The Willow Breast Pump is a Game Changer!!!

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I am so glad you came to my blog today! Today’s blog post is about one of my favorite products ever! And that’s the truth! As many of you know, I pump and then bottle feed Riley 80 to 90% of the time. And as any mama out there who has done this before knows, it is a ton of work! You feel like you’re constantly either giving your child a bottle or pumping milk for them. Your entire day revolves around feeding them. And when you have to take your shirt off, put on a pumping bra and attach a huge breast pump to yourself it just makes the process that much more time consuming. And that is why I am so excited to tell you guys about the Willow Wearable Breast Pump today! But don’t get me wrong, any breast pump that helps you feed your child is a good one in my opinion. I just love the Willow because it has saved me soooo much time and makes pumping so much easier for me.

Pumping while bottle feeding Riley

I’ve been using the Willow pump since Riley was born. Well, technically 3 weeks after he was born since I waited 3 weeks to start pumping. And I can honestly say that it’s been absolutely life-changing! Not only am I able to pump hands-free, but I can pump discreetly in public places and I can pump while taking care of both of my kids. There have been times when I’m pumping in the morning and I had to hold Riley and Molly at the same time because they both needed me in that moment. If I had on one of the bulkier breast pumps, I have no idea how I would have managed some mornings. If you’re a mother reading this, I’m sure you’ve had mornings when you were pumping and your child (or children) needed you and you weren’t able to properly help them because you were tied up to a machine. It happened to me many times when Molly was an infant.

Pumping on a walk in Massachusetts

I also use the Willow pump ALL the time when I’m on the go. I use it to pump while I’m at work. I’ve even had full on conversations with producers at my work while pumping and they didn’t even know I was pumping (it’s SO quiet!). I’ve pumped while getting my hair colored at the salon without a single person knowing. I pumped at the airport when we were flying from Los Angeles to Massachusetts last week, and since we are flying back to LA today, I know I will be pumping on the go again! Plus is so small and portable that it’s easy to bring with me when I’m traveling or just out and about. I even pumped one time at Molly’s preschool. Basically, her first few days at school the parents were required to stay to help with the transition. And while I was there I needed to pump. So I put in my pump while sitting in the room with all the other moms (it was adjacent to the classroom). Normally I discreetly put it in so nobody even knows what I’m doing, but when I was sitting in that room with all the other moms I openly put it in in front of them. Mostly because I couldn’t wait to tell them about how awesome it is! And I kid you not, we all talked about the Willow pump for a solid hour! It was almost like we were a group of kids talking about a brand new scooter or something! They were giddy over hearing about how convenient Willow is and I was super pumped (pumping pun? Ha!) to tell them all about how it’s be a game charger for me! It has change my life in so many positive ways that I want other moms to know about it. At times, it’s honestly saved my sanity! So of course I would want that to share that with the other mamas in my life.

I’m pumping in this pic. You would never know! I just look a little extra busty 😂

OK, so what is Willow? Willow is a wearable, mobile breast pump with no external tubes, chords, or dangling bottles! As you can see from my photos, it fits discreetly into your nursing bra, underneath your clothes, to wear and pump whenever you need to. A common question I get when moms ask me about it is, “Where does the milk go?!” The willow bags go right into the pump and collect the milk while pumping. And the bags are freezable. So you can take them right out of the pump and put them into the freezer (or a cooler, or fridge!). Another common thing seasoned moms ask me when I show them the pump is “Why didn’t this exist when my kids were babies?!” Ha! Seriously! It’s the best thing in the pumping world since pumps were invented!!!

Pumping while working on my blog

Because the Willow is so great! It’s a bit pricier than an average breast pump. But you can use your HSA/FSA funds toward purchasing one. Or if it’s more manageable for you, you can pay as little as $43 a month – just select that option at checkout! And I’ve heard some moms have been able to get partial or full reimbursement through their insurance company. So definitely contact your insurance provider to find out if you can get coverage!

And this week (until the 16th) Willow is doing an early Black Friday sale! So if you purchased a Willow pump on their site you will get a gift of 48 milk bags and a charger – which is over $50 of free stuff!

And look, I know that not everyone can afford the Willow pump. But if you can swing it, it’s truly one of my absolute favorite products as a mother! I can’t recommend it enough!

And last but not least, I’m so excited to share with you guys that I am giving away one of the pumps on my blog today! That’s right! I’m giving away a pump and 48 milk bags to one of you! Over a $500 value!

Just fill out the form below to enter for a chance to win! (Open to U.S. residents only)

Ali Luvs Willow Pump giveaway

That’s it!

I’m really grateful and excited to be able to give one of these pumps away today. So a huge thank you to the Willow team for partnering with me to do this post and giveaway! True story – because I was such a fan of this pump I contacted Willow myself and asked them if they would want to work together to do this! I just love the pump so much and wanted to be able to give one away! And of course just share my love for the product!

Let me know in the comments below if you guys have any questions at all about the pump! I’m happy to share more of my experience with you guys. I could honestly talk about it for hours because I’m so passionate about it!


The Willow app on my phone that tells me how much a pumped with the Willow



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111 thoughts on “The Willow Breast Pump is a Game Changer!!!

  1. I want the Willow so badly! I am a teacher and really worried about pumping when I go back to work. Do you find that you are constantly ordering bags for the Willow?

  2. This would be a complete game changer. I’m having my second baby (tomorrow!!) and definitely worried about pumping with two kids to take care of.

  3. I am super excited about this!! I have a little one whom I am concerned once I go back to work how to pump in between phone calls meetings etc. it’s so stressful having to be away from my little guy, does it fit well in your nursing bra or do you feel like you would need to go a size up?

  4. I’m just curious about the strength of the suction. I used Medela originally and it was ok, but I have a Spectra now and it has a stronger suction and I pump more. How does the Willow compare? Thanks!

  5. I’ve heard anecdotally that it isn’t as powerful as others such as the Medela and the Spectra, and thus can affect supply/output. Have you found this to come the case? Thanks!

  6. Wish this was open to Canadians 😞
    I am a momma to a 2.5 yr old and exclusively pump for my one month old.
    This would be a game changer!! Also thanks for sharing that you mainly pump too! ❤️

  7. This is seriously incredible! My girl was a NICU babe and we had the hardest time latching. As an exclusive pumper, I can’t even tell you how much of a game changer this would be. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are attached to your outlet 24/7. I wish I knew about this sooner!

  8. I wish I had know about this pump earlier. My baby boy is 4 weeks old and has had to go back to hospital 3 times already. Two times for jaundice and 1 for pyloric stenosis which meant he had surgery. It was so hard to pump in the ER and with him constantly throwing up I had to be able to move around to clean him and make sure he did not choke on his vomit. attached td on big bag and to the outlet makes it hard and so time consuming to bottle feed then pump. I would love to have this!!

  9. This pump would be a complete game changer. I exclusively pumped for my son and plan to do it again when we decide to have another baby. I am saving my money to be able to buy this!!
    Do you find the bags hold a full 4oz? Has the app every told you the bag is full when it really wasn’t?

    Thank you so much for posting about this!! I have been dying to read reviews from someone I trust and I am so happy to hear this works for you!!

  10. Ali,
    Hi there! I want and need this so much! I have been fawning over it for a year but can’t afford. I have breastfed my first two (Nico, 2- born just two weeks after Molly, and Gabriella- 9 months tomorrow), and am expecting my third in the summer! I’ll have two under two again for six mintgs and three under three for a few weeks! Thank you for doing this giveaway and for working so hard to normalize breastfeeding on your insta and your blog.

  11. This is such an awesome giveaway! I can completely relate to his post. I had to do the pump and bottle dance for the first month after my little guy got out of the NICU and it was exhausting! He is 3 months now and it is still a pain to pump because I get stuck in a chair and he typically isn’t content the entire time so I get interrupted. Not to mention the anxiety I have about pumping when I go back to work. I’m a pharmacist and we don’t get breaks so I will literally have to stop the pharmacy for me to leave to pump. I will have to look into the willow.

  12. This is amazing! I exclusively breast feed and never bottle feed, but because the pump I got with my insurance is not very good and I just don’t have the extra hands while I’m tied up to a machine. It’s not a huge inconvenience since I am a stay at home mom, but it does keep me from being gone more than 2 hours from my youngest until she is weaned so this would definitely be a great win. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I’m sitting here with my almost 5 month old crying because my maternity leave ends TOMORROW!! I’ve been thinking about the Willow because I’m a teacher and it seems like the only option and then THIS pops up! Thank you for being such an inspiration to all moms!!

  14. This pump would be such a huge blessing to me! I am exclusively pumping for my 6 month old daughter while chasing a 2 year old around and it is a TON of work. Worth it and I’m hoping to make it at least another 3 months but having this pump would almost definitely ensure that I could make it until her 1st birthday! Thanks for sharing – glad it’s making your life easier!!

  15. Hey Ali! How much milk can one bag hold? Does it tell you when you’re at capacity? I’m pregnant with my 4th baby and only baby I will be working away from home with so looking for something that is more discreet while pumping in the workplace!
    Love your posts by the way! 💗

    1. Each bag holds 4oz, and the app tells you exactly how much you have pumped and it stops when it is full. It does suck in some air, so I find that it usually stops at 3.7oz. It will, however, continue to draw in milk until you take it out, so I have filled a few bags more than 4oz.

      The Willow is very discreet- I can’t recommend highly enough, if you are able to afford it!

  16. OMG YES! So excited for this give away. I go back to work in two weeks and this will be perfect for the car ride home! I’m a NICU nurse and I work nights so this would save me so much time! Woooo! Can’t wait. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Also, what makes you bottle feed now versus when you breast feed around his birth? (I read that you didn’t pump until 3 week)…. I’ve given giving more bottles now that I’m going back to work soon. I love love love breast feeding but it’s almost double the work sometimes trying to breast feed, bottle
    feed and pump all within his day time schedule! Or at least feel that way! Haha. Just curious on what you think! This is my first baby! 🙂

  17. I have wanted one of these so bad! I honestly wondered how you were able to pump and bottle feed. It is so time consuming with a regular pump. Baby goes to daycare in a month and wont take a bottle because I havent made it a priority. I really should have but it was such a chore to try to feed him a bottle every day. This would have made it so much easier, I just can’t swing the price! If I do win I’d love to keep using after I’m done feeding my baby to donate extra milk. Fingers crossed!!!

  18. I want one sooo badly! Working at a children’s hospital it can be really difficult to find time and space to pump. If only they were affordable! Better yet, covered by insurance!

  19. Oh my goodness I would cry if I won! My baby is 7 mo and I am exclussiey pumping. I tell you what it is exhausting pumping every 3 hours! But I know it is worth it! I’m a working momma so sometime I have to pump on my drive home. It would be amazing to just slip those suckers in and go! Instead of covering up all the time! And trying to bottle feed my baby and pump at the same time is so hard! I either spill my milk or feed my baby in such an awkward position! Ali thank you for all your post about every day life. You’re awesome

  20. Probably a really stupid question lol but what are the odds of it falling out of your shirt? 😂 I work for the USPS and I never have enough time to pump so I thought this might be a cool alternative but worried about it falling out or moving around and losing the milk??

  21. Hi Ali,

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter to win a willow pump! With my daughter I exclusively pumped for over a year due to poor transfer. The lactation consultant wasn’t very nice after I had my daughter in the hospital so when I knew I was having issues transferring milk I was gun shy to seek help from the LC, so I decided to exclusively pump. It wasn’t easy by know means especially when you’re hooked up and the baby wanted to eat as well. Do you think the Willow Pump would be ideal for exclusively pumping if that situation arises again for baby #2? I love the ease of portable with the pump and how you’re able to feed Riley while pumping!

    Thank you,


  22. This would be amazing! I’m due in January with my first, and the thought of the traditional pumps with all their crazy tubes and mechanisms is really daunting, but this looks easy enough and not overwhelming!

  23. This is amazing!! I exclusively pump as well and it’s really difficult to do it while taking care of my baby by myself all day! I had no idea these even existed! Thanks for sharing!

  24. I have wondered about this pump. It would mane life so much easier as a working mom that struggles to get the pump breaks that are needed.

  25. Would love love this! I struggled nursing with my first and gave up after 8 weeks of pumping because it was such a huge burden. This would have changed everything for me! Now trying to have baby number 2 and would love to have this pump! Entered this giveaway for sure:)

  26. This is amazing! I’m due at the end of January with baby boy #3! We are always on the go around here and I can’t tell you how much this would help! I want to get this one taking bottles early because my last wouldn’t take a bottle or a pacifier and I had a two year old at the time also and it was so stressful never being able to give a bottle or let someone else feed him so that I could leave and spend time with my oldest! I can’t even fathom how easy this process would be if I could pump without having to sit there hooked up to a machine 😱!

  27. Omg! I would love one of these! I am literally pumping right now, and missing a speaker during my professional development day. I have to pump every day while my students are at their recess and it’s so bulky to bring back and forth to school! Crossing my fingers that I get chosen! ☺️ Thanks Ali for doing such a great giveaway!

  28. Thank you so much for sharing this!! I am exclusive pumper so I know how hard the struggle is trying to hook up to pump with a baby and in your case two!! It is seriously such a commitment but so beyond worth it. To be able to walk around cordless and without the wires is a total game changer!! Even being able to take a walk and pump at the same time, or take a ride is totally life changing! Its so hard to be hooked to a machine for HOURS a day sometimes 8x a day and it makes me sad sometimes I feel like i am missing out on playing with my daughter, so Thanks for sharing!!!!

  29. What amazing timing. I am currently sitting here, plugged up to the wall, pumping. The Willow pump would save me so much time with my 3 year old and 4 month old! I always feel so bad when my 3 years old needs something and I have to tell her no or later because I’m pumping. Also…I hate washing ALL the parts constantly. Are there a lot of extra parts with the Willow?

  30. This is an awesome giveaway!! I have wanted this pump so bad but cannot afford it. I’m 26 weeks pregnant and 🤞 I can win this!

  31. I would die for a Willow Pump. I have 4 month old twin boys and I’m pumping to feed them. It’s really hard to feed two infants at one time and pumping has been such a crazy journey. Pumping on the go is often the name of the game for me but difficult to do sometimes depending on where we are. I have to pump every three hours around the clock to ensure I have enough to feed my two little mouths.

  32. I really need this pump. I’m heading back to work in two weeks and I know my supply will take a big dip, because it did with my previous child. I take 3 forms of transportation to work everyday! It’s 2-2.5 hours each way to work, totaling 4-5 hours of commuting every day (drive my car to the bus, bus to the train and train to work). Being away from any electrical outlet for that amount of time is such a huge burden. I spend my of my time on the train (over an hour) and if I had a Willow Breast pump it would make my life so much easier! I could pump discreetly on the train while commuting to and from work. I really hope I can win this pump, not so much for me but for my 8 week old. He needs my milk.

  33. Your story today…you are a superhero! I wrote bravery magazine when they were looking for suggestions for the next cover and I said pick a mom. I agree with you moms are superhero’s. They are the bravest people I know. Choosing to raise children and raise them to be better than ourselves-bravest superhero’s. So thanks for the reminder!

  34. I’m so bummed the contest is only open to U.S. residents. When my little girl was born she had a lot of trouble nursing so after an exhaustive month trying we moved to exclusively pumping. I’ve been pumping for five months and that has meant hours away from my LO attached to a pump. I’m planning to stop in a couple months, but otherwise the Willow pump sounds like it would be a real gamechanger.

  35. I soooooo badly need this pump. I exclusively pump and after 6 months, I’m considering stopping because pumping IS THE WORST. I pump everywhere- at the nail salon, car, on the plane. Is terrible but I’ve atleast wanted to get to a 1/2 a year and then reasesss how I feel about continuing to pump.

  36. Oh my goodness I’ve want the Willow SO BADLY! We’re having our second baby and I’ve been following this since my first baby, before it came out to purchase. I had the hardest time with leaking and trying to pump while nursing. By the time the Willow came out, I had stopped nursing, and honestly it was very expensive for us 🙁 Thank you for advertising this amazing product! I hope to have one for this next little one!!!

  37. Thanks for this opportunity! I exclusively pump due to latching issues and it’s been a challenge (but one I’m willing to take on)! This pump would be a life changer (more than I can share). Right now I’m attached to a wall, stationary for countless hours a day. It haults everyday life and takes away time from my babe and family but again, I’m willing to do it for that liquid gold – so thanks again for the opportunity.

    PS – Thank you for always being real and raw with us about your life on social media. It’s a breath of fresh air. You’re an amazing human.

  38. It’s so amazing that you are giving this away! I so desperately wish that I could afford one. I’m a working mom of two (a teacher with very very little time, privacy, or opportunity to pump at work), and my little guy can’t have a lot of solids just yet due to a rare food allergy/intolerance that he was diagnosed with, so it’s up to me to give him all he needs. While I feel so lucky to be able to nurse him and pump for him, I feel even more pressure to keep up with his demand because of these needs. My period decided to come back, too, so my supply has dropped a little and I have been pumping more to try to keep it up, which is so hard with having two kids two and under (I know you can relate). Having this would change my life in so many ways. Fingers crossed! Thank you again for doing this.

  39. Ahhh. Seriously. So excited for this breastpump.. everything except the price! 😳 with my first two I was back to work in 3 months and pumping on every break I got. How the willow would be an honest game changer. Could just put them going on my lunch break and eat without having to hide in a pumping room so it’s not awkward for everyone else!

  40. I need this pump. We’re going to the Justin Timberlake concert and it will be 6 to 7 hours next month where I won’t be able to pump and I’m stressing. Haha! This would be a game changer for that and of course, going back to work!

  41. Thanks Ali! I actually found out about the Willow on the comment section one of your posts!😂 I have wanted it ever since. I am a teacher with no aide, and working a time and coverage for my class while I pump really stressful and difficult. Not to mention my drop in supply since I have gone back😭 this would truly be amazing!

  42. So I’m reading through everyone’s comments and it’s making me so sad because we ALL want this pump so badly. I wish our country prioritized maternal care by incentivizing innovation for breast pumps and then subsidizing them so that we could all have great pumps like this, and ultimately give our babies nutritious breast milk as long as possible.

    I have been coveting the Willow for a long time. I am a working mom of two boys (youngest is 14 weeks) and I was supposed to return to work today but came down with mastitis two days ago (bleh). If I owned the willow, I could be pumping my clogged breast all day to help it resolve sooner. Would love to win this!

  43. Ah I want this so badly! I am a teacher and it is such a hassle to hook everything up on my short breaks to pump!

  44. I currently have a 2 year old and am expecting twins near the end of March. With my daughter, I used a Medela pump that I loved/hated. Other than it being very loud and obvious and chaining me to my desk for almost an hour at a time. Sharing an office and pumping can get a tad awkward. My only question about the Willow Pump (which seems like a Godsend) is what happens when you pump more than 4 ounces? With my daughter, I would pump 2 – 3 times a day at work and would typically get 5-7 ounces depending on the time of day. I’m assuming with twins I’m going to quickly become a milk factory. Is there an easy way to change out the Willow bags, or would you just need to pump more frequently? Thank you!

  45. I literally need this pump. I am a SAHM with a PT job from home and 3 kids. I need to be pumping more but I have NO TIME. this would be a life saver.

  46. I read through everyones comments and it’s making me so sad because we ALL want this pump so badly! Why can’t this be a country where the best breast pumps are available to everyone?

    I am a working mom of two boys (youngest is three months) and today was supposed to be my first day back at work, but I got mastitis two days ago. If I owned the willow, I could keep the pump on my clogged breast all day to help it clear. I would love to win it!

  47. I almost bought this when I was nursing with my daughter but it came out on the market when she was 6 months old and it’s so expensive! I figured I’d only use it 6 more months and it wasn’t worth it. But I entered to win in and hoping to win it use when I have a second baby!

  48. How is the suction/output compared to a Spectra or Medela? I’m not much of a producer to begin with and when I do pump the one time at the end of the day, I don’t get a whole lot out of my Spectra. I work from home full time and care for my 4 month old myself. I’m already maxed out with responsibility during the day and only manage to pump once at night, if at all! I really want to be able to build a stash so I can leave the house sometimes… Ugh. Winning the Willow would be SUCH a game changer for us and give us more family quality time! **fingers crossed**

  49. Gosh this post/giveaway made me cry. I am a first time mom with a 6 week old daughter. After 7 Lactation Consultant visits, a tongue tie release, and craniosacral therapy, we’ve learned that my daughter will probably never learn how to transfer milk from nursing (all those scabs and blisters have apparently been for nothing) and that she will have to be exclusively bottle fed. I’m pumping every 2-3 hours to try and build my supply back up, which breaks my heart because I can’t pick her up during the 5-6 hours a day that I’m pumping. The thought of being able to hold her while pumping would be lifechanging for me emotionally. It’s also so good to hear of others that have to bottle feed their babies!

    A few questions:
    – does it pump as much as the big Medela and Spectra pumps?
    – is it hard to transfer milk from the bags into bottles? I feel like I’d spill a lot of milk with the odd shaped bags!

  50. Ali – love your feedback about the Willow! I exclusively pump for my four month old Evan that is just as awesomely smiley and roly poly as your sweet Riley. I love following along with your fam not only on the blog but also listening to Kevin on Valentine on my way into work every morning. I’ll be sad to see you leave LA!

  51. Never seen this one before but whoa!!! I wish I would have a few months ago, ha! I can totally relate when you wrote about having to manage a « needy » toddler and a newborn. My 2 yr old sometimes held the little machine for me (she somehow felt helpful though it was unnecessary hihi) and that kept her busy while I pumped AND held my newborn. She has good team spirit I guess! ☺️

  52. Hi Ali,

    I would love to win the Willow! With my first son, I could not get him to latch after he was released from the NICU. So like you mentioned in your post, I would need to feed him then pump and start all over again. I did this for 7 months. (I am so proud of myself that I made it that long!) We are expecting our second and I have no idea how I’ll be able to do that again and be able to care for a newborn and toddler at the same time. It would be a huge help!

    Love keeping up with your adorable family. Thanks for keeping it real!


  53. What a blessing this would be! I breastfed both of my girls for the first year (mostly pumped due to being a working mom) and plan to do the same with my little man coming any week now! My youngest is 18 months old, so I have been so worried about being able to pump and manage a newborn at the same time😳I have heard great things about this pump! Question: how many ounces total do the cups hold? I know in the past I would pump 10-11 ounces once they started sleeping through the night, so that would be my only concern. I have chunky babies that like to eat, so my milk supply has always been pretty strong. Thanks for the info!

  54. This may have been answered already but do you feel that the suction is strong enough to completely empty your breasts? I’m a 3rd time mom with a 6 day old son and I’m already over-producing again. I’ve dealt with blocked ducts in the past so I’m curious if this pump is as strong as others, such as the medela pumps.

  55. Thank you for doing this!! Had I know I was going to be exclusively pumping and bottle feeding I would have bought this from day 1! Breast feeding never quite worked for me and my little one but I still had plenty of milk to give. So I have been stuck to my bedroom plugged in 4-5 times I day to make little miss her meals. This pump would be AMAZING to have and when I go back to teaching in January it would be a great way to pump at recess or during lunch!

  56. Safe flight back to California, I hope that you’re safe from the fires, hope you had a great time back home in MA , thanks for sharing instagrams from your visit, Molly and cousins had a fun,

  57. Thank you so much for this post. My daughter is 3 weeks old and we have been struggling to feed, but breastfeeding is so important to me, so I have been pumping for every meal, which for a newborn is a lot! I was feeling like such a failure having to do this, but seeing how you still make it work with Riley as a mostly bottle fed baby is really inspirational. I really love following your blog and your mom stories. I’m going to really look into this willow pump, because it seems like a life saver! Thank you again! This new mom really appreciates it.

  58. Hi Ali – I hope I’m not too late in the comments and that you see this! First, thank you for hosting this giveaway – I’ve been dying for one of these and would be so grateful if I happened to win (I work full time and have a 2 YO and 6 MO (and I have to pump on the train into NYC) so am in crazy town with you!).

    I saw in another post that you’re struggling w/supply and wanted to give you a heads up – I checked with 2 different lactation consultants about investing in the Willow as my primary pump and the consensus in the LC community is that these pumps are FANTASTIC when you’re on the go, but should not be your primary pump, especially if you’re only nursing once a day and pumping for the rest. They don’t have the same suction as the traditional pumps and can lead to reduced supply if used as primary pump. You might want to consider using a traditional pump when you’re home after the kiddos have gone to bed or if you have down time at work.

    I realize this post is sponsored by Willow and like I said, I’d love to have one myself for when I’m running around, but I struggled like crazy with my supply with my first and I know how hard and stressful that can be and would hate for you to struggle unnecessarily too. I’ll also understand, given the sponsorship, if you need to take this comment down.

    Also, I found success in increasing my supply by drinking mother’s milk and taking fenugreek supplements. And, I had weird foot pain too – I’m so glad you said something – I thought I was suddenly an old lady! Good luck mama – you’re a rock star.

  59. I have been wondering about this. So becuase it only store 4 ounces do you find you are changing the bags often or pumping more often. I only ask because I use a medela pump and in a 20 mins session I have to change the 5 ounces bottle becuase they are already full.

  60. I exclusively pumped for my son for 6 out of his first 8 months. Definitely wish I could have afforded this! It was a lot of work but something I am so proud of!

  61. I’ve been wanting this pump so bad! My son is 14 months and I’m due in 4 weeks, pumping with two kids is gong to be hard but with the willow it seems possible. Do you feel like it suctions well to you? I’ve heard some issues with getting it on just right and leaking. Also the cost of bags, are you going through a ton of them?

  62. I’m going to try to enter this giveaway. I have been on the brink of tears on several days trying to fit adequate pumping times into my patient schedules. I feel so rushed and flustered all the time, especially if I’m trying to help a complicated patient or a very sick patient. I have a spectra through insurance, and I love it. I debated on the Willow, but I wasn’t sure if I liked idea of going through so many disposable milk bags that are one-time use. Then again, pumping while working would help me be better and more efficient, including taking less work home.

  63. I wish I could afford something like this. All the celebs and bloggers are talking about it… unfortunately at almost $500 usd that’s almost half a months rent. Yikes. Oh well I guess a regular one will have to do! Being a trendy mom is not a reality.

  64. This is a game changer! I wish I knew about this earlier. My son Riley (great name by the way 😊) is 9 months and I also have to pump and bottle for all feeds and pumping gives me anxiety. Thanks for sharing your experience with this. It really helps to know other moms going through the same thing.

  65. I got one too, but haven’t started pumping yet because of a case of thrush, but cannot wait to get started. Which bra do you wear – any recommendations? I know they say full-coverage and non underwires, but am hoping for a recommendation? Do you know if the Third Love bra fits? Thank you!!

  66. Do you think that the suction is as good as other brands? I’ve used Medela with my other two babies because I think the suction was the best. However, the time this one would save me makes it sooo tempting even if the suction isnt as great. Thanks for your honest opinions on products like this!

  67. Definitely thinking about purchasing. Of course would be fantastic to win. I’ll have two under two starting in Spring! Ahhh! You have been an amazing inspiration and helped calm my anxieties. I used a hand pump on the go with my first and it was okay this would be a huge game changer having no parts to clean like a hand pump.

  68. Okay, you absolutely sold me. I’m having my second in April and I’m pretty anxious as to how success I’ll be at breastfeeding/pumping this time around. With my first, I didn’t produce enough milk and I was heartbroken. It’s taken me four years to be able to talk about it without crying. I was SO set on breastfeeding her as long as I could, but sadly that only lasted weeks. Willow sounds like a game changer!

  69. This pump looks so amazing! One thing I’ve been warned about it battery operated pumps, that their auction may not be as strong which can potentially lead to blocked ducts and mastitis. Do you feel the suction is strong enough? It looks like this pump could be a total game changer! Thank you so much for sharing and for your generosity!

  70. I’ve always been curious if this actually worked. I’m so excited to hear that it does! I hope to get one before baby #2 arrives in May.

  71. This would be a blessing to me for my 2nd baby. I had the worst expierence with my first baby i wanted to breast feed so bad but nurses doctors and lactacian consultants told me my nipple was formed differently than others and hard for any baby to be able to latch i tried shields and everything but i never could enjoy my time with my first newborn because every minute of the day took up me trying to pump and hold the pumps after feeding her a bottle. I never was able to produce enough milk so it took me 45 mins each time 12 times a day, if i were to have this i would be able to pump and feed at the same time and get those extra cuddles after my baby ate that i didn’t get to get with my first baby girl

  72. I have seen so many great reviews on this. I am a first time mom due pretty soon! Thanks so much for the review. Makes me want to get it even more!

  73. I’ve bottle fed and pumped with both my kids so I totally understand the pain of constantly feeling like I’m feeding or pumping. Now that I’m expecting my third I am hoping to get this pump to make my life a lot easier!

  74. Thank YOU for sharing! I exclusively pumped and it’s not celebrated enough! 🙂 So I’m so happy you are bringing more awareness and showing moms it’s possible! I can’t wait to use the willow pump if we have more kids – seems like such a game changer!!

  75. As I type this I am nursing my 6 week old (my third daughter) and pumping the other side. Such a pain!! I heard about the willow pump while I was pregnant with her and couldn’t afford it, but knew it would be life changing with 2 other girls to care for, and for when I’m back at work. Thank you for posting about this!

  76. As a exclusively pumping Mom… I did it for a year with my 1st… And I’m at 12 weeks with my 2nd… I always wonder what pumping schedule people use and how much they pump per session?

  77. I’m so glad to see you highlighting this pump! It’s a complete game changer and honestly I kick myself for not thinking of it myself 😀. I’m an exclusively pumping mom for the second time and the Willow has really been a game changer for me. I didn’t see it until after I ordered my standard pump through insurance but was able to get it covered with my HSA account. The Willow is my travel pump and what I use for those totally crazy morning or evenings when I can’t sit for 20 minutes. I absolutely love how discreet it is and that there aren’t a ton of parts to clean. I recently wore it while taking my 3 year old trick or treating and no one had any idea!!

    1. Hey Brittany (and Ali lol) I just got my willow pump. So excited to see if this will allow me to continue our breastfeeding journey when I head back to work Monday- anyway, what is your favorite bra for this??? Thanks for sharing

  78. It would be a dream come true if I were to win the willow pump. I tried to get it earlier this year before my 3rd baby arrived. Unfortunately I just could not afford it. I had to use my hsa funds to pay the hospital bills. Anyway I absolutely love that you are doing this giveaway Ali. The willow pump really would be a game changer for me.

  79. Wow, I can’t believe I’m doing this again. My son is 7 and he was soooo hard to breast feed. I’m so scared of it being nightmarish again with my next one. This would be soooo awesome!!

  80. Ali,
    Thank you for this a postpartum doula(Boston area) I witness firsthand the struggles of pumping, increasing milk supply etc..I think this is a great option particularly for moms going back to work as typically milk supply decreases then due to lack of opportunity/time to pump and can see where this product fulfills a great need..fantastic that it’s working so well for you!

  81. I don’t need to enter as I already bought my Willow 🙂

    I had to become an exclusive pumper–3 months strong woop woop!!– and bought the Willow to use along with my Medela. Can you tell me what bra you wear with it, I have trouble finding one that fits well enough to keep it in place.

    And I feel you on the hatred of being tied to a pump when your baby needs you–it is the worst feeling :(, this is why I bought Willow more than any other convenience related question.

    1. I too am an exclusive pumper. It is HARD WORK! I thought I’d reach out and ask if you’ve heard of or are a member of the Facebook group, “Exclusively Pumping Mama’s” ? I am in no way affiliated with the page itself, I just have found it to be INCREDIBLE! Those women have talked me off a ledge, answered countless questions, and made my exclusively pumping journey that much easier!

  82. I have been thinking about this pump! I have seven weeks until my second little man is born! I pumped and nursed with my first child and plan to do the same for this little man. When I pumped with my first child I would express 5 ounces if not a little bit more from each breast. I’m concerned that the milk bags would be too small to fit that amount of milk. How many ounces do the bags hold??

  83. This pump would literally save my life! I’m headed back to work after baby #3 in just a few days. I am exclusive pumper and would need to pump 3 times a day at work. I’m a buyer so I’m always on the go – vendor meetings, trade shows, 4 hour train rides. I need this pump in my life!!!

  84. As an exclusively pumping surrogate mother of twins, I am constantly searching for anything and everything to ease the experience. I have children of my own, therefore, life must go on, although I pump around the clock for 2 beautiful babies that aren’t my own. Winning the Willow would be a game changer, allowing me to spend more time with my children, while providing the twins with their liquid gold! I have tried everything to make my current pump “hands free” and I just don’t care for any of it. Leaving me strapped to a chair, with my hands tied (on my pumps). It is all worth it, but I am dying for a willow!!

    Much love

  85. I’ve been looking at this pump and want one so bad! Baby is 3 months old and because of work I spend a lot of time pumping too. Thanks for tge great review and chance to win!

  86. I was looking into using this but saw that the bags only hold 4 oz. Do you find this to be a nuisance? When waking up to pump first thing in the AM, I’m FULL! So 4 oz bags wouldn’t cut it 🙁

  87. Ummm, this is AMAZING and I am SO happy the breast pump game was brought into the 21st century for busy mamas. THANK YOU for finding this gem & sharing it!! Question.. I’m assuming it’s battery-operated? Where does the battery go?!

  88. If I only knew about Willow pump when my baby was born! Still crying when I read those articles. I would purchase it in a seconds. With a super needy baby I barely had time to pump so I lost milk. I’m still heartbroken that I couldn’t provide my baby with liquid gold. But will definitely purchase when baby no 2 comes around.

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