3 Great Holiday Dress Options!

Who else has a ton of Holiday parties coming up?!? I do and I needed a few outfit options, so I ordered a bunch of different options from Nordstrom and chose my top three to share with all of you! I really love these three dresses because I feel like they’re all very appropriate for a holiday party, but they’re also different too! And I feel like each one could be worn somewhere other than to a holiday party. So you’ll get extra use out of it! Really Nordstrom has soooo many Holiday dress options, so I highly recommend checking them out.



Let’s start with this red dress first! I wanna start with this one because it’s on sale for under $50 right now! That is such a crazy good deal and the dress just screams holiday. It’s also really flattering and gives decent coverage for a wrap dress. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve bought wrap dresses lately and they don’t cover my boobs at all! It’s been really frustrating for me. So I almost didn’t order this dress when I saw it on Nordstrom’s website because I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I thought I would give it a try because it was such a great price and a great Holiday dress. Well, I’m so glad I ordered it because it’s just perfect! I wore a red lip with it in these photos but I think a nude lip would be really cute too. You could even jazz it up even more with some statement jewelry. It’s also really fun to dance and twril in as you can see below 🙂

Speaking of twirling, the dress that Molly is wearing in the photos below, she couldn’t help but twirl in over and over! This dress is definitely a bit pricier than I would normally spend on a dress for her, but it was just so darling when I saw it online that I had to get it. Plus, I wanted to see what her reaction would be to it. And she absolutely loved it! I almost wish I had her wear this for our holiday card photos because the second I put her in it, she was smiling from ear to ear! It would’ve made the process of taking our holiday card photos much easier! Ha!



Anyway, my 2nd dress option in these photos is a gorgeous little black dress. But really, it’s so much more than a little black dress. The embellishments on the collar make it very Holiday appropriate, and the sleeves make the dress extra special. I just love how the sleeves fall. It’s also very flattering! So if you’re the type of girl that loves to wear black, this would be a great black Holiday dress option!


Kevin’s outfit is also from Nordstrom! He knows I shop there all the time so I really got him into shopping there too! I’ll link his entire outfit below if you want something cute and simple for your guy to wear to a Holiday party. Kevin is not much for getting super dressed, up so he usually sticks to black jeans, a white button up and a tie. He’ll also probably put on a sweater when we go out for the party.



I love this last look because it’s pretty conservative but also really fun! I almost wore a white cami with it, but I wanted to feel a bit more covered up so I instead wore this white blouse. I absolutely love this white blouse and I feel like this is a top you will get so much use out of! It’s really pretty to wear on a date, to the office, to a holiday party or really anywhere! But to really dress it up for a Holiday party, I went with a sequin skirt! How fun is this skirt?! I really love the idea of wearing it to a holiday party, and again on New Year’s Eve! To make it a little bit more formal for New Year’s Eve I would wear it with a long-sleeved bodysuit underneath. Or even a white or black cami. So this is definitely a skirt you can get you set up for two occasions before the end of the year. Your holiday parties and your New Year’s Eve party!


Quick note about the skirt though! Watch the video on Nordstrom’s site. The sequin on the skirt does fall both up and down – if that makes sense. I like it though because it looks like it’s shimmering in photos!

Oh and one more option, I just got this dress and it would be a GREAT Holiday dress option or even a dress for NYE. What do you think? Adding it here as a forth option because I love it so much! Plus I can wear flats with it because it’s long! A HUGE bonus

I’m curious what you guys think about these looks! Which one is your favorite! Tell me in the comments below!

Thank you Nordstrom for being such a great partner to Ali Luvs and sponsoring this post!

195 Thoughts

195 thoughts on “3 Great Holiday Dress Options!

      1. RED RED RED Is absolutely your color♥️ I love the Black long one to , Actually you could wear a feed sack and you would rock it ♥️ Enjoy the festivities and Have A Very Merry and Blessed Christmas ♥️

    1. You look AMAZING in all of them! I love,love,love that skirt and top though. So cute!! (A New Years outfit perhaps!? Or family dinner?) For a Christmas party id go with the Red or Black dress. How adorable is Molly!? Omg!! She is such a sweetheart. Have fun at your parties and cant wait to see what you choose!! Xoxo

    2. They’re all gorgeous on you, but I think the gold skirt and white top are so chic and unexpected. Get it, Mama 😀

  1. Love love love the black dress! It’s so striking and formal, definitely eye catching!
    I also love the sequin skirt look because it’s a little unexpected, flirty, and fun! Both of these outfits definitely give a party feel!

    I love wrap dresses just not crazy about the red colour and it’s a little conservative looking but wrap dresses definitely have a great fit to them.

    Enjoy the holiday celebrations!


    1. Red definitely isn’t for everyone 😉 But I have fun in it! Thank so much for coming by my blog and commenting! Means the world!

  2. Hi Ali
    All three dresses you chose are so beautiful. I especially like the black dress!
    Molly’s twirling dress is adorable & Kevin looks very spiffy.
    Have fun at the holiday parties. 🎄

  3. All three looks are so pretty, but I think my favorite has to be the black dress! It’s just such a classic, timeless look & it’s so flattering on you! I love that you could change it up just based on lip color or what shoes you would wear with it. Also….Molly’s dress is adorable! I can’t wait until I have kids one day so I can buy cute clothes for them! Haha

  4. Love the red dress!! Just ordered for my office holiday party! It’s the perfect red for the holidays and the price is perfect also!

    1. Thanks for commenting Barb! I can’t decide. I like them all for different reasons but I have more than one Holiday party to go to so I don’t have to choose. I can wear all three!

  5. I think you always look beautiful in whatever you wear but I think the black dress is my favorite on you here!

  6. I love the red dress! It just screams holiday!! Save the gold skirt for new years! All outfits are super cute! I think I’m heading to Nordstrom after work lol *don’t tell my husband* lol jk he will probably go with me

    1. Ha! Margie. That is SOOO something I would say. As Kevin likes to put it, I basically live at Nordstrom. It’s my second home

  7. Ahhh they all look amazing and beautiful! I’m sure you will be seen out wearing all 3 looks, BUT the red one is stunning! It is so fun and looks comfy too:) I need to get myself that one:)

    Have fun! Team Red!


  8. Hey Aaliyah! I love love the gold skirt and white top! So festive and fun! But you look beautiful in everything! Hope your holidays are wonderful!


  9. My favorite outfit is the third one. It’s so classy and festive. And it won’t clash in pictures (because typically people decorate with reds)! It’s gorgeous. 💁🏼‍♀️

  10. love all of them Ali!!

    ill go with the gold skirt those colors is more like you anyways LOL

    cant wait to see the pictures!!


  11. You look fabulous in all three outfits! And amen for wrap dresses that actually cover.

    Question about Kevin’s jeans: are they really dry clean only? I love the look and could convince my boyfriend to try something new with the current sale price, but not so sure about the dry cleaning.

  12. You look gorgeous in all 3!! I would go with the black dress because I think it looks awesome with Kevin’s outfit! The gold skirt is also super cute and you look the most happy in it 🙂
    You’ll look gorgeous in any dress you choose!

  13. The black dress is so pretty! You should go with that one. Believe it or not, it seems more festive than the other two.
    That’s not coffee but I think you’ll look great in whatever you choose😊

    1. Hey Ali… all 3 dresses are really pretty. I love your taste and have made many purchases from Nordstrom’s. Thanks for sharing… I would keep them all! Merry Christmas!

  14. Normally I would say “go for color” because like you, I’m blonde with some dark roots and hazel eyes BUT the black of the 3 is THE best for a fun, festive more formal look! The skirt is cute too but I would pair with a silky or slinky blouse to make it more formal. The red is so normal (cotton?), I would wear for a more casual holiday look. For your first holiday party of the season? Make a statement and wear the black, red lip and pair with a metallic or gold/red purse–that’s a good way to add in a pop of color! Love your style! You’ll be a knockout mom whatever you choose!

  15. Hi Ali

    My favorite is the black dress. Love how elegant and sexy at the same time it is. Second favorite is the gold skirt and white blouse, third red dress. I think if the red dress had a little something special on it that it would move up my list. You’ll look great in any! 💜

  16. Hi Ali! First I must say that i adore you and love watching the growth of your beautiful family! Your children are adorable!! Second, all these dresss are amazing but I do love the black dress! It’s formal plus the simplicity in the dress plus the embellishments is so elegant and classy! Especially, if the party is a black and white theme, that black dress is perfect!!

  17. Hi Ali, You’re beautiful in anything!!!! Your family is adorable. I love the Black dress you said you picked up recently (long) 🎄 Please take tons of pics. Gold sequin for New Years Eve 🎉

  18. You look absolutely beautiful in all three of them!!! It would be hard to pick just one, I like all three of them. You can’t go wrong in any of them. Pick the one that makes you feel beautiful and you allies you to see that special spark in your hubby’s eyes!!

  19. You look amazing in a three but the red one is festive and fun. It definitely brings out your inner sparkle! Have fun!

  20. Love all three looks, but you look really awesome in the black dress!!! Super flattering on you and it really has a classic, simple holiday vibe about it. 🎄

  21. All 3 are amazing and that red dress is do pretty but for a holiday party I don’t think I could pass up that gorgeous gold skirt!

  22. You look stunning in all of them. I like the black one or red. I think they are a little sexier if that is how you may want to feel when going out. I know I do when I go out with my hubby which isn’t often enough.

  23. Love the black! Such a chic look. You could always wear a colored shoe to make it fun. Keep the gold sequin for New Years!!

  24. Hi Ali
    Love all 4 looks…
    Black is classic… very elegant…
    The long bronze beautiful… love how it falls… great for New Years..
    Red… less formal…
    🥰the gold skirt combo… fun… flirty… could be made even dressier… you have such good taste…
    Difficult choice..🤔. keep them all if you have various events…😉😁

  25. Love them all! Red is definitely the most holiday spirit…black looks great in the pics because of the accents of red but by itself it doesn’t say Christmas…and the gold and white one I’m absolutely loving but I could also argue looks more like New Years….

    Therefore, I’m undecided but honestly there isn’t a wrong choice!

  26. I love the gold Eliza J! Do you think it would work as maternity also? I’m 31 weeks pregnant with my second child and I would love to wear it for the holidays.

  27. I really love the last dress ( gold one!) ! I’m curious though, how do you get away with no bra since the back is open. I’d definitely need a little support!!

  28. Well, you look gorgeous in them all, but i really love the black dress on you with those sexy heels. By the way, Kevin looks so handsome and Mollie always adorable! Happy Holidays and enjoy that night out!

  29. Hi Ali! I like all over them, if you have multiple parties…

    Red dress, then black… and I LOVE the gold sequin skirt w/cream top, maybe for a party for New Years or one close to it

  30. You can’t go wrong with any of them! They are all stunning! If I must choose one, I’d go with look #3. So beautiful!!! I need to go shopping with you, you have impeccable taste! Happy Holidays!

  31. I LOVE the black dress! So elegant. I’m obsessed! They are all stunning so whichever you choose will be amazing.

    I think the red or black are perfect for holiday parties and the sequin skirt and gold dress are perfect for New Years events!

    I love following you! (Sounds creepy but the best intentions are behind that statement 🤣)

  32. Girl you are beautiful in all three. (4)
    I love the gold sequin skirt. It looks like old fashioned Christmas. Just stunning on you and it is fun.

  33. I think you look very nice in all of them, they are all so cute and festive! But I for sure like the red one for Christmas!! But I think the gold sparkly shirt or the last gold dress would be prefect for New Years!

  34. Good skirt and red dress are the best! Black dress is too conservative. Fourth dress seems to be too much dress for you. Just my take! Have fun at your parties!

  35. I love the black dress since it’s so elegant and beautiful but for the holidays I believe red is the way to go! It just is the perfect shade and it will be fun to dance in. No matter what you pick you will look gorgeous.

  36. They all look incredible! I especially love the gold sequin skirt! It looks so chic ans trendy and yet so fun! Can’t go wrong with any of these outfits, and Molly looks gorgeous in her dress too!

  37. Love the red dress!! Super cute option two is the gold sequin skirt..both so festive! Black is great for New Years ☺️

  38. You look so good in all 3….hopefully you’ve got at least 3 holiday parties and can wear all of them.
    My favorite is the black because it’s elegant, yet different 🙂
    Have fun!

  39. My favorite is definitely the black dress. Followed closely by the gold skirt.

    Also, off topic, how do you clean your make up brushes? The oval ones you posted about a while ago. I came here looking for that post and then saw the pretty dresses and had to look and vote!

  40. The black one! you look absolutely stunning and all of them come up with the black as my favorite. The others would be a great new years option too!!!

  41. I LOVE the Gold Dress! I know its a add on, but its beautiful. If you do save it for New Years, then go with the Gold Skirt! Its a cross between vintage and fancy! I love it!

  42. Hi Ali,
    That’s a hard choice. You look so beautiful in all of them! I really like the white blouse & gold skirt because you, Kevin & Molly will all coordinate with the white. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!❤️💚 🎅🏼🎄

  43. I like the gold skirt option the best than the red, then black. All three are pretty but the gold stands out as a cool holiday but different kind of look. Not the typical red or even just black.

  44. The black dress really compliments Molly’s dress and makes her deep red stand out. It also compliments your husband’s attire. My second choice would be the gold skirt. The red dress is nice but doesn’t look good with Molly.

  45. Ali, all three look so good on you, but since Saturday night is black or white attire, I would wear the black dress. Then maybe the red one for another Christmas party and save the gold skirt for New Years party.

  46. Ali, finally, you’re like Marilyn Monroe: A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows she does not have one.

    And that’s good!

  47. Look # 3 is my favorite although you look beautiful in all of them I love following you you make me feel human there are so many super Mom post we don’t really have it all together!!

  48. Definitely the black. It’s simple but elegant. And I like the sequin skirt for NYE! But really you look great in all of them so any you chose will be fantastic!

  49. 1st choice is sequin skirt, second choice red dress especially for Christmas. You can wear the red at Christmas and the skirt and NY, but my favorite is the skirt for both.

  50. I think the black is so pretty & elegant for a holiday party dress!! Looks great on you! Love the sleeves on it!!! Sexy but oh so chic!👌

  51. Also, I like the black one, but not for the holiday season, the red or the skirt are for the holidays. Save the black dress for other nice occasions!

  52. Either the black or the sequin skirt. The top you have with the skirt seems a little older so I would maybe pick a different shirt to go with it.

  53. Definitely the red or the sequined skirt. Both have the holiday look. Both are stunning on you. Black to boring for the holiday season.

  54. You look stunning in all, but I love the red or the gold skirt. I would go with the skirt, because when else can you wear that but at a Holiday event?!

  55. That black dress is stunning! That would be my pick, with the gold sequin skirt in a close second! It is so fun. Merry Christmas to y’all

  56. The gold skirt and white blouse! So gorgeous and screams holiday party to me! It could be the beautiful way it photographs in the pictures of you in it, or just how amazing you look in it or the amazing amount of love in that pic of you and Kevin that feels like I’m watching Love Actually! You can feel the love permeate in that picture that it makes me warm and fuzzy inside! Hence my vote for the gold skirt and white blouse! But honestly Ali you look gorgeous in all of them and any would look amazing! ❤️❤️

  57. You look amazing in all of them, so it really just depends on what you feel most comfortable in! I like the black dress for Christmas Eve, the Red Dress for Christmas Day, The Gold Dress for New Year’s Eve and the Gold Sequin Skirt is so stunning you should wear it as often as possible!!!

  58. I love the black dress! Although they are all beautiful and all look great on you, that’s my fav! Have a wonderful date night at your holiday party! ❤️

  59. I love them all for different reasons and occasions! I just bought the Leith wrap dress in the green (red was sold out in my size, and I think green can be just as festive!). I have a 6 week old and have been struggling with nursing friendly outfits, and I think that dress will be perfect!

  60. Love all 3 options, not sure about the 4th.
    If you have a black & white party, definitely the black (my fav). A day time, early evening, family party, the beautiful skirt. For an evening, grown up party, the red. The last one, maybe a leisurely at home gathering since you can wear flats!

  61. You look stunning in all three of the outfits! The red one with the heels you choose to wear, looks more casual than the black dress and sequined skirt outfits, and someone said it was cotton. Maybe it would be best for a daytime party, unless you wore dressier heels and some sparkly jewelry.
    I do not like the 4th dress at all. You look darling, but I think the dress looks like a bathrobe.
    Molly looks absolutely adorable! Her face radiants such joy and the dress is gorgeous!

  62. They are all gorgeous
    That gold sequin skirt is Xmas party goals !!!!!
    And molly looks so beautiful in her dress ♥️

  63. LOVE every option but I totally vote for the shimmer skirt. That’s my all time fave. Can’t WAIT to see what you choose!!

  64. Love the black dress on you. Very eloquent.
    The red is a favorite, get it for sure.
    Theee two are my look for you beautiful person.
    Happy holidays.

  65. The red is definitely the most festive and youthful. I like them all, but feel like the gold skirt is more for an older person, not for your vibrant, beautiful youth! You of course, will look gorgeous in all, but I’d go for the flirty, fun red Christmasy dress!

  66. I think you look stunning in the red but the gold skirt is gorgeous as well! Such cute holiday party ideas that I will probably be stealing from haha

    1. I ended up wearing a black jumpsuit last night to the Holiday party we went to because it was outside and it was cold in LA last night!

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