Back to Work After My D & C Surgery

Back at work today after my surgery on Friday! I wanted to give you guys an update since you have all been so supportive. Plus if anyone else has to get a D & C to get placenta removed, I want you to know that it’s sooooooooo nothing to worry about! So I’m sharing my experience today.

The morning going in I was slightly nervous. Mostly because I have been under anesthesia before and woke up from it sooooo nauseous in the past. The thought of going through that again made me, well, nauseous! And don’t judge me, but the second thing I was most concerned about was my eyebrows! Ha! As you guys might know from my Instagram stories, I recently got my eyebrows microbladed – just a few days before my surgery. And you’re supposed to keep ointment on them for two weeks after and keep them dry. Meaning they can’t get wet. So while I was in pre-op for my surgery I made sure my doctor, the anesthesiologist and my O.R. nurse all knew to avoid my eyebrows (with surgical tape or anything). Ha! I’m not even kidding. They all laughed about it and commented on how good my eyebrows look! They were humoring me. I had a really great team of doctors and nurses working on me, all with a great sense of humor! Plus, I live in Los Angeles and they’re probably used to this type of thing. The anesthesiologist even said to me “oh you just got your eyelash extensions, I’ll make sure to watch out for them.” So I’m guessing I’m not the first person that’s walked in there and had cosmetic concerns. It’s silly but a funny memory I will always have.

In fact, my OB/GYN was asking me about my microblading experience as they were putting me under anesthesia. So the very last thing I remember before I fell sleep was raving to her about my microblading experience. Ha!

The details are fuzzy when I woke up. I know I spoke to my doctor afterwards, but I have no memory of it. And I remember Kevin calling Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But overall I snapped out of it very quickly and had zero nausea! Which is pretty incredible considering the fact that the two other times I’ve been under anesthesia, I got so so so sick waking up. My mom gets sick waking up from it too. I think it’s because I told the anesthesiologist before the surgery that I get really nauseous and he gave me some medication through my IV to help with it. He also asked me if I get carsick and motion sickness, and I told him that I do so he gave me a little patch that they stuck behind my ear that helps with motion sickness and therefore would help when the anesthesia wore off. So my advice to anybody who has gotten sick from anesthesia before is to tell your anesthesiologist about it before you go under again. And if you’ve never been under but are having a procedure where you will be –  if you get motion sickness or car sickness make sure to tell your anesthesiologist about it beforehand! I was never asked that beforehand and got super sick. Maybe if my other anesthesiologists in the past had asked me that, then they could’ve given me the same patch behind my ear and it would’ve helped. So hopefully this helps someone out there reading this who’s going into a surgery.

Me this morning about to head into work!


And I’m just realizing that some of you might not know what my surgery was! I talked about on my blog and Instagram quite a few times but I’ll do a quick recap for anyone wondering. I had a D & C to have some leftover placenta in my uterus removed. Basically after I gave birth to my son Riley 6 months ago, all of the placenta didn’t come out with him. Same thing happened when I had my daughter Molly over two years ago. But with her, it eventually worked it’s way out on it’s own. It was such a small piece and my doctor gave me medication to help my uterus contract and it got it out on its own. This time around, I had the same medication but it didn’t work. Then we decided to wait a while to see if getting my cycle back would take care of the problem. And yes, I got my cycle back even though I’m still breastfeeding. I had it twice in fact and it still didn’t remove the leftover placenta. That stuff is sticky! So we finally decided it was time to have the surgery. We basically waited as long as we did because nobody wants to go into surgery if they don’t have to. But the reason it’s important to have it removed is because it puts you at risk for infection or blood clots. So I’m glad it’s done and over with. It was shockingly easy! So if anybody out there reading this is about to have the same procedure, don’t stress at all! It was actually kind of a nice relaxing break from the kiddos to be honest with you. Ha!


Anyway, I’m back at work at Home & Family today and feeling great! I still feel cramping, but I know it will go away soon. I’m mostly just feeling good about the whole thing being behind me because I don’t have to think about it anymore. I think when you become a parent, going into any sort of surgery (even if it’s super minor) is scary because you have two kiddos that are counting on you to wake up from it. And while I had no doubt I would wake up from it. It was a thought that crossed my mind.

Real quick before I go, and because I just think the outfit is so cute, I’m gonna give you details on what I’m wearing today. As you can see from these photos, our house on Home & Family (the show I work on) is covered in fake snow. Even though it’s pretty warm here in LA, it can be super chilly in the mornings. This morning it was in the 50s! So I put on my cutest, comfiest Koolaburra by UGG boots. I actually had another pair that I always wore but when I went home to Massachusetts a few weeks ago my sister loved them so I gave them to her. I’m a sucker for sharing with family (which we all should be!). So I got another pair for myself! Plus I just love anything with a cute little bow detail on it. I live in these things! I even wear them at home around the house because they’re as comfortable as slippers. I got them at Nordstrom Rack for a ridiculously good price at under $90! You’re going to pay a lot more for them other places.

And while I was on Nordstrom Rack’s website I found this cashmere sweater. I’ve never, in my entire life, bought a cashmere sweater. They’ve just always been way out of my price range. In fact, this cashmere sweater (it comes in a blush/wisteria color too) was originally over $400! WHAT?!?! I’m not even kidding. But it’s on sale right now for $139! Even that is slightly more than I like to spend on a quality sweater. But given the original price and the fact that it was 65% off, I just had to take a chance on it! I figured if I didn’t like it, I could always just send it back. But I’m happy to say I’m absolutely obsessed with it! So much so that I bought it in the blush/wisteria color as well. And it’s great to wear with necklaces layered on top. My ball and chain necklace from my jewelry line is PERFECT to wear with it! I also linked my purse and $29 leggings below the photos.

Anyway you guys, I just wanted to write this blog post to give you an update on my surgery and to say thank you for all of your love and support throughout it all. I know it’s silly and it was minor, but I was still nervous and it felt good to have you all there for me. I hope I’m there for you in some small way too! Love you guys.

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35 thoughts on “Back to Work After My D & C Surgery

  1. So happy it the surgery went smoothly for you, Ali! I was praying it would go off without a hitch! And I love the IG story when Kevin was calling you Grandpa Joe – I was literally laughing out loud!

  2. Hi Ali
    You’re not being silly at all….any surgery can be scary. I’m happy your Dr gave you some medication/patch for nausea & that you feel well enough to go back to work!
    You’re a real trouper!
    How sweet of you to give your boots to your sister. 💕
    Ps your eyebrows look great

  3. Hi. Just curious if you have a discount code for Nordstrom ? I did not see it and if I did I’m sorry I missed it! Happy you are okay and have a great day.

  4. So glad your surgery went well! It’s so nerve wrecking to be put under.

    I hemorrhaged soon after the delivery of my 2nd babe and they quickly took me to the OR for a D&C to clean out my uterus (so many clots) and to see if any left over placenta was causing it. There wasn’t – uterus just crapped out! I know you’ve had same experiences and it’s just so terrifying.

    But! My 3rd is 7 weeks old and no issues w her!

  5. Hi Ali Thanks for sharing your experience with us and that Anastasia tip. I recently found that out myself and it’s a great tip to know.

    There are many of us out there who are curious about the micro blading procedure. Do you have before and after pictures you could share? Or a little blog about your experience in general? It’s become such a popular thing now it would be great to hear your point of view on it.

  6. I’m so glad you are okay and this is finally behind you! Thanks for sharing the outfit details too! Would you say the leggings run true to your normal size and are they see through at all??

  7. I had issues with retained placenta and my doctor didn’t even offer the medicine , she jumped straight into surgery and gave up my case when I refused. I had to google on my own to find out about the medicine. Then I called for a second opinion and the doctor was okay with me waiting and watching and the do-nothing approach worked! My body shed the placenta on its own. I wish doctors would present all the options instead of forcing one solution. Informed consent is a rare jewel in medicine these days

  8. Dear Ali,
    I am a man and I do not feel like all these post-natal discomforts.
    I would like to congratulate you on the success of your operation and the disappearance of these nausea. But I especially would like to congratulate you for your courage! Because as a man, and since I was very young, nausea and surgery still scares me.
    Dear Ali,
    I am a man and I do not feel like all these post-natal discomforts.
    I would like to congratulate you on the success of your operation and the disappearance of these nausea. But I especially would like to congratulate you for your courage! Because as a man, and since I was very young, nausea and surgery still scares me.
    Please, receive all my affection!

    Kisses! 🌸🌸🌸

  9. I have never been put under WITHOUT having the Anesthesiologist ask if I had a bad reaction in the past. That’s common practice.

    1. It is also in the paperwork you sign before you consent to surgery. I’m pretty sure she must have missed it because that is a big deal to the hospital. I’m not sure why this is a storyline for her blog, but maybe it was a slow week for drama.

    2. I’ve been ‘put under’ several times and never once had an anesthesiologist ask if I got carsick or motion sickness. I’m definitely going to mention it next time so that I can get that patch to help. I have told them I get nauseous afterward but it’s not too horrible and most of them say that is a common reaction which will pass. The last time, the medicine they gave me beforehand did not help the nausea so maybe that patch like Ali got will. Ali, thank you for sharing that!

  10. Girl you need to be eating healthier. Just eating ramen every night isn’t very healthy. I like junk food too but come on. You aren’t 12 years old.

  11. Glad your surgery went well!!! My kids were super picky when switching from breast milk… my son loved soy formula after BF and my daughter loved Similac sensitive. My pediatrician swears by similac sensitive and recommends it to all her BF mommas.

  12. I’m only saying this because maybe the thought never crossed your mind… but I think the reason that many who have had a D&C, had one to remove a deceased fetus. It’s such a heartbreaking time and when I saw your IG story about it, it triggered painful memories. So it was just weird to see you making so light of the situation when it often equates to very painful times for other women.

    1. There are many many reasons for a D&C; I had one years ago for very heavy bleeding. I don’t think Ali was making light of it at all; she was just talking about HER reason for the D&C, which has nothing to do with others’ reasons for having it. I am very sorry for your loss, I’m sure it was a horrible time for you.

  13. I hear you on the ‘worrying’ about coming out of anesthesia. I had to have an early colonoscopy as soon as my son was born bc my dad’s doctor advised me bc he was having issues. I kept telling everyone I was a new mom so they’d be extra in my court. I was so concerned. I think as moms now we just have to take extra care and early detect anything so we can live a long, long, long time.
    Glad you are on the mend. 👍🏻

    How’s potty training going? Do you still have a nanny? Is Molly in AM, PM or all day preschool?

  14. Ali – so happy to hear of the successful procedure! Also to build off your Instagram stories about introducing formula to a breast-fed baby — both my boys had success with Gerber Good Start and my daughter liked HiPP ( Also, continue to play with the ratios (BM/Formula) when offering. Good luck!

  15. That snow sure looks real! Even the footprints on the sidewalk. I just discovered Home & Family, I watch it On Demand in the evening. Love all of you guys!

    And thank you, Ali, I now have a new pair of UGGS on the way. These are so cute. I went from UGGS to NorthFace (I live in Chicago), but the bows on these are just too cute!! Thanks for the links. I use Honey (the coupon search thingy), and Nordstroms Rack was the best deal.

    So glad you are okay and didn’t get sick. I love that you are so open in sharing your experience.

    Lots of love,


      1. She just needs a topic to include on her fashion posts. 🤪🤪. And please stop acting like you are ruining your child because you are giving him formula. It’s a topic overkill. Asking people which one their child liked the most is pointless because every child is different.

  16. Random (unrelated) question for you – but I’ve heard you shouldn’t get your eyebrows microbladed if you are pregnant or nursing. I am due in a few weeks and dying to get mine done post-baby. Did you have to do anything special to get them microbladed (like take a break from nursing or have your microblading lady use something special) or is it really not a big deal?

  17. I cant get over that fake snow🤣 Im in Minnesota and we’d kill for 50° weather and fake snow! We have a constant below 20 and real snow for months, so jealous!!!

  18. I’m so glad you had a safe surgery and a good experience! I had a retained placenta with my first in 2007, which caused a lot of problems, blood clots, and hemorrhaging. Then I lost 800 cc of blood when they did an emergency D&C after sending me home after the first big bleed. I felt better immediately but had a lot of trauma to work through before my second child was born in 2010. I’m really glad to hear that your experience was not traumatic! Xo

  19. Hi Ali! Can you write a blog about your Microblading experience from the beginning to now? Please!

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