Get Something for YOU! Affordable finds from Chicwish

Hey guys! I cannot believe that we are less than a week away from Christmas. I haven’t wrapped a single present but I have these romantic ideas in my head of me and Kevin wrapping them on Christmas Eve in front of a fire while listening to Christmas music. I would imagine that’s where my parents did it. I’m giddy at the thought of it! Anyway, I’ve been so focused on getting gifts for other people for the last month that I really haven’t treated myself to anything. And I’ve worked hard this year! Just like I know so many of you have! So I kind of feel like I deserve to treat myself. But here’s the thing, when I treat myself, I still like to buy affordable clothes. And whenever I want to find something super cute and in my budget I always go to Chicwish. I’ve written about the site so many times in the past. However it’s been a while since I’ve talked about them so I thought now would be a good time. Plus I wore a winter coat from Chicwish to the outdoor mall we went to yesterday and I got a ton of DM’s on Instagram asking me to link it. So that’s why I originally started this blog, and I figure I might as well include a bunch of my other favorite pieces from Chicwish as well.

Just check out their site and you’ll see that they have the most unique and cute things! They also love to do tops in white lace, which is one of my favorite things to buy so I’m always hitting them up for good white lace dresses and tops.


Anyway, let’s talk about this coat! I’ve actually had it for quite some time. It’s one of those items that they keep in stock year-round, year after year, because it so good! If you check out their website you’ll see it on a ton of other bloggers. So if your body type is different than mine go check out their page because you might see another blogger with your body type wearing it so you can see how it would look on you. But honestly this coat will be flattering on any body type. Because it pulls you in at the waist and flares out, it instantly gives you a waistline even if you don’t think you have one. And the best part!? It’s under $100! You really can’t go wrong with this purchase. Sometimes I wear it with a dress and knee-high boots and it looks really cute, and it’s even sexy for a date night. Other times I wear it with leggings and flat boots like I am in these photos. Or I just wear it with whatever I happen to be wearing for the day and it instantly makes my look feel more put together and chic. Even if I’m in sweatpants. Ha! I’m not even kidding. Something about plaid and clean lines like this make it look and feel expensive. I’m 5’7″ and 145 lbs and wearing a size medium FYI. It comes in size XXS up to XXL! So it will work for many different women! Yay!

Also, just read the reviews that other people left on the website. Everyone seems to love it and is absolutely blown away by the quality and how soft this coat is! I know you guys are gonna love it if you decide to get it!



This white top is soooo good! Like one of my favorite pieces ever! First and foremost, it’s only $29. Like, that’s an insane price. Especially since I love this top so much and I’ve had it for so long that I could’ve paid 10 times that amount and gotten my moneys worth. What I love about this top is that it’s a great basic to wear with so many different accessories. Sometimes I wear it with jeans and boots like in the photos below. But I can throw on a long necklace or even a fun scarf to accessorize it in different ways. Plus I love that I can wear it with leggings and it will cover my booty. I refuse to wear leggings with a shirt that’s not long enough to cover my hips and butt. It’s one of those shirts that you’ll grab again and again because it goes with everything! I can’t recommend it enough! I’m actually wearing this exact top today. So I’ll post some insta stories! I’m in a size S/M below. But I bought it in a L/XL when I was pregnant and I wear both now. So I feel like one size fits many!

It is slightly sheer so you might want to wear a cami underneath, but I usually just wear a nude bra underneath. And that totally works for me! I just know some people are super picky about not having sheer clothing. So I just wanted to make sure that I point it out. If you’ve bought this top because you’ve seen it on my blog in the past, please comment below! I’m sure you love it and I’d love to hear from you!



The picture below is of me wearing this tunic at only a couple weeks postpartum. Trust me when I say there’s a lot going on underneath this top. But you’d never know! In fact, I wore this exact top a bunch when I was pregnant as well. So it’s not only great for maternity but it’s great postpartum too. Or if you just aren’t super comfortable with your mid-section.



How cuuuuuute is this coat! I love it so so so much!

There’s nothing more flirty, girly and feminine than a pink jacket. I love this one because the blush is very understated and pretty. It’s not Barbie pink or anything like that. Plus I just love trench coats. I have a tan one that I absolutely love but I think this blush one is just a fun variation of that. Plus so many people have tan trench coats. So if you wear this one you’ll stand out. And really, you can’t beat the price at under $75.

And remember, all of these prices are for quality clothes! I’m not sending you to a site where everything is cheaply made and 9 times out of 10 you’ll be disappointed. I’m telling you these are quality clothes! You’ll be so pleased! Plus, right now they have a sale where depending on how much you spend you can get anywhere from $5 to $20 off. The codes are at the top of the website so make sure you use them when you check out!


And I will end with a few more items from the site that I absolutely love and I think you guys will too! I just bought all of them for ME! Because it’s my Christmas present to myself! I mean, this dress is to DIE FOR!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below? Do you love Chicwish? What items are you loving from the site? I can get a few and review them for you guys! And what are you goignto do for YOU this Holiday season. I’m getting a few new Chicwish pieces and taking some much needed time off to spend with my family. Tell me what you are doing in the comments below!

Thanks for sponsoring this post Chicwish. I luuuuv your stuff!

45 Thoughts

45 thoughts on “Get Something for YOU! Affordable finds from Chicwish

  1. Ali,

    Thank you so much for posting affordable finds! You have adorable style and it’s so nice that it’s realisticly priced. I tend to have champagne taste on a beer budget and your finds fit the bill 🙂

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas with your ADORABLE babies! They’re so precious!!


  2. Ali,

    Thank you for always sharing such awesome finds with us! I am about to make my first Chichwish purchase — the white winter coat:) It looks so beautiful on you. What size did you get? If I usually wear a size 4 or small or top, do you think small will be good? Or need to size up? I did take a look at the other bloggers, but am still not sure;)

    Happy holidays to you and your adorable family! Thanks for bringing all of us cheer, not only during the holidays, but throughout the year.

    1. Good question! I am wearing a medium and I am 5’7″ and 145 lbs – normally a size 6. So I think a small would be perfect for you!

        1. I agree. I fit in an 8 or a 10 depending on how the clothing sizes run and it depends on the brand. I’d have to be 5 foot tall, 80 pounds to fit in a size 6. you are lucky to be ableto fit in a size 6. your style of clothing is Awesome. I enjoy reading your blog.

        2. Are you kidding me? Your comment is ridiculous. I’m 5’8” and weight 140 and I’m a size 4-6. It depends on how your body distributes weight and that determines your size. Why would you question what size she is telling us she is? She obviously is very honest about her body so why would she lie. Grow up.

          1. You’re just as ridiculous as she is. If you’re giving sizes, whether large, medium or small, then let’s be honest! Many people can be misguided by these sizes! I personally don’t purchase any articles of clothing on line…..I go to the stores and try them on. It avoids having to make returns. THAT makes sense to me. I always make very wise and “grown-up” decisions!! Ha!

      1. Wow! People, Ali is being honest with her sizes. You do realize people come different shapes and fit into different sizes, right? I am also the same measurements as Ali-mostly……. It is very possible. Let’s also consider that material can be different as well. I love the stretchy finds a lot. But I am actually 5’7” at 150 and I can fit into a size 6 comfortably. 🙂

          1. “Leila” if that’s your real name. Lol. You are pretty much the joke. Everyone has pity for you. You either have way too much time on your hands or you obsessively scroll Ali’s blog posts just waiting to post your pathetic comments. Get a life, hobby, some therapy..or all the above. It will be good for you.

  3. I own the white and striped tops from Chicwish thanks to you 🙂 love them. Great for nursing, to easy to lift up. But I also love them pregnant to which I am right now.
    Merry Christmas Manno Family!!

  4. Hi Ali,

    Love all your suggestions! I have bough so many items because you recommended them and they look great on you!
    I just checked the Chiceish website and LOVED 2 dresses : with eyes to see V-neck dress in dusty blue and Sunflower Blossom watercolor chiffon maxi slip dress. Any chance you tried them out before?
    Thx and Merry Christmas!!

  5. Where did you get the grey boots you’re wearing with the white tunic on your IG story? I can’t find them on the blog!

  6. I love your insta stories and just bought the two shirts because they look adorable!!! Never bought from chicwish before. Hope they look great!

    Love from Canada,

    1. Awesome! I know you will love it!!!! I wore it work today and people have been stopping me a bunch asking where it’s from!

  7. Hi Ali! Can you share where your sunglasses are from? You were wearing black ones in an IG post with the b&w coat. Thanks!! – Marianne

  8. I love the white top but not sure what size to order. I’m usually a Large but don’t want it to look huge. Curious if it runs big. Looks great on you!

    1. I don’t thin it runs big. I got my normal size! And the L/XL isn’t that much bigger than the s/m. I have both! Because I got he L/XL when I was SUPER pregnant.

  9. I have that white top thanks to your blog! Your finds really helped me when I was pregnant, and I love that I can still wear some of them now 🙂 Thanks for sharing items that are actually realistically affordable, I love your blog! Only problem is now I think I need to go buy the coat lol. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. I used to live near Glendale and loved going to the Americana, in Boston now, but really missing the sunny weather.

  10. Hi Ali,
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Can you share the app you use for your photos? I remember watching h&f when you highlighted it. Thank you so much. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  11. Hi Ali,
    Can you tell me where you bought Molly her boots? I would like to get my toddler a pair like those.

    Thank you. Happy New Year!

    1. “Dawn D” LOL, (if that’s your real name) your comment is pretty pathetic! First of all, I do not direct my comments to you or anyone else. My comments are directed to the blogger, which is NOT you or anyone else. Second of all, it is my 1st Amendment right to speak and state my opinion (and just in case you didn’t know, it’s called Freedom of Speech. Get yourself a life, and some education while you’re at it. HA!!

  12. Just bought it in white…I have a similar top from Chickwish in grey which I saw on your blog a while back. Love it!

  13. I honestly just find the quality on chicwish to be really poor so far for the price! Just my experience. I feel I could’ve gotten better shape and materials for the same price in a store.

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