Fresh Christmas Trees Delivered to Your Door!

Oh my gosh, you guys! You all know I work for Hallmark and I am super pumped that they are sponsoring this post cause I’m so excited to tell you guys about their new Fresh Cut Christmas trees that they ship right to your front door! As you guys know, I’m absolutely over the moon about decorating our house for Christmas this year! And we started early. I had a bunch of Christmas decorations up before Halloween. Ha! There’s just something about Christmas decorations that make home feel so much more cozy! Anyway, after we had put up some decorations I felt like something was missing. And I finally realized after a couple weeks with that missing thing was. Our home didn’t smell like a real Christmas pine tree! You know how some smells and sounds can take you right back to a special time in your life? Well for me, the smell of a fresh pine tree takes me back to when I was a kid. We always got a real tree in our house and every time I smell one I feel like I’m 10 years old again at my parents house.

And Kevin was missing that smell too! So at first we just bought some pine scented candles and lit them around the house and that helped but it’s just not the same as the real thing! So we decided that we wanted to get a real tree! We looked into some places that sell them in our city and thought about going to pick one up. However, we didn’t have any other supplies necessary to strap it to the top of our car. Even if we went and bought them, the idea of doing that and potentially scratching up the roof of our cars wasn’t my favorite idea. And the main reason we didn’t want to do it is because we have a two-year-old and a six-month-old and going and getting a tree, tying it to the roof of our car, and getting it in our house seemed like such a huge ordeal with our two little ones. I know some people like to go cut down their own trees but there isn’t anything like that where we live and again, that’s something you have to have the time and resources to do. Luckily, I soon discovered Hallmark’s Fresh Cut Christmas Trees on Amazon! I work for Hallmark Channel and I can’t believe I didn’t even know about this! And the fact that I didn’t know made me think maybe a lot of you didn’t know so I’m so excited to share it with you guys! I’ve always known you can get a lot of stuff on Amazon, but selling fresh cut Christmas trees is absolutely genius! Basically they sell a bunch of different kinds including Balsam FirBlack Hills SpruceFraser Fir, and Spruce Snow Tip trees. (We got the Fraser Fir) They ship for free! The absolute best part is that each tree comes from family Christmas tree farms in the USA. I love that you can bring something into your home for your family to enjoy and also support family farmers all around our country!

Oh my gosh, and another awesome thing about it is every single tree is hand selected and freshly cut 4-7 days prior to being shipped to you. The reason I think this is so awesome is that I remember one year our family went and got a tree from a pop up shop that was selling them in our town, and a couple weeks later it was completely dead! Well before Christmas! And I think that’s because the people probably cut it down weeks before we bought it and it was sitting on the lot. The cool thing about these Hallmark fresh trees is that because they are freshly cut 4-7 days prior to shipping, you know it’s going to last you til Christmas!

So anyway, I ordered a tree for our master bedroom! I love decorating for the holidays throughout the whole house, not just one room. I didn’t know what to expect when I ordered the tree, but when it arrived at my doorstep (along with the fresh garland I ordered)  I was able to easily carry the box upstairs to our bedroom. What I immediately noticed is how great it was to have the tree contained in the box while transporting it through my house. Heck yes to no pine needles all over the home and having to vacuum them all up! And bonus, it comes with “tree food” (tree preservative) and a tree removal bag so you can easily remove it from your house after the season is over – without getting pine needles throughout! They really thought of everything. FYI, the wreath on my door in these pics is a fresh pine wreath from Hallmark too! It smells sooooo good.

I took the tree out of the box in our bedroom and the entire room instantly smelled like Christmas! It smelled like home! The next day Molly and I started decorating it with my Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments. I’ve been collecting Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments for almost 15 YEARS now! I started the fairy series 14 years ago when my ex-boyfriend’s mother gave me one for Christmas. Ha! Now here I am 14 years later and I still have to have every fairy in the series, they release a new one every year, and I started ornament collections for my kids. The year I was pregnant with Molly I started a collection for her. And I’m starting a collection of cute little vintage cars for Riley this year! In addition to fresh-cut Christmas trees, Hallmark offers an entire line of cards, ornaments and gift wrap on Amazon, so you can get everything you need to deck the halls with one click!

Anyway, I just had such a great experience with the tree that I wanted to share that experience with all of you! What do you love most about Christmas? The smells? The food? The decorations? All of the above?! Tell me in the comments below! I love hearing all of your stories.

– Los Angeles, CA – 11/20/2018 – Busy mom of two, Ali Fedotowsky-Manno receives a little Christmas Magic, a real Fresh-Cut Hallmark Christmas Tree from Amazon.
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24 thoughts on “Fresh Christmas Trees Delivered to Your Door!

    1. I think it depends on what you grew up with. I never knew that fake ones existed until I was a teenager because we always had a real one at home.

      1. Me too. Never had a fake trend I am 62…lol. Always the real thing. Question, for a real tree they cut off the bottom so that it soaks up the water but the fresh cut can dry up after a few hours of nit being in water. Do the Hallmark trees need another fresh cut?

  1. This is awesome! I really wish they had fresh kissing balls though! They are so pretty and EXPENSIVE to buy at alot of the places in the Berkshires. It seems like Hallmark had such reasonable pricing too!

  2. When my kids were little I thought it would be a fun tradition to go cut down our tree every year. First year it was fine. The second year I was allergic to our beautiful tree and was covered in hives until we threw the tree out on our sidewalk 3 days before Christmas! I’m sure our neighbors thought we were grinches that year! Now we have artificial just to be safe.

  3. We get a Hallmark ornament each year for our children too. We pick one that reminds us of something they did that year. We write a message explaining that memory on the box. Then every year as we decorate the memories are read. The kids love it!

    1. oh my gosh! Writing a message on the box is so special. Made me tear up. I am soooo going to start dong that for Molly and Riley!

  4. Hi Ali! I love Hallmark ornaments. My mom started giving them to my brothers and me when we were kids every year. Then when I got married (27 years ago) I started buying them for my family! I have every Puppy Love ornament in the series. My boys who are now 23/21 started receiving a series the year they were born. One has the Snoopy series and the other has Snowbuddies. I also started collecting the Hallmark “mini” ornaments when I got married. This year I bought 16 new ones! So I have one entire tree with only mini ornaments! Probably over 300 ornaments!! Merry Christmas to you!

  5. This is so cool! Now if only they could start renting out trees! I wish we could have a real tree in a pot that could be returned afterwards so it could keep growing. A place in England does it & your family can even get the same tree year after year! For now though I’ll stick with our fake tree until we can cut down our own next year…my 2 year old & 7 month old can’t be trusted with a real tree this year, they’re too obsessed.

  6. I also grew up with live trees all my life (grew up in Western PA, in the Christmas Tree Capital of the World, seriously, there’s signs and everything) and continued the tradition with my kids, going to a tree farm outside Washington DC where we lived and had one cut down. My kids still remember those days and some of them also now have live trees. We are doing the fake thing now, however, with no kids left at home.

    As far as Hallmark, I get the Son, Daughter, Grandson and Granddaughter ornaments for my kids/grands every year. It’s getting pricey because I now have 14 grands and 1 Great, but I will never stop. I started it when my kids were little, and it warms my heart to see the ones they got as kids hanging on their trees. A great tradition!

  7. I’m sorry I have to mostly disagree with you on this one. This seems great if you lived in a big city and didn’t have a car or something and I can see it for you maybe this year with two small ones (however, I took my 6 mo old, 3 yr old, and 5 yo last night and did fine). Right now yours probably won’t remember picking one out anyway and I’m simply talking about a lot not a farm. You don’t need supplies to tie it to your roof (they have twine) and I highly doubt it sctraches your car and even if it did, it is the roof. Who sees that?
    However, definitely agree nothing replaces the smell of a real tree!

    1. Hi Ali–

      You can just put an old blanket under the tree and over the roof to prevent scratches if you want to take the kiddos to get a tree when they get a little older.

      Great blog…thanks for sharing!

      1. Thanks for the tip! I totally get people wanting to go get one but I LOOOOVE the convenience of this 🙂 Soooo busy these days. Plus I just love everything Hallmark does 🙂

  8. Hi Ali–

    You can just put an old blanket under the tree and over the roof to prevent scratches if you want to take the kiddos to get a tree when they get a little older.

    Great blog…thanks for sharing!

    1. I call that being “lazy”! What’s the big deal with carrying the tree on the roof of the car as long as the roof is protected from scratches? Nag, nag, nag!!!! Ha!

  9. Hi Ali! Hope you are recovering good from surgery! I love the real trees! We have artificial, but I do love the smell and looks of the real for sure!I love cinnamon scented pinecones maybe in a centerpiece or bowl. We love the Hallmark Christmas movie channels this time of year especially!! 🙂 Happy Holidays! Heather

  10. Love that you remember our trees… that your starting a tradition with ornaments for Molly and Riley!

  11. How much wine will you be drinking tonight? Hopefully one of the kids dont need something in the middle of the night🙄.

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