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Can you believe that NYE is just around the corner? The other day I shared some of my tips for NYE with the kiddos, which included the idea of celebrating earlier in the day with another country (and time zone!) so that you can get them to bed early. This gives us mamas a chance to grab a babysitter and head out with our husbands to ring in the New Year! I know I normally go to bed early, but there is something about New Year’s Eve that makes me want to attempt to stay awake until the clock strikes midnight. We don’t usually like going out to big events on NYE, but our friends that live nearby are having a party, and that sounds really fun to us! On my recent post with outfits for the holidays, many of you thought I should live it up! Ha! While we are still deciding, I thought it would be fun to put a few more outfit ideas together….


I am still loving the gold metallic maxi dress that I showed you the other day, but I might be wearing it to another holiday party! Plus, how fun is this sequin dress! I paired it with one of my very favorite velvet matte lipsticks, and a bunch of gold accessories from my line! I think this dress is GORGEOUS however, it’s definitely not super forgiving. So if you are on the curvier side I wouldn’t recommend it. I got it because I saw it on another blogger and was OBSESSED with how it looked on her. So if you have a slender frame this could be the perfect NYE option for you!

And like I mentioned above I am wearing jewelry form my line with Emerald Duv with this dress. I am soooo proud of my collection and I just love every piece! And guess what? Everything is 20% OFF from now until Christmas! So get  yourself a little gift now that you’re (hopefully) done shopping for others 🙂 I am wearing the “Ali Necklace” below and one of my favorite rings of all time, the I do I do ring. I linked all the other pieces I am wearing below the photos.

The below skirt however, totally worked with my body type! I also just find that this skirt photographs beautifully! So if you have to take any photos around the holidays, the skirt would absolutely shine in every photo! I paired it with this white top with a lace detail. This top is just a great piece to have in general. You can wear it with pants or jeans or skirts. I have it in the blush color as well.

If you’re looking for something much more casual to wear. I just found this sweatshirt with sequin sleeves for under $20. I think it’s super cute! Normally I think sequins is something that you reserve for New Year’s Eve. But I would totally wear this sweatshirt year-round! I just ordered one. Normally I would tell you guys to wait until I get it to review it but the reviews on the website are really good! So I think you’d be safe to buy this one now! If you order it today it will get here in time for New Year’s according to the website. But I believe you have to order it today!

Well I hope this post gave you some inspiration or NYE! I actually plan on taking some time off around the holidays which I NEVER do! I am excited about it but nervous too! I’m not used to not working on something! Well I am a mom, so I guess I’m always working on something 😉 Luv you guys!

10 Thoughts

10 thoughts on “NYE Outfits

  1. Hi girl! Love the new years outfits 🙂
    Just wanted you to know your links to Walmart don’t work… 🙁

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    1. So weird it doesn’t work for you! It works for me! And it works for Angela below. How did you know if was to Walmart if it didn’t work? I’m just curious what’s not working. Does it take you there but you can’t see sweatshirt? You have to scroll a little to see it! Thanks for the feedback! I always want everything on my site to work for you guys!!!

  2. I have an on/off relationship with the shopping part of your blog…I love your style (both home and fashion), but my wallet doesn’t love my newfound interest in shopping, haha!

    In all seriousness, thank you for posting recommendations from a variety of retailers at affordable prices. Thank you also for forewarning us when something is pricier so we are mentally prepared before we click on the link, haha 🙂

    Lastly, I hope you enjoy your well-deserved time off during the holidays!

  3. You are adorable and I love following your stories!! However, I’m a little distraught that it looks like you were driving a car and recording an Instagram video at the same time on your live feed. I really hope this isn’t the case as it is beyond dangerous.

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