A Day at the Beach – my Last Day of Breastfeeding

I’m kind of having a hard time figuring out where to begin this blog post. Originally when I started writing it I wanted it to be about the outfits that Molly and I are wearing. Mine because I think this top is a great option for nursing moms and Molly’s look because it’s just one of my favorite outfits on her ever! I got it from Nordstrom, duh, I buy everything there. They have everything and their return policy is the best so I can try things on at home and easily return what I don’t want in the mail. Which is particularly helpful with kids clothes. When I buy Molly stuff online I never know if it will fit, and forget going to the mall and having her try things on. That would never happen! As any parent knows. Do kids stores even have dressing rooms? I honestly don’t think they do. So I buy a lot of her clothes at Nordstrom online and then return whatever doesn’t fit. Easy peasy. If you’re a parent looking for an easy way to shop for your kids, I highly suggest checking out their kids section.


Anyway, with spring coming up I thought this dress was the perfect little transition dress for her. As you can see, we went to the beach the other day and it was warm enough for me to wear a T-shirt but Molly was slightly under the weather so I wanted to cover her up a little bit more. This sweatshirt dress and these tights did the trick and she looked extra cute in them (I got her a size 2T FYI).

And how stinking cute is her bow?! I do not know why I waited this long to put my daughter in an oversize bow. Something about it makes the outfit instantly seem extra cute and more put together. The exact color she has isn’t available in a single pack anymore but they have a bunch of other colors that you can choose from if you only want one bow. Or if you want to buy 4 of the bows you can buy the multi-pack and get the exact color she has.


And of course we are both in Converse. You guys know I’ve worn Converse forever and honestly as soon as I found out I was pregnant with a little girl, I knew we were going to wear matching Converse together. Our Converse are identical here but her little pink high-tops just scream childhood and look adorable on her.



Again forgive me for how all over the place this blog is, but I also really want to tell you guys about my outfit (also from Nordstrom) because I think that my $29 top is absolutely perfect for breastfeeding mothers, and I think I am officially done breastfeeding, so this might be my last post about breastfeeding friendly clothes (keep reading and I’ll explain). It’s super affordable at only $29 and light weight so it’s great for spring and summer. The buttons in the front make it easy to unbutton to nurse, and honestly the material is so stretchy that if you’re OK with a stretched out neck you could even just pull it down to nurse. I’m trying not to do that with my clothes as much anymore because I stretched out the neck of so many of my T-shirts doing that. But since this top has buttons, it makes it the perfect nursing top even though it’s not a nursing top. And if you don’t have kids and/or aren’t nursing, it’s just a really cute top for only $29.

And last but not least, I lost it when I found this hat! I don’t know why I never thought of this but I didn’t think you could get different sizes in hats like this unless you went to a custom hat maker. But what I absolutely love about my hat is that it comes in sizes extra small to large.



I don’t know if you guys know this about me but I have an absolutely massive head! It’s honestly really hard for me to find hats that fit. Or I have to wear the hat on the back of my head for it to stay on. But I got a large in this hat and it fits great! If anything it’s slightly big, which I really love because I’ve never had that problem with a hat before. Ha! So if you ever had an issue finding a hat that fits your head, I highly suggest this one because it comes in so many sizes.

Also, random side note, you HAVE to check out these $39 jeans– I just bought a pair and will let you know what I think!

Anyway, back to my top. The reason I wanted to get this blog up today is because this might be my last post about breastfeeding friendly tops (don’t worry, plenty more blogs about cute kids clothes to come!) because I’m officially done breastfeeding. If you guys saw on my Instagram story this morning, then you know that I’ve got a biter on my hands with Riley. He bit me so much the past few days that I’m bleeding when I pump and the milk looks like strawberry milk because there’s so much blood in it. Sorry to be so graphic but it’s just the truth. I wasn’t planning to stop breastfeeding so it’s a bit emotional for me and I’ll write more about it later, but I just wanted to get this post up today and fill you guys in on what’s going on with me. I still plan on pumping for a little while but I’m not sure how much longer. Anyway, I didn’t buy this outfit because it was breastfeeding friendly, I bought it because it was super fordable and cute so luckily I’ll still be wearing it all the time.

I’ll keep you guys posted on how the transition goes. Wish me luck! Any advice is appreciated!



Also for those asking. I will link Molly’s jacket from my insta stories this morning here! She loooooves it! Once we take it off she just stares at the rainbow on the back. Its her favorite thing right now. She’s wearing a 2T.

Thanks you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! Looooove me some Nordstrom!

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38 thoughts on “A Day at the Beach – my Last Day of Breastfeeding

  1. Forgive me-I can’t comment on much of what you said. I simply enjoy enjoy photos of kids growing up. I remember those days, long since gone. They bring a smile to my face…appreciate it….take care family

  2. Hi Ali
    I’m happy you had fun at the beach with your family… I’m saving for a much needed weekend away with my buddy, Trevor.
    Molly’s outfit is very cute & so is your hat! (I’m a mad hatter) 😲
    I enjoy reading your blog.
    (Sorry I don’t have any advice about your sweet ‘biter’ 😉 but I’m sure some other mama’s will be helpful)
    hi to Kevin

    1. Honestly this 1/2 hour was the only time all weekend Molly wasn’t crying. It was a challenge for sure. But she wasn’t feeling well so it’s my fault we went on the trip in the first place 🙁

  3. Hi Ali – I am currently going through the same teething and biting phase. Some tips – it can be emotionally challenging on babies to entirely stop breastfeeding quickly, best to be mindful of this as you go about the weaning process. Maybe lots of extra cuddles and mommy time and rocking him to replace the nursing? Have you tried ibuprofen before feedings for him? Babies usually bite to relieve tension and pain in their teething gums. It’s helping with my girl now. There’s also tactics to slip your finger into the corner of the mouth before baby bites down (this requires careful watching). Make sure to use a ton of lanolin cream to help heal your nipples.

  4. I love reading your blog. I love the clothes, home inspiration, travel, but most importantly I love the way you encourage moms to support other moms. My kiddos are the exact same ages as yours, and we just went through the biting phase. It’s awful! Not only is it painful in the moment, but there is no time for it to heal before the baby wants to nurse again. You do what’s best for you and Riley, and only you gets to determine that. Whether you choose bottle, breast, pumping, or a combination, you have a happy and healthy baby, who loves his mama! You are a rockstar!

  5. When my little one bit when nursing I would say ‘Ouch!’ really loud and show that what he did hurt me -which startled him. Then I said no biting and would stop nursing and give a teething toy if he wants to chew/bite. He quickly caught on that biting wasn’t acceptable. Good luck!! ❤️

    1. Same here – but I did not do it on purpose. Just had a shocked face/scream when it first happened, he started crying immediately and then never bit again. They are not as clueless as we think they are.

  6. Such cute clothing love them all!! Don’t feel badly
    I stopped also when both were 8-9 months for same reason. Teething means they’re doing great but mama’s nipples are not., Lol. Use lots of lanolin and let those nipples heal, he looks very healthy and big enough to move on to transition without a problem. He’s certainly a big guy and crawling so well, development coming along well! Bless your cute little family! :))

  7. I just had to stop nursing my baby (she is the exact same age as Riley) due to biting. I think it was her way of telling me she was ready to be done, it is very bitter sweet. Also you cooks still give Riley the pimped milk with the blood just do 1/2 with the blood milk and 1/2 without then he’s not getting all of it at one time! Good luck!!

  8. Hey Ali!

    When my little one started biting I got in touch with a lactation specialist and found out that a baby can not physically bite when they are properly latched on. If they did, they’d bite their own tongue, not you! This being said, I was told to be very mindful during nursing and pop her off the second she wasn’t properly latched (with a nice deep latch), and then re-latch her. It worked wonders and now I do the same with my second who has bitten here and there! It really helps!! And with that, it wouldn’t be an abrupt stop which might be hard on both of you! Good luck, mama!! Hope you heal up very soon!! Xoxo

  9. My daughter bit me and I screamed so loud I think I startled her… there were times she did it again and I would say “No” and pull her off the breast. This was something she did towards the end of the feeding anyway… She never did it again..

    1. I had one biter out of my three kids and this is what I did, pulled her off. I figured she was done and if she wasn’t, well, then she’d learn not to bite next time. She eventually got the idea, although it wasn’t right away. I wasn’t ready to stop yet so we had to find another solution. I was part of La Leche League and they always said that babies need to ‘relearn’ how to nurse once they have so many teeth and they have to learn how to latch properly, with adding teeth to the mix. I ended up nursing her till 14 months, thankfully. Riley will get the idea….hang in there!

  10. I’m so sorry to hear you are having to stop breastfeeding-my daughter has also started to chomp down and man it freaking hurts 🙁
    We are starting to wean anyways due to having to go back to work in a few months and she won’t take formula and I can’t keep up my supply while pumping so we’ve moved on to cows milk and water during the day and only nursing for naps and bedtime.

    1. I am still pumping but only 3 times a day instead of 5 times because I’m in so much pain. I will see what happens the next few days.

      1. I had a ‘blister’ recently that caused me trauma and I bled too when I pumped. the best thing I found that helped is olive oil and then lavender and frankincense essential oils (one drop each) right on the nipple after pumping (I pump every 3 hrs so I did NOT have to wash it – enough time passed). I also found that warm compresses (I use a neck wrap that is long enough to cover my chest – I microwave it right before using it) when I pump. Mine healed in 24-36ish hours… good luck and yes it’s so painful but luckily only temporary!

  11. Ali, this might be ridiculous, but I bet you’d know! What’s the difference in 24 months and 2T? Did you find that they’re the same? Sorry, newbie here. Eeks.

    1. I’ve found that 24 months is a little bit smaller than a 2T. But it totally depends upon the brand!! I usually go for 2T so there’s some extra growing room!

  12. Have you tried using a nipple shield? It might help with the pain! My daughter is 10 days younger than Riley and thankfully she hasn’t bitten me yet-ouch! I’m sorry you are going through this! Molly and Riley are beautiful!!

  13. Oh my word, that has to be so painful!!! I’m still nursing my 2-year-old daughter and she has bit me a few times but it’s never constant so I haven’t gotten to the point of bleeding! I’m so sorry, it had to have been heartbreaking to decide to be done breastfeeding but you definitely need to do what’s best for you both, and you should not have to be in that much pain if he won’t stop biting! I hope you heal up soon so pumping isn’t so bad!

  14. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family ❤️ Had a biter myself, one thing to try is to pinch his nostrils together when he does it. Obviously not a hard pinch, just to close his nostrils… sometimes that can work. But in all honesty, you have done amazing!!! I had to stop when my little one would bite as well. Nothing worked with her and she took forever to take to a bottle so it was very difficult. Be kind to yourself, weaning can be an emotional time. Sending lots of love!

  15. I’m so sorry you’re having a hard time with breast-feeding Riley. Breast-feeding can be so hard and painful sometimes. My son is 14 months and he still nurses a few times a day, but when he was younger he went through a biting phase. I ended up speaking to a lactation consultant and got some help to stop the biting. Just wondering if you’ve thought to see a lactation consultant? Hopefully you can get in contact with one and they have some great advice for you. If things don’t work out try to remember that any amount of breast-feeding is amazing and you’re doing an awesome job! Wishing you the very best 🙂

  16. You are a wonderful Mom, Ali, and have done an amazing job nursing your babies. It is okay to be done. Be kind to yourself. This will all feel better soon, once you get past this painful (literally and figuratively) period and your hormones level out. I promise you’ll look back one day and be so proud of what you did and know you made the decision that was right for you and your baby.

  17. I exclusively pumped for 28 months. I wore a pumping bra which made it so much easier. I still wore breastfeeding friendly shirts because it helped with pumping in the car. He always got it fresh infact, my son would wait for me to finish pumping and grab for the bottle in his toddler years! I would do it all over again. We had 3 children. My last is the only one who got breastmilk and today he is 17, hardly ever gets sick and has a 3.8 average in early college. I definitely think it makes them smarter! Hope your able to pump for as long as your able, but if not, know that you tried your best.

  18. Hey my dear. I am so sorry you’re going thru this biting nursing stage. My little man did that as well and my mom told me to snap his cheek every time he bit me. You wont have to do it too many times! I hated doing it but they need to experience discomfort so they can associate it as not a right choice. Good luck!!

  19. Hi Ali, I’m so sorry that you’re going through this! Kelly Mom is an awesome evidence-based website run by a certified lactation consultant that has some very helpful advice. Check out her article about biting here:

    Basically, it’s about figuring out the reason for the biting and responding to that reason. One of the reasons could also just be that he is choosing to be done nursing, which means you can feel confident in your decision!

  20. I highly recommend medihoney for healing those nips – way better than Lanolin! Hang in there and do what is best for you. I’m winding down breastfeeding my son now too, and it’s so emotional to do. We should rip off the bandaid together, then go out drinking 🙂 Good luck!

  21. Such a brave post! As a new mom, I love following you! Thank you for always keeping it real and for sharing your beautiful family with the world! Also… your outfit during your last NYC trip looked adorable – would love to see deets!

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