Give Your Bedroom a Facelift the Affordable Way!

Good morning everyone! I’m excited to share today’s blog post with you guys because it’s all about my new comforter set and it’s super affordable! And most Fridays I try to do an affordable Friday post. I’m especially stoked about today’s post because it’s my first affordable Friday post that has to do with home decor and not clothes.

Last time I blogged about our master bedroom some people felt like there was way too much white in the room. And I honestly kind of agreed with them. I wanted to bring in a little bit of color. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love a white and bright bedroom. I feel so refreshed in the morning waking up to the sun shining through the windows in a nice white and bright room! But I needed some color and I knew it would add a lot to the room. Plus, we have friends coming to stay with us Thanksgiving weekend and I thought it would be nice to have a new comforter on our bed. And I say “our bed” because they’re staying in our room when they visit us. We could put them in the guestroom, but the 2 parents and 3 kiddos are not going to fit in that room! Ha! Our master bedroom is much bigger so we are going to have them stay in there (with an air mattress) while we sleep in the guestroom.


Anyway, I was going to save the bedspread until they got here so they could have a nice fresh new one as our guests. But I just loved it so much when it arrived that I decided it to put it on the bed right away! It will still be nice and relatively new when they come next month. And the set was so affordable! The king size was only $115 for everything. It comes with a comforter, two pillow shams, and two decorative pillows. That is such a good price! And if you have a queen bed it’s actually under $100. It’s so gorgeous and soft! No one will believe you got it at Walmart for such a great price! And it will ship for free since shipping on order for $35 is free 🙂

What I’m wearing as lounge wear is really just a cute top that’s only $13 and a pair of grey joggers that are only $14. I wear the joggers out to run errands all the time. And the white shirt is actually super pretty to wear with leggings and boots this fall. I would say the top is a must get at only $13!


Our headboard I got years ago and it was over $1000. But I found a similar one for a queen bed on Walmart’s website for half the price! Just thought I would link it here in case you guys want the same look that I have in our bedroom. Also, you should check out all their Farmhouse decor if you like the look of our house. I can’t believe how cute and affordable it all is! And check out all their decor styles HERE. Did you click HERE yet? No really, do it! You are going to be soooo surprised with how gorgeous (and affordable) their stuff is.

Anyway, just wanted to share details on things in our room, and affordable options for similar things in our room like these faux white tulips, bedside lamps, and this serving tray that’s perfect for bringing breakfast in bed to your hubby or wifey!

Let me know what you guys think! Do you like Affordable Friday home decor posts?! I can definitely do more of them in the future! Let me know your thoughts (and questions!) in the comments below!

P.S. The bedding is Riley approved!!! (Cutest photo EVER below 😉


Big thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post!

22 Thoughts

22 thoughts on “Give Your Bedroom a Facelift the Affordable Way!

  1. Love this! $115 is not bad at all for a king. A new bedspread is a great way to freshen up a room. I’d love to see more affordable home decor, especially with holiday time around the corner. Do you think you’ll decorate big for the holidays or keep it simple?

    Also I won the $200 sole society gift card last month. Thanks so much for hosting that contest.

    1. Totally! And under $100 for a queen!

      And I don’t know what I have planned for the holidays! I would LOVE to decorate our house a ton! We have high ceilings so a TALL tree would be lovely!

  2. It’s so nice for you to do that for your visitors. Most people would not think to give up their master but, after you have kids, you realize how hard travelling is!

  3. I messaged with you yesterday and Mom me is now stressing what if the book arrives because … sent you dm of info so you can double check 🙈

  4. Hello! I love your refreshed master bedroom. The blue and white are so beautiful in your bright space. I also adore your mirror, would you mind sharing where you found it? I’ve been looking for something similar for my master bathroom. Many thanks!

    1. Of course I have no clue where her mirror is from, but there is one VERY SIMILAR at Target right now for under $70.

  5. Sorry, I’m just not feeling it. The pattern just doesn’t fit in with the style of the room. The blue is a nice shade though.

    1. Tanya, that’s okay that this isn’t your style! But it’s rude to go out of your way to leave a negative comment about it.

      Ali, I think it’s beautiful! I always love seeing Owen too. 🙂

  6. Hi Ali,

    Love the new bedspread!
    I was wondering if you could make a blog on 20-30 must have items for someone moving into their first apartment?
    There are so many items and I’m unsure where to begin.

  7. Love the blue ❤️ Also Owen is so sweet 🐶. We have a Llasa and we love her so much. They are part of the family 💕

  8. Blue and white are my favorite combo! Great price for 2 pillow cases, the bedspread and two decorative pillows! Love all of the sweet pics of sweet Owen, too!🐾 I’m sure he loves time with just you!
    Riley is precious! Oh my goodness! What a darling baby boy!❤️

  9. Hi! It looks really pretty! But, is the blue on the comforter a different shade than on the pillows? Or, is it just a trick of the light/editing?

  10. Hi! I ordered this bedding for our master and I’m excited to put it all on – random question, did you wash everything before putting it on, or just use as is? I’ve got a 6 months old that’ll be snuggling with us in it, so I’m just thinking maybe I should wash it first?

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