I thought it was absolutely bonkers that they went skydiving on the date! I would have cried like a little girl if I was in Colton’s shoes. So I’m proud of him for going for it. However, I just thought the date was ill timed. In my opinion the whole point of hometowns is getting to know the town in an area that made the person who they are today. I don’t feel like Colton learned anything about Tayshia’s upbringing by going skydiving. He learned she’s ballsy! But I think he already knew that.

Tayshia’s dad is also one of my favorite people in the show ever! I don’t know why I’ve never thought of the show as a microwave of relationships but that’s totally what it is! He’s a genius! And he’s right. You microwave lust, not love.

Cassie’s Hometown

Of course she’s a surfer! She’s gorgeous, has a great personality, and now she’s athletic too! Ha! This girl is basically perfect. I would think Colton was crazy if he wasn’t in love with her. Heck, I’m in love with her! Ha!

Also, her parents should procreate a whole bunch more because they make beautiful people! Every single person in their family is absolutely gorgeous. I seriously see them having a reality show of their own after this.

Although I was shocked when her dad said she was only 23. I didn’t realize that. Ughhhhhh! That’s SOOOO young to rush into a marriage! I was only 25 when I was on the show but I think those 2 years make a BIG difference. And I’m honestly not even sure I was ready at 25. In fact I’m sure I wasn’t. Not because I wasn’t capable of love and get married. I think I could have gotten married but only after knowing someone for a LONG time. I feel like as you get older you know more about yourself and can make decisions about relationships quicker because you had so much more experience – if that makes sense. To clarify, I think it’s possible to fall in love quick at any age (I know many will comment on this saying they met their husband at 19 or got married at 23 and that’s GREAT!) But falling for someone FAST is LESS likely to be right when you are younger in my opinion. You just don’t know yourself as well.

Rose Ceremony

I was honestly very surprised to see Caelynn go home. I thought for sure it would be Tayshia. And my heart broke for Caelynn. Truly!

One of the hardest things about the show, especially when you’re the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, is that you’re sort of forced to lead people on. And that’s the truth. Especially at hometowns. Put yourself in Colton’s shoes. He had to go meet her family and basically try not to look like a total dick in front of them by making it seem like he didn’t care about their daughter. He almost has to put on shows so that each family feels like their daughter is a priority at this point in the show. It’s hard to explain but it’s just such a weird and tricky situation. And then as the lead you’re kind of coached to lead people on if you’re not feeling the relationship. Yeah, once in a while you can send people home early on dates but let’s face it, someone would go home before the rose ceremony every single week if you sent people home every time you felt like it. I’ve said it 1 million times but I would’ve sent 28 of the 30 guys home the first night and every day after that since I knew my top two from the very first day. So I get why Caelynn feels blindsided. I understand why she feels stupid. But she shouldn’t! She was led to believe that she was the one. It’s not Colton’s fault. It’s not her fault. It’s just the nature of the show. It sucks but that’s the way it is.

I think Caelynn is for SURE in the running to be the next Bachelorette. Would you guys like to see her as the next Bachelorette? I would! I think she is a sweetheart!

I always love to share the outfits I’ve posted over the week with you guys! This top is so cute and perfect for the spring! AND it’s only $29.99!!!! Such a deal! I love this new outfit I got for Molly as well, and so does she! You probably saw it on my Instagram stories this morning because she wanted to wear it to school!!

Well, that’s it for this weeks Bachelor updates! What were your thoughts on last night’s episode? Were you as blindsided as Caelynn was that she was sent home? Who do you want to be the next Bachelorette? Can’t wait to discuss more in the comments!



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147 thoughts on “The Bachelor – Hometowns

  1. I always love reading your blogs about the bachelor so interesting to get the “inside” look on it all. I feel like they never show much about Hannah..anyone else agree?

    I feel that Colton and Tayshias date was the easiest almost like they didn’t have to force their connection.. but I was also surprised she didn’t get sent home.

    I do think he will choose Cassie it’s pretty obvious at this point but still interesting!

    Getting close to the final rose 🌹

      1. I think next week is Fantasy Suite dates on Monday and then the Women Tell All on Tuesday… I think thst’s what it said at the end of the show last night!

    1. The real highlight of hometowns…Hannah G’s dad! His dropping a beat was so stinking cute!

      I definitely think Caelynn is in the running for bachelorette. What I’m struggling with having one of these girls becoming the bachelorette though is that some of these girls are SO young. I mean 23 and 24. That throws me off just a little but they could definitely surprise me.

  2. Always love reading your perspective on the show! The only thing that left a sour taste in my mouth was how Caelynn reacted at the Rose ceremony. First when she said ‘this is bulls*it’ when her and Cassie were vying for the final rose. But what really rubbed me the wrong way was when she was being sent home, she turned to Cassie and said ‘get engaged.’ To me, if she believed she were falling in love with Colton and could see herself at the end, I don’t care how close you are to Cassie, I wouldn’t be able to tell her to get engaged if I had truly just had my heart broken. That made me feel as if she just viewed it as a competition rather than truly hoping to find her person. I’m pulling for Tayshia to be the next bachelorette, she’s fun, a little bit older, has a solid head on her shoulders, and I think she is at a closer place in her life to settle down.

    Excited to see what the last couple weeks hold! Hope you are starting to feel better! I just stopped nursing my 10 month old son and I’m really missing it too! Hang in there mama!

    1. I agree 100% about Caelynn!! The comment to Cassie solidified my thought that she was more into the competition part of the process. That comment was weird.

          1. Agree! I also believe 100% Cassie is not in this for the right reasons….and i feel like Colton will pick her and it makes me sad for him

      1. I agree too. I even think cassie was a little caught off guard with caelynns comment. She totally looked at it as a competition instead of natural love growth.

      1. I totally agree with you ladies!! It almost kinda confirmed what Kirpa and Tayshia were saying last week. Something seems off with those 2 girls.

        1. I agree with you ladies, too. I was shocked at Caelynn’s comments to Cassie. I really do not want to see her as the next bachelorette. I agree that Tayshia would be perfect. I really like her!!

    2. Somewhere I missed where the other beauty pageant contestant went home? I need to rewatch when that was. I was for sure ABC told him to keep those two to the end because they are competitors.

      I don’t see it with Cassie.

    3. I guess I didn’t really think about it that way when I watched but I totally see what you are saying. However, when someone gets hurt they can say things out of anger. I think she thought it was “bullshit” because she KNEW Colton had a very strong connection with Cassie and she felt blindsided by him – and she WAS! Like I said above – he is basically told to lead the girls on.

      The “get engaged” part was a weird way of saying it but I don’t read too much into it. But I love hearing what you guys think!

        1. I agree with you and felt that was her way of showing Cassie her support, even though they became great friends while dating the same guy.

    4. I totally didn’t think of it that way last night, but the way you put it makes so much sense. Maybe she was just hurt & angry, but it was really immature.

      Something about Cassie bothers me. I’m not sure what it is. Something just seems off.

      Taysha for Bachelorette for sure!!

      1. Cassie can’t say I LOVE you, or I Am falling in love with you, because she doesn’t feel it yet! And she is taking it slow, which is a good thing; and Colton is head over heels for her and he is hoping, she will “Feel” it at the end. He is holding out on “hope”. And I don’t like the thought of Caelynn being the next Bachelorette, so much of her in this season, seemed fake.

    5. THANK YOU for saying this!!! I totally agree!!! It made me totally not believe her tears when she said goodbye to Colton. It looked like she almost smiled at Cassie and laughed when Tashia got the rose. I definitely see too much of a “clique” with Cassie and Caelynn and it leaves me feeling so uneasy about this whole thing. And now I just feel bad for Colton and feel he doesn’t deserve this game they are playing. If you are that heartbroken, you do not save your friend the week before and then turn to her and say “get engaged” in the next minute. Crazy! I hope she isn’t bachelorette.

    6. Caelynn really rubbed me the wrong way at the rise ceremony. Her comment that “this is bull**** was uncalled for. I also felt like her limo exit was almost like an audition for the Bachelorette just did not feel genuine. I could be wrong but that is just the feeling that I have. Out of the girls left I feel like Taysia would be the strongest candidate for Bachelorette. At 28 she seems like she would be the most ready!

      1. Not to mention Caelynn is MEAN!!! She said Hannah G relies on her looks and there is not much to her and she called Taysha a stupid b**** she also accused Hannah b of being jealous of her (because God forbid there could be another reason Hannah and her don’t get along anymore)! I don’t care if she was defensive or caught off guard, name calling is never okay.

    7. I agree! NO WAY on Caelynn for the Bachelorette! She also is only 23, Ali! She and Cassie both are too young and Caelynn saying “this is bull@&$” & then “get engaged” to Cassie was so inappropriate & misplaced! That’s true pageant/want to “win” behavior, if she truly in love & was blindsided, why would you say that to a fellow competitor. Cassie is way too young and they honestly have chemistry but no real depth has been shown in their relationship. Tasia is too fresh off of a divorce. I think Hannah G is the one in the end. I hope so. Cassie is in it for the followers. Please no for Caelynn for Bachelorette! Bring back Elyse. She’s confident & ready at 31!

    8. I 100% agree about Caelynn…she is not my favorite, and I think I will not watch if she’s the bachelorette. All the drama she has been the center of. I also agree with someone who said that having a young bachelorette would be so hard to watch. This season has been hard with all the young girls-too much drama and ridiculous behavior.

    9. I agree! She doesn’t seem sincere. Plus Caelynn even said to her dad she “went into this thinking it’s going to be fun…I’m going to have a good time….” which to me sounded like she wasn’t there for the right reasons to begin with

    10. I agree!! I do not think caelynn is as innocent as we all think. I do see some fakeness to her and I think the rose ceremony gave us just a glimpse of that.

  3. I totally thought tayisha was going to be sent home. I wasnt Overly confident in Cassie’s date either but I felt Like she was the most real. They just seem to have a different connection. I know The producers lead us viewers to think one thing when the opposite happens and we’re all over here shocked lol I’m all about Caylynn being the next bachelorette!!!

      1. Yep! 23 or just turned 24😳. I don’t think any of them should be bachelorette because I agree, 23 is sooo young to get engaged so quickly!

    1. My opinion of Caelynn is that she seems emotionless! Even during that sweet conversation with her dad, she seemed like a statue. She was saying the words, but there was no emotion on her face. Same thing when she told Colton she loved him. No emotion whatsoever.

      Tayshia – no! Can’t wait to see her go home!
      Hannah just seems like she wants to get physical with Colton.
      Cassie seems cautious, but interested.

      I’m not convinced that Colton has anyone head-over-heels for him at this point and I’m not sure why! He seems like such a great guy.

      1. Totally agree with this! I’m wondering if they aren’t really into him- hence the fence jump coming…and I do not think any of these girls should be Bachelorette! Maybe Elyse like someone mentioned?

  4. By the comments Caelynn made to Cassie at the rose ceremony, it has almost lead me to believe they are both there to win. It seems as though it is more of a competition to them instead of actually looking for love with Colton. After last weeks episode when their motives were questioned, and then this week, I am no longer routing for Cassie. Colton seems head over heels in love with her, and she is the only one who can’t reciprocate the feelings. Which is actually genuine, but confusing. I am routing for Hannah to win, and Tayshia to be the next Bachelorette.

    I am so bummed I feel like this way about Cassie. She was one of my faves early on!

  5. They’re all so young this season. Makes it hard for me to take it seriously. Yes they can all fall in love and get married, but they talk about all their life experience and jobs etc, but at 23 you’re just starting your adult life. Just makes me wonder how ready to settle down they are after knowing a guy for 6 weeks. Like you said Ali, the older you get, the more you know you, so the more you know what you want in a partner.

    -31 and still single, Annie

  6. Thanks for recap Ali, always love hearing your perspective….you didn’t get really into Cassie not reciprocating many feelings for Colton. Did anyone else notice that she seemed disappointed in getting the rose? I think she was hoping to be sent home…maybe so she could be in running for bachelorette?? I don’t think you get to do it if you’re the one who breaks up with the bachelor.

    1. I agree- cassie was apprehensive in revealing her feelings and that she isn’t there yet. I can see the two of them together in an exclusive dating relationship, BUT I cannot see them married just yet.

      1. I really like Hannah also, she seems so genuine and really in this to find a life long partner and not a competition. I know that he has issues with Cassie in the end and it shows as they go along that she isn’t really ready to get married or even engaged. I think there are so many red flags with Cassie I would run for the hills no matter how much I thought I liked her. She isn’t able to commit now to anything not really even to kind of caring about him. Again, I really like Hannah and she is my pick for Colton and also so much for the bachelorette if she is so inclined.

        1. I agree! Hannah and Colton make the cutest couple. I thought from the beginning that she was a good choice for him…she is really pretty and seems sweet also. Plus, she is from Bama!

          1. I agree Cassie is not ready. I think her and Caelynn thought of it as a competition and Cassie is not ready for an engagement or marriage. I love Hannah ! She has been my pick from the very start! She is sweet , genuine, and Beautiful! I hope he pick her ! However if not I really hope she is the next bachelorette! ❤️

  7. I’m so glad he sent Caelynn home. I feel like she has been out for fame and to be the next Bachelorette from day one. She just doesn’t come across as very nice, either. I will skip the next season if they pick her, she’s so fake! I usually agree with everything Ali says about the show, but definitely not this. 👎🏼

  8. Love your recaps!!

    I felt bad for Caelynn too but mainly because he didn’t really say anything to her when he walked her out. She just cried and he hugged her. That was it! I found that so odd. I also found it odd that she told Cassie to go get engaged. That makes me feel like she truly wasn’t in it for the right reason. I’d rather see Hannah B as the Bachelorette over Caelynn.

    I think Colton is head over heels in love with Cassie. I’d be shocked if it wasn’t her in the end. The fact that she isn’t telling him she loves him makes him love her even more.

    I like Hannah but he just doesn’t seem to feel the same way for her. She is so sweet though and gorgeous! She won’t have any trouble finding love.
    I lost all respect for Tayshia after last weeks episode when Tayshia tore the girls apart. Women should lift each other up and she did not do that. I was disappointed in that because I liked her up until then.

    Cassie and Colton clearly have the strongest connection in my opinion! And, I agree with you! That whole family is gorgeous! They make pretty kiddos and Cassie’s Mom looks like she could be their sibling! I’m jealous! Haha

    I look forward to your blog every week! Thank you for taking the time to continue writing these!!

    1. I agree with all of your comments, Beth. I do think Caelynn is a smart woman but I feel like every gesture she makes and every word she speaks is super calculated. She never appears to be completely relaxed or comfortable. She is playing a role, portraying an image and saying what she thinks will gain her points with whoever she is interacting.

  9. Caelynn still got her wish with the chance to be the next bachelorette, so there’s that.

    Hannah still my front runner.

    Tayisha I agree about the skydiving, only thinking about fear is not a good way to go.

    Cassie just seems in it for the game, I don’t see her committing in the end.

  10. I mean no disrespect to you, but I think they should not bring back anyone who had already been on the show. Your day was different. Now everyone has figured out that they could be the next bachelor or bachelorette. Definitely think a large number go on the show for the purpose of being the “next”. I really think Colton did that.

  11. No no no to Caelynn as the bachelorette!! She’s so fake. I honestly hope they don’t choose anyone from this season!

  12. This has been such an interesting season. I still don’t feel like I know Hannah very well, though they certainly seem to have a strong connection. I think he and Tayshia seem to have a great time together, but I don’t think she will be the one. If Cassie isn’t ready – well, I don’t blame her! She’s 23 years old and in grad school; to your point Ali, she has a lot of life left to live. Sometimes I wonder why am engagement is the end goal of this show…couldn’t the lead and their person just be together at the end of it?

    I am a hard no to Caelynn as Bachelorette. Does anyone remember in the last episode, when Colton confronted her about Tayshia’s comments. She was understandably taken aback, and I don’t think that she & Cassie made the comments they were accused of. However, in her individual interview, she was dropping all sorts of swears and showed a different side of herself. Not to mention her comments when she did not receive a rose in this episode. I’d be much more interested to watch Taysia as the Bachelorette.

  13. No to Caelynne as the next Bachelorette.
    Anyone who is emotionally involved with someone and is dumped (sent home) does not look at another person and say get engaged. No real emotions there whatsoever.

    And – this set of girls are toooo young! They are girls rather than women. Their high school/ sorority like whining and arguing confirms that.

    Btw, loved the reality check the dads gave Colton last night: “ I just met you!!”

    I think the show needs to recalibrate itself. For several reasons, participants opt to be on the show to launch an instagram career vs the early seasons. At the beginning, no one even knew that was a potential perk.

    I think the girl who went home with the statement dress is a good choice. Sorry can’t recall her name.

    All that and I still watch every week. Lol
    Love your post!

  14. I blog about my thoughts after each episode, too. Your comment about “I love you.” One of my exes one day told me, over text, that he felt a certain way about me but wasn’t ready to say it out loud so he told me he found a song that explains it. Looking back I think it was weird. Why not just say it instead of tiptoeing? lol

  15. Although I feel that Cassie and Colton are a better match, Cassie told on herself many times that she wasn’t there yet, and didn’t validate Colton about her feelings for him. I can’t see her getting married to anyone right now either. But if it ends up Cassie and Colton, they can have alot of fun dating and get to know each other.
    I liked the other girls too, but it is hard to see any of them with Colton for the long haul.

  16. I was bummed he let Caelynn go and how he did it. Afterwards he led her outside and basically just watched her cry and never gave her a reason why he let her go. That made me mad for her.
    I have a question for you that I’ve always wondered. In the hometowns is that truly everyone’s actual home? They just always seem overly nice and well decorated, doesn’t seem for real. Love to her what you have to say Ali.
    Ps. You’re my fav to see in Instagram, love your stories!

    1. For real. Did you notice that Hannah didn’t know how open the front door. It was like she had never been there before.

      1. Reality Steve has answered this (NO this is NOT a spoiler) he said sometimes they use fake houses for various reasons- for example Rachel’s dad was a federal judge so they couldn’t show her real home. And for someone last season they used a famous house I guess.

        1. Interesting. I imagine the family would work hard to clean up and make it look fancy for TV. But I didn’t think about alternate houses!

  17. Ali, I’m sure Cassie would love it but I don’t think she or her family need to be on anymore reality shows. She has already been on two seasons of her other show and apparently it was filmed (with her bf) right before she went on the Bachelor.
    I definitely agree with the others on here who have said no to Caelynn. She seems fake to me and just concerned about the show. Last week when he confronted her she kept saying she wanted to get engaged but never said anything about want to get engaged to Colton.

  18. I would not be pleased if Caelynn were the next Bachelorette. That would be such a snooze fest. I hope it’s Tayshia because I think she would be the most entertaining and, let’s be real, this show is all about entertainment and a little bit about pretending to be in love. Hannah G is definitely going to be the one in the end, even though I can tell Colton is crushing hard on Cassie. But when push comes to shove, I think he will pick the person who convinces him they reciprocate strong feelings, which will be Hannah. At this point I think he’s hoping Cassie will “get there” before the final rose ceremony, but I don’t think she will because I think she’s trying to be the next Bachelorette, not fall in love. Tayshia will definitely go home next week. Does anyone else think Hannah G reminds them of Lauren B from Ben’s season? Blonde, tiny, cute, nice, but not a whole lot going on personality wise. Amiright?

  19. Definitely no to caelynn as next bachelorette. I really liked her in the beginning, but I think the last two episodes really brought out her true colors. It’s like it’s just a competition to her, with the cussing first and then telling cassie get engaged. Somethings off, I think she’s in it for the fame rather than to find a husband.
    I hope Hannah B. Will be bachelorette, she’s funny, not afraid of being silly and beautiful.
    I think he will still choose cassie (good for him if he follows his heart because he’s clearly into her the most), but I don’t she will accept a proposal..

  20. I was also surprised Tayshia didn’t go home. And I loved her Dad. He said so many of the things we all think every season and the microwave analogy was perfect.

    I wouldn’t look forward to Caelynn being the Bachelorette. I think if he doesn’t pick Hannah, she would be a fun choice, but she’s just so young.

    My brother and husband (who both watch) were saying it would be nice to have an over 40 season. 😉

  21. I was monitoring Twitter during the show, and some of the posts had me cracking up especially about Hannah G’s mom. Someone wrote: I just remembered that Hannah‘s mom drove her car through her father’s front yard on purpose and now it all makes sense. Lol
    I felt bad for Caelynn right up until the moment she turned to Cassie and said this is bullsh—! Then I was like: ok buh bye!!! I also was sure Taesha was the one going home. Next weeks previews are supposed to be one of the most dramatic episodes ever, this time for reals!!! Hahaah

    1. Yes 😂 I would not mess with Hannah G’s mom!! Driving her car through the yard! There’s a temper in that woman, don’t get on her bad side!

  22. I’m going to have to disagree with everyone and say that I think Caelynn said what she did to Cassie because of how close they were. She was invested in Colton and wanted it to be her, but she loves her friend enough to hope it’s her if she’s not going to be with him. After all, they became super good friends having feelings for the same man to start with. It’s the nature of the show. Just is what it is. And I am not a fan of Taiysha. Can’t stand when the girls go in and throw other ppl under the bus. She started drama and those girls are just never great. I would much rather see Carlynn be the bachelorette than Taiysha.

    1. I agree with the friendship being the key. They held hands briefly when they were the last 2. I believe she said “I love you” as well as “get engaged”. Definitely showing support. I’m sure some of the friendships that develop are even stronger than the couples that have happened!

  23. I wasn’t surprised that Caelynn went home. I could kind of tell by the look on his face when she told him she loved him.

    I think Taysha has a good chance of being the next Bachelorette. I loved her dad too! “You can’t microwave romance” I laughed out loud.

    I’m curious to see what happens next week. I think something is going to go down with Cassie.

    I still think he’s going to end up with Hannah in the end. Her mom’s face when Colton made that toast was priceless.

  24. I actually feel like this is the least believable season in a VERY long time. I don’t feel that any of their relationships are very sincere. And I actually don’t think Colton himself was ready to truly find someone and settle down. Caelynn seems super fake to me and I can’t even single out a girl I would like to see as bachelorette. This is the first season I’ve felt that way.

  25. OK Ali – I’m a hopeless romantic who has been divorced most of my life but I love the show. I’ve watched every season whether I like the person selected or not. Before it starts I create a spreadsheet of each person with their age, work and interests. Then as they come out of the Limo I will write a comment from either the Bachelor or Bachelorette for the season on some of the contestants. Three of the final four ladies are 23, Tayshia is the oldest left at 28. Cassie did present Colton with a box of butterflies coming out of the limo but no comment from him. He did think Tayshia was gorgeous. In my comments, Cassie was my favorite from night one in how she presented herself and I still like Cassie.

    I’m 73 and keeping all the information about the contestants straight would be impossible without my notes. I didn’t like seeing Caelynn go but I believe she did cause drama in the early shows. Not totally sure. I believe Cassie has been kind throughout the entire process and I’m still hoping she’s the one. I am sure she will say more next week on the overnight dates as she was worried last night about not opening up more.

    Can’t really say who I would like to see as the next Bachelorette. Maybe the night of Women Tell All I will get a feel for that.

    Love you Ali and your beautiful family. Thanks for the weekly blogs.

    1. He smiled and tucked one of Cassie’s butterflies in his pocket as he watched her walk to the house. I knew right then he was smitten! She’s been my and my daughter’s favorite. She also had very little coverage during the early group dates with all the drama the other girls stirred up!
      She also has the most realistic point of view. She’s honest and told him she wanted to be sure of her feelings. But she did seem to regret not telling him how she felt.

  26. I’m also curious about the home town homes – they all look to perfect. Like they have been staged with candles and lanterns.

    1. They have set stylists (in more recent years) that come in and do all that and I’ve also read that they even change homes to protect privacy or if the family does not have a space that can accommodate all the cameras, tech and crew. I liked it better when it was just real world & less staged.

  27. Ali, I couldn’t agree more about the over-explanation of “I love you.” I remember when my boyfriend first said I love you, we were just cuddling in bed early one morning (NOTE: not immediately after sexy time) and he just blurted it out. And had he been skating around it… I’d be thinking: Who talks like that?!?

    So I found it very interesting how Caelynn whispered to Cassie, “Get engaged.” The show definitely portrayed these two as BFFs on the show and I think that Cassie had to have shared some intimate details with Caelynn… maybe about something Colton shared off camera to Cassie. Like her being “the one.” And then Cassie had voiced to Caelynn that she wasn’t sure if she’d be ready to get engaged… Idk I just think back to the one episode with Kirpa and Cassie on group date and Caelynn showed up and talked to Colton and said, “As much as I want it to be you and me at the end…” I have to believe Caelynn knew that Cassie was his front-runner and she believed that even getting eliminated.

    Did you make any connections here?

  28. I think Caelynn and Cassie are mean girls, and Caelynn’s words to Cassie immediately after she was eliminated show she was only in it to win (or become the next Bachelorette). I would hate to see her as the Bachelorette; I absolutely wouldn’t watch the season. I’d like to see Hannah B. or Hannah G. as Bachelorette; I wasn’t initially a huge Hannah B. fan but her exit last week showed a different side of her that I loved.

  29. Tayshia gives me bad vibes, as least as far as her “connection” to Colton goes. She doesn’t seem real to me at all, it all seems to be a performance.

    Caelynn seemed to be supporting Cassie with her “Get engaged!” comment, at least to me. Remember, she also interrupted one of the dates last week to support her (at least that’s what we assumed she talked to him about).

    Cassie has made it clear that she’s the most hesitant to not only say “I love you” but to commit to possibly getting engaged and Colton has said REPEATEDLY he wants & expects an engagement, so the fact that he’s keeping her baffles me.

    Hannah is adorable and I hope he ends up with her. I know, I’ve seen the spoilers but still … she seems to fit best with him, in my opinion.

  30. Ali- what are your thoughts on him saying he was “falling in love” with all of them and then asking all of thier fathers for permission?

    1. I have the same question! I get what you mean about leading people on, but he did NOT have to say he was falling in love with them. That was his choice, and he said it to all 4!!!

  31. If I was Colton, I would be concerned about the conversation he had with Cassie’s dad. With Cassie having such a close relationship to her family, I can see her listening to what they tell her about the expectations of the relationship. As far as the Bachelorette next season, I am team Hannah B. She brings a lot of positive energy, is goofy and is relatable. From comments I have read on various sites, folks aren’t feeling Caelynn. Thanks for writing your blog!

    1. Yes I don’t think people are feeling Caelynn who has showed her true colors though she was pretty strategic during the show. I would have totally wanted Taysha to be bachelorette but I didn’t like how she dragged other girls down.
      If Colton likes Cassie so much, why hasn’t she ever gotten a group rose, and she was somewhere in the middle chosen during rose ceremonies – it doesn’t make sense to me. I think Hannah G would be my pick Bc she seems sincere, but because she is drama-free, she prob won’t be the next bachelorette:(

  32. Cassie is the one for him. He seems so into her, I think him choosing anyone else would be a second choice.

    They are setting Taysha up to be the bachelorette, they are showing her as fun and personable, I’ve thought she would be in the running for bachelorette since the first episode.

    Hannah G reminds me of Lauren on Aries season, you don’t see much of her, she was popular in the beginning but they aren’t showing as much so I see her as the runner up.

    I honestly thought Caelynn or Hannah would have gone home based on hometowns.

    Colton tweeted he talked about faith with all the families and I wish they would have shown that side.

    My pick is definitely Cassie, but we will see.

    1. They also haven’t shown much conversation with anyone! But if he tweeted that, I could see a connection to Cassie. I read about Young Once (the reality show she was on). It was based at a Christian College. So presumably faith would be a topic.

  33. Love your blog Ali! I love Hannah and think she has been genuine the whole time. I do not like or trust Cassie. I think she has a master plan and hope that she goes home. His connection with her just seems one of physical attraction and not much else. Love Taysha but don’t see her and Colton together. I do like Colton and think he is a genuinely nice guy. I hope he and Hannah end up together

  34. Was it Hannah’s mom who asked if she would be OK with Colton being a virgin? Why does everyone think he has the plague? I think it’s very attractive. I also love how Colton told the etiquette coach that the first thing he does before a meal is say grace. Is it just me or did the Coach gave him a strange look? I’m pulling for Hannah.

  35. I don’t like Tayshia I think she started drama with the girls and I don’t see that connection she has with Colton, I don’t think her feelings are genuine I think she plays it up for the show. Hannah G is boring, I see the connection between the two but only a sexual connection I don’t think they talk about anything or connect on any deeper level. I liked Cassie I liked her a lot until last nights episode I feel like she’s young really young and it shows, she is definitely not ready for marriage and when Colton was asking her questions about the future she kept looking away and didn’t have answers she seemed to be beating around the bush. I don’t think she’s ready and I don’t see her being ready any time soon and if that’s the case than she should honestly go home. But Colton is definitely into her and I feel bad. Caelynn I really like I always liked her, I always found her very sweet and genuine. She always had a good connection with Colton and he looked like he was into her as well, I’m surprised at so into her he was at her family house only to send her home. When she cried to him he didn’t even have anything to say, I just kept yelling at the TV stop crying and just walk away he’s not even saying anything. I want her to be the next bachelorette I think she deserves it.

  36. How do you feel about him telling all of the girls and their parents that he was falling in love with them? I wish he hadn’t!

  37. I would totally like to see Tayshia be the next bachelorette. Not only does she have poise, and class, but her father was spot on when he wouldn’t give Colton his blessing, after only JUST meeting the guy. I think he’s going to end up with Cassie in the end.

  38. I often wonder if producers or whoever, ask Colton (or any bachelor/bachelorette) where his feelings really are. They are obviously looking for a new bachelorette so do they ask Colton how he really feels about Caelynn because they would like to have her as new bachelorette? I always felt that about Nick with Rachel… I felt producers wanted her as new bachelorette so Nick sent her home after hometowns also.

  39. HELP MEEEEEEEEEEE understand HOW in the WORLD can he “fall in love” with more than one or even TWO people, but FOUR?!?!?!? I don’t get it at alllllll. I’ve watched these shows from day one and I think this is the season that I feel like whichever girl he chooses – – – — HOW can SHE even stand to watch him say that to allllllll those girls?! I just don’t understand. Boooooo hooooooo – I wanna cry.

  40. My jaw dropped to the floor when he sent Caelynn home! I thought she would win since night 1. I’ve watched every season so I get how ABC does things but I just hate how Colton told her how he was in love with her, those are strong words and shouldn’t be said so easily. Poor girl. But she BETTER be the next bachelorette!

  41. A little off topic here but I heard the song Havana on the way home from work tonight, and it made me think of Molly. Does she still like that song? I’m curious to know if she even remembers how much she loved it. Haha! Also, Ali, I recently chopped my hair into an inverted bob, kind of like yours. Please do a tutorial on how you get those beachy waves. Methods, products used, etc. Thanks in advance :).

  42. If he doesn’t choose Taysha I’d like her for the next Bachelorette. She’s a fun person who’s up for anything so would be an interesting season. She’s beautiful, has a great family and full of personality. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  43. So onto the fantasy suite nights. You can spend the night with someone and NOT have sex. Well, lots of kissing and touching. So Colton should just hold off, until there is a least a ring on her finger. And, what is wrong with long engagements. Sure, get engaged quick, but take the time to know each other.
    Just my two cents.

  44. I was shocked that caelynn went home as well but only because I thought Cassie would go! I think his connection to Cassie is so physical. I never hear any serious topics (could be editing of course) but like you said about a microwave – Haha – it creates lust not love.

    I love Tayshia more now that I know where her roots come from and agree that her dad is the best thing on the show. If she doesn’t “win” I’d want her as the bachelorette.

  45. Definitely NO to Caelynn as next bachelorette. I cannot stand her and I feel like her and Cassie have been trying to be the next bachelorette this whole time. I thought that before the other girls brought it up. For sure Hannah is winner at the end if I had to guess. He’s been in love since day 1 with her.

  46. I really like Hannah from Alabama for the next bachelorette. She seemed capable of remorse, caring for others, playfulness, and truly seemed ready for marriage and the commitment it takes. She left the show after not receiving a Rose with dignity and self respect.

  47. It saddens me to see how many people dislike Caelynn. I find her to be such a positive role model. I think she would be a great bachelorette. At 23 Caelynn has lived and experienced things many women of all ages have. Beauty queen or not she speaks her mind so eloquently and I believe her when she says she loved Colton. I think Colton wanted to want her but just couldn’t get there in the end. He definitely liked her a great deal and cherished their relationship. They were never silly or odd or all over each other and that seems to be how Colton is when he is really into someone. I also don’t know how others feel but I commend Cassie for not being stupid and just saying things to say it. I do think she likes Colton a great amount because there were many times we saw her react and have a hard time watching him with others. But I do think they have something special and while the show only wants us to think it’s physical. From his comments it sounds to me he really values their time and relationship. She is an oddball in a really adorable way and I think he really digs that. She does seem young but I don’t think that is a bad thing. I think going through this process a lot of past contestants say they grow and learn so much. She will definitely figure herself out. I don’t think Tayshia was wrong, Cassie is not like the others professing her love for him so yes it may seem like she isn’t ready. But so many others like Vanessa in nicks season I did not think she really likes nick as much as he liked her. And it just seemed she liked the attention and gave into the pressure of the show around her. Here I do think Cassie likes him and is just trying to navigate it as best as she knows how. Hannah g on the other hand is also an oddball but insanely pretty. I like how he looks at her and Cassie to me that says he loves the two of them.

  48. Ali

    I love your blog posts on the bachelor, thanks for always posting your thoughts and so fast to! I love Cassie and always have, hope she wins and that Hannah is the next bachelorette!

  49. Does anyone else feel like Colton is completely ‘in lust’ with everyone but especially Cassie?! It seems mostly physical and based on that preview for the fantasy suits it looks like he’s ready to go! I also think he is so infatuated with her because she is the only one not saying I love you..don’t we always want what we can’t have? Based on the physical chemistry and the holding back with feelings I’m sure he’ll end up with her.
    Speaking of age, I thought you could most certainly tell Cassie’s age by the way she talked to her dad. Not judging bc I was once 23 and I’m sure I spoke like that too but it did sound very juvenile.

  50. I can’t point my finger on it but something with Cassie seems off to me. I’m actually confused as to how her relationship became so “strong” with Colton. The first four or five episodes I don’t recall Cassie even being in the picture.

    I am glad Caelynn got sent home, I was not her biggest fan and if she becomes bachelorette , I will likely have a hard time watching.

    Hannah seems like a sweet girl but I don’t get the vibe that Colton has a strong connection with her in comparison to the other ladies. I’m actually surprised she stayed over Caelynn this week.

    Taiysha is my favourite. I would love to see her as the next bachelorette. She is mature and ready to find the love of her life. I love how well her and Colton compliment one another. They challenge each other and love to do adventurous things together. I’m quite sure they don’t end up together in the end, but I think their relationship seems the most reasonable.

    1. Editing! I would love to see more conversations, less focus on drama, less of the ladies talking to each other (and about each other)!
      Colton seemed smitten with Cassie out of the limo. He smiled and tucked one of the butterflies in his pocket! It was very sweet.
      Also editing for their 1 on 1 date – little talking and all kissing. I’m sure there was conversation at some point!

  51. Hannah, Caelynn and Cassie are all 23….Tayshia is 28. That’s a big difference at that age. But Cassie is my fav….just don’t think she is really ready for marriage.

  52. I totally agree with you Ali about Tayshias Dad! His comments about the process were so true and so spot on! I really like Cassie and I feel like they are the best fit. She seems like she is taking her feelings and Colton seriously by not just jumping on the “I love you’s”. I think that’s totally OK to be smart about what you say and when you say it. You should never say something because you feel forced or because everyone else is. She is so young and taking it slow is perfectly fine.

  53. Ali, I Love following your Instagram! Your fashion, Family life and your cute kiddos are fun to watch! I look forward to reading your Bachelor Blogs and everyone’s comments too!!! Lots a super interesting comments to read!
    It’s definitely hard see the true feelings and intentions of these ladies and especially Colton’s in the Editing of the show!
    Anyway, I do really like Hannah! I like how there hasn’t been much drama with her and that she is so focused and smitten with him! They have great chemistry! And seem to be a great match.
    Cassie was one of my favorites earlier but there is something about her now that is off! Colton is very attracted to her also! But I am surprised he kept her after her Dad didn’t give his blessing and that she’s not sure of her feelings yet!! But Colton seems to be holding out for her!
    I don’t see Tayshia with Colton! I think she’s gorgeous, has maturity and also has an adventurous side. That’s why I think we could see her as Bachlorette!!
    I’m glad Caelan wasn’t given a rose! Although at times super likable, I think she plays the sweet and genuine card! But she’s slippery and has shown enough evidence in the show that she knows how to compete!! Which is hard for me to trust!! I also didn’t like her comment at the ceremony! It showed her immaturity and her slippery side!!
    I feel Colton’s going to be super conflicted next week with his feelings, decisions and the pressure of the overnights with the women will be all consuming! I truly believe he’s looking for Love and wants a marriage and family in the future. But the intense pressure of this show and the feelings he has for these women and his decisions will be so incredibly hard on him! I feel like he might not know where he stands at the end of this!! I think he really second guesses himself and lacks Confidence!! I hate that this show has a marriage proposal at the end! Why can’t it just be an exclusive dating proposal! Seems way more realistic! Ha! But it’s Television! 😂 Shock and Awe and unrealistic Dating Life is what This show is all about!! Real life happens after the show ends! I hope he finds what he’s looking for!!
    Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!!

  54. The thing I’m curious about it that at the very end, after Colton said good bye to Caelynn, he seemed upset and said that he wanted to have a word with Chris. Then the show ended with no explanation or follow-up. I’m wondering if he realized he made a mistake and this is what leads him to the (over-teased) fence jumping. I haven’t heard anyone else mention this.

  55. Hi. I love your blog! I think he will choose Cassie because she is not as easy to get. She hasn’t said I love you yet. Colten has to chase her.

    There isn’t any chase to the other women left.

    I think Caelynn told her to get engaged because they are friends. The episode beforehand she went and talked to Colten about Cassie even though she didn’t have to. I think to some degree the women all know who the bachelor will choose in the end. They have to see it coming at least a little bit.

    I think Hannah B should be the next bachelorette! I love her!

  56. So love ur blogs…almost as much as the show!
    Loved reading the comment from the lady who is 73 and im 72…her keeping notes…so like my sis. Ha.
    I thought too Tayshia wld go home and i thought Cassie would be a done deal. Not so…and she isnt sure up to this point. Ohh soo young and her dad is right. Life is just beginning…but I hope it is her that Colton chooses…he wants her badly I feel.
    No clue for next Bachelorette but often I like to see all new. And the person who made the comment of being 40 was a great idea. These girls are so young and like you said even 2 years makes a diff.
    Surely fantasy suites isnt the next episode…sooo fast for a big decision. BUT Im ready…lets move on with the “virgin ” and make the boy happy.
    Hometown dates have changed and I miss seeing more about the family and hometown
    Love and huggs Ali…watching your family grow is as good as any show xxx

  57. I didn’t read all of the previous comments so my apologies if this is redundant. But, I wanted to touch on the age subject! I got married when I was 28 and that was after knowing my now husband for 10 years! My sister got married when she was 23 or 24 after only dating her husband for like 6 months. We both have what I would consider successful, happy marriages. So, while I don’t think age is necessarily a factor in determining whether someone is ready for marriage, I do think that a 23 year old is way less mature than a 28 year old. A lot happens to a person in their 20s and I don’t think there are many people in their early 20s mature enough to know they want to spend the rest of their lives with someone else. ESPECIALLY when in a setting like a TV show where time is so limited to really get to know the person.

    With that being said, I don’t even think Colton is mature enough to get married. He lacks life experience in my opinion. My cousin went to college with him and has raised some serious red flags about Colton.

  58. Colton surfing was so funny but I give him credit for trying.
    When he answered the etiquitte ‘instructor’ to say Grace 1st at dinner…i thought that was endearing!
    Loved reading your thoughts, Ali.

  59. I think it will definitely be Cassie in the end. And the fact that she isn’t falling head over heels for him probably attracts him even more! She’s smart not to want to get engaged at this point, too! I mean, really, how can you know someone enough in such a short time (especially when there are other girls in the picture)?!?! I think he’ll pick Cassie and they won’t get engaged but will date.

    Not sure who I’d want to see as the next Bachelorette – none of the girls who are left- especially Tayshia. Maybe Hannah B!?!

    Anyway, it’s always good for a laugh!!

  60. I really liked what you said about seeing on the show people just saying “I love you” spontaneously, rather than forcibly. I am definitely going to look for that in future seasons!

    I honestly think Cassie will be picked in the end, she hasn’t told Colton she loves him yet, but he kept her around. I remember a few past seasons people got the ax right away if they didn’t say I Love You after hometowns (ex: Luke Pell on JoJo’s season). So I think she is the “winner” it because of that small detail.

    Truthfully too, I hate hometowns, it’s like what you said all 4 dates are the same, they try to sell the bachelor/bachelorette on their family and yada yada, it’s always boring to me, every season, but, and maybe I missed it, I’m pretty sure Caelynn’s dad was the only one Colton didn’t ask for permission to marry his daughter. I don’t want to see her as bachelorette either, due to the comment she made to Cassie, and I just think her “competitive” side definitely came out over the weeks, meaning she treated it as a competition and not a love story, if that even makes sense. I definitely think she advocated herself to be the next bachelorette. And I if my instincts are right, she doesn’t deserve it. All the girls this season were very catty, i personally don’t want to see any of them as the bachelorette, as crazy as that sounds. Bring a past girl, or even a new face in. Kinda like what they did with Arie, and even Nick!

    This is off topic, but you bring it up frequently, You were very memorable on the bachelor and as the bachelorette! I watched both of those seasons. You might not agree, but I vividly remember your exit when you left Jakes season! It was so real to me! Anyways I really liked you as the bachelorette, even though you were younger 😉☺️❤️
    Thanks for reading my comment Ali!

    PS I’ve been married for 6 years, I was 24 😉. I agree with the fact though that being that young and on the show is definitely a broad choice to make at that time in some ones life. Id compare it to beer goggles, honestly 😂

  61. I am really hoping Caelynn is the next Bachelorette! Despite what some of the naysayers this season have said about her, I think she’s a genuine sweetheart and would make a great Bachelorette! I would be very disappointed if it ended up being Tayshia. I liked Tayshia a lot before she and Kerpa both decided to start drama about Caelynn and Cassie. Like Cassie said, it came across as extremely desperate and I fully believe it was a complete lie to try and steer Colton in another direction. Clearly, that did not work out for Kerpa and I doubt it will work out for Tayshia either. Cassie is definitely the one Colton is after, but is she ready? I was also shocked to hear that she is only 23. Honestly, I don’t know if Colton is ready either! I can’t wait to see how this season wraps up!

    1. I’m with you, I’d love to see Caelynn as the Bachelorette, too. She’s beautiful, genuine, and I think she would be great! I’m in the minority but I don’t care for Cassie, she never seems ‘into it’ to me, doesn’t seem interested, yet she obviously wants to ‘win.’ She just doesn’t have much personality to me and I don’t see any connection between her and Colton. I’m shocked that so many think she is perfect for him! I like Hannah best for him!

      1. I totally agree with your thoughts on Cassie, which has me wondering if she is ready? I understand that she is the only person who truly knows that, but I have to agree with Ali that there is a HUGE difference between being 23 and being 25. I had already been with my now husband for four years at 23, but we did not get married until I was 25 and looking back I can say for certain I was not ready for marriage at 23. There is such a shift, at least there was for me, when you transition from your early 20s to your mid-20s. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t think Colton is ready at all. He has not had any serious discussions with any of the women about where they’d live, what their thoughts on kids are, their careers, etc. Those are things I would definitely need to know about a person before committing myself to them. Then again, this show is only taped for 6 weeks and that in itself is a completely unrealistic timeline for getting engaged to someone..

  62. I wasn’t shocked since I’ve read the spoilers, but it was heartbreaking none the less. This is the one season I wish I would have never read them. Even before the season I counted out the episodes like I always do and this one has one less than all the others. That kind of shocked me since normally the last episode is on my Spring Break from school. As I said… this is the one season I wish I would have avoided the spoilers.

  63. This is my first time visiting your blog, and I love it! I also really appreciate your view of this week’s episode as I feel very much the same. The only thing I feel differently about is Caelynn being the next Bachelorette. Honestly, I actually think she has a little bit of a catty side – when she told Cassie that she didn’t think Hannah G’s one on one would go well because she has relied solely on her beauty for so long, it felt very pot/kettle-ish. Just my personal opinion. I also agree that Tayshia’s hometown completely strayed from the actual point of doing hometown visits! Colton definitely didn’t get to see her roots or what made her who she is. I also feel like she sort of “turns it on” for him. The cutesie voice and smile is different when she’s with him than when it’s just regular camera time. I think Cassie is going to be the “winner” of Colton’s heart, and if that is true, then I would definitely vote for Hannah G as a front runner for the Bachelorette. She would need to come out of her shell a little bit more for sure, but I think she is 100% genuine.

  64. Ali I love your posts! I also loved the dad’s comment about microwaving love! It’s a perfect analogy do the Bachelore/Bachelorette! I was right with Colton on the bread thing: who’s got time for that!
    I picked Cassie from the first night. I could see Colton was smitten when he smiled and tucked one of her butterflies in his pocket! I also think she is being the most realistic. She doesn’t say she doesn’t have feelings for him. She just realizes there is not enough time to say yes to getting married! I think there is interesr.
    I do understand what you say about talking about falling in love. You might actually think that way. But to say it that way, it appears to be trying too hard.
    Looking forward to next week and your blog!
    Also, your kids are adorable! But how on earth can you maintain all that white with 2 little kids!

  65. Hi Ali, I was surprised you didn’t talk more about Cassie in this episode. It took me by surprise that she is not in love with Colton yet..and now it make it more clear why the other girls were talking about her not being a good choice for Colton, they really didn’t want him to get hurt at the end of this. What I really don’t understand is why they take this engagement so seriously, since most of the bachelor/ette couples are not getting married immediately and some of them continue dating for a long time and not tying the knot (Ben, JoJo, kaitlyn…etc), so what’s the big deal?

  66. I adore Colton, but he should not tell 4 girls…yes 4 girls that he is falling in love with them! To top it off he asked 4 girl’s fathers for their blessing! Love is not a word to throw around as the one father asked him if he was saying the same thing to all 4 girls. I was so surprised that he sent Caelynn home and so was she. Their home town date seemed perfect. It’s going to be between Cassie and Hannah, they both are great. Colton only know who he is in love with. Will he lose his virginity???? Why did he storm off and jumped the fence???? I hope if he lost his virginity it was good and not what he was upset about when he jumped the fence. I think the runner up and Caelynn too would make good Bachlorettes. Maybe Demi..she is so dramatic!!!! Ali…you need to find someone for Ben Higgins..he needs LOVE!

  67. Team Hannah.G for the next Bachelorette !

    I have been watching this show for the past 10 years at least, and I am always spot on with guessing the winner and also predicting if they will stay together or not. , my 6th sense is damn good haha

    So my predictions for this season is – Colton will end up alone or he will choose Cassie but they won’t last longer than 6 months.

    Hannah G would be a safe choice for the next Bachelorette – she is a sweetheart, very likeable, didn’t go into any dramas this season..

    If Caelynn becomes the next Bachelorette – I am not watching. She is such a fake person.

  68. I have been watching the bachelor for many years now. They need to refresh the show. It is getting so dull with the same format. Especially towards the end when they force the bachelor or bachelorette to ask multiple fathers hands in marriage.

  69. Sorry for the delay in my comment. One thing I need to mention is that I live in the same city as Cassie and that’s really close to where Tayshas hometown. But what I though was amazing is that she blindfolded him in her hometown supposedly but…. the flight school where they jumped is over an hour away. You telling me that he ride that whole way blindfolded???

  70. I’m all in team Hannah G. She got the first impression rose, and I think she’s adorable, sweet, funny, cute rapper, and not dramatic like the other finalists. It was interesting on the last group date that they didn’t show her and Colton interacting at all, and when handing out the two roses, he ask Hannah to chat and the only thing they showed was you heard Hannah giggling and he took a rose to her outside! Found that odd, but they gave more TV coverage to the fighting between Cassie and Kirpa, which I found boring and silly! I think Colton and Hannah have a great connection and have since day one. I’m wondering if the show is trying to throw us off by casting more of Cassie and playing with our minds. Sure am rooting for Hannah!

  71. Cassie’s past reality show, Cassie’s sister dating someone “famous”, and now the bachelor. Colton wants fame, he’ll get it with Cassie. Plain & simple.

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