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It dawned on me yesterday that while you guys know a ton about me and even a ton about my family dynamic, you don’t really know a lot about my husband Kevin. Yes he is super dad (you all know that!) and he loves me more than I could have ever dreamed of, but you don’t know a ton about him other than that. So I thought today was the perfect day to share a few things about the incredible man I’m lucky enough to call my husband!


1. He’s a Radio Host/DJ

Kevin has been doing radio since he got out of high school. In fact, he went to college for it! His mom always tells me stories about how he and his brother used to pretend they were radio hosts or commentators for Cubs baseball games when they were kids. She even has photos of them doing it and it’s the cutest thing ever! And now they’re actually both radio DJs in Los Angeles. It was destined to be for sure! Kevin is part of Valentine in the Morning here in Los Angeles – 104.3 My FM. So he’s out of the house every morning by at least 430 since his show starts at 5 AM. If any of you wonder why we’re always in bed by 8 or 9 PM, this is a major part of the reason. And because we’re super tired parents. So when I get up with the kiddos around 6 AM, we turn the radio on in our house and listen to daddy on the radio every morning! I’m so proud of Kevin for what he does and I’m actually kind of surprised I haven’t shared it with all of you guys on here until now! You can actually listen to him via the iHeartRadio app anywhere in the country! He’s always sharing stories about our family and the kiddos. Plus they play good music! Whenever I turn the radio on in the morning and Kevin starts talking, Molly will say “I hear daddy on the radio.” It’s soooooo cute!

2. He used to host Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Competition Show “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” and The Seven on MTV

So he does radio full-time now but he also used to host a lot of TV shows. Some of you may even have watched the shows! They were both pretty popular. The first show was The Seven on MTV. He hosted that years ago, I actually think I was on The Bachelorette around that time. The Seven aired on MTV a couple years after TRL went off the air. They filmed it in the exact same Times Square studio that TRL filmed in and was live on MTV every day. It’s pretty cool that Kevin had an experience hosting a live TV show like that from Times Square! And a few years later he hosted Abby Lee Miller’s dance competition show called Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition on Lifetime. It was a good show! They only had two seasons but I think it could’ve gone on for much longer because it was so entertaining! In fact, many of you may know, especially if you have kids, who JoJo Siwa is. Jojo Siwa ws actually a competitor on Kevin’s show before she became the big child star that she is today!


3. He Dresses Better than I do

This boy knows how to dress. I’m not ashamed to say that Kevin totally has better style than I do. I spend more time thinking about clothes and fashion than he does, but if we’re going out he can effortlessly throw something on and always look put together. For instance, the outfit he’s wearing in these photos is so cute and well put together. He put it together and bought it off the rack when we were at Nordstrom one day and didn’t even try it on. Of course the whole outfit looks absolutely perfect on him. I have to try things on and stare at myself in the mirror for a good 10 minutes before I know if I want to buy something. Ha! He just has a better eye for it than I do.


And of course both of our outfits from head to toe are from Nordstrom. We’re two peas in a pod because we both shop there 90% of the time. It makes it easy when we both need to go clothes shopping – and he appreciates that he can get everything he needs all in one store. If he hadn’t gotten this button up sweater for himself, it’s totally the type of thing I would’ve bought him for Christmas this year. I think nice sweaters are always a great gift for guys. They appreciate them because they need them during the colder months but most guys don’t really do much shopping on their own. And I love the way this John Varvados T-shirt fits him underneath. It’s funny because I won’t spend more than $20 on a t-shirt for myself, but I’ll totally splurge on one for Kevin because they look so good on him when they’re fitted so well. And real quick while on the subject of clothes, I am absolutely obsessed with my oversized sweater! I almost didn’t get it because it’s a little pricier than I normally like to spend on clothes, but it just fits so well and I love the oversized look of it so much that I had to get it! I threw it on with a pair of jeans and these knee-high boots that I wear all the time. And I feel like it looks really cute, cozy and comfy! I’ve written about these boots numerous times and they’re an absolute go to favorite of mine. Have any of you gotten them? I’m sure some of you have because I’ve written about them so many times. Tell me what you think in the comments below! OK OK, I’m getting sidetracked because I started talking about clothes. Back to Kevin!

Thanks for being my “Instagram husband” babe! 😉


4. He’s from the Indiana/Chicago Area and We Might Move There Soon

Yep, that’s right! I married a good old Midwest boy! For any of you single girls out there reading this, I highly recommend dating guys from the Midwest! Ha! Obviously, there are great guys all around over the world, but there’s just something about guys from the Midwest that make them special. And I’m not just talking about my husband! A lot of my guy friends are from the Midwest, and I think they are ridiculously good catches! I find that the men I’ve met from the Midwest are sensitive, caring, polite and really know how to love a girl! Of course I’m biased in all of this. But I swear there’s truth to it! Anyway, we’ve really been feeling like we want to move out of LA. Don’t get me wrong, Los Angeles has been good to me. But we really want Molly and Riley to grow up in a place where there’s a real sense of community. A lot of the people that live in Los Angeles are transplants. Meaning that they moved out here from somewhere else. And because of that, there isn’t a real sense of community here – or not that I’ve found yet! I think there is more a sense of community outside the heart of the city, but there’s really no reason for us to do that because we don’t have a strong family base here. I think your priorities regarding where you live change when you have kids. We want our kids to grow up like we grew up. And we both grew up in close knit communities.

So next time we move, and even though we just moved into our house in January – it might be sooner than later, we think we’re going to head to a suburb of Chicago. We just really love the people there and we love the city. So early in 2019 we’re going to spend some time out there looking at different neighborhoods to see if we want to actually make the move! We’ll see what happens! My only concern is the cold weather if we do move. We will both need many more warms sweaters to survive the cold in Chicago!


5. He Wakes Up at 3:30am to Go to the Gym

This might not seem like a super important point in all of this, but it totally is one of my favorite things about Kevin and I’ll tell you why! Kevin wakes up at 3:30 in the morning to go to the gym because he cares about taking care of himself. And that’s not why this is my favorite thing about him. What I love about this is that he chooses to wake up and go at 3:30 AM before he has to be at work at 5 AM so that he isn’t going after work and taking away more time that he could be spending with his family. And that’s the truth. I mean how would ridiculously sweet is that?! He also does it because he knows that I’m home with the kids and struggling to get my own work done, so he rushes home so he can take over. I just think that says so much about him as a husband and father. It’s funny because I’m always making excuses as to why I don’t have time to go to the gym.

And Kevin could easily make those excuses since he is nonstop from the moment he opens his eyes in the morning until the moment he goes to bed at night. But the fact that he wakes up basically in the middle of the night to work out, says so much about his worth ethic and what kind of person he is. I just admire him so much! I’m proud to call myself his wife.

Well, I hope you guys feel like you know a little bit more about the man I share my life with. There’s no one in the world like him and no one in the world I’d rather be raising my kids with and sharing my life with. Say anything you’d like to Kevin in the comments below! He’s the best and I’ll ask him to respond to you guys!

Thank you Nordstrom for being such a huge part of my blog and partnering with me for this post so I can blog and gush all about my husband!

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      1. Hi Ali & Kevin- How did the two of you meet? Your hubby is as kind as I imagined from the photos you share & stories. You are blessed!

    1. Nooo you can’t move!! We listen to Kevin every morning & we’d miss him!! We love following your family, Molly is destined for staredom!! Love how much personality both your babies have even at such a young age! 💘 p.s. When you were asking for 2 syllable baby name suggestions, we suggested Riley as it is our 15 year olds name and she is the absolute best!! 🤗 Thanks for sharing your little family with us! XO

    2. Hey Ali,

      I had a baby almost 6 months ago, you and I actually had the same due date! This is my first so I could really use some advice, how do you keep romance alive with your husband? How do you make time for you and Kevin? My husband and I are really struggling with this, not because we don’t want to, but because it’s hard with a new baby! We love our son so much we find ourselves unable to come out of the mom/dad role and back into husband/wife role.

      I would love some advice!

  1. Hi Ali & Kevin
    What a sweetheart Kevin is. I remember when you were on a ‘cooking date’ with Ali.
    I could see you were a good man, while watching you & Ali having fun cooking, while drinking a beer. 😊
    I like you, Kevin & I admire how you always put Ali & your children first.
    The love you have for your family shows & Ali’s right…there’s no one in the world like you!
    (I feel the same way Ali feels about you as i do about my hubby/best friend, Trevor)

  2. Kevin sounds like a great guy all-around – it’s evident in your writing and in the way you look at him. You met your match, and he met his 🙂

    I was most excited to read #4, as I am from Nebraska and married a fellow Nebraskan. We can both attest to the sense of community and work ethic that originate in the Midwest (especially for me growing up on a farm and graduating high school with 26 people!). So of course I support your potential move to the Midwest and wish you well with your search!

    1. We have been talking about the move for a while and it just feels like now (or soon) might be the right time even though we JUST moved into this house. But we will see!

      1. Would both of you give up your current careers when you move? Can’t quite see you being a ‘burbs housewife baking cookies and doing carpools. 🤔

      2. Ya, I love your house so much..seems like you put so much into it and its beautiful. Would hate to see you move. 104.3 us my favorite station. I listen every day. I think I have even heard Kevin on the weekens sometimes.

      3. Oh pleasseee! We live in Hinsdale (Chicago suburb) and I’ve been following you since you were pregnant with Molly. I was pregnant the same time and had my twin girls the September after you had Molly. I love watching her grow and change and I love reading all your posts. You’re a genuine girl – like a girl from the Midwest:) Thank you for keeping it real, being sweet, and you’re a fun family to follow! Now just put us on your list of suburbs, move here, and we can all hang (Molly, my girls, Kevin, my husband Kevin, and us!) haha – ta da;)

      4. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago in Naperville. One of the best places to live, shop, raise a family! I grew up in the Hinsdale area, which I loved too. Naperville is home now and there’s always something fun going on for families or just about anything. If you ever need someone to ask questions to or whatever, don’t hesitate to ask!! Btw.. they have a Nordstrom in oak brook, Nordstrom racks all over… and then the best part…Last Chance about 10 min down the road
        At Yorktown center. All Nordstrom overstock and clearance at like 70 or 80% off. You HAVE to check it out! It’s a heavenly place!! 😇

  3. Yeah I’d dress warmly if you end up in Chicago, my son lives there & I’m a couple hours south, winter time is not my favorite, sorry can’t connect to his station, I listen to radio often walking trails. Best wishes family

    1. I know! I am nervous about the winters! But who knows if we will even make the move! It’s just an idea at this point. But once I get something in my head it usually happens 😉

      1. Do they have Nordstrom’s in the Chicago area??? That might be a deciding factor you know! 😉😉
        If a move takes you closer to family and a closer community vibe, I’m all for it!

        Love reading about your life and family! 😍😍

          1. They have a great Nordstrom in downtown Chicago. 😁
            I love Chicago. Winters and all.
            Good Luck.

        1. I live in Chicago and actually walked to Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack today! Shopping here will not be a problem and I’m happy to tell you all about the different coats to survive the winter 🙂

        2. Yes, they have one at most of the major malls in the burbs and one in downtown chicago. She will have no problem finding a nordstom. But even if she moved to a farm, there’s always online shopping which is what I do even though I live very close to one…

      2. Don’t be too nervous about the winters! Yes it is cold and windy in Chicago – but there is also something magical about snow!!! And, not to mention you get the other seasons…Chicago in the summer is amazing, as well as you would have fall! The best season of all :).

        How fun!!! For suburbs…my aunt lives in Winnetka, which is north of the city and close to the lake. I’d highly recommend that area (Winnetka/Evanston/etc.) – you are super close to the city, the lake, and it does have a small town feel. I LOVE visiting up there! Gorgeous houses. Good luck!

  4. Hi Ali,

    Your husband seems like a great guy and that’s awesome he does things to make sure you and your kids have the time you need! I can’t believe you guys are planning on moving?! Are you even done decorating your house? I do think moving out of LA would be great for raising kids, and I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Chicago area. Best of luck to your family!

    1. I know. We are nuts. We JUST finished decorating this house you are right. But some life changes have made us realizes that maybe we shouldn’t stay in LA long term. We will see.

      1. It is so important for your kids to grow up near their grandparent’s. We live in Brentwood to be closer to my husband work. We missed the grandkids so much and our daughter we moved back to Valencia. It was worth it. They grow up so fast. Many changes. You are thinking the right way

      2. As a mom and Gamma, I’d say…get out of LA….it’s not the best for raising littles. I just wish I could get my little g’son out! Best wishes!!!

  5. This is a lovely piece about Kevin! It’s so refreshing to see two people so in love! Best of luck with the potential move! You might have to buy a few more sweaters! I live 2 hours straight west of Chicago and it is 40 degrees today 😝

  6. Hi Ali, this was the sweetest post ever. Put a big smile on my face to read about Keving through your eyes. And yes, he really is as awesome as it transpires from your stories/posts. You can tell he loves you and the kids sooo much, from the look in his eyes. And the things he does too.. was it last year, I think, that he wrote a blog post for you on your birthday? Perhaps two years ago as well.. anyway, little things like that, they’re what show the most love, in my humble opinion.
    And waking up at 3:30am everyday to work out!?? WOW! If that’s not dedication, then I don’t know what is!! It is incredibly sweet that he chooses to go work out basically in the middle of the night to avoid missing out on time with the kids and in order to help you out. He’s definitely a keeper!! 🙂
    I think it’s nice you’re thinking of moving to give the kids a better sense of community, both my partner and I are from tiny little villages (mine in Italy and his in Portugal), but we just moved to Switzerland, to Geneva, which is a super international city, full of expats and transplants, kind of like LA as you mentioned.. on the one side I love the idea that our baby will grow in such an international place, being exposed to all kinds of cultures and traditions; but on the other it makes me a bit sad that he won’t experience the close knit community sense I had while growing up.

  7. Every time you mentioned your husbands working hours I could not figure out what his job was that would have him out of the house so early but back by lunch, but this makes so much sense! I guess I also could have googled his name but never got that into needing to know. So cool!

  8. Kevin has the best stories on Instagram!! Its so great to see you so happy. I’ve watched you since your season on the Bachelor and I love the way your story worked out. Thanks for sharing your family with all of us!

  9. If you do choose to move, (and I really do think what you’re considering sounds like a very wise choice…) what will happen to your career? Just curious. You seem to have done quite well in L.A.
    Both of you would be leaving behind very good jobs. Not an easy decision, I can only imagine.

  10. Hey Ali, love this post.
    I think it’s so wonderful when couples take the time to appreciate one another.
    I know your life is pretty consumed now with two small children but I think it’s awesome that you took the time to put some praise on your husband – after all it is your partner in LIFE – pretty special.

    Enjoy guys! Super cute photos, keep the loving strong <3


  11. Love this! So so sweet! Kevin- what time do you get to sleep at night? How do you find the motivation to get up so early in the morning to work out?

  12. Hi Ali! We’re Chicagoans – work in the city and live in the suburbs (two kids – ages 3 and 1). So exciting to read that you guys may venture out here as it is a wonderful place to raise a family AND the most amazing city (totally not biased right? :)). Please email if you have any questions/would like suggestions on neighborhoods, etc!

      1. I wanted to ask the same question. I follow both of you and listen to Kevin in the morning. If you have told the story, I missed it. Please share 😊

  13. So excited to hear you might be moving to Chicago! I’m from the burbs but currently live in Milwaukee with my husband who is from around here. We both met in college at Madison so we are midwesterners through and through. I also have to agree that midwestern guys are for the most part well-mannered and polite from the pool of guys I’ve dated. It’s just the culture around here! Yes, Chicago gets cold and snowy, but here’s 3 reasons to like it:
    1. It only makes you appreciate the summers more.
    2. Good excuse to take tropical vacations in the winter.
    3. Makes for nice small talk or a reason to actually use a weather app. 😀
    Oh and of course, the kids can grow up sledding and playing in the snow! So many cute picture moments! I’m sure Kevin knows a lot of good places to go in the city, but if you are planning to live in the burbs go to Kohl’s Children’s Museum with the kiddies and Ravinia Festival (particularly beautiful in the summer) for a romantic night with Kevin but fun for the family as well. It would be so cute to see Molly and Riley dressed up in Cubbie gear for their first “real” baseball game at Wrigley! That’s a tradition they will grow up loving and continuing for many years to come!

  14. Yay for the midwest!!! Born, raised and still live near grand rapids Mi!!! Love it here. While I also hate the snow and cold, it’s worth the gorgeous spring and fall. 🙂

  15. Hi Ali,

    I am from the Chicago area and I believe Kevin’s family may be from the same area! (Valparaiso) It was an amazing place growing up! Your family is precious!

    Also, as I am from the Midwest — can you tell me where to find some of the Midwest men like Kevin? Haven’t had the same luck LOL 🙂 Got any good ones you could set a sister up with!? 🙂

    Big fan! Thanks for always being so real and genuine. <3

  16. You guys are the cutest! We just moved 35 minutes west of Chicago to Downers Grove and love it here! Great schools, awesome neighborhood and tons of small kids!

  17. Loved this post! Love seeing you happy and finding your true love after the Bachelorette. Your growing family is so fun to follow along with. Totally biased but I live in the suburbs of Chicago and think it’s a great place to settle down. Great city and the suburbs provide a little escape/tight knit communities away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Keep us posted on your move ♥️

  18. Your family is the sweetest! Kevin reminds me a lot of my husband! We live in Minnesota and have our entire lives! The Midwest is the best! People are so nice here! Excited for you and your family to check out suburbs of Chicago and I hope you love it:)

  19. Hi Ali- I agree about the Midwest culture! I am actually from Glenview which is just north of Chicago. It is an absolute incredible suburb that is wonderful for families. So, I would highly recommend taking a visit as I know I loved growing up there and have so many wonderful memories. The schools are incredible too as I know that is so important as a parent. I now live in Bridgewater, Ma. and have am2 young boys. I would love to move back to Glenview but my husbands business is here. Let me know if you have any questions as I would love to help!

  20. Love this! Totally agree about those Midwest boys! My husband is originally from Ohio and he is so caring, patient, polite, and loves me with all of his being! He really is a true gentleman. Also, you could always move back to Massachusetts! ;-). I’m from Pittsfield and recently moved to the Cape.

  21. Ali,
    I have to say that you were (and always have been) my fav bachelorette.
    I live in LA and love Valentine in the morning and it was Kevin who mentioned on air that he was dating you years ago that made me realize what a great guy he is for picking you! So I started following you via social media & your blog. We have 2 kids just like you (both of mine are about 2 years older than each of yours) and my husband and I look to move out of LA all the time. I look forward to hearing what you think of Chicago!! Maybe we will move and be your neighbors. Keep us posted 🙂
    – Janell

  22. Love the Midwest, and I think it would be such a wonderful place for Molly and Riley to grow up!! When you check out Chicago, I highly recommend looking at Michigan too! The kids will grow up surrounded by the perfect mix of cities and nature!! Michigan has a ton of “home-state pride” that really gives you the community feel throughout the entire state. I think you will come to love the change in seasons 🙂

  23. Hi Ali,
    Love following you and your family’s life. Your family is the cutest. Molly makes me smile with how smart she is. I couldn’t agree more about Midwest guys and if you know a single guy with all those great qualities, send him my way. Lol.

  24. You’re so right about the Midwest!! I grew up there and I’m so grateful everyday that I did! The Chicago suburbs are the best and absolutely worth it cold weather! I grew up in Elmhurst if you’re looking for a suburb to check out; they’ve got great schools and it’s a really awesome community! Love this post about Kevin, he’s the best!

    1. Ali you & Kevin are the cutest couple. It was great hearing more about your awesome husband.
      I love his instragram interviews with Riley w the microphone . It always cracks me up ! And he seems like a doting, loving father to both kids. That’s so important. My kids experience the same w my husband /their dad . He makes them a priority. He thought no way could he be a good dad and he is the best!
      You are my favorite from
      The bachelor series!!!

  25. Hey Ali! I got the boots in black using the code you gave us, and they’re SO comfortable and high-quality. I’ve noticed though that since they’re not so snug around the leg and I have thin calves, they tend to slide down my leg, and they’re never even when they do, so one is always higher than the other. Do you have any recommendations on how to solve this? I could always use leg warmers to bulk up my calves, but it’s just not hot enough in Texas yet, ha! 🙂

  26. We live in La Grange, IL (western suburb of Chicago) and it’s an awesome place to raise a family! Amazing schools, great sense of community. And it’s only 25-30 min to the city (without traffic 😜) We have 2 little boys – 2 and 14 months 🙂

  27. How could you not mention Kevin’s hair?! It’s a style all its own. Totally random question…Where is he parked where he does his new music releases from the Toyota? I am an Iowan born and raised. I agree the Midwest is a great place to raise a family. My oldest daughter is in college in San Diego. She has adjusted to the California life quickly. She can’t seem to get warm when she comes home for holidays. I can’t handle the winters anymore and can’t wait to move somewhere warm! You will make the decision that is best for you and yours. Will be following you on your journey regardless of where you are!

  28. Agreed on #4, Midwest does it best! I’m right by Chicago, it would be so cool to see you raise your sweet little family there! Great post Ali!

  29. Love this blog post! I am 27 from the Chicago suburbs and currently living in San Francisco! My boyfriend and I love it here (especially the warm weather) but are planning to head back to the Chicago area soon to settle down and start a family in the next few years. I am terrified to go back to the cold and snow but it truly was an amazing place to grow up! But just wanted to let you know you are not alone in those feelings lol!

  30. So sweet! Having a supportive husband and father of your kiddos makes all the difference! I’m home with my two kids all day, but as soon as my husband gets home, it’s like I don’t exist. Ha! But I love watching him with them and it’s nice to get a little break.

    And so exciting about the potential move to Chicago. I’m from the Midwest and it’s so nice to have that sense of community. That’s definitely something I have been missing- especially as a Mom. It’s hard to find people in the same stage in life. My husband and I are hoping to move back to the Midwest soon too, once he’s finished with grad school!

    Also, everyone says hi to everyone in the Midwest, whether they know each other or not! So refreshing! I remember going back to visit and someone saying hi to me and I had to stop to remember where I knew that person from. I didn’t know the person, she was just being polite! Ha!

  31. Loved reading this post! I’m from Chicago and totally get the feeling of community there! That would be so awesome if you guys moved there!! I miss it so much.. (I live in San Diego now) its a great city and I hope you guys find the perfect place to call home! The winters are long, but there’s so much to do and having all the seasons is a bonus! Best of luck to you guys!!☺️

  32. Hi Ali! I adore you and your family. I agree about midwestern boys! My family and I live in Barrington, IL. It’s a bit west of Chicago but it’s a small town feel but still has a lot to do and beautiful homes. (Schools are fantastic!)

  33. I love my Midwest hubby! I definitely agree guys from the Midwest are the best 😉 you should come check out Homer Glen! We are raising our boys here and it’s so peaceful with a great community and schools! Wherever you guys head I wish you the best of luck. I love following you and all your real posts. You were the best bachelorette and I hope one day we can be neighbors! Haha 🙂

  34. I know Kevin from his Q101 days, I would love to hear him back in Chicago! As far as suburbs go, Naperville has top rated schools, I recommend looking there when you decide to move.

  35. I’d be so sad not to be able to hear Kevin on Valentine in the Morning – I listen every day on my way to work! But I totally understand the LA thing – if we didn’t have to be here for my husband’s work, we would go somewhere else in a heartbeat. Love catching up with your family – our kids are very similar in age so it’s fun to be able to connect in that way.

  36. Love it! My husband is also an awesome dad/husband ,Cubs fan from the burbs of Chicago! Great place to live if you can get past the winter. Summers are beautiful!

    Good luck on your search!

  37. I’m from Michigan and I always say Midwest is best 😉 And there is nothing like being near family when you have kids! So happy for you that you have such an awesome guy to support you and lead your family!!

  38. I live in a northern suburb of Chicago and we love it here – couldn’t agree more about the advantages of living/raising children in a tight knit community. We have a just over 2 year old and 5.5 month old, so very similar to you. I also married a Midwest man and you are dead on….I feel they understand the value of family/friends and respect towards others! It may be chilly here, but the spring/summer/fall are amazing! So many activities to participate in and great schools! You would not be disappointed moving here!

  39. Love this post! Fun to get to know him more! I also married a man from Chicago- and I must say…Midwest guys are the best! Or is it Chicago guys?!? GO CUBS!

  40. Love reading about your family and it definitely shows how much Kevin loves you! I’m sure as Cub fans you are thinking north suburbs of Chicago but as a southwest suburb of Chicago girl I say come on over….it’s nice here too!! 🙂 (although yes…winters SUCK!)

    Good luck with everything! Can’t wait to take the journey with you on your blog….

  41. I lived in Deerfield, IL and went to Aldai E Stevenson HS! If you’re looking for a good area and school district, I’d highly recommend that one! I live in Littleton, CO now and just had a daughter of my own. I’d move back to that area in a heartbeat!

    1. Agreed with Stevenson. It’s a great school. My husband went there and lived in Buffalo Grove- northwest side of Chicago. Currently we are in the northside of Chicago about 2 miles from the a Wrigleyville neighborhood. We love it here and definitely agree with the community feeling type. The cold winter- honestly you will get used to it. I’m a Pacific Islander and lived in the Philippines for 20 years. I’m 37 now and I honestly got used to it as soon as I moved in the Midwest.

  42. What a great post! You all are so adorable. I too have a great man from the Midwest, and I completely agree with what you said. We’ve been married for 24 years and he still treats me the same way he did when I met him – he’s the best! My husband and I get so much joy out of seeing you and Kevin and Molly and Riley. It truly is just fun to see what your family is up to, and it gives us lots of smiles and laughter. Thank you for sharing!

  43. Hearing about your potential move resonates with me bigtime. My husband and I lived in Nashville, TN for 9 years because he plays/writes/produces music for a living. Before we had kids, we took a major leap and moved to a really quiet, close-knit town in Connecticut (neither of us is from here originally, but we have family here). Raising our daughter (and son on the way in two months ☺️) near family has been a huge blessing, and we LOVE that our kids have the opportunity to grow up in an area where people know each other well and truly take care of each other. We felt the same way in Nashville as you do in LA—so many people are transplants, and it’s really tough to build a community. It can be scary to leave the town where your industry is based, but so much is online these days that it CAN be done from anywhere if you really want to make it work. You’ve got to do what’s right for your family. For us, moving was 100% the right choice! It’s scary and hard to go somewhere brand new, but it’s been a total adventure for our little family. Good luck with your decision 🙂

  44. Nooooo, Kevin can’t leave the Valentine in the Morning show! Lol (Just kidding!) That’s how I survive three different kid school drop offs each weekday morning!! 😊

    You have the sweetest family! Thanks for sharing more about Kevin. Hope everything works out how you both want! 💗

  45. I love reading your blog, but I have never commented before. I can’t help myself this time! Thank you for sharing with the world how wonderful marriage can be when two people love each other! I feel as though the world is screaming, “marriage isn’t important”, “marriage is awful”, “don’t get married!” It makes me so sad, because being a wife and a mother is the greatest joy in my life! Thank you for showing others that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful! I also think it’s awesome to brag about your partner. Think how great Kevin felt reading those words! Great job Ali!!! ❤️

  46. You have a wonderful family! If you all moved to Chicago, Kevin would definitely be missed on MyFM. He’s so funny, and I love starting the day listening to Valentine, Kevin, and Jill joke with each other. But if you do move, I wish you all the best! Having the close knit community and strong family ties is so important!

  47. Hi Ali,

    That is such a sweet post and thanks for sharing but I’m not going to lie what i took from that post was i don’t know how you ever leave that wine cellar! When i first saw that I died! It’s amazing!


  48. You and Kevin are so adorable and I loved reading more about him! You seem to compliment each other so well. I would be excited if you moved to colder weather so you could share some of your colder weather style! Haha! I live in Boston 🙂

  49. This song comes to mind…”what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man”. He seems like a great guy! I feel like this about my husband. Really good men are out there and I’m lucky to have married one. 😊

  50. Hi Ali
    My husband and I are both from New England born and raised however his job took us out to the Midwest for 15 years. We lived in Bloomington Indiana and that’s where we raised our three children. We could not have asked for better place to raise our family, however like you the family unit was missing so after 15 years of living there and two years of living in DC we finally got an opportunity to move back home to Southern New Hampshire five years ago. You will love the mid west Chicago was a fabulous city we spent a lot of time there when we lived in Bloomington and you’re right The people in the mid west are amazing. Good luck with your future endeavors and well wishes to you and your family.

  51. Hi! While I did watch your season of the Bachelorette, I actually didn’t start following you until AFTER I started listening to Kevin on Valentine in the morning. I LOVE his show! But now I follow you. We were pregnant with our daughters at the same time, I think they are only a few weeks apart.

  52. Ali!

    I love your sweet family! I’m from the Midwest and specifically south side of Chicago (Beverly area). North Beverly is Gorgeous! Look up the area because it is a great place to raise a family and all your neighbors look out for one another! You really do get the sense of community here. It’s just a 20 minute drive to downtown Chicago (or train ride accessible right from the neighborhood) as well as easy accessible drive to Indiana too. You will love the area!

  53. This was so sweet to read!

    I am from the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago and my husband is from the middle-of-no-where Illinois (literally, the windmills in the cornfields were in his backyard) and we moved to the Boston area a few years ago. I completely second your statement on marrying/finding yourself someone from the midwest. You’ll find none sweeter! And of course, Molly will be happy to see her Cubs in person!

    The best school systems up there, as I’m sure Kevin knows – Lincolnshire, Buffalo Grove, Long Grove, Lake Zurich (and so many more)! I wish you the best of luck in your search, and BUNDLE UP! 🙂

  54. Come visit the suburb Glen Ellyn outside Chicago! Small town feel with all the amenities. Great schools too!!! The Midwest is 👍🏻

  55. I am a Southern girl from Atlanta, my husband I both are from there. He was transferred to Chicago about 15 years ago. We LOVE it in Chicago!! The city is awesome. We live in Geneva…a suburb west of the city! There is such a feeling of community here. You’ll get used to the winters…and the snow is beautiful. Good luck to you and Kevin!

  56. We’ve lived in Chicago suburbs two different times each for 3 years. We love the old neighborhoods with big trees. We had block parties and Christmas parties!!(now I miss it!) such old charm and kind people.

    Also, my husband and I both grew up in the Midwest. He’s pretty amazing too!! He also gets up at 3am to work out so he can take my oldest to swim practice at 6, so I don’t have to!

  57. You’ve mentioned wonderful reasons to move! My husband and I lived in Irvine for 4 years and after we had our son, something was missing. Neither of us have family in CA and suddenly we really missed them AND wanted our children to grow up surrounded by family. So, this summer, we moved to Dallas, right near my in-laws (I still listen to battle of the sexes on MyFM via IheartRadio!!). It was a BIG move, but SO worth it in the end. We also had bought a house not even 18 months before we moved, so don’t even worry about that. Family and community matter SO MUCH and you are already doing the right thing by thinking about your kids and their future. Great post!!

    1. Oh my gosh I LOVE that you still listen to Kevin!!!! And thank you for sharing you experience. This is exactly how I feel. Something is missing. Life is going by so fast and something is just not right. And it’s that we want to be closer to family.

  58. I personally would not want to raise kids in California. So I total understand. Sounds like you have a plan. It would be nice to be near family…

  59. We live in Western Springs, the most charming sweet little town ever (Western burbs of Chicago) with amazing schools! Feel free to message me – I did a ton of research and even made a spreadsheet about the Chicago burbs with things like school ratings, public pools, access to forest preserves, commute times etc 🙂

  60. Hey Ali! What a sweet post about your man. We are lucky in life when we find such great partners!

    I wanted to mention one thing about making a potential move to the Midwest. I lived there for the first 30 years of my life and then came out here. While it is true that the Midwest has a wonderful sense of community (and great education opportunities!), just food for thought—it’s very, very different from here. Everyone I know who lived here and went back to the Midwest struggles with it. Not just the cold; but the lack of options you can experience out here. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love the Midwest and love going back for visits. But the differences are pretty noticeable. Also, for the careers you two have, it could be a tough fit. I also work in the entertainment field and believe me, I didn’t have even remotely the opportunities I had out here. Radio will be easier than TV, but still a challenge.

    Just something to think about. Maybe hang on to your home here for awhile just in case and take a rental. Give yourself six months to see if you love it before you fully commit. That’s my suggestion.

    You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Not that careers are everything—they’re not!—but something to think about.

    Good luck either way—and fortunately blogs travel well! 💕


  61. You two are so sweet and absolutely perfect together! You can see how much you care for each other and work together as a team to raise your family. I think it is one of the best gifts that we can give our children when they see love between their parents. I also like to gush about my hubby as I can’t imagine a world without him. He also gets up early to work out so he can spend time with us when he is done with work. He is a hard working and loving South Dakota boy that I am so very lucky to call my husband!

    You guys have a blessed day and thanks again for another awesome post!

    Also, my hubby and I were talking about taking a trip to Chicago sometime. He has been there once for work but I have never visited before. What are some musts to do and see while there?

    1. Jess, I was just there this summer and loved it! The boat architectural tour was awesome! Also the Chicago Chophouse and Lou Manatti’s pizza were amazing…but there are so many great restaurants there you can’t go wrong. The art museum is also pretty amazing. We only had a couple days so that’s all I could squeeze in 🙂 have fun!

  62. I second Midwest boys! I’m a Southern CA girl who married a boy from a small town in Ohio (speaking of transplants!) They really are a different breed of man! I love your relationship with Kevin and your adorable growing family!

  63. I married a Good old country boy from Missouri and he is such a dreamboat 😍 the man can pull off cowboy boots and wranglers to a suit and tie like no other 🙌🏼 I could gush about him all day every day. Gahhh 😍💕 I’m from Springfield IL originally and moved to Chicago for a small stint 6 years ago. Suburbs are the way to go. I tried city life and it wasn’t for me 🤣 love seeing all your posts! Also Kansas City is a bomb place to raise a family 😜

  64. Oh no! I love you on Home and Family. I’d miss you on there BUT I totally get moving for sense of community. Kids come first! I’ll be anxious to see where you end up!

  65. Im a single 25 year old girl and i really look up to you and your life with your husband and kids. I watched you on the bachelorette and always loved you! This family life of yours is how I always dreamed my life to be! (The craziness and all haha!) I think the move to Chicago would be a very positive thing for you guys. Anyways it gives me hope for my future that there are sweet men like this out there and that it will happen. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  66. Ali! I used to live in So Cal and was obsessed with listening to Kevin on 104.3! I love the dynamic of those three hosts. Kevin even read my text one time when we had to say what our AOL screen names used to be. Anyway- came on here to say that my hubs and I just left Orange County for a suburb of Dallas, Texas and we could NOT be happier!! We are in LOVE with this way of life and since you have family in the Chicago area it will be that much better. Our families are both still in California, but we are still thrilled!! Good luck!

  67. Hey Ali! Just read your blog! Congrats on the possible move…! We are a young family and have a 4 and 2 yr old. You definitely need to check out Elmhurst if you haven’t already. You will fall in love with it! Hands down, one of the best family suburbs in the Chicago area! It’s centrally located with quick access to airports, expressways, downtown Chicago and IN, and has a gorgeous downtown of its own! The people here are beyond nice! I may be a little biased since I live here, but I don’t know a single person who has moved here not loved it! Wish I could show you around sometime! Definitely send over any questions you may have!

  68. My husband and I are both from the Midwest and are now settled in a suburb of Chicago; we absolutely love it. The community aspect here & love for the city is present everywhere! Your family would be a great addition to the area 🙂

  69. I love your comment about Midwestern men! I am born and raised a Mindwestern woman, and I found myself a man from Madison, WI. They are CATCHES. I agree when you say that they know how to love! It would be a pleasure to have you plant in the Midwest-there’s nothing like it. ❤️ It’s always a pleasure reading your blog and following on Instagram. Thanks for making the world a more positive place, Ali!

  70. Midwest guys are the best! My husband is from Hyde Park (which is a south side neighborhood in Chicago). I am from a suburb of Chicago—lived here all my life! Love it! Molly (and eventually Riley) will love playing in the snow! ⛄️❄️ Welcome to Chicago! 😊

  71. Ali, we love the midwest and the feeling of community we have. We built our home in Lemont, IL a few years ago and knew we had to live here because without us knowing my husband’s friend from middle school and my best friend from high school both bought lots in the same subdivision. We love being able to walk down the block with our kids and a bottle (or 2) of wine and see our friends. Our subdivision is very new and it is filled with young families. We really love it. Good luck on your search and thank you for always sharing your sweet and honest stories about motherhood. I can really relate.

  72. I love this post! But you guys should check out Milwaukee. It’s a small big city and growing. The summer scene is amazing. It’s got a lot of what Chicago has but cheaper and less traffic. Plus, the Brewers! We need to convert that sweet little Molly! I kid. Thanks for a deeper look into your family.

  73. Ali,

    I love following you on Instagram and now on your Aliluvs site!! We just moved to the Chicago area from Santa Clarita. We are acquaintances of Sean and Leilani’s. My husband’s job moved us to Hinsdale this summer. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the area. I know Kevin grew up here so he probably knows the area quite well. We absolutely love it here so far. My husband and I grew up in the Seattle/Tacoma area of Washington and I always thought we would be moving back to the Northwest. After living in Southern California for nine years we were excited, yet nervous, about moving to the Midwest. So far, we absolutely love it and the community of Hinsdale is wonderful! Wishing you all the best on your new adventures! Go Cubs!!💙

  74. What a gem he is! My husband and I both grew up in Minnesota and feel the SAME way about the community feel, especially with kids! Core values are so important! P.s. Im still not use to the cold. Hahaha

  75. Ali! You two are the sweetest! I love listening to kevin in the mornings with Val and Jill! I love how much you love you!

  76. This is so sweet Ali! He’s a keeper! My boyfriend and I live in the LA area and I couldn’t agree more about the lack of community here. It’s very difficult at times. We are from Chicago and also have been thinking about moving back home soon. It’s a great (and beautiful) place to raise a family. I love the change of seasons too, and winter isn’t that bad! Kids love the snow! And it’s a great excuse to cozy up inside with your family 🙂 And I also agree about the “Midwest boy”- it’s TRUE! They sure know how to love!

  77. You guys are so adorable!! I love following your little family!

    I highly recommend Arlington Heights (northwest Chicago suburb). Amazing community that feels small-town but is just miles from the train into the city or Woodfield mall! Also great schools and an amazing hospital (my sister works in the ICU unit) 😊. It’s a nicer area with lots of parks for the kiddos too!

  78. I’m an east coast girl and said I’d never leave, and then I met my amazing husband from Michigan. We relocated to the Columbus, OH area and are happy to call it home. Go for it!

  79. I love following you both on IG. He is so funny and cute with the kiddos. I can tell the way you writes about him how enamored you are with him! And the way he looks at you….its like he could just eat you up! So sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  80. Such a fun post to get to know your hubby a bit better! We moved from the Seattle area almost three years ago to Naperville (about 30 miles west of Chicago). Its a great city and a train to the city for easy access! 🙂

  81. I love listening to Kevin every morning on my way to work! He’s so quick & funny. That’s how I learned about your blog. I feel like I know you guys through your posts and what he shares on the air. You are blessed with a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing them with us. Y’all brighten my day!

  82. I don’t think you will ever regret moving closer to family and to a place that has a stronger sense of community.
    I’m so happy you have found your person. It makes life so much sweeter! <3

  83. I grew up in the Chicagoland area (Go Cubs!) and can’t say enough wonderful things about it! If you’re looking at suburbs, Naperville is my hometown, and while I may be biased, I can wholeheartedly say that it’s such a perfect town for families, with a cute downtown, great schools, and an amazing community!

  84. Ali you & Kevin are such an amazing couple, you both have amazing work ethic, and you can really tell that your family comes first. That is so awesome, I love you guys, your kids are so adorable.
    Tina J

  85. This post is so sweet. My husband teasingly calls you “my best friend Ali” because I talk about your posts as if we’re friends 😜 We have kiddos close in age and I swear our husbands would get along perfectly! I’m in the Midwest and adore my Midwest husband. I think you’d love it out here!

  86. Hi Ali! I live in the northern suburbs of Chicago, I actually live in the same town as Six Flags. But I highly recommend Libertyville, the downtown is amazing and has great restaurants and the school district is fantastic!

  87. Ali, you are so right about midwestern guys! My husband is from Northern Indiana, and I agree that guys from the midwest are the best! We made the move from California to Indianapolis suburbs when we had our baby girl (now 15 months). Our new community feels so much more close-knit and family-friendly than the Bay Area where we lived before. My only real complaints about living in the midwest (from the perspective of someone who was born and raised in California!) are that you cannot comfortably spend a lot of time outdoors year round. However, like other commenters, this just makes you appreciate the good weather that much more! Best of you to your beautiful family!

  88. I live in Wisconsin and winters aren’t that bad if you are prepared. They can actually be quite beautiful. I think it can bring everyone closer together… neighbors helping each other out with shoveling, etc. Being warm and cozy inside while I watch the snow fall outside is my favorite!

  89. another just outside of chicago gal here! if you DO move it would be so great. i feel like chicago and the burbs (not tooooo too far burbs… near western is just perfect) are very down to earth and have SO much to offer. the winters aren’t that bad at all. warm coat, layers, scarves and hats and you’re good to go. the snow would be so fun for the kids! plus… more excuses to go shopping for the perfect cold weather essentials. i can’t wait to see how this unfolds!!

  90. Kevin, you’re awesome! What an awesome opportunity to be able to move. I would do it in a heartbeat if I could. Beat of luck in your decision.

  91. My house is for sale in Long Grove ,north suburb lol… Molly would love the little girls bedroom 💖💕gated golf course community, Good luck , Chicago truly is a great City 💙💙

  92. I currently live in a Northern Suburb of Chicago and there are a ton of family friendly things to do that really give you that sense of community!! In fact, I am a part of a local moms group that is just amazing for support and recommendations! The winters aren’t thaaaaaat bad, but I’m also used to them 🙂 There’s nothing like the view of a freshly covered, snow filled downtown Chicago!

  93. Ali,

    I love you and think you are absolutely beautiful and think it’s so awesome how you share so much of your life so willingly. Can I just ask one question, why do you always wear your hair up? Of course it’s beautiful either way but I notice it’s always pulled back and I just wonder if there is a reason and for some reason it bugged me enough to ask! Haha

  94. I lived in Chicago for for years after living in Arizona most of my life and though it’s a great city nothing can prepare you for the cold! It’s bone chilling cold, like will go through layers of clothes cold!!! Thats why we live in Fort Worth, Texas now, i feel like we get all the seasons without the extremes and we just love our neighborhood!! I never got used to the Chicago cold!! Good luck on your new adventures!!

  95. I love the love you two have for each other! I actually started following you because I listened to Valentine in the morning when I lived in LA and I loved hearing him talk about molly and you on the show! I moved away and miss the radio show, I’ll have to listen on I heart radio! In terms of moving, my husband and I moved away from la (even though our family is there) and we have been blessed to find such a great community in Dallas! I highly recommend moving if you don’t feel like you’ve found your people yet!

  96. You two are the CUTEST couple! I love how much you love each other and your family. I say make the move, you will never regret giving your kids more of a tight knit community and being closer to family! My husband and I are both 4th generation Alaskans and currently raising the 5th. We live on and Island and although the city has changed throughout the years, there is something about driving through town and waving to all the people you know (or don’t) and just being more close knit. My only request is that if you do move, you keep your blog. 😁
    Best of luck with your decisions!

  97. I hope Kevin can still stay at 104.3 if you move! He’s such a part of that family- I’d miss him! Something to think about- once your kids start elementary school, it’s a different world and you meet so many families that become your community, that you wonder where they were earlier! Plus, wouldn’t Kevin miss his brother?!(;

  98. Ali, what a sweet post. All you need to know about Kevin is watch all the adorable posts of Molly and Riley! They always make me smile! I live in the northern burbs of Chicago and although I am older I enjoy the mix of young families to keep us young! Libertyville is a great family friendly town! Kevin, please keep up the cute posts!!!

  99. I’ve been following you since your Bachelorette days!
    I always love your blog post and stories about you and your family, so nice to hear some facts about Kevin!
    And I torally agree with you on raising your kids in a place with community, so important!
    Thanks for always being a shinning light to woman!

  100. Hey Ali!
    This is all so exciting! I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan and I will say that I agree with you! Men from the Midwest are truly BEST! My husband is the sweetest, most kind and hard working guy I know! There’s tons of good communities and great churches all around Chicago! I wish you guys luck in finding a perfect spot to raise those babies! There’s something about visiting Lake Michigan in the summer, and having a white Christmas that makes the midwest so special! Oh, did I mention how breathtaking the trees are here these last few weeks?! Perfect place to raise a family! ❤️

  101. What a sweet post! This is why I follow you and been since the bachelorette days! Chicago is a great city and my sister loves living in the Glen Ellyn suburb. Check it out!

  102. I love this post, Ali! On so many “mommy pages” or blogs I follow, there isn’t enough credit given to amazing husbands/dads. You are very lucky and it is evident the love you both share for each other.
    I fully support a move to the Chicago suburbs as that is where I am with my family. The winters are brutal and I often times wish our families took us elsewhere but being close to extended family is so important and I respect that you want that for your kids growing up. You’ll find great schools and wonderful communities to make you feel right at home. Just another one of your journeys I will be excited to follow you through. Best of luck!

  103. This is actually the first time I’ve read your blog. I love it. I can tell you are soo happy. I live in a suburb of Chicago in a community that is all about family and helping one another. I think you would love it. Good luck!

  104. I bet the real reason Kevin wants to move is because #WrigleyField 😁😁 my husband grew up on Springfield IL and I am a small town South Dakota girl. We have been on Austin Texas since 2016, and had our first baby in March this year. When it came time to buy a house we opted for a suburb for those same reasons. Austin is a major transplant city and while the people are great it lacks the community feeling we both grew up with. We found the perfect house just outside of the city and are so excited to raise our family like we were raised!

  105. I’m from Indiana and you’re absolutely correct. Midwest guys are the most respectful and true gentleman! I spent some time living elsewhere during and after college. I moved back when I started my own family. There’s no better place to raise kids! I wish you all the best!

  106. Hi, Ali and Kevin!
    I knew he looked familiar. I watched the Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. That is so awesome that your family is moving to the midwest. I live in Indiana, outside of Chicago, too. Random fact, my husband’s name is also Kevin. Lol

  107. You could always move back to MA!! I’ve been following you from the Bachelorette days and I’m from here too haha, but both places are definitely colder than LA!!

  108. Hi Ali! What a sweet post about Kevin. I enjoy reading your blog and have followed along for years now. I have a daughter and son who are each 1 month younger than Molly and Riley, respectively, so many of your posts have rung true for me! I was born and raised in the Chicago (western) suburbs and live in the city now, but will also be making a move to the burbs soon. There are plenty of great suburbs to choose from – with great schools, access to the city, etc. – so I don’t think there is a wrong choice! Welcome to Chicago! (if you do make the move) I’m more than happy to provide my thoughts on burbs if you are interested. Best of luck! 🙂

  109. You will love Chicago. Yes it super freezing but you learn to adapt with the right coats. I live in the North Shore. Check it out. Good luck!

  110. Hi Ali!

    I’ve been a long time follower since the Bachelor! I got so excited when I read you were looking to move to the suburbs of Chicago!! I grew up there and that’s where my family still lives! I went to Stevenson High School (one of the top in the nation, no big deal!) and I absolutely loved it. I’ve only lived in Buffalo Grove/Lincolnshire area, but 10/10 would recommend, as would my parents! Such a great community and so many kids to grow up with in neighborhoods!!


  111. Midwest is best ❤️ My hubby’s job has taken us from MN to GA to CA to AZ and we hope someday to head back to the Midwest. You are spot on that there is a sense of community in the Midwest culture that is missing from the West.

  112. Just have to say I love your blog and what you post on Instagram! My little guy is almost 10 months, and your mom posts have been so helpful! I’m from the suburbs of Chicago, and listened to the Manno brothers on Q101- they were my favorite, and introduced me to some great bands! Your family is adorable- thanks for sharing!❤

  113. Anywhere out of the spotlight is a good place!

    Finding a place where you can live a “normal” life and raise your kids away from the spotlight is so important!

    Great job on being family focused… it goes by an quick, and before you know it they are out in their own!

    You are refreshing… in a crazy world, you are in point!

  114. Ali! I live in a suburb of Chicago and it is just THE BEST. I come from a very small town in central Illinois and met my husband in college who grew up in burbs and I knew immediately that’s where I wanted to be! And yes to be with him haha but because of the sense of communtity. I am part of a Moms FB group that is amazing and there are always so many family fun/friendly activities to do here, and in the city when you’re looking for a scenery change and who doesn’t love that Chicago skyline!? I am so excited for you and though it will be a big change, you’ll love that you get ALL the amazing seasons and the winters are beautiful and just make you love and appreciate the Chicago summers even more! Kevin seems amazing and I 100% agree on the Midwest guys 😉 They are pretty amazing!! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you and any Chicago burb questions at all! I’ve been here 8 years so a know quite a bit but still know what it feels like to be a newbie to the area! So excited for you to take on this new adventure, the kids will just love it!! What we won’t do for our babies, right! (My son is Molly’s age and we have #2 on the way! :)) Happy to help in any way I can!! Love your blog and your sweet family!!

  115. You are perfect for each other!!

    And so interesting that you are thinking of moving. My first thought was “no way! they can’t leave their beautiful new house!” But I totally understand. Family is everything. Life is too short to be too far apart! 😊

  116. You all are so sweet. Sometimes we need to take the time to give our husbands credit where credit is due. I dont do it enough. My husband goes to the gym before work too and I find many excuses to why I dont work out, my best one is my 1 and 3 year old are my workout. And who cares if you just moved in to a new home, raise your babies where you all want. The four of you can make a happy home anywhere.

  117. What a sweet blog!!! I love Kevin’s new music Friday’s on Instagram! He gives such great suggestions and I’ve found artists music just through that, so thanks Kevin! As for the cold Ali, I know you don’t love it (this MA girl doesn’t either) but you grew up in Massachusetts. You can do it 💪🏻 good luck looking at neighborhoods in Chicago!

  118. I love that you wrote this. For some reason I feel like we live in a world now where it’s more common than not to rag on your husband for not doing anything around the house or to help out with the kids. Personally, my husband does SOOO much and he does it obviously because he loves me and the kiddos so much, but he also does it because he understands and respects that I am a full time working mom and can’t do it all. We are both from Cape Cod and moved back home when we were ready to get married and start a family. It was the best decision we ever made. It truly feels like home and the sense of community is amazing. I wish you all the best. You and Kevin really seem like genuinely nice people and your children are adorable. I’m convinced Molly is actually reading and not memorizing those books by the way 😉

  119. Indiana/Chicago is a great place to live, and has so much to do! I was born, raised, and I still live in Valparaiso, IN! I have no plans on ever moving, maybe when I am near retirement I will have a winter home in warmer weather. You would LOVE living in this area, but the winters are brutal, especially with the lake effect snow. If you are prepared for the seasons, you will be just fine, and you really appreciate the nice weather way more!

  120. I live in Indiana.. actually not too far from Valpo, where Kevin’s parents live. It’s awesome that your considering moving over this way! Being around family is priceless. You won’t regret it for a second. The kids will have such great memories of spending tons of time with grandparents. You’ll even be so much closer to your family on the east coast. Good luck to you guys on some big decisions for 2019!

  121. We love the suburbs of Chicago! We used to live in the city and I had my first little one in January! We now live in Hinsdale, IL which is a truly amazing community. Adorable downtown too!

    Check it out when you visit! Excellent school district too – top rated!

  122. You both are so blessed to have found each other. I love all the insta stories from both of you! And i especially love Kevin’s stories with Molly and Riley in them. He always makes me smile and laugh with his comments and interviews with the kiddos! He seems like the greatest dad ever!! Love you both because y’all are just so real and genuine!!

  123. I’ve been a fan of yours since you were on the bachelorette, the only season I’ve ever watched actually. My husband even watched it with me and we both loved you! I just love following your Instagram and adore those sweet babies of yours! Your videos of them always make me smile 🙂 so happy for you!

  124. We live in Wheaton, Il! A western suburb of Chicago. We love it! Amazing place to raise kids and it’s a very strong community!

  125. Move to Culver City! We have a great sense of community here (it’s literally Mayberry in the middle of LA— they filmed the Andy Griffith Show here), and we can’t go anywhere without running into people we know. Seriously small time vibe but still in LA. And I selfishly don’t want you guys to move because I’d miss listening to Kevin every morning! We started listening when Valentine first started his show, and my kids are now 16 and 14. 🙂

  126. Come to Naperville! My husband, my son and I live here and we love it – so close to Chicago with great schools and sense of community! And our son is just a few months older than Riley – they could be fast friends 😊

  127. What a precious dad and husband!! I’m actually from the South but I’ve spent a lot of time on the Milwaukee area lately, and I have to say southern men and Midwestern men are very similar! I love that you are thinking about moving your family to that area. I LOVE Chicago and the summers really seem to make up for the winters! Plus I enjoy having 4 real seasons!

  128. I’m a native Californian and we moved to Nebraska when my twins were 6 months old. It was a HUGE transition and was a hard change at the time. Now my girls are 18 and in college and I’m so thankful we raised them in the Midwest. I’m so proud of the young ladies they have become. Thanks for sharing Kevin with us. I absolutely LOVE following you and your adorable kiddos on Instagram and now Kevin is not such a mystery man. 😎 So glad you found each other. You have a beautiful family. Bravo!

  129. I’m from Chicago and moved to Georgia in 1994. I lived in Glen Ellyn, Arlington Heights, and Lombard. They are all wonderful places to live not too far from Chicago.

  130. I actually started following you in Social Media because of how sweetly Kevin would speak of you on Valentine in the Morning. I love that you both are equally eager to share parts of your family life and especially the never-ending ADORABLE pictures of Molly, Riley, and Owen. Thank you for all of your effort and hard work, it does not go unnoticed.

  131. My husband sounds just like Kevin and my husband and I are from the Midwest originally as well! We have the opposite though. We moved to Southern California 5 years ago for my husband’s job and they’ve been SO good to us! While all of our family is in the metro Detroit area, we know that living here with our amazing careers will give our daughter, Mila the life we wish for her! I totally get being close to family and I always second guess if we made the right decision but deep down, I think we have! We visit A LOT! I will say, if you do make the move, get ready for VERY cold winter days and gray skies for MONTHS! I remember the year before we left, we didn’t see the sun for over 100 days! 😳😬 it is beautiful at Christmas though and in the summer and fall! Like anything, you adapt! Best if luck to you both!

  132. I think you’ll love moving! I’ve been to LA several times and while there is a lot to do there I don’t think the culture is one I would prefer to have my kids growing up around if I had the choice. It’s such an extreme city in a lot of ways…

  133. I am a HUGE Kevin fan. 😊
    He makes my mornings every day! My husband and I actually tease about it all the time. (He’s a Jill lover)
    He always reads my texts when I get in on the topic of the morning. Haha. I think mainly because kevin and I have the same sense of humor and my text are usually pretty crazy.
    You are a lucky lady to have such a great man and daddy to your babies. However…. Kevin didn’t do too bad himself. 😉 I know, he knows he is a real winner in the wife department. I love to listen to him talk about you and the babies. Thank you both for being such awesome humans who set such great examples of how to be normal people with normal struggles and not portray the illusions of the “perfect life”. Everyone struggles and we appreciate your transparency.

  134. Ali
    You are spot on regarding Mid West Men! There is something very special about them. I have been married to mine for 18 years and I couldn’t be happier. Love following your Instagram stories! Kids are adorable.

  135. You don’t have to move to the Midwest to escape LA and live in a close knit community. Try looking closer to home as well. We live in Sacramento and love it, there are some amazing neighborhoods. It’s rough living through the winter outside Chicago as a California girl (I did for many years) and I would never move back. It’s gray and cold and just a totally different way of life. It’s really depressing in my opinion.

  136. I moved away from LA last year and was so sad that I wasn’t going to be able to listen to Kevin, Valentine and Jill on my way to work in the mornings anymore! I always loved hearing stories Kevin told about you and Molly. I will have to start listening to the them on I heart radio. You guys make a great and honest couple and some very cute babies!

  137. I think that the Midwest is Best!! And Fargo would be a great place for you to move to! I know what you’re thinking, who would live in Fargo and love it?! Well, everyone who is here. We have cold weather and warm hearts!

    And we’d love to have you and your family here!! *fingerscrossed*

  138. I have to agree with the sense of community feeling. My bf is from California and I’m from the South. He says he’ll never go back. He loves the small town tight knit feel. You guys are such an inspiration. ♥️

  139. I loved reading this post. Kevin seems like an absolutely amazing man & perfect balance to you. I love that this is your story. That God brought you two together. Good luck as you look into moving. Praying the right doors open for your family.

  140. Hi Ali!
    I’m a Midwest girl!
    It’s the best! Where are you visiting? Which suburb of Chicago? Excited to find out!

  141. We lived in the City and moved to Northwest Indiana (Chesterton) 2 years ago but are touring the Chicago suburbs as well! The commute to the City for work has been too long! I hope you have a great resource to give you insight as they can each be so unique. Hinsdale is SO nice and their downtown reminds me of an IL rodeo drive:-) If you need a referral let me know. Best of luck!

  142. SHEESH that is so early!! I have no clue how he can function on that little sleep. I would be a zombie! I have a question that I didn’t see yet! How did you guys meet and did he know you had been the bachelorette?

  143. You guys are CUTE! I love hearing about happily married couples. And yay for the Midwest!! My husband and I are from Cincinnati and we agree – the people here are so down to earth. Good luck with your search in Chicago! I love following along with your journey ❤️.

  144. I love watching the videos you and Kevin post every day of Molly and Riley. Thank you for sharing this blog post about Kevin. Thank you for sharing your life with me. Your children are adorable and your family is amazing! Love you!

  145. Loved learning more about Kevin! Your connection with one another is so genuine, happy, and supportive — all great qualities to have in a partnership! 🙂

  146. Hey Ali! So exciting to hear you might be moving to Chicago! When you guys come out here you have to check out Schaumburg. I’ve lived here my whole life and will never leave. Outstanding schools and Schaumburg was actually ranked as one of the top 10 places to live in the whole country! Worth checking out 🙂

  147. Hi Ali, love how you adore your husband! He is a true family man! You make a beautiful couple and have adorable children! You are so right…Oakbrook has a Nordstrom and there’s a Nordstrom Rack down the block! I live in Darien about 10 minutes from that mall. It’s motto is “A nice place to live!” Come be my neighbor! I work in daycare nearby too! It can be chilly in the Winter. Honestly, we’ve had some pretty mild ones! I’ve heard this one is supposed to be cold and snowy. We just in and out in those circumstances! And think you would be closer to Kevin’s family! There are a lot of nice suburbs around here. DM me if you would like!

  148. We love Downers Grove in the western suburbs of Chicago! I lived in LA for 4 years after college and could never meet good guys. I moved to Chicago (to be near my sister Molly) and met my husband 2 weeks later! Love midwest boys. Our twin girls are a few months younger than your Molly. We moved to the burbs last year after 11 years in the city and we have not looked back. Good luck on your search, Chicago is a fantastic city!

  149. Fun fact: I actually knew about Kevin first. I listen to My FM, and you’re right… He talks about you and the family all the time. I’ve been listening to his show before the kiddos, and before your marriage. He would share stories about you, and that’s how I began following your IG account. You guys are awesome, and have such a beautiful family. Wish you guys all the best!

  150. OMG YES! Move to the midwest! It’s the absolute best. You get used to the cold and it just means more cute sweaters and boots. Experiencing the four seasons is amazing. I definitely agree with you on the Midwest boys and girls for that matter. Strong community ties and family are top priorities.

  151. I have followed your blog for a long time and am so excited to hear about your potential move to Chicago! My husband and I live in the city and are expecting our first baby in 7-8 weeks. Your openness about the challenges of breastfeeding and raising your babies is so appreciated. Your family is simply adorable. Our family doesn’t live in Chicago, but the sense of community is absolutely apparent and we feel like our neighbors/friends and groups are our second family. We couldn’t love it more, except for winters….
    While we LOVE the city, we may move to Oak Park in a year or so. It’s the closest suburb you can get to the city and the sense of community, diversity, and schools are amazing. I recommend it! Thank you for your honesty and fashion tips! I’m already planning how to dress my post parting body with your Nordstrom finds!

  152. The Midwest makes the best men in my opinion 😉. I’ve lived in the city, downstate Illinois and now in the Northern burbs and I think I have found an amazing community for families and amazing schools. Regardless of which burn you pick, you will find your tribe. I’m thankful mine was found fairly quickly. There’s “normal” everywhere.

  153. I absolutely love that you shared so much about your hubby! He truly sounds like an amazing husband and father and I see why you love him so much! It’s very important for a man to have the qualities that he does…keep doing an amazing job Kevin! I love your style too…my husband has great style like that too…he actually attended FIDM in LA years ago and got his degree as a buyer. 🙂 Anyway, keep going strong in your marriage and best of luck in your decision regarding the move. Can’t wait to see what you decide. 🤗 Take care!

  154. Hi Ali,
    I loved reading your beautiful thoughts about Kevin. I am a huge fan of his and look forward to listening to him on my way to work. He’s such an authentic and cool human being with a huge heart and massive love for his beautiful family. Thank you for sharing.

  155. I actually knew of your husband because I would listen to him in the radio. He would talk about his family so much and how much he loved you. Just a sense of true love! I will really miss him on Valentine in the Morning if you guys end up moving, but I understand the reasons!

  156. You are totally right. I grew up in California in a small community it was nice but never found the one. I lived in NY for 2 years didnt find a community or a guy. On my second year of living in Ohio and I finally found someone. It’s been 3 weeks but he so sweet and he is born and raised here.

  157. Omg yes come to the burbs! My husband and I live just north of the city raising our 4 little kids and are extremely happy here!! When the time comes reach out /post something I’d be happy to answer any mama questions about a new location that could be very daunting. Love the post about your hubby he is surely a great catch!! Have a great day!

  158. I love following you and your sweet family! I totally agree with your opinion on Midwest boys! We live in Michigan and love living in the Midwest! We’re raising our two sweet girls in a small community outside of Detroit and have grown to love it even more since our girls started school. We have family in the burbs of Chicago and I think you guys will find it a great place to raise kiddos! Good luck!

  159. What a great post! You can tell Kevin is a great father just from your instagram posts! Will have to listen to the radio show😊.

    I was a Los Angeles native and moved to Indiana, marrying an Indiana boy!

  160. thanks for sharing more about Kevin! You guys are so sweet and love your posts! You really helped me through my second pregnancy when you were pregnant with Molly! I didn’t like pregnancy with my first but your posts helped me along with Meghan. Love that your considering moving back! Midwest is best and we live in the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago. It’s the south side and everyone is Irish haha. The commute to Indiana would be very easy as well as the walk to the metra to take downtown. I stay home with my kids and go to the city any chance I get because it’s so easy to get to! I would love to share any details or questions you might have if you ever want to DM me! We sadly are moving as well back to the Detroit area where I am from. I’m sad to leave this neighborhood because it’s so great!

  161. This is one of my favorite blog posts you’ve done! It’s so great seeing how much you look up to Kevin, as the father of your children and your husband but more importantly as an individual! My husband and I live in Iowa and love to hear you talk positively about the Midwest! Chicago is one of our favorite cities as well! Such a great area, I really hope you move, I know you’ll enjoy raising your kiddos there! Thank you so much for this blog, you’re pretty great!

  162. I’m in Glenview (north suburb of Chicago) and you would love it here! Plus then your kiddos get all the seasons! ❄️

  163. I am a LA girl who married an Indiana boy and I totally agree with you about the quality of their hearts!! I miss parts of SoCal every day but living in the Midwest definitely has it perks – excuses to cuddle, fall colors, less traffic…plus, a lower cost of living allows for more tropical travels!! 🙂
    Love your sweet family!

  164. Community starts with you! It’s kind of like searching for the perfect guy for you.
    What’s important for you? What do you like to do?
    You want to get back in better shape? Join, or start a walking group, hiking group for mom’s. You could join or start a Meetup group to do that.
    You want Molly to have more friends? Solid values? Have you checked out a church? LA has all kinds of churches with terrific kids programs and, programs that support parents.
    We just moved an hour outside of LA so we are still in entertainment but have more space to stretch, grow and create our own projects. I find a lot of mom’s are tired but want to get out. So I’ve been getting their numbers, hosted a little party for Halloween and am now getting them to go walking/hiking on some beautiful trails. In the meantime some of them came out to see me perform standup. That’s how my community has started. Oh and some of the dads have potential to lead us to some things we need for a new project. Kismet.
    You are your community. 👍🏻

  165. I found you by listening to Kevin on myfm. The morning show wouldn’t be the same 😩. I absolutely love following you guys!

  166. Wow – that’s exciting to make a move! Good luck on your visits! I live in Milwaukee (1hr north of Chicago) and agree – Midwesterners are so nice! It’s a great place to raise the young and impressionable 🙂
    Also great to meet Kevin! I might be partial, but I’m also married to a Kevin (from the Midwest) and he’s the BEST daddy & husband. I definitely don’t deserve him! And I hope my son grows up to be just like him!

  167. Hi Ali! I love your blog but have never commented. I live in Chicago (in the city) and I think you would be surprised at how many great neighborhoods there are within the city that offer so much community and kids activities. We love living in Roscoe Village/North Center, there are great schools and it’s (somewhat) affordable to own a house with some yard space. Just a thought before you decide on the suburbs, they are so far away from all the great attributes that the city has to offer 🙂 Good luck!

  168. Ali,

    I love reading your blog and this post warmed my heart. This is so great and I 100% agree about Midwestern boys! I may be biased, but you should consider moving to Michigan!

    Thanks for always posting!



  169. Does he have any single brothers? Cousins? Friends? 😉

    As someone who grew up in the Midwest and then moved to the South, I still hope to wake up with a good ol’ Midwest guy. Midwest is best!

  170. Such a sweet shout out to your husband. I used to listen to him daily on Q101 when he dj’ed here in Chicago! He always had some of the best energy, and said some of the funniest things! Chicago definitely misses ‘The Manno Brothers’! There’s so many great suburbs out here to raise a family; Glen Ellyn, Barrington, Naperville, Arlington Heights just to name a few. Wonderful schools and although the Winters are pretty rough, nothing beats Summertime Chi! 😁
    Best of luck to you and your beautiful family!!

  171. Chicago winters can be brutal… but they can also be very magical. The more accessories the warmer you’ll be😉

    One of the reasons I follow you is because your Bachelorette season was the last one I found interesting and watched consistently…as well as Kevin’s roots to the Midwest.

    I believe Kevin and I attended the same college (he may have been finishing as I was just starting). My roommate was a DJ as well and had a sizeable crush on your husband. I still listen to WONC when I’m in the mood for some fresh voices and personalities.

    Who know’s maybe we’ll pass each other on the River Walk (FYI—Sparrow Coffee is so much better than Starbucks)!

  172. I married a Midwestern guy as well and couldn’t agree with you more! They are great catches 🙂 Also, I moved to Chicago for a couple years in my mid-20s and couldn’t have loved it more. It’s such a beautiful, fun city and the people are so nice! The winters are definitely rough but totally worth it and manageable with the right outerwear. We live in Nashville now, but Chicago will always have a special place in my heart. I have so many wonderful memories from my time there. It was my first time living somewhere other than my hometown (Atlanta). I didn’t know a soul there, but I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and live in a big city and just try something different. I would have probably lived there forever if I hadn’t decided to follow my heart instead and move to NYC where my then-husband was living at the time! I really think you guys will love it in Chicago!!

    Random question, I’m pregnant with #2 and was curious what kind of car you guys have now that you have 2 kids. Our current SUV (BMW X5) is a good size now, but once we add in that second car seat, it’s going to be tight so I think we’re going to have to trade it in!

  173. I love this. Gushing about our hubby’s is the best! My hubby and are from the Pacific Northwest and we lived in the suburbs of Chicago for two years and we were so culture shocked! 😂
    Everyone we encountered was rude and not polite to us! 😭 the Pacific Northwest (Washington area) has some of the nicest people and some of the people we talked to in Chicago told us that Chicago area is so fast paced and everyone is always in a hurry so that’s why they’re not nice haha. We were so sad for those two years and pretty lonely. But we found some community in willow creek church and wow! The diversity there is incredible. Someday I think it would be wonderful to take our babies back there ( our daughter was born in Libertyville in March of this year 💗 so while we did not like the people, it does hold a special place in our hearts.

  174. I’m so happy that you’ve found a great partner. I’ve “followed” you since you were on the Bachelor because you have such a good personality. I don’t usually read your blog but this was so sweet.
    We live in the midwest and I agree with you about the good values and character. We love Chicago, too!!!

  175. Thanks for sharing! Yes! 3:30 am! I used to wake up at 4:30 am to work out and I got so much done before others were up. Fast forward years later I’m married with a 3 year old and a 12 month old and although I can’t wake up at 4:30 am anymore, I still wake up before everyone else to get some quiet time before it all starts. Plus a 10 minute workout ;).

  176. Hi Ali!!

    I love Kevin! I live in Nebraska and have listened to him every day for almost 3 years on iHeartRadio. You guys would love the Chicago Burbs! The Midwest truly is a great place to be and I think your babies would love growing up here. Good luck with everything! Can’t wait to follow your journey!

  177. I used to listen to Kevin (and Ryan) on Q101 here in Chicago and I’m sure it would come as no shock to you that I absolutely loved listening to him. And obviously, being a born and raised diehard Chicagoan, I would always tell someone the merits of living here. Whether it’s the city itself or a surrounding burb, there is no better place to raise children. The cold sucks sometimes, but it’s nice to actually have seasons!

  178. As a Cali girl who lived in Illinois for 4 years (currently living in western Wisconsin) I can say that you really start to appreciate the four seasons you get. I LOVE all things fall, then how festive you feel around Christmas with the cold weather, and then really appreciate spring once it comes. You will definitely need to bulk up your winter wardrobe with thick scarves, gloves, hats, and down coats but with the right clothes, you can go out and enjoy the season! I’d recommend visiting in the dead of winter to see what it’ll be like 🙂

    Also, shout out to Oak Park, a fairly small, super close knit community just outside of Chicago with super schools!

  179. He really does seem like the best…and you seem to deserve it, so you’re a perfect pair.
    I may be biased, but I think the Midwest is a perfect place to grow up! And Chicago? The greatest city, hands down! I think you will manage the cold, probably even grow to love it. Chicago at Christmas, covered in lights and snow…nothing better!

  180. You guys are a great couple and your family is so sweet! I think you are brave and wonderful to think about moving even though you just built a house. It is a great feeling to do what is best for your family! We are doing the same and trying to create that sense of community for our 2 year old too. Thank you for always sharing, you help out this momma!

  181. Ali, I grew up in LaGrange and Brookfield, western suburbs of Chicago. You will love the suburbs! I have the fondest memories of growing up there! Brookfield has one of the best zoos in the world. One of my childhood friends lives in Western Springs, and I have a cousin in Orland Park. You have the best of both worlds, suburbs and the city. My mom took me to plays in downtown Chicago at Christmastime. We would go on the train!! It was so exciting as a child! I wish you much happiness wherever you go. I love your blog & seeing you with your children. You are such an awesome mom!

  182. Midwestern men are the best for sure!! And I can guarantee Riley will be quite the gentleman once he’s grown up. Love your family and your values! Chicago will be lucky to have you ❤️

  183. Great post, Midwest guys are incredible I am married to one also. Kevin seems to have such a spark of being so truly genuine. I really think you inspire each other. What a beautiful balance you have between family, work and life in general. You seem to support each other which I consider one the key ingredients in marriage. I’m originally from MI.. we live in FL now. I’m grateful to have family here. It def makes it easier to be away from family. We came for my husbands job years ago. Wishing you guys all the best Ali.. family and community are so vital and important in raising children. I know where your coming from. Best of luck. I’m positive your guys families can’t wait, how exciting and the kids will love being with their cousins. I know I felt when my son was little and we moved to FL. The good news is our family comes to visit. You can always take family trips to California to get away from the cold. 😊😊 can’t wait to see what next for you and your family. You are blessed.

  184. Going from LA to Chicago…..where Chicago has the highest crime rate in the nation! Ha! Who is this guy Kevin? Is he your little brother? Just wondering 😕.

  185. I highly encourage your family’s move to Chicago suburban area! I grew up in the burbs of Chicago — Palatine, Arlington Heights, went to Buffalo Grove High School.. Absolutely resonates with me what you’re saying about raising kids in a place where there’s a solid sense of community, and honestly, you just can’t beat the good ol’ Midwest !!!!! Beautiful place to raise a family. And you’ll have the Chicago Cubbies!!!😁❤️💙❤️💙. Been a diehard Cubs fan my entire life, as were my parents before me, and their parents before them…. I remember you from way back on The Bachelorette & then didn’t find you again until you recently popped up on my Instagram feed. Sounds like you have an amazing husband and a beautiful family — you are truly blessed❤️ Good luck with your decision about the move. I hope you do end up here. You won’t regret it….and your kids will love it and will most definitely benefit from it. And as for the weather here? You get used to it! The change of the seasons is absolutely glorious. My most favorite seasons are Spring and Fall…😍. I used to LOVE winter in the Midwest as a child/teen/young adult, too. Now that I’m older, I “tolerate” it. I just wear really cute, really warm clothing and adorable boots and I’m fine..😉. You will be, too.. And I bet your kids will looooove the winters! Snow, snowmen, snow angels, snow forts, snowball fights, catching snowflakes, sledding, tobaggoning, ice skating, hot chocolate by the fire after playing outside in the snow… Ahhh, the simple joys of childhood!

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