The Bachelor – Colton Questions the Girls

Last nights episode was so good! Definitely my favorite episode by far the season! But what was up with the girls hating on each other and the conflicting stories?!?! That wasn’t so cool. So much to talk about so let’s get into it.


Tayshia Date

Their date seems pretty perfect. Honestly, if I were one of the girls this season that would be the date that I would want! Getting to see him in his hometown and in his element is really the best way for a couple to connect in my opinion. That’s real life. But let’s face it, the only thing that I can even focus on from their day is what she told Colton about Cassie and Caelynn. And the same went for Colton. It’s all he could focus on! The fact that Colton couldn’t let it go tells me one thing – that either Cassie or Caelynn was the one he thought he and end up with in the end. Or maybe they were both in his top two picks. If he thought he would send them home this week or even the following week I don’t think it would’ve hit him so hard. He couldn’t shake it. Understandably so. I’ve thought it would be Cassie in the end ever since they had their date together.

Caelynn Date 

When she was questioned about wanting to be the Bachelorette, her response was “those words never came out of my mouth”. But we never hear her deny having conversations about the Bachelor/ette gig. That doesn’t mean she didn’t say that to Colton. This stuff is all edited down. But I feel like we would’ve seen it if she had said something. So my thought is she never said she wants to be the next Bachelorette but maybe she and Cassie had a conversation saying something along the lines of someone from their group will be the next Bachelorette. I think that’s pretty normal to think about at this point in the game. To be completely honest I never had those thoughts when I was on the Bachelor until I left. And that’s the absolute truth. But the show has changed over the years. I’ve had conversations with people on the show way more recently than I was and the overall opinion seems to be that people go on the show now for fame. They know what can come of the show going in and it’s only human to have those thoughts. The show turns people into Instagram stars! People are able to make a living doing Instagram stories and I don’t think we can blame anybody for finding that kind of life appealing or thinking about what’s next. However, commenting that one of them will be the next batch Bachelorette and saying they want to be the next bachelor are two completely different things. I have a feeling Caelynn and was just casually mentioning that one of them will be.

Hannah B Date

I knew she was going home the minute she got the one on one date. Anyone else?   It was also obvious after he gave out roses on his first two one-on-one dates. The reason being that if he had given Hannah B a rose on his third one-on-one date, he would only have one rose left to give out and then what would he have done in the group date? Given no roses? Or would there not have been a rose ceremony? I don’t know. I guess that would’ve been possible if they really want to change things up. 

However, I was absolutely shocked when he brought her home to meet his family. And obviously she was too because otherwise why the heck would she have worn a crop top sweater?! Ha! That’s all I could think about when she walked in the door. It’s not exactly meet the parents attire.

Anyway, I’m totally confused why he brought her on the date. It’s so obvious to me that he knew from the get-go that he wasn’t going to give her a rose. I’m just surprised he wouldn’t have saved this date for one of the girls that he knows he wants to go to hometowns with. And honestly I just feel really bad for her. Not only did he blindside her but he totally got her hopes up by bringing him to meet his parents before sending her home. I don’t think he did it to intentionally be nasty. Trust me, you’re so exhausted when you’re the Bachelor or the Bachelorette that you’re just trying to get through each day. In hindsight, I’m sure he feels terrible.

But the fact that she told him to listen to people about other people‘s intentions was just stupid to me. We all know from the get-go that Hannah didn’t like Caelynn and I’m sure she’s pissed that Caelynn got a rose and she didn’t, so she had to get one last jab in at the end. I think that was a mistake on her part and she was just feeding into what she knew everybody else was doing when they left. I don’t read much more into it than that.

Group Date

The fact that he believed Caelynn when she told him that she was genuine, I knew he was going to believe Cassie too. So again I thought it was super obvious that Cassie and Hannah were getting the roses going into the group date. But I still loved watching the day in every second of this episode. It’s funny that it was so good when it was so predictable throughout. At least the roses were predictable. 

What wasn’t predictable however was Heather sending herself home. But I love that she did it! I’m sure she knew Colton wasn’t there with her either. But it was just a really sweet and easy goodbye. So easy that it’s no wonder she went home because obviously they both knew they didn’t share a romantic connection. I guess I’m just surprised that she so easily walked away from the first guy she ever kissed. They were even smiling at each other as they said goodbye. Look at the screen grab my took right after he kissed her one last time before she got on the train. They look absolutely giddy! 

Talk with Cassie

I think this is a good point in the blog to talk about Cassie’s other reality show. Have you guys heard about it? I honestly don’t even know the name of it and I am just too lazy to Google it right now, but basically Cassie is on another reality show that is airing right now on another channel, and this is the second season of that show. The fact that she is on a more scripted reality show (I say a scripted because I’ve heard it is similar to The Hills) is really concerning to me. Mostly because Cassie obviously understands Hollywood and how reality TV shows work. Therefore she can choose to really be on when she wants to be in front of the camera. The best part about the show in my opinion is that usually the people who go on it are naïve to what reality TV entails. It’s hard to even explain but all I can say is that when I was on the Bachelor, it’s almost like I didn’t even realize that people were going to be watching what we were doing. I was so naïve to Hollywood and reality TV, that I just completely let my guard down because it didn’t register in my mind what we were actually doing. I don’t think it’s possible for Cassie to do that because of her experience on television. I’m trying not to hold the other reality show against Cassie because I don’t think it makes her a bad person by any means. I just think it makes her too educated in the reality TV world. She’s not naïve enough. And being naïve going into this experience is what makes it reality. If that makes sense.

With that said, it’s so weird that none of the girls talking to Colton can give a real concrete example of something Cassie or Caelynn said that would prove they’re not ready. All I’m hearing is that they were acting weird and defensive after Katie left. So what? Yeah you can assume maybe they’re not ready if they acted super defensive and weird. But you can’t be certain and you absolutely can’t be certain enough to tell Colton they’re not ready. Right? Which is very weird to me. I feel like there’s something we are not seeing or hearing that will probably come out of the Women Tell All of the season. 

Well that’s it for my thoughts. I wanna know YOURS!!!! Do you think Cassie and Caelynn are bad news? Or do you believe them? I honestly thought one of them WOULD be the next Bachelorette, but now I’m not sure if the show would do that because of this story line. I need to know what you guys think! Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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171 thoughts on “The Bachelor – Colton Questions the Girls

  1. I SOOOO agree with you about how weird it was that he brought Hannah to meet his family! I remember Juan Pablo doing the same thing (well, introducing Nikki to his daughter) and I remember thinking he HAD to have chosen her in the end because of that – which he did!

    1. I kind of think he brought her to his family for reassurance. Maybe he knew what his dad would say about going with his gut and he just needed to be reassured that he has good judgement and to know that the decision he had already made about her was the right one.

  2. Just wanted to say that I loved Hannah’s exit in the car. I wish more women knew their worth and were able to feel the way she did!

    Now, gee wiz, when’s he finally going to hop the fence they’ve been showing the whole time?

  3. I totally think Cassie and Caelyn were being genuine. I definitely agree that there is more going on behind the scenes with the girls that will be exposed at the tell all. The girls just seem to quick to jump against the two women. I think they may feel threatened and are looking for justifications to throw the girls under the bus. I have a feeling that Hannah B or Sydney will be the next bachelorette.

    1. Do you believe the total denials by Team Caelyn/Cassie? I’m not sure if Colton did, since he had told the two accusers he trusted them.

  4. I was so upset that Tayshia started this whole chain of events. She’s being manipulative while trying to act genuinely interested. I think Colton will figure her out though. I read this morning that she had a boyfriend up until leaving for the show …let’s talk about her not being really ready for this whole thing. I believe Caelynn & Cassie 100% ! They seem genuine. Looking forward to next weeks hometown visits. Do you think Cassie has told Colton yet about the other show ???

    1. I feel like there is something we are missing. I just don’t know what. I am sooooo curious to see what the girls say at the Women Tell All.

      1. I agree. There’s something driving this “behind the scenes” talk. But at the end of the day, both Cassie & Caylynn are only 23! And both already “Instagram stars”—one is on another show already and one has been a pageant girl for a long time. I think they both have their own agendas as far as motivation to be on the Bachelor, and it might not be driven by wanting to settle down at 23. Hannah B showed more “real ness,” maturity, and humility in my opinion. And Kirpa spoke to Colton as you would your guy friend that you don’t want to be hurt. Unfortunately I have no one I’m rooting for and see no long term potential for any of them. Am I the only one? Boring season to me.

    2. Totally agree. You couldn’t have said it better. I don’t care for Tayshia at all or the way she handled everything. She doesn’t seem genuine and I hope he figures her out.

    3. She was married and got divorced a little over a year ago. To me, she is the one not ready, and she is manipulating all of this! Do not like her “act” in front of Colton! By the way, I think Colton is turning out to be my all-time favourite Bachelor! He is so real and very down to earth. Love how he has handled all the situations and the girls!
      I also find Carlynn so sweet! Her voice, and the way she talks are so similar to Emily Maynard!!!

  5. Tayshia should have thought to herself… if he was into me, why would he care about who the disingenuous girls are? I think Cassie said it best “it reeks of desperation”. None of the girls had any solid evidence.
    I too felt bad for Hannah B. I’ve felt all along that Colton does not handle things well. It was cruel of him to take her home when he already knew he wouldn’t pick her.
    I really like Cassie and I haven’t noticed that she has TV cred.

  6. I honestly think that the other girls were just trying to set Cassie and Caelynn up. When Caelynn was comforting tayshia, she just said everyone agreeded that it was them! That means to me that they never heard anything, they were just assuming!

    1. I thought the same thing. But there must be more to it. Something Tayshia didn’t want to say on camera. I’m sure of it.

      1. I thought the same thing about the crop sweater! I’m sure she regretted wearing it!
        I also think there is more drama going on between the girls and things being said that we are not seeing.

    1. I thought the same thing about the crop top! q😂 I thought for sure she was going to say sketching about it herself!

  7. I am not impressed with any of these girls this season to be honest. But then again I wasn’t a big Colton fan after the whole summer of him and Tia. It got old, fast and I was unsure if I was even going to watch this season- but I started. Team Hannah all the way after watching last nights episode. Also, bravo to Heather for leaving on her own… I have a feeling this won’t be the last we see of her! She bought a one way ticket to Bachelor in Paradise in my opinion. As for the next Bachelorette, I really hope the show chooses someone else. These girls seem very young and immature. Team Danielle Maliby for Bachelorette 🙂

  8. There’s something about Cassie that seems off to me. Sometimes I feel she’s being genuine and other times, she feels very scripted. I never thought about the other show playing a part.

    Oh, forgot to ask, have you checked out K.E. Soul Botique? It’s on Insta & FB. They have adorable clothes at affordable prices. If you haven’t, you definitely should!

    1. I agree. I’m not a Cassie fan at all and haven’t been for the whole show. I’m shocked she has stayed on all this time, and I would have loved to see Kirpa get that rose!

      1. As I watched this whole season I kept noticing that Kirpa was in the middle of a lot of the drama. She wasn’t the one arguing but she was always seemed to be there encouraging other people to start drama. She reminded me of the main character Rachel on the show Unreal (which is a fictional tv show about a producer on a reality show like The Bachelor). I don’t know I just got this feeling that she was undercover or something paid by the show to help drama get started.

        Ali do you think that is possible?

  9. I was glued to the TV for every second of this episode! I 100% believe Caelynn & Cassie. I think the two girls, who seem very close, probably had a conversation about the possibility of one of the remaining girls being the next bachelorette. I think the other girls, who feel threatened by them, took this and ran with it, totally mixing their words! Tayshia spun her opinion into false “facts” that she should have kept to herself. It will be fun to see all the details unfold on the Women Tell all! It’s obvious he has an amazing connection with Cassie, and Caelynn is just so sweet and gorgeous! I’m still hoping one of them will be the next bachelorette 🙂

    1. Caelynn is sweet?!! She called one of the girls a B**** last night… And she had bad mouthed multiple others. Ali I’m surprised you didn’t point that out! Not a fan of the thought of having a mean girl as the next bachelorette!
      Also I disagree about Hannah b. She made up with caelynn and has been very sweet and endearing ever since.

      1. I think Caelynn was just being defensive for having false accusations thrown at her that could potentially ruin her relationship with Colton. These girls are in a very intense environment and she was just acting on her emotions, with lies being made up, or her words being twisted. That’s no excuse to call people names, but I do see where she is coming from, with being so upset.

        1. Honestly, I don’t think there is anything wrong with what Caelynn said about Taysha being a b****. She was attempting to ruin her character and her relationship with Colton over her jealously! Sorry, but sometimes people deserve that.

  10. I think that Tayshia probably had good intentions telling Colton, but the heart wants what it wants. For me, the safest choice for Colton would be to eliminate those who spoke about other girls not being ready without examples (girls who focus on the relationship and not other people know how important time is and tend not to engage in drama!) and at the same time eliminate the girls mentioned by girls as not genuine. That would leave Colton with Hannah who I really like! She doesn’t involve herself in the drama and that’s a smart move.

    I like Cassie from what she tends to present , but because of her past would wonder about her intentions with Colton and if she is acting. Then again, Colton has a similar past with reality tv so maybe they are perfect for each other; they both like the spotlight. Quite honestly, who is really ready after not knowing someone in the real world for an extended period of time? Everyone is not ready right now.

  11. I would not say this episode was so good. I like Colton but I am so tired of the girls talking about each other. I believe Caelynn and Cassie. I don’t think they are there solely to be the next bachelorette. However, I am sure the thought has crossed their minds and maybe there was a conversation about it. But like you said no one gave specific details of what was said and I felt like a lot of it was hear say from Katie. I like Caelynn but I have also always thought it was shady that she told Colton that she is Miss North Carolina even though she has only lived there for a year? I was hoping he would send Cassie and Kirpa home just because I am so tired of all the drama. I think Colton and Cassie have a physical connection but I don’t think she’s the one and I feel like he knows it. I think Hannah G. will be the final girl. I have thought that since night one when they were doing the live show and he said on live TV that “she has always reminded me of home.” How could she not be it if he said that on live TV? And if she isn’t it, then how upset would the girl he chooses be when he said that in current time?

    1. I totally agree with your Hannah G comment! If it’s not her, I would be livid being the girl with him now! Anddddd not to mention he has already said he’s falling in love with 3 out of the 4 girls!! 😬

    2. To me Hannah G is adorable, but has no substance. I never but once got anything from her. She is sweet but just sits back and watches. Think that is her personality because she has done quite a few music videos so she is used to being in the limelight with modeling and the videos.
      Cassie is Not starting the drama. Katie was listening from another room so snooping. She in turn told Kirpa who told Tayshia. You know how that goes. The story gets tweeked a little each time. I do not like tattletales. As we can see most of the time they get sent home. As far as Cassie’s show, it is not on TV but on the internet and it is from her private school as a documentary. Her X boyfriend, they have been X’s for over 6 months and he is in a foreign country on a basketball scholarship. They tried to make it work after the first time they broke up, but the problems were still the same. There seems to be No threat at all. I think Cassie is the best fit for Colton and I see them, together as the best fit. Their careers and both are people pleesers and love to help children. She is casual and is sporty which seems to meld with Colton. I wish them the best if they connect.
      Ali your hair is adorable and the darling jumper too. I just got a mauve purse similar to yours and I love it.

  12. I agree with you Ali. I’m concerned about Cassie, mainly because I think they have something really special! Their connection seems the most genuine to me from what we’re seeing.
    I think it’s totally normal that they’re wondering to each other what will happen if they don’t end up with Colton. They have to mentally prepare themselves that that is the most likely scenario. It doesn’t mean their heart isn’t in the right place.
    I’m glad he sent Kirpa home. I felt like she was grasping at strings to make an impression. Taysia seems disinginuine, which is funny since she’s calling our Caelynn and Cassie for being just that!

  13. I’m so curious as to what Caelynn said to Colton on the group date. I know it was probably something defending Cassie, but I want to know more details about it. I feel like it is never a good idea to talk about the other girls on your one on one time like Kirpa and Taisha did.

    1. I agree with it not being a good idea to talk about other girls while on your own date. However, I think the main reason that happened is because Colton was the one to bring it up. Based on how their date was going, I don’t think Tayshia would have specifically named anyone or mentioned much about it if Colton hadn’t asked her straight out what her thoughts & opinions about it were. So I feel like it was kind of crappy for Colton to choose to take time away from their relationship to ask about the drama. But at the same time, Tayshia could have chosen to be vague in her response & told him that she had heard things, but it wasn’t her place to talk about it.

  14. Yea, that definitely sucked for Hannah. I was also really confused as to why he would take her to meet his family right before sending her home. She’s never been one of my favorites, but I for sure felt bad for her in that moment.

    As far as the drama, I feel like there HAS to be something that we aren’t seeing. Over the course of the season, Tayshia seemed to be one that wouldn’t get swept up into unnecessary drama & wouldn’t be one to just start rumors or feed into them. Like when Onyeka went to Colton with the stuff about Nicole. Tayshia was quick to jump in & tell Onyeka & the other girls that it wasn’t true. So I feel like she wouldn’t have given specific names to Colton without having some sort of actual proof. So I’m definitely interested to see what isn’t being shown to us regarding that whole situation.

    Also, I know I’m definitely in the minority here, but I’ve never been a fan of Cassie. Something about her just seems off to me & has since the beginning.

    As far as the next bachelorette, there really haven’t been any girls from this season that stood out to me as someone who would make an awesome bachelorette. I kind of hope they pick someone from a previous season & someone who isn’t super young.

  15. Hi Ali, it’s one of the first times I’m reading your recaps and don’t totally agree with you 😮
    Let’s start with Hannah B. I absolutely loved her all season, apart from the whole drama with caelynn which I think 1. She was encouraged to bring up first by producers (based on her vibe on the first ever Congo when she mentioned it to him) and 2. I truly believe she and caelynn both put it past them. I felt so bad he sent her home after meeting his fam, that wasn’t a good move on his part (I also thought abouy the top lol) .. But when she told him to be careful, I really don’t think it was a jab at caelynn but maybe more so of what all of them were saying about caelynn and cassie being weird about the Katie observation before she left.

    About this whole Katie thing, I think she may be the only one who heard something and prob relayed to the others (namely tayshia and kirpa) who obviously didn’t hear whatever was said first hand as they were so unclear as to what exactly was said to raise concern.

    And here’s what I think, I think caelynn really does care for him, but there something about cassie that shifted. I really liked her and 100% thought she would be the one to get engaged with colton in the end, but after last night’s episode I believe that if he does choose her (he’s into her way more than anyone else, it is super obvious) they won’t get engaged as I truly don’t think she’s ready! What kirpa said was so spot on in my opinion, about her “discovering herself still” or something along those lines. It was interesting ho in her conversation with colton she kept saying how she was there for him and found him amazing and she she would not be there if she didn’t see a future but she never said anything about an engagement or being ready for it marriage..
    I am starting to doubt her true feeling and I hope for colton’s sake she is being genuine.

    I’m so curious to see how this all ends, I think this episode wihh all this being ready drama brought out the worst traits in all the girls except the two hannah’s and Heather. And I really hope Hannah B. Gets bachelorette

    1. Hi Ali!

      Chiara, you so far are the 1st one that I agree with! I think there were too many girls telling him to be careful for it not to have some substance. I liked Cassie in the beginning but after Caelynn & Hannah B squashed their issue & Hannah B never brought it up again I was team Hannah B all the way. First let’s just talk about her personality & ability to laugh @ herself when she couldn’t make a toast. To me she is one of the most genuine & I rooted for her to be the next Bachelorette. They needed someone with some true substance and genuine personality.

      I could tell Colton was so into Cassie & don’t truly understand why be never asked her what she wanted out of this like he did every other girl. Or if he did it ended up on the cutting room floor. 🙄

      What clenched this season for me was when he sent Caelynn home & she turned to Cassie & said “Get engaged!” That right theee said to me they had many talks (not just one & maybe the others caught them talking about it when it was maybe just the 2 of them & it was over heard private conversations between the 2. I felt like when Caelynn told Cassie to “get engaged” as soon as she was sent home she felt like if Cassie didn’t get engageed that she would be competing with her for the title of Bachekorette. Why would that be your initial thought after the man you had expressed your love to & he had just met her family dumps you. I’m pretty sure I would be too devastated to tell my BFF in the house to get engaged to the man I loved. I truly think she thought “ok if Cassie gets engaged & isn’t sent home soon then I have a BIG chance of being the next Bachelorette”. I believed Hannah B when it came to her issues with Caelynn & the pageantry past disagreements-that she was manipulative. Especially now. For some reason Caelynn rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning. Her story is terrible & I thought she was incredibly brave for telling it on national TV & shined a light on campus rape.
      But I never believed she squashed things with Hannah B. I think she liked Colton but I think she was truly there to become a part of the Bachelor culture to get further exposure for herself & being the next Bachekorette would put her in the prime spot for that, or Bachelor in Paradise. And @ that rose ceremony I felt like she & Cassie has been on that page together. I’m sure the other girls spoke about it but I think it was their agendas. Too many mouths running about the same thing for it not to have substance.
      Gosh that was long but I’ve been dying to get my their out! 😂😂

  16. I thought THE SAME thing about Hannah’s top when she was meeting the parents. I would’ve been so uncomfortable dressed like that while meeting my in-laws for the first time. I loved Hannah’s exit comments. I don’t think I believe Caelynn and Cassie. I feel like they’re working together to do/prove something. Like they’re a team and when it’s over they’re gonna be like Colton who? There’s just something different about Cassie that I’m not loving but I can’t pin point it. I’m all for Hannah G. She’s beautiful, she seems quiet, seems to get along with every girl, seems like she’s genuinely focused on Colton and hasn’t been involved in any of the other girl drama. I hope he chooses her or she is the next Bachelorette.

  17. Is ot just me or does anyone else feel let down by the remaining girls? Who knows wha5 Cassie & Caelynn said about being the next Bachelorette….I don’t think that’s all that important. They may be totally in love w/Colton but if he doesn’t pick them they could be the next Bachelorette. That shouldn’t be held against them. But…I am disappointed in hearing about this other reality show Cassie is on. Also heard her sister is an actress & dating some actor. Hopefully she’s not doing this to get her foot in the door. Tayshia lost points w/me because she is feeding fuel to the drama. My pick is now Hannah. But honestly I don’t see him with anyone in the end.

    1. I absolutely think Cassie will win. Won’t be ready. And will break his heart. He says his worst fear is that and WATCH IT WILL HAPPEN. If he is truly ready it will be Tayshia

      1. You can find her reality show online. It follows a group of conservative students from Biola University. They did one a long time ago, and this is an update one. Her ex boyfriend wrote a nice thing about her on reddit and when they broke up, etc. I watched bits and pieces and it sure doesn’t seem all that scripted and she seems sweet enough. If you want a bigger picture, you can definitely just look it up online. “Young Again” or something like that. I am not sure how I feel about Cassie, but I wouldn’t judge too much on that show.

  18. What about how Caelyn came in during the group date to speak with Colton? I’m not sure it would have changed the outcome but I thought that was ridiculous

  19. What about Caelyn coming in to speak with Colton during the group date? I thought that was ridiculous! I don’t think it would have changed the outcome though. Sorry I put the wrong email the first time

  20. This episode was nuts lol I believe a lot of the girls felt threatened by Cassie a few weeks ago, I think it was the episode of her 1 on 1 with Colton. A few of them talked about how strong of a connection the two of them had and they all seemed a bit worried. I don’t understand why Tayshia would bring this up to Colton really if she didn’t actually hear that conversation. Her and Kirpa both said this is “just my opinion” and the way they reacted at last cocktail party or whatever their reactions were, that is just ridiculous. Tayshia should’ve just focused on the time she had with Colton instead of bringing this up.

    I agree with you Ali that there is something missing though. I have felt that the entire season so far. I feel like they really aren’t showing much even with the dates. That group date last night was awful…no one really had any time with Colton and I felt bad for Hannah G even though she got the rose she had zero time with Colton. I feel like none of these relationships are really strong enough for an engagement at the end.

    As much as I did not like Hannah B, I did feel bad for her last night. What the heck Colton why would you bring her home if you knew you didn’t feel the same. And she’s right with what she said, she literally told him how she felt and it was what he was looking for and then can we please talk about HIM saying he wasn’t ready?? WHAT? Honestly what is he doing. He is so confusing!

    What doesn’t make sense now is that he now believes Caelynn and Cassie but he is keeping Tayshia around? Wouldn’t you try to have another conversation with Tayshia after all of this, he let Kirpa go but not Tayshia. Doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

    I honestly think this will end with no engagement at the end…but that is just my prediction, it is such a weird season!!

  21. The crop top!!! First words out of my mouth….she is regretting that choice…she she hugs his dad.

    I do believe Caelynn and Cassie. I didn’t know about the other reality tv show. That does change my perception of her a bit.

    I don’t think it is “right” for the other girls to make an assumption based on their own perception of someone’s behavior and then presenting it as fact to Colton.

    My fav episode this season as well!

  22. I believe that Cassie and Caelynn are genuine and the other girls are feeling threatened by them. I was so happy to see Colton follow his gut, and especially happy that his dad reminded him not to listen to the girl drama and to follow his heart, which he seems to be doing!

  23. I believe Cassie and Caelyn! I agree with you in that the other girls could not give one concrete example of how they weren’t ready for marriage or what they said about it. Also when Caelyn confronted Taysha, Taysha said it was her “opinion”. You can’t go and tell Colton that Caelyn said this and said that based on an opinion!!! Taysha lost big points for me there. Just like Oneyka twisted Nicole’s words around, this is a similar situation where they’re just putting words in other girls mouths. Not cool! I also love how Caelyn went to talk to Colton on the group date. She really stood out in this episode and thought it set her up nicely to be the bachelorette!

  24. Did you see the way Caelyn’s face lit up when Colton was telling her about how he’s heard about her talking about being the bachelorette?!! I’m surprised not a lot of people are talking about it…it was super sketchy in my opinion! I’m not a big Caelyn fan anymore because of a jab she made at Hannah B in an Instagram caption from last year. It was really petty and unnecessary. I’m team Hannah B for Bachelorette (I was a Tayshia fan but I don’t like how she got caught up in the drama).

    1. I also noticed that and found it a bit forced. I didn’t see the Instagram thing but find that disappointing. I’m also very much team hannah b

    2. Julie, I agree. I REALLY liked Hannah B, because she is real and normal. I did think she and Caelyn buried the hatchet because it wasn’t a good thing for either of them. I loved that Hannah B was very graceful about her exited even though you know she was blindsided. I mean if I got to meet the parents, I’d totally think I was a shoe-in.

  25. I feel like Cassie and Caelynn are not being real. A couple weeks ago I felt it and this week just confirmed. They both talked about it with each other if their names are brought up and what they would do. So if you have ever been involved in drama before you know you immediately know your part and become worried until you own up to it. They both reacted weird when he confronted them (like you said could have been edited but still) and it just didn’t seem genuine.
    I feel the same way that Cassie knows how to play the part with reality tv because she has experience with it and she just doesn’t seem like she would be ready to marry at the end of this. I am so rooting for Hannah or Tayshia!!
    I was so happy to see Hannah B depart the way she did and I feel like more women need to remember that they are worthy of be chosen every single day!!!

    1. I do not like Tayshia at all. I think naming women was a very shady thing to do. I also don’t think that Colton and Tayshia are well matched. She seemed to be awful proud of herself for throwing the other girls under the bus. I was thinking Heather might have been the one that wasn’t ready, so she decided to leave, which was probably a smart choice. I agree that he should not have taken Hannah B home to meet the parents…not a great decision Colton.

  26. What are your thoughts on Caelynn going in on the group date to talk to Colton? I loved that she did it but not sure it was necessary. Kirpa and Tayshias trash talking definitely seemed like a cheap attempt at staying in the game.

  27. Thanks for a great recap. And I love that jumpsuit. I thought Tayshia put herself square into the friend zone as soon as she started talking about the other girls. I don’t think Colton should have put her in that position asking about what’s going on in the house and I don’t think she should have fallen for it. Even if she clearly heard Cassie or Caelynn day anything like she accused them of saying, it’s not her place. I never understand why the people on this show feel it’s their duty to talk about others during their precious alone time. It never ends well. She may be taking him home but I doubt she’ll be final two. Now Kirpa saying something almost makes more sense. They seemed more like friends but her method was no good. Hers was all hear say. Too bad.

  28. Love Cassie, Caelynn and Hannah G! Hannah G is just no drama. Love her. Such a good person.

    Taysia totally misled Colton in their convo! She spoke as if she heard those things said when she did not. It was more of her assumptions and opinions. Even when Caelynn confronted her she said it was her opinion. She never said heard them say anything. When talking to Colton she made it seem like she heard things said. So frustrating!

    However Colton should not be asking girls what their take is on the other girls. He had concerns so he should have asked each woman individually what he needed to ask and go with his gut. Asking the women about the other women has bad news written all over it! It opened the door for people like Kirpa to come in and randomly share her thoughts and opinions and talk as if it’s facts and truth.

    It was all so frustrating! I felt bad for Caelynn and Cassie. I think their words got twisted and like Cassie said “this reeks of desperation”. I think Cassie has his heart and it will be her in the end!

    Caelynn is a great friend for going into group date and making sure Colton was not being swayed by rumours and jealousy.

    Can’t wait for hometowns!!! Hoping Taysia goes home next week!

  29. Agree about Hannah’s one on one look – BUT at least she wasn’t wearing the totally sheer top with the black bra she had on the day before when they all met Colton’s dog! That woulda been WAYYY WORSE for meeting the parents

  30. I think that the reason that they said something is because they can see the connection Cassie and Colton have, and are totally jealous of that. So now claws are coming out and they are trying everything they can to get him to second guess himself.

    1. I think that the lfour remaing woman will have to adjust to whatever situationatthis point hopefully Colton choes wisely

  31. I have to agree that last night was the best episode so far this season. I love how he is following his gut and heart and not keeping girls past what he needs to. I have liked Cassie from the beginning for sure, but I thought Heather would go farther (funny… my name is Cassie and my sister’s name is Heather. LOL). Now… you may hate this, but I do read the Reality Steve Spoilers for the episodes after the WTA. I never share what he says with anyone, but I am hoping what he says does happen. And I need Colton to jump that fence already! I mean jeez!

  32. Love the blog, and I agree with everything you said! I wish I had saved the episode to go back and re-watch- but after (I think it was) Katie left, Tayshia and Kirpa whispered something to one another. I remember at the time thinking it sounded shady – like they were planning something against the other girls, but I was too exhausted to read into it. Does anyone remember this??

  33. I concur! It was in poor taste for anyone at this point to continue to have this round robin conversation. Ben said it best when he said just ask them each if THEY are ready to be committed not who they think ISN’T ready. It just made for bad television in my perspective. I wonder also if they took Hannah home to his family because she was safe to send home? I can’t figure that part out. Tayshia gets on my nerves I like her then I get absolutely frustrated with her. LIKE have your own journey. I just hope at the end of this season we are at THE END OF THE LIFE OF COLTON. Safe Bachelors are a little snoozy. I hope whoever he ends up sleeping with waits for a LONG TIME before getting married. I don’t think after all this kissing he’s going to be ok sampling just one ….. 🙂

  34. I loved Cassie for him but now I’m not so sure!! I hope she’s telling the truth, I didn’t know about her other reality show! I think Hannah g would be the best fit for him at this point! She’s so sweet and seems to be staying away from drama and just focusing on Colton! I hope he finds love!!!
    I also thought Caitlin going and sticking up for Cassie was so nice! She already had a rose and could have seen it as Someone she knows is a front runner going home which gave her more of a chance and she didn’t! Seems very genuine to me!!
    Also, I thought it was Very weird that there wasn’t a 2 on 1 this season!!!
    I love reading your blog Ali!! Your an amazing mom and watching your journey as a mom has me so excited to be a mother !! Thank you for sharing your life With all of us and being so vulnerable, it cant Be easy!

  35. I’m almost wondering if Caelynn & Cassie got “thrown under the bus” to Colton because the other girls felt like they were their biggest competition. And I know it totally brings drama to the season, but this is also Colton’s life & he is ultimately making a huge commitment at the end of this so I feel like if something concerning like “I want to be the next bachelorette” comments are made then producers should really show him footage of that within context so he knows what he’s getting into. I feel like if producers gave the lead star more unfiltered access to see how people act when they aren’t in front of him/her then they would end up with a lot more successful relationships! They could even incorporate it as like a hidden camera type thing that he can stream to watch how the girls act with each other.

  36. I had a thought– at the end of last week’s show- when Taisha made the bold comment that she and Kirpa would be the final 2- they showed Cassie and Caelynn’s faces after that bold comment and they were sort of looking at each other- at least that is how the editing made it look. So maybe Taisha caught the looks between them? Took it as them having something to hide, as I think it was Kirpa who said something to that effect on the show last night. Just thinking….. I know- I feel like I missed something and was also trying to figure it out! go Cassie!!

  37. Ugh…really hoping that the next season of Bachelor…the guy tells all the girls that whoever talks trash about the other woman will get sent home!!!!so glad his father told him not to listen to any of the gossip!!!

  38. It’s sad how cunniving some of the girls are this season. All this he said she said is ridiculous and Katie isn’t even here to comment. Kirpa was seriously being obnoxious for no reason. I believe that the girls knew how much Colton likes Cassie because it was said before when she got her one on one date. And they wanted to get her out of the way, regardless of her reality television experience I do think she is genuine and we have seen her emotionally loosing it early on which tells me she had a clear understanding of how special she felt their relationship was. She may have come on to further her image or whatever but I think she genuinely fell for Colton and was probably shocked at her doing so. She doesn’t strike me as the make out queen like some others so I do believe her. As for Caelynn I think they have a nice thing but I never thought they clicked like he does with Hannah G or Cassie. Caelynn is very intelligent and I think she is able to back up everything that is thrown at her in a very mature way. I feel so bad for saying this but I think she was having a normal conversation with Cassie not insinuating anything about being the bachelorette but just a casual discussion and because of Caelynn’s controversial topic while on her date I think the other girls may have thought she was in line for bachelorette and felt jealous. It’s crazy how Hannah B was “edited” to seem looney and kind of ditzy but then when she leaves she all of a sudden had this epiphany of yes I am amazing and yes I will meet someone. Colton handles himself well and I do think he tried to do right my Hannah but I have a hard time believing he chose her for the date to meet his parents. He just seemed cold the entire date. I never thought their relationship was going to last. She is fun and upbeat but I just did not think he was into her. I was annoyed that when Caelynn walked in on the group date we were not shown her conversation. Was it really a shock Cassie was kept?! Everyone can see how he feels about her. I was also annoyed we didn’t see any interactions between Colton and Hannah G. Heather has impressed me from beginning hoping to see her in paradise because she is such a sweetheart and I hope she meets a good guy there. I don’t know why everyone likes Tayshia I feel bad saying this because it’s unkind but she seems very in it to win it. Her date with Colton I didn’t like her at all she just didn’t seem into him just into the idea of being on camera with him… if that makes sense. When he is with Tayshia Colton seems dumb all of a sudden.. she is very smart and very confident which is great but I don’t see them together. I truly think Colton is one of the best bachelors we have had in a while. He just seems to really be genuine and talented interesting to see him mature and discover who he is as the show progresses. It reminds me of Sean Lowe a lot. Colton does get physical but unlike some past bachelors who seemed to only think with their man business I do think because of Colton’s values and beliefs he thinks with his brain. He really only looses his mind with Hannah g and casssie which makes me think he genuinely loves them! Anyway, I love you Ali!!! Love your blogs and pics of your family! You are amazing!

  39. Happy Tuesday, Ali,
    My husband and I both watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette together. It’s nice to get a male’s point of view regarding all of the drama.
    We both kind of have a “6th sense” and together agree that Caelynn wasn’t being genuine during her conversation with Coltan; its all in eye contact, or lack of, and body language! When she was answering Colton’s questions, she kept looking down, or to the side. That is very telling in knowing if someone if telling the truth or not. We just haven’t trusted her from the very beginning; way too much drama.
    Our pick is Hannah G. She has quietly taken the high road throughout the entire season. We loved how she remained silent during the group date conversation at the end. That speaks columns; silence is golden!
    Thank you for your sincere input. You are such a refreshing, genuine person…..!❤️

  40. I think a lot of what was going on with the drama was that the other girls could see the connections Colton had with caelynn and Cassie and jealousy really prompted what Tayshia and Kirpa were saying… they appear to be BFFs so why wouldn’t they both say things about the girls Colton is more into?

    I was a big Tayshia fan at the beginning but as the show goes on, I truly think she’s being immature and she’s very jealous. S

    What you said about Cassie and the reality show… I do *not* agree with at all. Based on what i read about the previous show is that it was filmed quite awhile ago and was more of a documentary, not reality show. And it wasn’t aired until Cassie was on the bachelor… I don’t think it affects her or her relationship with Colton.

    I am very curious as to what caelynn said to Colton and I’m curious as to why they didn’t show the entirety of the conversation.

    I really thought Hannah handled herself very well in her exit… classy and mature and I really hope they give her the bachelorette spot! She deserves it, truly!

  41. I’m surprised you didn’t talk about Caylen’s mystery talk with Colton before he gave Cassie the rose — what do you think that was all about?? I didn’t like that

  42. My question is why would he take the word of jilted girls and the girls competing for him over his own gut? They should do a Bachelor with a sister or family friend in the house as a plant to really tell them what the girls are like. ABC, you can pay me for that idea! 😉 I think he’s going to end up with Hannah G as he’s been smitten with her from the beginning. “She reminds me of home.”

    Also, with the girls left Caelyn is the only one they’ve spent enough time building a backstory for her to the The Bachelorette. Something is off there. I’m sure she’s excited to there, and I’m sure in the boredom of waiting around for dates with Colton, someone said “well if he doesn’t pick me, maybe I’ll get to be the Bachelorette.”

    I loved Hannah B and think it was totally unfair of him to bring her to meet the parents if he was unsure about her. It totally gave her a false sense that things were good, then in the car after she realized they were not. She did handle it with grace and I think she would make a fun and interesting Bachelorette. Caelyn is too serious. Cassie isn’t likeable. I didn’t see that connection until they edited it in.

  43. All I got out of this episode was that Tayshia is immature and manipulative, as is Kirpa, and that all the gossipers were jealous of his connection with Cassie and Caelyn. And the fact that Hannah B. threw in the token statement at the end, as she was leaving, tells me that there was a lot of talk going on in the house and they all decided to say the same thing. Too bad they weren’t more focused on Colton and building something genuine with him, rather than how they could bring down the top 2 girls.

    P.S. I thought Heather was adorable and she did the right thing by going home.

    1. I would love for Heather to be the next Bachelorette! She was a total surprise to me, and in a such a good way! She has the most genuine personality, she is kind, very pretty with those dimples to boot! And very caring! The class she showed throughout her stay on the show, and the way she spoke to Colton when she decided to leave, really impressed me!!

  44. Ali- : I’ve been dying to find out if they ever get to actually eat on this show? Like they’ll sit down at a dinner date and the food is already there…then it remains untouched the whole time? Please advise!!

  45. It’s funny that you loved this episode, while all it did for me was aggravate me. I just felt like Colton would say one thing, then literally do the complete opposite. This episode just felt very ingenuine and scripted to me. I don’t think he is ready for marriage at all and still doesn’t know who he is. Like Cassie, I think he knows too much already how reality tv works and will do just about anything for the views, including the “vlogs” in each episode. 🤣
    I was sad to see Hannah B go, although I knew she wasn’t his endgame. I really liked how she exited – I thought it showed her very serious, strong, independent side compared to the goofy, fun loving, dramatic “Hannah-Beast” we had seen all season…I felt the edit the producers gave her definitely tells us she’s in the running for the next Bachelorette. I would definitely watch that season!!! Something tells me they could do what they did for Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season and put Caelyn and Hannah B against each other for the first night – why else make that drama in the first 4 episodes drag on?
    I can’t decide if Caelyn and Cassie are being genuine or not. Caelyn talking about Hannah G. going on her 1-on-1 last week’s episode, saying I don’t know if she has any depth to her because she has always relied on her looks to get her through life. I thought it was pretty hypocritical considering she is a pageant girl who even wore a sash when meeting Colton! I do agree, however, that he ends up with Cassie at the end. I think that’s the only reason he chose to keep her, after being warned by 5 different girls!! I’m honestly kind of drained by this season for now. I’m just ready to see him jump the dang fence!!!

  46. Totally agree!
    I don’t like when girls speak of other girls… shows a future of insecurity in a relationship and that would scare my if I was Colton! I actually like Cassie and wish the show would show her a little more bc I feel there’s a lack of “knowing” her going on! Sadly I feel this season has had a lot of girl against girl and it’s so not fun to watch!

    Also how awesome was it Caelynn put her feelings aside to show some girl power in sticking up for Cassie! 💃🏼🙌🏻

  47. I feel that if he’s sending you home just be classy. Wish him well, tell him he has some great girls left. I liked Katie but that exit ?? That was a shitty thing to do to him. Maybe Caelynn & Cassie were worried about the comment because they are already emotionally invested. They know Colton listens to everything and listens to others more than his gut.
    Kirpa…. zero examples. That’s what he asked and you had nothing. Guess that was her Hail Mary. They had no connection. The remaining Hanna could have offered a little advice to Kirpa about focusing on herself and not others but… not in her character I guess.
    Poor Colton, these girls care about him so much but love to see him hurt by their stupid desperation.

  48. If you read reality Steve who may I say has been spot on since the beginning. What the girls are saying regarding Cassie is true. But you don’t have to read his blog to see she is slowly starting to take a step back.

  49. I thought it was hilarious that you commented on Hannah’s crop top because that is all I could think of also 😁

  50. Shouldn’t being on another reality show that is simultaneously airing be considered a conflict of interest? As genuine as Cassie or any of these girls “seem” – just looking at their IG accounts shows they are already into modeling, brand sponsorships, etc. They all apply to become famous. Why would Cassie need to find a man on T.V.? Why would she have any problems finding a man on the beaches of CA as a beautiful and educatted 23 year old? I mean, really. ABC needs to save the drama of young men and women for Bachelor in Paradise. Bring back true love stories like Trista & Ryan’s season!

  51. I was surprised hannah b got to meet his parents before being eliminated it should have been maybe caelynn or hannah g instead. In terms of caelynn being bachelorette I’m on the fence would rather see elyse be bachelorette instead only because we’ve had over 30 bachelors but not so much in bachelorettes.

  52. Serious but random question: Does anybody know why Kirpa was carrying around a hot pink notebook whenever she talked with Colton?!

      1. I follow Reality Steve (he helps bring entertainment to this boring season, but I won’t disclose any spoilers!), and someone asked him the same question…he said he didn’t know but that it must not have been important enough to call out. I was also wondering if Kirpa had the notebook all along, like in the first episode coming out of the limo…but I guess we will never know, dangit!

  53. Cassie and Hannah r my favorites (Not Hannah B!)
    I figured it was the producers who talked Colton into taking Hannah be to his home to make it look like she went on home towns… But I think it was horrible that he did that and then Sent her home

  54. I agree with what everyone’s saying about last nights episode. I must say when watching this season, I can’t get over how Colton has a lot of the same mannerisms and how he talks to the women as Nick Vaill. I know they are two different people, but they sure seem very similar from a viewer standpoint.

  55. Honestly I think at this point I want Hannah to be the last one standing however I wouldn’t be surprised if Cassie was engaged and Caelynn was the bachelorette. Crazier things have happened. I’m surprised you liked this episode so much because it was to dramatic for me. I skipped over some parts cause I thought they were too hyped up. I love when you talk about your season vs now because I’ve been watching since before your season and things have definitely changed. The show also favorites people and gives them to much air time which also adds to their want for fame.

  56. I’ve really liked Cassie from the beginning, but last night I felt like she was acting super guilty. The look of concern on her face before she was even told her name was dropped is what got me. If she was innocent, I don’t feel like she would have been so defensive BEFORE knowing her name was said. Anyone who goes on the bachelor who is a model, singer, on another TV show, stars in several movie videos, or who is a pageant girl makes me question how genuine they are. I miss the days when the contestants were teachers and nurses, and more regular people. They seemed more genuine and less fame hungry to me.

  57. Hey Ali! Great blog. I honestly think Colton is instigating half the girls drama. He is the one digging and asking the girls about who is not ready. I feel like they are basically put on the spot to answer his questions. In Tayshia’s case she stated she didn’t want to be a rat then he asked her for names telling her it’s okay. Not only that but he goes behinds the girls back and tells Caelyn and Cassie who ratted on them which is not nice and stirring up the pot!

  58. Hi Ali – So glad you review the show every week

    I also feel something is off about Cassie and maybe it is because I know she is on another show. It just looks like she works the camera. I do not think he should trust her.

    Taking Hanna B to meet his family was just wrong. He knew he had no interest and it just made it uncomfortable at the end.

    I do like Hanna G a lot. She seems to stay out of the chaos of the women fighting. I do not think she will be the final one but she would make a great Bachelorette

  59. I think you are exactly right about Cassie being in the limelight already, that in itself makes her questionable. Loved Hannah’s exit. She wants someone that chooses her everyday. Good for her. I don’t trust Caelynn either, I feel like she’s trouble.

    1. At this point in the Bachelor and Bachelorette there are a lot of people that go on the show that have been in the limelight before. I’d argue that Caelynn and Hannah B actually have MORE of a leg up in how to handle themselves on national TV (and a tv show where you’re in an evening gown every episode lol) with their pageant history.

  60. I personally don’t like Tayshia, I’ve read everywhere that she had a serious MODEL boyfriend up until she got on the the plane to start the show with Colton! It’s so annoying that she is being the trash talker when she has secrets of her own! Otherwise…. I really liked the episode, but I feel bad for Colton… although I loved cassie from the beginning, I believe that the only person left who is truly there for HIM is Hannah, but I just know he won’t pick her….

  61. Ali,
    I’m a Bachelor freak… I mean, really! I’ve seen every episode and spin off! That being said, I take my Monday’s seriously 😉. My honest opinion is that girls were super threatened by both Cassie and Caelynn. The connection he had with both but especially Cassie was undeniable! Cassie’s comment was spot on, “it Reeks of desperation”. I just wish Tayshia just hadn’t thrown those girls under the bus! It’s super difficult to defend yourself in this situation and I don’t think it was a classy move at all! Now, I hope one of those two prove everyone wrong and end up an awesome couple- marriage, kid, the whole Shabang if they choose! ❤️

  62. Was it just me, or was the editing weird with the end of the group date? No footage of him actually giving the rose to Hannah B!

    Why did he get extra time with Caelynn and Hannah B just went back home with her rose?

    He’s definitely not winning me over like the bachelor/bachelorette usually does by this time of their season… he just seems so cautious with his words which doesn’t make him seem genuine:/

    1. Good lord I’m horrible with the names… I think I got the wrong last initial for Hannah, and I meant Cassie not Caelyn 🙂 whoopsie!

  63. I feel like there was so much we didn’t see last night. Like, him giving hannah the rose, any of their conversations. He and Caelyns conversation and what really went down there. There were just soo many gaps! I want answers!!! Ha ha

  64. Hey Ali!
    Anyone else feel like the girls who were leaving were just getting a last dig in to sabotage the other girls before they were booted?
    I feel like Caelyn and Cassie have a secret pact to try to help each other make it to the finale. They are super tight which makes them targets of the other girls. Colton seems to want a genuine girl with no drama and by supporting each other, they pretty much have Colton wrapped their fingers. Tayshia just comes off as a mean girl and so fake. He did ask her but she would have been better off just not having a comment about it. Hannah G is so sweet, but other than the physical connection, there is nothing there. She’s beautiful but kind of boring…other than her amazing eyes and great hair, what did she really add to the season?

  65. I think Katie is the key to this whole situation. Hopefully they will ask her at WTA and we will get some answers as to what happened behind the scenes. I agree with you Ali that it is normal to talk about being the Bachelorette at this time in the show because only one person is going to be chosen.

    I found it odd that they would not actually show the conversation so we could get clarity because everything is filmed. Maybe production just needed a conflict so they purposely didn’t show it.

  66. Poor Hannah B. I felt sorry for her. I’m sure she felt very uncomfortable in her crop top in front of his parents. Poor choice on Colton’s part for taking Hannah to meet his parents knowing he was sending her home. Not a big fan of Cassie.

  67. I have the same exact opinion in that there are no TVs ,phones ,or even magazine during this show so all you can do is talk! Looking around the room and realizing wow one of us will be engaged to Colton and another possible be the bachelorette versus saying I want to be the next bachelorette is very two different things! At first I thought Cassie would be the one for him , now I’m just afraid his biggest fear will come true the person he chooses isn’t ready because they keep stressing that! Hope I’m wrong or else all the other girls were right!

  68. Cassie has been my favorite all season until last night! She did not seem genuine. I wonder why they didn’t show Colton specifically asking her if she could see herself getting engaged in the end…. mhm.

  69. From what I’ve read about Cassie’s reality show, it doesn’t sound scripted. I haven’t watched it. But it was about Christian students at Biola University. She and her boyfriend were featured along with other students. The show called her for a second season and discussions about being friends after a break-up were part of it. They are still friends. The show finished filming before the Bachelor started filming. (It’s called Young Once.) So, truth is that she does have experience with cameras following her. I did notice Colton’s interest in her from their first meeting (he tucked one of her butterflies in his pocket after she went inside!) my daughter and I have been rooting for her, but they haven’t shown much of her before her one-on-one last week.

    1. Good grief, I hope not!! Talk about a snoozefest. I will be done then. This season of immature girls has taken it’s toll on me already.

  70. There are a lot of comments about about Taysha and Krypa throwing Cassie and Caelynn under the bus, but does anyone not think it was uncool of Colton asking them about the other girls. Don’t put those women in that position. You are The Bachelor go with your own instincts. Tasha said she had opinions but only said anything because Colton specifically asked. I have actually liked Hannah B all season but didn’t really see them together Taking her to his parents then sending her home was cruel. I think she would make a good bachelorette but have always thought Kristina from Nick’s season would make a great Bachelorette.

  71. 1. I totally believe Caelyn!
    2. I really want to believe Cassie, but she is making it hard to do so?
    3. Poor Hannah B. (Although I’ve felt from the beginning they were awkward)
    4. Tayshia, I was on your side until last night.
    5. Can we just get to the fence hopping episode already… For the love of Pete!

  72. I felt bad for Tayshia that he even asked her opinion about the other girls. To me that made it very clear that he’s not picking her. If he was really into her, he wouldn’t have been talking about the other girls on their date. And I totally agree about the Bachelorette comments. I’m sure it was just a general comment along the lines of one of them will be it. Nobody is dumb enough to say out loud that they hope to be the next Bachelorette because that would definitely get back to Colton.

  73. I think the fact that 5 girls in total said people are there for the wrong reasons… means that something really is obvious to them. Colton is choosing his girls based off attraction more than anything.
    A bunch of 23 year old blondes…
    Ali you are so right, people want to be instagram famous. If you go creep those girls they are all posting 100 selfies/bikini photos. They are all gorgeous, but boring. Colton is boring. He says the same thing every episode “this night has been really tough” “this is hard for me” “I really appreciate you” “I had so much fun with you” every episode he says the same thing to all the girls, to me he is very bland and not fully confident. I find it odd that it’s almost the end of the season and I don’t really know Colton… it’s just make outs and surface convos. The editing is so focused on drama, I also don’t feel like I know any of the girls!
    I pray they do not pick a 23 year old Instagram model for the next bachelorette… these girls are so young and probably already wrapped up in fame… it would be good to see someone with a good head on their shoulders. Like elyse or Tayisha (she is not gonna win).
    Bach is going down hill. People want to be emotionally involved and laugh and cry. This season is so damn boring. “Drama filled” yet it’s all so juvenile. I’m sure they will send the beefing girls to Bach on paradise, gotta keep some content flowing there.

    1. Side note, I know Hannah B was saying she loves him and all that… but in the car she wasn’t holding his hand or anything. The body language was so off. He even had his arm stretched over to her. I definetly think she was playing it up to stick around they didn’t seem to vibe or click at all.

    2. Hayley you nailed my thoughts exactly- you should send this comment to the producers. They are ruining the show. I’ve been a fan since the very first season!!

  74. She’s on another show?!?! Googling now! I really liked Cassie but now I don’t know what to believe! I’m rooting for sweet Hannah, she has stayed away from the drama! Hometowns seem to always show everyone’s vulnerability so it will be nice to see that side of the girls. I think we’ll be able to see who’s really ready after being with their families. Also do ya’ll think this is the most women that have left on their own terms before on the bachelor??!!? And yes when does he hop the fence?!?!

  75. Hi, Ali! First, hope your trip to NYC goes well even if it means time away from your kiddos – treat yo’self to some down time and they’ll be back in your arms before you know it!

    I wanted to second your point about the show NOT choosing Caelynn or Cassie to be the next Bachelorette because of this story line. I think that was exactly what Tayshia was banking on. My unfortunate theory (don’t want to believe it because it seems incredibly calculated and manipulative) is that Tayshia believes Colton would end up with Hannah G. (they seem relatively close enough to know Hannah’s feelings and get her take on things etc.) which left Caelynn and Cassie as the front runners for Bachelorette. This rumor seems like a sure shot to eliminate them which would most likely leave her (I’m sure she knows next Bachelorettes are typically picked from the last few girls unless there’s an overwhelming fan favorite [hello, Juan Pablo (that backfired)]). I really liked Tayshia and truly don’t know who to believe but I agree that there would’ve been footage had Caelynn and Cassie had conversations along these lines. But then again, the production of this episode was super secretive with many conversations cut out.

    I think Cassie wins in the end and I’m proud of Colton for following what he feels is real to him because in the end, that’s all that matters! I know they will all find happiness and hopefully they left this experience with appreciated growth under their belts.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ali!

    P.S. I think he ends up with Cassie too!

  76. Earlier in the season we hear some girls on the group date talking about how they think Cassie is very pretty and they see the connection Colton has with her on dates. I think girls like Kirpa tried to use this “not ready drama” that was already started to potentially get a rose… all in all, you never make yourself look good by making somebody else look bad!

  77. Your thoughts are dead on! Great insights. I have two favs, Cassie and Hannah but I’ve sort of moved away from Cassie after hearing about her reality experience. I honestly don’t think it will be Hannah after seeing her dads reaction to Colton on the previews. I suspect that may be what makes him climb the wall and run off. This season is interesting I honestly don’t know what I think about it all

  78. Tayshia is my favorite. To me she is the most genuine and he has natural, down to earth fun with her. I liked Cassie for the first couple of weeks but honestly, I think she’s hiding something and is also just there to promote herself. I don’t mind Caelyn but agree with others who have said that both she and Cassie got very defensive and used language that I think would make Colton further question their motives. I like Hannah B but she seems so young to me. She isn’t much younger than Cassie and Caelyn but she just comes across as being too impressionable. I think she would just follow Colton around like a lost puppy.
    I’m team Tayshia and think she handled the situation with dignity. She didn’t remark on the “drama” until Colton asked her and then did so with class – in my opinion 🙂

  79. Cassie and Caelynn give off major mean girl vibes to me. The two of them seem super cliquey and it wouldn’t be surprising to me at all if the two of them had been talking about being the next Bachelorette.

  80. I think these girls are all horrible, catty and immature with potty mouths. Colton has no clue what he’s doing and does not seem ready for marriage himself. I almost didn’t watch this season….

    1. Sue,

      I couldn’t agree more!!! None of these girls should be the Bachelorette. None are ready for marriage. Producers need to get people closer to 30 who have lived a bit, know what they want, and act their age.

  81. So I think that in the end it will be Hannah (the one that’s left) & Caelynn. I thought that from the beginning, but with the other Hannah and Cassie as other front runners. I think the producers actually did a good job with the entertainment aspect of this season even though I agree that it’s lretty predictable.

  82. I agree on some of your points but I think in all fairness if you are going to judge Cassie for her stint on a very small reality show and how it affects her ability to be real on tv then you have to say the same about both the Hannah’s and Caelynn and their pageant time, including being on national tv, in front of cameras and in multiple music videos. That’s a lot of camera experience right there.

    1. Don’t forget Hannah G has also done modeling and has been on quite a few music videos….So not fair to separate Cassie and she wasn’t even on TV but on a private schools documentary that is only on the internet not TV.

  83. This has been an interesting season, we have a personal interest in Colton because he went to college with both of my kids. He is an absolute decent guy wanting all the right things. Having said that, it was really disappointing that these girls were calling out Cassie & Caelynn only based on “what they thought” & not based on actual conversations they personally had with them. We will see…I like Hannah a lot too❤️❤️❤️!!

  84. Totally agree about Cassie and Caelynn likely mentioning that someone there will be the bachelorette (because there’s at least a 99% chance that’s true, and it really probably would be one of them!). Someone overheard it and got angry even considering non-engaged life after the show and spread the word. But it’s really stemming from the other girls being super jealous of Cassie and Caelynn’s obviously strong relationships with Colton as well as with each other.

    With Kirpa, I can see how being overly defensive can seem suspicious, but if that’s the only dirt you have, you don’t really have dirt.

  85. Hi Ali

    This is the first season that I ever watched where the girls spoke back and forth about each other and the Bachelor actually mentioned names.

    It’s kinda Annoying if you ask me, it’s taking away from the actual love story.


  86. I can’t help my self – I have to watch every season, but I believe over the years it’s all about girls/guys getting on TV and getting their name out there and getting to travel. There are a some that are there for the right reason but majority not. The first Bacherlorette was the best! No travel. All real. I love Hannah G. I have always had Caelynn and Cassie and Hannah G in my top 4, but Caelynn and Cassie I am starting to question if they are real. The do get defensive. Time will tell 🙂

  87. I LOVE Hannah G! She never gets any screen time though, even on their date and when he gave he the rose last night it seems so rushed and they make her seem like she’s just a extra?? I really think she is genuine and down to earth! Anyone else feel the same?

    1. Yes, I absolutely agree. She has not participated in any of the drama or cattiness that I’ve seen and their chemistry is undeniable. She just seems like a nice, sweet young lady and the most sincere of the four left. I’m not a Cassie fan AT ALL, and personally, I don’t see any connection between her and Colton, it shocks me that so many do see that.

  88. There has to be something we are missing!!! They all kept referring to what Katie said, but we don’t know what that is???

    I agree with Cassie. I think he REALLY likes her, and that’s why it was so hard for him. But something about her seems off to me. I think she has stayed out of the drama for the most part, but I don’t know if she is ready for marriage yet. Just me!

  89. Hey Ali,
    I agree with all that you have said.
    One thing I know for certain: When you throw someone else under the bus…you get sent home. Why can’t these girls learn that you spend your time with the BACHELOR getting to know him…and seeing if there is a connection….not bad-mouthing other people!!!
    I think Krpa especially, how the hell can she say who is ready and who is not….she sealed her fate.
    Love Cassie and hope it’s her at the end…xoxo

  90. I’m literally getting tired of all the drama that’s going on between these girls. Also, I don’t understand Colton. Usually, we see the bachelors not paying so much attention to gossip but in his case, it’s so different. He’s so invested in every problem that comes up and I would have just dismissed all of the bull#^>> and continue dating. Women are jealous and envious and they’re all there to win his love? and when you give them the space to keep on gossiping about each other they’ll just do that all through the end.

  91. I really didn’t like these girls who tried to put down other girls in the house, it was so wrong! Even though they stay in one house, they still do not know each other well. They should have never told Colton stories that are untruthful. Such a turn off, in my opinion. Very immature, almost like in high school girls whose competitive spirit sometimes destroys a person.

  92. I hate all the girl drama, too, which is why I like Hannah the best of the remaining. She’s the only one who has not participated directly in any of this, or if she did, I missed it. Not a Cassie fan at all and I don’t se any chemistry between her and Colton. Could not stand Hannah B so I was glad she got the boot, she was way too fake in my book. I’d be happy with any of his picks, as long as it’s not Cassie.

  93. There is a difference between actually hearing something word for word, and assuming things were said or how you believe other people reacted. That’s pretty presumptuous. Also, most of these opinions are also coming from someone (Tayshia) who just last episode completely discounted several other girls directly in front of them, by saying that she and one other girl (Kirpa) were going to be the final two. If anything, that left me feeling like Tayshia and Kirpa thought pretty highly of themselves.. with no self awareness that maybe their comments were a little uneccesary. Perhaps that is why Cassie and Caelynn were acting weird/defensive?.. Because you indirectly called them disingenuous (and really all the others), by stating that you and Kirpa would be final two (possibly insinuating that only you two had true intentions). Just a thought. I think that would put most people off. I liked Tayshia a lot, but once I saw that it really soured my impression of her. There is something to be said for having tact. As for Cassie being on another show, not only was it filmed quite a while ago, but I think it’s unfair for you to only single her out for having experience (and possibly knowing when to turn it on or off). If that were the case, then Colton should be held to that exact same standard. He was on two other shows (bachelorette and paradise) before being chosen as the Bachelor, and would know just as much about doing multiple takes, editing, and amping things up or pulling back for the camera. You could say that about any of the people who have been chosen as bachelor or bachelorette when it isn’t their first time around anymore. So just keep it real, that should not be held against her. Thus far, Cassie has always seemed to be a decent person (as well as some others), but her and Colton most definitely have an undeniable connection. Regardless, I wish all of them the best.

  94. I actually do not like Cassie or Caelynn. I do not find them genuine at all. I loved Hannah B and I felt so bad for her with how her date went down. I guess I am rooting for Hannah G now since I feel she is the most serious and Colton has always said she reminds him of home

  95. The “women” this season, are a huge disappointment. They are way too young, immature, and throw each other under the bus at every opportunity. Talking about one another to the lead happens every season, and as per usual, they are usually the ones to go home. Maybe just worry and focus on YOUR relationship and not worry about the others. Do they even realize the premise of this show is to very likely have a proposal at the end of this? Heather should never have even been on this show. And all Cassie wants to do is make out with Colton….still waiting for them to have a meaningful conversation about life and how she sees them going forward. About Caelynn…..please NOT her for next Bachelorette. She is snarky, foul-mouthed and way too young for the lead. I couldn’t believe her rant the other night….they had to bleep almost every word she was saying. Not a good look for a leading lady. The ONLY one that I would even consider for next Bachelorette out of this season’s girls would be Hannah G, as she stays in her own lane and doesn’t get into the drama. The other would be Elyse, as she’s older and definitely more mature. Having said that, I really don’t think any of these girls deserve to be the lead. Maybe it’s time not to pick from this last season, and get someone NEW (and more mature) in there! If any of these girls are the next Bachelorette, I may finally be done with this show, that I’ve watched since 2001. Ali, you were a class act when you were the Bachelorette. And you still are!

  96. Hannah G will be the one in the end. They’re (ABC) just throwing us off with all this. He told her at the beginning “she felt like home”—wait and see! UNLESS, she leaves for some reason? That could be why he jumps the fence!! None of the other girls are “the one”—first impression rose, Hannah G for the win!

  97. The drama between the girls is so tough to watch! Prior to reading this post, though, I felt Cassie still had a pretty good shot at being the bachelorette. Even though she caught in the drama, I felt she was painted in a much better light than Caelynn. But it would also be sort of weird if they cast the next bachelorette as someone who has an entirely separate reality TV show running at the same time.

    Since Caelynn and Cassie might be off the table, do you think the producers might choose a former contestant from a different season to be the next bachelorette? If so, who?

  98. I think all the accusations of some of the girls “not being ready” comes down to the fact that a lot of times people THINK they are ready, but they aren’t. At one point someone (I forget who) said it seems Cassie is still “finding herself”. That would have been a good thing to tell him. It might not be that they said or did anything, they just might not be as ready for marriage as they think. The girls that are left are all so young!!! I know he’s on the younger side but he is very mature for his age.

    Also! I think he’s more worried about having an engagement turned down when he should be more worried about actually finding a relationship that can last. Meaning, I think anyone would say yes at this point but I don’t know if any would last.

    And yeah the Hannnah crop top was funny when meeting the parents. 😆

  99. I am so sad he sent Hannah B home. Yes, she’s quirky and out there but she is unique! I vote her for next Bachelorette but I doubt it will happen. Of course Ali was my fav of all time! Check out the hilarious Bachelor Coloring Book on Etsy. Such a hoot! Xo!

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