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Merry Christmas!!!!!! Too early? Ha! Not for me! I’ve been telling you guys a lot lately how excited I am for Christmas this year. And as I showed you on my Instagram stories a few weeks ago, we put up our formal living room tree before October was even over (we are putting up more trees in our house too)! I’m not kidding, our tree was up before Halloween.

There’s just something about the holidays this year that has me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. And that something is my kiddos! Especially Molly. She’s at an age where she understands the idea of Santa and getting presents under the tree and it’s just making this time of year so magical for me! And that’s because it’s magical for her! So I couldn’t wait to get our tree and decorations up this year. At least in the formal living room…



Every night she insists on going into this room and seeing the tree with the lights on. It’s really going to blow her mind when we start putting up trees in other areas of the house. We plan on putting one in our family room and in our master bedroom! She’s even going to have a little mini one in her room. I just can’t get enough of holiday decorations right now!

So needless to say, I’m pumped to share all of my holiday decor in our formal living room with you guys today! Every single one of our decorations in this room is from Walmart so if you want to get this exact same set up for your home, you can get it all in one place! Plus, I just think all these items are such a great value! I looked at a few other sites and everything seemed so expensive so I wanted to do this post with more affordable items that are just as beautiful as other things I saw on other websites. And you get free shipping on orders over $35, so if you decide to get one or two things that we used to decorate our home, you can get free shipping! And they give you decor suggestions based on the style of your home if you are looking to redecorate this holiday season 🙂


I’d say let’s start with my favorite part of the room but I honestly don’t have a favorite part! I’m obsessed with everything! So I guess let’s start with the wreath because I think it’s such a focal point and so pretty! I knew I wanted to hang a wreath above the fireplace. At first, my plan was to take the mirror down and hang the wreath over the fireplace. But then I thought the wreath would look so pretty hanging on the mirror. So I got this 24-inch pine wreath with pinecones for only $27. I really just wanted something simple and green. And this wreath could not be more beautiful! I went back-and-forth on whether or not I wanted to hang it with red ribbon or burlap and in the end decided on the burlap ribbon. I just think it adds a farmhouse feel and it’s just really pretty! To hang it, I just put a thumbtack in the back of the mirror and thumb-tacked the ribbon to the back of the mirror. If you need a pretty gold mirror to do this with, I found this one for under $200 on and it is sooooo gorgeous!


Another focal point for sure are the personalized stockings. It’s so surreal to me to look at 4 stockings hanging over our fireplace. I keep thinking that I’m still a kid and I’m never going to grow up. But when I see four stockings hanging over my fireplace, two of which are for my children, I realize that I actually am an adult! Ha! I know that seems really silly to say but I’ve never really felt like a grown-up. And now with two kids, little things like stockings makes me realize that I’m an adult. I got all 4 stockings for under $100 (less than $25 each). And that is soooo affordable considering the fact that each one of them is personalized, really great quality and look so beautiful. If you click this link, you’ll see that there are a few different styles of stocking you can choose from. I chose the red cable knit stockings. But I also think the white cable knit would’ve been so pretty! I almost wish I did two whites and two reds. But however you decide to do it, they will look great!

And I know that some of you are probably thinking, where is Owen’s stocking?! I’m totally guilty of not ordering him one right away. But don’t worry, his has been ordered and is in the mail! I actually think we’re going to hang it low to the ground on the right-hand side of the fireplace. I just think it would be really cute there.


I also think the greenery/garland behind the stocking really ties everything together. I love this simple green garland with pine cones. I plan on putting it around the windows all over our house!

I added some white candle pillars on top of the fireplace. All three of the white pillars were only $16. And I got white candles to put on top. The candles pretty much broke down to $2 a candle. And to mix things up, I wanted to add a red candle pillar as well. And to fill the space I added silver ornaments along the sides of the mirror. I totally could’ve done gold to match with the gold mirror and gold sconces on the side of our fireplace, but I actually liked mixing the metals. I think the gold and silver look really pretty together! And I got a pack of 60 assorted silver bulbs for $21. We haven’t quite decided what color ornaments we are going to do on the tree yet. I haven’t gotten that far. Right now I kind of just like it bare because of the dual LED lights on the tree.

So let’s talk about this tree. We have really high ceilings in our house so I wanted to get a grand looking tree for our home. Plus, since it’s in our formal living room it’s one of the first things you see when you walk in our front door. So I spent a bit of time researching different trees and I ultimately decided on this 9 foot dunhill fur artificial tree. What sold me on it was the fact that it has both white and colored lights! And it even has other settings where the lights are green, a bluish purple color and white. I absolutely love that color combination together! The reason it was important to me to have both colored and white lights is because I knew Molly would love the colored ones so much! But I knew I would love the white ones. The white lights make a Christmas tree look pretty in our front room and the colorful ones make it fun for Molly! I’m not gonna lie, sometimes when I make decisions for our home, I focus on what looks pretty rather than what is kid friendly. Hence the white couches all over the house. Ha! But I love that with this tree I didn’t have to sacrifice looks for fun! I got both! Since most people can’t fit a 9 foot tree in their home, I will also link the 7 1/2 foot version here. I believe they have limited quantities left. So don’t wait if you wanna get one! Plus why would you wait, it’s soooo fun to decorate early! Ha!

I hope this post put you in a holly jolly mood today!  I know that walking into this room everyday makes me feel instantly happy every day! As  you can see from the photo of Molly below, she is certainly in the Christmas spirit! I mean, how stinking cuuuuuuuute is that pic?!?!

And leave me comments below on how we should decorate a tree in our master bedroom. It has high vaulted ceilings so I am thinking a 9 ft frosted tree maybe with blush and silver bulbs (since we did green and red in this room). Let me know what you think we should do!

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54 thoughts on “Decorating for Christmas

  1. Never too early for Christmas decorations! The malls in Hong Kong have already put up their decor here in Hong Kong (we don’t have Thanksgiving here, so the day Halloween decorations come off, the Christmas decorations go on!) and I’m loving all the festivity. 🙂 I’m really liking how cosy your home looks already, Ali! Minimal and beautiful! ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

      1. I wrote on your fashion post that you should put an affiliate link to where you got decor before I looked at your entire blog. I have a TBI from a MVA and sometimes do not think things through. Dah! I love your taste in fashion and decor! I watch you on the Home and Family show. You seem so truly kind and sweet. Your kids are adorable and so are you! I’m glad that I remembered that you had a blog! Love it!

  2. Love the country-farmhouse look of your decor. It’s so charming! I can’t bring myself to put any decorations up yet but as soon as December 1st hits – I will be on it! : )
    Also – I think blush would be a perfect colour to incorporate for a tree in a bedroom as that area is more personal and it would feel a little more romantic and less christmas-ish – which I would leave for more the main rooms of the house.
    Check out this photo – I think this would be suitable!

    Happy decorating!

  3. Love your decorations! I love putting my Christmas decorations up early, makes me get into the holiday spirit 😍🌲 For your bedroom, did you want to try rose gold decorations? They would look beautiful on your tree.

  4. This looks amazing! I think we’ll start decorating this weekend. I love that you are keeping it afford with Walmart. I also can’t wait to hear about your big announcement today. That’s awesome! Keep up the good work.

  5. I can totally understand your spirit! I have a little 11 week old and I just got so excited for the Holidays this year that I went and bought a whole bunch of stuff to decorate the house… surprised my husband when he got home! Tried to go shopping for a tree and the lots weren’t open yet! 🙄

    For Molly’s room I keep seeing this felted tree that the kids can decorate, if my little one was older I would definitely get this one to decorate his room!

    Love your blog! As a new mommy it’s very inspiring!

  6. Ahhh I LOVE Christmas! We are putting up our tree and decorations this weekend and I CANNOT wait!! I am so excited for this year as well now that my daughter Rylie is 2.5 she is so into the Christmas spirit already. It snowed for the first time last week and we walked outside and she screamed “ahhhhh Christmas!!” and then made me put on Christmas music in the car on the way to daycare lol I was loving it! I’m so excited that she can actually help me decorate the tree this year too, and it’s our first Christmas in our first home! It’s going to be so special!

    I love your decorations Ali! They look so nice and cozy 🙂 I wish I had a beautiful fire place like yours, I love the mirror and wreath idea, so beautiful!

  7. I just decorated my apartment too! The village and manger are all set up on a coffee table and the trees lit up and decorated. I actually noticed one of the stockings still had leftover bubbles and stamps from last year, sooo Santa may be bringing them again 😂 I think your idea of a frosted tree in your room is perfect! I personally love the gold and silver trees, that’s how ours is decorated and I turn into that 7 year old little girl again when I turn it on at night. Christmas lights are just so beautiful and it truly makes me happier when I’m looking at them! How can it ever be too early for something if it makes us happy?

  8. I like to decorate my tree with old fashioned style glass ornaments (Old World Christmas) with Christmas themes or themes that mean something to us personally. I also tend to decorate in gingerbread/candy cane/nutcracker themes for the kids. I also have a little tree with a winter/woodland animal theme…kids love that also. I can’t choose just one! For master bedroom, I would suggest not just a color, but a theme that means something to you as a couple…food?wine?music?.

    By the way, if you do move, will you recreate the WHITE palette again?

    Also, with your keeping it real approach, could you also show us photos with bad lighting, not necessarily messy?

    1. If we move we wont do as much white. But there will be a lot! But more white paint and I will add more color with the furniture.

      And I have shown some with darker lighting. I just like good lighting in pics. Who doesn’t right?!?!

  9. This is gorgeous! I would love to replicate all of it! I have to ask though….doesn’t Molly pull on the garland and stockings? I also have a 2 year old daughter and a 3 month old son :). Totally get what you mean about feeling like a grown up!

    1. Surprisingly she hasn’t tried to pull on them! And ha! Nothing like this time of year to bring out the kid in all of us!

  10. Being from Massachusetts we have decorated for Thanksgiving. Pilgrim nutcrackers too boot! (I’m still looking for a cornucopia but haven’t found any in the stores).
    I must say I do love the red pillar candle. It’s kind of like the Advent Wreath at church. Is that why you chose to do that? I haven’t read all your blog posts so I don’t know if you are a Christian so I thought I’d ask.
    Thanksgiving blessings to your family! Looking forward to hearing what your new launch is about! 👍🏻

  11. I love your Christmas decorations! I am waiting for my husband to go cut our tree down (nature all around us here in AK) otherwise I’d probably have a tree up already. My 3 year old and 9 month old are going to be so excited to see the lights and decorations again this year. Christmas is my FAVORITE, and with kids, it’s makes it all the more better. Happy holidays to your darling bunch!

    1. How amazing that you get to cut down your own tree locally! If we were to try to do that around here, it might have to be a palm tree! Ha!

      I am sooo excited for our first Christmas with our family of four!!

  12. Your living room looks gorgeous! And I seriously love that last pic of Molly – so adorable! Unlike our last house which had 2 living rooms, our current one only has 1 living room, so unfortunately I don’t get to put up as many decorations as I used to. I started decorating a little over a week ago & our tree will actually be going up tonight! My color scheme is white, gold, & champagne with pops of blush & copper! It’s such a beautiful color combination & I think it would look so good in a bedroom. Would make it feel super soft, cozy & romantic! 🙂

  13. Love it! So very pretty and for sure, putting us all in the Christmas spirit. Never too early for Christmas! Although…I’m soaking up every day between now and the day of since the newest addition to our family is due Christmas Eve day. Should make for the best Christmas ever!? Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. You’re lucky Ali, has Molly begun bugging you on how many Santa days til…. hope her patience lasts. In case…..hope your family all the best now & forever

  15. Ali, how did you attach the garland to your mantle? I bought some to do my white mantle but not sure of the beat way to attach. I was thinking the tiny command hooks.

  16. What do you use to hang up your stockings? I always use clear take but I always have to readjust if one of them falls.

  17. Hey Ali! Love all your posts! I love the gold mirror and thought your post said that exact one was from Walmart but when I click, it’s not the arched style on top. Any idea where I could find one like it??

  18. Hello Ali,

    Thank you so much for sharing! This is such a cute set up. I love the ribbon you used to hang the wreath. Could you do a post on your favorite stocking stuffer gifts? Especially for the men in your life!



  19. Hi Ali,

    My house is similar in style to yours and for the last few years, I have put up a white Christmas tree in my bedroom. There is just something about a white tree that, when done right, takes my breath away. Look here for some inspiration…

  20. Hi Ali! Which pine garland did you purchase? I just love it…..I clicked the link but it only takes me to the website not the exact garland. Thanks!

  21. Love the gold mirror accent and the whole Christmas decor! The mirror you linked Fromm walmart and the one you have on your mantle are different. Do you have the link of the one you have? Thanks!

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