Yay! Finally Feeling Better!

Oh my gosh you guys I am so grateful that I’m finally feeling better! However, sadly poor little Riley caught my bug. While I was sick I did everything I possibly could to keep him from getting sick. I washed my hands probably every 15 minutes, I nursed him as much as possible, and I tried to keep my distance as much as I could. But as much as I tried, the poor little guy caught my cold. But if you guys know Riley then you know that he is all smiles even though his nose is completely stuffed. So even though I’m glad I’m not to be sick anymore I’d much rather be sick then watch my little baby sick. At least I’m not sick while he’s sick because it’s important to me to be able to take care of his every need especially when he is sick. Which means lots of nursing and wake ups throughout the night. But that’s OK. Once he’s well again he’ll be sleeping through the night in no time! And to be honest, this morning (at 4am) when I was rocking him in my arms while he was sleeping I couldn’t help but soak up every single little moment and smile looking at his sweet little face sleeping. I know these days will be over soon and I’m trying to enjoy every moment with my last baby.


Anyway, during his nap I was able to step out to run a few errands. Being cooped up in the house in bed sick for four days straight means I have lots to catch up on! And while I was sick yesterday and found the strength for a few moments to sort through some of my closet and I found this peacoat that I haven’t worn it since last season! I bought it last year when it was on sale for $37 so I went online to see if it was still available and I was so excited to see that it is and it’s still on sale for $37! I kind of wonder if it’s always on sale. Ha! I’m not sure. But either way it’s an insane price for a coat. It’s not super thick so I would definitely call this A transition coat rather than a winter coat. Meaning it will be great for transitioning into the spring. And a $37 you really can’t go wrong. You could always layer sweaters under it for the winter. That is unless you live in the Chicago area where it’s absolutely frigid right now! Speaking of Chicago, the family and I are going next week and I’m really hoping it’s much warmer! I don’t think I could survive with -50° windchill! How are you guys in the Midwest holding up?! We’ve been checking in with Kevin’s family constantly and thinking of all of you in the Midwest!


My jacket comes in 3 other colors. You can get it in black, charcoal, and blush! The rest of my outfit is pretty basic. I’m wearing a pair of $59 high-waisted jeans that I wear all the time. You’ll notice that I wear them in a lot of the outfits I read about on this blog. Check out the reviews of these jeans – I’m not the only one who LOVES them! And then I just have a white t-shirt underneath and a chambray shirt. And yes, I wear this white tee almost every single day. Oh and my purse is 50% OFF! Only $32!

Anyway, just want to give you guys a little update on me now that I’m feeling better! I definitely have been slacking a bit when it comes to my blog since the holidays but I’m feeling really motivated to get back into everything! I’ll be blogging about Valentine’s Day, our upcoming trip to Chicago, surviving the cold (ha!), and more! What would you guys like to see on my blog in February?! Really! Please tell me in the comments below! I wanted this to be a place that you guys enjoy coming to every day to hear my ideas and share your own! Love you guys!


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44 thoughts on “Yay! Finally Feeling Better!

  1. Hey Ali! I’d love to know what you guys are planning for transitioning Molly to a toddler bed or big girl bed. My daughter (who’s name is Riley coincidentally haha) is a few months older than Molly and it’s something we’ve started debating on when to do/how to do it.

    1. I’d also love to know that! I’ve got a 23 month old who sleeps a solid 12-14 hours in his crib, so I’m so nervous to switch!

    2. I’m not sure! I would LOVE if she would stay in her crib until at least 3! Longer if possible! She’s happy in there right now so I don’t see the need to switch! When she can get out on her own, that means even less sleep for me. Ha! I need all the sleep I can get right now with these two little ones!

  2. So glad you’re feeling better Ali! Missed your posts this week. It is so hard to be sick with babies to look after. Poor Riley! I’d personally love to see videos of how you do your every day hair/ makeup and how your home has evolved since the reveals, any pieces you found that didn’t work as you hoped or any new furniture additions!

    1. I HAVE to do a hair tutorial soon. I have been asked this forever! And I never get around to it. Thanks for the reminder!

      And honestly, my house is pretty much the same! We love all the pieces! But I have been itching to do a revamp. So we shall see 😉

  3. I’d love to hear about your breastfeeding journey this time around! Really anything about little ones and motherhood as I can definitely relate. My babies are the same ages as yours ❤️

    1. This time around with Riley has been soooo much different than it was with Molly. I will for sure blog about this! Thank you so much for the idea!

  4. So glad you’re feeling better! Chicago is my hometown and I currently live in Missouri. It definitely can get cold in the Midwest but it’s nothing a good coat can’t handle. Are you guys still considering moving? I have fond memories as a kid in Chicago going to all the museums.

    1. We are considering! That is why we are visiting to look at potential neighborhoods. It won’t be this year. But maybe next and in the next 5 years for sure!!!!

  5. Come visit Hinsdale/Clarendon Hills!! It is sooo cute, the schools are great, it’s an easy commute into the city, lots of young families. I think you would love it! After moving here from Santa Clarita last summer, I can honestly say that we love it here. I think you will too! Best of luck and enjoy your visit to Chicago:)

      1. Sad to see you move out of your gorgeous house in LA. I love California and dont think I could move anywhere else especially where it is cold.. I dont do well in the cold, and also all my family is in CA. I will miss your LA blogs so much.

  6. How is it going with your nanny? Was she able to help at all while you were sick?? Asking because some child care providers don’t want to be around sick kids and adults. Wondering how it was for you during this past week. Glad you are on the mend!!

    1. We have the most AMAZING person helping us from 7am until noon 4 days a week. So we can both work. And she was wonderful! Helped so much!

  7. I’m glad you’re feeling better Ali, and hope little Riley gets well soon!

    I would love a Valentine’s Day post with different outfit ideas for different occasions – i.e. date night with your significant other, “Galentines” day party/dinner with girlfriends, what to wear in the office, etc.

  8. Well, I just ordered that cute jacket. I just love your taste and have bought quite a few of your suggestions. Stop picking out such cute things! lol 🙂
    I love the brown purse too. I only wish the opening was a little bigger.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Not for this past week. I was way too sick to write one and it was much too heavy of an episode for me to right hastily.

  9. I live in Milwaukee… I think you’ll be okay in Chicago next week. Supposed to be up into 30s and maybe even 40s. Quite the swing. Have a great trip.

  10. I just want to hear about all of your Chicago related stuff! I lived in the city for four years after college and before babies and miss it so much! We talk about moving up to the suburbs a lot and it’s so fun hearing about someone else’s house hunting 🙂

  11. Glad you’re better!

    I’d like to read about your family planning process and how you and Kevin knew you were done. We just had a baby and think we’re done but I’m wondering and waiting to see if I get a clear cut sense of closure.

    Also I love posts about photography and toddlers/family photos. Insights into your shoots, behind the scenes, etc.

    Oh, and an update on whether you’re moving to the Midwest.

    1. I second this post!
      Conversely, I’d also like to hear when you and Kevin thought you were ready to START having kids. I know everyone’s story is different and there’s no right or wrong, but I’m interested to hear yours and Kevin’s perspectives!
      I’m in the life stage where a lot of my friends are having their first or second kid, and my husband is ready to have kids, but the thought still terrifies me (for many reasons). We also live in the Midwest, where the average age to get married, have kids, etc. is much younger than the East or West coasts.
      If you blogged about this in your earlier posts, I apologize – I can do some digging if needed! 🙂

  12. I’d also love to read how you would adjust your career if you move to Chicago and other insights you’ve gleaned on self employment and patching together gigs as a working mom. I do the same and I think more and more moms our age are trying out this path to enjoy more freedom and flexibility.

  13. Ouch on cold. I think your timing to Chicago is far better over this past week. My son lives there & I’m 2 hrs south, it’s been brutal but a warming trend coming. Enjoy trip all

  14. Hi Ali, love your honest and open blog. I would love to know how other moms deal with their changed bodies post breastfeeding. I didn’t realize that my Victoria Secrat push ups would no longer fit after having a baby and I’m desperate to find a strapless bra that will give me a needed lift! Help!

  15. Glad you’re feeling better! Bummer about the little guy. I live in MN (-50 last week) it’s miserable and everyone is sick!
    I’d love to see a baby product comparison- which products you loved which didn’t work so well (you blogged about the lansinol breast pump but it had some bad reviews so I’m curious how it compared for you with your other pumps). Same with other products it can be so hard to choose!
    Enjoy your trip.

  16. Ali! So glad to see some more blogs! I’ve missed your everyday blogs, but I get with 2 kids it’s crazy! Would love to hear about whether y’all are moving to Chicago or not. And how Molly is doing with Riley! Do you exclusively breast feed or bottle feed? Just wondering your journey with that!

  17. Have lived in Chicago my whole life and work downtown and absolutely love it! It’s just the best city. If you need any restaurant recommendations I have a ton!

  18. Could you talk about friendships changing with people? We all feel lonely at times, especially as mothers. Have you been through changes in your life where your friends changed because of a new reality? Social media can depict a picture that doesn’t really represent who someone is because we only post happy things/moments.

    Love you!

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