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Hey guys! A few of you asked me about my outfit that I wore to the book tour panel that I was on last night so I wanted to post details for you guys on the blog. I really love this dress. It’s a little bit different than what I normally wear but I wanted to look cooler than I actually am. Ha! I’m not even kidding. When I bought it I thought “this looks like something a cool girl would wear.” I’m such a dork!

And the dress super flattering. I’ve been getting down on myself lately because I’m still not losing the baby weight. So whenever I find a piece of clothing that makes me feel really confident I have to share with you guys because I want other women to feel just as confident when they go out. And I also really love that the style of the dress is such that you could wear flats or heels with it. I’m normally more conservative with my fashion but I thought these studded flats looked really good with the dress. Again I’m trying to play up the whole cool mom thing. Ha! I making myself sound more and more like a dork the more I write. Just going to embrace the dork at this point.

Speaking of being a big dork, I’m wearing a fanny pack! Ha! I’m literally making myself laugh out loud while I’m writing this because it all just sounds ridiculous. But I’m up OBSESSED with this fanny pack! It’s from Sole Society and they call it a belted crossbody. That’s because you can wear it as a belt around your waist and it also comes with a chain to wear it as a crossbody. Or you can take the belt and chain off and use it as a clutch. It’s pretty cool. I think it’s only available in a maroon color now. But the maroon is really pretty and I just think that this item is so awesome and everyone should have one!

Link my ring, bracelet, and the book from the book tour below the photo! I’m so grateful to be featured in this book along side so many other amazing bother is! If you’re interested in blogging it’s honestly a great read. There are hundreds of bloggers and at that share their story about how they started their blogs. And it is a pretty coffee table book.


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24 thoughts on “Book Tour Panel!

  1. Hi Ali! What size are you wearing in this dress? And since usually topshop products are a little smaller, do you recommend sizing up? Thanks as always for your amazing blog posts!

    1. I ALWAYS forget to put sizing in my blogs. Sorry! I have to be better about that. I am wearing a size 6 (which they say fits like a 2-4 and I am NOT a 2-4). Normally Topshop runs small but this didn’t for me for some reason. So I say get your size! Unless you are apple shaped, then I would up! I think ear shaped can get normal size! Hope this helps!

  2. I know everyone is harder on themselves than they are on others, so I can understand why you feel down at times about not losing baby weight. BUT I want to tell you that over the last week or so of your blogs, I actually wondered if you had lost weight! You look great 🙂

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I have lost a little but my body just isn’t the same. I try to be kind to myself everyday

  3. Hi Ali!

    Long time reader, but just wanted to say that I look forward to reading your blog every week. Thanks for being so real with everything in your life! I love seeing your Instagram stories, Molly and Riley are just the cutest!!

  4. Hey Ali,

    This question is unrelated to your adorable clothes, but I have wanted to ask you this for a few weeks now. How old was your darling girl when you started feeding her table food such as veggies and so forth. I’m so concerned about the choking factor! Also, do you remember what you started her on? Thank you!

    1. Gosh I don’t remember. I know we started with purees at 5 months. But I don’t remember anything after that. Sorry! My brain is mush. I think maybe we started with things like steamed sweet potato. At first we steamed it a ton so it was mush and then little by little steamed it less so she got used to chewing it like a solid.

  5. You looked beautiful!!

    Reilly is so stinkin cute!! My son was a chunky monkey too! I called him my tub of love!! 💕💕💕. (Now he’s 6’2” and has a super athletic slim build!!

    I always appreciated having big babies (after they were out). I thought they were sturdier!!

    Enjoy your beautiful family!!

    1. I am soooooo curious if Riley size will continue as he grows. Like Kevin was a big baby but not a very big guy now. So I wonder what Riley will be!

  6. Hi Ali!!

    Love reading your blog! Really can’t wait for all the details with sleep training Riley! You are doing one, right? 😄
    I have a baby boy about the same age as him and I really want to sleep training him when he is 4 months in a week!!

    1. I am going to blog about it soon! But honestly I HIGHLY recommend hiring a sleep trainer. I feel like it’s the only way to be sure you’re doing it right. Especially if you worry a lot like I do!

  7. Love that video of you and Riley today!! My daughter Rylie was also off the charts with her weight and a little with her height!! Little chunkers!! Love it
    So glad Riley is sleeping well and hoping you will catch up on sleep too 🙂

    Loved your look from last night. I always love your hair. Do you ever think of maybe doing a quick tutorial on some of you hair styles?!

  8. Once again, another great blog! I love that you share all the ins and outs of what you do and especially what you wear! Love it all♥️ Keep being you sweets! xo

  9. Hi Ali,

    I was watching your insta-stories before you attended this event and you had on something that looked super comfy. It was either a cardigan or robe of sorts that looked charcoal in color with an Aztec-y white print. Any chance you can share that piece too? I’m a mama of 2 just like yours, girl (3yrs), and boy (18 mon) just 20 months apart and expecting our third soon! So while I love you sharing your dresses, I tend to gravitate towards buying the comfy clothing you suggestion. Thanks!

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