A Chic Casual Outfit to Run Errands

Well, I did it! I left my kiddos for about 36 hours to go to a work trip to New York City and I survived. Ha! Not that I ever thought I wouldn’t, but I was definitely nervous about it. Honestly what shocked me most about the trip is how exhausting it was. I know it might sound weird that that was surprising to me. Flying into New York landing at midnight waking up a few hours later (I think I got 3 hours of sleep) to work all day and then fly right back home sounds exhausting as I type it out. But something about those six hours on the plane uninterrupted sounded so relaxing to me! And it honestly was on the way there. But I think I was so tired by the time we flew back that I wanted to do was get in my bed and sleep. I think I walked in the door around midnight was in bed by 12:30 AM. Then Riley woke up at 2 AM to nurse, 5 AM to nurse, and then 6:30 AM for the day. So needless to say I’m pretty exhausted today. But I don’t mind at all because even when he woke up both of those times I was so excited to go in and snuggle him because I missed him so much!

So anyway, I spent most of this morning getting in some quality time with my kiddos and now I’m about to go out and about to run some errands! These photos are from last week when I wore the same outfit but I’m wearing it today so I thought it be a good day to blog about it! Trust me my hair and make up doesn’t look this cute today. Ha!



The look really revolves around this trench coat. I have another trench coat in this color so I wasn’t necessarily in the market for one but when I was browsing online I saw it on sale for $69! It’s by Badgley Mischka so to get a Badgley Miska coat for under $70 is a crazy good deal! It’s normally close to $200!!! I honestly never in 1 million years thought I’d be able to post about a Badgley Mishka jacket and be able to say that it’s affordable. So if you wanted to own a designer item to put in your closet this is definitely one to snatch up now! However, it is not a winter coat! This is definitely a spring and even summer night time jacket. But spring will be here before we know it so I would snatch up this one before it’s gone. The reviews are pretty good. There are a few negative reviews lately which is completely shocking to me. I am obsessed with it! I’ll do some Instagram stories later to show you guys it in the video. I highly recommend it! And if you get it and don’t love it you can always return with the label in the box. Super easy. If you get it please comment on this blog post and tell me what you think. I love it soooo much and I want to know your thoughts!



And you can wear it so many ways. You can wear an over dress for a super chic look. Or you can wear it casually like I am in these photos. With a blue chambray button up shirt and a white T-shirt. And yes, this is the white T-shirt that I blog about all the time! It’s the best $19 you will ever spend! Someone DM’d me on Instagram the other day and asked me if I own 100 white T-shirts because I wear them almost every day. And the answer is, I don’t own 100 but I do own about 15 of these white T-shirts! And that’s because yes, I do wear them almost every single day! It’s my favorite piece of clothing I own!

I’m wearing a pair of high-waisted jeans. I really love this pair but they’re slightly small on me right now. They were my pre-baby jeans (or pre-Riley jeans rather) and now they’re a bit tight but I still love them so I wear them. I threw on converse because I am running errands. But you could totally dressed this up with a nude heal. And really you could carry any purse but I went with this tan tote.



Oh and I’m wearing my jewelry line of course! I had so much fun with this line that I’m actually designing another collection! But I hope you guys get some of these pieces too! Our tribe necklace is back in stock! When I first posted about it it’s sold out so quickly that we had to re-order a bunch more. I love it because it’s basically a new were version of a BFF necklace. Get one for yourself and your besties to proudly show who your tribe is. I also think it would be a great gift for a sorority. I wear it with my bestie and I absolutely love it! I’m also wearing the last fling ring from my collection and a few stackable rings that are simple and easy to throw on for every day wear.

Anyway, I’m out running some errands with the kiddos and feeling so good to be back home with them! I hope you guys are having a great Friday and have a great weekend! And what do you guys think about my hair down while I have you? I’m really trying to be more adventurous and step out of my comfort zone by wearing it down more often. I’m kind of liking it right now. I used to hate it! Let me know what you think! Should I wear it down more often?

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44 thoughts on “A Chic Casual Outfit to Run Errands

  1. I feel you on not wearing your hair down because with two little kids mine always looks like a nest! Your hair is lovely though and you should definitely wear it down more often if you want to! Really it’s gorgeous either way 🙂.

  2. Love that outfit! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your long hair!! Looks so good! Glad you got to relax a bit on your short trip! I feel like my favourite part would be the plane ride as well haha!

  3. Love the look, Ali! So put together but comfy too! Glad you were able to get 6 hours of uninterrupted time on the plane. Have a wonderful family weekend!

  4. I thought Riley was sleep trained. Or at least that’s what you wanted us to believe.
    Is there anything about your life that isn’t fake for the sake of this stupid blog? Money hungry, desperate D-list star…focus your time and energy on your mental health. You’re a basket case.

    1. Omg you’re so mean! Someone else’s baby’s sleep habits are none of your business! Sleep training doesn’t always mean eliminating all night feedings 🙄geez. As for your other comments, if you don’t have anything nice to say maybe try saying nothing?

    2. OMG this is so mean spirited. If she’s not your cup of tea then don’t read the blog.
      No ones life is perfect. She’s just finding her way and sharing it to try to support others.
      Just bc a kid is hungry to me doesn’t mean it’s not sleep trained IMHO. My 2 year old stays in bed all night but consumes about 20 ounces of liquid. No biggie.

    3. Wow, that couldn’t have made you feel good about yourself to say something like that to someone you don’t even know. I don’t know you, but I hope your heart can be softened someday.

    4. Messina, you feel this way about Ali yet go out of your way to read her blog…? That’s super strange of you…

      Ali, love your hair down! Definitely continue to wear your hair like that.

    5. Messina, from your comment making reference to Riley being sleep trained it’s obvious you’ve read her blog before… if you think she’s so attention seeking why continue to read it?

      As for me, and obviously all the others who comment and love this blog, I find Ali refreshing and real. If she made things up just for show why would she share the difficult time she’s been having emotionally recently? If you really were concerned for someone’s mental health (thinking them a “basket case”) I would hope you would have kinder words of support. Until then I just want to say thank you, Ali for sharing all different sides of you and always coming up with the cutest looks I can copy/ by inspired by!

  5. I need this white shirt! Do you find it’s true to size? I got a Nordstrom gift card for Christmas so naturally I came here to get ideas!

  6. OMG – that comment about Riley being sleep trained is so nasty! I’m sorry people are so mean sometimes. I don’t get it – why do they read/follow if they think such horrible things about you?! I do have to admit though, as a follower and a mom to an almost four month old, I am so curious about how your sleep training is going – maybe you can update us?

    1. Yeah she is not the greatest. Riley was sleep trained (and technically still is) but when he got really sick and was on breathing treatments I went in EVERY time he woke up. Poor little guy. So he now wakes up at least once a night. But last night it was twice.

  7. I just bought the bag and was surprised it was so cheap! That is a different white shirt from the round neck one you were wearing a while ago, right? I love those so much, but found that every single one ended up with little holes in the front. I’m in a new house so I thought maybe I had moths, so I got some cedar squares. Do the v-necks seem to be higher quality? Once it gets warm again, I might have to get some new ones and hope for the best.
    And I love your hair down. It’s very pretty. 🙂

    1. Oh really?! Some of mine get little holes but only after I’m worn and washed them over 100 times. Which I think is very normal for t-shirts. And yes this one is different than the round neck one. But I think that could happen after wearing any t-shirt for a long time. How many washes did that happen in?

    2. Julie, I hope you love the bags as much as I do! I got them in all 3 colors after they went from $60 to $30 🙂

  8. Love your outfits! They always look so cute! And you are right… you can do so much w/ a light T-shirt. So glad to hear you have so many. I bought several from Nordstrom and went to hang them in my closet and noticed I have like 10 others, but I wear the white or black like every other day! LOL you can never have too many!! (Like 👠 shoes,) 😂🤣
    Love your blogs! Thanks for taking the time our of your busy schedule to blog! 😘

    1. I sooooo agree! You can NEVER have too many t-shirts! And one that have a cute fit can totally look put together in an outfit or even wearing them alone!

  9. Love the look and the hair! I’m working on wearing mine down more but it can be rough with a toddler around 😉 thank you for sharing and being so open with us here. I feel like you always keep it real, and I appreciate you speaking up about mental health. Many of us can relate. I feel like some influencers only post good things, and you being so transparent is really refreshing and makes me feel more understood as a mom. You have a beautiful family and it’s so lovely watching your journey here! Sending love to you!

  10. I have been reading your blogs for a while and I think you are doing an amazing job. You always keep it so real and I think you are awesome. Keep doing what you do! Us moms need to support each other.

  11. such a cute cute outfit. What size is the jacket? I am on the shorter size, 5’2 inches…will this jacket be too long on me?

  12. Ali, I love your hair all ways but my fave is shoulder length and down! Looks so sassy!

    Read the mean comment and this girl clearly doesn’t have kids. NO child is always the same 100% of the time. They have their “off” days just like adults do. Being sleep trained is a great thing but it doesn’t mean he won’t have nights he wakes up. Any mother would know that! Kids are usually unpredictable even if “trained”. Don’t let the negativity get to you.

  13. 6 hours to yourself in a plane is amazing, as a fellow mother! Hope you get some well deserved rest. Disregard any mean/ nasty comments. So many of us like myself are huge fans of your blog. Sorry that Riley is back to waking up at night. I’m sure you can get back to where you were again soon though.

    On another note, I really like the Caslon t shirts more than the Madewell ones, which are too sheer for my darker color skin.

  14. Most all bloggers now have to approve comments before they are posted. I think that would be very useful to you and to everyone who reads your blog so it can remain a positive site and just not a place where people come to post to get a reaction! It spoils the viewer experience to have to read the ridiculousness and ruins the fun in reading the comments to share ideas. Just a suggestion.

  15. I forgot to ask in the last comment. Your hair is gorgeous. Would you mind sharing what hair products you use to keep it healthy? Like shampo, conditioner, treatment? Thank you in advance! Love the look. I’m definitely getting that jacket

  16. I love me some high waisted jeans these days. Pre-kids, I used to think of them as uncool “mom jeans” but 2 kids in, I’ve convinced myself that they’re cool again. Right?? Is this what getting old is like?? LOL.

  17. Ali – been following your blog for years now. Have purchased a LOT of the clothes you’ve featured. Was wondering if you were going to cover the Bachelor at all? Not sure if I missed you mentioning it in one of the other posts. My kids are all grown so I can’t really relate to all the baby/toddler posts but I still read them occasionally and see the cute pictures. However, The Bachelor is the reason I know you and the reason I started following you. I think others probably can say the same. I hope you don’t stop blogging on it. I enjoy your perspective! Thanks!

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