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UPDATE: I just saw that the advent calendar sold out! They also have THIS ONE that is the same concept and festive!

I know I’ve already said this a half-dozen times on my blog but I’m just so excited for Christmas this year. My kids make it so magical and special! And I’m sure as some of you saw on my Instagram yesterday, both Molly and Riley are sick right now. Molly has had a fever on and off for five weeks and Riley has a really nasty cold that is making it difficult for him to breathe. So he got put on breathing treatments yesterday at the doctor and Molly had a bunch of blood tests done. I held her in my arms while she screamed for almost 3 hours straight. She also had a chest x-ray that looked hazy – but it could just be from  a viral infection (aka a cold). In the end, the doctor suggested more testing and I put my foot down and said “No more today. She’s had enough.” It took everything in me not to break down and cry myself. But I knew I had to be strong for her. Luckily, when we got home from the doctor we surrounded our kiddos with love and we all giggled the night away! Kevin and I were not gonna let that sweet face in the photo below end her day without a big smile on her face.

Anyway, I wanted to give you guys a quick update on the kids but really the point of today’s post is to tell you about some of my favorite gift picks this holiday season! I wrote this last night once the kiddos were in bed. Focusing on my blog and Christmas helped raise my spirits after a very tough day. So let’s start with the adorable PJs Molly is wearing in these pictures.


Well first, let me say it is nearly impossible to be a blogger and not give your family all their gifts before Christmas actually comes. Ha! I buy all of these things thinking that I’m going to wrap them up and give them as gifts and then I start thinking about blog post ideas, and decide to do a blog post about them instead. So then I just have to get more gifts later! Ha! I don’t know, I guess I just feel like I was wanna share everything with you guys. Including all my gift ideas. You’re like my extended family!

So yes, these PJs were supposed to be wrapped and put under the tree for Molly to open Christmas Eve (so she could wear them to bed the night before Christmas day and walk down the stairs Christmas morning with them on), but I knew they were going to be so cute on her that I decided to put them on her to snap some pics! One main reason I got them for her, is that they are unisex. So Riley will be able to wear them in a couple years on Christmas too! I love getting pictures of him wearing things that she used to wear when she was little. And actually, who am I kidding, Riley is so huge that he’ll probably be able to wear them next Christmas when he’s only one and a half. Molly is two and a half.


And I got so excited seeing Molly in front of the tree in her Christmas PJs that I decided to introduce her to her Elf on a Shelf. I think it’s totally against the rules for her to be able to touch the elf. This is my first year doing Elf on a Shelf so I have no idea exactly what the rules are. But I let her play with her little elf for a little bit and told her the elf had to go back and talk to Santa and that she would come back on December 1st to visit again. At that point I’ll have read the book and all rules and I’ll know exactly what I’m supposed to do. This is my first year doing Elf on a Shelf! I’m so stinking excited to do it! Every year I see all of my friends post photos on Facebook and Instagram of them doing all these super cute scenes with their elf and I can’t wait to do those types of things with Molly! We asked her to name the elf and at first she named her “Danny” and then she change it to “Maui” (girl loves Moana right now!). So we’ll let you know what the elf’s final name will be by December 1st! Ha! Comment in the comments section below and give me ideas for set up’s for Elf on the Shelf! I’m a newbie at this and don’t even know where to start!

Oh and for those of you curious about my white sweater in these pics. I would get it here because it’s only $39 and I absolutely love it! It is so soft and comfy and it comes in a bunch of different colors! I’ll try to post a picture of me wearing it on Instagram stories today so you guys can see photos of me wearing it standing up. It’s just a really great sweater to have this winter season.


One gift idea that I think would be great for expecting parents is a baby book. Especially if the parents already have a child or children. I think when you are a first time parent, you think about a baby book well in advance and have everything planned out. But when you’re a second or third or fourth time parent, you don’t plan as well. You just have your hands full with your other kid(s) and you forget to do things. I for one forgot to get Riley a baby book. I’ve thought about it multiple times since he was born but something would always come up and I’d forget again. So when I saw this baby book on the Nordstrom website I bought it right away! I shop at Nordstrom all the time anyway, so it was easy for me to throw this in my car and I’m so glad I got it for him! When we had Molly, I think we had four different baby books! Ha! We only ended up keeping one of them and donated the others, but I remember some of the others feeling like they were so busy and took so much time to fill out! And let’s face it, when you’re a parent you don’t have that much time to work on baby books. What I love about this particular book that, is that it’s so easy and simple to fill out. But it’s also really cute and asks for the information you wanna remember years from now. There’s multiple versions of this book on Nordstrom’s website. They have a more girly version of the baby book too!


Anyway, this baby book is a gift that I ended up buying myself. Or really I guess you could say I bought it for Riley. Because at the end of the day this is for him when he grows up. I would’ve felt so guilty if I didn’t get him some sort a baby book, so I’m so glad we have this one!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but all of the gifts I am suggesting in this blog post are from Nordstrom. I’m obsessed with Nordstrom. I shop at Nordstrom pretty much weekly at this point. And I was pretty stoked when I saw they had these monogrammed mugs. I think I’ve mentioned this to you guys before, but Kevin and I collect mugs. We’re not big collectors, but mugs are just something we started acquiring when we first got together and we’ve continued it ever since. We have a ton of monogrammed mugs with our initials on them, but when people would come visit us we realized that we wanted to have monogrammed mugs for them to use too! Not for everyone who comes to visit us, but for people who come more frequently like my mom and Kevin’s mom. So we decided as a gift for when family comes and stays with us during the holidays, we would have monogrammed mugs with their initials for them to enjoy their coffee out of in the morning. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but a small gesture like this can mean a lot to a guest in your home. We also got them for our friends that stay with us frequently and they were so surprised when they woke up in the morning and we had coffee waiting for them in mugs with their initials on it. And the mugs are only $10 each, so it’s super affordable to do and leaves a huge impact on the person you give it to when they wake up in the morning to see their coffee out of their personal monogrammed mug. This “B” in the picture below is for my mom Beth btw. Shhhhhh…don’t tell her 😉



This last item – a wooden advent calendar – is a gift I really got our entire family. I got it for me because I think it’s gorgeous on our dining room table, but I also got it for Molly and Riley because it’s an advent calendar that they get to open up every single day! Well, really Molly opens it up for now, but Riley will get to take part next year! And it’s a gift for Kevin too because he’s going to enjoy seeing the kiddos open it up year after year. I love it because we get to choose what goes in the advent calendar. Yeah I could go buy one at the drugstore that has chocolate that the kids get to open up every morning. But we’re not huge fans of giving our kids candy. Obviously not Riley, he doesn’t really even eat food yet. But with Molly we try to limit sweets as much as possible. So what I love about this advent calendar is it has little wooden drawers that you open up every day and we can put whatever we want in them! We’re going to get little tiny toys that we can put in each drawer that she can open up each morning. And maybe a candy on a day once a week or something. Just to mix things up! Molly absolutely loves it! She’s not gonna be able to believe her luck on December 1st that a little goodie/toy shows up in the #1 drawer!


I hope you guys find these gift ideas helpful! And thank you all so much for your well wishes to the kiddos on social media! They’re already both doing much better this morning and I’m hopeful that we’re going to get some answers about what’s going on with Molly. Love you guys! And don’t forget to leave me ideas for what I can do with the elf on a shelf in the comments below!

Thank you Nordstrom for being my favorite place to shop and working with Ali Luvs to sponsor this post!

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65 thoughts on “My Wish List

  1. I love all your ideas! You have a beautiful home and a beautiful family! I love the sweater you were wearing and plan to buy it for myself. What size are you wearing?

  2. That really stinks tomhave sick kids aroun and holidays because uiu, as a mom, can’t stop worrying about them. Have you tried getting them adjusted by a chiropractor? That is usually my go to when my kids aren’t feeling well or going through a growth spurt. Elderberry syrup is another favorite of ours when we get sick.

    We do the Kindness Elves at our house. Such a sweet message during this time of year and so on point as we leave the season of giving thanks and being thankful and grateful.

    Sending healthy vibes your way!!!

    1. Please do not send your toddler and/or infant to a chiropractor for adjustments, there is no scientific evidence that chiropractic care helps ear infections or viruses.

    2. Chiro care specifically for kids has made my son so much better health and behavior wise. Also elderberry syrup every night. Hope the kiddos are better very soon! ❤️

  3. FYI: Pottery Barn is selling alphabet mugs for $5.50 and $4.50!! Such a cute idea to get them for frequent or special guests and now at a MUCH MORE affordable price!

    Had to pass along the savings…….

    Oh! And free shipping with the code: FREESHIP

      1. I think a dark blueish-gray would look nice. Something similar to the colour of your jeans you are wearing!
        And definitely with some glittery/sparkly type material!! 😜 Always more fun with kids!

        PS remember to write the name of the Elf down in the front of the book for next year!!
        I totally forgot to do that the first year, and we had to rename her! As I couldn’t for the life of me remember. (“Daisy” she has been for the past two years!!).

        Hiding the Elf each night is super fun too!! The kids eagerly wake up in search of where she is hiding each morning!! (As long as it doesn’t entice them to wake up too early!! 😜).

        Hopefully your little ones are feeling better soon!

        1. Or simply goto a fabric store and get some material! I just purchased 2 yards of burlap. Discounted to $7.99 and used another 40% off coupon! Simply and loosely, wrapped it around the bottom in place of a skirt! ❤️

      2. I just had my wedding dress turned into a tree skirt. I ended up not wanting to store it for 30 years for my daughter and this way we get to see it once a year! Plus I’m obsessed with Christmas so it seemed like a good fit

    1. You can also use a pretty blanket if you have one or see one that you like. Then you can use it for other seasons. Since my Mother died, I use a tree skirt that she did in latchhook, but years ago, I used a blanket because I thought the selection of actual tree skirts was so limited, but there are pretty blankets in any colors and designs! And they are bigger than most tree skirts, too, so you can bunch up and arrange how you like.

  4. Did you vaccinate Molly? I remember you were on the fence when she was a baby.
    She seems to be quite unwell…whatever it is I hope she is okay.

  5. I’m a Grandma but we do the Elf for the benefit of the grandkids who visit. Ours is named after my Dad and I got him a little tux to wear last year so he was looking quite dapper! He’s been spotted hanging from a light, hanging upside down from the fireplace mantel, and even playing Candy Crush on my ipad. He appeared for the first time one year sleeping in the bed that my little granddaughter was going to sleep in when she came, so she was SO excited to see his picture there! My kids do it with their kids and as my daughter says, the hardest part is remembering to move it each night. My granddaughter notices every little thing about their (theirs is Ariel and she wears a tutu) so if she doesn’t move, she says, Ariel must really like it where she is. Ha! My daughter says she’s woken up in the middle of the night to go move her! Have fun with it, the Elf is the neatest idea ever and kids get SO into it!

  6. Hi there and congrats on your jewelry line…it’s gorgeous! Glad to hear the kids are doing better! I felt compelled to offer a suggestion that maybe you haven’t thought of before because it helped my kids and that is taking the kids to a chiropractor. We started taking my daughter (3) when she was just over a year when she got her first ear infection. After a few visits it totally went away and she hasn’t had one since. So we started taking my son (1) as soon as he was born and what a difference it made!! My friends daughter was having the same fever problems as Molly and once she started seeing a chiropractor her fever never came back! Obviously finding the right chiropractor who is amazing with kids is key.
    Love your blog and keeping it real!!

  7. Oh Ali,
    I really hope Molly and Riley feel better soon. I can’t imagine my little being sick for 5 weeks with a fever. Hang in there, you and Kevin are wonderful parents. Molly is such a little light I hope you can get some answers for her from the doctors so she can start feeling better as well as Riley.
    All the best!!

  8. I know how scary it is to have sick kids and have testing done. Super long story but my 4 year old has had over 20 blood draws this year and a ton of other testing 😭 it’s so so so hard. Go with your gut on it!! Prayers for both kids!

  9. I fell in love with the Advent calendar, but sadly it is sold out!! I have been looking for one that isn’t candy based so I can reuse it!
    I hope they restock!!
    Healthy thoughts your way for your babies.

  10. Poor kiddos! What kind of testing did they have to do for Molly? My baby old had to get a blood test and It was so scary for me!

  11. We are HUGE on Elf on a Shelf in our home! We’ve had ours for 4 years now and we just love him. His name is Frosty! We have a few traditions – Frosty arrives on the morning of December 1st with Advent Calendars and a note (the first year was a note from Santa, explaining the rules and the following years were notes from Frosty – saying what he was proud of the kids for during the previous years, giving suggestions for the coming year, etc). We have so much fun with Frosty throughout the year. We’ve had him suspended from the roof in a slinky, making a snowman out of rolls of toilet paper (and fake snow in a can), driving around with Barbie in her jeep, building castles out of lego, throwing (clean) underwear all over the Christmas tree, hanging out (buckled up, of course) in the car – one year, he brought magic dust (sugar) and with a note to sprinkle in the garden and check back the next morning. Surprise! Candy canes grew overnight! There are so many ideas. Just check our Pinterest! On Christmas Eve, Frosty says farewell and a gift – new PJs!

    Sorry to hear that Molly and Riley are not feeling well. I hope they are feeling better soon – especially for the holidays! By the way, I think it’s a cute coincidence, so I have to mention – when my husband and I first moved out on our own, we got two cats, a brother and sister, and their names are Molly and Riley! 🙂


  12. I bought that baby book for my baby, who’s now 2, and loved it! Filled it out through out the year and set it out for his first birthday. People loved to go through it and see all the changes and fun things that were happening! They also make one for the “Little Years”. I think it’s 1 year old up to 6. There’s a boy and a girl version. We bought that one also and have been filling it out. It’s super easy to do and makes for a great memory when kids get older! I linked it! You should check it out!

  13. I love that book! We did the same one for our baby, who’s now 2! Check out this one for the “little years”. After the first year up to age 6. We are filling this one out now! People love looking at it when I set it out at his birthday party!

  14. You’re doing great mama!! As a new mom myself, I can only imagine how tough it must be to watch both kids going through all these tests, all while maintaining a brave face for them. So I just wanted to send a quick note that I think you’re doing great and wishing you and your family a speedy recovery. Us mamas gotta stick together.

    Ps huge fan of your blog too, you offer some really great staple (and affordable) pieces. Thanks!

  15. Hi Ali! I’ve always read your blog butbhave never commented before! My kiddos are 3 and 9 months, so I’ve always totally identified with so much that you post!
    We do Elf on the Shelf too- what we did last year was just move the elf around every night- so in the morning our daughter was always so excited to look for where the elf was hiding. We got Christmas pajamas for both the kids this year and are planning on having the elf bring the pajamas to them when he arrives after Thanksgiving.
    Also- we have the same baby books, and they also make books called “The Little Years” for after they turn a year old. It’s on my Christmas list for myself, haha!
    Hope your kiddos are feeling better soon! It’s no fun to have sick kids!

  16. I hope your kiddos feel better soon! Mine are 8 and 6, and I definitely remember so much sickness when they were little. It does get better!

    I love that you gave Molly her adorable Christmas pajamas early. I have a tradition with my kids that after we set up the Christmas tree (we do it early too!), they get a present to open. Inside are Christians pajamas, an ornament, a new board game or puzzle, a Christmas movie, and some hot chocolate packets and candy canes. That way they can wear their Christmas pajamas all of December. We love Christmas too! Happy Thanksgiving to your lovely family!

  17. Girl, I’m so sorry about the kiddos! I totally understand. My 11 month old has had a fever on and off for 6 weeks and we can’t figure it out, we’ve done every blood test, urine test, chest x day, echocardiogram, abdominal sonogram, etc and everything comes back normal, which is a blessing, but frustrating when you know somethings wrong with your baby. Our next step is to see a pediatric rheumatologist. Hope you get answers soon and both kiddos feel better!

  18. Ali- I’m so sorry both your kiddos aren’t feeling well. It’s the worst for us moms to see them sick! Two days ago my three year old fell and ended up with eight stitches in his chin. We too had to just hold him while he screamed. So heartbreaking.

    Check Pinterest for elf on the shelf ideas. I learned last year that if you don’t have a plan for it going in, you will run out of things to do and it starts to get frustrating. 🙁

  19. I don’t have any kiddos (just a fur baby) but my friend has the best ideas for elf on the shelf! Her insta is jessjackstella if you wanna check her out. I look forward to the elf every year because of her ideas!

  20. Hi Ali! Aw, hope your kids feel better soon. Love your Christmas decorations, displays and cute outfits! We have a daughter..anytime she feels like she’s coming down with anything I give her oscococillium by Boiron brand. It really has saved the day many times!! Even my husband and I take it on onset of works often! Elderberry syrup or lozenges are helpful too. Kids have to be two yrs old at least for homepathic Oscococillium. Anyways works best on onset of symptoms. I have it on hand for cold and flu season especially. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Heather

  21. Hi Ali~ there is an “Elf on the Shelf “ book that tells the story about the Elf !!! With Molly’s love of books, this should be perfect for her !!! (Especially the first time you read it to her) When we started my oldest grandson, Joshua with his Elf, we bought the box set- (Elf & book) but you can buy the book alone on Amazon!!! He 12 years old now so sadly Ralphy (the name Josh gave his Elf) retired from coming to our house any more, but I have a 15 month old grandson Jaxson, that should be ready to start this darling tradition next year – The Elf was brand new thing when we started doing this and my daughter and I racked our brains over the years to come up with new hiding places, but now, just click on to Pinterest and you will be surprised at all the great ideas you can fine !!!

    I hope the kids get well very soon- Even as a Grammie, knowing our kids aren’t feeling their best is very upsetting – I have a feeling everything will be just fine very soon ~

  22. I love all these ideas! So different then the normal gifts! I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter as well and this will be our first year doing Elf on the shelf also! I’m so excited for it! I hope your kiddos feel better soon! I can’t imagine how hard a day you all had yesterday! Your wonderful parents! Thank you for always sharing your parenting stories!! Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Alicia

  23. We put a small gift in an advent calendar each day last year for our 2 year old. By the time we reached the 25th, she was acting entitled about gifts and it lost it’s excitement and wonder. This year I’m going to fill the advent calendar with little notes that list a nice thing to do each day and hopefully our kids will learn more about the spirit of giving. I’m so much more excited about this than toys and candy!

    Ex: “plant” candy canes in the park for strangers, make cookies for a neighbor, donate canned food, write a letter/color a picture for the mailman, make hot chocolate for the gardeners, wrap presents for grandparents, look at Christmas lights, etc.

  24. Hello! Did they test them both for RSV?? My 2 year old had it for 3 weeks and my 2 month old got it from her and he ended up in the ICU for 7 days due to trouble breathing. It sounds so similar to what you’re going through with yours so just thought I’d throw that out there!

  25. Always enjoy seeing pics of your babies. We have two and they are about the same age as your sweet babies. Hate to see they are sick and Molly going through all of that. I know how you must be worried. I am praying for her to get over this and her tests to come back fine and for you to find peace.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  26. My kiddos ended up being terrified of the elf! The idea that it could move around at night and reported back to Santa scared them, and not in a good way! We ended up donating him to another family. It was fun to come up with silly ideas!
    I hope your babies are feeling better soon. I know how draining that can be on the whole family.

  27. Hey Alli!

    So sorry to hear about the kiddos sickness. I’m sure you’ve already gone over this, but Lyme disease blood tests are often inaccurate. When I was little, I tested negatively on the test. My mother brought me then to a rheumatologist who was able to diagnose me. Might be a good option just to rule it out. It’s known to have on and off fevers. All I had to do was take antibiotics and I was fine! Hopefully all works out soon!

  28. The key to the elf is not forgetting to move it the night before ! There have been many a morning I’m in the shower and I remember that we didn’t move him

    Please do NOT take your child to a chiropractic office to be adjusted! No evidence behind that. See your pediatrician. I’m a lung specialist and wish that it was just that easy to find a cure for the bad viruses that are out there at this time of year.

    1. I had to laugh at your first paragraph because my daughter has mentioned that she has literally woken up in the middle of the night realizing she forgot to move the elf! My granddaughter has had to comment once in awhile that “Ariel must really like where she is because she didn’t move last night.” Haha.

  29. One year, our elf painted everyone’s nose red like Rudolph in the middle of the night 😮 Also went fishing for goldfish crackers in the toilet and zip lined across the living room!

  30. So sad to read about sweet Molly having all the tests. How do you keep her from being afraid of the doctor after a tough visit? My little girl turned 2 in September and she cries at the sight on the doctor.. poor guy doesn’t even make it into the room before the tear roll in.

  31. Your kids are adorable!!!! I know you have heard everyone’s input on kids and sicknesses. But had she been with anyone that had mono? I would have them test her for it. Hugs to healthier days!

  32. Hi Ali! I saw your insta story aftering reading this post and noticed you’re using the Braun forehead thermometer! I was, too!! But I kept getting fever-level temperatures on my little guy to the point I rushed him to the hospital once. Turns out he didn’t have a fever after all when the nurse checked it by bum and armpit. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve read and done it all for sweet Molly but thought I’d mention it just in case! The doctor suggested we stick to an armpit reading as it’s more accurate for little kiddos in his opinion.

    Hope they feel better soon! 🙂

  33. Hoping that both your sweet babies feel much better soon, especially in time for the holidays! I am with you regarding the baby book! I have always been that person who gives new mom’s and moms-to-be one as a gift, and almost always none of them even thought about one! I received one when my daughter was born, which was part of the Precious Moments line and it also came with a baby time capsule! It was a great way to tuck little things in for her to open at a future date that I determined. Long story short, we recently came across it, 18 years later LOL, and I let her open it! Even I forgot what I put in it, but it was such a sweet moment with her, watching her pull out things like the baby blanket she was wrapped in at the hospital, her first pair of shoes, even cards from her first birthday and her very first tiny bikini. 🙂 These things may not seem like much at first, but when they’re grown and you get to see their reaction to it all, it so heart warming and so worth it! Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and thank you for making us all feel like extended family. <3

  34. First, Molly and Rileybare ADORABLE! I hope they both feel better soon! I have two toddlers myself. They are both boys and are 2 (2 in Jan) and 4. I started elf on a shelf last year. Her name is Happy. She is my son Seanie’s (4) best friend and he slept with her every night. I tried not to let him touch her, but he cried and cried. She has also been with us ALL YEAR, because he cried about her going back home to Santa. We will see how this holiday season goes!

  35. You have such a beautiful family. I will be praying for your little ones to feel better soon. I know how scary it must feel I have a 2 month old that was sick and had to rush her to the ER. I hope you and your family have an amazing and blessed Thanksgiving

  36. Ali,
    If I recall correctly, I believe I’ve seen Molly in the kitchen in a stand stool. Can you please tell me the brand and where it was purchased? I’d like to get one for my 21 month old granddaughter.
    Thank you

  37. Having sick kids is so tough! I hope they’re feeling better for Thanksgiving! Our elf arrives with a small gift once a week. When he comes on the first, he will bring these advent calendars my kids have been eyeing. Then he always bring them each an ornament. The ornament is something we know they really like or are into this year. The plan is, they will each have their own box of special ornaments when they move into their own home someday. One week might be an activity to do as a family and another a treat to make- not chocolate or muffins….
    our hiding spots having been too crazy because they are 3 and 5 now but we try to be creative. Our elf is very silly:)

    by the way, Home Depot has a really cool burlap tree collar I’ve been eyeing!

    Oh and I’m 2 years behind on my second child’s baby book. Kudos to you!

  38. A girl I know has a little boy who has fevers on and off and he ended up with some sort of fever syndrome that he would grow out of. But I do remember recently she found out he’s intolerant of gluten and dairy I believe. I hope you get answers very soon for Molly! Your family is adorable and I love how real you are with your audience. 🙏🏼

  39. Love All the ideas you share! I just got the last advent calendar you linked and it will go perfectly with my Christmas decor! We pop an activity and a candy into each door for each of my 5 kiddos. One of my favorite activities is candy canes and hot cocoa. The littles are always amazed as the candy cane disappears into the cocoa.

  40. Please please please tell me where you got the adorable wrapping paper! The white with the red Merry Christmas all over it. I love it!!

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  42. What great ideas, Ali! My friend is wrapping children’s books and having her daughter open one each day (books that she previously owned, but it is fun for her daughter to open). She lets her open one a day and then they read it together. I thought Molly might enjoy this. Happy Holidays!

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