Getting a Free Breast Pump Through Insurance

I’ve talk to you guys a lot about pumping both on my blog and on my social media. It’s something I’m very open about because it’s a huge part of my life that has had high highs and some low lows. Breastfeeding is a challenge plain and simple. I’ve never met a mother who said breastfeeding was a breeze. Whether you have low supply issues, pain while breastfeeding, a baby won’t latch or 1 million other things that could happen – it’s just not easy. It takes a lot of work and a lot of time. So much time. And part of all the time will be devoted to pumping.

In my opinion, one of the most important things a mother needs to be able to successfully give their baby breastmilk over a long period of time, is a great breast pump. Recently when I talked about pumping on my blog, I was super sad to find that there are so many women out there that simply can’t afford a good pump. It broke my heart! I read hundreds of comments from all of you saying how badly you wanted a good pump and couldn’t afford it. So I started researching what I could do to help. Plus baby’s are expensive so any help we can get it a huge win right? Use that extra cash you saved to buy some Holiday gifts for your loved ones. Or some super cute outfits to put your sweet babe in! Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing a little baby dressed up like a snowman or Santa! Riley Santa pics coming soon btw 😉

So while I was reaching different ways to get a quality breast pump, as if some sort of divine intervention, Aeroflow reached out to me about their website. Have you guys ever heard of it? It’s a kick butt website that sells a number of breast pumps and other breast-feeding products that anyone can buy, but more specifically it helps you figure out if you’re able to get the pump for FREE through your insurance. I had heard before that you could get a breast pump through insurance but I always thought it would be super complicated. So I honestly didn’t even look into it. But once Aeroflow reached out to me, I knew I needed to look into it for you guys to see if it was legit. Sure enough, I just entered my insurance information and was quickly contacted via phone and email by a breast-pump specialist who handled everything for me from contacting my doctor to verifying my benefits with my insurance provider. I could not believe how easy it was! Here I was thinking I was gonna call my insurance and wait on hold for who knows how long and then I figured I’d get some runaround answer about some paperwork I need to fill out and mail in. But none of that happened! It was honestly the easiest thing ever! I barely did a thing.

And many people qualify for a free pump through their insurance and don’t realize it. Crazy right? And the thing that’s even better about Aeroflow, if you fill out the qualifying form and still aren’t covered by your insurance, you’ll be able to purchase the pump on the website with a discount they give you! I think that’s pretty awesome! Talk about a company going above and beyond.

The most fun part about all of this was finding out I was going to going to be able to get a pump for FREE. But the second most fun part was picking out what pump I wanted! I went with the Lansinoh Smartpump. This thing is pretty freaking awesome! You connect to an app on your phone and it tracks and monitors your pumping schedule and sessions so you can save it to send to your doctor or lactation consultant and even print it out! During your sessions it tells you EXACTLY how much breastmilk you are pumping so you can track over time so see how your supply changes. It also has three different pumping styles so you can find one that’s comfortable for you and 8 (YES EIGHT!) levels of suction. I also love that it tracks your baby’s growth and you’re even able to log their diaper changes so you could have all the information you need when visiting the pediatrician should they have any concerns about your little one. I remember going to the doctor once when Molly was little and the doctor asking me how many poopy diapers she had in the last few days. I had no idea! So it’s super important to log those things.

As a bonus there are only a few parts that you have to clean after each pumping session. And for someone like me, who pumps at least 5 if not 6 times a day (I exclusively pump and bottle feed except for the first feed of the day and at night), the fewer pieces I have to wash the better!

And I was also sold because by getting the pump, I got $10 off this super cute jujube breast pump bag (But you can get $10 off a variety of pump bags on their website so check them all out for sure!) It’s super important to have a good breast pump bag when you’re a working mom. Because you’re always going to have your breast pump with you when on the go. I’ll bring mine to work at Home & Family every single time I’m on set.

I want to end this by saying that I know breastfeeding isn’t for everyone. There are so many reasons why a mother either can’t breastfeed or chooses not to. But I also know that there are so many mothers out there that wish that they could breastfeed their baby longer and just don’t have the resources to do so. I hope with all my heart that this blog post gives some mamas out there the information they need to get a good quality pump for themselves and their baby for FREE! Sending so much love to all my fellow mamas out there!

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47 thoughts on “Getting a Free Breast Pump Through Insurance

  1. This is great information. I was able to get my breast pump completely covered by my insurance last year directly through the Medela website. I had to get a physical copy of a prescription for a pump from my doctor, then just fill out the online form on the website and scan in the prescription. Done! That website sounds even easier by not needing to get your own prescription.

    Thanks for sharing the info for mothers and expecting mothers who may not know.
    Another tip since it is the end of the year and time for insurance enrollments: if you or your spouse’s employer offers a Flexible Spending Account, you can use pre-tax dollars for breastfeeding supplies (bags, shields) to save even more money.

    1. So glad you like the blog. Aeroflow contacts your doctor! So it’s SUPER easy!!! I couldn’t believe it.

      And thank you soooo much for that info about the flexible spending account! I know that will help so many mamas that didn’t know about it!

  2. They’re covered for each infant as well! I’ve had 2 new Medela pumps in within 3 years, both completely free with my insurance!!

    Now I just wish they had a better recycling program, or if there was a sanitary way to refurbish them for another person’s use.

  3. I hadn’t started the insurance process for the exact reason you mentioned – so much hassle! Thank you for sharing!! This sounds easy enough I feel like I can check that off the list and remove that weight off my mind!

  4. Aeroflow is amazing! They make it so easy and they’ll email you a few months after you get your pump to see if you need any replacement parts and they run that through your insurance too! Such a wonderful service they provide! Any mom who wants to breastfeed should definitely give them a try!

  5. I used Aeroflow to get my pump for my 6 month old. It was super easy and I was able to get it before the birth so it was ready to use as soon as I was. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure insurance doesn’t cover your fancy Willow pump which is quite a bit more expensive than the regular pumps.
    Obviously none of our business but are you ever going to share why you decided to mostly exclusively pump? I bf but there is no way I could dedicate all that time to pumping. Good for you!

  6. I used Aeroflow to get my pump for my 6 month old. It was super easy and I was able to get it before the birth so it was clean and ready to use as soon as I was. Unfortunately I don’t believe it includes your fancy willow pump which is quite a bit more expensive than the regular pumps.
    Obviously it is none of our business but are you ever going to share why you decided to mostly exclusively pump? I bf and that is hard enough and I know I could never handle just pumping if that didn’t work out. Good for you mama!

    1. The Lansinoh Smartpump is covered and it’s soooooo good! And I exclusively pump because it’s the only way I can be sure Riley‘s getting enough each feed. He drinks a lot more than Molly ever did and I always feel like he doesn’t get enough when he just breast-feeds. So I’ll supplement in extra frozen milk. And I just started adding in 1 ounce formula to some of his bottles throughout the day. I’ll still nervous sometimes. But 95% of the time I’m pumping and giving a bottle.

      1. My little guy is the same way so I found a product called the Hatch scale/changing pad. Makes it super easy to do weighted feeds when we’re at home. It can connect with the hatch app as well to save and track all the info.

  7. I also got my free pump through Aeroflow website. Super easy! They contact your doctor for you so you don’t have to have a prescription before hand. I would say I wish I had done more research before picking one, because now I’m stuck with it unless I want to pay out of pocket for a new one.

    1. I agree, it’s super easy! I love that I didn’t even have to get a prescription beforehand. They just called my doctor!

  8. Hi Ali,

    I was wondering if you would consider writing a blog about your decision to ‘almost’ exclusively pump. I didn’t plan on being an EP’er but I am and am going 4 months strong! I am so lucky that one of my good friends did this, or I would not have even known it was a “thing”, and probably would have went straight to formula (not judging) since we had latch issues. I think someone with your following could possibly provide help to a lot of mamas.

    1. Sure! I will try to get a post up soon. But really the main reason is just because I want to be sure that he’s getting enough every feed. I find that he drinks a lot more out of a bottle then I pump each session. So it makes me nervous that if I were only to breastfeed him he wouldn’t get enough food. Although, I do know babies are the most efficient at getting out the milk but still! I worry. I’m a mother. Ha!

      1. This is what happened! We saw a consultant and my lil miss was getting 1/3 of what she needed on her own! You totally have a good reason 🙂 I have found through different groups moms have tons of reasons to EP, and it’s not as uncommon as you would think, but it is a task!

  9. Just a little fyi Insurance companies have been giving free breast pumps for years I remember giving birth to my 1st child back in 2011…and I was able to get a free pump. Also again when i delivered my twins in 2016. It was super easy and convenient…they even delivered it right to my door step. 💙💙💙🙏 Thankgod for insurance. 😀

    1. I’m learning this! I knew you could get one, but I just always thought it would be really long hard process. I didn’t realize sites like Aeroflow existed where you fill out a simple form and they do all the work for you! It’s a game changer!

  10. Aeroflow will also send you extra supplies– you may qualify if you’re still pumping at six months. I just got a free resupply kit for my medela pump from them! So nice to have their help!

    1. I just found this out today! So cool! I’m definitely going to take advantage of this in a few months or so if I need any new parts!

  11. Omg Ali I so admire you for everything you do! Working, pumping every feed, running your household, two young kids to take care of and you still seem to get in q time with both your husband and kids. I’m still at home with my youngest (3 months old tomorrow) and the middle one (my wild child) is only two months younger than Molly is. And then I have a six year old sweet as can be princess. I love them sooo much my heart could explode just thinking about them. But really though some days I’m running around the entire time but still don’t get anyrhing done! Fun fact I’m from Belgium but lived in the US for two years (August 2009 till 2011). You wete on the bachelor while I lived there and were my absolute favorite by the way, ha! But anyways it wasn’t until about 3 years ago that I started following you on instagram and then we were pregnant at the same time basically twice so without wanting to sound creepy I’ve felt somewhat connected to you ever since cause I could and still can relate to so so many things you share and write about.. I’ve never responded before but now I just wanted to say idk just that I really do admire how you seem to pull everything off. I’m not saying it all happens effortlessly, because as a mom of three I know that it doesn’t all just happen like that. ‘Blood, sweat and tears’ is a line we use a lot over here. Idk I can’t remember if that’s something you guys use over there but anyways ;-)!
    I’m also breastfeeding again but at times this little boy can be so uneasy while feeding it can be a bit of a ‘fight’. He drinks a bottle every couple of days to get used to it and does it so well. So well that I’ve been thinking that maybe he’d be good with me pumping and bottle feeding him instead. I know you do that with Riley too but it just seems like so much extra work. I don’t go back to work until may so it really still is just a thought that crosses my mind every now and then but still.. I pump every night before I go to bed because he usually sleeps from around 8pm until 5-5:30’ish am every night and then wakes up to nurse and then goes to sleep again. So I try to pump around 10-11pm just to keep myself kind of comfortable during the night. First time he did that my boobs were about to explode. Did I mention I’m a midwife and work on the maternity ware at the hospital here in Bruges? So yes I know all of this is normal but still when you’re the mom, all your professional knowledge just seems to be lost at times haha! Ok well I’m not really here responding to the free pump blog, but still, the pumping thing kind of scares me cause right now it is 9pm and I literally just cleaned my pumping material from last night (yep the stuff I used about 22hours ago ha!) so idk how I would manage that!! Idk if I really have a question, just sharing my thoughts that kind of impulsive came to my mind ;-)! I just want to say once again that I think you are doing an amazing job!! And you have such a cute and gorgeous family!
    Love, Sarah

    1. Sarah – thank you so much for this thoughtful and sweet comment. It really made me feel so good. I dunno, something about the way you acknowledged everything I am juggling really gave me a much needed boost. Some days I have NO idea how I do it. Something always suffers – some days my blog does, other days I don’t get any time with my husband, and sometimes I don’t spend enough time with the kids (daddy duty!) But we all just do the best we can 😘 Thank you for following along and supporting me from afar! Know I’m here for you too!!!

      1. Aw that is so good to hear! So true what you said though, something always suffers and I feel like the mommy guilt is always right around the corner no matter how hard we try! Some days I do feel like a real super woman/mom/wife and others I don’t know how and where I will find the energy to pull myself through the day. Life can be quite the rollercoaster! But in the end I believe it’s all worth it and I wouldn’t want to miss out on any of the chaos and craziness that comes with it. I’m sure you know exactly what I mean! Keep on going, you’re doing more than great!!

  12. I did this with my second child 😊 I have kaiser permanente. It was a VERY good quality Medela pump too! Unfortunately they only paid for 6 months and I had to pay the other 6, but still. I was able to exceed my goal and breastfeed my daughter for 7 months (we had a significant stash in the freezer, too!) It was so great. 😊

    Also in regards to your story about whip cream in your coffee i have found flavored whip cream for mine at the grocery store, like chocolate and peppermint for the holidays and it is SO GOOD in my coffee! I shop at Safeway here is WA state, so idk if you have a VONS or something in your neighborhood, but that’s where o got mine 😊

  13. First, can you share outfit details? I think I’ve seen this top in a few of your posts but it hasn’t been linked.

    Love that you’re sharing this. I got my pump through a similar site (Edgepark) and was also amazed at how easy it was. I too assumed there would be lots of hoops to jump through.

  14. Four years ago when I got my first breast pump I had to do was call my insurance company and say I want my free breast pump and then they took care of the rest and I got here about 4 to 6 weeks 😁 wasn’t the best at the time but then my insurance changed with my second one I got an amazing one but same thing I just had to call and say hey I want this and they said OK 😁

  15. Change the title of the post from beast to breast! ; Love you Ali!! I’m not a mother nor pregnant but great to know for the future !!!

      1. Omg no probs!! I loved the shoutout and love your kids and little fam even more!!! You’re giving me inspo if I ever want any kids soon. Soo yes there’s a typo here and there but you’re getting through your comments. Remember when you didn’t have time to post or comment?!? Love your loyal follower <3 xoxoxo Sar

  16. It’s always been super easy. I got a medala pump when I was preggo with my first child 8 years ago. Didn’t even need to fill anything out. I just called my insurance and I had my free pump within 2 days.

  17. First time mama here … I’m 21 weeks. At what point do you ask for the pump? Is it after birth or can you do it before hand? Sorry if this is a silly question!

    1. Can be done beforehand! Just contact your insurance and they’ll tell you what to do and what sort of info they need from you.

  18. Hi Ali

    Thanks so much for the info. Do they mail the pump and how long did it take to receive from when you filled out the form? Also how fast is the pump?

    Also you can bring a prescription for a pump into Target and her a good Advent or medella pump pretty hassle free but you’ve inspired me to yet something new for this next babe!


    1. Also I’m reading the reviews, a lot of them say it does not suction powerfully enough and that it is very loud. What’s your opinion on that, in comparison to other pumps youve used?

      Thanks Ali!

  19. The ovia pregnancy app told me about aeroflow and it was so so easy! I recommend it to everyone! I ordered the medela freestyle which wasnt free but I paid a small upgrade fee and it was at my house within a week!

  20. Hello!

    I received a pump through my insurance with my first baby and I am now pregnant with our second child. I had the Medela the first time around but I’m considering trying a different one. Have you tried the medela before? If so, how does it compare to this one you’re recommending?

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Nicole

      I love my Medela- used it for over 2 yrs (2 back different babes) and out worked great.

      I’m curious to try the one Ali is recommending though because the medella does have a lot of parts and can be difficult to clean!

  21. I have a feeling this blog is going to help a lot of mommas out there! Mommy Xpress is another good one! Makes it so easy!

    Love following your blog. We have kids the exact same age and each one only a couple weeks apart. Oldest girl and youngest baby boy. So I feel I’m right there with ya in all your posts!! 🤣

  22. Hello!

    First off I always look forward to your blogs and post/videos of your little ones. Thank you for being so open and vulnerable about your post mom journey.
    I went threw Aeroflow to get my pump for free. I too was impressed with how easy it was, and they always emailed me every couple months to see if I was still pumping and needed any new parts. Our insurance covered pump parts as well, so threw my whole breastfeeding journey I didnt spend a penny on anything!! I too got the lansinoh smart pump and loved it.

  23. I had no clue I just filled out info to get mine 🙂 baby number 3 coming soon i cant believe i didnt know about this! Thank you!

  24. Thank you for sharing this information! You made my life just a little bit easier, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

  25. Hi Alli!

    I always love following your blog and seeing all of your recommendations on great products or clothes! I seen your post a while back, so I definitely had to get my free breast pump. I loved the ideal of having everything recorded down easier, so I went with the Lansinoh smartpump as well. This is my first pregnancy and I am expecting twins next week. This is all so new to me and very overwhelming. Especially using a device I never have. I was just curious how you store the extra milk you would pump and unthaw the milk? How do you do it when you travel for the day do you bring a cooler with you? How did you keep track of which bottle was old or did you use those bags to help store? If you have any advice with this type of pump?

    Thanks, I’d appreciate any feedback! I definitely will have a consult as well.


  26. I remember you posting about a hands free pump you used with Riley that allowed you to pump on the go. What make / model was that? Thanks!

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