My Favorite $19 Tee and other Great White T-shirt Options

There is nothing better than a great white T-shirt! I truly believe that! If you watch my Instagram stories then you know that I wear a white T-shirt five out of seven days a week. It’s just so easy to throw on and layer with other clothes and either look really casual or even feel put together. So today my blog I’m sharing my favorite white T-shirts and why I think you need not one but a dozen! Ha!

Let me start with this $19 white tee from Madewell. I’ve written a post dedicated to this tee on my blog at least a few times. And I have worn it in outfits I post to my blog hundreds of times! Like I said, I wear it ALL the time. Here’s what I love about it. First the price. $19 for a shirt is a ridiculously good deal. But that’s if you think of it as a shirt and not just a T-shirt. It’s funny because when I first posted about this T-shirt someone commented that $20 wasn’t a good deal for one t-shirt when you can get a pack of them for less than that. But here’s the thing. The T-shirts that you buy in packs are usually meant to be undershirts. They usually don’t have the shape or quality of a T-shirt that you would buy to wear as an actual shirt. That’s the difference! So $19 is an absolute steal for a shirt like this that you could pretty much wear almost every single day!


I also absolutely love this tee because it’s got such a great shape! When I throw it on with jeans and sneakers I still feel like I’m in a cute outfit even though my outfit couldn’t be more basic. Speaking of great jeans the ones I’m wearing in these pics are UH-MAZING! They are a true high-waist (some so-called high-waist jeans don’t even hit my belly button) and they are so flattering! I highly recommend them. And the price can’t be beat for jeans at only $59.


It’s also a really great layering piece. Check out how I layered it in the outfit below with a trenchcoat and a chambray shirt.

And finally I absolutely love it because I can breastfeed in it. The v-neck is the stretchy enough that I’m easily able to pull it down to nurse my son. That said, continually stretching out the neck of a t-shirt will wear it out eventually. So I do have to replace them more often because of that. And in general if you’re wearing a shirt as frequently as I wear these t-shirt’s, you will need to replace them. I probably replace mine every few months or so. But that’s only because I wear them out quickly from wearing them so often. I also have a dozen at any given time. I own this particular t-shirt in a bunch of colors – black, green, navy, silver. But I also have other white t-shirts from other brands that I really love. So that’s chat about those too!



If you’re wanting to splurge on a really high-quality white T-shirt, they don’t get much better than Vince white tees. I have this Vince tee in both white and black. I honestly got both of them when I was working on a TV show YEARS ago. I’ve had them ever since and they are still in great shape! Granted I’m more choosy about when I wear them because they’re a designer brand so they obviously won’t wear down as quickly as a tee I wear every single day.

I also highly recommend this $12 white T-shirt that is also by Madewell. I’ve been shopping Nordstrom Rack a lot more lately. You guys already know I’m obsessed with Nordstrom. But I have been loving what I’ve been finding at Nordstrom Rack! I guess I was just assuming that they sold all the clothes from Nordstrom that didn’t sell so I figured they wouldn’t be cute, if that makes sense. But that’s so not the case at all! I just bought 3 of these white T-shirts because of the price. I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of them. And I just bought a winter coat from there I’m going to wear when we go to Chicago in a couple weeks.

Speaking of the cold, if you are looking for a “long sleeve white tee” (basically a white shirt) to layer with in the winter, I really like this one from Express.

And last but not least I just wanna say that I really believe that a white t-shirt is the most important piece of clothing in any woman’s closet! So much so that I’m actually in the process of designing my very own white t-shirt! And the reason I’m sharing these ones now (even though I hope you guys will want to snatch up the tee I design), is because I truly believe that you can’t have too many white t-shirts! Let’s face it, if you’re a busy mom like me or really just any human (ha!) it’s kind of impossible to keep white clothes clean. Especially if you wear them frequently. The great part about affordable white t-shirt is that you can afford to get another one if something happens to yours! So I know that even if you guys snatch up these awesome t-shirts I just wrote about, I think you’ll still want to get mine if I end up making this affordable clothing/t-shirt line of mine a reality! Again, I’m in the super early stages and I’m not even sure if it’s going to work out but it’s been a dream of mine forever! Stay tuned!!!

31 Thoughts

31 thoughts on “My Favorite $19 Tee and other Great White T-shirt Options

  1. Hey Ali,

    Remember when you were on the Bachelor and your go to colour was yellow?! Ha! I can’t wait to see the t-shirt you design!

  2. Hi Ali
    I’ve always liked your style & the way you layer/mix clothing & accessories.
    I bought a nice black knit dress from Nordstrom rack a few yrs ago for 6.00$!
    I hope your dream of having a clothing line comes true.
    Have a great weekend from a future customer!

  3. Please create your own line of white tees! I literally wear a white tee almost every day. So simple! Fingers crossed!

  4. Ali,

    I have 3 young sons. Naturally I think they are just the cutest 🙂 but Riley is a very very close second. Such a ham!

  5. I’ve bought the Madewell shirt when you recommended it before, but they feel too short on me! Any suggestions for longer tees?

  6. I love the Madewell tees – followed your advice awhile ago and bought them in so many colors and one really cute pattern. Wanted to remind you/readers that when they wear out as a daytime shirt, wear them to bed! SO comfy to sleep in!

  7. Hi,
    I’m a mom of 4 kids. Ages 2,4,6,and 8. I breastfed all and have huge problem finding cute bathing suits that r mom body flattering,yet not frumpy/old ladyish looking either. Any recommendations? P.S. love the Madewell tees!

  8. I got this T-shirt years ago per your recommendation. I wore it all the time and loved it so I got it in other colors. After losing quite a bit of weight, I got my new size (small or xsmall) and it fit horribly. It didn’t keep its shape. It was horribly unflattering, and I never wore it. I don’t know what the difference was, but I’ll have to try the others you recommended this time. Thanks for being awesome!

  9. So happy to hear you’ve discovered a favorite of mine, Nordstrom Rack:). The best is when they have the clear the rack sales- have you ever shopped that sale? I have a few times found some of the pieces you have blogged about for much cheaper on NR.

    Love your blog… you’ve changed my sense of style! And love all your super real mom posts as well!

    1. Oh, that’s awesome! Glad you were able to find some of the items at a discount. I’ve ordered some items during the online Clear the Rack sales!

      Thank you!!

  10. I always notive your white tshirts…you cant beat white for clean and dressup or dress down accessories. You would look good in anything white or otherwise

    .lucky you. Xxxx

  11. Ali – I would be so excited for an affordable clothing line designed by you! So fun! I also have multiple white tees, so could not agree more with this blog post!

  12. I’m sorry but I have to disagree. I bought this shirt off of your recommendations and found it to be very boxy and see through. I much prefer one I got from Walmart for $3. To each their own I guess. Admittedly I’m not a big fan of tucking a T-shirt in like you seem to do so maybe that is my problem.

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