Postpartum Foot Pain – What Helped Me

Morning guys! This is something I’ve been wanting to blog about for quite some time now. It’s kind of a weird subject but I want to write about it in case anyone else out there is googling it right now trying to find answers like I was a few months ago. Basically I want to talk about postpartum foot pain. I had no idea that was even a thing until I started experiencing it! I didn’t have it with my daughter Molly, but after I had my son Riley, I started getting terrible foot pain. It usually started a few hours after I’d wake up. I would only be on my feet for 10 minutes and it would feel like I was on my feet for 8 hours.

When I first noticed the pain I immediately started doing research online. The majority of what I’ve read said that women who experience foot pain after pregnancy usually feel it first thing in the morning when getting out of bed. But that wasn’t the case with me. I honestly didn’t feel it when I got out of bed and instead I would feel it after a few hours of the day went by. So to be completely honest with you guys, I haven’t really found anything in my research online about women who experience postpartum foot pain a few hours into the day. So that’s another big reason I wanted to write this. I couldn’t find anything about it online so I want other women who are experiencing this who Google “postpartum foot pain” to hopefully find my blog and get some sort information.


The reason I’m hoping those women find this blog post is because I want them to know that it went away for me! It lasted until Riley was about 4 months old. But those four months were very worrying to me! I remember thinking at multiple points that I should go to an orthopedic shoe store and buy orthopedic shoes. And no offense to people who wear those shoes, but they’re really not cute! Like not cute at all! At least not any of the pairs that I found. So I was getting a little down thinking that I was going to have to wear orthopedic shoes for the rest of my life. Truly the pain got so bad at one point that it made me worried that I would never be able to wear heels again! Is that the worst problem in the world? Well no. Of course it’s not. But you guys know that I like to wear heels sometimes and get dressed up. And I just would’ve been bummed out to not be able to do that anymore. But again, there are a lot worse things in the world. My point is, the thought of having to wear orthopedic shoes for the rest of my life at only 34 year old just didn’t feel right to me. And luckily, the pain did eventually go away so I’m right back in my heels! Ha! Well, comfy ones some of the time. Let’s face it, I’m a flats girl.


Anyway, I also wanted to share what helped me with the foot pain. Or at least I think I did. While I was googling things that could help with postpartum foot pain, I came across something that said taking vitamin D and calcium can help your joints and therefore help with the pain. You have to take vitamin D and calcium together because your body won’t absorb vitamin D without the calcium. So I thought I might as well give it a try since I would have nothing to lose. And honestly, within a week of taking those supplements my foot pain started to get better. And within a few weeks it was pretty much gone. Coincidence? Maybe. I don’t really know. But if any of you out there reading this are experiencing the same foot pain, it’s worth trying. But I’m not a doctor so definitely consult with your OB/GYN before trying it yourself.

I guess it hasn’t completely gone away. I still feel like my feet hurt after standing for a while and they didn’t in the past, but I also think that could be a part of getting older. For the most part, I am pain free. Just some aches here and there.

Well, I wanted to write this in hopes that it helps someone out there who experienced or is experiencing the same thing that I did. This blog post certainly won’t pertain to everyone reading it right now, but even if it helps just one person, I’m happy I wrote it. Thanks for reading guys! Love ya!

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  1. Hi Ali! I have a 7 week old, and haven’t experienced foot pain but definitely back pain! Maybe from labor, or maybe from holding my little girl all the time! Haha. Thanks for sharing your pain and pain management story. We women are powerful and strong – and postpartum is filled with so many surprises. Xo

    1. I had bad back pain after baby 3. Ligaplex 2 and glucosamine from standard process helped me. Chiropractor. PT and major core strengthening. It was my low back. Hope yours is better soon!

  2. I had foot pain too and just lived with it for over a year. It was the worst getting up to care for my baby at night. Finally I mentioned it to my husband and in laws. They recommended insoles from Dicks Sporting Goods for planters fasciitis. They were like $20 and labeled for planters fasciitis. I wore them for a a couple weeks to a month and have been pain free. I don’t wear them much anymore, unless I wear the shoes they are currently sitting in. 🙂

    1. I have this too! My son just turned a year and it’s lessened but I still get it. It is mostly when I’m getting up to feed him or comfort him in the night and it feels like i ran a marathon! So happy to know I’m not alone!

  3. So weird what we go through! I stopped breastfeeding over a year and a half ago and I still produce milk. Not a lot but enough I can still leave marks on my shirt 😔 Hoping this stops soon just like your foot pain!

  4. So I had the same thing after I was pregnant with my son, my massage therapist said it was plantar fasciitis. It can happen with quick weight gain or extra weight …. all things preggos go through! Once I figured that out doing the excercises recommended were a life saver!! Look it up and hopefully it helps 🙂

    1. As a Phsyical Therapist, you are absolutely correct! Stretching your gastrocs ( calf muscle ) helps alleviate pain as well!

  5. Crazy how many things can happen post-partum and of course during pregnancy. But foot pain sounds very painful especially since you have to be up on your feet for work, being a mom and just in general! Glad you’re feeling better. I don’t have foot pain, but I’m gunna ask my dr about the vitamin d and calcium for my joint pain. Couldn’t hurt to ask, right? So thanks for suggesting!

  6. Yes! I got this with both of my kids and it hurt so bad! It was hard to find anything about it. Mine eventually went away too. This time around I also got hip and knee pain that lasted longer and I’m seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist who is helping me retrain my pelvic floor and deep abs. I guess having kids back to back made my brain forget how to connect to some of my muscles lol. The humans body is weird.

  7. Yes!!! When I would roll my feet I would feel the pain on the top of my feet. It wa sin both and I’ve noticed it going away a little more each month. I swear I was afraid something was broken in both feet!!

    1. Hi, I maso having pain on top of feet. Can you please share what helped you? Is it just the weight gain or something else? Thanks.

  8. Oh my goodness I did too! I didn’t after my first, like you. I remember the first time i got out of bed I had a searing pain shoot through the bottom of my one foot. It felt like a knot! It finally went away after about two weeks. Crazy the things that can happen after labor!

  9. Yes!!!
    I gave birth a week ago and my feet hurt really bad. I can’t wear flip flops at all because the pain also hurt between my toes.
    This is my second baby and having the paon now reminds me I also had it last time…so many things are happening at once that once the pain was gone I forgot about it!
    I was so happy to see you wrote about it it’s easier knowing that I’m not the only one!

  10. I had really bad foot pain during pregnancy and after.. I have a feeling it’s plantar fasciitis. I hope yours gets better, I still have mine and my baby girl is 3 weeks old.

  11. It is so weird to be reading this. I also had (have) foot pain in my left foot. Though it was very intense the weeks after birth it’s still very much there… Almost 2 years later! I knew it had to have something to do with post partum/pregnancy because it was the only thing that had changed…and I knew it wasn’t injury. So nice to read that I’m not crazy in my thinking that it is in fact a post partum issue.

  12. Oh my gosh I had the same thing! Mine was really bad first thing in the morning. I was so stiff and sore I could barely walk. I did also have it throughout the day. It’s finally better now at 7 months postpartum. And I also had wrist pain! I googled both things like crazy. 😬 I honestly felt worse postpartum then I did while pregnant. And it lasted for months. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I am 5 months post partum and these symptoms started about two months in for me… still going. Also googling like crazy brought me here. My wrists and hands feel sooo sore and stiff as well as my feet. I’ve worn arch supports and felt slighly better as long as i was wearing them. I started an anti inflammatory diet and am taking vitamin D3. However I’m at a loss when it comes to the best brand of calcium. I hear excess causes kidney stones and build up so I’m not sure what to do about that!

      1. Yes, my son is 3 months old and the past few weeks my hips, lower back and the top of my toe bones on my left foot specifically feel so painful. In the morning it takes me a minute to not feel horrible pain. I didn’t get this with my first son, but I’m 38 now. I was 32 and much fitter when I had my first boy.

    2. Omg Kristen I have both wrist pain and foot pain. What did you do to alleviate the pain? I’m desperate here. I’m 4 months pp.

  13. Hi Ali! Sorry to hear about your foot pain. I have experienced the same thing! It started while I was pregnant which was kind of expected but I still have it now and I am 9 weeks post partum. I have always been very active and I can be on my feet for an hour or so and my feet are dying! You are not alone! Thanks for writing this post!

  14. I totally experienced postpartum foot pain but never found information so I just thought it was just me! Mine was any time I was off my feet longer than 5 min, when I would stand back up it was like I was 80 years old! It did eventually stop for me but it took longer than 4 months. I didn’t take the Vitamin D and calcium but I have been outside more, exposed to more Vitamin D so I wonder if that’s the connection! Thanks for all your blogs! Being a working mom is tough but it does always help when someone else can help normalize your experiences!

  15. Ali! I’m so glad you wrote about this, because I tought something was wrong with my foot!! My baby girl is 4 months and when I was reading your story, it suddendly hit me that the pain is not as bad as it was. But what a crazy feeling…
    Also started smiling when you explained why you have your subtitles. I’m so glad with them, cause when I’m wide awake at night (why is that anyways when baby is sleeping🤷🏽‍♀️) I can follow along😄👍🏼
    Thank you for sharing😘

    1. Agree. Thanks for posting because I’ve also been goggling it and there’s nothing written on the topic!

      My foot pain is mainly on the top of my feet, and like others I also find that i have barely walked 5 mins and it feels like I’ve been on my feet for hours. It has been really bad in the morning, as it spasms like crazy and the pain makes it hard to walk.

      I’m thinking of buying a foot massager and will address it with my craniosacral therapist. Vitamins haven’t helped me and my physiotherapist is just helping me with pelvic floor.

      I hope it improves soon. By baby is 7 months and I’d love to get back into exercise.

    1. For those that experience postpartum pain, it is very hard to deal with while caring for a newborn, especially if you have one or more older children too. I take it you’ve never experienced this or you wouldn’t make light of it.

      1. What was your pain like though? I was hoping to hear details so I could relate mine – the pain I have is on the top
        Of my left foot very tender hard to walk but I even have a small bruise on the top of my foot without any known trauma

        1. Same! I’m 3 months pp and it’s the top of my left foot toe bones which really hurt, and further inside. Feels like I’ve dropped something heavy on it but I’ve not.

    2. Foot pain can be debilitating. I know because I’ve had it for various reasons and it has literally stopped me in my tracks. It’s not something to make fun of or take lightly. Be kind. We can and should all support each other.

    3. Patricia, that’s too funny!! You’re right on!! It’s called “seeking attention”. LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. What’s wrong with you? Clearly what she says interests you or you wouldn’t be wasting your time reading this! Go pick on someone else.

      2. That’s so rude
        I’ve had the same thing in both my hands and feet postpartum it’s so painful it feels like your walking on raw bone , don’t make fun of peoples issues or karma may come around and bite hard.

    4. Actually this post has alleviated some major anxiety for me. I’ve been having the same foot pain that started about two months post partum. My hands and wrists feel like those of an arthritic 80 year old woman. My foot pain was written off as plantar fasciitis by the dr. but I knew it was more than that. It wasn’t until I came across this blog while researching that I got some sort of hope for finally feeling better. There is little to no information about this and its a relief to hear that other moms had the same thing and what helped them!

      1. Nadia
        I’m not sure how old this comment is but I’m feeling the same as you I’ve been tested for Rhumatoid Arthritis but it came back negative, have you found anything helps? Did you try the bit D and Calcium?

  16. I’m 5 weeks postpartum and the foot pain started at four weeks for me. It was so sever at times I could barely walk and my foot feels numb, sort of like the pins and needles when your foot “falls asleep”. My OB said it could be nerve damage from the epidural. Resting it and wearing sneakers seem to be the only thing that helps!

    1. I’m currently suffering from this foot pain as well 5 months postpartum but no epidural. So strange that they don’t have an answer to this. I can hardly walk after waking or sitting long periods of time.

      1. I have the same thing and I’m 7 months postpartum. Did it go away or did you ever find out what the cause was? I’m so tired of my feet hurting.

  17. There are lots of fascinating studies about how back-to-back pregnancies and periods of lactation can deplete even a healthy mom of nutrients very quickly. You have been either pregnant or nursing for over 3 years and your body has given up so many nutrients to your babies. It makes sense that this would manifest itself as bone pain and that supplementing with vitamins and calcium helped fix it.

    As a society, we need to do a better job educating ourselves about pregnancy spacing and the impact it has on our health and the health of our children. Seriously, there is so much research about this at our fingertips yet we ignore it in favor of society’s view of the “ideal” two-year spacing. I understand that older mothers may need to space pregnancies closer in order to even have multiple children, but we should at least be cognizant about the impacts on our health.

  18. Hey I have this pain over the years by mine for vitamin D deficiency also I have a baby and breastfeed can depletes more the vitamin make sure has K2 if not can cause ti much accumulation of calcium the brand the I use is Thorne thry are drops vitamin amin d3 with k2 I hope it helps.

  19. I had terrible pain only in my left foot for about six months after the birth of my second daughter. I didn’t experience this after my first but I attribute it to all of the clenching my body went through this time giving birth without an epidural. Thankfully it is completely gone now. My back/pelvic joint pain not so much though…sigh.

  20. I’m so glad you posted about this. While I have not had the foot pain you’ve described, I’ve had random face and lip swelling postpartum that started about 10 weeks after having my first and only child. 7 weeks later, and I’m still experiencing this and have been to an allergist to see if it’s something I eat or something in products I used but they found nothing. It starts out with itching earlier in the day in random parts of my body and sure enough that night in the middle of the night or when I wake up in the morning, the swelling in my face or lip starts again. Taking Zyrtec helps but it is so frustrating that I haven’t been able to pin this down. Has anyone else experienced this post partum? I can’t find anything to make the link online to pregnancy or breastfeeding so I’m going to a dermatologist next and my family doctor.

    PS – I love your posts and am obsessed with all your outfits!

    1. I have encountered something similar. A few weeks after birth I started itching uncontrollably in different areas of my body (not hives and not visible unless I scratched myself raw) and also had a few patches of eczema on my face etc that a dermatologist prescribed me creams for. The creams would help temporarily but the irritation would keep coming back. A few months ago I had lip swelling, itching, peeling.. it was terrible.. so I got another ointment for that. My derm said that skin issues are common while breastfeeding since you are always dehydrated even if you drink a ton of water. Anyway.. I never got to the real route of the problem and 4 months later am still dealing with these symptoms though they have improved. My obgyn semi-joked that maybe I’m allergic to breastfeeding. I did not experience this with my first so was definitely taken off guard. Good luck and please share if you learn more about reason for symptoms.

  21. I am not a mom, but I was in orthotic shoes before age 30 thanks to a stress fracture in my left foot and plantar fasciaitis! Icing is actually very helpful (stand on a bag of frozen veggies/fruit while eating your breakfast or doing the dishes) and before an exercise class, I lay on my back with my legs in the air and practicing flexing and straightening my feet- it seriously helps!

    Lastly, try Vionic shoes ( if you need some with some extra arch support- they are getting cuter! (I had to do Dansko clogs for like 4 months and those are hard to dress up!) Good luck, Ali! I love you and your sweet family and all that you share about your very normal life 🙂

  22. Totally can relate! With my daughter Cora (she just turned three) I would wake up and get out of bed and the second I put pressure on my left foot, I had an intense throbbing pain running up my big toe?!?! If that makes sense, so weird, I know! It eventually went away and I didn’t have it with my son Cade (he’s almost 6 months and no pain!). I would complain and my husband would look st me like I was nuts, hah. It eventually subsided, hang in there mama! 🙂

  23. Yes, yes, yes to this post Ali! I experienced it with my first and now still going with my 2nd who has just turned 4 months old. I get it first thing in the morning but also anytime I’ve sat for longer periods & then just at any point it’ll come too. Thank you SO much for sharing this! This dress too, it’s so gorgeous, you gave the best style, Ali!

  24. Get your thyroid checked!!! I had excruciating joint pain (feet, ankles, knees and wrists) after having my daughter and doctors couldn’t figure out why. I finally asked to have my thyroid checked and found I had postpartum hyperthyroidism which was causing painful inflammation in my joints. I was on oral medication for about 6 months then my thyroid stabilized. Definitely worth getting checked! The fix was so easy!

  25. YES!!!! I’m happy you wrote this because I experienced the same thing. I did exercises that were supposed to help with plantar fasciitis and that helped me a ton, like rolling a tennis ball under my feet. Anyway, mine finally went away as well thank goodness! It is refreshing to know how many other women experienced this as well.

  26. OMG! Yes I am 4 months PP and have been having this and didn’t even really think twice about it. My husband thought it was maybe because I didn’t walk around as much as before now that I have a newborn and do lots of sitting/nursing/etc. (Eye roll). I thought maybe it was because the shoes I typically wear to work are a bit older. But this is crazy! It’s a real thing!

  27. Thanks for the tip about vitamins, definitely gonna try that! I have a 4 month old and have had really weak ankles since he was born…so weird. I feel it first thing in the morning or when I get up at night to feed/change him. I wonder if it has anything to do with the epidural?? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  28. I agree with another comment I read about plantar fasciitis. I got it last year months after I had my second baby, just out of nowhere, so I just bought Vionic brand shoes off QVC, along with another brand that I can’t think of , and that worked for me and the pain is gone.

  29. I understand that google and sharing can be helpful, however, if one has pain, contact a medical professional. My doctor told me to stay off the internet b/c self diagnosis is rarely correct. I am only reminding everyone that pain can be a sign of a serious condition that requires professional treatment.

  30. Mine was really really bad once I stopped breastfeeding my son, definitely had to do with hormones adjusting and once everything leveled out and I got my cycle back the foot pain went away! I feel like everything weird during pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding feels so much worse because of sleep deprivation!

  31. I thought that I was the only one with foot pain after giving birth. In the beginning I just thought it was because my whole body took a toll while giving birth but then the foot pain persisted. Still to this day, my girl is 9 months, in the morning my heels hurt. It’s awful. I researched it and basically found “weight gain can cause foot pain”. One, no woman wants to be reminded of “weight gain” and two, I wanted more info than that explanation! The only relief I have when it flares up is wearing my husbands crocs that he wears around the house. Lol. Thank you for the Calcium and vitamin D…I will definitely have to look into trying this! Thanks!

  32. Read other people comments and was just curious what the pain felt like. Was it sharp, burning, constant, intermittent? I know you said it felt like you had been on your feet all day and I agree with the other comments that it sounds like plantar fasciitis. I would definitely mention this to your Primary Care Provider and see what they suggest for you. I bought a pair of Asic’s for errands/running/gym and they have changed my life. So glad this has already gotten better for you and hopefully it stays away! 🙂

  33. Omg!! I experienced this! I went to see my doctor as I had such a hard time walking, and when waking up in the middle of the night to feed the baby I was limping around. I got an X ray and nothing showed up. I figured I injured it during delivery, but maybe it was post partum foot pain!

    So interesting!! Haha

  34. Oh my goodness I’m so glad I’m not the only one, ladies! My heel has been hurting like crazy since having my baby 4 months ago. I feel like I can’t walk right 🙁 Love these tips- hoping on of them helps!! Thanks for sharing!

  35. Yes! I know exactly what you mean! I had this after both my boys and everytime I mentioned to my practitioners they’d say ‘that’s strange’. My best guess was that when your home most days, your walking on hardwood floor with no shoes for hours.

  36. Ali..I have had foot pain also, but not sure it was because I was pregnant. Acupuncture has helped me tremendously!! It was a last resort…and it worked! It makes my feet feel amazing, like its breathing new life into them!!


  37. I haven’t had children, but I do have plantars fasciitis and it flares up when my hips are tight. I wonder if the stress of pregnancy/labor/carrying little ones around on your hips/back/legs caused something similar. I mentioned it to my doc and was able to do PT which really helped – at one point it was excruciating just to drive! Glad it’s feeling better, but for other people who are experiencing this- ask your doctor!!

  38. Omg! This is me! I have been googling like crazy about this! My feet have Been hurting so bad and I am about 4 months post partum and it’s starting to get better, but I have been driving myself crazy searching for answers!!

  39. I was JUST googling this! How weird! I’ve been having terrible foot cramping since I had my baby a month ago, and I am drinking 128 ounces of water a day, so I know it’s not dehydration! Thanks for posting this- definitely going to try vitamin d!

  40. Yes, I started noticing my arches were a little collapsed since I gave birth….not only do my my feet hurt, but I have such bad knee pain- it’s unbelievable. I’m 3 months postpartum, breastfeeding, and the knee pain has progressively gotten worse since my last few weeks of pregnancy. It’s so difficult walking up and down the stairs with my daughter! And so hard getting up/getting down on the floor to play with my daughter/tummy time. I feel like I’m 60! I just started wearing my Birkenstocks around the house for foot support, I’m hoping this will help. I will definitely try the calcium/vitamin D/K2, and make an appointment with my foot dr.!

  41. You are so fortunate that you can self diagnose a problem and treat yourself according to what Google would suggest. Most educated people would go to a doctor, discuss treatment and proceed from there. Half the world has planter fasciitis and none of us of ever attributed it to to a post pregnancy concern. Thanks for your advice, doctor faux.

    1. Exactly!! I could not believe what I was just reading. She just kept talking in circles and not actually sharing any useful info. Now a lot of women will think vitamin d and calcium will do the trick for foot pain. Oh my…
      Please, If you have persistent pain of any kind, go see a doctor. Do not read this ridiculous blog!

  42. I developed really bad foot pain after having my daughter. I actually had it while pregnant towards the end of the pregnancy. Turns out it was plantar fasciitis. Had it in 1 foot first then after a yr it felt better but then the opposite foot got it too. Dr told me it was due to extra weight while pregnant & using flat shoes with no support. I wore slippers the last 2 mos cause my shoes didn’t fit anymore due to very swollen feet. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten 100% better but it is tolerable now thanks to antiinflamatory meds at the beginning, custom orthodics, some therapy & better shoes. Now I use Crocs shoes on a daily basis or on occasion, nice soft wedge sandals. Don’t think my issue will get much better than it is, my daughter is now 11 1/2 yrs old & I still suffer from it from time to time but it is tolerable now. So if you’re pregnant, stay away from flat shoes with no support!! Use Crocs, but not the flat ones. I swear by them, I have maybe 20 pairs or so….lol. Hope this helps 😊

  43. Is this a joke? Seriously. I know you want to advertise and sell clothes but don’t attach to a blog about how you self diagnosed yourself through GOOGLE. If someone has severe foot pain, they need to see a doctor. I feel like you had no content to write about so you just wrote a long blog that didn’t make sense and now you are pushing people to self-diagnose through google. Please stop.

  44. Ali- thank you sooooo much for this post! It is so crazy the things we go through post-partum. I honestly thought I was the only one with foot pain and I felt like I was 80 years old getting out of bed every morning! I did see an orthopedic doctor who recommended specific stretches for my feet/calves, good shoes and inserts. Thank you for the tip on the vitamins- will definitely try that too! It’s so nice to have a community of women who are going through the same things, and knowing we aren’t alone! Xoxo!

  45. I had foot pain so bad after my 1st baby that I would have to crawl into her room in the middle of the night to get her out of her crib to nurse her. It was TERRIBLE! I couldn’t even walk sometimes. Turns out there is a weird thing called postpartum tendinitis and I had it. I had to wear super ugly foot braces that laced up the front and were very tight for about a month and it helped a lot and then the pain went away. I’m so glad I didn’t get it with my other 2 kids but man, I feel your pain, literally. It was terrible.

  46. I had this after my first baby (3yo) and a little after my second (7 mo). Turns out my arches fell during pregnancy, so if I walk around a lot bare foot (like at home) they will feel sore. I found some sandals with good arches to wear around the house. It’s gotten better over time, but I need to be more mindful of wearing supportive shoes much more regularly, like at least every other day.
    Thanks for your posts about being a mom. It’s nice to hear you be so authentic. ❤️

  47. WHAT. This is a thing??? I never once thought of googling this, yet have been experiencing foot pains since I had my daughter in July. (Didn’t have it with lay son). Thank you for enlightening me and maybe now I can relieve it.

  48. Funnily enough I got foot pain after having my son after having a daughter! Only on one foot but it was really bad at times! I even got xrays on it and got a referral to a podiatrist and never went. My son is now 10 months and the pain eventually went away but I never connected the dots of it being possibly postpartum related.

  49. Hi Ali! I have followed you on social media for a few years but this is my first time commenting. Thank you for writing this post! I have been experiencing foot pain like you have described since my daughter was born two years ago! I understand what it is like trying to take care of a baby 24/7 while experiencing this type of foot pain! As moms we always put our children first and sometimes tend to ignore the pain that we experience. We learn to just live with it. I too have tried to research this problem and found no answers! Congratulations for being so brave in what you discuss on social media, it must be hard sometimes dealing with negative comments! Obviously we should rely on what our doctors recommend, but sometimes it’s just nice to hear that other women are going through what you are!

    1. Hello. Emma are you relieve of your pain now. And how long does it took. My wife is dieing of foot pain in both legs she is just 2 months pp and the pain started in her 8months of pregnancy. What should I do. We have tried hospital no change.

  50. FIRST OF ALL FOR ALL YOU HATERS: THIS IS A REAL THING AND THERE IS A NAME FOR IT. But it doesn’t come up on google unless you KNOW the name, which she didn’t and it’s FINE. The hormone Relaxin, which is released during pregnancy to loosen and open up the pelvis for birth is still present in the body postpartum. This also affects ligaments in the feet and can cause fallen arches and serious pain for a long time after birth. Read this article and find another place to be senselessly judgemental.

    1. Well maybe if she spoke to a physician/OB regarding this she could have given us a more valuable information as you stated above instead of relying on google.

  51. Oh I love to have a soft and fluffy carpet in the living room! Each time when I got home with high heels, walking on the carpet without shoes was such a luxury joy!!

  52. I totally had this too!! I found a pregnancy insole that was super helpful and I wish I had worn it throughout my pregnancies—probably would have helped prevent the pain!!!! They are called Mommysteps. Best.insole.ever. They are heat moldable and so supportive. I buy them now as gifts for my pregnant friends.

    1. Just read the other comments about relaxin and plantar fasciitis and the collapsing arches. That’s exactly what these are for!!! And they fit in my pretty flats! Love them!!

  53. I am so glad you wrote this! I have had horrible pain since having my son and at times have even questioned if I have a stress fracture or something. Glad I am not the only one!

  54. You are a mind reader i swear! I was just googling postpartum stress fractures (and found nothing), because my feet hurt so bad! They ache sometimes, mostly in the morning, but then there are areas that hurt like an injury, sore to the touch and everything! It’s just another weird pregnancy and postpartum thing I guess, but I feel like I’m falling apart! I’ll definitely try your vitamin suggestions. What dosing are you taking? Are you still taking a pre/postnatal vitamin, too? (I’m still nursing)

  55. About a year ago I had horrible pain in both feet a few hours after waking- I started wearing these awesome sandals around the house instead of walking around on tile/wood barefoot- OluKai is the brand- they are AMAZING- within a few days I noticed a difference and in 1-2 weeks the pain was completely gone 🙂 hope this helps..

  56. This is so interesting that so many women deal with this… definitely sounds like plantar fasciitis. While I would get a doctor’s recommendation, try checking out OOFOS footwear. They have a bunch of different styles (sandals, shoes, boots and clogs) and absorb impact when you walk so it takes stress off of your feet and supports your arches. I’ve heard of so many people who have plantar fasciitis who absolutely swear by them.

  57. Hey Ali. This has nothing to do with your recent post. But i was wondering, why you and Tenley are no longer friends?

  58. My daughter is almost 8-months, and my feet still ache if I don’t wear slippers! I’ve been taking magnesium and Vitamin D (maybe should add calcium too), but I find the biggest difference if I wear comfy slippers in the house and don’t walk barefoot on the hardwoods all day!

  59. Ah so good to know I’m not alone. I had bad foot pain near the middle to end of my pregnancy and while most of my symptoms of pregnancy went away foot pain is one that has majorly lingered. My daughter will be 5 months on Monday and it’s srilk going strong. I will definitely have to try out the vitamin d and calcium. Taking care of myself is not something I’ve been doing lately.

  60. Iam a 32 years old woman, had one toddler and 6 months old.My feet are aching too badly after having second one and i have been looking for the solutions,if I sat for 30 minutes and got up immediately cannot be able to walk thanks for the post iam going to give it a try.

  61. Worrisome indeed! Thanks for the post. I’m 3 months postpartum and have definitely been pain lots of foot pain. I also believe it’s related to anxiety and stress.

  62. What dosage did you take of the calcium and vitamin D ? My feet are killing me halfway through the day and I am about 5 months pp

  63. I’m experiencing the pain now. Thanks for the advice! I’m going to consult with my OB and try your remedy.

  64. Yesss!!!! Foot pain!!! I’ve been googling trying to figure this out when I came across your blog. I just had my baby girl a month ago and was wondering if something was really wrong. Glad to hear it goes away. Beautiful dresses btw❤

  65. Hey oh my god this has helped a lot iv been panicking thinking it was something worse as I have pains in the evening when I lay down or sit in my feet and bottom of my legs, this is a relief to hear that it sounds common for after pregnancy, I worry ever so much thank you x

  66. Heya, thanks for sharing this. I have a 7 week old baby and been having the same issue you mentioned above and in addition, I also have knee pain. I will try the vitamin D and calcium tip and hope it helps :).

  67. Thank you! I was literally just googling foot pain 4 weeks postpartum! I had a csection so I think that also contributes to this problem. I have vitamin d pills and will be taking them with some post natal vitamins i purchased

  68. Can you please email me. My baby is 7 weeks and my right foot is in so much pain. Like you said in the morning it feels good but then pain begins.

  69. I had one swollen leg my pregnancy, yes one swollen leg 😅 and it actually still causes me grief! My son is now 2!
    Trying to find answers!!! My leg also hurts like the side of my calf feels like not enough blood flow or something my foot also goes kind of numb?
    And at night when I lay down to sleep my foot burns like it did in pregnancy!
    It’s getting way old now!
    And no I’m not diabetic and my son was born very healthy! And had a reasonable pregnancy healthy wise. I’m also a relatively active healthy person? I just don’t get it!

    If anyone has answers please!

  70. This is just what I needed to read!!! I will try the supplements starting tomorrow.. currently 5 months postpartum and have been experiencing the exact same thing for too long. Low… this is the first thing online I’ve seen that is helpful!! Even just to see I’m not alone. 🙂

  71. Googled “post partum foot pain” and this came up. I feel like my legs are sore too and I feel 80 years old when I get up. Going to try the combo you suggested. Thank you!

  72. OMG I have horrible foot and leg pain it feels as if I got ran over by a truck! I’ll definitely try the calcium and vitamin D together. Thank you!

  73. I’m so glad I found this. I have four and ankle pain at random times. It’s like I walked a marathon or something. I’m still taking my prenatal vitamins.. I’m going to ask my doc about Vitamin D & calcium supplements in hopes that this will go away.. I’m wearing gel arch support pads in my slippers and it doesn’t help!

  74. I am currently experiencing month 3 of the foot pain. I will definitely give that a try! Thank you!

  75. OMG, yes! I am currently experiencing this. I am 4 months PP. It has gotten better but there are still those late nights when I get up for my little guy and I’m limping to walk, my feet still hurt. Except it’s not all day pain, now its only late at night and some occasional pain through out the day. I will definitely look into Vitamin D and Calcium supplements. Thanks!! <3

  76. I’m experiencing postpartum foot pain, too – except mine is not plantar fasciitis – in both feet. What a relief to know it goes away in time!

  77. Just wanted to say thanks for posting this because I have had postpartum foot pain! I haven’t seen anything else about it. I would wake up and walk on our floors barefoot, and they were sore like I’d run ten miles the day before or something. I’m five months in and they’re still sore! It’s not a pain per se, but definitely annoying!

  78. What specifically hurt about your foot pain? Mine is ankle pain… well discomfort. My baby is now 9 months. I have an older son who is 8 years old. I did not experience thos pain after having my older son at 28. I am now 36 and this is a noticeable discomfort mostly in my ankles; which began while I was about 5-6 months pregnant last year. Now 9 months PP, it’s still discomforting. I have definitely thought I should see a Podiatrist. Help me if you can.

  79. Thank you for sharing this. I am experiencing the same symptoms and it’s reassuring to know others have experienced it too.

  80. Wow! Thank you for writing this! I am 4 months post partum with major foot pain. Every time I get up and it feels like I ran a marathon during the day. Did not have this with baby 1 & 2. The 3rd was my largest and longest pregnancy. From this article, sounds much like planters fasciitis. Per the recs- going to buy vit c and d and purchased planters fasciitis insoles. I also hear that a lot of this has to do with hormones still regulating which is why it decreases over time. Anything to help in the interim is great. Thank you again for sharing!!! *Hopefully* saved the day, but at least gave hope for now!

  81. Thank you coming across your blog post made me feel like I wasn’t crazy with the foot pain I’m currently experiencing 5 weeks postpartum! Hope it goes away soon!

  82. Oh yes!!! I have terrible foot pain day and night I can’t even sleep due 2 the pain. I feel it more on the heel and b4 the arch of the bottom of my foot. Specifically on my heel I feel that its severely cracked but on the inside maybe I pulled a muscle I don’t know. I don’t see my OBG until Jan 2021 😭

  83. thank you so much for posting this! i’m experiencing the same and it’s nice/relieving to hear that it’s not just me.

  84. Omw im struggeling with foot pain my baby is 10months old.. I cant taje this burning pain anymore.. Defnitly going to try this advise, thanks for fir sharing

  85. Thank you so much for writing this! I was freaking out because I found the same thing you did about foot pain in the morning but mi e is not like that either! You literally described my foot pain to a T! I’m already taking D3 since I’m breastfeeding but I’m going to add the calcium ASAP! Anyway thank you so much!

  86. I am so glad I came across this and thank you.

    Similarly with me when l gave birth to my soon 3 years to be daughter I was okay. But now my son is one month but I have terrible feet pains. It also comes about when I have been doing some chores just a few minutes or an hour it feels like I have been on my feet the whole day.

    At night I have to ask my husband to massage then and he always says my feet are hot. I came online to check for some answers and I found your post.

  87. Thanks a was so nice of you to.i have the same problem I will take vitamin D and calcium.thankyou

  88. Thank you. I am the one you wrote this for! My foot pain is terrible right now and my daughter is four months old. I was wondering if I would ever be able to walk barefoot again without pain and googling it.

  89. Thank you Ali. Your blog post giving me idea. Now am suffering from severe foot pain and don’t know what root cause and what to do. Your post gave brief idea. Again thanks a lot. 👍

  90. I have this right now – I don’t know how old your post is. However I’m wondering if it’s how I hold myself while I nurse. I find myself holding my feet in a weird position to stop the slipping on the bed when I nurse. This is baby no. 4 and it dawned on me that I have aches and pains that build up from nursing positions! Who knows!

  91. Thank you for this post, and thank every last one of you guys for sharing your experience. I’ve had this pain since after giving birth to my son in 2018. Each one teach one!

  92. Ugh yes. I have foot pain since my third trimester. I’m 7 weeks pp and it huuuuurts. I know it’s because my feet have changed. They are wider and longer. I had high arches and not they are much flatter. So I’m assuming the pain is because my feet sit differently now, thus, carry my body weight differently as well. I told my husband I feel like I have new feet and the aches came along with them. I had to buy all new shoes because my old ones don’t fit anymore and had to get rid of them. I would be okay with ortho shoes though…seeing as how I have to care for my baby and chase a toddler lol. I will try the supplements though!!

  93. Agree. Thanks for posting because I’ve also been goggling it and there’s nothing written on the topic!

    My foot pain is mainly on the top of my feet, and like others I also find that i have barely walked 5 mins and it feels like I’ve been on my feet for hours. It has been really bad in the morning, as it spasms like crazy and the pain makes it hard to walk.

    I’m thinking of buying a foot massager and will address it with my craniosacral therapist. Vitamins haven’t helped me and my physiotherapist is just helping me with pelvic floor.

    I hope it improves soon. By baby is 7 months and I’d love to get back into exercise.

  94. Just a follow up message.

    So turns out (for me anyway) it was a combination of dehydration with low vitamin D and low calcium.

    With regular vitamins and increasing my water intake my feet are FINALLY starting to feel better!

    I hope others see if this works for them, and if not– keep pushing it with your docs.


  95. Thank you so so so much for tell us your story !! I was feeling sooo frustrated 😭. This is exactly what’s happening to me. I’m a new mom 4 month postpartum and I just keep googling and couldn’t find an answer . I don’t have feet pain when getting up in the morning It’s just as you explained it exactly it feels like I’ve been on my feet all day . It’s really affecting my life and I feel as if I will live like this forever . I tried everything and spend a lot of money and time on shoes , physical therapy and doctor appointments with no improvement. All of this while having a new born , it’s been hard .
    Perhaps it’s a symptom of vitamins and minerals deficiency…? I will test this theory hopefully I works

  96. Thank you!! I’m experiencing this exact thing (even the onset at 4 months pp) and have been very worried. I’m going to a pediatrist soon but will also try the vitamins.

  97. Thank u for the information. And yes you are correct about afternoon pain. My daughter just turned a month and I still have this excruciating pain. I also feel like my ligaments hurt on the side. This started happening after two weeks of giving birth. I figured it happened when my feet started to get very swollen. I don’t have any information to give but am thankful to have found some.

  98. 3.5 yrs. after pregnancy and still have aweful foot pain. On my second set of custom orthotics. Just had fasciae release surgery in one foot, praying it works. Never had any foot issues prior to pregnancy.

  99. Thank you so much for sharing this blog post. I was researching about postpartum foot pain and could f find anything. My baby girl is almost three months old and just like you I don’t get foot pain in the morning but after being on my feet for a few hours. Thanks for the vitamin and calcium suggestion. I’ll definitely give it a shot!

  100. I’m in postpartum month 2 and the foot pain is slowly getting better. I experienced severe carpal tunnel and had cortisone shots in my wrists in month 4 of pregnancy, which kept me sane. Thank for for sharing, going to give the vitamin D and calcium a go.

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