Post Valentines Born Shoes Giveaway!

Happy day after Valentine’s Day everybody! How was your day? Whether you’re single, dating, married, or whatever your status is, I hope it was the best day ever! Valentine’s Day isn’t just about loving others but it’s also about loving yourself!


Anyway, I want to give you guys a little sneak peek into what our Valentine’s Day morning was like. It was honestly ridiculously perfect. It was short and sweet because Molly just got back from school and had to nap (oh my gosh getting her Valentine’s ready or her classmates was so fun! I loved every minute!

Anyway, Kevin planned a little stay-cation/picnic for us because he knew how badly I’ve been craving a getaway to somewhere warm and it was POURING in LA yesterday (so an indoor picnic was perfect!). Plus we just got back from the Midwest and it was COLD! But I had been craving a proper vacation well before our trip. Kevin and I haven’t gone on vacation since we went to Hawaii for our baby-moon when I was pregnant with Riley and we brought Molly with us! Plus it rained the whole time, so it sadly didn’t even feel like a vacay. And before that, we hadn’t been on a trip since before Molly was born. In fact, she’s 2 1/2 and we’ve never left her overnight! Oh wait, that’s a lie. We had to leave her overnight when I was giving birth to Riley. So needless to say, I’ve been craving a little tropical getaway. But at the same time, I’m just not ready to leave the kids! So Kevin knew how badly I wanted some relaxation and planned a little mini stay-cation at our house! He made me a fruity drink, he put out slices of pineapple and strawberry, and even had a little picnic laid out in our house! It was so sweet of him!


The day started with breakfast in bed and he put a note on my breakfast tray that said “Today is your stay-cation! Relax and let me take care of everything.” Sweetest husband ever!! So naturally, I put on vacation clothes! Ha! I’m not even kidding. I put on linen pants, because come on what’s more vacation than that? A white button up shirt, and a new pair Born shoes that I just got. I got them when we were thinking about planning a trip to Hawaii. I just thought they would be a really cute vacation/spring shoe. When I got them we had put our travel plans on hold, but I held onto them anyway to save them for an upcoming trip! And they’re super cute right? So cute that I’m giving away a couple pairs today! Which is really the MAIN point of today’s post! Plus I wanted to mention what a sweet husband I have. I am truly lucky.


I wanted to share the LOVE after Valentines day. So here’s all you have to do to enter for a chance to win:

  1. Tag a friend on either my Instagram post or Facebook post (which will be up later this morning) where I’m wearing my Børn shoes. Because that friend will also win if you win! Or if you rather win a pair for you kiddos – tag your hubby or wifey! My husband is my main bestie anyway!
  2. And the only other thing you have to do is comment below telling me what color shoes you would want if you win! Click here and here to see the two styles

I will choose a winner on Monday!


And if you don’t win, don’t forget to use my discount code ALILUVS15 until March 1st for 15% off! I highly suggest the pair I’m wearing in the photos at the end of this post as well!

The kids are also all wearing Born shoes – Kevin too! Can you tell I went a little crazy picking out styles on their website a couple weeks ago?! Ha! I just love their shoes. Molly’s shoes have a rainbow on them and she never wants to take them off. Riley shoes are a little big on him but I purposely got the size he will need when he starts walking – which will be this spring or summer! And Kevin’s are on sale!


In general, I highly suggest checking out Born shoes! Their styles are so stinking cute this season and as a huge bonus they are basically the most comfortable shoes ever! I also got the pair in the below photos (the Capricorn in Black Croc). They are perfect to wear to the office this summer or spring! And you could totally wear them to dinner on a vacation. Multi-purpose for sure and easy to slip on. I knew a while back that I was doing this giveaway on my blog and originally it was going to focus around this shoe. But then when Kevin planned the little picnic, I couldn’t help but change the focus of this post. If you’d rather win the Capricorn shoes in the below pics you can tell me that in the comments below (just tell me size and color)! Whatever shoe you like most! (And if you don’t win, don’t forget to use my discount code ALILUVS15 to get 15% off these shoes too or any shoes on Born’s site!)


And I just love this black and white outfit too. My pants are only $12.99! Not even kidding. Because I got the pants for SUCH a great price, I am able to splurge on other things – like my blazer. I actually bought this blazer years ago but their new version of it is basically the same. When I wear a basic look like this I always this it’s a good idea to have fun with accessories. That’s why I love the black croc style of my loafers and my fun fringe bag! This bag totally completes the outfit!


Well I hope you guys love today’s post. And I hope you enjoy these giveaways! I’ve given away Born shoes 3 other times on my blog and the people who have won have written me telling me that they LOVE them so much! If you’re one of those people please comment below too! Tell everyone how much you love them! Happy Friday guys! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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344 thoughts on “Post Valentines Born Shoes Giveaway!

    1. God bless your heart, thank you so very much for the opportunity to win these. (Size 7 1/2 but if they run small an 8) in the plaid…they are both lovely. Thank you.

  1. Hi Ali
    I enjoyed reading your blog this morning!
    The indoor picnic idea was super.
    I’d choose the black croc style shoes. They look so comfy.
    Happy Friday to you, too.

  2. Hi Ali
    I love following you and your little family!
    I love the plaid style shoes. Super cute and comfy for a mom on the go!
    Size 11
    Happy Friday!!

  3. Hi Ali!

    I love the multi stripe pair! And the black loafers! Super cute outfits and I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you for writing and for the opportunity to win! My twin sister would be my bestie recipient of the second pair. Both size 8. Have a great weekend!

  4. Thank you for doing another giveaway, just another thing I love about your blog! I’m really liking the multi-striped shoes – size 7.5 🙂

    Glad you had a great family trip to the Midwest and a lovely Valentine’s day! I live in the Midwest, and it’s been COLD and snowy since the beginning of December – I’m so ready for spring weather!

  5. You really are lucky. What did you do for him? It seems he is always doing things for you. Letting you sleep in, giving you breaks when he takes both kids, and then this.
    When does he get his day off?

    1. I was kind of thinking the same thing. I know he gets up at the crack of dawn and goes to his job and then does he come home and be stay-at-home-dad while Ali is at work? I feel like she has it made! Maybe I am just jealous…

      1. Haha maybe. My husband does so much for me and I know it. So I make a huge effort to make sure I am giving my husband the same support back so he can have his time too to recharge and relax.
        I just don’t see that from Ali. It’s always complaining and then bragging about how much Kevin does for her….

  6. Thank You so much, Ali! I’ve been following you since you were in the bachelor.
    I’d like the multi-stripped size 8
    Looking forward for the next blog! 💌

  7. Hi Ali!

    Kevin sounds like the type of guy my hubby is, really thoughtful and sweet. We are lucky ladies, but they are lucky men too! 😊 adorable shoes, I would like the multi stripe pair! So cute for vacay casual. Love your site and brand!

  8. Hi Ali, I love that black bag!! I tried the link to the black fringe bag but it didn’t take me to the exact bag you have in the picture, which bag is it on the website?

  9. Loved that you posted on insta about this sweet picnic yesterday and made a point to note you’d blog about it today so you could enjoy the moment! ❤️ Such an important reminder!

    I love love love the striped pair of Borns you are wearing. They make me think of Spring weather! Thanks for keeping us stylish and on budget!

  10. The Datil plaid pair 😍
    Hope you have a great day! Love reading your blog, thanks for keeping it real for all us moms out here!

  11. My husband is my main bestie too! He helps so much with our boys. So super lucky and thankful! Love the multi stripes!

  12. I’d love the multi striped ones!!! I’m all about celebrating my best friend this Galentines Day!!!! 😍😍😍

  13. Hi Ali! Adorable Valentine’s Day for your little tribe! Kevin is definitely a keeper!

    Great shoes, too!!! Ooh it’s so hard to decide, but I think I’d like the stripe shoes in a 7.5 if I win! Thanks for your giveaways!

  14. The multi-striped shoes are super cute!! Omg and Molly’s shoes are adorable- if only they made those in adult sizes haha!

    Thanks for doing this generous giveaway Ali! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family ❤️

  15. The picnic is such a great idea. I should do something like that with my 2 year old. I love the natural plaid shoes…super cute!

  16. Love these and it sounds like you guys had an awesome day yesterday! ❤️

    I would like the natural plaid colour please and thank you!

  17. Hi Ali!!! Love reading your blog with my morning tea while the baby naps, it’s the best! You have the most adorable family and I always get such great ideas from you. If I were to win, I would love the striped pair you have on…size 7. My sister is my bestie and she is a size 8 and I think would love the plaid. Thanks so much!

  18. Hi Ali!

    I’d love the stripe ones you’re wearing – super cute! I’ve been looking at their kids shoes and I’m in LOVE, so having a pair for me would be perfect!

  19. Hi!!!
    Love your blog so much. These days I find myself constantly looking back at your maternity style posts. I’m 17 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby and even tho my bump is JUST starting to show… I can’t wait to rock it the way you did.
    Anyway, some black loafers would be wonderful. I girl can never have enough black flat comfy shoes!

  20. How sweet is your husband to come up with a beautiful indoor
    Valentines picnic! You have such a sweet ❤ family. Love your outfits! You always look so stylish & effortless. Not easy to do with two
    little ones!

    I love the black loafers + the neutral plaid, so cute! Thanks for the chance to win the shoes. Size 9.

    P.S. I am from the Berkshires not far from Williamstown!! Live in Georgia currently!

  21. Omg Riley in those big shoes – so cute!!! My twin boys would look so cute in those shoes!! I’d pick shoes for them over shoes for myself any day of the week! There’s something about toddler shoes makes me insanely happy!🤣

  22. I’d love to win the black Capricorn loafers in size 10. I thought I recently read that Kevin is from Indiana…I’m a native Hoosier and live here now too! These shoes would be great for my upcoming girls trip to northern CA next month…and would brighten up this drab Midwest winter! xo

  23. I love the comfort of Born shoes!!! I think both color choices are cute, but I’d be more likely to wear the natural.

    Speaking of natural, I also love how you speak so naturally about things that many of us feel uncomfortable about discussing. For example, you haven’t had a proper vacation in a few years because you’re a proper mom. Many of us feel or have felt that way when children are young & very dependent upon us for their every need.

    I love that Kevin is so in tune with your needs & went out of his way to create such an atmosphere of R&R for you!! Such a loving, thoughtful spouse is a gift with which not every mom is blessed; which makes you doubly blessed.

    Having said that, I learned after many hard years of single-mothering that I absolutely was not capable of being the mother she needed without also making the time to take care of me. I know you’re an intelligent, well-educated, enlightened, modern woman & there are so many qualities that I’ve found to admire & appreciate in you, but know that you’re important too.

    You deserve your time too. You deserve your attention too. You deserve your care too. You deserve your love too. Without which, it is not in any way humanly possible for you to be all of the other or wife you need & desire to be.


  24. I love the natural stripe 🙋🏻‍♀️ Size 10 for me. Also just wanted tosay, your children are adorable and your posts about not feeling 100% yourself all the time are relatable and refreshing. Thnx!

  25. Hi,

    How sweet of you to give away such cute shoes to a lucky someone! If I were to be so fortunate as to win, I would like the multi striped pair in a size 10m. Thank you for the opportunity and Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

  26. Kevin is so sweet! I think your little picnic was perfect and just what you needed. Thanks for sharing! I would love the black loafers in size 6.5.

  27. These shoes are super cute. I love checking out your instant and blog you always have the greatest messages and stuff! I would totally go for the stripe shoes. They are adorable!

  28. Love these shoes! I think the multi stripe are super cute! Love being updated on your family and all of the awesome outfits, shoes and accessories you wear!

  29. Hi Ali! I always love seeing these Born giveaways, because Born shoes truly are the most comfy! I love all of these shoes but I’d have to go w the black croc style in 9.5! Xoxo

  30. I love the black backless loafers, just my style. I am one of your middle aged fans, I love your style! Usually I look at the clothes that you suggest but I am slightly out of the size range. I am a size 7. Thank you for doing this.

  31. Ah these are so cute! My toddler would love those rainbows too!! I’m loving the stripes! And of course the way you’ve styled them! I may need to steal this outfit! <3

  32. Love this giveaway! Having a hard time deciding which I like better!! I think I would go with the plaid ones. I would give the other pair to my sister who is also my best friend and basically my twinny 😉

  33. You seriously can pull off ANY look. ❤️ I love the croc shoes and the multi striped pair!!! I’d have to go with multi stripe as the colors are awesome for spring and summer and would look so fab on me for my upcoming 30th birthday trip running around Turks and Caicos. Please pick me!!!! Luvs ya.

  34. Girl, you need to give yourself a break more!! It’s okay to leave the kids with grandparents while you go on vacation and healthy for everyone! You’re not going to be a bad mom if you allow yourself more time away from the kids so you and Kevin can have some alone time

  35. These shoes are adorable!!! And seem so functional. As a mom of 5, under 7 years old. Function is key!😃😃 I would love the multi stripe pair 😍

  36. Such a lovely thing to have done yesterday! Kevin is honestly the best and soooooo thoughtful!! I know the feeling of not wanting to leave your littles. Our son is the same age as molly and breaks my heart, so this family Vday is just the ticket!! We did the same thing actually…

    Since I’m here I’ll play the giveaway game lol
    Strips size 8! 😁

  37. These shoes are so cute! And what a sweet husband you have! I would love the multi stripe pair in 7 1/2. I plan to rock them with my little sister, who is always the more fashionable one. At least this time it can be thanks to me! 😁

  38. Absolutely love your posts and your beautiful family Ali. I know how you must seven joyed spending time with your family on your last little trip. I miss my two grandbabies so much and hope to move closer to them sooner than later. Time goes by way too fast. I would love to surprise my daughter with a pair of those cute white plaid shoes – size 8.5
    Thank you for your inspiring posts! ❤️

  39. I love these shoes! What a great pair for spring or a vacation. The multi stripe pair in a size 7, would be perfect!

  40. I love watching you and Kevin live your life together! I am very invested in your love story from listening to Kevin on air and following your lives on social media.

    If I’m lucky enough to win I would love to lighter color of the two pairs. It will look great with some outfits I’m planning for an upcoming trip.

  41. Hi Ali,

    I love the multi striped shoes size 9. Also, thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us. The kids and I listen to Kevin on 104.3 too. 💛

  42. Comfy shoes are all I wear now and I’d love a pair of these! I’m all about cute and making my feet happy ❤️👣

    Thank you for this and all of your fun posts.

  43. Indoor picnics are what life is all about! ❤️ I love the neutral plaid print, they would go with pretty much everything in my closet!

  44. 2 multi striped, for me and my daughter. They are so cute on you! Size 7.5 and size 9. Your family is adorable!!

  45. Cute post! & what a sweet thing your hubby did!

    I love the multi-colored plaid shoes, but the natural gold croc are a VERY close second. Size 7.5!

  46. Always love your post! My daughter is about Molly’s age she’s July also.
    I love that Capricorn shoes in gold, size 9:)
    Thank you Ali! xoxo

  47. Your the best Mom! Your family time is so amazing. The Chicago trip, you make the best of everything.
    Love the black croc size 8 .

  48. Hi Ali, you are away too fun and cute! I love the natural gold or the black croc, both are so pretty! I am a size 9.5 😃 have a wonderful day!!! ❤️

  49. Wow, your family is seriously goals! I love how you keep it real on your social media though! So relatable! Anyways, the bestie I would choose would be one of my sisters (I have 6… hard to choose!) named Angela. We both wear size 8 I would love the black leather slip on pair and I think she would like the multi striped fabric (F59733) ones! I hope we win!

  50. I love the neutral shoe and I love you 💕 Thanks for always making me feel like I’m not alone as a new mommy to a 4 week old and a 2 year old! Phew this mommie business ain’t easy ♥️

  51. Hi Ali, love your blog! Been following you since the Bachelorette and think you’re the best! It was great watching your live tour of your set!
    Thanks for this awesome giveaway ❤️❤️ If I win I would choose the natural plaid in size 7. These are the cutest shoes!! 😘

  52. Hello!!! They are super cute!!!! My daughter and I would love to share these!!!! Your so sweet to do a give away!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  53. I love reading your blog! Always a fun and authentic feel!

    I would love the multiplestripe shoes, so fun! Size 8

  54. I chose the DATIL striped like you are wearing. How cute are they?
    I loved your live video today on the set of H&F. Fun to see behind the scenes. I watch everyday. I’ve followed you since on The Batchelor. Fun to see you get married and start a family. Watch your career. You’re so REAL. Just a beautiful person inside and out.

  55. Hi Ali, I L❤️vE your style! So, of course, the striped ones in size 7 would be amazing! We are going on our first cruise and these would be super cute! Infact I’ve been looking and planning out outfits to wear and wanted a cute pair of sneakers. Thank you for doing giveaway! 💕❤️💕

  56. Hey Allie, love your outfit and your face book lives, I always watch, my first grand son is also named Riley, he just turned one

  57. I just love your posts Ali! You are so cute and down to earth. I would love the cute multi colored striped pair that you are wearing they remind me of the beach ☀️ size 9.

  58. Love the striped one, so colorful and I love your style. Simple and elegant at the same time. I wear a size 7,5.
    Your Kevin is such a perfect husband to you! Happy Valentine day

  59. I love the multi stripe shoes. I have to say that your style is the best and I have bought so many items that you have worn and they are always beautiful and fit well! Thank you for inspiring me to where things I wouldn’t order by just looking at them! You are amazing!!!! Xo

  60. Hey Ali, thanks for sharing! I love the multi-striped that you are wearing from born shoes. They go well with everything,seriously! I am a size 7!


  61. The stripped shoes are adorable! I’m currently student teaching and am on the hunt for cute stylish shoes to wear in the classroom!

  62. I’m all about brighter colors so I’d like the striped if O get chosen in size 6.5. Thanks for always being so honest and sharing so openingly. I’m always a fan of product info & your opinions. Have a great weekend!

  63. I would love either one. Both are super cute. Thank you Ali. Love watching you and the family ever day. ❤️❤️❤️

  64. I would choose the super cute striped shoes.
    Love the Valentines fun when the kiddos are small! Thanks for the chance to win those super cute shoes and to be able to gift a pair forward!

  65. As always, I enjoy your posts!! Glad you had a great time in Indy:) love the shoe color you are wearing:) size 10 if I’m selected as winner! Yay! ❤️🥳

  66. Happy Valentine’s day Ali ❤ Your day sounds perfect. Kevin is such a romantic! Love it! Also loving the Datil multi-stripe shoe (sz 9)….perfect for spring, which SHOULD be happening soon since I live in sunny San Diego (except it hasn’t been too sunny lately)!

  67. I absolutely love those black slip on loafers! I would probably get the most use out of those! Size 7 if I am lucky enough to win!

  68. I love the multi striped ones like you are wearing, crossing my fingers! Thanks for always giving great mom tips! 🙂


  69. I love the black crocs! So cute and easy for work 😊 If I am a lucky winner, I would wear a size 8. Thanks Ali 💜

  70. Hi!! What a fun Valentines Day!!
    I’d love the striped shoes also! 7.5. And I’d really love to donate a pair to a family who lost everything in the Ventura CA fire one year ago. Thank you for always being honest in your posts!! Xo

  71. Every morning I wake up looking forward to what will your Instagram post/story will be about. You have a beautiful family and hope to have one too soon.

    I definitely would like the black shoes if I win.

    Tons of ❤️

  72. Hi Ali!

    I loved seeing your photos in the snow with the kids. I live in Ohio so seeing you all in the Midwest was really fun 🙂 . I was so surprised that you and Kevin would consider leaving California. Definitely figured you all would live there forever.

    Thanks for doing the giveaway! I personally love the black Capricorn look because I don’t really have an opportunity to wear sneakers and have been dying so try loafers for a very long time! These are dreamy! I tagged my husbnd on Instagram because he’s my best friend and also the person most likely to buy me shoes 😉 .

    Best to you and your family!

  73. I love waking up and reading your blog about everything you blog about and seeing your kids grow up right in front of our eyes. Size 10

  74. I just adore the natural plaid!! Reminds me of a long gone Esprit swimsuit I once had. Would love a Size 7. Just love following along with your sweet family, Riley is growing so fast!! And what a great idea for an indoor picnic, we’ve been house bound with the cold weather and should do the same.

    1. Oops, I didn’t see the rest of the instructions. Sorry. I would like the black crocs in size 11 for me and also the black crocs in size 10 for my mom. Thank you!

  75. Hi Ali, what a great idea of an indoor picnic!
    I like the Multi Striped Fabric (F59733) shoes with the red bottom in size 7.5.
    Hope you get some pretty weather soon.

  76. I love your style and I would love he striped shoes in a size 7! Happy belated Valentine’s Day! ❤️❤️❤️

  77. I love BORN shoes. My pick would be the neutral plaid size 8🙂. I would love for my Granddaughter Kiley to win the second pair. Molly’s shoes are super cute! Thanks Ali❤️

  78. I would love to win the black pair for myself and a pair for my sister ! 💗 Thank you for doing this for 1 lucky winner and her bestie … so fun 💗 BTW I love your new hair cut 💕

  79. Hi Ali love your Blog. The outfits are beautiful and your Kiddos. I would really like the Natural Plaid Fabric. Thank you Ali this is an awesome Opportunity.

  80. Stripes! They are so cute! I love Born shoes, I bought a pair of booties that I wore all over Barcelona last month and my feet never hurt. 👏🏼

  81. Reading this at 3 am while breastfeeding my newborn! Feeling all the love from your sweet family come pouring through!

    My pick would be the multi-stripe in size 9.5. They are so cheery! It’s been such a cold winter here in Minnesota — my daughter was born the day it hit 50 below with windchill — and these shoes would feel like a breath of fresh air and a reminder that spring is coming. I think that’s what the postpartum weeks are all about: being gentle with yourself and planting little reminders that spring is coming, the baby will eventually sleep at night, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Oh and those little rainbow shoes? Perfect for your gorgeous daughter!!!

  82. Hi Ali!!
    I love the multi striped one (like the one you’re wearing in the pictures). Love the colors and it looks great!!! (Size 6-6 1/2)

    Definitely going to tag my boyfriend on your Facebook post.

  83. I absolutely love following you, you are such a great mommy to your two littles. My little guy just turned 1 and it’s nice to follow other strong moms on social media.

    I love the natural plaid born shoes! Size 8 ♥️

  84. Both pairs are super cute, I would honestly love either one! If I absolutely have to pick one I would have to say the plaid is my fav.

  85. Ali you are so sweet and full of life! I love watching your sweet fam on instagram! I would love the multi stripes in a size 6. Thanks for all that you do! Hope you have a great weekend!

  86. Hi Ali! Allie over here, love your family and how sweet you guys are!

    As a teacher I would absolutely love to add the multi stripes to my collection! Size 6! Thanks for the opportunity!

  87. I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ The natural plaid color!! How cute for Spring!! I wear a size 10…. I’m a Bigfoot!!! Anyway I’ve tagged my cousin on your Instagram page!! Crossing my fingers 🤞🤞and hoping I win!!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  88. The black loafers size 8 …adorable shoes! Love Born products! Hope you were able to get some relaxation and felt the love on Valentines! 💕

  89. I have too many dress shoes and would the Datil style multi striped, like you in size 6.5 and the Tusayun are also nice in 6.5

  90. I’m loving those pastel plaid shoes! But honestly the bright striped style is so cute too! I would wear either of them 😍

  91. Multi stripe! I actually saw the picture and before even reading about the giveaway was going to comment and ask where your shoes were from. 🙂 Love them! Also loving your amazing blonde style right now!!

  92. Multi Stripe size 7. Ali, I love your hair you rock it! I also love following your blog and your precious family! 😘

  93. I’m thinking that the natural plaid would look awesome on both me and my daughter @annievogeler. She lives in Iowa and I live in Illinois. She’s moving to Texas tomorrow to follow her heart. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other and we don’t know how long it will be before we get to visit again. How nice it would be to share something even from a distance.

  94. Hey Ali! I really love both of these colors but I feel like the multi color really sticks out to me 🙂 thanks for having this contest! 💕

  95. Hi Ali! Love this post! If I were to win, I would chose the black croc loafers in a size 8! So cute and functional !! 💗

  96. Love these shoes, especially the striped ones! They are so perfect for spring and summer! ☀️ They would look great and be comfy for my super pregnant best friend!

  97. Multi stripe or the black loafers. I would be grateful to win either one in a size 10.
    Thank you so much for sharing. Wishing you well!

  98. If I were so lucky as to win the pair of shoes, the DATIL color is AMAZING!!! No matter what, thank you for being so gracious to even do something so nice! You’re wonderful!

  99. I’m a hairstylist and I’m on my feet all day everyday so Børn shoes make me so happy! I LOOOOOVE the black mules you are wearing (seeing I wear black on black on black daily!!!). Size 6, yay!

  100. The plaid ones would be so cute for me! And the rainbow ones for my 8 year old daughter. She loves shoes! Thanks for this fun contest!

  101. Thanks for doing another giveaway. I would love the multi-striped ones in size 8.5. Thank You. I really appreciate the chance to win!!

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