Celebrating NYE with Your Kids

I know we are still a couple weeks away from New Year’s Eve, but I’ve been thinking about what I can do to make NYE really special and fun for Molly (and Riley of course) this year. It will be the first year that she really understands that we are celebrating a new year! Not only that, but it is the first New Year’s in our new home! I can’t believe it’s already almost been a year since we moved here! We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us!

So to celebrate all that is to come in 2019,  I thought I would share a few ways to celebrate NYE with your kiddos! It’s funny because NYE used to be all about a midnight kiss and champagne toast and now as a mom of 2, it’s all about wet toddler kisses and going to bed well before the clock strikes midnight. Ha! Everything I’m sharing is  pretty easy to do and the items needed to pull them off are all affordable on eBay! I have found so many great things on eBay recently – it’s awesome! Plus there are over 1.1 billion (yes, BILLION) listings on eBay with over 80% being brand new items so you are bound to find what you need all in one place. I’m all for anything that makes me life easier. Their daily deals page is pretty awesome for finding great deals FYI.

Ok, onto the “party” planning!

Party in a Box!

Molly loves all things at sparkle. And really she loves anything that will make a mess. Ha! Don’t all kids! So bring on the NYE confetti! But confetti doesn’t have to be messy. I know when I think of confetti, the first thing that comes to mind is that there tends to be a ton of tiny pieces to clean up around the house – and those little guys can be tricky to sweep up! But here is a way to keep the mess under control, and still bring all the fun! Get a cardboard box, or even a plastic tub or play pool, and fill it with shimmery streamers and tinsel! The kids can jump around in there, shower it on their heads, throw it in the air, and leave all the mess in one place! Not to mention that it is so affordable and so much fun! You can also add in some festive photo props, like the cute “tux” pictured on Riley below. An actual baby tux would be darling as well. This one is under $10.

Photo Booth Fun!

Speaking of photo booth props, a photo booth is something so easy to set up and will leave you with photo memories you’ll have forever! I actually bought this photo booth background for under $5! It’s suuuuuper affordable and all you do is tape the streamers up on your wall, set up your iPhone on a timer, and use some fun props to take cute photos of your kiddos! Molly loves to use the mustache and glasses photobooth prop (in the above picture) and walk around our house calling herself the pizza man. It’s adorable!

Celebrate with Another Country!

Have you been thinking about getting a sitter on New Year’s Eve, but still want to celebrate with your kids? Or even just want to be able to celebrate with them and get to bed a decent hour? Someone recently told me about the idea of ringing in the new year with a different time zone and country! They celebrated with Paris, France! How fun would it be to celebrate the new year at 2 PM and still be able to put the kids down for nap and bedtime!? Ha! I’m thinking about having a French New Year’s party this year for the kiddos! I am currently hunting down the cutest berets for kids and some other French inspired decor! Here are some that I have found so far : Eiffel towers decorations for $10, little french flag toothpicks for appetizers, faux mustaches (Molly is going to LOVE these) and french street signs to decorate with. It’s all super affordable! I also think that it would be so yummy to serve crêpes! Such a delicious treat from France – we love them in our house! This crêpe mix is the exact one I use and it’s sooooo yummy! I lived off these when I was pregnant. I don’t know about you, but this idea is sounding better to me by the minute! It would be so amazing to be able to go to sleep at our normal time. – which is around 8:30/9pm Ha! Oh and don’t forget berets for mom and dad too!

Add Some Sparkle!

Whether you stay in or go out on New Year’s Eve it’s always fun to dress up with a little sequins! But here’s the thing, when do you wear sequins other than the holidays or New Year’s Eve? Pretty much never! Unless you’re in a dance recital or something. Or going to 80s themed party. So I was looking for something fun and sparkly that I could wear while staying in with the kiddos on New Year’s Eve and I found this sequin top for only $15 (I’m wearing a large FYI) and it’s absolutely perfect! Because of the super affordable price, I was skeptical on with the quality would be like. But I I am so pleased to say that I’m super impressed with the quality and it was worth every penny of the $15 I spent on it! And you could wear it with leggings like I am in the photo below for a night in with your kiddos! Or you could pair it with skinny jeans and sparkly flats for a more casual night out, or black high-waisted pants with heels for a dressier night out! It’s super versatile!

And it’s great for any age. Obviously I love it and I’m in my 30s. Any girl in their 20s could rocket! And my mother-in-law even wore the top the other day when she went out to a dinner where everybody was instructed to wear black and gold. How cuuuuuute does she look in it in the picture below! Anyway, had to share because I think this top is absolutely fabulous! And if you order it today you can get it in time for NYE!  I also really like this dress as an option for NYE. I feel like it would look really cute with black tights!

Well there you have it! A few super simple and fun way to celebrate NYE with you kiddos! Let me know what ideas you guys have in the comments below! Or if  you have a great crepe stuffing ideas! I usually do eggs, avocado, spinach and pesto or strawberry and nutella 😉 Happy early New Year luvs!!!

And a huge thank you to eBay for sponsoring this post!

25 Thoughts

25 thoughts on “Celebrating NYE with Your Kids

  1. Hi Ali

    Thanks for the great tips. I’m going to take you up on the box of tinsel idea!

    I had commented on your breast pump post wondering your thoughts about the speed/ noise level (I know your a busy mom and can’t respond to ever comment!). I’m very interested in the pump you recommend but it got some bad reviews, saying it’s loud and not as powerful as other pumps. How do you feel it compares to your other pumps?

    Thanks for the input!

    1. Ali- does this top run big!? Wanting to
      Order for my bachelorette but won’t have time exchange if I get the wrong size!

  2. Hi Aly,
    I love this top but am concerned about the sizing. It says UK size… is it true to size? Is it pretty flowy or no???
    Also it’s hard to tell in the pics how long it is… )due to my Mom pouch I would want it to be long enough. 🙂)

    1. Sorry I spelled your name wrong up there⬆️⬆️⬆️
      I have a friend named Aly so it was habit. I hate when people spell my name wrong… sorry. Forgive me?😊😊😊

    2. Don’t order it, it is not long at all and runs terrible small. Cheap quality, very disappointed and will be returning the one I bought.

  3. Hey Aly,
    I really hope I put this the right way and I’m genuinely sorry if I don’t. You keep mentioning Riley needing more breathing treatments I’m assuming from cold type sicknesses. I know you like to pump most of your feeds, but if really recommend directly nursing him as much as possible if he is sick. There is some research about the benefits from nursing with sickness and it mostly only applies if the baby touches your nipples. I’m no dr but just a suggestion. Love your nye ideas and hope he gets better soon. My first ebf baby had to use a nebulizer (sp) so who knows.

  4. You’re KILLING me Ali. I keep buying everything you post. Well, actually I should say my husband is going to kill me. You got me into sole society, the kid books, the moonlite projector and now this top!! And we don’t go anywhere on NYE but I love it lol. I want the shoes but a girl’s gotta draw the line somewhere. And p.s., your kids are so stinking cute. Riley needs a license for those cheeks. Happy Holidays and thanks for being YOU!

  5. I love this. I just ordered. I really love good finds and you make life so easy by sharing. Thank you!!! And you kids are precious. I love watching them.

  6. I’m going to write a post about our tradition, but this will also be our first year with our two kiddos. Last year we started a tradition, so we will continue it-pancakes and pajamas. I’m going to see if I can incorporate any of your ideas with our traditions since they are so fun!
    Thanks for sharing!


    1. OMG!! I can hardly believe what I’m reading. She’s going on and on about her son’s breathing problem (which I would be very concerned about), then on the same post she’s thanking someone for her lashes!! A word of advice: Get your priorities straight. I’m my opinion, my kids come first!

  7. I ordered this top. It is so cheap, not long at all and runs small!! The sequins also pull your hair….I would not recommend it to anyone and I am surprised to see Ali doing so. Stick to Neimans…

  8. I went to look at the shirt that you ordered and the large says L-UK-12/14…is that the one that you ordered? Thanks for verifying I just would hate to order one so big as I’m normally a 4/6.

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