I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas Kitchen!

Eeeeeeppp! I just LOVE our kitchen holiday decorations this year!!!

No really, I could spend all day long in my kitchen right now. Not that I didn’t already before. Our kitchen and family room is one big open space so we’re usually in here all the time anyway, but now it’s just extra special being in this room! And I’m proud to say that absolutely all of our holiday decorations are from Walmart, so if you like what I did, you can easily shop for these things online or even pick some up in the store! Plus Walmart’s prices are in many peoples budget and that makes me really happy! And if you are having trouble finding decor that fits your home atheistic, you can shop by style to help you out! I also looked in their “farmhouse style” section because I love all things farmhouse 🙂

OK, let’s talk about my kitchen holiday decor! Let me start with the wreaths on our kitchen counter stools. This is my absolute favorite detail in the entire kitchen so I have to talk about it first! Basically, I got these beautiful and simple 12 inch wreaths and attached them to each one of our chairs. If you’re wondering how I did it you’re gonna laugh when I tell you! I attached them using twist ties that you get in the box with your garbage bags. You know those little ties that you wrap around the top and twist to close it off. I basically twisted three of them together to create one long twist tie. The back of our chairs have little tiny holes in them so I put the twist tie around the wreath and through the chair and secured it on the other side. Plus the twist ties I used are actually a tan color and they blend in perfectly with the back of the chair so you can’t even see them when you’re looking at the front of the chair. I wish I had a picture to show you guys. I know what I’ll do! I’ll do some stories on Instagram story so you can see exactly what I’m talking about! So go check out my Instagram stories today if you want to see exactly what I did! Walmart doesn’t have these exact stools but I found THESE STOOLS that are so farmhouse and would be absolutely perfect to use to achieve this look. I love these counter stools so much that I kinda want to replace mine! Maybe a Christmas gift to myself 😉


And then I used some beautiful wire burlap ribbon to tie these bows and secure them with a piece of command strip tape. I love using wired ribbon for things like this because the ribbon stays exactly how you place it. I also used wired burlap ribbon when I hung the wreath in our formal living room as you can see in this blog post. Anyway, I just absolutely love the wreaths on the back of the chairs in the kitchen. You could also do them on the backs of your chairs in your dining room or your breakfast table. It’s just such a special and beautiful detail that I think people really appreciate! Plus the wreaths aren’t overly Holiday. So they could totally be decorated with some flowers in the spring so you can keep them up all year. I might have to do that because I won’t be able to take them down once Christmas is over.


Next, let’s talk about the garland in my kitchen. This garland is so affordable at only $15 and I only needed to use two of them to complete my entire kitchen look! I basically cut both pieces in half since they were 9 feet each, and then used three of those four pieces to put on the light fixtures hanging in the kitchen, and then one of the pieces above the vent over our stove.

If you watch my Instagram stories frequently you might remember a couple weeks ago I didn’t Instagram story asking you guys if you thought I should run the garland up the light pendants or across the light pendants and I did a poll to see what you guys thought would look best! And the vast majority of you said that I should run the garland UP the pendant. So that’s exactly what I did!  And I think it looks so beautiful! Thank you guys so much for giving me that suggestion because it totally paid off! I also really love this garland because it is a wire garland. Meaning that however you bend it, it stays in that exact shape. The only thing I did to secure it was bend the wire at the top to hook it in the top link of the pendant chain and then wrap it around the chain and it stayed perfectly in place all on it’s own.

The Fresh Cut Christmas Trees sign is seriously the most affordable purchase I’ve ever made! It’s not only so pretty but it’s only $5! For a sign this size to only be $5 is mind boggling to me! I just love it!


I wanted to add some festive decorations to the center of the island, so I went with this 3-foot tall tree. I love how it’s not super full like other trees are. It’s the exact look I was searching for and I was so psyched when I found it at Walmart for only $8! To make it white, I just sprayed it with snow spray! I used snow spray on the real Christmas tree in our house too. You guys know I love white in my house, so I had to add some white to the trees too 😉

I added the silver bulbs that I got out of a pack of ornaments that I used for the tree we have in our front formal living room. I bought this pack of ornaments because it has really large silver bulbs that I needed for our 9-foot tree in our formal living room. But the pack of ornaments also came with these tiny bulbs that I was able to use on this smaller tree and they look absolutely perfect! I also added a little scrap piece of garland I had leftover when I was cutting up the garland and put it in around the tree. And used these pretty glass Christmas trees that light up! They actually have a timer you can set so when you turn them on they’re not on all day long. Molly loves it when we turn them on! I really like that the decorations in the center have a light look to contrast the greenery I used in the rest of the kitchen. Plus, if you don’t have an all white kitchen like we do, it’s great to decorate with light and white Christmas decorations to give the room a brighter look!


Did you notice the wreath I have hanging on the wall over by the fridge in the corner of the kitchen? I love how elegant and understated it is. You probably noticed based on the other decor in my house that I really like to keep things simple because I think they are most impactful that way. So when I was searching Walmart I was looking for a plain green wreath with small pine cones that had a wispy look. And by that I mean it didn’t look super full. So I stumbled across this wreath for under $30 and it was exactly what I was looking for. If you want a classic and simple wreath for your front door or inside your home, this one is a great fit! And I use the same burlap ribbon that I used on the wreaths on the back of our kitchen counter stools to add a simple bow detail. I absolutely love it! In fact, I was able to use one roll of burlap ribbon to create all the bows in my kitchen and I still have some left over!


Well I think that’s everything! Let me know if you have any questions! I couldn’t be more in love with our kitchen’s Christmas decor, so I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and find it useful to help you decorate your kitchen this holiday season! I’d love to know what you guys think or any other ideas you might have for holiday decor in the comments below. I still have a bunch of other spaces in our home that I want to decorate and I’m always open to other peoples ideas!

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post!!!

33 Thoughts

33 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas Kitchen!

  1. Ali, your kitchen is gorgeous! I love the simplistic Christmas decor….the green with all the white is so pretty!

      1. You should post your where you get your decor in your house or something close linked to buy in each blog pic of your home.❤️ Your decor taste!

  2. Love your kitchen decoration💖💖!

    Question. Where did you get the garland that’s hanging from your mantel? I can’t find the info, if you did mentioned it already.

  3. Love all of your Christmas decor, but don’t you dare get rid of your bar stools in your kitchen, they are beautiful, I love them. Your kitchen is very pretty, simple, I like that!!!

  4. Hey Ali! Your kitchen looks amazing. It’s my dream kitchen for sure.

    Off topic but what masacra do you use? Your eyelashes always look amazing!

  5. It looks really beautiful. You out did yourself. Ali, I was waiting to see a picture of your hair. I’m dying to see it. Please post a pic.

  6. Hi Ali! I love your kitchen and have been hunting everywhere for the white round board you have against the backsplash. Can you share where that is from?

    Love following you!

  7. Hi Ali. I love your taste in decor! How you use white to make everything pop is the best! I was wondering where I would go to have the wine cellar with the glass doors that you have in the side of your kitchen put in my home? Thanks for your time and keep up the great inspiring posts! 💕

  8. I love this!! Can ask where you got your pendant lantern chandeliers? I’ve been looking for something similar for my kitchen! So beautiful all decorated!

  9. Ali! I would have never thought to put wreathes on the back of my stools but I’m literally on my way out the door to see if I can go snag a few. I recently got a cabinet color change and I was worried my kitchen cabinets wouldn’t look as smooth and white as yours look but they did an amazing job. I am so excited to get a start on “decking the halls” for Christmas even though I’m a little late to the game. This means I can leave it all up longer, right? lol

  10. Hi Ali,
    Obsessed with All things Christmas. You do an amazing decor job.
    Where do I buy the same faux snow you used outdoors?
    Thank you

  11. Oh my goodness, your kitchen is so gorgeous! Definitely my dream kitchen… though I don’t know how white I would be willing to go – isn’t cleanup hard with a white kitchen? I cleaned a house once that had white cabinets and they were hard to keep clean. And I LOVE minimalist decor; anything sweet and simple calls my name! 🙂 I’m still living at home with my parents, but I got to head up Christmas decorating last year (which sorta got interrupted with a sister’s wedding…), and I’m already thinking about how to decorate this year! I’m thinking a clean white and blue and greenery Winter Wonderland (except our living room is maroon and our kitchen cabinets are a dark gray/green – Mom likes darker color tones)… any suggestions how to incorporate that theme into those color schemes?

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